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line of sight between one location and the other. and in fact our researcher into taking him a few minutes to walk from one location to the other location. so it's absolutely clear there is no question about it. on wednesday is any government bass? it's false, claim is does not show gunfire. it has killed during the walk and injured recall. it. witnesses, really forces were not under attack was flawed. when the journalists arrive, they were surprised because the occupation forces were closing the street with their military vehicles. and then they started shooting at them. a man tried once again to retrieve sharina body. we were not aware at that point that she had been killed. he tried to provide 1st aid to her, so they started shooting at him and the bullets hit a tree over his head. the guys who were not throwing stones, nor shooting. there was no form of resistance. the european union has called for an independent investigation into her death and the u. s. envoy to the un has called
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for sharina killing to be transparently investigated. the announcement on investigation is one of israel's most a tried and unfortunately successful in tricks and dead blanket impunity dealers resume provides itself is rather not investigate. israel white washes and the investigation is just the 1st or rather the announcement on the investigation is just the 1st stage. in this whitewash, i got mental analysts say there skeptical justice will follow. israel has a track record of not punishing its soldiers who have committed crimes against palestinians. huh. and it's never child one of its soldiers for the killing of a journalist castillo pistol. the young i was here earlier, my colleague nick clark spoke to simon, courier priest. she was part of the funeral service today. he says that sharon's voice will continue to be heard around the world. i want to tell you that nobody
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can compare the palestinian case with any other violence in the war or on the other work. because an issue and death had the war, the still have that identity then of leg didn't number, but we look, i want, i want, i did the, i want to flood a bit from other nation. so you cannot compare the palestinian case and the most in a brooklyn with any other war in the all because i know you need to gave is you're going to take part in conducting the service in a 2nd. but can anything good come out of his holding terrible tragedy? could there be a force for change in anyway? i think sharing over the she had influence. but you're in and out the lunch. you will have menu inside of the one that she was before. if someone a will stop? no, no, i will have a look at we believe we don't,
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i love of the follow. we believe in the board of love. we don't believe in the number. and we don't believe in another moment. we believe in god. we believe in love, we believe in peace. we are people of peace. and we hope that the people that the decisions in the world, they will come back in this euros al him. jesus sit on the cross father, but don't them because they don't know what they do. the state of casa has again expressed it on wavering support for palestinian palestinians, while the assistant foreign minister low i'll, i'll katra, says that they continue to experience unethical ethnic cleansing. in this context, i cannot what's eco, the unethical ethnic cleansing,
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that the palestinians are really through the occupied territory of palestine and jerusalem. yes. melody. yes. this time and age. they've been going through this for decades. when you become the future decision makers don't allow this to happen yet again, not to the telephone and not to any human being would oh boring. israel's carried out more raids engine in the occupied west vanquished will be in abu eichler was killed. 11 people have been injured including 2 who was shot dozens have been killed during his radio operations in the city since march. israel says that his actions are in response to palestinian attacks, which he has been at the hoss of palestinian resistance against his rails, illegal occupation. after the 1967 war, the city in moreland, west bank came under israel's control. there were an estimated 14000 palestinian
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refugees living in a camp that they were forcibly expelled when the state of israel was created in 1948. during the 2nd intifada, israel waged a 10 day military campaign by air and land to crush a palestinian uprising in the camp. that a $500.00 palestinians were killed and the camp was raised to the ground. to day it has one of the highest rates of unemployment and policy in the occupied west bank due to israel separation wall. it's restrictions on movement and denial of permits since may last year. after israel's rate on the alex, a mosque of the war on gossip from a steady, an armed resistance is gained ground. that over the course of the last 3 months is ready forces of killed at least 14 palestinians. it's been a difficult time for all of us here at al jazeera as we mourn, shirlen's mother ronnie, as a bona is on al jazeera, produce up in the ramallah bureau, she describes what shooting at her life meant to her. sheen was the rock
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for those who needed support a voice for those who had none in the best 20 years that i've worked with her. she was always a down to earth, person humble, smart, 1st year professional. in fact, she had the legal her own for many of the younger journalists. in fact, for most of us, she wasn't either. somebody would come in, she knows her back. she knows the story. she knows how to connect to people. she was here and she loved what she did and that love was paid back in her funeral. and yes, i say funeral discourse, she had many lounging novelist, i'm online. could you sell? and people with the convoy, the pair bonded to live here, fade away through roses. on the convoy, i've been covering the story for a while and have never seen anything of the people love shooting. she united
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them christians, muslims, all across the political spectrum that the ham asked be afraid. people additional coverage. palestinian person in the street shooting, managed to get into people's hearts before getting into their homes. fill the screen of jesse international in the palestinian media groups last month, submitted a formal complaint to the instructional criminal court, accusing israel of war crimes against journalists, a committee to protect journalists. as the 24 journalists not including sri and of our claim, have been killed in israel and the occupied palestinian territories since 2002 other press freedom advocates reported higher numbers. israel systematically targets journalists, including al jazeera in 2010. it detained several on board, a humanitarian flotilla, heading to garza. last year, israel bombed a building housing media offices, including al jazeera in the occupied gaza strip. a belly a month later,
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is where the forces arrested al jazeera alyssa give out a bu dairy. a she covered a demonstration in the shape java, the neighborhood of occupied east jerusalem, or the mother of shay, annabelle, arkwright latest a long history of civilian killings in the occupied territories. and understand national reports earlier this year showed successive is ready governments of treated palestinians as a democratic threat. odyssey resembles robbie reports, ah, when tracing crimes, israel's military has committed against palestinians. it can be difficult to know where to begin. o, a timeline of subjugation that began in 1948 the atrocities numerous, the suffering on go home. demolitions and force displacement have become routine. ah, endless checkpoints to restrict and control movement. were palestinians routinely
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experienced abuse and humiliation. ha dehumanization that pales in comparison only to the massacres. perpetrated time after time. oh, posting in american journalist sharina blacklist targeted killing is only the latest in a long history of civilian deaths at the hands of israeli occupiers. sharing a barclays, blood is just as much on the hands of the united states and the european union and great britain and others, a canada as well, who are stand in the way of accountability and arm and support. the israeli occupation that murdered sharina barclay as it murders palestinians almost daily. ah, no,
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not the number of palestinian civilians caught in his room crosshairs. seems endless. but some cases stand out. in september of 2012 year old mohammed altura was shot and killed in gaza. video of his father jamal trying to shield his son from israeli bullets, became one of the most powerful images of the 2nd. the father. remember in 2017 and israeli sniper shot and killed it, but a him of authority during protests against the u. s. moved to named jerusalem as israel's capital. the wheelchair bound activists lost both his legs in an israeli air rate in 2008 in 2018 is really forces killed palestinian nurse rose on, on the jar as she tried to help a wounded protest her she became one of the more than 100 people killed during demonstrations against the grinding israeli blockade of casa successive generations
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of palestinian leaders have turned to the international community for help. but decades of appeals have not slowed the pace of israeli abuses. what does your message going to be till israel? what is the united states message to israel regarding the situation and mr. r. message and the ambassador gave that mash message very strongly to everyone is that this has to be investigated. i'd has to be investigated transparently, and we're encouraging both sides to participate in that investigation. so that we can get down to the, ah, to why this happened our highest priority as the protection of american citizens. and the protection of journalists, it is so important that journalists be allowed to do their jobs without fear. and so our message again is less get to the bottom of this lesson. sure, this never happens again. wow. despite the public rhetoric, the u. s. government, israel's main ally continues to send billions of dollars and military aid to israel,
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emboldening what rights groups describe as an apartheid state with devastating consequences for generations of palestinians. xin basra, avi alta 0 than a boot to is a palestinian human rights lawyer on former legal adviser to the pillow. she says that she's been touched so many lives with her stories from palestine. oh so many people and her killing with is a blow to the world to nation native low to us nationally. and she went into the hearts of every single palestinian. and i dare say every arab house, full deposit for touching the forwarding and the way that she had of bringing to light reality of israel. brutal occupation horton is that your man accountability from israel? i must be said over and over again. should he and would not have been in jenny and
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had the israeli army not been in june and they are 100 percent responsible for her murder. they know when we know it, and these attempts to try to hi to obvious day to pretend that if somebody else is baked, pause for an investigation. we've seen this time. and again, what now must happen is that israel must be held accountable. we've been saying that the time and time again should be in is not good for us to be killed by israel and i, i fear that she's not going to be the last either. it's no time for accountability and we must demand that israel to tell the count because it is who is responsible for this is what it means to live under a military occupation, is that they try to control your happiness. i need to try to control your morning the fact that they were fighting with more nervous that they were shooting sunburned, a job and that they were beating them all because they want it to carry her casket through the streets of jerusalem. the place that she loved the most on the, on this earth, it shows the depth of depravity that israel's military occupation. it's not the 1st
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time that is where the security forces of a turn to protestant in journalists, once again, despite repeated calls for investigations with accountability. israel continues to shoot and kill with impunity. that is really to since forces have already announced that there is an investigation underway, we welcome that announcement is important to us. it is important to the world that that investigation be thorough, that it be comprehensive, that it be transparent. and importantly, that investigations end with full accountability and those responsible for her death being held responsible for their actions. do you trust those radio investing? it is really is have the wherewithal and the capabilities to conduct a thorough comprehensive investigation. we all fully supportive, all the full investigation into what happened. so i think that's the most important 1st step without making preemptive decisions. but we do support
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a full investigation. what we want is for there to be a accountability so that all of those who are responsible are held accountable. ultimately we're, we're encouraging the authorities on the ground themselves to, to work on this. the responding o'campo is a former 1st prosecutor at the international criminal court. he says for palestine should want a thorough investigation to be able to sue israel in the international court. we need justice and we need this people demanding justice. and then i will like to help javion justice here on. but a son has to live litigation, is it? but any rate person can meet the crime, ballast and legally cannot do it. therefore, who could do it? could be international, going to court, who israel called or because she was american to be the us. so the issue is,
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but i had to do a great investigation that the going today and didn't have to request a good mitigation means. and if and exactly what happened and you know, just about the bullet. look, a group like a forensic architecture in london. do incredibly good analysis on, on the trajectory, the bullets who should from where that's the important israel brand minister. promise an investigation. ok. what this all is on same what happened back or that with the soldiers. so what is right, reaction. so we need to go back. it's very thorough investigation and then has that happens every day, but i just, it will help putting together all the footage for the i get that are gunning. degrade, the food that we can do more and people have them. and just this is not just, this would be revaluation in peers. he means more violence in alexander tribe or
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from other palestinian serene. and her reports meant something. they watched a palestinian woman a pioneer in her generation, selling their stories and writing the 1st draft of their history for the world. to do was no ordinary journalist, no ordinary human being to as a close friend. and she was a reporter who are trying to do to have profession, but more importantly to manage this city and that boggling lights really and our entire childhood echo of her voice, specially on dera, especially at a time where nobody covered the day and default on the grades on palestinian villages and the fire was approved by and one of the things that was really incredible about for those who knew her was actually cover all aspect
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palestinian life. she didn't just cover the issue of gas or the issue if it's really rain or it is really work. she actually also enjoyed covering what it was like to be. she was an incredible mentor of mine. i would probably say all of the journalists that i worked with there on the ground, and there are a lot. she was perhaps the one that took me under her wing the most me the lay of the land, tommy, if i could possibly learn about the region and what was happening again. but she also had an incredible compassionate type here. i think if you look at every single picture that has been shared around the world of her and she's always smiling because she had the biggest heart, she was the kindest person. and yet she had this determination and understood with such clarity, and the purpose in which she work surely enjoined algebra. soon after its launch, many colleagues suspend decades working alongside her sharing laughter. being
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inspired by she always thought she was doing something that she has to do. it's not the job, it wasn't a job for her. and with all that experience, she was yet very humble. you would, you wouldn't believe that she was very humble whenever you give somebody marks you ask for some changes or you ask her for something different. she would always happily do it. that was shitty. and i mean, she was so distinct, so different from everyone else. and that's why so many people would like to hear the voice of palestine, and i would definitely agree with them. she was the voice of palestine and she was the voice of philistine people from all this or then she was expected to be on 30 minutes. and then we read the she's been shot very badly and she is in critical
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condition. i couldn't really process it because i was just talking through it and i was just going to talk to one more time as usual. and this was something that really you cannot explain because she was such a role model for other correspondence. she was so professional all the time and he would have feeling ma, shalean, she initiated in our relations of the correspondence desk with serene. the mater, little based on 3 levels should be and that human beings should be in the professional journalist actually who has an own a cause. as a human being, she was calm and friendly with great qualities. as a professional journalist, she was always looking for the truth everywhere. she used to examine and verify every piece of news without being rushed. also she on the senior goes and she defended her breast feed and defended the occupied, but it's fine. she was
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a professional journalist who has adopted the nation, goes, she really good have easily gone to do the states because she had an america buzzword, but she preferred to stay with her people to convey the message of every simple palestine into the world. as a journalist, sharon lived with the people and made their cause and their daily life clear to the world in a very professional and impartial way. the journalist is a human being who can be affected by certain matters, but serene has been always professional and impartial. may his soul rest in peace? honey sheree. it's very difficult to tell you how much pain i'm feeling right now after the loss of she read the journalist and sharing the human being. i've known sharing for the last 22 years. she was a very loyal and dedicated journalist. she was also very loyal to her palestinian cause for more than 25 years of field work. and i know her on
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a personal and professional level. so it was very easy to work with sheryn who also knew how to be nice to her colleagues and never lost a chance to ask about our families and to wish them well. see you as i'm sure he understands the al jazeera family right around the world in morning. as we paid tribute to our friend and colleague sharon's work has strengthened our resolve to continue to do our job and to hold power to account the impunity that many governments around the world, including israel's demonstrates must and it should not come at the cost or the expense of john of the lives more needs to be done to protect journalists. journalism is not a crime showing stances hate is hard at al jazeera, she become part of the dna of this network, but it also highlights wider issues in the continuous targeting of civilians. by
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the israeli military and the impunity for crimes against journalists worldwide. journalism is not a crime. we work in conflict across the well to bring you the fact the dangers of working in these environments. hi. and we are aware of the risks of the deliberate talk to the journalist, the crime. i'm sure it has to be morning, the deaths of i'm calling according to the un on average one journalist is killed every 5 days. honor, serene work, just stop murder with impunity. it only leads to fear self censorship and deprives us all of our right to know. we will not be silent. we will hold those that to order the killing that pulled the trigger to account. this is our job and as journal and an attack on a journalist is an attack on all of it, because it's an attack on everyone's right to know. everyone's right to be informed . it is not the 1st time journalist has been dougherty advisors really voted and
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i've gotten across bargain, don richard to the pallet minion, digit don't amount to a walk right? killing. this will not file a world without a free press is a dangerous one. in the name of truth, please allow journalists everywhere to do that jobs. serene, inspired so many people. i took commitment to journalism and sharing the truth with the world will not to caution. shaheen was shot dead for doing ko john. we do mount. the perpetrators be held accountable because journalism is not a crime. her voice was silent, but we will continue reporting their true insurance name or with us we and all special coverage for a friend and colleague sharika arbor our place final. jody will leave you with memories of a remarkable career, spending a quarter of a century,
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but made sure in the voice of palestine a missing year, the mac. and i mean when you buy, hadn't heard them do not have money a to me as well. and also to mention with most of us the most, and we said that the home and the day and all that stuff in the miami is with a sh at online. well, well you, how you doing? there's a one yet vision. the bad thing. you do
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a little thing when somebody on one of the close 1011 that's a fusion hasn't been demoted or the for the for a can, has been hopefully that with the ability to stay them will to the, in a few months, even with him because he has uploaded pub in. does that? he's will, he's right. you tomorrow he does. he showed that you will a let you know that, that he will be sent via on with a yard obama. a walk with the locked in the puppy. yeah, i mean, so what would it be with that? yeah, nothing. yeah. shooting
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avita. clean official airline of the journey with with mm.
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whole issue and line of the journey with each and every one of us had to go to responsibility to change our personal space for the better we're in, we could do this experiment. and if by diversity could increase just a little bit and that wouldn't be worth doing, anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet who is incredibly rough for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly year. jenny, this. ready will be got to collect the signature that says recycle business. extremely important services they provide to the city i. we need to
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take america to trying to bring people together, trying to deal with people who left behind all again, culture dominates america's underworld, but has it permeated law enforcement itself? they want exactly what every gang member wants, a power and control. both lines investigates allegations of organized gangs within the los angeles sheriff's department taking the law into their own hands. a failure at every level from every art of los angeles county government shadow system, a lay secretive sheriff gangs on al jazeera. we know what's happening in our region . we know how to get to places that others and i was just thrown here guy by the police on purpose. i got 0 had the time in its programming. go live on the amazon,
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go live, the were another boy that may not be may prima is happening. as i said, i'm going on with the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i molly, inside with special coverage of the funeral for murdered al jazeera journalist, serene abruptly. ah, a day to honor serene turns to horror. her coffin nearly falls to the ground as israeli forces attack morning. people or drugs from the hearse.


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