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tv   Witness Skies Above Hebron  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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reveals how fierce suspicion and conspiracy theories of become the 2 of the powerful were in a dangerous and that dangerous territory once did. what happens now that we literally diverge that today will be how democracy does the truth illusion on a just cedar. ah ah. israeli forces attack mourners during sharina office funeral. the al jazeera john coffin almost falls to the ground. we regret the intrusion to what should have been a peaceful procession. why? house expresses regrets, but full shores of condemning the violence. ah, hello there i missed ya. hey. this is al jazeera live from door. how thou, ongoing,
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extensive coverage of the killing of showing of lockley. sharon was laid to rest and occupied east jerusalem. 2 days after she was shot dead by israeli forces, an icon of the arab speaking. while we look back at sharon's remarkable career and the legacy she leaves behind ah ah palestinians have bid farewell to serene broccoli, a leading voice against israeli occupation and oppression. the al jazeera journalist was laid to rest and occupied east jerusalem, but not before a bust of violence. israeli forces attacked mourners carrying her coffin, causing widespread outrage. they shot her in the head on wednesday morning while she was on an assignment. stephanie deca begins out coverage now from occupied east jerusalem. o. thousands came to say their
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goodbyes. many who are feeling then you sharina personally. that's how much you connected with her audience. telling the story of her people. oh and now becoming the story. 2 i need a whole lot of people around the world. how can us people know that what is was doing is a good time and they feel help with the occupation. she long reported on a just as the coffin started its final journey to the church. ah, mourners were pushed and beaten by his ready forces as they stormed the hospital square, the pull berries retreating, her coffin nearly falling to the ground. ah!
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for to police in riot gear. on horseback, baffling scenes. at least one man pulled out of the hearse. is really forces also removing the palestinian flag that i knew they were not going to let this day go by peacefully. i was on the frontline when we were trying to exit the hospital while they were carrying her casket and a troop. they were on stage a stormed in and they were beating up everyone. it was very frightening to be honest, who's also tension when sharon's body arrived outside the church in the christian quarter of the old city crowds filling the small streets. this ancient city, a
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oh that once the coffin made it inside, granted more peace shooting the broadly bro, the message of every palestinian ah, suffering god, brigades of life. not to be assassinated, but to be nurtured. 7 c i blackly was shot dead in the occupied west bank along an assignment in the jenin refugee camp for funeral procession was joined by thousands of palestinians a show of the widespread affection and admiration she had earned through her years of a putting in their lives so long she never actually was buried next to her parents at the mount zion cemetery. both her parents died in the early stages of her career and never knew how loved and respected she become. the crowds of gone, the family has gone. sharon's grave has now been sealed, but even after her death she continued to tell the palestine story. stephanie decker, al jazeera in occupied east jerusalem. the managing director of out there as arabic
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channel atman, alida attended sharon's funeral. here's what he had to say. i got jimmy as on it to me, it's a catastrophe for all of us. it's painful, god willing, we will do all that. we can to hold those responsible accountable. she rings, blood will not go in vain. she rain was killed in cold blood before on all of us. this will only increase al persistence to continue our coverage. assassinating she rain is an attempt to kill the palestinian story on al jazeera, but they failed in achieving such a goal. killing serena will make al jazeera and the world more persistent and covering the palestinian assure it proves our professionalism and the just nature of the palestinian issue where the un security council is condemning the killing a sharon, but has not mentioned israel by name and a statement it said it strongly condemned the killing of palestinian american journalist sharina. i will awfully,
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that had conveyed its sympathy and deepest condolences to sharina family and also called for an immediate thorough, transparent, fair, and impartial investigation into her killing, and reiterated that journalists should be protected as civilians. while the biden administration has given amused response to the violence during sharina, funeral, white house correspondent can be how good has as mourners, attending journalists, serene abu ack laced funeral were attacked by israeli security forces. white house press secretary gen saki, simply called it an intrusion. but refused to condemn the attacks called these images deeply disturbing of his really beliefs. a beating mourners were carrying this casket. he said we regret the intrusion. do you condemn his actions? i think when we said they were disturbing, we, obviously we're not, we're not justifying them, but i think i will leave my comments at what i said, go ahead. but her answers didn't sit well with reporters who pressed for an explanation as to why president biden is allowing israel
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a u. s. ally that receives billions annually and military funding to treat sharon's funeral and the investigation into her death. an american citizen. with such disrespect, american journalists, i can in ukraine, nobody with investigation in point there. you know how the russians, why is ready to get away with this, why not put in put an independent wiring fisma policy has not been destroyed is capable investigating itself. we understand that there are investigations by both sides. we've offered our assistance to the israelis to the palestinians, and we are prepared to provide that. should they want it still? when asked if president biden had even contacted sharon's family, or if he would use his leverage with the israelis to bring sharina killers to account. this was the answer that the president would request to speak with. he is really government directly with the ongoing. i don't have any calls to predict at
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this point in time. the president himself appeared a short time later, but had little to add. i don't know all the detail, but i know it has to be investigated. indeed, despite an american journalist being killed, president biden refused to condemn the attacks on mourners at her funeral. even as earlier in the day, president biden met with king abdullah of jordan in the oval office to discuss the escalation of violence between israelis and palestinians. in the region. well, an initial report by the israeli military says it's difficult to determine the exact source of gunfire which killed serene, but it's not ruling out fault by israeli soldiers. according to his wally media, the military says its inquiry is looking at 2 scenarios. one that serene was hit by palestinians who find bullets towards israeli military vehicles. the 2nd that an
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israeli soldier returning fire inadvertently hussar witnesses and the palestinian health ministry. it's a serene was hit by israeli gunfire. well out there is senior political analyst mile, and the sharra says there is an israeli assassination unit, which has targeted palestinians for decades. for many of us, it is not just a question of who pulled the trigger. it's not even the question of what was the trigger. as the caution will give the orders for those specialized forces in assassination dove to run this special israeli military unit like sampson. they are specialized in assassination. we have acted in the dark for the past 40 years, 35 years since 1987. they are form to carry these sorts of operations against, by the sinews, but still inactive experts in demonstrators. and clearly or story floors for that matter. and clearly it was in this particular context in jeanine, where sharon was killed was assassinated by one of those assassination units. so
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it's those who are devising that the colonial policy goes into defense minister who are giving the orders to those young soldiers. you know, maybe this is because some of us are getting old, but i tell you, i looked at some of the soldiers the prospect they were not born back then in 2002, when jeanine was then attack occupied, invaded and dozens of better sinews were killed in that invasion of the refugee camp. and here you have a new generation of israeli soldiers getting the same atrocities, getting famous fascinations in this vicious cycle of violence that will not end without their leaders, their government taking a different course than the one they are doing now. well, let's take a look back now at the extraordinary life of our friend and colleague and the legacy she leaves. this state like funeral for
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a journalist who dedicated her life to the struggle for freedom. i sharina barkley was killed by israeli soldiers on wednesday, but the veteran journalists legacy will live on the while she was alive. she was an icon in the arb speaking world, and by murdering her israel has now insure it. her name has transcended even its own militarized checkpoints and borders reaching people the world over. okay, we were sending here what i know, what? no, but the book is born in 1971 surely. and grew up under the harsh reality of an illegal occupation that continues to strip millions of palestinians from their most basic rights. which was her quest for freedom that drove her to eventually pursue a career in journalism. korean had initially studied civil engineering as per her parents wishes. but her determination to seek the truth to manifest her freedom
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through journalism and to speak truth to power was too strong. she switched careers and eventually graduated with a degree in print journalism from the mac university in neighboring jordan. she began her professional career working for the united nations refugee agency on her way before moving on to the voice of palestine. and then frances monte carlo radio station knows that the provided is that idea. as a relatively unknown 26 year old sharina joined al jazeera shortly after the channel launched as the military and have all of them. what i did, i said he was she seen in this clip with jerusalem bureau chief a little on monday at the introduces her to the audience both on aware of the impact she would go on to have both in life and jala had this trina barkley quickly became a household name through her coverage of the 2nd to father and the crimes committed by the israeli occupation during its invasion of romanella and surrounding cities in the early 2, thousands speaking calmly,
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yet confidently. her distinctive voice relate stories from the refugee comes in. eagle checkpoints, and even from inside israel's prisms, the more she reported the more israeli forces and subtler tried to silence her. but she never lost her composure. nor her determination. beyond palestine, shirley and also reported from cairo, london, new york and other cities around the world. she wasn't just a mentor to young girls and boys who watched her on their screens. the veteran reporter also taught journalism at beautifully at university empowering youth through education, and providing young people living under a brutal occupation with some hope that their voices will one day be heard. should he in dedicated her life to giving a voice to the voiceless? her silenced voice must now be amplified by press freedom advocates to bring her killers to justice. ah, her body may be buried, but surely in
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a barclay's name shall live on the shooting of office. could someone tell me? sharin was the 12 out there a journalist killed since the networks creation over 25 years ago. these are their names. ah, [000:00:00;00] me . ah ah,
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in ah, on accounting the costs for design macos junior effectively the philippines. what would it mean? 40 economy? yes. present, joe biden say fighting inflation is the top domestic priority. so can you bring down the cost of living and what keeping india and the doc counting the cost on outages. yeah. a
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with this one's feared war lord, during liberia's decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy he has done with treat children, has attracted their help with as protected effects from public prosecution. despite the recommendations made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country. i'm rob reynolds at the us, mexico, puerto on may 23rd the by the administration plans to terminate. title 42. that's a pandemic era policy introduced under donald trump. that allows for the immediate
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deportation of migrants in mexico will meet migrants seeking a better life. and here some of the hundreds of thousands deported yet preparing to try again. special coverage on al jazeera lou. ah ha, you're watching al jazeera that's remind you about top stories. the salad is really for says have feet and mourners carrying the body of palestinian journalist sharina, alaska. people struggled to hold on to her coffin and nearly fell to the ground. the white house says it still be disturbed by pictures of that attack on the funeral procession. press secretary gen saki says it should have been
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a day to remember the life of serene high church service and burial took place. though without incident. she was laid to rest on mount zion and occupied east jerusalem. sharon acclaim was 51 years old while palestine is ambassador to the united nations as israeli forces, target palestinians with impunity. railways, assassination of sharing is part of it's long standing well documented war of harassment, intimidation and violence against ballasting and jordan of this, this has been happening for decades and in broad daylight. we are shocked by the great loss. sharina barkley was a tail, brittany thrill blazing. jordan, it is a vibrant spirit and a kind hearted and humble human being. qualities that the occupation forces that killed her couldn't care. less about humanity. they refused to see on. meanwhile, israeli settlers have illegally stormed
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a palestinian home in the occupied west bank. dozens of people rushed into the vacant 3 story building in hebron, which was undergoing renovations. video, sho, israeli soldiers blocking palestinian residents from stopping the settlers. on thursday. israel approved plans to illegally build 4400 more homes 1st set f as in the west bank. ah, well, let's take you to some other stories now and the u. s. defense secretary has spoken to his russian counterpart for the 1st time since the invasion of ukraine, and has called for an immediate cease fire. this as ukraine starts its 1st war crimes trial of the conflict, prosecuting a russian soldier for allegedly killing an unarmed civilian. the 21 year old sergeant is accused of shooting a 62 year old ukrainian man through an open car window. if convicted,
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he could get life in prison. ukraine is looking into more than 10000 potential war crimes involving more than 600 suspects. now before the war, ukraine was seen as the world's bread basket, supplying a significant chunk of the planets, wheat, grain, and some flower oil. but the invasion has made farming difficult and cut off many supply routes. germany has also accused russia of stealing grain from eastern ukraine. huddle. hamid reports now from odessa with the coming of spring diffuse of ukraine have turned bright green, wheat and other green sprouting as far as the i can see. but even for me, is risky in a country at war workers now where safety this woman, young because of the shilling specially a dorm says that through busily he usually produces about 10000 tons of various types of grain per year. but 2022 is full of anguish. wonderful. go over most
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of our farming land is in the curse on reach. and now under russian occupation, they stole that which stopped in a warehouse as in ingrain elevators and we will lose the alterman spring crops in there is a drone video that shows my warehouses burning. we have massive losses, some colleagues till they tell me that the russians want to confiscate land and create collective farms live during soviet times. before the war, ukraine produced about a $100000000.00 tons of wheat, corn reap seats and barley per year. it was also a top producer of sunflower oil. only. 20 percent was for domestic consumption. the rest made its way to markets in china, india, the middle east and africa. but since russia's invasion, exports have nearly stopped. ukraine now is looking into other options to export and a grain. one of them would be to transported by train to
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a neighboring country. the problem is the railway system needs to be adapted. the soviet bill tracks are wider than european ones. so stalks need to be offloaded and reloaded before continuing their journey. about $25000000.00 tons a wasting in sailors around the country. since russia pulls the blockade on the black, seaports like odessa, since operations have come to a grinding halt, other married tim routes through romania or bulgaria are being considered. o craner . ah, he export coyer than villa ukraine, exports 10 to 14 per cent of world demand. we are number one in sunflower oil. now we have excess of oil and some flowers. world prices are at the historical high. if the expert question is insult soon, the prices will continue to increase the style. finding ways to rein in global prices is
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a priority at the g 7 summit. but with the war raging in the east and south of the country, where the main agricultural regions are located. production is likely to decrease by as much as 35 percent. making it one of the most urgent humanitarian crisis to be solved, to avoid shortages in global food supplies, had been made algebra. odessa. now, north korea has reported 21 new death link to its fast reported outbreak of coven. 19 people are under a nationwide lockdown after the fast official corona virus infection was announced just on thursday expense say a failure to control the spread would be devastating. since the majority of the population there is not vaccinated. while parents in the united states are growing increasingly desperate to find baby formula, there is a nation wide shortage of the critical product with no solution and fight for weeks . now the white house is stepping in to help hydrogen castro reports from
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washington. albert 4 year old albert butler wears a backpack sealed with a specialty formula that slowly feeds him 22 hours a day. his mother just butler says, this is what her son with special needs, must have to grow. it was super critical and he was an infant. and this is like the only thing that he could tolerate and was kind of the 1st time we signing gross out of him. it was on this formula, but store shells in the united states are running out of infant and toddler formula . the tracking firm data, assembly reports, there's 43 percent less of it. nationwide, pandemic supply chain problems started the trouble in a factory closure. michigan made it worse. abbot nutrition maker of the popular stimuli brand halted production after several babies got sick and 2 died after
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drinking possibly contaminated formula. the government investigated and found no further danger, but the company says it will be weeks before production resumes. butler has taken extraordinary measures to find formula for her son, even fly across the country to buy it from a woman she met online, only to be scammed. she never showed, and eventually as parents say, walking out of a store with baby formula can now feel like walking out with a goal. the forwarding has become a concern with stores now limiting how many they sell to each parents. it's important to remember that for babies on for me, this is the only food option. there is no substitute. and i think we have to probably me evaluate what critical infrastructure really means. critics have
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blamed the white house for failing to help president biden met with retailers and baby formula manufacturers on thursday, hoping to help ease the shortage. i think we're going to be in a matter of weeks or less getting significantly more formula on shelves. and the epa is also this year we're going to import and still maintain the say, the high safety stamps are now parents are making due by turning to food banks or just feeding their children less, less all work together because these are babies. you know, they got to eat for parents. there's no more urgent need than this nutrition for their hungry children. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. now sri lanka, man opposition party has refused to join a government under the new prime minister running of the crime. the finger protests continued and colombo on friday demonstrate to say that the thing has no credibility after his defeat in the last election. they also want to president
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carson by roger pox to step down. he's been blamed for sri lanka, west economic crisis in decades. at least 27 people have died in a fire that broke out in a building in india, capital city, police and new delhi say more than 40 people are in hospital. dozens of others are still missing. the blaze started on the 1st floor of the building, which mostly contains offices. now, the president of the united arab emirates on the ruler of its capital, abu dhabi has been laid to rest. the u. e. has announced 40 days of mourning for shakily, for ben zion, i'll love him. he was 73 years old. cut all of his whole young takes a look back at his life. he'd been president of the united arab emirates since 2004 . but j khalifa been cited as he was rarely seen in public. his rule became mostly ceremonial. after he suffered a stroke 10 years into his presidency. the country has begun. 40 days of mourning,
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flags will fly at half staff and ministries will close for 3 days. the law made the nation's beloved deceased leda be covered by god's mercy and may he be admitted into the wide heavens. may god grant his patience in serenity with his gradual retreat from public life, his brother of darby's, crown prince mohammed ben sigh, it became the de facto leader managing day to day affairs. but che khalifa was widely credited with helping modernize the u. s. e. he over thought economic reforms and backed the purchase of english premier league soccer club, manchester city shakily for also served as the ruler of abu dhabi, the oil ridge capital of the countries 7 emeralds, the world's tallest tower into by is named the butch khalifa in honor of the late ruler, now, leaders across the arab world have sent their condolences. according to the u. e. z constitution, the federal council,
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which groups the rulers of the 7 emirates must meet within 30 days to elect a new president. shakily for been cited as makin was 73 are turning now to our coverage of the funeral of our colleague sherry and awfully one of the people who worked very closely with her as ronnie as a bonnie, she's an older they are a producer in ramallah bureau she describes what sharina and her life meant to her . shaheen was a rock for those who needed support and voice for those who had none in the past 20 years set off worked with her. she was always down to earth 1st home the more 1st year professional. in fact, she had an eagles her own for many of the younger journalists, in fact, for most a funny, she was an idol. somebody would look up till she knows her fact. she knows the story, she knows how to connect to people. she was here,
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she lost what she did and that love was paid back in her field. and yes, i say few noticed she had money from janine to novelist to jerusalem. people would stuff the convoy, the pair bonded to be fair went through on the point i've been covering the story for a while. never seen anything off the source. people off shooting tonight at them. christians laughlin, all across the political spectrum. how many people efficiency, your average palestinian person in the street shooting, managed to get into people's hearts before getting into their homes through the screen? you know, i well this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. israeli forces have beaten
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one is carrying the body of palestinian john. this sheree and people struggled to hold onto her coffin and it nearly fell to the ground. her judge service and burial though took place without instant she was laid to rest in occupied east jerusalem. serene with 51 years old. the white house says it's deeply disturbed by pictures of that attack on the funeral procession. press secretary, jim saki says it should have been a day to remember the life of serene. we have all seen those images. they're obviously deeply disturbing. we, this is a day where we should all be marking, including everyone there, the memory of a remarkable journalist who lost her life on. we know that there is we with the disturbing footage and from the funeral procession procession. today in jerusalem, we regret the intrusion to what should have been a peaceful procession. we've earned respect for the funeral procession, the mourners and the family at the sensitive time. while an initial report by the
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israeli military says it's not ruling out the possibility that israeli soldiers all to blame fishery and steph, israeli media says the military are looking at 2 scenarios. one that sharina was hit by palestinians who 5 bullets towards israeli military vehicles. the 2nd baton israeli soldier returning fire inadvertently hit on ukraine has become it's fast war crimes trial of the conflict. and sergeant is accused of shooting an unarmed ukrainian man through an open call window. ukraine is looking into more than $10000.00 to potential war crime. north korea has reported 21 new death linked to its 1st reported outbreak of curve at 19 and also confirmed 175000 more positive cases. and 280000 people are still an oscillation. a nation wide lockdown was imposed after the 1st official corona virus infection was announced on
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thursday. although the headlines next it's fault lines. stay with me on that charter. let us know for me in the open buddy operate and they have more power than ever before. if you speak out, it's guaranteed you do retaliate against the career will be in jeopardy and european for your life. honestly, los angeles, california has been playing with gang violence for decades. it's even been called the gang capital of america. but the games are not just on the streets through lawsuits and reports, we're learning that they're gangs of officers within the eli sheriff's department, one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the us alleged gang of sheriff's deputies within the yellow county sheriff's department were talking about no home grown groups with internal deputies, they pick a tattoo that they like,
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they all get tattooed. it's exclusive, it's also secret. and as a result, they form sort of a shadow government, sometimes like a deputy gang is really just what society associates with a street gang. the only real difference is that deputy gangs, they have a badge and they are protected by long lines investigates allegations of violence and intimidation by gangs within the los angeles sheriff's department. could have a answer to the only answer to each other that you choose to get better. again. when you hear these stories, they're so different,
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but yet they're so alike. can you take me through the day and that he was killed? what happened on that day? that morning he had actually let a per circle for another individual that had passed away. and they were having a barbecue to honor this person's life. that was the reason that he was there. on august 12th 2018, a woman called 911 to say that her boyfriends watch had been stolen at gunpoint. after los angeles county sheriff's deputies arrived, they eventually came across 21 year old anthony bark. when he saw the sheriff's car, anthony ran, but he tripped and fell. the deputies chased him down and they see a fight ensued. be cleaned. anthony had a gun and shot him. 13 times. 10 times in the back. once in the arm and twice in the head,
9:36 am
i got the call. it was about 3 o'clock in the morning. we all got there. we kept asking the share of can you tell us if this is him? we stood there from 3 o'clock in the morning to 3 o'clock in the afternoon when they let me go and identify him. i was only able to see maybe a little bit lower than his eyebrow to his chin. and it was like just this little tiny piece. and once i seen that, i screamed and i fell to the floor. and that was the period halting grow. did i we have a lot of people say, well,
9:37 am
why did your kid run in our community when there's a sure of that out there at that late over time. there's a fear of being shot. so anybody is going to run from them a year and a half after anthony was killed, the eli district attorney released an investigation into his death. it found that there were no fingerprints on the gun. and dna testing was inconclusive. the burglary victim said anthony was not the person who stole his watch. still, the report concluded that the deputies acted in self defense. that's not what anthony's family beliefs. they say, the sheriff's deputies who shot him jonathan rojas and nicholas perez used excessive deadly force. they filed a lawsuit after his death, alleging the deputies were members or prospects of the banditos, who are the bundy,
9:38 am
those? it's a gang within the establish sheriff's department. these are people that are working as detectives as deputies in our communities. the vargas lawsuit claims the bandito was promoted a culture of fear, intimidation and violence inside the sheriff's department. and they say this was a major factor and anthony shooting, are you on the dos game member? no, i'm not. in depositions the deputies who shot anthony denied that they're associated with the group shooting. oh, don't believe burgess place law in order to personally understand. right. that's not why partial these people are untouchable. it's not about human life. they want exactly what every gang member wants. the power and
9:39 am
control these cleans are not new. these groups have existed in the sheriff's department for at least 50 years. the department calls and flicks are subgroups and argues that their social in nature, like a fraternity at their widely known as deputy gangs. a deputy gang is a group of law enforcement officers who band together like a traditional street gang under a common symbol against that too. often. very menissi, very violent, jumped out boys, for example, that's a tattoo of a skull holding a revolver. and for each kill a bullet and smoke is added to the chamber of the revolver. and what are the kinds of things that you have to do to become a member? you have to break the rules early, which often means racially profiling. people having unconstitutional arrests, val,
9:40 am
arising excessive use of force, shooting people. but it's done in the name of law enforcement, where the group members think they are the best, most hard working, effective law enforcement officers in the county. i believe that 85 percent of the department is not affiliated with a deputy gangs, but they're incredibly influential. since the 19 seventy's, at least 18 deputy gangs have existed in the sheriff's department, some of which are still active, probably the most reported on as the banditos or the executioners, but they are new ones that are created probably every year. i would say it seemed to cluster around areas of los angeles, where there are lots of people of color,
9:41 am
easily low income. there are no deputy gangs in malibu when deputy sat in a deposition of europe cubby, executioners would celebrate a bars after a deputy shot someone in any barguss's shooting is not in the case alleging the involvement of eli deputy gangs this latest shooting of rogers were. others have also gotten coverage. was that done by the member or austin on the execution traffic in lawsuits. diabetes of alleged that. those who want to join a gang often engage in aggressive policing. there is no history. violet, hey, in the series. according to her report by leo law, school, sheer of stations with active gangs had the highest rates of deputy involved shootings. a more than 80 percent of those shot were black or latino. our name i am the ems of anthony vargas with d. i'm finding a last, i had
9:42 am
a lot of big family that have experienced the exact same violence from st sheriff's department. if they didn't have it, it will step up now and put something in place. let me take a time east los angeles where anthony was killed has had the highest number of deputy involved shootings in the county since 2016. according to lula. in court testimony, deputies have said that the banditos controlled the station around the time of his fatal shooting. we went to easterly station to see if we could learn more about the banditos and the culture. here. deputy david bent though has been with the ally sheriff's department for 10 years, so we're going to be in this car right here. okay. he transferred to the east tele station 6 months ago. you obviously
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had to deal with a lot of street gangs. right. so then if you hear people saying, oh, there's gangs within the sheriff's department, but as a where show me. oh yeah. yeah. so why do you think they're saying i have no idea. i'm not saying that there's never any bad people in the sheriff or i think there's bad with in any profession i haven't personally experienced. and so i, i can tell you. but if someone say there's game theory still, it's a showing war. kennedy hall, an incident that happened in this building brought out some of the most detailed and damming claims against the banditos to date. in september 2018, the easily station hosted a party here for new deputies. by the end of the night, young officers had angered alleged banditos during their training were beaten up in this parking lot. at least 2 of them were taken to the hospital.
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after the assault 8 deputies filed a lawsuit against the county saying the ban, depos arning, legal, racist, and sexist criminal organization that engages and intimidation, harassment, and bullying. and that the even encourage planting guns on victims. they see, after they complained of the county they were retaliated against, and the benito, with held back up on dangerous halls, stole the bullet proof best of a deputy, and left dead rats outside their huts. monega died bad. did you say to this? elly sheriff's deputy told us they worked closely with members of the banditos. they decided to come forward for their 1st on camera interview, but asked us to hide their identity for fear of retaliation, which they say is ramping in a department. in off duty lug nuts on the world over that means personal vehicles
9:45 am
so that the milk and ball often goes before these people are thugs. they are not who says that the los angeles county are counting to protect them when deputies try to join, the gang is called chasing inc, referring to the tattoo, was chasing and have anything to do with being in boardman shootings. if you get involved in shootings and situations where your united states or they respect and if you are chasing in, we're going to look for trouble and doing that. looking for trouble. getting involved and shootings will help you get into a deputy gang dot entering your tate. ah, why did you feel like it was important to speak out and share this information with us because of how boldly sherbie in water defense,
9:46 am
the guys i heedless heartedly the power that the whole worked out. alex villanueva worked at the easterly station, early in his career. he was elected in 2018. the come in the latest in a string of eli county sheriff's, who's had to address concerns about deputy gangs, even share of alex the and wait. all the local news reporter that the believe those were in charge at the time the candy hall attack pretty much they were, they were calling the shots. they were dictating the decisions of the station. and that as a very bad outcome, obviously in february of 2020, i approve the permit policy a little over a year into his terms. he create a policy prohibiting deputies from joining what he calls clicks. any employee who aligns with a clicker sub group which engages in any form of misconduct will be held accountable
9:47 am
. but it's unclear if anyone has been disciplined or terminated under the policy we went to ask sure if you knew about what exactly has been accomplished around these groups, the social function people band together, unit price, he says the issue is overblown. pottery in the absence of good supervision. yes, it could be harmful, but other groups that have tattoos. in fact, all of them engage in charitable activities. he told us internal affairs investigation found no misconduct by the deputies and the shooting of anthony vargas. there was no wrongdoing. if they're not engaged in misconduct, there's no action for employer to be involved. which means the department won't investigate the deputies in one of these groups. unless a crime has been committed. i don't make decisions based on perception. any facts, evidence, if someone uses a gun unlawfully because of in furtherance of again, i have never ever seen that. the allegations have been there, men made there by plaintiffs attorneys because they get to add more zeros to the
9:48 am
check. when the county settles. you're telling me that somebody who lost a loved one, that their motive is purely financial. well, if your love one fought with the deputies, armed and the depth is we're able to overcome the resistance and they resort to the deadly force. at some point i have to say time is exists, accept the facts in don't tarnish your organization because you just cannot accept that. i'm sorry, but that's bullcrap. i'm not gonna sit here and i'm not going except that he knows there's a gang within his department's. he knows that he needs to do something about it and my son deserved better. he had aspirations. now he wanted to be the next barbecue pit master. amazing cook
9:49 am
o growing up his siblings is to pick on him because he was such a mama's boy. and as he became a preteen, he became a grandma's boy. one. he was very jolly, always helping. now were left here wondering how my son would have been what they did to him was not fair. and what we believe is when done in darkness comes to like, what we all call me for you to understand. you don't give hillary children or kill the individual. we're taking down the whole family. and now we're going to pick up the pieces just like when you do an investigation, you want people to walk away with you. where did with notice families when he answers even the inspector general bloss angelus, whose job is to provide oversight of the sheriff's department, says he's been left in the dark,
9:50 am
asked about them our ability to investigate which is granted by state law and local law has been completely shut down by the current church administration, how by refusing to respond to subpoenas by refusing to provide document or instructing people to refute. so he's saying that you need all the facts, but he's blocking you from getting all the facts at gra, view bandido investigation. so this is the report as you can in his report, he says, an internal investigation by the sheriff's department almost completely ignored evidence of the bandito role in the kennedy hall attack. deputies refused to speak . that's an example of a code of silence that is enforced from above. he says that sheer villanueva has promoted a culture of intimidation, that extends to oversight. officials like him to that, that sweeps for bugs. because i get informants telling me that he's are bugging my e mails. he has
9:51 am
a team are politically charged investigation team and the way they work. as the sheriff announces the target, he tells the public, the person's a criminal. and in that team goes and tries to make the stick in court. i wrote a report about on him re hiring a deputy, a gang member, a guy who had previously been fired and they put me under criminal investigation. one actually was just doing my job. why do you think that he did that was a message he was trying to send you? ah gang bustling is not appreciated. oversight is not appreciated. who did not want us to be able to collect information. he wants to be the only source of information for the sheriff's department. everything is legally in titled we, as he says that you blocked him. and information is at abilene high workspace, is a joke. sheriff in weavers office did not respond to the claim that he bugged. the inspector general's e mails are here. instead, they said that he's repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to transparency and
9:52 am
accountability even before i was sworn in, i stopped at east l. a station which was a source of all the trouble regarding the kennedy hall incident here viewed way by said he fired for people and suspended others after the kennedy hall as always transferred a toll of 36 personnel from easterly station. he also maintains that he broke up the banditos by moving deputies to different stations. but according to sworn testimony from the captain of the station at the time, those transfers were not disciplinary. what's more documents that fault lines exclusively obtained after interview with charity and waver, seemed to confirm that they showed that in 2019, after the kennedy hall incident, several alleged bandito members were promoted or transferred to coveted assignments . positions which lead to a pay raise or can help advance
9:53 am
a deputies career if you're a sergeant groom tenant, if you work in homicide, these are how you repay positions is a lot of money. deputies all right now making $250000.00. so what does that tell you? it's house meet that it pays to be a deputy game rubber. we asked european, we was office about this, but they did not respond directly and touted his policy prohibiting clicks, sheriffs, he in a way of a is a symptom. but the cause is much older than him. 50 years of deputy gangs in los angeles county is a failure at every level from every are of los angeles county government. which is why we are where we are right now with an out of control problem. but it can be tackled if they would simply release the information about who is affiliated. he
9:54 am
didn't deserve what happened to him. okay, we were not able to independently verify of deputy rojas, and for as are part of the banditos. and the attorneys did not respond to questions . we sent them the people that murdered him don't deserve to be in the streets. what we do know is since the shooting of anthony vargas, they were promoted to training officers, putting them in a position of power over new deputies. and in december 2019 deputy perez, and another officer shot and killed a 25 year old man in east los angeles. it gives us a rage because these are people that were supposed to be here to protect. and sir, i want to know who were they protecting other than themselves? who are they serving the sheriffs that actually killed my son?
9:55 am
are still in our community. we've all seen them. sheriffs drive by in front of our house after they murdered my nephew and face no consequence. we now know what they're capable of. all my family has been wearing body cameras now, so that if anything should happen, we have everything documented. we've lived our entire lives in east. i'll lay there are gangs harry. now we're not afraid of the gangs in the streets where more on the lookout for the gangs with the badges. my family comes out every week. sometimes they come out 3 times a week. just to make sure you know that the tree can grow nice and healthy. if man, thank you all. i missile my crazy the vargas family is determined to take their case to trial. being able to look
9:56 am
those officers in the face to have other people judged them the way they judged. my son is what we want. we can walk away with not getting a penny and we're fine with it. okay, so eve are here today for our special meeting on deputy gangs in los angeles sheriff's department did the special meeting is an effort for us for us to really try to hear from of with there are ongoing investigations into gangs within the los angeles sheriff's department so he really was one of them is by the civilian oversight commission, out of your bins at all. my nephew anthony was 21 when he was executed by 2 yeast alisha deputies from charles to target and murder him as an entryway into the deputy gang known as a banditos. instead of being held accountable, the deputies are being rewarded, eradicate deputy gangs. thank you. pam, we've been doing this for 3 years. i give you
9:57 am
a raise your everything out. so it becomes part of a grieving process for us. we want anthony story to get out there because we want other people to take the strength. how many times have you seen a person in a gang related shooting? get shot, 13 times. people need to start rising up in our communities and speaking on what's going on here because we need to take our street back and away from these criminals . nothing in this world that we can do is going to bring back my son. but i'll be damned if my son's life is going to be in me. i'm going to fight hard to make sure that this doesn't happen to another family. i
9:58 am
so that light emitted from history kept alive only in the family tales if those who survived is hard to believe for people with these done the same story as the polish women and children who endured the siberian glass of refuge in africa, never to return again an epic or to see if was the memory is our homeland on al jazeera. hello. we have large, clear skies across much of the middle east. it is essentially dry, but that's i me, the half of it, because we do have some very brisk winds. continuing that stiff shamal blowing right down at east side of saudi arabia coming out of iraq, temperatures here in dough hard around 35 degrees celsius. been not at all pleasant because those winds really quite fierce. they eas, off a little as we go on through were sunday, still gonna be quite a breezy, having said that,
9:59 am
but at least won't be as much lifted dust and sand temperatures here and down 34 celsius. picking up to 42 in baghdad, just around the limit where we've seen temperatures getting up into the mid thirties here as well. dust also an issue across northern parts of africa, particularly towards the northeast where you see this little area of cloud, sloshy dry here. but there's that hamilton wind, that northeast wind blowing in across chad, across the cher, northern parts of our nigeria, plenty a shower santa central and southern parts of nigeria. been in togo, seeing some of those showers along with ivory coast, through garner all the way across into liberia showers, continue to across. so central africa, not as widespread as they should be. southern parts are largely dry, but some showers there for decent cape. ah, how does states control information? how does the narrative inform public opinion?
10:00 am
how is citizen journalism we framing the story? be it online on air or in print, listening, post dissects the media on al jazeera. ah, we regret the intrusion to what should have been a peaceful procession. um, you should white house response, full shores of condemning the is why the attack on lorna's during a funeral for algebra journalists, sharina blockhead! stream was like to lay to rest and occupied east jerusalem. 2 days after she was shot dead by his rifle. ah,


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