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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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lee, the position of the american government they've moved from israel, can do an investigation to we are ready to join in. i'm not sure that would help a lot, but i think there is some change it. 6 not a major chance of that. i spent 4 hours. so one will be talking again in the next few minutes for a moment there many thanks indeed for that. so i'll just, cirrus senior political analyst, my one big shot other speaking live from london. ah, honestly, in our play terms, to hold on a coffin, almost fools to them as is ready forces attack. ah lot, adrian said, again, this is al jazeera alive from bo hoppel. so coming up, people with tried from the house, others were arrested and sold a shocking scenes. 2 days after shaheen was shot and killed by israeli forces.
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despite the violence sharita, i will, our claims laid to rest. it was a foul that her legacy will live on. i think, surely above the land she had influence. but none of that you will have a few of the book. this is sandra syria watching coverage attribute to all murdered friend and colleague shaheen. a barclay, the voice and daughter of palestine. she was shot at the head by his ready forces on wednesday morning while on assignment, and janine the doing nothing more than her job veteran journalist and household name across palestine of the arab world. shaheen was a beacon, the shaw lights on all issues facing the palestinian people. a death has left
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a shockwave throughout palestine out of the world. having reported for al jazeera for more than 20 years, shaheen was committed to her cool, telling the stories of those who don't have a voice. a great storyteller, for was 3 decades hood and every home in palestine. despite the many challenges of living and working on to what is the longest occupation history, she never gave up on telling the truth and asked, she was exactly what al jazeera stands for the voice of the voiceless. and she embodied those values right up until the day she was killed. let's take a look back now at the extraordinary life of our friend and colleague. and the legacy issue in this state like funeral for a journalist to dedicate to her life to the struggle for freedom. i should be in a barclay was killed by israeli soldiers on wednesday,
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but the veteran journalists legacy will live on the while she was alive. she was an icon in the arb speaking world and by murdering her israel has now ensure her name has transcended even its own militarize checkpoints and borders reaching people the world over. ok, we were standing here, what one nobody could draw. so book is born in 1971. sharina grew up under the harsh reality of an illegal occupation that continues to strip millions of palestinians from their most basic rights. which was her quest for freedom. drove her to eventually pursue a career in journalism. korean had initially studied civil engineering as per her parents wishes. but her determination to seek the truth to manifest her freedom through journalism and to speak truth to power was too strong. she switched careers and eventually graduated with a degree in print journalism from the mac university in neighboring jordan. she
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began her professional career working for the united nations refugee agency on her way before moving on to the voice of palestine. and then frances monte carlo radio station knows that the provided is that idea. as a relatively unknown 26 year old sharina joined al jazeera shortly after the channel launched as the military and have all of them. what i did, i said he was she seen in this clip with jerusalem bureau chief a little on monday at the introduces her to the audience both on aware of the impact she would go on to have both in life and jala had this trina barkley quickly became a household name to her coverage of the 2nd father and the crimes committed by the israeli occupation during its invasion of romanella and surrounding cities in the early 2, thousands speaking calmly, yet confidently. her distinctive voice relate stories from the refugee comes in eagle checkpoints, and even from inside israel's prisms,
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the more she reported the more israeli forces and settlers tried to silence her, but she never lost her composure, nor her determination beyond palestine should he and also reported from cairo london, new york and other cities around the world. she wasn't just a mentor to young girls and boys who watched her on their screens. the veteran reporter also took journalism at beautiful university, empowering youth through education, and providing young people living under a brutal occupation with some hope that their voices will one day be heard should in dedicated her life to giving a voice to the voiceless. her silenced voice must now be amplified by press freedom advocates to bring her killers to justice. ah, her body may be buried, but should, in a barclay's name shall live on kidding. of all kinds of data. i'll put some short time ago,
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sharon was laid to rest on the sanitary man's ion and occupy the east jerusalem al jazeera. stephanie decker is an ant at that cemetery, or there were thousands of people who followed her casket to the cemetery. ah steph! after her funeral service, now her her family, her friends, her colleagues, had been left to hey, their own tribute, their quiet attributes to grieve, to express their thoughts about her about shall be in as her graveside can. you can if you want them. yeah, they did have that moment have actual so now gone, the family's gone, the friends have gone, the crowds have gone, you gone, i will just down. there are just a couple of politicians and media. and so it's now, as you say, right, time to reflect her now. now what they've gone back to their, to their home, they will be receiving, you know, family and friends and reflecting now and i think you were mentioning there even in
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her funeral, even in her data sharing continued to highlight the challenges here. when we talk about those images that we witnessed in shock, every one when he's ready for says enter the compound of the hospital where her coughing almost fell to the floor. i it was, it was extraordinary. was unbelievable. and they did that, knowing that the cameras out were all you that moment. so the irony that even in her death, as she continued to highlight the challenges faced by palestinians, the efforts to control by these railways here in east chose them occupied his jerusalem. and so, yes, so now exactly the question now was, what is next? will there be accountability? we keep talking about an investigation, these ratings now saying that they cannot conclude who killed, who killed her, which bullet killed her initially. they were pointing more towards potentially being palestinian gunmen and engineers. but certainly, you know, our colleagues,
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her colleagues were with her on the ground. i have no doubt that she was shot by these really army. and interestingly, even had enough at comment by a former israeli army spokes person just a couple of days ago to the media saying listen with all due respect to us, that means israel is like we don't have much credibility when it comes to things like this. looking the pasta. and so again, you know it the 3 days it's now friday. she was killed wednesday morning. so 2 full days. let say she's been lay to rest with her parents. her grave has been sealed. ah, and now you know, i guess the question is, what's next? what are we to make of the fact that the so many people are you wanted to be there today to express how they felt about about surely and they they wanted to pay their own tribute to the voice of power. santa rosa amendment. yes. and i think you probably would have seen even more people a had the borders,
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a of gods, a been open, the occupied west bank of everyone who wanted to attend would have been allowed to attend to the checkpoints. you would have seen far more people because she touched on people so very intimately, through the camera, through the camera lens, into people's homes. why? because she told their story. she told her story, but she didn't make it personal. she made it about others. it was about others and, and she continued to highlight at the daily reality of what it is like here. what it is like for palestinians in the occupied west bank in occupied east jerusalem. and highlighting that the, the daily issues that the international media and the politicians and governments have long moved on from. and that is something that we've been hearing from a lot of people to that she was their voice. and that she continued to tell the stories, even though they felt abandoned at this point, there was no longer international pressure on israel to change something on the ground here. so that's how people feel about her. and i think also her clearly her personality, her empathy,
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the way she reported really spoke to people. and i think this is why a you soul, so many people coming out not just to day during her funeral, but also yesterday when her body was moved from one of my law through the columbia checkpoint and into east jerusalem. and that came out to pay their respects. i'm 0, stephanie deca reporting live that from occupied east jerusalem. she was our colleague, our friend. and while her legacy lives on, we cannot believe she physically has gone. al jazeera slid, our ever him is insurance office in the al jazeera bureau in ramallah. what did she mean to you? as you say, adrian, she might not be physically here, but many f told us that she will still be in that hearts. people have loved her and we've seen that love all across the occupied west bank. occupied these jerusalem in jeannine in nab bliss. everywhere you go. people are talking about her. i had
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friends telling me that i didn't know. i loved her that much. i didn't know her death will affect me that much. she was parted parcel of palestinians, childhood palestinians lives. she has been covering the story for more than 25 years. she was close to the people to me. she was always an idol some when i looked up to her composure her calmness, the way she carried herself during the difficult conditions, how she stayed objective in a place where you could be easily dragged into so many directions. she was offered a jobs to be a politician, but no, she said, i want to be a journalist than being able to be close to her and work with her amongst and just eat a teams. and we spent a lot of time in gene in the past few weeks. i was very happy to be accompanying such a great person known, always smiling, always humbled,
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very professional. she was showing us how she was learning hebrew. oh, she hired the teacher and she was reading the news. it was, it was really inspiring. i remember i looked at our producer on his banana said maybe we should do that. maybe we should learn. so even as she was still going on with his, with her life, even though she was a veteran, she was experienced. she was still learning and encouraging journalists like us to keep going at, let's not forget, she was a female on the front lines that empowered so many journalists, including myself to believe in ourselves. you know, you can't be what you can't see, but we saw her. we know that we could be there. we could be journalists covering from the front lines, nanny story, we want. so it, she meant a lot, a lot to us and to day in this morning we went to jeanine and we went to the very spot where she has been shot and killed. it became some sort of
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a memorial site where people are coming in and to pay the respect stick pictures they were saying, you know, we grew up listening to her voice. even though there's really army has been there. it's rated jeannine in the early hours. there has been armed clashes between palestinians and it is really forces we've been to the hospital. we've seen so many injuries, but still people soon after the army has left the janine refugee camp. they came back to the site to bid it or to see it to pay their respects. also, we've just got a statement from the israeli forces saying that they were there in the area where the shooting a barclay has been killed. and they wanted to do a field investigation and do it, do more of a investigations and recreate what happened at the scene. but i can tell you from the people i spoke with there and janine and also witnesses. the people who've been
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with her. the journalist, jenna, her story, shanisha alley, some moody, the producer who was shot. also, i've spoken to those people. they say we do not believe that the israeli armies investigations are going to bring us justice in the past and present as that you know, how, how can we do a joint investigation with them? wouldn't we believe that they are the criminals? so there is a lot of anger here. there is a lot of frustration. people do not want that death or hurt killing to good to in vain. they wanted to be to want people to be held accountable to tell you that trust people are not feeling that they don't believe that it is someone, the soldier that, that the sniper rather or kill those, going to be held to account. so there is a lot of anger, a lot of frustration, but there has been a lot of law of towards shaheen. let her pictures are everywhere in the streets,
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even as we would go into jeanine. we've seen us assign saying to jeanine should in a broccoli, this is the last post she posted before we lost her going to jeanine, and sadly, she never came back. hey, there abraham reporting lives there from al jazeera. so office in ramallah, anita for the moment may, thanks. did also in ramallah is my colleague, sammy said, an aside talk through what people there have been saying about today's events, what they've been saying, but also what they're feeling and you know, adrian, i think this is one of those moments in history. way you feel you can witness a symbol turning into a legend. let's do a little bit of camera panning and i can explain this to you over there towards what is your screen, right? that's the building where surely in worked out of that her office was inside there . you can see her posters up can also see some black flags hanging off that
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building. that's to mourn. surely. look over though, i'm going to ask for hammer if we can pass pan around our camera. american. fiji. ha. okay. here we've got in. this is the main screen in ramallah. romano is important not only because it's sharon's office, also the seat of the palestinian authority. so in a couple of days we've got the anniversary of the knack bower palestinians called an act by the great catastrophe that when in 1948 pallet from the pasadena perspective, tele lost the possibility of their statement. so we got, i lack flights, i am sorry to interrupt you or come back to just a moment. this is managing together just kinda go live to the un where a palestinian representative is making a statement that says mental loyal to her sub i had dash, may she lost her life on the 11th of may, i am those really forces horner storm too. jenny cab,
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i am on my way and i will give you more details of what the details were no clear should enter. barclay was the voice of truthfulness as in the occupied by the story. disraeli occupation is the voice of the brutal bullets that is about it. mister turman, disraeli, occupation killed the muhammad laura while being with the hands of his father law as well probation, the killed should in the israeli occupation. yes, there was no polish for killing. yes, animal toucher. the young journalist in garza a year ago and that the occupation that homan is scared because of a palestinian flag hijack hilde sheree in albert let the occupation who attack to day with the funeral men at the coffin was about to fall on the floor on the ground
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in jerusalem, but occupation killed sharina, but the jerry brutal aggression starts to get it all ilia, many years before the killing of sharina balk, la, every crime against the palestinians starts and ends with the occupation, with the upper tide imposed in our office by a territories distinguish, delegate, we are shocked by this crime, but not because it is unprecedented. israelis assassination of serene as part of its long standing well documented war of harassment, intimidation and violence, against ballasting and journalist. this has been happening for decades, and in broad day ma'am and forcibly known serene khodiyar for the all the other than and michael. mr. chairman, just a theater is under one. i'm will, i don't lot sock now the how the edge i do, you know, well i can laser. yeah. i must boca 40, i listener,
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eelie should ian who i just meant he had to he at the legal another one was aqua that he did. he was he, he the death in vienna for lost in wow, they ask on them one or i'm going to leave that out there. that sad, the past and in sensitive to the united nations. they're speaking about sir, our colleague, sabina black. let's bring in a senior political analyst my will be sure to once again, he's alive 1st and lot of just before we talk about the days events, i just got anything to say about what we just heard. there were clearly that, but a seniors are doing their own investigation and clearly they have something to say . and clearly it is just as we expect it to be, that israel is responsible for the killing of our sharin. and i think now the, i'm the senior, that occasion would like to up the ante at the united nations in order to increase the pressure on his right accept an international investigation to the coming. okay
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. what's the recap? what's happening over the past few hours? of course, culminating in the lanes rest of our friend and colleague, it started the with, with incredibly shocking scenes for people who you've only just joined us, who weren't aware of what happened some 4 hours ago. what was supposed to be a solemn day of morning. i was interrupted by violence when the most shocking violence by israeli forces who were attacked with batons, a but these ready forces rather we're, we're attacking mourners with, with battle on said that the people struggling to to, to hold sharon's cost cost get off the ground. it was, it was traumatizing to watch. well, what are your thoughts on on this will mark mark we're going to hit again. we can see video of it. the obama photos yavara. yes. when i tell you in one phrase, and for me that summarized the entire day,
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israel has crossed the abyss today. now, let me add a couple of qualifying statements. one, yes, we might be as our 0 colleagues are of sharing, but we are taken by this and we are subjected to that we are just watching damages as they unfold. and we're trying to comment on it now that we had the time. i tell you that we are in the midst of a funeral and we're, we're looking at the issues of life and death and, and celebrating life and mourning death and a funeral and so on, so forth. all of that was really tragic. but despite all of that, or perhaps in spite of it, i tell you is red cross the abyss today in the way it acted that as 24 hours from the beginning of the journalist, our colleague to the rate on that house in the afternoon to
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attacking her funeral today that way it was attacked when it gets could have been stopped, could have been blocked. it could have been contains but it was attacked in an inhumane humiliating said, mystic height, but a violence of sort that does not or could not be explained by political analyses or security analysis. it requires psychological analysis. and that's why it is really not in the real of the ration on what we saw today, or the last 24 hours the way this ended when the attack on the funeral and the way it was attacked. it's definitely crossing the abyss. she said that there was the murder itself. there was the raid on on her family home later that afternoon. and then there was a, there was a,
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a rated this morning on friday morning. and in janine the very place that that should in the sherry was murder. and then of course the violence of a funeral or to it is this incompetence or is this something deliberate going on here? i don't goes, breezed stupidity. i think is right. his way or what aren't arab countries are normalizing relations with it, despite its occupation. i'd appreciate is, i should say western countries and western governments are supporting that despite it's all paid despite its crimes. i think it's going to its head and i think this is really prime minister settler radical theological fundamentalist bennett is giving orders that these are the soldiers are
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carrying out this early security forces are cutting out that i think, to my mind have no precedent. don't make sense, not because of the degree to their violence. i tell you, i've seen other regimes in the region on outside that being more violent, talking about the craziness of the cold, the stupidity of it all, attacking the funeral the way it was attack. we haven't seen that in syria. mean mar, we haven't seen that anyway. i haven't seen him 2nd world war 1st war, war, gulf war, and whatever other war, all q patient can think of the way we just saw it today. there was that st. isn't that psychological craziness to it? that is inexplicable. that could not be justified, not by security, rational not by political rational. and certainly in the way it transpired after, as you said, this morning, the attack on jeanine. and it's not like janine is a friendly thing. moment in israel's history. it's
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a refugee camp that existed the last 70 years and it was a, it's a camp to remind our viewers around the world that, that basically was inhabited by those who were kicked out of their homes in what today is israel proper, from historic palestine, from haifa, the port city of high for that today is one of them, leading cities in israel to day. those people for the last 70 years. and their descendants are living in that refugee come called virginia and refugee camp. and they have not stopped their aspiration to go home to return to their homeland, to their city and village in the academy, north or east of hyphen and those people to continue to resist and is that continues to rate them an occupied them, continues to rate them invade them, assassinate people there to no end in sight. and that's where sharyn was. she was
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covering 20 years after she covered in 2002, a similar invasion and occupation of that very particular refugee camp. here she was 2 decades later, covering israel, yet another raid, yet another killing, yet another destruction winnable those that of course, as usual of an nfl, a city and cap, she went to report the news. she became the news she wanted to port out by the tragedy. she became that tragedy herself. as she said, perhaps you and i a too close to this. she was our friend, our colleague, perhaps sweet bit we. we find it difficult to be objective here, but it is it too much to hope to think that that her death and today's events were the world watching when this played out right in front of, of cameras being being belie, if to the, the whole world is it too much to, to hope that, that all of this might, might be a turning point here in the plays of the palestinians.
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judging from the history, it seems it could be too much to hope, but i am hopeful, you know, when does it need to be optimistic in order to be hopeful? certainly today there is no room for optimism, not after the attacks, not after the funeral, but there's always room for hope. when does not have to be optimistic of the mind and although to be hopeful of the hearts and we always hopeful and certainly the palestinians set into sharyn. hust taught us many lessons about home. when you report the crime scene for 25 years. adrian, when you report the same tragedies repeated again and again against your tortured homeland while maintaining your measure, con cool behavior, always objective, remaining hopeful. when does not have to be optimistic in order to be hopeful. one
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does hope that like other images that we know from that media that we're turning points in there and the history of their space, whether it was vietnam, iraq, iran, garza, it said it, salvador, nicaragua, algeria, and other faces. there are certain images that tend to tell us then to press us to believe that there is change that we are turning our corner. and perhaps the image is the last 24 hours. are those kind of iconic images that perhaps sharina and her death even more so than in her life was able to affect that kind of a change that we all hope for. even if we are a semester about our senior political analyst fallen bashar they live in london, mon 90 thanks. video analysis of where sharon was kills contradicts israel's original account of the shooting. al jazeera, katya lopez, hollow young reports are just out of the hog book. shortly after sharina lockley
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was killed, the israeli government began circulating this video. it shows an armed palestinian firing his weapon. israel says it shows how the veteran al jazeera correspondent was likely shot by palestinian gunfire and not by its forces. but that's disputed by rights groups. witnesses and journalists who've analyzed the video. israel says this is where the palestinian fighter opened fire. from this point, jerusalem based human rights organization selim says there are too many walls, alleys and buildings, blocking the site where sher rain was shot, and gps verification and dozens of video clips shows. this is where is really soldiers were located as a rated a home. and janine it shows a direct line of fire to where sharon was shot and killed. the site is also far from the palestinian resistance fighter who was about 260 meters away. there is no
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line of sight between one location and the other. and in fact, our researcher it into staking him a few minutes to walk from one location to the other location. so is absolutely clear, there is no question about it. the footage on which day is really governmental based. it's false claim is does not show gunfire. a bout has killed during the walk law and injury recalling a witness as is really forces were not under attack was lawn when the journalists arrived. they were surprised because the occupation forces were closing the street with their military vehicles and then they started shooting at them. a man tried once again to retrieve sharon's body for we were not aware at that point that she had been killed. he tried to provide 1st aid to her, so they started shooting at him and the bullets hit a tree over his head. the guys who were not throwing stones, nor shooting. there was no form of resistance gonna hurry. the european union has called for an independent investigation into her death.


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