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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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public opinion, the headlines died and that allowed the children to continue to die to power a citizen journalism. re framing the story. i am here to document the war crimes committed by winter and his resume. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera. ah morning, the silencing of a leading voice against occupation palestinians pay tribute to al jazeera reporter, serene avo, actually killed by israeli forces. ah, hello, there are nora. kyle, this is al jazeera live from doha. la palestinian president rejects israel's offer of a joint investigation into sharon's killing, saying he will take it to the international criminal court. and the white house
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calls for transparency and demands accountability from israel. also a heads ah, a memorial to mark 1000000 cobit 900 deaths in america, families question the government's handling of the pandemic. ah, thousands of palestinians have paid tribute to al jazeera journalists, serene apple aclu at a state funeral held in her honor. sharon was shot in the head by israeli forces in the occupied west bank on wednesday for hazard mackwood abbas has vowed to seek justice for her death at the international criminal court. the, the abraham begins are coverage and a wanting that view as may find some of the images in her report. disturbing bill. oh me, law, the daughter of palestine. oh,
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she lena balkan, his body was taken through my thousands gather to pay the respect her remains then taken to a state service where the palestinian president honored her move out to seek justice at the international criminal court. in my thoughts today, we're here to pay our respect assuring of locklear the martyr of palestine, the martyr of jerusalem. and the martyr of free speech and the free roll of the symbol of the palestinian them. and the symbol of the palestinian journalist sharina has sacrificed their life to defend its course and the cause of the palestinian pupil. what she didn't worked for al jazeera and was widely known for reporting on the israel palestine conflict for more than 2 decades. every one standing here has its own story, was shooting,
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as friends we experienced with had this amazing person viewed, saw an innocent christian and johnny the school always waited for children to tell us the story. we're losing to day a great story. turner, we have never expected that out. poor of love. we know she's known. we know she's a star. no, she's famous. but for people to be stopping the convoy coming from the hospital, throwing roses at her casket. it's hard to put words to what every palestinian is feeling today. she was shocked in the head and killed instantly in the occupied west bank on wednesday. ah, her colleague seemed to the right. it's shadow hennessy. she says the attack on her team was intended to kill yanine, already then aqua molecularly,
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the occupational forces lead us to reach that point where they fired on us. i want to tell her that i'm sorry, i couldn't protect you when we were under fire. i failed to save your alaina. israel's government initially said palestinian fighters were to blame, but that was disputed by witnesses, journalists, and rights groups. this is the moment where there's going to be the most outpouring of outrage and grief about the killing of terrain. so if they can cast doubt, if they can muddy waters around the death sharina by possibly getting newspapers in the international fair to suggest that she was killed by a palestinian, they have been successful. the israel says it will, investigator in killing an offer to do it in conjunction with palestinian official . the palestinian president said he would not cooperate with israel already refused any joint investigation committee with israeli authorities because they
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have committed such a crime. we don't trust them. and we'll go immediately to the international criminal court in order to find the perpetrators and criminals philosophy. i just need a media that's where it has described the 51 year old death. as latent birds are making clear, it holds israel, responsible to the city and body was then taken from ramallah through the district point to jerusalem, where she was born on friday, there will be a funeral service in jerusalem. the very place she did was proud to call home him alger zita, the occupied west bank. there's railey army as reported to be investigating whether one of its soldiers shot sharina abu act there. and that's according to the washington post. it says the army is looking into 3 separate incidents connected to her killing, as well as the wounding of her colleague. initially,
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israel had said the journalists were likely to have been hit by gunfire from armed palestinians that i witness reports contradicted that claim is where the forces are said to be carrying out ballistic tests on the rifles of several of its members while they're well. and i had them here either may of this might be a way to make the road for israel to acknowledge it is the reason behind a skilling yesterday, there were trying to get the bullet that is now in the hands of the policy mil inside i would a bullet that killed sharina barclay, and i think they have nothing more to say no, no more justifications. and they now understand how much international pressure there is. that's why we have single statement, lou. and these really position is turning in a way of video analysis of where sharina was killed contradicts israel's original account of the shooting. catcher, lopez, hurry, ann has more just out of the hug walk shortly after sharina lockley was killed. the israeli government began circulating this video. it shows an armed palestinian
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firing his weapon. israel says as shows how the veteran al jazeera correspondent was likely shot by palestinian gunfire and not by its forces. but that's disputed by rights groups. witnesses and journalists have analyzed the video. israel says this is where the palestinian fighter opened fire. from this point, jerusalem base human rights organizations sell em, says there are too many walls, alleys and buildings. blocking the side were sure rain was shot and gps verification and dozens of video clips shows this is where is really soldiers were located as a rated a home. and janine, it shows a direct line of fire to where sharon was shot and killed the side is also far from the palestinian resistance lighter, who was about 260 meters away. there is no line of sight between one location and the other. and in fact, our researcher into taking him a few minutes to walk from one location to the other location. so it's absolutely
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clear, there is no question about it the way it stays. government base, it's false, claim is, does not show gunfire. it has killed shooting a white glove and injured. we call it a witness as is really forces were not under attack was on when the journalists arrive they were surprised because the occupation forces were closing the street with their military vehicles. and then they started shooting at them. a man tried once again to retrieve sharina body. we were not aware at that point that she had been killed. he tried to provide 1st aid to her, so they started shooting at him and the bullets hit a tree over his head. the guys who were not throwing stones, nor shooting. there was no form of resistance. the european union has called for an independent investigation into her death, and the u. s. envoy to the un has call for sharina killing to be transparently investigated. the announcement on investigation is,
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was israel's mosca tried and unfortunately successful in tricks and blankets. impunity dealers resume provides itself is rose, not investigate israel white washers. and the investigation is just the 1st or rather the announcement on the investigation is just the 1st stage in this whitewash. oh, mental analysts say they're skeptical. justice will follow. israel has a track record of not punishing its soldiers who have committed crimes against palestinians. huh. and it's never chilled one of its soldiers for the killing of a journalist. katya little piece of the young out is here, francesca alban, i see as the un special wrapper turn human rights in the occupied palestinian territory. she says the attention surrounding the killing will put pressure on israel to carry out a proper investigation. michael has beaten for an independent the
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sorrow and the transparent investigation independent means that he's to be carried out the someone who has not the conflict of interest. and it's not about having faith or not having trust in these really investigation accountability system. but the track record of legal proceedings following an incident like these very poor. so i get on the more for the traditional community to make pressure for an intern for an independent or going to an investigation to take place to access to the or p t. and gather evidence that can be used for, for, for those of the perpetrators to finally be held accountable. israel military investigative system is well known further into the short standards of process and most of time ease regulatory issue. you shall have the statements announcing, dedicating the under examination, but the reality is that most cases do not. we missed credit criminal investigation
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. and details of the decision are not made public. despite these, while lowering the military obligate general to provide reasoning for decisions including cases evolving, actual combat, this is not, this is not the case if you exceptional cases. and this would be one of those where the killing or injury was caught on camera or video and received a high level of public attention to findings and conclusions were made, were made public, but would have full load is never justice in the sansa needing what has been the charges are often starkly in commensurate or washington has called for transparency in any investigation into the killing of showing up a white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has more. president biden is said to host king abdullah of jordan and his son in the oval office on friday. it's an effort to promote stability between is re lease and palestinians in the midst of escalating tensions that
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includes the killing of journalists, sharina abbey, at clay. here's what the white house press, secretary gen saki had to say. we encourage both parties to do so thoroughly and transparently, and to share their findings, to ensure that all evidence in this case is available and fully assessed. we stand ready to assist either party in any way that we can neither side as ask for our assistance at this time, and such a request would required in order for us to do so. president biden is scheduled to visit israel next month. the details of the trip have not been released, and it's unclear of the white house will use the visit to press israel for accountability in the death of serene abu, our clay. other news, stella had hair on al jazeera, a rally against military rule in sudan, turns violence will bring you a report from the streets of the capital cartoon, and shedding light on
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a mystery at the heart of our galaxy. how this image can shape our understanding of the milky way? ah hello, we got some very high temperatures dominating the weather across a good part of north america at the moment because some live the cloud, hip bulge of cloud. they're just rolling across the plains towards the lakes, pushing into central parts of canada that behind a particular weather system. we've got cooler air in place ahead of it. plenty of wolves that was getting drawn up out of the gulf of mexico. minneapolis look of ash about $22.00 degrees at this time of year round $33.00 celsius. somewhat cooler north of the border there for winnipeg where the to meet. that's where we got some very disturbed weather, some heavy and sundry down. pause. possibly little bit of 1st snow mixed in there
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as we go on through friday on into saturday. sharp showers continuing into central parts for a time on the lively side. still somewhere around the eastern seaboard up towards pacific northwest. the next system starts to push its way through. could even still see some snow over the cascade as we go on through sat. i think a little more bitty as we go into the we can then down towards south till a few showers just around louisiana on the other side of the gulf of mexico, some very heavy rain making its way across the greater antilles, with some big temples to cuba, jamaica, and hispaniola. ah, but again, culture dominates america's underworld, but has it permeated law enforcement itself? they want exactly what every gang member wants, a power and control. so lines investigates allegations of organized gangs within
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the los angeles cherished department taking the law into their own hands. a failure at every level from every art of los angeles county government shadow system. a lay secretive sheriff gangs on al jazeera. ah ah morgan, you're watching al jazeera has reminder of our top story this. our thousands of palestinians have been paying tribute to al jazeera jenda serene albert at a state service held in her honor in ramallah. sure, he was shot dead by his re forces me occupied westbank on wednesday. the body of the veteran journalist is now at a hospital morgue and occupy these jerusalem. a funeral will take place later on
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friday. and the washington post says, israel's army is investigating whether one of its soldiers shot jury and the palestinian present luck. motor boss says he'll seek justice for her death at the international criminal court. with all the 1st time the court has been asked to investigate the talking of journalists by israeli forces paul brennan has more from the hague. after years of wrangling over jurisdiction, the scope of such an investigation, the icpc here in the hague, began looking at what he calls the situation in palestine. in march of 2021. looking at incidence, both by israeli forces and by palestinian groups stating all the way back to 2014. but it was just last month that journalist groups brought evidence to the i. c. c for investigation alleging that israeli forces were systematically targeting journalists and furthermore, that israelis,
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we're not investigating those incidents properly. now, what they are alleging is that that amounts to a breach of international law and may even amount to a war crime. and the death, the killing of serene clay is now going to be at the forefront of that case what the palestinian authority wants and what the journalist groups is to add her to the existing names that are already listed in front of the i c. c. so that the people responsible for killing shearing actually, potentially are brought here to the have. now there is an issue in a sense that israel doesn't recognize the jurisdiction of the i c c. and also they will not cooperate with any investigation. but the fact is that if it is really official, or even a government minister has an arrest warrant issued against them by this court here, they will faith the risk of arrest in any one of more than 120 i. c c members. and that could mean senior israeli officials coming here to the hague, not as visitors,
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but it's defendants. that's bringing some other news from around the world now. and foreign ministers from the group of 7 industrialized countries are discussing further joint action over the war and ukraine. germany which is hosting the meetings as one focuses, breaking rushes, blockade of ukrainian grain exports. in an effort to avoid a global food crisis on the market, james bays reports german, foreign minister and elaine. a bad bulk is now the host for a flurry of high level diplomacy. she returned home from a trip to ukraine earlier this week, and is now sharing a meeting of foreign ministers of the g. 7. will be followed by nato and european union meetings to try an increased pressure on russia and support for ukraine. one country though, is causing major problems, hunger, his prime minister, victor oberon, reelected last month opposes further energy sanctions. the u. once
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a ban on russian oil imports by the end of the year, even though hungry and slovak year will be given exemptions or ban is still threatening to veto. the question is, if hungary it shows because solidarity to 8 pm allies and partners are each shows bigger, solidarity with putting russia. so i very much hope that in the end hungry will make the right choice, because it will be pretty impossible to square their participation in you and the nato. if they continue to blog this, the sanctions because because of special tides, which was pretty if you drive about 3 hours from where the g 7 foreign ministers are meeting along germany's baltic coast brings you here to look men. this is where the north stream pipelines which run from russia to germany terminate this place
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sums up what's been achieved by the west in recent months. unprecedented steps like the mosque balling of nord stream to something the u. s. had been demanding for years. but the other pipeline, nordstrom one is still operating, it delivers 55000000000 cubic meters of natural gas to germany a year. an indication of the vast sums. europe continues to pay to russia for its energy. james bays al jazeera northern germany members of the us congress have held a moment of silence to mark 1000000 cove at 19 decks in america. far too many taken much too soon and sometimes alone. it's the highest toll of any country and makes up nearly one fix of recorded deaths worldwide present. joe biden cool, is it a tragic milestone is covered? 19 coordinates was wanting that more vaccinations and needed the effectiveness of the earlier jobs, where off health experts are working to find out why so many people have died in
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the u. s. ro brunner spoke to one american who lost her entire family and says, the country's handling of the virus was an apt. in march 2020 lucy esparza casarez got sick. she quickly recovered from the headache and chills, but soon her husband david was feeling very ill. coughing and unable to stand. he was rushed to a hospital. lucy was not allowed to see her husband, and soon a nurse called to say, david was being put on a ventilator. she said, okay, so are we what we're ready to do the procedure. so i'll let you talk to him one more time. so you know, it was like, ok, i love you, everything's going to be riding and okay. i love you till. and that was the last conversation i had with him. david died from cove at 19 in early april in quick succession. lucy lost more members of her family, her sister in law, a nephew, and david's elderly mother whom she cared for. all of
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a sudden i was along. i'd never been alone in that house ever by myself. with my dawn, me and my god. in this house where everybody that lived here except me, died of coven. by then the pandemic was completely out of control in a new york hospital, 13 patients died in a single day. but the worst was yet to come. hospitals were overwhelmed, morgues ran out of space for the dead. the country shut down. why did the wealthiest most technologically advanced country on earth suffer such a staggering death toll? i think the jury is still out on exactly what caused so much that there is a recent study that came out that showed that about 40 percent of the deaths, half of the patients who died with colvin had diabetes. by the time safe and effective vaccines became widely available, misinformation and conspiracy theories were circulating the parallel by their make
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of this information. this information has complicated matters tremendously, really, unnecessarily. former president trump downplayed the severity of the outbreak from the beginning. the federal government left it up to each state to figure out for themselves how to find medical equipment and protective gear. the ineptness of it was, it was bob went who mind boggling. how did this happen in the united states of america? the virus took advantage of poverty, racial and economic inequities in american society. the coven death rates for blacks, and latinos have been twice that of whites. how will the pandemic evolve in the coming years? predicting the viruses behavior is notoriously difficult, but doctors are sure one thing covered isn't finished with us yet. it's penetration has been such that it will be around us for forever. it's not going to go away. a
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1000000 dead and counting. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. north korea says 6 people have died from what it's calling an explosive spread of fever. the country is under a nationwide look town after it announce its 1st official case of corona virus on thursday. since then it said a 187000 people are being isolated. untreated is one of the few countries that has not vaccinated. its population members of the un security council have urged the taliban to respect the rights of women and girls. afghan women have been ordered to cover up completely in public, the occasion bastard. the un says it's critical to protect the gains made for women's rights. over the past 2 decades. it's hard to see that the international community and importantly, the afghan people will ever respect the taliban as legitimate authorities. if this is the future for afghanistan that they pursue. because half its population are
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women and girls who will not and should not have to accept to life banished to the sidelines. they've been protest in turkey after it's top court upheld a prison sentence for the main opposition leader. oh don, captain jo, jo blue was convicted of a terrorist propaganda and insulting president receptive irwin. he's been sentenced to 4 years and 11 months in prison. a supporters say the charges are politically motivated and the other one is cracking down on critics ahead of elections next year. to me, security forces have fought tear gas and stung grenades. a protest is rallying against the country's military rulers. thousands demonstration in the capital cartoon, demanding a civilian government in a morgan has more protest. this is denise capital, how to have once again taken to the streets on thursday, their protest think the military take over. that's happened in october and are
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demanding that the military handover power to a civilian rule. now this comp, just a day after resistance committee, the bodies that have been organizing these mass protests have signed what they call the declaration of people's power. a kind of blueprint that shows their version for how to dance transitional period should be and include the military abandoning to dance politics and returning to the barracks and civilian taking over power, including and the legislative assembly and the executive cabinet. now the military and the civilian or rather political parties are supposed to thought some kind of a dialogue mediated by the african union. they enacted nations mission here incident and the regional inter governmental authority for development. but that tripartite effort is facing challenges. some major political parties have refused to enter into direct talks with the military, while all the said they were not even invited. and it shows the challenges that
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best effort to try to bring together all the political stakeholders in sudan is facing well voting, their opposition to military rule protest. this also pay tribute to the all did there a journalist who was killed in the occupied, westbound by israeli forces that sharina block law security forces use tear gas to prevent protesters from advancing towards the republican palace, also known as the presidential palace. now they have been accused security forces have been accused of using excessive force against protesters leading to the death of more than 90 protesters since the thought of the takeover last october. and the enduring of hundreds of others. despite the deaths and injuries and the use of force by security protest does continue to take to the streets. they say they want that declaration that they find become a reality. they want a transitional government that is led by civilians and where people have the power and not the military. a familiar face is back as a troll anchors prime minister, ronelle wicker m, a singer has been sworn in. he's already been prime minister 5 times,
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man to roger pac so resigned on monday off to weeks of protests calling for him and his brother, the president to go. because they're handling of an economic crisis. please say 9 people have been killed in the violence and hundreds injured. scientists have unveiled an image of the massive black hole at the central vall, milky way galaxy, the black hole, called sagittarius. a star is only the 2nd one ever to be photographed. it's 4000000 times bigger than our son, but luckily, it's 26000 light years away from us. first, we see that only a trickle of materials actually making it all the way to the black hole. if such a server person, it would consume a single grain of rice every 1000000 years. and while some michaels can be remarkably efficient at converting gravitational energy until late. so do start traps nearly all of this energy. only one part in
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a 1000 is converted into light. so despite looking so bright on the single images, the white hole is ravenous, but inefficient. that's our top story now the killing of showing apple actor by israeli forces. the al jazeera journalist death has been marked across the world in protests and an art. one artist in garza has created a sand sculpture of her name, sherwin, abu at claire. she says that he says he never met showing, but like many young palestinians, he feel he grew up knowing her. ah, i'm ready to manila sitting senate, i'm 28 years old. i've been watching sharin on tv, showing the suffering of the palestinians, either in garza or westbank to the whole world. this art is gifting to the soul of sharina who sacrificed her soul for the palestinian people. let. this is the least we can do for her soul or showing that as the 12th for out is there a journalist killed since the net wax creation just 25 years ago. these are the
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names ah ah . you with al jazeera, these are all top stories, thousands of palestinians have paid tribute to al.


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