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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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ah, shooting of off avita philip leon ah, look at some of the main developments that we've been following today, and there's been condemnation after israeli forces stopped. mourners carrying the coffin of slain al jazeera journalist, rena barkley, and started beating them up. ah, people struggled hold on to the casket as they were attacked with batons, and at one point it fell to the ground. they were taking her body from a hospital to the church, her funeral service in occupied east jerusalem. she was shot in the head by israeli forces on wednesday. the also been arrest and palestinian flags were snatched from warners along the route to the church service. lay to the house carrying sharon's
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body were stopped, as soldiers started detaining people from the city. but the church service itself and the burial went by peacefully. she was laid to rest on mount zion and occupied east. jerusalem. crowds came to say their final good bye. she now barkley was 51 years old but are killing is the latest in a long history of violence and the occupied territories. and amnesty international port earlier this year showed success of israeli governments of treated palestinians as a demographic threat. palestine ambassadors, the wine has spoken about continued violence against the palestinian people daily's, assassination of sharing as part of its longstanding, well documented war of harassment, intimidation and violence against philistine and journalist. this has been happening for decades and in broad daylight. we are shocked by the great loss.
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sharina barkley was a tell britain. thrilled, blazing jordan. it is a vibrant spirit and a kind hearted and humble human being. qualities that the occupation forces that killed her couldn't care. less about their humanity. they refused to see what, in some other years of the president of the united arab emirates and ruler of its capital, abu dhabi has died at the age of 73. the u. e. is an outs. 40 days of mourning for shackling for bins. i don't know young, public and private work places will be closed for 3 days. shackleford been in power for 18 years after succeeding his father in 2004. 0 the headlines do say with a bit because the stream is coming up next. but to with that, with another program for you in about 25 minutes from now, 20100 chianti. i'll see you then stay with al jazeera. ah,
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i think i am at my job at din and today on the stream we mourn the loss of serene a. barclay and al jazeera journalist who was killed by israeli forces and also ask what the international community can actually do to hold israel accountable. ah, sharina barkley, an iconic palestinian american journalist, was covering an israeli army raid on the genie refugee camp in the occupied west bank when she was shot in the head. she was killed instantly, despite wearing a vest and helmet that clearly identified her as press. her legacy is being
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remembered around the world by many. there is truly no words to describe the pain and grief. we feel as we mourn the loss of the brave palestinian journalist shooting abruptly. i think we're all shocked to. we're still processing the news. we're lost a brave voice. we lost it. brave journalist who was always there on the ground covering israeli continuous crimes. she was murdered in cold blood. exactly for doing so for telling the truth, even though she was visibly and clearly marked as press for the israeli snipers who shot her and target as her in her head. i. i'm honestly a close, but all i can say they wanted to silence sitting that we will hold her memory and her legacy. joining us today to discuss this obscene crime, it's implications and how it's being covered by international media in ramallah marion. but who t a palestinian researcher and ryder. and in mon jordan,
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i'll much socket. he's the israel and palestine director of human rights watch. welcome to the stream. i want to start met him by taking a moment and pointing to the suite that you've been sharing with the world saying, you recall sher industrial voice echoing in the house as she covered the brutality of a military invasion, tanks and bombs. when you were a child, that she was the only journal that covered an arrest of yours by soldiers. and then you also remember her as a mentor. obviously, mary, i'm sure it was, you know, a woman, she was a journalist, she was a human, she was a christian, she was many things i want to ask you, how are you remembering her? and what was your initial reaction to this tragic news? i think it's the same current reaction where we're all reacting and trying to grade, but at the same time still in this belief that city and barclays for a really and our entire childhood echo of her voice.
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and especially on al jazeera, especially at a time where nobody covered the father and the grades on palestinian villages and just the fire and the brute violence her will lead the almighty. that's just what we refer to them as the original data staff. and you think she's safe because she's a journalist, she's the senior journalist and she's an american citizen and she says that trends . and then today we all wake up to the news about shooting, not shooting, giving the news. and i really think that strikes the court. yeah. it's clear to so many who knew her and also who respected her on what you heard, mary, i'm recalling what, what sharina meant beyond even a journalist for so many what,
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what was your reaction? how are you feeling? the 1st thing i thought about is the, the fact that shaheen has been doing this for 2 decades. and then she woke up at 6 or 530 this morning and decided that she had to be herself on the front lines to tell the story of this violent israeli army incursion into janine. and it's exactly the kind of story the world needs to hear. because, you know, in recent days and weeks we've seen palestinian after palestinian, you know, brutally gone down. and shaheen had the conviction to wake up to go there early in the morning. her last email she sent to colleagues that some shared on social media speaks to this resolve. this determination to tell the truth and it's such a powerful testament to her legacy and her work. i mean, as many and put it so poignantly not only for palestinians that live, you know,
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in palestine, but also for palestinians in refugee camps and lebanon, and jordan. she was the voice for so many. she told the stories at a time when so few were willing to do so bravely and courageously. and i, i, ah, it's difficult to put into words. you know what, you know, what that means and how, ah, and, and how much were worse off without her telling those stories. and on a day like today, there's been so much being said, politically by israel, by the military, by israel's leaders. we've seen, for example, on twitter, the embassy of israel saying they had a video that shows that it was palestinian gunfire that actually killed jury. and of course, there's also this follow up a tweet thing. there was no claim that the gunfire killed terrain. a block lay, so back tracking and it seems as though we've seen in just 30 minutes ago, the u. s. state department spokesperson saying they trust that israel has the
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wherewithal to investigate this and to, to hold those people responsible accountable. it's exhausting to talk about this without seeing any accountability for year after year, decade after decade. i'll not. do you have any faith that this will be prosecuted? there is no one can have stated these haley government will investigate its own abuses because we have decades of its practices whitewashing abuses. it's the same script. i mean again, israel has been systematically routinely using excessive force gunning down journalists. let's not forget the gaza march of return when we last. yes, yes. at morticia and other palestinian journalists, and the un commission of inquiry wrote a report at the time where they wrote that israeli forces shot at quote, journalists performing their job, knowing who they are. the israeli government follows the exact same script. they
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misdirect, they lie. ah, they hope this will just get buried away. the international community, all too often is complicit in the same formulation. so it's critical. you know, that, that, that we, we challenge we push, we speak out, we don't let the same script happen again. right? and you know, when we talk about not letting the same script happen again, i wonder marianne, i'm sure you've seen, for example, i am on my hid. dean who used to work for al jazeera, now works for nbc news, tweeting and commenting about this. he wrote on twitter, the israeli military and the israeli government are incapable of carrying out an impartial and fair investigation in the killing of city in about an hour. it is imperative that a thorough and independent international lead into investigation is conducted. when you see these calls from people who we know for, for, for a long time, are aware of kind of why there is no accountability. do you have any hope that things can change? what are the steps that need to be taken? it's almost demoralizing to keep asking that question without any change
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it is, and i think the issue is that we're asking the wrong questions. i think we need to come to a point where we need to ask ourselves. why are we so uncomfortable with the idea of a liberated palestine from the river to the sea? and once we come to a conclusion to that, we can either stay or inherent racism or we can start mobilizing forward because that's the crux of the issue, right? the entire narrative has revolved around israeli concerns israeli live and the idea of palestinian live, the idea of shooting a boy on shaking the world. ah, makes us uncomfortable. and that's where i think we really need to had towards for change, right? the u. n. has legitimized israel, the u. n. is basically a monarchy of 6 states with veto power. that's just recently being challenged. and
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israel thrives off of its colonialism of palestinians. we are literally lab rats for psycho social warfare, them graphic engineering and aerospace technology, surveillance technology. and really that's what makes it thrive. it's not just sitting, it's really not just shit, even an a, it's a i think shipping it is just a spark in anything to really allow us see how deep this is. yeah. and it just, for those watching at home, if you're joining us on youtube, we invite you to give your thoughts, your questions or comments on koreans legacy and the larger implications of her death. and we will share those views throughout the show on what i want to ask you . this tweet from ambassador tom nights, he's saying very sad to learn the death of american palestinian journalist. he goes on to use the word encourage, referring to an investigation that he wants to help. and i'm and where he didn't
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posted this. i'm referring to it again because, you know, he's saying that the word encourages to week terminology. aside, we've seen some sort of strange new reality is a normalization of the disproportionate power dynamic. even of the la, the boston globe writer. if you look at this tweet saying what a strange revealing thing for an israeli military spokesman to say as a preemptive defense of killing a palestinian journalist, he is referring of course to the part where a military spokes person today said there armed with cameras. if you'll permit me to say so, ah, that referring to, you know, justifying the fact that even if she was targeted, that somehow there's a justification for this. when you see how, you know, western leaders continue to say one thing, but then allow israel to act with impunity to not properly investigate, to not hold the people accountable. given your work. i mean, where do you think the conversation needs to go? i think the d m is absolutely right that, you know,
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the issue with shootings killing is not simply a case of bad apples or, you know, an abuse gets committed. we're talking about a structural violence. we're talking about an underlying daily reality where every day palestinians face either the cold, institutional violence of a system dedicated to the domination of one people over another or the hot violence . you know, of, of bloodshed, of, of palestinians gone down, which happens on a, on a routine daily basis. and i think too long the international community tries to focus on, you know, one, you know, even when they want to, let's say that the example where there is no, absolutely no argument otherwise, you know, it's, it's, these bland calls about investigations. we saw what 4 months ago when, when a palestinian american man all but i said is similar script for but for months goes, you know, outrage calls for investigation and quickly the story fades into the background.
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and you know, meanwhile the violence against policies in repression continues on a daily basis. so i think we need to recognize reality for what it is we need to listen to palestinian voices like those of, of medium and those on the ground. yeah, i think we need to fundamentally shift the paradigm and we need to hold a take action ultimately to end complicity with the series right crimes and to hold the perpetrators account up. and when we talk about shifting the paradigm, obviously it's imperative that we do that in the mainstream media on line in every corner that this discussion is being had. i wanna share with you something sharif monsoon from the committee to protect journalists, had to say about this. take a listen. we are the committee to protect journalists, are calling for an immediate and transparent investigation by bought a piece for the killing of his cedar correspondent, should he in a block we know that those investigations are been the result of nothing.
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and this is why we also think today is a reminder for the you an inquiry and to the actions of both parties, again, the soonest, including the killing of at least 8 teams on the list to our current since 1992. you know, i'm out there have been countless headlines. if you look at this one from the new york times syrian about play, trailblazing, palestinian journalists dies at 51. you know, it's, it's become strange, you know, to even discuss sort of the way in which israel's are raised from being an aggressor from being accountable for murdering children for bombing hospitals. schools. we covered this on this network. it's seldom as covered on other networks . i wonder what you think will actually bring about that shift in paradigm that you say is so badly needed or in the mainstream media. do you see any signs of hope?
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look, i do think there's been a shift and i think that shift is the, is the product to of palestinian organizing and advocacy over many, many years. i think that's resulting and increasing consciousness in the international community. but it's not enough. it's not going far enough. it's still, we still see repetition of the same sorts of, you know, miss framing. miss analysis misinformation consistently thrown around. so i think it's important that you know, as, as medium put it, that we continue to amplify and a policy of voices we, you know, we need to listen to those voices and perspectives even weren't when it's hard. and when it challenges some of our foundational, you know, thinking, so i do think there's been a shift, but obviously that shift wasn't enough to, to stop the bullet that killed shanina wasn't strong enough to hold israel accountable for. it's, it's, it's systematic, daily violence, repression and apartheid against palestinians. so we need to keep doing more fit. and, and i hope the days ahead. we'll see more of that. and, you know,
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marry him when you see comments, whether from congresswoman richie the plague, who called for a moment of silence, you know, today in washington, d. c. or even from andre carson of indiana saying i joined countless others in mourning. the death of al jazeera journalist should in a barclay who was killed by israel's military, while on assignment, the u. s. must hold the israeli government accountable for this and all other acts of unjust violence. it commits when you see more and more people speaking out, whether in a tweet or what have you do, do you feel there is a shift as we heard, amada, outline i. this is where i'm going to have to differentiate. i feel the shift, but unfortunately for shifting and unfortunately for all of us here trying to move forward, it means nothing. if it's not followed by action, i'm really happy. we're reaching this awareness, but it really needs to move forward now. ah, man, accountability means stop arming. israel invest the american tax dollars and
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building a health care system in the u. s. invest them in ending racism so you don't have it . so you don't elect a president and wants to. busy the wall on to ban immigrants and push children and cages, maybe kind of shit that there. so we really need to move forward in that as wonderful as it is this diplomatic language. it really means nothing on the ground. right. and you know, speaking of a lot of people in youtube, i should say are saying this is not the 1st time israel killed palestinian journalist. this is adventure con, saying international organizations still keep silent. you know, the western media is also silent. and you know, that's part of why we want to talk about this and talk about serene as a human. you say it's not enough, mary, i'm and i know that you're not alone in feeling that way. if you look at this tweet from dahlia, how do i, she's a friend of sharina. she says, my sweet girl, i can't believe this. what justice is there in this world? there is none. as long as you live under israel's military rule,
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they will say they will investigate. what does it matter? she's gone not to get to existential, obviously a powerful rhetorical question, their own. what does it matter? ah, you know, let's, let's go with that doesn't matter if there will be an independent investigation, doesn't matter if western leaders will start to pressure israel, it matters if it can actually change the reality on the ground. i think maybe it was absolutely right to point to the fact that, well, there has been some shift in the framework and the paradigm which is critical, important until it actually results and changing the reality on the ground for palestinians. it's not enough, but our, our goal here is to, you know, prevent, to do what we can't to end complicity in israel scribes prevents, you know, down the road more of this from happening and that's only going to come with real action. i think many of identified some of the things that need to stop, you know, and i think it starts with forms of complex city, whether it be, you know,
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business operations, arm sales, all these things that further entrench, daily, systematic violations that take place. i think we q often when it comes to israel, palestine exceptional eyes, you know what's necessary, but the bottom line is we need to hold, you know, israel to the same standards of other countries that commit crimes against humanity, war crimes and other abuses. and the disconnect between the rhetoric, the analysis, the framework that we see applied to the ukraine, to china's treatment of the weaker and into the way that policies are shared by israel. that needs to and, and you know, just for people who are not aware of the contacts, i want to share this with our audience also put this to you, mary. m. between 20202022. in just 2 years, 6 palestinian journalists were killed and occupied west bank and gaza. that's according to the palestinian journalist syndicate. more than half have been killed in the last 20 years of the 86 palestinian journalists that have been killed since the 1967 war. the syndicate also documents more importantly, mary m,
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between $5700.00 attacks a year by israel on journalists. and as someone who's reported on the ground for both al jazeera and for vice, in both cases, attacked and seemingly targeted. but certainly al jazeera has a certain cache for better or worse and a certain targeting. what can you share with us about your experience there on the ground and what you think can actually pressure israel to be ah, to be more mindful that journalists must be protected on welfare starters, all mainstream media need to stop hiring senior correspondence as israelis while not hiring palestinian correspondence under the pretext that we can't be objective . i met israel needs to be held accountable for every crime it held against every journalist, but more importantly for the reason why they killed them. and that is that they are palestinian. it is not a disrespect for press, it is a disrespect and
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a distant value of human life. that is palestinian. when you see correspondence from cnn, from the new york times, or from b, b, c. and they're international, they automatically do have more protection. but these, what happened today with the shooting shows how micro aggressions will escalate. so eventually israel will be even more in bold and, and even the international senior correspondence won't be safe. just like, give out a good day the last year and shifted off was being attacked brutally by israeli border. police begging and yelling, saying don't touch me. i'm pret. and we didn't pay enough attention and now we're getting killed. so we also really need to pay attention to that as media and you can see there's, there is a duty you have that duty to uphold. you know, when you talk about duties are also human rights organizations,
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including the salem on the ground that has been debunking a lot of the propaganda that israel has been publishing today, including the suggestion that it was palestinian gunfire that killed sheree and take a look at this common that was sent to us from the executive director of bit salem . as always, israel tried initially to shift the blame, the prime minister, the foreign minister, the minister of defense, and the idea of spokesperson all propagated the narrative. and based on the short video clip, suggesting that it was put us in gunfire that the killed stage one noticed. however, they would set them feel researcher to they this morning. and jennine easily refuted, this false narrative was very clear to go on straight. that there is no way that to footage that stays with the army. was propagating is footage of gun fire that could have hit the journalists. it seems online and even with the work of battalion and
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human rights watch and amnesty and many other human rights organizations, especially the palestinian lead ones that we are still not having the paradigm shifts. ah, and, and the accountability. more importantly, are you encouraged at all by this sort of work in these partnerships? i think there's a unique moment where there is a clear, a shared sense of the reality on the ground that that spans from palestinian and in palsied human rights groups have been doing this, of course, for decades. israeli international groups. there's a, there's a consensus across the human rights movement that israeli authorities are committing crimes against humanity, apartheid and persecution against millions of palestinians. there's a sense that there is a single government policy from the jordan river to the mediterranean sea that's aimed at preserving that, the domination of one people at the expense of another. and there is increasing efforts across civil society organizations, you know, to push for real consequences to be imposed on these really government. and i think
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that's a really unique moment that we're in. again, it's not yet translated into shifts in the policies of governments around the world, and that's a failure of the human rights movement. i think we need to acknowledge and accept that reality, that while we may have a shared assessment, you know that the international community came too late to that policies have been describing their lived reality for years, a decade that not enough bus listened. so it's important. it's happening, but for it to actually matter, we need to actually translate that paradigm shift into changes on the ground. and we're frankly not there yet. we're not close. and you know, when we, when we look at certain leaders like president biden, when he said just last week at the white house correspondents association, dinner, we honor journalists killed, missing imprison, detained and tortured, covering war, exposing corruption and holding leaders accountable. i just, you know,
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i wonder there's so much rhetoric around how much we protect and honor journalists and, and very little auction when you know, they're a certain type of journalist or when geo politics goes against that truth. so thank you so much for being with us. both all mark and mary, i'm going to have to end the conversation there. and then with
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ah, a, [000:00:00;00]
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a counting the cost for design. marcos junior is set to be the philippines. what will it mean for the economy and joe biden say fighting inflation is, is top domestic priority. so can you bring down the cost of living and what is keeping india in the da counting the cost on, i'll just here. oh, a ah, wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional. got all right,
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ways going places to go on may. 15th webinar will hold that 1st parliamentary elections since the country with economic collapse in 2019 political and security pensions are running high with many lebanese desperately wanting change and new leadership. but well, they're both to be enough to change the status quo. special coverage on l 0. 0, a moment morning disrupted israeli forces attack coughing barriers during the funeral of slain algebra john listerine abruptly. people are dragged from the huss . others are arrested in shocking scenes. 2 days after sharon was shot dead by israeli forces ah,


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