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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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with exclusive interviews and in depth reports what the, what is still remains is al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news ah . after state servers attended by thousands mornings prepare for the funeral of al jazeera sharina walked left, he was killed by israeli forces. ah, i there came vanelle with al jazeera, continuing coverage of the palestinian american journalists shooting dead. oh, world pressure grows for a full and transparent investigation. hosting your private is to says that's being
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done without israel's involved more israeli raids and janine and the on one westbank wish marine was killed also ahead the g seven's top diplomats. me to discuss how to manage the worsening global food crisis on by ukraine's more mm mm. ah, wish a funeral will be held in the coming hours for elders are jealous sharina walker, who was killed by his ready forces on wednesday. the service at a church and occupied east. jerusalem follows the state memorial with palestinian leaders and foreign diplomats among the thousands who attended it. abraham begins are coverage from the occupied wes back. ha ha ha ha. the daughter of palestine o b mob city,
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nebraska. his body was taken through him. allah thousands gather to pay the respect her remains then taken to a state service with palestinian president honor to her. oh, you vowed to seek justice at the international criminal court. she had been my thought today we are here to pay our respect to sharing ob locklear, the martyr of palestine, the martyr of jerusalem, and a martyr of free speech and a free roll dog, a symbol of the palestinian them on the symbol of the palestinian journalists. sharina has sacrificed her life to defend its course and the cause of the palestinian people called what she didn't worked for al jazeera and was widely known for reporting on the israel palestine conflict for more than 2 decades. every one standing here has its own story, was shooting as friends we experienced with had this amazing person, pure soul,
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an innocent christian and johnny the school always waited for should in to to lock the story. we're losing to day, a great storyteller. we have never expected that out. poor of love. we know she's known. we know she's a star. no, she's famous. but for people to be stopping the convoy coming from the hospital, throwing roses at her casket. it's hard to put words to what every palestinian is feeling today. she was shot in the head and killed instantly in the occupied west bank on wednesday. ah, her colleague seemed to the right. it's shadow hennessy. she says the attack on her team was intended to kill yanine, already then aqua molecularly,
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the occupational forces lead us to reach that point where they fired on us. i want to tell her that i'm sorry, i couldn't protect you when we were under fire. i failed to save you alayna. israel's government initially said palestinian fighters were to blame, but that was disputed by witnesses, journalists, and rights groups. this is the moment weather's to be the most outpouring of outrage and grief about the killing of terrain. so if they can cast doubt, if they can muddy waters around the death serene by possibly getting newspapers in the international fair to suggest that she was killed by a palestinian, they have been successful called the israel says it will investigate trains, killing an offer to do it in conjunction with palestinian official, the palestinian president said he would not cooperate with israel already. you refused any joint investigation committee who is really a 30 because they have committed such a crime. we don't trust them,
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and we'll go immediately to the international criminal court in order to find the perpetrators and criminals. just eat media, that's where it has described the 51 year old death. as latent birds are making clear, it holds israel, responsible city and body was then taken from a law through the district point to jerusalem, where she was born. the on friday there will be a funeral service in jerusalem. the very place she was proud to call home him alger zita, the occupied west bank girls carried out more re daneen in the occupied west bank at swiss. sharina blocker was killed one palestinian man is in hospital. i'm short in the back. thousands have been killed during his ready operations in the city since march last month. prime minister
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natalie bennett, gave is ready for his full freedom of operations. and israel says its actions are in response to palestinian attacks. is really all the is investigating whether one of its soldiers shot sharing of water according to the washington post. the publication reports that israel's army is looking into 3 separate incidents connected to killing. initially, israel said serene and a fellow journalist who was wounded were likelihood by gone far from armed palestinians. but witnesses and analysis of video releases the killing have contradicted that claim, which really forces are also understood to be carrying out with a stick tests on the rifles of several of its members. the u. s. is pushing both sides to share the findings of any investigations, adding that washington is willing to help if needed. listening and leaders have flatly refused to any joint investigation with israel has a white house correspondent, kimberly. how could president bobbin is set to host king abdullah of jordan and his son in the oval office on friday?
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it's an effort to promote stability between is re lease and palestinians in the midst of escalating tensions. that includes the killing of journalists, serene abu ack clay. here's what the white house press, secretary gen saki had to say. we encourage both parties to do so thoroughly and transparently, and to share their findings, to ensure that all evidence in this case is available and fully assessed. we stand ready to assist either party in any way that we can neither side as asked for our assistance at this time, and such a request would require in order for us to do so. president biden is scheduled to visit israel next month. the details of the trip have not been released, and it's unclear of the white house. we'll use the visit to press israel for accountability in the death of serene abba clay. and jessica beneath is the un special repertoire on human rights in the occupied palestinian territory.
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she says the attention surround insurance killing will put pressure on israel. michael has been for an independent, a sorrow and a transparent investigation. independent means that he's to be carried out the someone who has not the conflict of interest. and it's not about having faith or not, having trusted in these really investigation accountability system, but the track record of legal proceedings following an incident like these are very poor. so i get on more for the traditional community to make pressure for an intern for an independent are going to an investigation to take place, to access to the or p t, and gather evidence that can be used for, for, for those of the perpetrators to finally be held accountable, he's runs military investigative system, is well known to look further into the short standards of due process. and most of
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time is regulatory issue. you shall have a statement announcing, dedicating the under examination, but the reality is that most cases do not. we missed grade criminal investigation and details of the decision are not made public despite these while lowering the military obligate general to provide reasoning for decisions including cases evolving actual combat. this is not, this is not the case in few exceptional cases, and this would be one of those where the keening or injury was caught on camera or feel and received a high level of public attention to findings and conclusions. are made. ware made public, but would have full load, is never justice in this hansa knew what has been charges are often is starkly, commiserate international on palestinian media group, submitted a formal complaint to the international criminal court last month, using israel of war crimes against journalists, the committee to protect journalists says 24 journalists not including sharina,
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butler, i think, kills in israel and palestinian occupied territory since 2002 other press freedom advocates report huyin of this israel systematically targets journalists including al jazeera and 2010. it detained several on board, a humanitarian flotilla heading to gaza. last year, israel bombed the building with media offices, including al jazeera in the occupant, gaza strip, and building a month later, if it's ready, forces arrested to l. just our journalists give out a good day. as she covered a demonstration and shake the draw and that neighborhood of occupied east jerusalem . omar bazaar is a palestinian american political analyst. he says is a long list of crimes for which israel forces have not been held accountable. this is a really horrific murder by an israeli army that has utter disregard for palestinian life um, because of a culture of dehumanization where they don't see palestinians as equal human beings and
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a culture of impunity. that is well documented by every major human rights organization in the world where simply they don't get held accountable or hardly ever when they commit horrific crimes against palestinians. and that culture has created a pattern in which journalists and medics and human rights activists are regularly targeted with killings and shootings and beating slaves. and that's really happened to had home more in this case, just because of who shooting was the way much of mainstream us media. what i am exposed to, i'm has dealt with this is really an affront to journalistic integrity. they have refused to write to lay responsibility for this killing where it belong to. these really are me. you know, they keep referencing to sri and being killed by bullets without ever mentioning who fired the bullets. and that's because they take, is really government propaganda at face value in a way that is just utterly shocking and makes absolutely no sense if you just compare it to what's happening in ukraine. u. s. mainstream media makes very clear that the russian government cannot be trusted when it comes to its word about the
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crimes being committed against you. frame because russia is an invading an occupying force. and yet, even though israel has been an invading and occupying force in the palestinian territories for many decades, somehow there is a different standard there. and even though they have a lengthy record of dishonest propaganda that is disproved by endless documentation by the united nations, by human rights organizations, they still do this both sides reporting where they say they don't know what actually happened because these really government acclaimed something. and that really is, is something that absolutely has to change and solidarity valleys have been housed elsewhere, the walls and sitting outside the london headquarters of the b, b. c. d baba was there when a wide range of people have turned up here in london to remember sheree personally, there are journalists, some of them, palestinian others from different countries. this one is people who've worked for example, in the west bank policy going down to the u. k spoke and denounced what he
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called the murder of st. eichler at the hands of the israeli on forces. there of also been words of disappointment in the u. k. government for its perceived weak response. if in fact that has been a response really a told to sharina killing, we've heard some of the names of other palestinians who've been killed by these ready on forties right out and we've heard demands for justice and reminders for decades. really that have been palestinians killed without any form of accountability and in most cases. but also there have been word to remind you of just what she really meant to people across the world are important to the journalist, her integrity and people show her death in the news ahead. well, it's got off by the got
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a major different shift within moving to make her membership will tell me what russia has to say. back in the top jobs, it still says content inter lanka, about the appointment of another prime minister. ah ah. hello, we got plenty of warm spring sunshine across much of europe, and it will continue to be that way as we go on through the next few days. if anything up to the northwest, it will warm up further as we go into next week at the moment, lot of cloud up here. big enough to produce some showers across. so scandinavia longest bells of rain added little bit of snow as well. this is the dominant feature, this cold front, their core central parts are. we have a line of sherry, rain, some of those showers sunbury. they're going to continue seeking the way further
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southwards and east was, as we go through the next few days, warm sunshine continuing across much of the mediterranean. just notice one or 2 showers coming back into where spain and portugal and become a little widespread as we go on through sat stay farther north. the heat starts to build still some house there into scandinavia. just don't want to shout into the northeast of africa, but we have got to put on the thing here is going to be the sandstorm. the dust is blowing through just around the sahara. plenty of showers there around the gulf of guinea. good deal of wet weather. they're just coming into a good part of central and southern areas of nigeria, those showers becoming a little more widespread as we go through sas day doing quite nasty, on the seasonal rains, extending all the way to sierra leone. ah frank assessments, what are the political risks of batting russian oil, a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on rosh,
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another jewish sports. i was informed opinions, pharmacies, not abandoning to fight against jedi. still resumed india, they're going to be arching from nisha and from shod critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days glint blade lines inside story on al jazeera? ah ah. ah. watching out 0 reminder about all stories. this all thousands of palestinians pay tribute to alexandra, john listerine of okay. at a state service health and herana and ramallah cherry was shot dead by is ready for
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the occupied westbank on wednesday. the funeral is that take place in a few hours time. the body of the veteran journalist is now at a hospital morgan occupied east jerusalem. as i said, her funeral will take place late friday. washington post says israel's army is investigating whether one of its soldiers shots, sharing the palestinian president caputo vos as you'll seek justice for her death. the international criminal court a palestinian has been shot near the illegal israeli settlements of space in the occupied westbank. this video shows israeli soldiers at the scene is only 4 to say back conducting operations to arrest himself. a greater global food insecurity due to ukraine's war is being discussed by g 7 foreign ministers leaving for a 2nd day in germany. the whole says, i'll try to find a way around russia's blockade of grain exports. diplomatic editor,
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james favorable, german foreign minister, and elaine, a bad bulk is now the host for a flurry of high level diplomacy. she returned home from a trip to ukraine earlier this week. and is now sharing a meeting of foreign ministers of the g 7. they'll be followed by nato and european union meetings to try an increased pressure on russia and support for ukraine. one country though is causing major problems, hunger, his prime minister, victor oberon, reelected last month, opposes further energy sanctions. the u once a ban on russian oil imports by the end of the year. even though hungry and slovak year will be given exemptions or ban is still threatening to veto. the question is, if hungary it shows because solidarity to 8 pm allies and partners are each shows bigger, solidarity with putting russia. so i very much hope that the end hungry
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will make the right choice, because it will be ready impossible to square their participation in you and the nato. if they continue to blog this, the sanctions because because of special tides, which was pretty if you drive about 3 hours from where the g 7 foreign ministers are meeting a long, germany's bolted coast brings you here to look men. this is where the north stream pipelines which run from russia to germany terminate this place sums up what's been achieved by the west in recent months. unprecedented steps like the moth balling of nord stream to something the u. s. had been demanding for years, but the other pipeline node stream one is still operating. it delivers 55000000000 cubic meters of natural gas to germany a year. an indication of the vast sums. europe continues to pay to russia for its
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energy. and let's go live now to james base his in vice and house. and so 3rd security is going to be a big topic there today. then james, on able to get us credit, which are under russians. okay. yeah, that's one of one of the big topics. the term we discussed at this meeting, the ukrainian foreign minister, demitra caliber just arrived in the last 2 hours here to join the g 7 foreign ministers. i think the, the feeling here speaking to some diplomat is that they got to keep up the momentum . we're now nearly 3 months since the invasion of ukraine, and there's a feeling that perhaps after the initial shock of that, that the public is getting a little bit less interested, the press, perhaps getting a little less interested. and potentially then the, the political class will get less interested and move on to other issues. so what the g 7 wants to do is focus on where we are right now, particularly on isolating russia. i'm, we have other meetings coming after this g 7 straight after nato foreign ministers
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meeting an e u for not foreign ministers meeting the idea to keep up the momentum. in fact, as you're even doing all the french foreign minister said, we're going to support ukraine until victory. that's his words are just a moment ago. as you say, the issue of you cry, a grain is an important one for the e. u. i spoke to the e u foreign policy chief, joseph burrell. he says they're trying to work out ways to deal with the grain that stuck inside ukraine. there's about $40000000.00 tons, which is creating a world food crisis that they can't get out of ukraine because of the see route. they normally use 90 percent normally come out. why see can't be used the you setting up selling the cooling solidarity lanes. a fast track using the. busy rail system to try and get that grain out to the e. u and then to the wider markets around the world. but it is a very difficult problem and it's one, not just the you, the wider g 7 and the global community are going to be looking at in the come alice
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. alright, james. ne, thank you. yeah, what russia says, it regards van linds nato aspirations as a threat after the nordic country moved closer to applying for membership, finish the the say, the process should happen as quickly as possible. that foster reports from helsinki . what about neutral, but prepared ready to defend the nation that long relied on its own military strength. these finished conscripts are practicing and attacked by an imaginary enemy. but since the russian invasion of ukraine, finland, which he has a board of more than 1300 kilometers with russia. phil sutton, by its large neighbour, obviously, obviously shown the our neighbors willing to use force if necessary. and that changes things before the war. and ukraine only around 25 percent of fin support the joining nato. but this has now gone up to 76 percent. a dramatic change in
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a country that was invaded by the soviet union in 1939 and made an agreement to stay neutral. after the 2nd world war ended much booty you made, you made it so. so we are. so we politicians living, representative democracy, we must respect also the people's opinions. and that's where we are. the social democratic party m p was one of finland, staunch his opponents of nato membership, not anymore. it's a huge done around for many in finland, believing for decades that stay neutral is key to the security. they know. say that put into actions have pushed them towards natal, while rush has made it clear, it's not happy with this decision and that it will react the fence just hope it won't retaliate. joining natal means finland will be protected by its article 5 saying an attack on one member is an attack on all, but it's the great period of a number of months before membership is formalized,
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that worries defense. while the u. k, in other countries have offered security guarantees to finish president is trying to reassure russia in my thinking this is quite simple. actually. we increase our security and we do not take it away from anybody. i am almost sure they will be not major issue some political disappointments, et cetera, et cetera. that's true, but no address. so i'm not actually afraid because i still try to limit that. so i must go. they have grades. that's also what the young soldiers are hoping for. i think if we were part of no, so then there would there would there would be so much backups. so no, i'm not scared by that. having a well equipped army of nearly $300000.00 soldiers,
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felon says it will be an asset to nato, while the conscript, looking forward to working together with auto nations joining the alliance will put an end to a long and peaceful period of neutrality steadfast and al jazeera, helsinki, north korea says 6 people have died from one's belief to be a larger break of cove at 19 and nationwide lockdown, imposed after the 1st official corona virus case was announced on thursday since then, more than 350000 people have fallen ill with nearly 190000 and put in isolation of career is one of the few countries that hasn't vaccinated. it's called population ronelle would claim a singer has been sworn in as for the anchor's prime minister for a 6th time, he succeeds for hinder roger boxer. resigned on monday, after weeks of demonstrations calling for him and his brother, who's the president, to go protests, have been held for weeks against the government's handling of an economic crisis.
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leasing 9 people have been killed and hundreds injured. and all fernandez reports from colombo that the latest government re shuffle is unlikely to end demonstrations. verano vicar missing her, who now basically will be the main occupant of the building behind me, the official residence of the prime minister of j. longer for deborah dream. he is somebody who basically lost his parliament. he did the last general election, his party, the oldest party political party in sri lanka, and politics was thrown out of parliament under his watch. and for the people seeing this individual brought in as the prime minister, without even having the legitimacy of being represented in parliament, being selected by the people is an issue in terms of his ability to steer the country out of the doldrums, the economic crisis. it's amazing, he is someone who has been around who has
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a certain amount of credibility with the international community, with lending institutions with western government because he has engaged them over the years during the various times that he served that he's headed government. so yesterday the government was very keen to announce that even the japanese government had made an indication that they would be helping felucca out after i run over grimacing has appointment. we also have the stock exchange creep slightly up, a towing owl to the killing of elders. our journalist, sharina barkley, hall brennan, at the hague, looks at the push for an investigation by the international criminal court. after years of wrangling over jurisdiction, the scope of such an investigation, the i see, see here in the hague, began looking at what he calls the situation in palestine. in march of 2021. looking at incidence, spoke by israeli forces and by palestinian groups stating all the way back to 2014
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. but it was just last month that journalist groups brought evidence to the i. c. c for investigation, alleging that israeli forces were systematically targeting journalists. and furthermore, that the israelis were not investigating those incidents properly. now, what they are alleging is that that amounts to a breach of international law and may even amount to a war crime. and the death, the killing of serene clay is now going to be at the forefront of that case, what the palestinian authority wants and what the jealous groups is to add her to the existing names that are already listed in front of the i c c. so that the people responsible for killing shearing actually, potentially are brought here to the have. now there is an issue in a sense that israel doesn't recognize the jurisdiction of the i c c. and also they will not cooperate with any investigation. but the fact is that if it is really
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official, or even a government minister has an arrest warrant issued against them by this court here, they will faith the risk of arrest in any one of more than 120 icpc members. and that could mean senior israeli officials coming here to the hague, not as visitors, but as defendants and palestinian artists paying tribute to serene, painted a large mural in garza city. shriek is the twelth al jazeera journalist killed since the network launched 25 years ago. these are their names. ah, ah,
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ah, is there on these the top stories, thousands of palestinians have paid tribute to our journalist sharina blocker at a state service held in her order in ramallah. sharon was shot dead by his ready forces in the occupied westbank on wednesday. the body of the veteran journalist is now in hospital morgan occupied these, drusilla's funeral will take place later on friday. washington post says israel's army is investigating whether one of its soldiers shot to read says the army is looking.


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