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tv   The Bottom Line  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2022 11:00pm-11:31pm AST

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oh, on may, 15th lebanon will hold this 1st parliamentary elections since the country with economic collapse in 2019 political and security pensions are running high with many lebanese desperately wanting change for, and new leadership. but will there vote to be enough to change the status quo? special coverage on elsa sierra. ah a moment morning disrupted israeli forces attack coffin bowers during the funeral of slain al jazeera john listerine ugly. people are dragged from the hus on. those are arrested in shocking scenes 2 days after sharon was shot dead by israeli forces . ah, hello i am i am. i see. you're watching al jazeera life from london. she was an
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inspiration to 1000 siri novel actually was later laid to rest of mount zion friends. family colleagues, say her death will not be in that young journalist who grew into an icon of the arab speaking world, which are a remarkable career. this bad news and 2 decades. ah, we begin with a special tribute to our murdered colleagues, sharina blackledge. she's been laid to rest at a cemetery in occupied east jerusalem. but her funeral procession was disrupted when israeli forces attacked morning carrying a casket, prompting widespread condemnation. she was shot in the head buys righty. forces on wednesday morning while on assignments in janine and the occupied west bank for simply doing her job. stephanie deco begins our coverage now
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o thousands came to say their goodbyes. many here feeling the new sharina personally. that's how much you connected with her audience telling the story of her people. oh and now becoming the story a. 2 her record also the local people around the world. how can people know that what is was doing is a good time and they'll help listen to the occupation she long reported on ah, just as the coffin started its final journey to the church. ah, foreigners were pushed and beaten by ready forces is a storm. the hospital square, the pool bare is retreating. her coffin nearly foot into the ground.
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ah! for to police in riot gear and horseback, a baffling scenes. at least one man pulled out of the hearse. oh, it was really forces to removing the palestinian flag there. i knew they were not going to let this day go by peacefully. i was on the front line when we were trying to exit a little while they were carrying her casket. and true, they were, they just stormed and they were beating up everyone. it was very frightening to the owner. he's also tensioned when sharon's body arrived outside the church in the christian quarter of the old city crowds filling the small streets. this ancient city, a oh
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it once the coffin made it inside, granted more peace shooting the broadly bro. message of over the post and you are suffering. don't forget to fly north to be associated with what should be nurtured . c c i blackly was shot dead in the occupied west bank. well, on an assignment in the janine refugee camp, her funeral procession was joined by thousands of palestinians issue of the widespread affection and admiration she had earned through her years of reporting on their lights. but yeah, sure enough black who was buried next to her parents at the mount zion cemetery. both her parents died in the early stages of her career and never knew how loved and respected she become. the crowds have gone, the family has gone. sherman's grave has now been sealed, but even after her death she continued to tell the palestine story stephanie decker al jazeera in occupied east. jerusalem. wow,
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da 0 media network reacted to israeli forces. attacking one is and obstructing sharon's funeral procession saying it violates all norms and international laws. the network also said it holds these rally government fully responsible for the safety and security of all the mourners and sharon's family. al jazeera says mine, it's will not deter journalist from reporting the truth through factual accuracy and objective coverage. the white house as the attack on one is it sharina blacklist. funeral was disturbing for our secretary, jan. saki says the us were main in close contact with israeli and palestinian authorities, our white house course when it kimberly hallock. it has more. there was a lot of head scratching by a lot of the reporters in that room about some of those questions and, and, and the answers that were provided because you have to remember that schraner is an american citizen. and so there is a little bit of sort of
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a lot of people to perplex as to why the u. s. president is not using his leverage with the israelis to essentially rein in some of this behavior on behalf of an american citizen. you have to remember that the u. s. gives is real and he nervous amount of security support not to mention economic support to the tune of billions of dollars every year. and the white house press secretary was asked repeatedly by a number of journalists, whether or not the president had called the israeli government. the answer was know whether or not he had the president had called sharon family. the answer was no. in fact, it was no national security officials had been in touch and the questions were asked about whether or not the president would condemn or whether the white house press secretary would condemn the actions that were taken on the mourners in that funeral
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procession that we seen today she said instead that she would only let the comments she had already used. in other words, calling this deeply disturbing to stand. and i think that many americans were pretty shocked and many reporters were pretty shocked to hear the press. secretary say that well, united nations is saying that sharon's death might be a war crime. in a statement, the human rights council special operator said. authorities have an obligation not to hon. john lesson to protect them from hom, under international law, if called for an immediate investigation, which they said should be prompt, transpired, thorough and independent. and they warn, a lack of accountability gives carte blanche to continue illegal executions, palestine ambassadors, the united nations also spoke about continued violence against palestinians earlier on railways, assassination of serene as part of its long standing well documented war of
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harassment, intimidation and violence against ballasting. and journalist this has been happening for decades and in broad daylight. we are shocked by the great loss. sharina barkley was a tell britain. thrilled, blazing jordan as a vibrant spirit and a kind hearted and humble human being. qualities that the occupation forces that killed her, couldn't care less about the humanity. they refused to see a shrill work less career charted. some of the most significant moments in the israel palestine conflict. take a look back now on the extraordinary life of our friend and colleague and the legacy she leaves the state like funeral for a journalist who dedicated her life to the struggle for freedom i. trina barkley was killed by israeli soldiers on wednesday,
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but the veteran journalists legacy will live on the while she was alive. she was an icon in the arb speaking world and by murdering her israel has now ensure her name has transcended even its own militarize checkpoints and borders reaching people the world over. okay, we were standing here what one? nobody could draw. so book is born in 1971 surely and grew up under the harsh reality of an illegal occupation that continues to strip millions of palestinians from their most basic rights. which was her quest for freedom, drove her to eventually pursue a career in journalism. korean had initially studied civil engineering as per her parents wishes. but her determination to seek the truth to manifest her freedom through journalism and to speak truth to power was too strong. she switched careers and eventually graduated with a degree in print journalism from the mac university in neighboring jordan. she
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began her professional career working for the united nations refugee agency on her way before moving on to the voice of palestine. and then frances monte carlo radio station knows that it is that idea as a relatively unknown 26 year old sharina joined al jazeera shortly after the channel launched the mean. i have our name. what i did, i mean she's seen in this clip with jerusalem bureau chief a little on monday at the introduces her to the audience both on aware of the impact she would go on to have both in life and jala had this. trina barkley quickly became a household name through her coverage of the 2nd intifada. and the crimes committed by the israeli occupation during its invasion from la and surrounding cities in the early, 2, thousands speaking calmly yet confidently. her distinctive voice relate stories from the refugee comes in eager checkpoints and even from inside israel's prisons,
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the more she reported the more israeli forces and settlers tried to silence her. but she never lost her composure, nor her determination. beyond palestine should be and also reported from cairo, london, new york, and other cities around the world. she wasn't just a mentor to young girls and boys who watched her on their screens. the veteran reporter also taught journalism at b. c at university, empowering youth through education, and providing young people living under a brutal occupation with some hope that their voices will one day be heard should in dedicated her life to giving a voice to the voiceless. her silence voice must now be amplified by press. freedom advocates to bring her killers to justice. ah, her body may be buried, but surely in a barclay's name shall live on judy and of office. and let me just hear a senior political analyst more longer,
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joins me now and more on how important is it not to compartmentalize today's events at chains. funeral, this isn't about burying one person very much symptomatic of an occupation in a deepening kind of military grip on on palestinian life. or yes, it's experiment because while sharyn is, are physically dead, her spirit certainly lives on. and that's exactly what we're seeing. the last one to 4 hours is that there are clearly what, what she's able to do. and her death is now almost as just as effective as what she did during her lifetime. in the sense that after a lifetime spent giving so generously or clearly the blow back from the israeli policies has been such that the unity of palestine,
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the unity of jerusalem behind her, the unity of all, all mar sectors of the site, the cushions of the muslims are all the young, the women in the men, and so on, so forth. everyone has rallied behind her in order to ensure that her spirits stays alive. so in a sense or while they might that might have tried to silence her a clearly issue her influence today is greater than ever and not only speak about that sense of palestinian unity it. it does echo what we saw this time last year, where there was another upside in violence. and we saw a protest taking place in many cities, including in cities, in israel. it felt as though that might bring about some kind of shift that the, the conflict in the situation at palisades, living and was not tangible. but of course, things have continued as they always have and it's sort of fallen off the international radar nurse. it seems like her regardless of the change thing,
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stay the same in the sense that the palestinians continue to resist. a new generation of palestinian comes out. ah, only only only couple years ago, we've seen a young palestinian slap in israeli soldier, and that became the iconic image of the day. and a whole generation of palestinian, the so called oscar generation followed suit. and we've seen then a series of stabbings and, and other kinds of violence within israel itself. and, and is, are that responded to that? but clearly, while the palestinians need to do or must do what they have, which is liberate themselves from occupation as any people in the history of, of humanity have done is either not learning from its mistakes from its failures. and this is, by the way, the conclusion of this a book by the name of friendly fire. why a leader,
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a major leader of israeli security forces intelligence forces, the shagbark, who are basically his memoirs is now 75. but him and 6 other heads of the security services have basically testified to the effect of israel continuously fails. it fails successfully if you will, but fails. it does in the sense that it somehow gathers more and more considers. but it's as truly obese. it's humorous because we're going to see blow back and we continue to see brought back and i think israel is become, i hate to admit it, but problematic in the way they are becoming so sadistic so violent, so insecure. and yet over confident, i think, is probably time to stop the with the political analysis and send this around to the couch. it's time for some psychological analysis and how does the performance of this current government and enough tally bennett compared to it? benjamin netanyahu? i know you said things have pretty much stayed the same,
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but it do you, is there any clear approach or policy or strategy for dealing with the palestinians? you know, i think there's something called in israel today than at the now syndrome. and then anthony said durham, probably the current prime minister bennett, suffers from us more than anyone else. because you see that the now is still on the, at the head of the party that has a 30 some, a parliament seats while been at the current prime minister, only a co man's 5 seats in a 120 seat parliament. and the only way he can compete with his predecessor is through violence. and radicalism and fundamentalism and the humiliation of palestinians in order to make sure that nathaniel doesn't come back to power. so what we have now is between the present prime minister and the all the prime minister, a very strange relationships. busy where the kind of government, even though it has bizarrely bizarrely some leftists factions and
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even one small but athenian faction it, it, it applies the kind of radical colonial violence in the occupied ther. there's that some of it we haven't even seen from devin and then any other government. ok, thank you. and i want to share, you know, the al jazeera life. i'm not and still i had for you on the program. sharina stance is hit us hard at al jazeera, she become part of the dna of this network that's trying to resolve the whole power to account. we have war stories from sharon's colleagues, friends amo's inspired by her a for take ah, there's a wave of sentiment around the world. people actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries. and i think often people's voices are not heard because i just not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover
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the big stories and we report from the big events that are going on. but we also tell the stories of people who generally don't have a voice. i'm in whenever the chance my dad never be afraid to put your hand up and ask a question. and i think that's what i'm really does. we ask the question for people who should be accountable and also we get people to give their view of what's going on with a guest with rob reynolds at the us mexico border on may 23rd the by the administration plans to terminate title 42. that's
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a pandemic era policy introduced under donald trump. that allows for the immediate deportation of migrants in mexico will meet migrants seeking a better life. and here from some of the hundreds of thousands to port it yet preparing to try again. special coverage on al jazeera, whether you're streaming, you'll favorite show or unloading the latest globe. it's never been more important for your connection to be quick and reliable. you want a life free of buffering to expect your favorite entertainment at your fingertips on whatever device you hear. this is the kind of service our sales apps, rural cost solutions deliver. $0.24 a sales space to deliver your vision. lou
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ah, welcome back. okay, the main stories we're covering now and condemnation is poured enough to israeli forces attacked mourners carrying the coffin slain al jazeera john. this sri and apple claim, ah, people struggled hold on to how close get as they were attacked with buttons. and at one point it fell to the ground who taking a body from a hospital to the church of a funeral service in occupied east jerusalem. she was shot in the head by israeli forces on wednesday. levels have been arrested. the palestinian flag was snatched from warners along the route. the church service lay to the hall county. sharon's body was stopped as soldiers to take people with the church service and burial itself. went off peacefully as she was laid to rest on mount zion. the in occupied
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east jerusalem crowds came to say the final good bye. sharina buckley was 51 years old on sharina, killing is the latest and a long history of violence in the occupied territories. amnesty international reports early this year showed successive israeli governments of treated palestinians as a demographic threat. same bas robbie has more on that now. oh, when tracing crimes, israel's military has committed against palestinians. it can be difficult to know where to begin. ha, a timeline of subjugation that began in 1948 the atrocities. numerous, the suffering on go home. demolitions and force displacement have become routine. ah, endless checkpoints to restrict and control movement. were palestinians routinely
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experienced abuse and humiliation. ha dehumanization that pales in comparison, only to the massacres perpetrated time after time. oh, palestinian american journalist sharina a blacklist targeted killing is only the latest in a long history of civilian deaths at the hands of israeli occupiers. sharing a barclays, blood is just as much on the hands of the united states and the european union and great britain and others, a canada as well, who are stand in the way of accountability and arm and support the israeli occupation that murdered sharina bar. clear as mud as palestinians, almost daily. ah,
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i know the number of palestinian civilians caught in his really cross hairs seems endless. but some cases stand out. in september of 2012 year old mohammed altura was shot and killed in gaza. video of his father jamal trying to shield his son from israeli bullets, became one of the most powerful images of the 2nd. and the father in 2017 and israeli sniper shot and killed it. but a him a booth. what are you doing? protests against the u. s. moved to name jerusalem as israel's capital. the wheelchair bound activists lost both his legs in an israeli air rate in 2008 in 2018 is really forces killed palestinian nurse rose on, on the jar. as she tried to help a wounded protest her, she became one of the more than 100 people killed during demonstrations against the grinding is really blockade of casa. successive generations of palestinian leaders
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have turned to the international community for help. but decades of appeals have not slowed the pace of israeli abuses. what does your mass? it's going to be to israel. what is the united states message to israel regarding the situation? and mr. r. message in the ambassador gave that mash message very strongly to everyone is that this has to be investigated. i'd has to be investigated transparently, and we're encouraging both sides to participate in that investigation so that we can get down to the ah, to why this happened. our highest priority as the protection of american citizens and the protection of journalists, it is so important that journalists be allowed to do their jobs without fear. and so our message, again is less get to the bottom of this lesson. sure, this never happens again. wow. despite the public rhetoric, the u. s. government, israel's main ally continues to send billions of dollars and military aid to israel,
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emboldening what rights groups described as an apartheid state with devastating consequences for generations of palestinians zane basra v oh to 0 or the al jazeera family across the well to is in morning as he paid tribute till our friend and colleague shane's walk has strengthened ours all to deal our job and to help pallet to account the impunity that many governments around the world, including israel's demonstrates, must end it should not come at the cost or the expense of john, at his life more needs to be done to protect journalists. journalism is not a crime. showing status hate is hard at al jazeera, she become part of the dna of this network. but it also highlights wider issues in the continuous targeting of civilians, by the israeli military, and the impunity for crimes against journalists worldwide. journalism is not
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a crime. we work in conflict zoned across the well to bring you the fact the dangers of working in these environments a high. and we are aware of the risks of the deliberate talking of journalists to the crime. and we should have to be mourning the deaths of our colleagues, according to the un, on average one journalist is killed every 5 days, honor serene work to stop murder with impunity. it only leads to fear self censorship and deprives us all of our right to know. we will not be silent. we will hold those that to order the killing. that's pulled the trigger to account. this is our job as journal and an attack on a journalist is an attack on all of society because it's an attack on everyone's right to know everyone's rights to be informed. it is not the 1st time data journalist has been targeted by daily voted. and of course, across august on which are deeply sympathetic to the indian digits. an ag demand do
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a walk right, killing jen. this will not silence a world without a free press is a dangerous one. in the name of truth, please allow journalists everywhere to do that. jobs, serene, inspired so many people to commitment to journalism and sharing the truth with the world will not to gossip. shaheen was shot dead for doing co job. we demand the perpetrators be held accountable. because journalism is not a crime, her voice was silenced, but we will continue reporting the truth insurance name. i'll leave you now with memories of a remarkable caress, finding a quarter of a century that made al jazeera history. and i will actually the voice of palestine a. c
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a little somebody said that the home and the day and all that stuff in the miami is a one of the one that's a fusion. it hasn't been a can catch me. and hopefully that will go with them. well,
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tina in a few months ago, but i think as he gets up to where he pub in a head that you will let you know that that he will with all the one and a half hours. i walk with people in the yeah, i mean, so what would it be? would be more faulty with that? yeah. in that yeah.
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shooting avita philippine ah so look at the developments we are following this hour and there's been condemnation after is ready, forces attacked mourners carrying the coffin of slain al jazeera jonas, sri and apple actually, ah, people struggled hold on her casket as they were attacked with buttons and at one point it fell to the ground. they were taking her body from a hospital to the church for a funeral service in occupied east jerusalem. she was shot in the head by israeli forces on wednesday. although also arrests in palestine. flags was natural mourners along the route to the church service they to the house carrying sharon's body was stopped as shots.


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