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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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my sister and ever since the family adopted shirley in which she had her old couch in my room, she had her own equipment. she's the reason why i am a journalist today because they she invested in me as a person. and she said that you can take lectures and training that you can fix it . and one of my teacher said you should not be a journalist anymore. and now, like with social media started to work out. she, she was not really good at it. so i started teaching her how to do her story is she is like a bit of an old school. i'm a bit of the new school, so the walk and talk and how she should invest in telling the story in her own way . so every time that she goes and she is worried about her story, she will come and ask me if i should do it that way. and one more thing that you need to know about shitty. this, this very strong woman that you see on the screen. she is
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a baby. she has the, the widest heart ever that i really need to be very careful not to her her because it can be like if i answer the phone saying that, tell me fast, what do you want said like, nothing. i don't want anything and she will like, i can feel it the day that she left the genie and this time she didn't wanna i need to pack her bad. every time she has a travelling word that she wants to go to ged, because the last month was a non stop trip to jenny and i have to help her pack her back story with the story . it wasn't jane, but there were spending the last month in july like everyday she me like every week she needs to go for 3 days. so i am she needs to pack and she was need the big luggage because she needs to take her pillow. she cannot sleep without her pillow. so i need to pick to pick her clothes because if i don't do that, then she will put the whole clause that it was
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a non stop all going in and out between shooting and just due to office with, with her best friends as well. besides the fact that his producer that she doesn't want to go through, so like i don't, i don't want to go, i'm tired. i'm tired, i want to see my family. i miss my family. i missed you. i missed everyone shooting is not an emotional type. so powerful will leave you now with palestinian artists have been paying tribute to serene abruptly that painted a large virile and gaza city serene as the 12th al jazeera janice killed. ah, [000:00:00;00] me
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in i i use after killing al jazeera journalist shooting of walk lead these wiley, army beats warners during her funeral, as she is lad aroused, how can palestinians use her death to highlight israel's crimes? and can they win the battle for global public opinion? this is inside story.
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ah hello and welcome to the program. am hashem abala. a funeral has been held at a roman catholic church in the occupied east. jerusalem for veteran al jazeera journalist stood in a burglar. she was killed by his rally. forces on wednesday should, in was buried next to the grave of her parents of the mount zion protest and cemetery. she was shot in the hat in the occupied west bank while covering grades by his ready soldiers in janine. but before the funeral service is where the forces attacked those carrying her body, the mourners struggle to hold on to her coffin and is ready. so just charged them
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while they were trying to bring it from hospital to the hearse. the day before her body had been taken toward, i'm allah. where state memorial was held for her of the presidential compound israeli forces have carried out more ways in janine in the occupied west bank was sure when was killed, several people have been injured. israel has been carrying out near daily rates since march, with dozens killed and arrested during the operations. it says it's actions are a response to a palestinian attacks. ah, les ring and our guests from occupied east jerusalem minear no sabres, a professor of international law at what's university from tennessee. francesca albanese is you, you are in special repertoire on the occupied policy in territory and affiliates con of judge town university and from tel aviv i gave l. dar is
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a political analysts and contributor for these rally newspaper her. it's welcome to the program or more near. now that sharina black la has be led to wrath. the al jazeera channel, the e u, the policy and authority, the united nations continued to say that those who killed her must be held accountable. do you see that happening? anytime soon, i have to be optimistic despite the fact that i am genuinely not optimistic. the history has shown us that many crimes that have taken place in the occupied athenian that authority have not been that the perpetrators have not been held accountable so far. and this is the sad reality, and this is because of a continuous, unlimited support for it and from its friends and partners who might sometimes get the size of some of the actions that is that i conduct. but at the same time shield is that i and from any sanctions, as well as a friend from supporting palestine,
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an attempt to seek justice at the international criminal court. nonetheless. and i have to continue to be optimistic on human rights defender. we are working continuously on documenting human rights violations, analyzing these human rights violations, according to international law, and speaking to the international community, asking it to intervene in the way that they would intervene in any other situation . i mean, we, we can see how the western countries have interacted now with the invasion of ukraine. and they have done that, you know, they have conducted sanctions and they're taking a lot of measures in order to convince russia to step back from this invasion. and this makes sense that the theme should be implemented also in palestine. ok, and of course, you know, yes, let me go to francesca. now, after the outpouring,
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if emotions from palestinians, barley is behind the need to start a genuine investigation into what happened to sit in a block and tackle the need for putting an end to impunity. is where this is something that has been occurred by international human rights organizations. do you have any plan to address both issues here? we're wise violations targeting of policy and journalist and impunity? oh yes, you need 1st let, let me put in context this key because i think this is also part of my, of my work on the healing and wounding and meaning of choice is far more widespread. a series of human rights violations that take place. you know, to palestine, there are 20 journalist who have been killed. hundreds injured over the past,
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the past to 2025 years. and the level of accountability is very poor. so in these ads on the level on community for the way spread, the targeting civilians in general. and you know, this is what i investigate what i will investigate on a regular basis. and what i, what i wish to add is that this level, mileage is part and parcel, or even avoidable is part and parcel of your patient very need to do to patient. it takes a lot of abuse and violence to keep the population of palestine without rights and subjugated. and yes, of course i'm looking to eat as part of the my mandate including a how the vital role of the journalist is undermined. especially at
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a moment where is ray and palestinian civil society voices are targeted with increasing repressions and there is no way otherwise to understand the reality on the ground. if no one talks about that talks about that. ok, well how would you characterize the way these, right? a government has been handling the aftermath of the killing of shooting of walker and the international backlash. well, i think i think that the both sides cynically taking advantage of this tragedy shearing is bad. i knew her personally, i admired her work and i'm very upset that the president of the senior. so if he margin was deaf to blame it on israel. befall is rarely even started. the inquiry on the other hand is
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when i was rushing to blame it on the terrorists. i think that if sharina was not famous journalist and the international community follow this event closely. i think that she would, we added to a long list of fatalities that were said before part of the a few patients. i believe that the no time you'll hear israelis blaming the international community for devin standards. i just checked, and i'm sure that this will be mentioned that the, in the last 2 months for teaming journalists were killed in the ukraine, the wall. and do you know their names? this is what they will ask. you know, you don't. so it's part of the m p 's wally, be the as anti semitism and so on. on the other hand,
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a member of the cabinet who was the spokesman over the army? not one try a coach for an independent investigation because he said, that is my last it's credibility. in such occasions, francesca, as an expert in international law working for the n is the un dealing now with your mandate is about documenting his wife by is addressing them in the policy you occupy territory. give us a sense about how to move forward. what are the tools that you have to bring about the case and what, how will you be handling it as far as these way the government is concerned because they seem to be pretty much now in denial about and irresponsibility. a look, i think it. a doesn't matter if they are in denial or not. i think i agree with has been said that the pressure because of the machine was the pressure on the
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concerned artist. israel in particular is very high at the moment. so it's all expected. it will extend corporation 20 independent investigation. i don't think that you should be in the lead of this investigation for one simple reason because what is needed is independence. transparency rieger that so far these re, your investigative system has a shortfall in the justice system in general. israel as it has been confirmed, but the reason a decision is really supreme court on the case all or something. yeah. he's, i'm sorry to say part and parcel of maintaining and policy deal to page
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2. so what is to happen is that independent experts are given the possibility to investigate and then must inform the investigation of the overall situation of style that he's being carried out by the i c. c, prosecutor, of which we don't know much yet. but i can tell when it concerns as concerns journalists just recently international federation of tour of journalists as a meeting, a formal complaint to the cord on the name of the, the name of for journalist when you got together with the bombing of your power. for, for a problem investigation. so this is the, of course of action, their tiny home. well, i mean, we'll see money. do you see this as a moment to bring about the issue of the killing of manager odyssey and
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journalists over the last few years. and i, the senior authority is saying that they are adamant about the need to take the care of a barclay to the international criminal court. well it's, it's very important that at the end of the day, the international criminal court fixed responsibility on the case of shooting broccoli. we have been waiting now for a long time for the international criminal court to intervene in the way that it is supposed to intervene. and now it has confirmed that testers fiction and we expect the international committee quote to start taking action. and, but also it's very important to say that it has been over the years not cooperating with different human rights operations that are ongoing by for example, the united nations, the procedures and all the like. for example, all the special report tools of the occupied palestinian territory and like
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a minute your guests for breakfast that has been easy and have not been allowed to enter the palestine am. and this is something that has to change if it has any claim of seeking a truth, then they have to allow the independent experts like head on to alter like that. and that, and good commission of inquiry that was founded last year, whether not the admissions, they should be allowed to enter, they should be allowed to meet with civil society. they should be allowed to investigate on their own and find evidence. but unfortunately, over the years we have been seeing that isn't as blake of every possible, as you and procedure that seeks to find truth or seeks to find justice and at the same time. what is very unfortunate is that many of the states in the word, for example, there have been union, they're not that kingdom to united states and others are boycotting item 7, which is an item in the human rights council and meetings and sessions in geneva.
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with that issue of but his time is being discussed at 3 times a year and they are marketing it. and this is very sad while they might condemned in some cases or. and is, it is actions are they are acting in the international arena in a very different way. all right? that does not consist with it words akiva or you get a somehow a sense that these ready government is more concerned about not losing the p r. war as far as the aftermath of the kidding or should i walk law is concerned because from day one they said, no, it's not us that they said we blame it on these riley fighter, i want the palestinian fighters. now they seem to be somehow backtracking saying that we are investigating a case where the fire may have come from is where the soldiers yeah, the good news is that on like the previous governments had to buy and now and get
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a radical right. now we have muslim party so our boss who is still a member of the coalition as well as merits and the labor party and the prime minister bennett, has to take them into consideration and likely have mr. non tried to minister that i mentioned before. he's a member of the label policy, and so they have to look into this from a political angle. on the other hand, if they will allow an impulsion investigation by independent inquiry. like if you remember what happened was which goes on in 2009, that he was quoted by israel. and then he regretted that the minute he was tempted to join this community had this committee. so i believe that at the end of the day,
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i mutually investigation is not was joined israeli by the senior investigation because just imagine, do really expect to and now on the scene in to interview israeli soldiers. on the other hand, the israeli members of the committee will interview members of the come on the day consider hours. so yes is while is more concerned about p r. then before is what i'm now has to take into consideration also it's relationships was cut, towel, tucked out, was things major role in try to quiet guys in the mosque and be around a cold. so enzyme has got something to lose. on the other hand, we don't see function, see israel is enjoying and complete impunity. and in the best case, even if it is rarely, soldiers will be found accountable for this and there will be
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a disciplinary process. i remember that when i did this kind of inquiries, it ended up was almost nothing out there will say that this is a war zone and then a geometry so our out of the of the whole game and they pay the price. there's other civilians. ok francisca, you've just heard what akiva has been saying, and when you look at it, the potential full army generals, flu, prosecute the own soldiers for the case of a should in a block law, our will is slim here and the u. s. the e u. the u. k. generally speaking, have done their best to shelve any united nations report about human rights violations in the policy and occupy a territory. so the outcome looks samba in a way or another. yes,
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i see that argument and i also agree with that. you know, the problem is addressing the root cause of the situation. there are 2 things to, to comments. i would like to make here on the one hand and the case of shearing must investigated. as we have said, independently, on the other hand, it is teaching a lesson violence on an impunity only brings to violence is so in the abuse we need to zoom out from, from the specificity of the situation. and i really encourage the actors, you know, the political actors, you mentioned to stop using an ad hoc, an emergency you many time in wrestling when approaching the question of palestine the situation occupied palestine is not that emergency if, if,
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unless we understand it as a man made one except political reality dominated by one spread abuses and violence that requires a huge and political action starting with the dismantlement of the patient and the supplement entered christ. i see no other way to go to get out of the passage than discussing how to okay, and why are just running in circle we're, we do understand the reason why there's this squabble over the semantics of the investigation. but don't just see that ultimately, if you have is rarely experts, a law with policy in experts with an oversight from the united nations, the u. s. that could be the ideal outcome. i don't see the reason why this is needed and isn't it knows who shook the bullet already
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and it has the capacity just in the same way that we see that is but it has the capacity to find any palestinian they want. if they even posted something on facebook, or if they get into a weapon or whatever. and they would go into a athenian cities and villages in order to edit them and prosecute them at regardless of of any difficulties and obstacles in their way. why is this? is the inventions not intelligent enough to find their own and criminals and why? when they find these criminals, they don't prosecute them? it's because of the original problem. it's because of the way the system is built, the system is built to protect. it's put additions to protect it's a military men and that to make sure that they are not prosecuted because see is human rights organizations? ab athenian is that
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a hailey and international have concluded that this is an apartheid regime. and that it is actually dominating the palestinians and it is creating and organizing it's legal system in a way engineering it's legal system in a way that would eventually make sure that the palestinians are kept dominated. actually, we could see this in the way that funeral was hence today. and the police was just running after people and, and hitting people with, with the sticks and the people who are actually carrying that the coffin of the monster. and it's part of the donation they want to show us that they are in control, that people cannot express their feelings, they cannot express that anger. they cannot get punished indian flag and they cannot at be sat in the way that they want to be said. okay, so this is, this is, that is him and that is the problem with that is he, him, is actually it's laws and it's legal system and it's court. and this is something
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that has been concluded. so i want to find justice sure they can do it immediately . let's all forward we have as you have very few other issues to tackle here. akiva, do you think that the very nature of these rarely governing coalition is one of the reasons that will decide the outcome of what happens next? because the prime minister is really pretty much concerned about give an indication that a concession to the palestinians about it in a block like would be seen as a sign of weakness. absolutely. his is hands are dyed one hand by members of his own faulty yamida who are threatening to bring down the coalition to government. and as i mentioned before, by the muslim party, a by months to a boss, actually my would have us is not part of this game. they don't take him into consideration. but i think that the context of these where he's see
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this event is that it happened few days after 3 israelis were killed, were butchered civilians, innocent by to put a senior youngster probably coming from jenny. so i'm not going to justify what happened in janine and the killing of assuring, but trying to analyze the israeli point of view. if you do a public poll, if bennett body is doing it, what it will find out that the israelis care more about the threat of terrorism. coming mainly former of your g from the janine refugee k. then about what happened to hearing on this. this is very unfortunate because this is a vicious circle that is not going to answer. i don't, i'm really afraid frontier a less than a minute. these righty,
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governments made it clear when your name was 1st presented to take over the post of the united nations. that oper tool for the policy occupy territory accusing you of being a biased person. the americans, as we said, and along with the internet, with some key players, the europeans and the u. k. have always been very skeptical about the reports over a human rights council. how, how are you planning to move forward? let me, let me share a consideration. i have on the momentous reality we are leaving also because of the tragic word that it's taking place in ukraine. this situation has given me a sense of hope and the fact that in this country, like those who have criticized the human rights counselor a item,
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7 of the human rights counselors are getting is well. well, it gives me the sense that these countries deal believe that, you know, in an international order premise on international law. because at the moment everyone is an expert about the human rights and international. my and i am not being violated in your brain. i see an incredible blind disconnect between, between these arguments. these are holding. thank you. rightly so the international law to palestine, so i eventually boils down to, to political, will they my whole course. what i say, what i say is basically it based on international humanitarian law. enforcement to really to be child. that's not my intention will have to live with a k valdez francisco, but as a one year, no say, but i really appreciate you and i thank you and thank you to for watching. you can
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see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion. go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash a jane sites for you can also join the conversation on twitter. i would 100. is that a j insights floating from the house or what about on the entire team here into bye for now? ah with i don't get
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a guest with ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm molly inside and dr. hall with a special tribute out there as mud and colleague, serene black ah, a day to owner serene turns to horror. huck often nearly falls to the ground as


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