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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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president obliges the state to consult communities over oil and mining projects that impact their land and to seek their consent. the tiny, seemingly community has won a huge battle. let me know necessarily have the last word. since the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello molly, inside. this is the news i live from day hall coming up in the next 60 minutes. i described as the voice of palestine emotional tributes for the out as their reports are killed by israeli forces. she is not only the correspondence is not only your
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melissa, but also she lived the cases. ah, the palestinian president says he will seek justice that the international criminal court for a mazda a free speech. and israel's version of how serene was shot dead has been contradicted by video and data analysis. ah, the voice and daughter of palestine, the words that express how much serene eyebrow clay meant to the palestinian people there among the tributes express for the al jazeera journalist a day after she was shot dead. eyes riley forces in the occupied west bank. near to abraham begins coverage. deal o mean de la, the daughter of palestine. oh my god. should ina barkley's body
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was taken through my law? thousands gather to pay the respects her remains then taken to a state service where the palestinian president honor to her. oh, he vowed to seek justice at the international criminal court here in bothell to day. we are here to pay our respect, assuring ob locklear, the martyr of palestine, the martyr of jerusalem, and a martyr of free speech and the free world dogs, a symbol of palestinian women on the symbol of the palestinian journalists. select sharina has sacrificed her life to defend its course and the cause of the palestinian people. then of course, what she didn't worked for al jazeera and was widely known for reporting on the israel palestine conflict for more than 2 decades. every one standing here has his
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own story, was shooting, as friends we experienced with had this amazing person viewed, saw, an innocent person and joining the school. old was waited for shooting to tell us the story. we're losing today. a great story teller, we've never expected that out or of love. we know she's known. we know she's a star. no, she's famous. but for people to be stopping the convoy coming from the hospital, throwing roses at her casket. it's hard to put words to what every palestinian is feeling today. she was shocked in the head and killed instantly in the occupied west bank on wednesday. ah, her colleague seemed to the right. it's shadow hennessy. she says the attack on her
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team was intended to kill you. i knew enough the occupational forces led us to reach that point where they fired on us. i went to tell her that. i'm sorry, i couldn't protect you when we were on the fire. i failed to save you is a rose government initially said palestinian fighters were to blame, but that was disputed. 5 witnesses journalists and rights group. this is the moment where there's going to be the most outpouring of outrage and grief about the killing of terrain. so if they can cast doubt, if they can muddy waters around the death sharina by possibly getting newspapers in the international fair to suggest that she was killed by a palestinian, they have been successful. the israel says it will, investigator in killing an offer to do it in conjunction with palestinian official . the palestinian president said he would not cooperate with israel already refused any joint investigation committee with israeli authorities because they
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have committed such a crime. we don't trust them. and we'll go immediately to the international criminal court in order to find the perpetrators and criminals just need a media. that's where it has described the 51 year old death. as latent birds are making clear, it holds israel, responsible to the city body was then taken from ramallah through the collar, just talk to jerusalem, where she was born on friday, there will be a funeral service in jerusalem. the very place she was proud to call home him alger zita, the occupied west bank. israel's army is reportedly investigating whether one of its soldiers shop shooting about. this is, according to the washington post news outlet and says that the army is looking into 3 separate incidents connected to her killing,
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as well as the wounding of her colleague. initially, israel had said that the journalists were more likely to have been hit by gunfire from armed palestinians. but i witness reports contradicted that claim. israeli forces are said to be carrying out ballistic tests on the right rifles of several of its members. while the heavy jamila had them, he guy le abdul, this might be a wage, begged the road for israel to acknowledge it is to reason behind his killing. yesterday there were trying to get the bullet that is now in the hands of the palace. html inside a bullet that killed sharina. barclay? no, i think they have nothing more to say now was no more justifications. and they now understand how much international pressure there is. that's why we have seen the statement. hello. and these really position is turning in away the home as get more now from stephanie decker, whose bene, charades morning venue in the occupied east, jerusalem. oh.
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with water financing and you will not even flood. i love that. no, no, i'm moving. i'm moving slow here. okay. so that, that, that family is receiving mourners inside after the body of this sort of shooting. i arrived at the hospital and the funeral. going to take place here and occupy these jerusalem on friday. but tom, oh, don't vote well, as we heard earlier, the palestinian president is taking the case to the international criminal court. it's not the 1st time the court husband, i'll investigate the targeting of john. this is really forces o'brien and have
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moved from the hague. after years of wrangling over jurisdiction and the scope of such an investigation, the i see see here in the hague, began looking at what he calls the situation in palestine. in march of 2021. looking at incidence, spoke by israeli forces and by palestinian groups stating all the way back to 2014 . but it was just last month that journalist groups brought evidence to the i. c. c for investigation, alleging that israeli forces were systematically targeting journalists. and furthermore, that the israelis, we're not investigating those incidents properly. now, what they are alleging is that that amounts to a breach of international law and may even amount to a war crime. and the death, the killing of serene clay is now going to be at the forefront of that case, what the palestinian authority wants and what the jealous groups is to add her to
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the existing names that are already listed in front of the i c c. so that the people responsible for killing sheree and potentially are brought here to the have . now there is an issue in a sense that israel doesn't recognize the jurisdiction of the i c c. and also they will not cooperate with any investigation. but the fact is that if it is really official, or even a government minister has an arrest warrant issued against them by this court here, they will face the risk of arrest in any one of more than 120 i. c c members. and that could mean senior israeli officials coming here to the hague, not as visitors, but it's defendants. as talks out, is there a senior political analyst, my own bazaar, his life for us in london, moron. good to see you. and we'll talk about whether they'll be any accountability for her death in a moment. but 1st i want to refer to a powerful piece that you wrote about the impact the sharina abraham had in her
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journalism korean. how important a figure she was. tell us more about what her legacy will be you know, judging from the last day or 2 and the fascination of every one. not just her colleagues and her fans and her family, but just all these people who lined the streets of the occupied territories to understand that why she was such an icon. and she was an icon because not only she was an extraordinary journalist, i think there is something about this multiple aspect of the person that renders them so fast, anything to so many. and there's them an example i'm to go by, but also, you know, a star of sort for the journalist and in a sense that one, she was a woman, i palestinian woman working in a very dangerous profession in a very dangerous area. more or less
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a war correspondent, an investigative journalist in an ongoing crime scene called the west bank. so a woman who worked on, on such and such dangerous territory really became an inspiration for many women in palestine in the arab world. the fact that you are such a brilliant journalist, being so being able to be a so objective without necessarily being neutral because her job as a report that is not to be neutral is to be objective. meaning to look for the facts, even if the facts are negative toward own a leadership, the policy leadership. and by the way, the tennessee, the ship was angry in countless times without just hit on with the likes of shutting a wadley so head objectivity, meaning searching for the fact in a place called occupied by the stein made her household name
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because of the interest in her in palestine and thought that a world people who really want to know what is going on in the back of the world. so she begin that voice. but the voice was also not hysteric. it was a throw out, a quarter of a century of work was a soothing voice. it was a cool voice collected measured. i. and i'm really amazed by the 2nd approach and can do that because if i were hurting her place, i one moment would last 25 days. now we've had over and over again marwan that this was not a one off event that israeli forces have systematically use force against journalists . israeli forces have shot at palestinian journalist knowing who they were. we of course, had israel bombing the out there as god's offices given though all the eye witness accounts, the prominence of serene as a journalist. the headlines we've seen, various reactions,
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we've heard from international governments. do you think something will change? could this mark a turning point where it could be the beginning of something? i'm not sure it's gonna be a turning point. alas. but i think it is the beginning of something. and i think we've seen other beginnings as well. and i think they all sort of add up to something. and i think in this case, the court of international public opinion, the court of our public opinion and palestinian public opinion is going to be key. and i think this is a huge embarrassment for the israeli occupation, where they say the government regardless of who pulled the trigger regardless of the justification and the explanation. because as you said, there is a trends. and the trend is not simply over weeks and months over years and decades . and hence there is an op art aid system that basically represses in
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a structural systematic way and entire people. and i think the court of international public opinion is catching up. unfortunately, unfortunately, governments notably in washington here in london and paris, even in berlin, are not catching up with their own public opinion on the question of appointed. and you know what? i someone who wrote extensively about a party in south africa and it's comparison with palestine at the lou dick also for decades for the west and for the international committee to recognize the horrors of apartheid in south africa. and it took the american administration up until the late 19 eighties after the decades of other governments recognizing our party, then it's crimes in south africa for washington for the reagan administration, but time to catch up. now hopefully some worse than governments. the american musicians and others will catch up and recognize that a party cannot be,
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cannot endure, and that there must be another way, otherwise more civilians, more innocent, more journalists will pay the price. many, thanks. after that out, is there a senior political analyst, matawan, bossard. i talking to miss that from london. ah, the u. s. as it will rely on israel to investigate what happened, but his also demanded transparency and for those responsible to be held to account a white house correspondent kimley hall kat reports. dozens of journalists in washington gathering near the offices of al jazeera on wednesday to mourn the loss of one of their own. she read a barclay, a colleague, they love for her friendship and admired for her work. oh no, what you leave work that is respected at the highest levels of the u. s. government
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. now the biden administration is condemning sharina, killing an american citizen, and calling for an investigation and prosecution of those responsible. it is important to us. it is important to the world that that investigation be thorough, that'd be on premises, that it be transparent. and importantly, that investigations end with full accountability and those responsible up for her death being held responsible for their actions on capitol hill, with the most powerful member of the us house of representatives met with jordan's king abdullah, nancy pelosi called the killing a horrific tragedy. adding the congress is committed to the defense of press freedoms worldwide. people walk up to the killing of sharina about o'clock on the floor, palestinian american member of congress were she did to leave, called for a moment of silence. earlier she tweeted sharina, avalon clay was murdered by
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a government that receives unconditional funding by our country with 0 accountability. indeed, the security relationship between the us and israel stretches back for decades. each year, billions in unconditional security assistance provided the irony, one of those weapons paid for by us taxpayers could ultimately be found responsible for the death of an american. last month at the white house correspondents association, dinner and evening, dedicated to honoring journalism u. s. president joe biden said the rights of journalists to do their job must be protected. the pre fresh is not the enemy, the people for prom it at your best. your guardians, the truth, president biden is set to travel to israel next month. no details of his trip have been released. on friday,
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he will sit down in the oval office with king abdullah of jordan to agenda items now about to become more complex. in light of the death of serene uh clay. kimberly help it al jazeera, the white house. well, as kimberly mentioned in her report, palestinian american congresswoman rashid a t i. e has been outspoken on the killing of serina barclay. she also said that the biden administration needs to use the funding. it gives israel as leverage to hold it. accountable. shaheen was not only a palestinian and very, very well respected journalist, but she was also an american. we also had americans in the past, including omar, us, i recently, who was also killed by israeli forces. are we truly going to sit back and allow united states taxpayer dollars in funds to be used to killing american citizens? this to me is very much a,
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a threshold that we need to understand in the, by the michigan understand they can't look away and continue to say and allow the same people are pressing the same people committing those or to do the investigation is just wrong. and unjust, if anything, let's treat her what she is. she is a citizens of citizen of our country, even before she's a journalist, right? she's going to some of our country and she was literally targeted in murder by really force it. now, folks want to say that they, that in happen then prove it, shows the evidence because witnesses on the ground needs to be interviewed by our government by those that again can be least, somewhat impartial to making sure that the truth comes out. you know, president biden was very clear in the correspondents dinner, and he said that their guardian journalists are guardians of the truth. well, this is our chance to give justice to shaheen. who fought to tell that truth. we need to tell her tooth, we need to investigate ourselves,
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the killing of an american citizen, somebody that was out there being a guardian of truth and doing her job was again murdered by an apartheid government that we continue to fund with unconditional aid. serene todd ross is the deputy regional director of advocacy. i'm the scenes national and was a friend of serene. she says her former colleague was motivated by guessing the facts about the treatment of palestinians known she wanted the truth to and you know, be transparent to every one. she wanted to show every day what was going on in the palestinian territories. and you know, what i remember most about her is just how incredibly generous she was in the field . how you would turn up. and she would be sharing information that she received from people from officials, widely with anyone who asked who anyone who needed. and that is because that was her mission and to expose the injustice that she was seeing. i think the 1st thing is that we,
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val not to get this. we vow not to put it to the side we about to continue to try and push international investigators the united nations, the international criminal court. all of these mechanisms that exist for exactly this. protecting the innocent, protecting the vulnerable, protecting civilians in situations of armed conflict. we have not got a lack of options here. what we have a lack of is political will. so what we need to do is turn all of this condemnation, all of this a pulled, you know, sentences that are coming out of the mouth of politicians and you and officials and you know, kings and queens around the world. we need to turn that into action. we need to turn that into an actual investigation that produces a report that produces some justice and that we see finally, someone being held to account for this. she has crime. well, israel has yet to provide any evidence that its soldiers did not shoot serene aback,
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lay be occupied, palestinian territory is one of the most dangerous places all jealous as almost no reporter in ocoee parties to his slim who hasn't been injured by rubber bullets struck by an israeli police baton or shot with tig asked dozens of jealous across the west bank needs to raise them have been subjected to abuse by israeli soldiers and security personnel, st. basra, the has mall ha, in israel's occupation of palestine. it's tactics have become increasingly aggressive over the decades. so to it's cracked out on media workers covering oh, on the killing of al jazeera journalist and palestinian american sharina obliquely . the latest example on your coupon book, i yeah. in may 2021 in his railey air. raid brought down a building in the gaza strip that housed local people and international media offices, including those of al jazeera press. freedom advocates said it was an attempt to
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silence journalist o a month later is really police destroyed. oh, does your equipment and arrested jerusalem correspondent? you're probably, i mean, oh no susan. oh, breaking her head in the process with witnesses said her press sign was clearly visible. and the arrest was unprovoked, of luckily was also in her press, vest and helmet at the time of her death. time and time again, it has been shown that israeli forces kill palestinians including palestinian journalists without cause in the occupied territory. and it's very ex, extremely rare that israeli soldiers, captains, or military officials are ever held accountable for their actions. israel often uses what it calls secret evidence to detain palestinian journalist for months without due process and restrict their movement. attacks by israeli forces have
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also left dozens injured, a palestinian center of human rights report in 2020 found journalists face, quote, cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment at the hands of israeli forces. in the wake of abruptly as death. israel's army says it does not target journalists and his foreign minister suggested conducting a joint investigation and autopsy, and offer palestinian leaders refused. israeli forces have directly targeted journalists with a full force in the past. in 2008 israeli soldiers killed reuters cameron, fidel shot. he filmed the tank as it fired the show that killed him. his final image is captured on tape before his camera was destroy. shanar too was wearing body armor marked press at the time of his death. sharina of luckily was killed covering in israeli raid on jeanine in the occupied west bank. the cutter based broadcaster said oj 0 producer ali elsa moody was also wounded. the latest
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casualties of israeli attacks on journalists that seem to go on with impunity. zane basra v altura a spring in ali, albany, my. he's direct electronic intifada, an independent online news publication focusing on palestine. he joins us by skype from a man. thank you for speaking on the program. we've heard from many palestinians in the last 2 days who say they have no faith that there will be any accountability for showings death. do you think they are right now? sadly, i do, but let me just 1st offer my condolences to everyone intelligent sierra for the loss of shitty, no blacklist. she was an icon in the model, not just for palestinians, and not just for palestinian journalists, but for all journalists who take the profession seriously. so we all feel
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this loss tremendously and we all know that the reason that will be no accountability is because there is no precedent for accountability. it's just not part of israel's occupation. and it's also much wider than that. it's not just because israel ensures impunity for its soldiers. it's because the so called international community, principally the united states in the european union, but others as well, who fully support israel make sure that israel is free of any consequences for its actions. and so i, i want to say that shitty and r block less blood is just as much on the hands of the united states and the european union and great britain and others, canada as well, who stand in the way of accountability and arm and support the israeli
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occupation that murdered city and of all clear as mud as palestinians, almost daily. what message does it send to journalists and others? if such a high profile journalist is killed and no one is held accountable? well i think the message. busy is that a, you know, if we, if, if should, in of all click can be mud in this brutal way in front of the world that nobody is safe. but you know what? that message was already delivered by israel. it it's, it's not even, it's in fact a year ago. this right now, it's the 1st anniversary where we're focused on what's happening now. but remember that it was a year ago that israel deliberately targeted the offices of al jazeera in gaza. bombed the offices of the associated press and dozens of local palestinian
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years agencies. israel killed the journalist yourself, are saying in his home. last year in gaza, they bombed his home and killed him. and last month, the international federation of journalists submitted a complaint to the international criminal court, alleging war crimes against journalists by israeli occupation forces, citing the systematic targeting of palestinian media workers who are killed or maimed by israeli snipers while covering the great march of return demonstrations. in garza and nothing was done, not only was nothing done, but israel continues to be rewarded and called old by the so called international community. and frankly, that's why should he and r block le is dead. had there been accountability for those crimes by israel,
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shooting of all clear would would still be alive today. so we have to be very clear that the responsibility is not just on the israeli occupation, but on all those who are now shedding crocodile tears and pretending to call for accountability investigations. but we only need to look, you know, compare and contrast right now the united states, the european union, and canada ascending huge teams of investigators and forensic experts to ukraine to collect the evidence which they say is going to be used for international criminal court investigations. but let's be clear, the u. s. and a you are not waiting for the results of any investigations in ukraine. they've already decided in advance who is guilty. and then they, you know, and then they say, we'll go out and collect the evidence to prove the conclusions we've already decided in advance. but we have this perverse statement now, from ned priced,
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the state department spokesperson saying that israel is fully capable of investigating the killing of shit in a barclay. can you imagine the state department and the by the administration saying that russia should investigate alleged war crimes in ukraine? but that's exactly what they do when it comes to israel. and then when they pretend, despite all the evidence that the somehow you know this great mystery about what is killing all these people israeli occupied territories. but it's because they don't want accountability. they just want the pretense of accountability to calm everyone down. let the new cycle pass. it's all over, we kick the can down the road until the next atrocity and he abu niema direct sent electronic intifada an independent online publication. speaking to us that from amman, thank you. thank you. still ahead on al jazeera nato
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may be sets expand as finland makes a bold statement about its future in the alliance and sport after 6 months delay caused by coven 90 le southeast asian games are now officially under way. ah, how low they will have a look at the weather across africa in a moment, the 1st to the middle east and the pretty hot and dusty picture, we're going to see those conditions continue for at least the next few days. a lot of heat building across the lavon with a change in the wind, places like jerusalem, seeing the temperature rise by at least 5 degrees in the days ahead. now we still got that blustery wind blowing down the gulf. that's going to kick up a lot of dust and effect visibility in places like guitar and saudi arabia,
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the temperatures here, dipping down, sitting near the mid thirty's as we go into saturday. now we're going to the temperatures deep down in the north west of africa and places like morocco as unsettled where the sweeps its way further east. but things will be heating up the northeast for egypt because he's in sand and dust storms. and we are likely to see the temperature pick up of we have a look at the 3 day for cairo. 36, a well above the average by friday. hot and sunny as well. now further south, what's where the warnings out from nigeria as the thunderstorms intensify here. but it's been a lot quieter for much of that central area of africa, not as wet as it usually is this time of year. and this is the missouri for much of southern africa with some rain and kept on a friday, but it will be heating up next week that she weather update. ah, with
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facing longer house and shorter deadlines. south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death. one 0, one east. explore the doc side of consumer convenience in south korea on al jazeera . talk to alger see room, we are. what is the time table in your mind? when do you think you can be off of russian gas? we listen or, and i have seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're happy. they're smiling. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store
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restock matter on out. you see ah ah, welcome back to watching out. as a reminder about top stories this out, the body of al jazeera journalist, serene black clay, is now at a hospital morgue and occupied east jerusalem. a funeral for the 51 year old shot dead by sorely forces will take place on friday. early a palestinian president mahmoud abbas that he would seek justice for her death at the international criminal court. he paid tribute to serene at a state service in her honor and israeli human rights group is disputing what the government says about serene steph. israeli forces issued video saying that it showed a palestinian opening fire. a bet to lamb says it doesn't match with where serene
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was shot in a tweet p l. o. executive committee member who say now shake explained why they've declined any investigation that would be carried out with israeli authorities into sharina killing. israel requested a joint investigation and asked for the bullet that assassinated serene. we refused that we affirm that our investigation would be completed independently and we would inform her family, the u. s. cotton, all official and popular authorities. if the results of the investigation all indications evidence and witnesses confirmed that she was assassinated by israelis, special units and video analysis also contradicting israel's original accounts of the shooting. catcher, lopez heard a young explains how to log book shortly after sharina lockley was killed. the israeli government began circulating this video. it shows an armed palestinian
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firing his weapon. israel says this shows how the veteran al jazeera correspondent was likely shot by palestinian gunfire and not by its forces, but that's disputed by rights groups. witnesses and journalists who've analyzed the video, israel says this is where the palestinian fighter opened fire. from this point, jerusalem base human rights organization selim says there are too many walls, alleys and buildings, blocking the site where sharin was shot. and gps verification and dozens of video clips shows. this is where is really soldiers were located as a rated a home. and janine, it shows a direct line of fire to where sharon was shot and killed the side is also far from the palestinian resistance whiter. who was about 260 meters away. there is no line of sight between one location and the other. and in fact, our researcher it into sticking in a few minutes to walk from one location to the other location. so it is absolutely
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clear, there is no question about it. the voltage on which day is only going to base it's false claim is does not show gun fire. a belt has killed during the walk law and injured her call it. oh witnesses. israeli forces were not under attack was law. when the journalists arrived, they were surprised because the occupation forces were closing the street with their military vehicles and then they started shooting at them. a man tried once again to retrieve sharon's body for we were not aware at that point that she had been killed. he tried to provide 1st aid to her, so they started shooting at him and the bullets hit a tree over his head. the guys here were not throwing stones, nor shooting. there was no form of resistance. for me. the european union has called for an independent investigation into her death, and the u. s. envoy to the un has call for sharina killing to be transparently investigated. the announcement on investigation is one of the israel's most dead
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tried and unfortunately successful. a tricks and dead blankets. impunity dealers, resort provides itself is road does not investigate israel whitewash us and the investigation is just the 1st or rather the announcement on the investigation is just the 1st stage in sweetwater. i got mental analysts say they're skeptical. justice will follow. israel has a track record of not punishing its soldiers who have committed crimes against palestinians. huh. and it's never child one of its soldiers for the killing of a journalist castillo pistol. the young al jazeera, a spring in which it gets, but he is present of the listening post a show on al jazeera, that dissects the global, meet a joints from london. thank you for joining us. now. since her death news organizations from around the world have course been covering sharon's killing the headlines very. but what stands out is that a number of mainstream media outlets
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a failing to mention who was actually responsible for killing. if we take new york times, for example, the 1st headline when the news broke was breaking news al jazeera said one of it's janice was killed in the west bank city of jeanine during clashes between israeli forces and palestinian gunman. whereas we on al jazeera, just to give some context said, breaking news. israeli forces have shot dead al jazeera journalist, sharing a clay in the occupied west bank. and there are many, many other examples like this. why do you think we're seeing these many ambiguous headlines? well, news organizations in the us and in many western countries in countries all over the world, often reflect the positions of their governments. they take their cues from their governments, and they use language that their governments will be happy with. i'm a new saw the new york times, they're using the term clashes. the associated press said that
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sharin was killed by gunfire as though gun fire has a will of force of its own. and keep in mind, molly, the associated press, shared that same building in garza with al jazeera and it was about this time last year that israeli forces in their latest war on gaza, targeted that building and bombed it. you know, when you're in journalism, when you're in a news organization, you're going to come up against it some time. it's what happens next. that counts. look at the language that al jazeera is using to describe this case, it is active, it is accurate, it pulls no punches. the associated press uses passive language refusing to blame. and some of that language will be approved in oh, by not just the israeli government, but also the one in washington that there's so much responsibility for what we're
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seeing now. let me pick you up on that point you made about the associated press it because we've seen a lot of people criticizing a p on social media for the for the, for that headline that you mentioned one twist a use as saying, i said that the a p reporting that the iconic, palestinian janice, serene black, they was killed by gun fine. not specifying who's is an ethical journalism. she was not killed by aliens, was killed by israeli forces. there should be repercussions for propagating alternative facts about basic truths. would you go so far as saying that these headlines actually presenting an alternative narrative for what's happened? well, they do, but they also skew and they blow more fog into the war they gets in the way of journalism. and oh, and in a keep in mind,
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the associated press in certain ways is more important than the new york times. the associated press is subscribed to by hundreds of news organizations around the world. and i would invite you or any viewer right now to go check the associated presses. language on when western journalists in ukraine have been killed by russian forces, that is what they call it. they were killed by russian forces. and at no time do they do western governments or western news organizations say it is now incumbent upon the kremlin to conduct a thorough investigation and to make sure the justice is served. in this case, they never use that kind of language. look, journalists are journalists, whether they're german or americans working, covering the war in ukraine, or a palestinian legend like charee and abu acura, and they deserve to protection,
9:43 pm
not just from governments, from not just from an cios, but also from news organizations. this is an organization the associated press, that is comprised of hundreds of journalists around the world. and every time they report on a story like this, they use terminology, passive language deflection, rather than telling the story like it is, which is what journalists are supposed to get into this business to do and aid. thank he richard. guess, bet presenter the listening post. morality commemorates reigns. life has been taking place outside the london headquarters. f. e b. b. c. media organizations are correspond. nadine baba reports while a wide range of people have turned up here in london to remember. sharin. firstly, there are journalists, some of them palestinian others from different are of countries as well as people who work. for example, in the occupied west bank palestine. ambassador of the u. k. o spoke and denounced
9:44 pm
what he called the murder, assuring our eichler at the hands of the israeli armed forces. bearable so been her words of disappointment in the u. k. government for her. it's perceived week response. if in fact there has been a response really a toll to a she reads killing, we've heard from some of the names of other palestinians who been killed by these ready armed forces right out and we've heard demands for justice and reminders. but for decades really, there have been palestinians killed without any form of accountability in most cases. but also there have been words or to remind you of just what she remains to people across the world are important as a journalist, her integrity and people shock at her death. joining us now is
9:45 pm
amazon, the president of the new generation for palestine and non profit organization that will be hosting a rally to honor serene. on sunday, he is also a professor and a comedian. he joins us from dearborn in michigan. thank you for joining the program. said you're organizing a rally in the us about sharing. tell us about what you're hoping it will achieve. well, you know, we want to make sure that the world knows and our local communities know that we're never going to forget her. you know, i made a video yesterday talking about that she is every palestinians, big sister, she is some one who if you're palestinian, you just automatically know who she is. and for israel to assassinate her, i mean this was an assassination. there is no question about it when you have trained snipers, trained with american money, by the way, shooting these bullets ball with american money,
9:46 pm
probably american made. they know what they're doing. and just like we know who she is, they know who she is. and so let's be clear about this. this was an assassination of a palestinian icon, and we're not going to stay quiet about it. you know, this weekend is the commemoration of the neck of 1948. there had been already been rallies scheduled around the country, and now it gives even more gravity with the assassination of study. and that we all stand up and say very clearly, just like we've been saying for 74 years, that this is a project of ethnic cleansing, and extermination of palestinians. we understand what's going on. every one, every palestinian felt all kinds of emotions. when we heard this news, anger, frustration, rage, sadness, shock, but none of us were surprised. this is what israel does. it kills palestinians because it needs to kill us to survive. the occupation is one of the most violent
9:47 pm
things that have ever happened to a group of people and in order for it to succeed and for it to perpetuate it, needs to kill us because we're reminder every day that israel was built on our land built on a complete existing, thriving civilization. my mom says and still says to this day about the israeli, she says an arabic and i do have my flu sheet, which means they took it furnished, fully furnished. they didn't come to a land without a people like they say, that didn't make the desert balloon. the desert was already blooming with centuries of palestinian civilization and they're trying to kill us every day. and we are not surrendering because we know the truth resides with us. hello, estonian rights advocates. the united states have cold on the bought and administration to demand an independent probe into sharon's killing. saying that israel should not be allowed to investigate,
9:48 pm
investigate itself. do you agree and what immediate action would you like to see the u. s. government take? well at look, allowing israel to investigate the assassination of study and as like, it's like allowing it's like allowing will smith to investigate who slapped chris rock. we all know what happens. it's very clear the are the palestinian eye witnesses lying. the by the administration has shown us from the job that they do not care about palestinian lives, whether they're american or not, should even was american by the way, just like armada assad, julio earlier this year, was beaten by israeli troops and left on the side of the road to die, the by the administration does nothing. the bind administration has shown us over and over. they promised that they read open the consul and jerusalem. they didn't do that. we were fools as palestinian an arab americans for trusting them about anything. biden has said very clearly, he's a zionist, he wishes to see the israeli state thrived. he said if there was no israel,
9:49 pm
that he would have to invent in israel will. now he is reinventing israel. after all the work we've done to educate the world more and more, we have an administration here who only cares about perpetuating the ethnic cleansing of palestinians. so i don't really care what the, by the ministration has to say. and let me tell you palestinian americans, we don't care, we're not dumb. we understand what they've been saying and what they've been doing to us and how they've been dehumanizing us every day. we know what happened um, as our president, for new generation for palestine and non profit organization who will be hosting a rally in the u. s. on sunday. thank you. thank you. we'll catch us amir says that is responsible for the death of serene i back, les must be held accountable. he's expressed his condolences to a family and says her mother by occupation forces was a crime. serina buckley's death has been marked across the world in arts and in protests. one artist in gaza, expressed his admiration. hi,
9:50 pm
sculpting her name in the sand on the shore. he says he never met serene like many young palestinians. he feels like he grew up with her or israel's approve the building of thousands of homes for settlers in the occupied west bank. white's group say up to 4 and a half 1000 houses have been planned. the biggest advancement in settlement projects in 2 years. the u. s. as it strongly opposes new construction. let's just get you a little bit of all the news now. the u. s. select committee investigating the attack on the capital building. and january last year, has the pena subpoenaed house, republican leader, kevin mccarthy, and 4 other congressman. it's an attempt to compel allies, a former president, donald trump, to provide testimony into the disturbances. more than 2000 trump supportive storm. the building as congress prepared to ratify job biden's election, victory,
9:51 pm
and fitting and looks that to apply for nato membership after the prime minister president said it must happen without delay. it of course, as a 1300 kilometer border with russia, the government has said that the criminal unpredictable behavior is a pressing issue. russia is calling finance nato aspirations. a threat to fasten reports, one of the all good, neutral about, prepared, ready to defend the nation that long relied on its own military strength. these finished conscripts are practicing and attacked by an imaginary enemy. but since a russian invasion of ukraine, finland, which he has a board of more than 1300 kilometers with russia fill spartan by its large neighbor . obviously, obviously it showing that our neighbors willing to use force if necessary. and that changes things before the war and ukraine only around 25 percent of fin support the joining nato. but this has now gone up to 76 percent. a dramatic change in
9:52 pm
a country that was invaded by the soviet union in 1939 and made an agreement to stay neutral after the 2nd world war ended. so that's what am i supposed to you made you made it so so obvious that we politicians living, representative democracy. we must respect also the people's opinions. and that's where we are the social democratic party, n p was one of finland staunch his opponents of natal membership. not anymore. if you turn around from many in finland, believing for decades that stay neutral is key to the security. they know say that put into actions have pushed them towards natal, while rush has made it clear, it's not happy with this decision and that as well react the fence. just hope it won't retaliate. joining natal means finland will be protected by its article 5 saying an attack on one member is an attack on all, but it's the great period of
9:53 pm
a number of months before membership is formalized, that worries defense. while the u. k, in other countries have offered security guarantees to finish president is trying to reassure russia in my thinking this is quite simple. actually. we increase our security and we do not take it away from anybody. i am almost sure they would be no major issue. some political, the sacraments, et cetera. so that, that's true, but more aggressive. so i'm not actually afraid because i still trust liberty that moscow, the heb rates. that's also what the young soldiers are hoping for. i think if we were part of nato than their us would they would, there would be so much a back up. so no, i'm not scared. well is that all bother? having a well equipped army of nearly $300000.00 soldiers,
9:54 pm
felon says it will be an asset to nato. while these conscripts are looking forward to working together with other nations joining the alliance will put an end to a long and peaceful period of neutrality. step, fasten al jazeera, helsinki. now scientists have unveiled an image of a massive black hole at the center if our milky way galaxy, the black hole, coal, sagittarius, a star is only the 2nd one ever to be photographed. it is $4000000.00 times bigger than our son. you had round that. thankfully, it sat 26000 light years away from us. time are for quick sports update and a thank you so much, molly. one of a joke, which has continued his incredible run of the ro masters and stayed on course to win his 1st title of the year. despite the event, 16 times, it has now reached the quarter finals on every occasion. well, number one, facing all sparring partner in round 3,
9:55 pm
the stand the rank at simply out class in this 16262 doc that must groups the semi's to retain his number one ranking otherwise than i'll, nobody ever goes back to the top quarter finals i managed to do well, i think from the beginning go really move him around the corner. her held myself pretty comfortably accepted, or serve in the 2nd said much, much of a google home inspection services all numbered cc'd alexander's various books. his score in the corridors by defeating alex demon up farrah grabbing his one hundreds, career victory and masters events. jim reese the fun in madrid last week. women's weldon born e g as her own sake as extended her winning streak to 25 matches. the polish player is through to the last 8 at the italian open, sunset did lose the 1st 3 games in this match against victoria. as a rancor, it's 1010. he said after one hour and 20 minutes of play. when some type of
9:56 pm
magistrates sets. yeah. and on that face 2019 us open champion, bianca, and rescue. and the rugby world cup is heading to the united states for the very 1st time. the men's and women's tournaments will be held in the us in 20312033 respectively. the country's men's team has played every work up since 1999, but they've never made it out of the pool stage usa rugby st. being chosen as hosts marks a if it's all turning point for the sports 1st of all, a great place to deliver outstanding tournaments and, and have those really big moments in the sport to get fans and players. really excited sylvester, that's the starting point. you know, there's no doubt when we look at the opportunity to grow the game around the world . the 2 biggest growth opportunities we have is the u. s. the most addressable connie growth market for us as a spool and the women's game. and so when you start to bring those things together, it genuine is a bit of a no brainer. okay, more from me and a couple of hours time,
9:57 pm
but that is how your sport is looking for now. thank you, andy. well, let's finish this news out with a video recording. not long before showing a black play was killed, showing a speak about what it meant to be a jens. and then we'll take a 1030 about them. look with a
9:58 pm
$2.00 oh and a 74 years of done that. and the permanent displacement of more than $700000.00 pounds a year long from the bowman. although dizzy was offices in the gaza store. and in the week that network journalist sharina apple was killed in the occupied waste bank. we examined the situation in palestine. one of those special program
9:59 pm
joiners on august ear we always missing around the was this hungry money, which is only looking at how to make the next profit, devastating economies, devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature. great economy, a sound good, but it was all about privatization of nature. should our environment be for sale? what we're trying to do is persuade people to stabilize the climate. i've given them a financial incentive to do the pricing the planet on al jazeera, examining the impact of today's headlines yesterday, our electricity, water, and all this all alive. setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes to gonna from europe, then never called an immigrant, the always known as next path. international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire. we live one people on this one planet and
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we've got to work the solutions together on al jazeera. the u. s. is always of impact that people wrote the world people pay attention to won't be going here. and i'll do this very good at bringing the news to the world from here. oh, i killing that sent shock waves around the world of thousands pay their respects to al jazeera reports ashery and i will actually killed on wednesday by israeli forces . ah, blow, i'm mary. i'm to my z in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program analysis of video and satellite images contradicts israel's initial assessment of who was behind sharina blacklist. dad.


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