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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2022 10:00pm-10:30pm AST

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oh, noon . amendments of morning disrupted israeli forces attack coffin, barras during the funeral of slain algebra john this trina acclaim, people are dragged from the host and others arrested in shocking scenes. 2 days after serene was shot dead by israeli forces. ah, i am the mazda in london watching al jazeera will be having ongoing coverage of this story. she was an inspiration to thousands of people. sure. a now block,
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it was late to lay to rest of mount zion friends, family colleagues say had deaf will not be in vain. the young journalist who grew into an icon of the arab speaking wild charge, remarkable korea this band more than 2 decades. ah, we began our program with a special tribute to our murdered colleague, shane. i will actually the voice and daughter, palestine. she's been laid to rest at a cemetery and occupied east jerusalem. but her funeral procession was disrupted when his riley force is attacked. mourners carrying a casket as been widespread condemnation of the attack. sharon was shot in the head by israeli forces on wednesday morning while on assignments in janine in the occupied west bank for simply doing her job. stephanie deca begins are coverage now
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. ah thousands came to say their goodbyes. many her feeling then you sharina personally. that's how much you connected with her audience. telling the story of her people. oh and now becoming the story. oh and also the love the around the world has. people know that what is was doing is a good time and they'll help with the occupation she long reported on ah, just as the coffin started its final journey to the church. ah, how this deans were charged and beaten by his rudy forces as they stormed the hospital square. her coffin nearly falling to the ground.
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ah, nature was taken to a church in the christian quarter of the old city shooting the broadly broke the message of every palestinian. oh, suffering, don't forget to fly, not to be associated with but to be nurtured. i. c c blackly was shot dead in the occupied west bank. well honestly and in the janine refugee camp. oh, her funeral procession was joined by thousands of palestinians, a show of the widespread affection and admiration she had earned through her years of reporting on their lives. oh, she never waka was buried next to her parents at the mount zion cemetery. both her parents died in the early stages of her career, and never knew how loved and respected she become. the crowds have gone, the family has gone. sherman's grave has now been sealed, but even after her death,
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she continued to tell the palestine story, stephanie decker, al jazeera in occupied east. jerusalem. well, united nations is that, that sharon's death might be a war crime in a statement. the human rights council special rapport term said authorities have an obligation not to harm journalists, and to protect them from hom, under international law. i have called for an immediate investigation which they said should be prompt, transparent, thorough and independent. and they warned, a lack of accountability gives carte blanche to continue with illegal executions. alice dines ambassador to the united nation, spoke about continued violence against the palestinian people. davies, assassination of serene as part of its long standing well documented war of harassment, intimidation and violence against philistine and journalist. this has been happening for decades and in broad daylight. we are shocked by the great loss.
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sharina barkley was it till britain thrilled, blazing jordan. it is a vibrant spirit and a kind hearted and humble human being. quality is that the occupation forces that killed her, couldn't care less about the humanity. they refused to see well sharina walker, his career charted some of the most significant moments in the israel palestine conflict. let's take back now on the extraordinary life of our friend and colleague and the legacy. she leaves this state like funeral for a journalist who dedicated her life to the struggle for freedom i. trina barkley was killed by israeli soldiers on wednesday, but the veteran journalists legacy will live on the while she was alive. she was an icon in the arb speaking world and by murdering her
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israel has now ensure her name has transcended even its own militarized checkpoints and borders reaching people the world over. ok, we were standing here, what i know, what nobody was born in 1971. sure in grew up under the harsh reality of an illegal occupation that's continues to strip millions of palestinians from their most basic rights. and it was her quest for freedom that drove her to eventually pursue a career in journalism. korean had initially studied civil engineering as per her parents wishes. but her determination to seek the truth to manifest her freedom through journalism and to speak truth to power was too strong. she switched careers and eventually graduated with a degree in print journalism from the milk university in neighboring jordan. she began her professional career working for the united nations refugee agency and before moving on to the voice of palestine. and then frances monte carlo radio
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station knows that it is that idea as a relatively unknown 26 year old sharina joined al jazeera shortly after the channel launched the mean. i have a name. what i did, i said he was she seen in this clip with jerusalem bureau chief related almighty at the introduces her to the audience both unaware of the impact she would go on to have both in life and jala had this. trina barkley quickly became a household name to her coverage of the 2nd intifada. and the crimes committed by the israeli occupation during its invasion from la and surrounding cities in the early, 2, thousands speaking calmly yet confidently. her distinctive voice relate stories from the refugee comes in eager checkpoints, and even from inside israel's prisms, the more she reported the more israeli forces and settlers tried to silence her. but she never lost her composure, nor her determination. beyond palestine should be and also reported from cairo,
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london, new york, and other cities around the world. she wasn't just a mentor to young girls and boys who watched her on their screens. the veteran reporter also journalism at beautifully at university, empowering youth through education and providing young people living under a brutal occupation with some hope that their voices will one day be heard should in dedicated her life to giving a voice to the voiceless. her silenced voice must now be amplified by press freedom advocates to bring her killers to justice. her body may be buried, but should, in a barclay's name shall live on kidding of ok. there's a theater. i'll put out 0, senior plesk iris moran. the sharon jones mound are on you've been following the developments that we have seen throughout the day with sharina blacklist funeral procession. we saw many thousands of people feeling the need to to more now as we
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have seen in recent days. how would you describe events at her at her funeral? shocking, but not surprising. the shocking bit was the israeli addition to the funeral, but it certainly was not surprising that so many people have turned up for her funeral. she clearly was trusted over the years over more than a quarter of a century to enter people's houses throughout palestine throughout the arab world. in fact. or in the morning hours in the late evening hours to speak to them to share with them the various things that she seen and witnessed and occupied palestine. so she was a trusted member of every family. and in that way, just as much as she on them, the honored her back to day and her death. the sup, the shocking bit, as i said, was the israeli behavior. because one thing,
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the whole assassination yesterday and the israeli killing machine. and even the controversy about it, even i would say the attack and the read on her house later on the, on your so the all that is one thing. but the attack on more nurse, as they carried her coffin in a hospital courtyard, exist sadistic contaminants, the attack on the dignity home on the solemnity of the moment that behavior was utterly shocking. and from what i've seen the last couple of hours since then, it seems to have shocked the entire world. yeah, there's been lots of reaction on social media. and because we saw that there was a rush against the pull barriers. the people who actually carrying sharon's body in the window of the house was smashed. and of course this is a funeral. this is a time where people come to, to mourn to pay their respects. and it's
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a sacred right. one that exists in every country, every culture, every religion, but one that actually reads family and those who had wanted to participate in this procession today were deprived of absolutely. this is very important. what you're saying now, because it's maybe not so easy or as easy to identify with a journalist or not, especially a war journalist. not every person becomes a war journalist with everyone can identify with her with a funeral. because everyone had had one attended a family member or friends and so on, so forth. but i would like to add something to that and to the, to the, to the why it is, i found it so shocking and so surreal. it's the fact that these rainy's, oh, give the orders and there's, there's, will participate in this violation of this funeral in the attack, the sadistic violence of contempt to the dignity of people to the dignity of death
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. knew that there were cameras everywhere. now you see, we know enough of the history to know the fear that if you could have simply blocked the entrance or the exit of the hospital courtroom, the could have contained the procession. they could have spoken to the organizers, bigger than them as a good number of things. but they decided in the most sadistic ways and the most vulgar ways to attack, to dash forward and to start attacking the limbs of those who carried the coffin. when the cameras were turned on, so what does that tell you? that there were boasting of what they were doing? they knew it was in the dark, at one and some dark corner. this was in front of the cameras for the whole world to see that we, these really military, there's really security will do whatever we want when never, we want any, we want. and we don't give a damn what the rest of the will things it was
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a then what does that say about it? systematic impunity and the role of international canadian, particularly western powers in and sustaining impunity. and that's where it becomes, i'm sorry to say, i'm sorry to say again, almost laughable. when you hear statements from washington from paris saying, this is shocking. really. we need a somewhat from washington, unofficial, to tell us that this was shocking, or this was disturbing. well, of course, a disturbing any, any one with it with her with the least humanity, anyone with brings know that this is disturbing. right? but what are you going to do about it? that's the question. because if anyone must do something about it is lost. why? i've been appeasing israel, or this is, those have been empowering is or up. those will have been in a billing israel to carry such at that. that's why impunity is not just a cliche in this case. impunity is the indispensable factor for stopping israel
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from getting more of the same for kelly, for killing more journalists. all right, for now, thank you very much. azure's senior political j if is the allison are on the show. thanks my one. well, we'll have much more still ahead for you on the program. sharon's dad does hit us hard at al jazeera, she become part of the dna of this network. a strengthened resolve. all power to account will hear more stories, machines, colleagues, friends, and those inspired by her with the journey has begun. the 34 world copies on its way to catherine group. your travel package today. hello. there is a little bit of everything going on in the weather. across europe, we've got some light heat to the south last, the clear skies here, little more cloud, further north than some rain. and in fact, cold enough to snow over the mountains in northern norway for example,
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gotta squeeze on the ice abbas here. so a brisk wesley wind coming through in between. we got this cold front just wriggling its way across. central parts of europe, still seeing some lively showers, some thunder down. pause any possibility here? pushing down into the bowl. const was northern parts of greece. around the alps. want to shout still, they are just around the paradise. northern parts of spain. further north general, a fine and dry temperatures in london getting up to 22 degrees celsius. just noticed a little clutch of storms on saturday, developing around the breast peninsula may be going on into sunday. we will see what is who shall, which is pushing up cross england ad wells, but not very too badly. i'm for the med, it stays fine and dry with plenty of sunshine laws you dried, say, with a good deal of sunshine across much of north africa, but a brisk ne leeway and hamilton wind blowing across the sahara. running a ride across northern parts of nigeria through charts, furniture,
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lots of showers around the gulf of guinea, all the way through liberia. official airline of the journey. a ah ah ah.
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watching al jazeera life from london condemnation has poured in after israeli forces. it stops. mourners carrying the coffin of slain algebra, geometry, and acclaim started assaulting them. ah, people struggled hold on her casket as they were attacked with buttons. and at one point it to the ground, it would taking her body from a hospital to the church. her funeral service, she was shot in the head by israeli forces on wednesday. oh, is there any security forces have made arrests and nash palestinian flags for mornings along the route to the judge. to the county sharing body was stopped as soldiers detained people. a church service burial, went by peacefully. she was laid to rest on mount zone and occupied easter wisdom. she was 51 years old. algebra media network has reacted his ready
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forces. attacking one is an obstruction, sharina funeral procession saying that it violates all norms and international laws . the network also said it holds these ready government fully responsible for the safety and security of all the mourners and sharina family out there. it says violence will not deter jealous from reporting the truth for factual, accurate, and objective coverage. well, the white house is saying the attack on mourners. sure enough, after the funeral was disturbing price secretary john saki says the us to remain in close contact with israeli. and palestinian authorities, white house correspondent, company alcott has more there was a lot of head scratching by a lot of the reporters in that room about some of those questions and, and, and the answers that were provided because you have to remember that schraner is an american citizen and so there's a lot of people at 1st, right?
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yes. why you as a president is not using his leverage with the israeli to essentially rein in some of this behavior on behalf of an american citizen. you have to remember that the u. s. gives israel and he nervous amount of security support not to mention economic support to the tune of billions of dollars every year. and the white house press secretary was asked repeatedly by a number of journalists, whether or not the president had called the israeli government. the answer was no, ah, whether or not he had the president had called sharon family. the answer was no. in fact, it was no national security officials had been in touch and the questions were asked about whether or not the president would condemn or whether the white house press secretary would condemn the actions that were taken on the mourners in that funeral procession that we've seen today she said instead that she would only let the
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comments she had already used. in other words, calling this deeply disturbing to stand. and i think that many americans were pretty shocked, and many reporters were pretty shocked to hear the press. secretary say that the murderer sharina barclays, the latest and a long history of civilian killings in the occupied territories. and amnesty international report earlier this year showed success of israeli government, of treated palestinians as a demographic threat. same bus ravi has more now. oh, when tracing crimes, israel's military has committed against palestinians. it can be difficult to know where to begin. oh, timeline of subjugation that began in 1948 the atrocities. numerous, the suffering on go home. demolitions and forced displacement
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have become routine. ah, endless checkpoints to restrict and control movement were palestinians routinely experienced abuse and humiliation. ha dehumanization that pales in comparison only to the massacres perpetrated time after time. oh, how many an american journalist sharina of luckless targeted cooling is only the latest in a long history of civilian debt at the hands of israeli occupiers, shedding abarc less blood is just as much on the hands of the united states and the european union and great britain and others, a canada as well, who are stand in the way of accountability and arm and support the israeli occupation that murdered city in a bar clear as mud as palestinians,
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almost daily. ah, no, not the number of palestinian civilians caught in his really crosshairs seems endless. but some cases stand out. in september of 2012 year old mohammed altura was shot and killed and gaza. video of his father jamal trying to shield his son from israeli. bullets became one of the most powerful images of the 2nd. and the father in 2017 and israeli sniper shot and killed it, but a him a booth. what are you doing? protests against the u. s. moved to named jerusalem as israel's capital. the wheelchair bound out of us lost both his legs in an israeli air. rate in 2008 in 2018 is really forces killed palestinian nurse rose on, on the jar as she tried to help a wounded protest her she became one of the more than 100 people killed during
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demonstrations against the grinding is really blockade of casa successive generations of palestinian leaders half turned to the international community for help. but decades of appeals have not slowed the pace of israeli abuses. what is your message going to be till israel? what does the united states message to israel regarding the situation and resume our, our message? and the ambassador gave that mash message very strongly to everyone, is that this has to be investigated. i, it has to be investigated transparently. and we're encouraging both sides to participate in that investigation so that we can get down to the ah, to why this happened. our highest priority is to protection of american citizens and the protection of journalists, it is so important that journalists be allowed to do their jobs without fear. and so our message, again is less get to the bottom of this lesson. sure, this never happens again. huh. despite the public rhetoric, the u. s. government,
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israel's main ally continues to send billions of dollars and military aid to israel, emboldening what rights groups described as an apartheid state with devastating consequences for generations of palestinians. zane basra vehicle 20 showering joined al jazeera soon after its launch, and many colleagues have spent decades whacking with her sharing laugh and being inspired by her. she always thought she was doing something that she has to do. it's not the job. it wasn't a job for her. and with all that experience, she was yet very humble. you would, you wouldn't believe that she was very humble. whenever you give some remarks you ask for some changes or you ask her for something different. she would always happily do it. that was shitty. and i mean, she was so distinct,
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so different from everyone else. and that's why so many people would like to come here to the voice of palestine, and i would definitely agree with them. she was the voice of palestine and she was the voice of palestinian people from all this or then she was expected to be on 30 minutes. and then we read that she's been shot very badly and she is a critical position. i couldn't really process it because i was just talking to her and i was just going to talk to one more time as usual. and this was something that really you cannot explain because she was such a role model for other correspondence. she was so efficient. all the time and he was feeling my shitty and she does she in our relations of the correspondence desk which will be in the mater, little base on me live and should be in the human being. should be in the professional journalist actually who has an own cause. as a human being,
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she was calm and friendly with great qualities. as a professional journalist, she was always looking for the truth everywhere. she used to examine and verify every piece of news without being rushed. also, she was the senior goes and she defended her abreast paper and defended the occupied. but this time, she was a professional journalist who has adopted the nation goes, she really good have easily gone to the united states because she had an american passport. but she preferred to stay with her people to convey the message of every simple policy into the world. as a journalist, lived with the people and made the poles and the date of life clear to the world in a very professional and puts it away. the journalist is a human being who can be effected by certain matters, but serene has been always professional and impartial. may his soul rest in peace.
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and the sheer in it's very difficult to tell you how much pain i'm feeling right now after the loss of she read the journalist and sharing the human being known sharina for the last 22 years. she was a very loyal and dedicated journalist. she was also very loyal to her palestinian cause for more than 25 years of field work. and i know her on a personal and professional level. it was very easy to work with sharina. we also knew how to be nice to her colleagues. never lost a chance to ask about our families and to wish them well. hello, leave you now with memories of remarkable career spanning a quarter century that made algae areas showing well actually the voice of palestine a. c a
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little someone said that the home and the day and all that stuff in the my yeah me a shout on. well well you how you're doing? there's just one. yes. the best thing you do when somebody on a husband one that's a fusion, it hasn't been a when it can, hasn't been hopefully with them. well, to me in a few months, even better. but then kathy,
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yes up to worry pub in a had that you will let you know that that he will be beyond with a walk with people in the yeah, i mean, so what would it be with that? yeah, i nothing for the public shooting, avita philistine
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ah, look at some of the main developments that we've been following today, and there's been condemnation after israeli forces stopped. mourners carrying the coffin of slain al jazeera journalist, rena barkley and started beating them up. ah, people struggled hold on to the casket as they were targeting patterns. and at one point it fell to the ground. they were taking her body from a hospital to the church. her funeral service in occupied east jerusalem. she was shot in the head by is ready forces on wednesday. they've also been arrest and palestinian flags were snatched from warners along the.


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