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tv   My Cuba Alexis Martinez Pena Countryman  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2022 2:30am-3:01am AST

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ah ah ah to ah, this is, i'll just hear these other top stories. the body of al jazeera journalist, sharina utley is now at a hospital morgan occupied east jerusalem. the veteran journalist was shot dead by israeli forces at the age of 51. a funeral will take place on friday. israel's army
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is reported the investigating whether one of its soldiers shot shaheen. that's according to the washington post. it says that the army is looking into 3 separate incidents connected to her killing, as well as the wounding of her colleague is ready forces are said to be carrying out ballistic tests on the rifles of several of its members. while they're happy jimmy a lot. well, and the have them, he either may of this might be a way to make the road for israel to acknowledge it is to reason behind a skilling yesterday they were trying to get the bullet that is now in the hands of the palestinian side. the bullet that killed sharina barclay, i think they have nothing more to say now. no more justifications. and they now understand how much international pressure there is. that's why we have seen the statement. these really position is turning in a way. katara amir says those responsible for the death of sharina acclaim must be held accountable, is expressed his condolences to her family and says her murder by occupation forces
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was a crime. oh, it does not. dom better. i see i express my condolences to serious family who is marked by occupation forces. i emphasize the perpetrators of this crime must be punished and the world shouldn't deal with this instant with a double standards approach sheila finland looked set to apply for nato membership . half the prime minister impressed and said it must happen without delay. finland shares a 1300 kilometer border with russia. the government has said the cremins unpredictable behavior is that pressing issue. russia is colon finance nato aspirations. a threat north korea has imposed its 1st nationwide lockdown because of an outbreak of coven . 19 authorities detect the sub variant of the army convent north korea is one of the few countries that hasn't vaccinated this population. there's other headlines. news continues hernandez, era after my cuba ah 74 years off to natalie and the
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permanent displacement of more than 700000 pounds a year long from the boar me. although disease was offices in the gaza story. and in the week that network journalist sharina was killed in the occupied west bank. we examined the situation in palestine in a one hour special prove join us on all jazeera ah ah, the go away if amelia mc ways are a bit with away liberalism,
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a made it didn't it a lot, but a lot if you need to get a little more going to go with that the, you well, it out the much. i'm coming a problem. okay. well, i didn't know of you. i mean, you could say, well, they didn't know you're going to come in a the way i bought a vehicle, morgan and somebody ah, but i mean, i see that a lot of been young. they moved to a posting deal for a joe morello and see that for can make see hope
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you look on the 9th release. i live now with emilia or ways down a good thing or but i left about that he is a scholar. it's in the bottom of that believe it's in this with struggles full of pleasure, a, an intimate look that life in cuba a year my
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cuba on al jazeera, ah, and a frank assessment. what are the political risks of batting rushmore? the gas for western leaders will sanctions on russian energy exports. that's a recipe for recession. in depth analysis of the days headlines inside story on al jazeera. from the al jazeera london broadcast into 2 people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations. what is even more in p me that mouth is system innovation? systems design and system transformation part one of human rights activist, q me, ny, to, and environmentally. when own electric,
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i lived as you have the fossil fuel arrow my entire life and i'm looking for a graceful transition out of it. studio b unscripted. on out his era. we understand the differences and similarities of cult choice across the world. so no matter when you call home will but you can use in current affairs that matter to you thousands pay their respects to al jazeera reporter, sharina. i clay killed by israeli forces on wednesday. ah, i'm carry johnston window with extensive coverage on the shooting of shaheen. actually analysis of video and satellite images contradicts israel's version of sheen's kenning,
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palestinian president says he'll seek justice at the international criminal court as he rejects israel's offer of a joint investigation into the shooting. also ahead,


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