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pricing the planet on al jazeera. ah mm. mm. oh. described as the voice of palestine emotional tributes for the out. is there a reporter killed by israeli forces? ah, hello, i money inside. this is al jazeera life from day. also coming up. she need is not only a correspondence is not only a journalist, but also she lives the cases. ah, the palestinian president says he will seek justice at the international criminal
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cause for a mazda 3 speech. israel's version of how serene was shot dead is being contradicted by video and things that analysis ah, the voice and daughter of palestine, the words that express how much serene eyebrow lay meant to the palestinian people . they were among the tributes expressed to the al jazeera journalist a day off to she was shot dead by israeli forces in the occupied west bank. it. abraham begins are coverage, bill. bah, mean bay law, the daughter of palestine. oh b mob. city, no balk at his body, was taken through my law thousands gather to pay the respects her remains, then taken to est service with the palestinian president,
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honor to her. oh, you vowed to seek justice at the international criminal court. here in my thought today we are here to pay respect to serene abu o'clock, the martyr of palestine, the martyr of jerusalem, and the martyr of free speech and the free world, the symbol of the palestinian women on the symbol of the palestinian journalist, shreed her sacrifice her life to defend its course and the cause of the palestinian pupil. she worked for jazeera and was wisely known for reporting on the israel palestine conflict for more than 2 decades. everyone's standing here has its own story. with studious as friends we experienced with this amazing person, you saw innocent little christian and jordan,
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the to always waited for sitting to tell her story. we're losing today. a great story teller. we've never expected that out for love. we know she's known, we know she's a star. no, she's famous. but for people to be stopping the convoy coming from the hospital and throwing roses at her casket. it's hard to put words to what every palestinian is feeling today. while covering it, read by israeli forces in the occupied west bank on wednesday, she was shot in the head and killed instantly. her colleague seemed to the right. it's show the her name, she. she says the attack on her team was intended to kill you. i knew what the occupational forces lead us to reach that point where they fired on us. i want to tell her that i'm sorry, i couldn't protect you when we were on the fire. i failed to save you is
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a rose government initially said palestinians pointers were to blame, but that was disputed by witnesses, journalists, and rights group. this is the moment where this to be the most outpouring of outrage and grief about the killing of terrain. so if they can cast doubt, if they can muddy waters around the death serene by possibly getting newspapers in the international spare to suggest that she was killed by a palestinian, they have been successful. the israel says it will, investigator in killing an offer to do it in conjunction with palestinian official . the palestinian president said he would not cooperate with israel already refused any joint investigation committee with israeli authorities because they have committed such a crime. we don't trust them. and we'll go immediately to the international criminal court in order to find the perpetrators and criminals philosophy, disease media,
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that's where it has described the 51 year old death. as latent birds are making clear, it holds israel, responsible city and body was then taken from ramallah through the color and just check for you to jerusalem. where she was born. the on friday there will be a funeral service in jerusalem. the very place she was proud to call home him alger zita, the occupied west bank. well, a resident spoke to out there a stephanie deca about what's been happening around serene place home in beth honey today. yes they, they, they got bullshit ins. house in bit, honey, and i was there. that was why they go them. they want global him to make a global him in bit, honey, not now with it came to the children and all that if i'm any, come in here. i know of that. we've been coming to here and they come there, let's did people. mm. pippins didn't do anything for them. the police is lay in
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a police. there wasn't a problem in jerusalem, not let on. athenian they came dead and they said, but athenian, kill them. and they know that that thought jobs is laney. so just kill julian. she didn't did die in found postilion in his my, in on me. but why does she mean to you? she's mean, every think shitty and good to every house in, in palestine. she got to janine she got to julia cook, she got to hebron. she's she got to hear me tell him she in 25 years walked in just had a big boss. when as a bully, him, she go to send to the old. what happened in 1500 people? now with this the 2 bishan. i am sorry to say that, but all of the old,
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see what happened him? nobody do anything to his. i know this damned was as well. then all everly global, i'm in here is live, do it there. go to the arcs, almost there. are me get inside all men, children or be been the others? did this shed be the dog b, p. tim, do you have hope that something will change? what top in this country, i hope that want to see what, how bent israel says it will investigate syrians killing an offer to do it in conjunction with palestinian officials. but in a tweed palo executive committee member who say, now shake, explain why they've declined. israel requested a joint investigation and asked for the bullet that assassinated sharina. we refused that we affirmed that our investigation would be completed independently
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and we will inform her family, the u. s customs official and popular authorities of the results of the investigation. all indications evidence and witnesses confirmed that she was assassinated by israeli special units and video analysis is contradicting israel's original account of the shooting catch up as what a young explains us just out of the book. shortly after sharina lockley was killed, the israeli government began circulating this video. it shows an armed palestinian firing his weapon. israel says as shows how the veteran al jazeera correspondent was likely shot by palestinian gunfire and not by its forces. but that's disputed by rights groups. witnesses and journalists who've analyzed the video, israel says this is where the palestinian fighter opened fire. from this point, jerusalem base human rights organization selim says there are too many walls, alleys and buildings, blocking the site where sharin was shot. and gps verification and dozens of video
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clips shows. this is where is really soldiers were located as a rated a home. and janine, it shows a direct line of fire to where sharon was shot and killed. the site is also far from the palestinian resistance fighter who was about 260 meters away. there is no line of sight between one location and the other. and in fact, our researcher into staking him a few minutes to walk from one location to the other location. so it is absolutely clear, there is no question about it. the footage on which day is really government based, it's false. claim is does not show gun fire. a babs has killed shooting a walk law and injured recall. it. a witness says is really, forces were not under attack. was lawn when the journalists arrive they were surprised because the occupation forces were closing the street with their military vehicles. and then they started shooting at them. a man tried once again to
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retrieve sharon's body for we were not aware at that point that she had been killed . he tried to provide 1st aid to her, so they started shooting at him and the bullets had a tree over his head. the guys who were not throwing stones, nor shooting, there was no form of resistance going for me. the european union has called for an independent investigation into her death. and the u. s. envoy to the un has call for sharina killing to be transparently investigated. the announcement on investigation is, was israel's mosca tried, and unfortunately successful in tricks and blanket impunity didn't resume provides itself is rosalyn not investigate israel white washers and the investigation is just the 1st or rather the announcement on the investigation is just the 1st stage in this whitewash. oh, many analysts say there, skeptical justice will follow. israel has a track record of not punishing its soldiers who have committed crimes against
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palestinians. ha, and it's never child. one of its soldiers for the killing of a journalist. katya little piece of the young out is here. as we heard earlier, the palestinian president is taking the case to the international criminal court. ho brennan is in the hague and reports that the point is to send israel a clear message. the central allegation is that israel is systematically targeting journalists who are operating in the occupied territories in the west bank. and in garza, on that israel is, is essentially failing to investigate when it incidents when they care to the, the occur to the extent that might constitute a breach of international law. and in some cases, many people argue my constitute a war crime. the frequency of the incidence give rise to serious and real concerns that israel is, is operating either a formal or at the very least,
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an informal policy that the journalists to somehow fair game, the journalists, organizations, the i, f, j and, and other organizations they, they have a case ongoing here they submitted it last month, a complaint against israelis. what the campaign is that want to do is at sharon's name to the list that has already been submitted to the eyes to the i see, see here and put up front and center of the of the attempt to, to get justice for the journalists who they say are being wrongly illegally. they say targets it by israeli soldiers when they go. but as they're going about that the journalistic duties rally to can the moraine strains, life is taking place outside the d's will cost said the b b. c. headquarters in london, a skate are corresponding. nadine bama here is there. an talk is free. what's been happening so far and what's the turn out like the?
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well, it's a small but passionate crowd pool is you're talking about what some journalists to doing in terms of trying to achieve justice. well, that's been a big theme here. we've got journalists from palestine from other countries, but just people in general do feel shocked by the king of sure, you know, but i could have been reminders that she is far from the 1st part of. can you journalists to have been targeted by the israeli metric, reminders of how few investigations and how you sanctioned there have been 4 people perpetrating. what in the words of a policy and busted at britain was the murder of a palestinian journalist. there are people here who being who they occupied was, find the scene for themselves, the situation under the occupation, many of the speakers explaining to people who didn't know charade, that not only was she didn't scream,
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the popular and beloved person who most people knew through that tv set, but she was part of the palestinian tradition of bearing witness to that. okay, i should try to get the truth out to the wide world. many thanks to that nadeem, bob deborah in london. so it had on al jazeera, me and my dog in this house where everybody that lived here except me, died a personal story of loss. the u. s. passes 1000000 recorded cove in 1000 deaths back in the top job, but they're still discontent. and still lanka at the appointment of a new prime minister ah
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how low they will have a look at the weather across africa in a moment. the 1st to the middle east and the pretty hot and dusty picture, we're going to see those conditions continue for at least the next few days. a lot of heat building across the lavon with a change in the wind. places like jerusalem, seeing the temperature rise by at least 5 degrees in the days ahead. now we still got that blustery wind blowing down the gulf. that's going to kick up a lot of dust and effect visibility in places like guitar and saudi arabia, the temperatures here, dipping down, sitting near the mid thirty's as we go into saturday. now we're going to the temperatures dipped down in the north west of africa and places like morocco as unsettled whether sweeps its way further east. but things will be heating up the northeast for egypt because he's in sand and dust storms. and we are likely to see the temperature pick up of we have a look at the 3 day for cairo. 36, a well above the average by friday. hot and sunny as well. now further south, what's where the warnings out from nigeria as the thunderstorms intensify here. but
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it's been a lot quieter for much of that central area of africa, not as wet as it usually is this time of year. and it's a similar story for much of southern africa with some rain and kept on a friday, but it will be heating up next week that she whether update ah, ah, 74 years old on the permanent displacement of more than $700.00 function honesty a year long from the bowman, although jesse was offices in the gaza strip. and in the weeks of network journalist sharina abbey was q and o p point westberg. we examined the situation in palestine in a $1.00 0 special program. join us on all ge 0. ah
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ah, welcome back you watching out as a reminder, on top stories as our, the body of an al jazeera journalist, serene uh black clay, is now at a hospital mac. it occupied east jerusalem. a funeral for the 51. you all shot dead by israeli forces will take place on friday. annette palestinian president mahmoud abbas said she would seek justice for her death at the international criminal court . he paid tribute to sri at a state service in his writing human rights group is disputing what the government says about serene steph. israeli forces issued a video saying it showed a palestinian opening 5 beds. lam says it doesn't match with where serene was shot
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. sharina pedro's is the deputy regional director of advocacy at amnesty international and was a friend of serene. she says her former colleague was motivated by getting the facts about the treatment of palestinians known she wanted the truth to and you know, be transparent to everyone. she wanted to show every day what was going on in the palestinian territories. and you know what i remember most about her is just how incredibly generous she was in the field. how you would turn up and she would be sharing information that she received from people, from officials, widely with anyone who asked who anyone who needed. and that is because that was her mission, to expose the injustice that she was seeing. i think the 1st thing is that we found not to get this, we found not to put it to the side we about to continue to try and push international investigators, the united nations,
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the international criminal court. all of these mechanisms that exist for exactly this, protecting the innocent, protecting the vulnerable, protecting civilians. in situations of arm conflict, we have not got a lack of options here. what we have a lack of is political will. so what we need to do is turn all of this condemnation, all of this a pulled, you know, sentences that are coming out of the mouth of politicians and you and officials and you know, kings and queens around the world. we need to turn that into action. we need to turn that into an actual investigation that produces a report that produces some justice and that we see finally, someone being held to account for this heinous crime. or the palestinian american congress woman rashid, a type has been outspoken on the killing of serene abu, aptly. she also said that the bod and administration needs to use the funding. it gives israel as leverage to hold it. accountable. shaheen was not only
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a palestinian and a very, very well respected journalist, but she was also an american. we also had americans in the house, including omar, aside recently, who is also killed by israeli forces. or we truly going to sit back and allow united states taxpayer dollars and funds to be used to killing american citizens. this to me is very much a, a threshold that we need to understand in the body of michigan to understand they can't look away and continue to say and allow the same people are pressing the same people committing those or to do the investigation is just wrong and unjust, if anything, let's tree her what she is. she is a citizen of citizen of our country even before she's a journalist. ready going to some of our country and she was literally targeted in murder by really force it. now folks want to say that they that in happen then
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prove it shows the evidence because witnesses on the ground needs to be interviewed by our government. by those, it again can be least, somewhat impartial to making sure that the truth comes out. you know, president biden was very clear in the correspondents dinner, and he said that their guardian journalists are guardians of the truth. well, this is our chance to give justice to shaheen, who fought to tell better. we need to tell her truth. we need to investigate ourselves, the killing of an american citizen, somebody that was out there being a guardian of truth and doing her job was again murdered by an apartheid government that we continue to fund with unconditional aid. well, counsels amir says, those responsible for the death of serene about lay must be held accountable. he's expressed his condone, and sister have family and says her mother by occupation forces was a crime sake to mean bonham, adults, honeys, and type ron for talks with iran's president about the stored new k. a deal.
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meanwhile, is all has approved the building of thousands of homes for settlers in the occupied west bank rights group say up to 4 and a half 1000 houses have been planned. it's the biggest advancement in settlement projects in 2 years. the u. s. as it strongly opposes new construction as move on to some other new stories making headlines and the war in ukraine has of course res, tension across europe. now finland look said to apply for nato membership of the prime minister. president said it must happen without delay. financial as a 1300 kilometer border with russia. the government has said that the kremlin unpredictable behavior is a pressing issue, rushes calling felons nato aspirations a threat during the past months. the public's report for nato membership post short in finland, being now somewhere around 70 percent. strong football or support has been
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expressed in extensive pulling through finland decide to apply to access from finland wouldn't strengthen to secure the instability, what the baltic sea creature north of europe set boston has more. the story from helsinki. this announcement by the president and the prime minister is the 1st formal announcement that they really want to join nato very quickly. it's a huge turn around for a country that's been neutral for many decades. had this war with russia with the soviet union in 1939. and it made this agreement with the soviets at the time, to remain neutral. and it had this delicate balance all those years, even through the cold war. but everything has changed since the russian invasion in ukraine. it has shown to defense that russia is appropriate to invade a neighbor. and that really has change his public opinion. so if this application is going to be sent to nato,
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the expectation is that it will take several months. but that of the fins will be accepted because they have a very large and very well trained army. so they say we are an asset to nato. it will change the security lay out in europe significantly, and this is not exactly what freshman put wanted when he said that he wanted to invade ukraine, because nature was creeping too much close to the russian border when finland joins, than the border with nato, between russia and nato will actually double. so it's basically quite ironic that because of the war and russia wanting to be further away from natal, nato is actually coming closer of really face is back as for lank. as prime minister manila wickland thinker has been sworn in. he's already been prime minister 5 times may hinder roger pox have resigned on monday off to weeks of protest calling for him and his brother,
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the president to go because of their handling of an economic crisis. please say 8 people have been killed in the violence and hundreds injured. and al fernandez has the latest from colombo. you can't write fiction or fantasy that rivals the reality of what's happening in sri lanka to day down the road at the president's house. the country's newest prime minister, runner, vicar, missing or has taken oaths. not just did go toby roger pox her and his government come to power promising to do better than run her vicar missing her vicar, immersing her himself was thrown out of parliament at the last general elections are able to secure his own seat. pardon me, in 3, i'm appointing a prime minister and ministers who hold the confidence of a majority in parliament and who can win the trust of the people i gave you swash you. because i think i might have lots of political acumen and a good rapport with western countries as well as lending institutions and the international community. but. 6 protested,
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are not having it. he does hold some question about records. he has been prime minister the most number of times, injury lanka, never completing a single term. we don't have a harp on the president and we don't really know, accept the proposals which are brought by the president anymore. a heavy military present has been seen in colombo with tanks rolling around the city as well as a number of checkpoints as one drives around colombo. in the meantime, we're hearing that a magistrate has put a travel ban on the former prime minister. my in the roger boxer and over 15 others . this is in connection with an investigation into that meeting on monday, where the prime minister, supporters, thousands of them converged on his official residence and spilled out onto the streets to unleash violence on the protectors calling for the resignation of the president and the government. but he doesn't seem to have dampened the enthusiasm,
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the protest as our back. and they said that he had to stay on to their demands are met. north korea has imposed, it's fast. nationwide locked down because of an outbreak of coven 19 authorities detected a sub variant of the omicron variant both craters. one of the few countries that hasn't vaccinated its population. and as despite office of vaccine deliveries from the w. h o and its neighbors, russia and china. the u. s. has passed 1000000 deaths from the cove at 19 pandemic . the highest of any country health experts are working to find out why so many people have died. brennan spoke to one american, he lost his entire family and says, the country's handling of the virus was inept. in march 2020 lucy esparza casarez got sick. she quickly recovered from the headache and chills, but soon her husband david was feeling very ill. coughing and unable to stand,
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he was rushed to hospital. lucy was not allowed to see her husband, and soon a nurse called to say, david was being put on a ventilator. she said, okay, so are we what we're ready to do the procedure. so i'll let you talk to him one more time. so you know was like, ok, i love you, everything's going to be already said ok. i love you till. and that was the last conversation i had with him. david died from cove at 19 in early april in quick succession. lucy lost more members of her family, her sister in law, a nephew, and david's elderly mother whom she cared for. all of a sudden i was along. i'd never been alone in that house ever. by myself, was my daughter had me and my god in this house, where everybody that lived here except me, died of coven, by then the pandemic was completely out of control in a new york hospital. 13 patients died in
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a single day. but the worst was yet to come. hospitals were overwhelmed. morgues ran out of space for the dead. the country shut down. why did the wealthiest most technologically advanced country on earth suffer such a staggering death toll? i think the jury is still out on exactly what cause so much that there's a recent study that came out that showed that about 40 percent of the deaths, half of the patients who died with cove. it had diabetes, by the time safe and effective vaccines became widely available, misinformation and conspiracy theories were circulating the parallel for their make of this information. this information has complicated matters tremendously, really, unnecessarily. former president trump downplayed the severity of the outbreak from the beginning. the federal government left it up to each state to figure out for themselves how to find medical equipment and protective gear. the ineptness of it was,
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it was bob went who mind boggling. how did this happen in the united states of america? the virus took advantage of poverty, racial and economic inequities in american society. the coven death rates for blacks, and latinos have been twice that of whites. how will the pandemic evolve in the coming years? predicting the viruses behavior is notoriously difficult, but doctors are sure one thing cove it isn't finished with us yet, it's penetration has been such that it will be around us for forever. it's not going to go away. a 1000000 dead and counting. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles . ah, is out, is there a vizier top stories? the body of al jazeera, jealous, serene other place now at a hospital mo, an okey potties jerusalem. a funeral for the 51 year old son.


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