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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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ah, how does states control information? how does the narrative inform public opinion? how is citizen journalism we framing the story? be it online on an o in point for listening post dissects the media on al jazeera. ah, we regret the intrusion to what should have been a peaceful procession. you should. whitehouse response fall short of condemning the israeli attack on morning. during the funeral for algebra journalists, sharina blockhead, stream was late to lay to rest and occupy at east jerusalem. 2 days after she was shot dead by israeli.
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ah, other i'm kimbell, this is al jazeera live from dough. tensions remain high is the anniversary of israel's creation approaches marked by palestinians as the knock bomb catastrophe. so a heads obese and india make to arrest software. at least 27 people are killed. and then you deli building with i'll just our agenda. sharina blocker has been laid to rest of the mourners were denied a peaceful farewell israeli police attacks the funeral procession nearly forcing pull bearers to drop sharina casket. the veteran journalist was shot in the hand by is ready forces on wednesday or covering, arrayed in the occupied west bank. stephanie dec reports from occupied eastern wisdom. oh thousands. came to say their goodbyes.
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many her feeling then you should read personally. that's how much you connected with her audience telling the story of her people. oh and now becoming the story a. 2 even though that what he's doing is a new time and they feel help with the occupation, she reported on oh, just as the coffin started its final journey to the church. ah, mourners were pushed and beaten by his ready forces as a storm the hospital square, the pull berries retreating, her coffin nearly falling to the ground. ah!
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for to police in riot gear. on horseback, baffling scenes. at least one men pulled out of the hearse. is really forces also removing the palestinian flag that i knew they were not going to let this day go by peacefully. i was on the frontline when we were trying to exit the hospital while they were carrying her casket and a troop. they world stage a stormed and they were beating up everyone. it was very frightening to be honest, who is also tension when sharina body arrived outside the church in the christian quarter of the old city crowds filling the small streets. this ancient city a
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but once the coffin made it inside, granted more peace shooting the bodily brooch, the message of every post in our suffering dog, brigitte, of life not to be associated, but to be nurtured. c c i blackly was shot dead in the occupied west bank along an assignment in the jenin refugee camp. her funeral procession was joined by thousands of palestinians, a show of the widespread affection and admiration she had earned to her years of putting on their lights. a tree nebraska was buried next to her parents at the mount zion cemetery. both her parents died in the early stages of her career and never knew how loved and respected she become. the crowds have gone, the family has gone. sherman's grave has now been sealed, but even after her death, she continued to tell the palestine story. stephanie decorah jazeera in occupied
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east jerusalem, norway's ambassador to israel coils has added to widespread condemnation of the funeral attack. he tweeted that he was shocked by the violent conduct of israeli police and attacks against journalist our attacks against freedom of speech and democracy. and independent new air sen, bernie sanders, who votes with the democrats treated same, but the funeral attack as an outrage. he added that the united states must can damage the biden administration, though stopped short of that referring to what happened as disturbing and an intrusion as our white house correspondent, kimberly halgert as mourners. attending journalists, sharina clay funeral were attacked by israeli security forces. white house for a secretary gen saki, simply called it an intrusion, but refused to condemn the attacks called these images deeply disturbing of israeli police feeding mourners who are carrying this casket that we regret the intrusion.
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you condemn the actions. i think when we said they were disturbing, we, obviously we're not, we're not justifying them, but i think i will leave my comments at what i said, go ahead. but her answers didn't sit well with reporters who pressed for an explanation as to why president biden is allowing israel a u. s. allies received billions annually and military funding to treat sharina funeral and the investigation into her death, an american citizen. with such disrespect, when american journalists, i've given you a green, nobody wait for investigation in their house to the russians. why is trying to get away with this? why not put in put an independent wiring opinions, not be the history cable, but in this, in itself, we understand that there are investigations by both sides. we've offered our assistance to the israelis, to the palestinians, and we are prepared to provide that. should they want it still, when asked if president biden had even contacted sharina family or if he would use
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his leverage with the israelis to bring sharina killers to account. this was the answer that the president, any plan to speak with. he's really government directly from the ongoing investigation. i don't have any cause to predict at this point. the president himself appeared a short time later, but had little to add. i don't know all the detail, but i know it has to be investigated. indeed, despite an american journalist being killed, president biden refused to condemn the attacks on mourners at her funeral. even as earlier in the day, president biden met with king of della of jordan in the oval office to discuss the escalation of violence between israelis and palestinians. in the region go live now to mon calling, who's in the flashpoint shake, draw neighborhood of occupied east jerusalem abroad. what was the feeling there
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today given everything that happened around the funeral yesterday, and looking ahead to the mocking of the knock ball. well, there's only really one word that anybody is using. certainly palestinian is using amazon. devastated, devastated that sharina barclays. a funeral was not a dignified one. that it was actually a fraught with violence from the israeli forces. those pictures that we've seen are from the hospital not far away from where i'm standing right now. just up that hill over there where moon is the pallbearers were actually attacked as they carried sharon's casket out into the courtyard of the hospital. them there, she left the hospital at that stage. they were in the courtyard. and these really forces moved in those pitchers have shocked a palestinian. certainly, if you take the temperature of palestinian social media, once again is the word devastation that comes to mind. these images are going to
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reverberates for a very, very, very long time. not because of the shocking nature of the pitches themselves, but the fact that israeli forces, i didn't even respect somebody in death. now that's a real big issue for palestinians, and that's something that they will be talking about for a long time. but for serene elbow or clay herself, even in death, she managed to highlight what it was like, living under occupation, living in the israeli occupation. not just that incident that but when the i am the casket arrived by a car to the church in jeff gates in the old city palestinians who being arrested from me hoisting up the palestinian flag. now when the casket came in, it was in a car. the palestinian flag was raised in the rear window. these ready for suspects that re window that was glass all over the casket. that was her funeral. and that is something is really shocking. the palestinians are like, i say, this isn't just
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a one day to day event. this will be remembered in the palestinian history. interns . i thank you for that. and man con, are from the sector on neighborhood. ok. paste harrison the un security council made no mention of israel in its response to sharina of death misstatement. it said it strongly condemned the killing of palestinian american journalist. sure enough wallclear and that it conveyed its sympathy and deepest condolences to shriek family. it also called for an immediate thorough, transparent, fair, and impartial investigation to her killing and reiterated the journalists should be protected as civilians or an initial report by the israeli military says it's difficult to determine the exact source of gunfire which killed serene. but it's not rolling out fault by israeli soldiers, according to israeli media. the minute trees inquiry is looking at 2 scenarios. one that sharing was hit by palestinians who find bullets toward israeli on the vehicles. and in the 2nd, it's considering whether and it's ready soldier,
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personally history, when returning fire. witnesses and the palestinian health ministry fisheries was hit by an israeli bullet. one of the people who work closely with serena's rania is albany and l g r a producer in ramallah bureau. she describes what sri meant to her sheen was a rock for those who needed support voice for those who had none in the past 20 years. that i've worked with her, she was always a down to earth, person, humble, smart, 1st year professional. in fact, she had the legal her own for many of the younger journalists. in fact, for most of us, she wasn't either somebody would come to. she knows her fact, she knows the story, she knows how to connect to people. she was here, she loved what she did and that love was paid back in here. few and yes,
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i say funeral discourse. she had many from janine annapolis to run back to jerusalem. people with stuff, the convoy, the pair bonded to fade away through roses. on the convoy, i've been covering the story for a while and have never seen anything of the sort. people laugh, she she, united them, christians, muslims, all across the political spectrum to him asked if people additions, your average palestinian person in the street surely managed to get into people's hearts before getting into their homes through the screen of hello. there's a little bit of everything going on in the weather across europe. we've got some light heat to the south last, the clear skies here, little more cloud, further north than some rain. and in fact, cold enough to snow over the mountains in north norway for example, quite a ways on the ice abbas here. so brisk wesley wind coming through it between we got
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this cold front just wriggling its way across. central positive. you're still seeing some live showers. some summary down paul sent your possibility here. pushing down into the balkans to was more than positive grace around the outs. want to shower still there just around the paradise northern parts of spy further north . jen marie fine. andrew, i temperatures in london getting up to 22 degrees celsius, just noticed a little clutch of storms on satellite. developing around the breast peninsula may be going on into sunday. we will see what is his sandwiches pushing up, cross england ad whiles, but not very too badly. and for the med, it stays fine and dry with plenty of sunshine, mossy dried, say, with a good deal of sunshine across much of north africa. but a brisk ne leeway and hamilton wind blowing across the sahara, running a ride across northern parts of nigeria through chad, through news. yeah. lots of showers around the gulf with guinea all the way through liberia. ah
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frank assessments, what are the political risks of banning russian oil, a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports. such informed opinions is not abandoning to fight against jedi, still resumed media. they're going to be acting from missouri and from chad. critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou? ah
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your judge is there a reminder of our top stories? this our i'll just our journalist sharina barclays, has been laid to rest and occupied east jerusalem. 3 days after she was shot and killed by israeli forces. thousands gathered for a funeral on friday. sharon's funeral procession was disrupted when is ready, force is attacked. morn is carrying a casket that strong widespread condemnation, but a mutant response from the u. s. at least 27 people have been killed in a building fire in india's capitol. police in new delhi say more than 40 people are in hospital and dozens more. the rescued the flame started on 1st floor, which mostly contains offices i was the final day of the g. 7 foreign ministers meeting in germany, ukraine's representative has been holding talks about getting more support and increased pressure on russia. the foreign policy chief is announced a further $520000000.00 and military aid. a diplomatic editor james base has more
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from vice and house in northern germany. the french foreign minister said the purpose of this g 7 meeting was to support ukraine in its war with russia. until this victory, the leaders discussed fresh military support with the european union proposing a further payment of over $500000000.00 for new heavy weaponry with the global food crisis growing the e. u is also working on plans to use rail roots to export the grain, which is trapped in storage in ukraine. the use hi representative, joseph barrell told me it was a matter of urgency. the wall that pens of ships block in your cranium, port. my de russian navy, tons of wheat has been destroyed and burn or stolen and brought to russia. they do law me. foot crisis is a crisis created by the war. and we need to take 1000 of tons of wit after
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ukraine, my and rail since her many time and wrote is closed due to the russian navy activities attending this meeting alongside the g 7 foreign ministers, the metro caliber, the foreign minister of ukraine. he'll be travelling soon to brussels, where the e u is proposing a ban on russian oil imports. he gave me his reaction to the fact that hunger is prime minister, victor, or ban is threatening to veto the plan even though his country has been given an exemption. his ear moment of truth will come and we will see where the hungary was blocking the oil embargo because of its national concerns and the attempt to come with it to make the union accommodate them. or they are doing it for some other reasons of higher political consideration. if all
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goes ahead and be toes this package, what action should you take? well, i'm afraid. the european union will face a precedent. the risk of creating a precedent when the unity was broken and when the unity on russia was broken and this will be the 1st such case since 2014. i believe that it will cause a lot of damage for the european union itself. mister columbus says he's also received a positive response from the g 7 to his demand for seas russian assets to be used to pay for the reconstruction of his country. after nearly 3 months of war, james bay's al jazeera vice in the house in northern germany. before the war, ukraine was seen as the world's bread basket, supplying a significant slice of the planet's wheat and grained it, since the invasion exports blocks and finding it difficult and dangerous. hold the
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meat revolts from odessa with the coming of spring, the fields of ukraine have turned bright green, wheat and other grains sprouting as far as the i can see. but even farming is risky in a country at war workers now where safety vest maha will mark yon because of this shelling, specially at dawn, says beth rowe. beth, very cool. he usually produces about $10000.00 tons of various types of grain per year. but 2022 is full of anguish when the funds go over, most of our farming land is in the curse on reach. and now under russian occupation, they stole that which stopped in a warehouse as in ingrain elevators and we will lose the alterman spring crops in there is a drone video that shows my warehouses burning. we have massive losses, some colleagues till they tell me that the russians want to confiscate land and create collective farms live during soviet times. before the
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war, ukraine produced about a $100000000.00 tons of wheat, corn reap seats and barley per year. it was also a top producer of sunflower oil. only. 20 percent was for domestic consumption. the rest made its way to markets in china, india, the middle east and africa. but since russia's invasion, exports have nearly stopped. ukraine now is looking into other options to export the grain. one of them would be to transported by train to a neighboring country. the problem is the railway system needs to be adapted. the soviet bill tracks are wider than european ones. so stalks need to be offloaded and reloaded before continuing their journey about $25000000.00 tons or wasting in silos around the country. since russia bows
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the blockade under black seaports like odessa. since operations have come to a grinding halt, other married tim routes through romania or bulgaria are being considered. o craner . ah, he explore toys, umbrella, ukraine exports 10 to 14 percent of world demand. we are number one in sunflower oil. now we have excess of oil and sunflowers. world prices are at a historical high. if the expert question is insult soon, the prices will continue to increase the style. finding ways to rain in global prices is a priority at the g 7 summit. but with the war raging in the east and south of the country where demain, agricultural regions are located, production is likely to decrease by as much as 35 percent. making it one of the most urgent humanitarian crisis to be solved, to avoid shortages in global food supplies,
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adapted hamid al jazeera odessa. the u. s. defense secretary has spoken to the russian defense minister for the 1st time since the invasion of ukraine. he called for an immediate cease fire. this is ukraine started its 1st war crimes trial of the contracts. the government is prosecuting a russian soldier. the 21 year old sergeant is accused of shooting a 62 year old civilian to an open car window. if convicted, he faces life in prison. turkish president friendship type ottawa says he opposes sweden and finland joining nato because they host when he called terrorist organizations made the comments a day off and then it would apply to join the block in suite and said it may follow suit. turkey has criticized european countries in the past for how they handle organizations like the curtis p, k, k and y, p g. any decision on increasing major memberships must be agreed by all members. on the switch on the unit, we don't hold positive views previous turkeys. governments made
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a mistake about gracious membership and you know greece's current attitude towards turkey by nato. we don't want to repeat similar mistakes. furthermore, can even countries, a guest houses for terrorist organizations, members of the p k, k and the h k, p. c. harden in sweden and netherlands, the even members of the color and in some countries, at this point is not possible for us to take it positive you. at least 10 soldiers have been killed by a rocket, said had a military boss in northwest in syria and happened in the higher area. west of an apple northwest in syria is the last major stronghold of rebel groups fighting the government. the country's 11 year long war 40 days of morning has begun in the united arab emirates after the death of president shake holly for bins. i had to ask him. the 73 year old had been in paulson succeeding his father and 2004 public and private work places will close for 3 days. north korea has reported
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21 new death linked to its latest outbreak of coven 19. it also confirmed another 175000 positive cases. a nation wide lockdown was imposed after the 1st official infection was announced on thursday. expert say a failure to control the spread would be devastating. the majority of the population is not vaccinated. leasing the somali capital market issue are imposing a curfew ahead of an election on sunday. the government says on groups the threatening attacks to disrupt the process and the parliament, due to electronics president, the most delayed process. we have politicians select, then you need it has been not by violence and allegations of corruption. malcolm web takes a look at some of the candidates shake. sharif amid was president of somalia, once before. and he wants to be president again. his government was credited with developing somalis, constitution, and building the national army after the central government crowns in 1991. it was
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criticized for corruption. i want to build a government. it gives me rights to all the somali people and provide security and justice to this morning for trying to include all political functions and for specific policies. shake serif is widely seen as one of the strongest contenders is one of 39 candidates who have registered their post line. this 3 in mogadishu, one of them will go on to lead a government that doesn't control much of somalia beyond here, the capital sways of the country side a control by the on group our bob tamales. don't even get to vote in this election . its members of parliament who will elect the president and the members of parliament were selected by clan representatives. everyone familiar with the process say it's been mod 5 vote buying and corruption. another form,
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a president. shake mood, running a new se widely seen as a possibly winner. when he was in office, you an investigator said, hi, this individual embezzled. lost some of the money from the central bank. let's check the gun. the got once a peace activist, he's known as a negotiator and says men, the risk between money is federal state incoming president mohammed up july, for my job is running again. he's lost support in parliament. his opponent say he's divisive, made some money is on the conflict worth brought economic decline. he's promising change retiree play minister on the farm as i fell out, your opponent contender. the final outcome of the vote depends on who ends up supporting who it's very difficult to predict, you know, potential alliances. at this stage, i think a lot of back room deals and under the table deals are happening as we speak and
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they will continue to happen until the 11th hour, just before dawn on sunday morning. so continue to make deals. members of parliament votes on sunday, in a series of up to 3 rounds in the safety of mortgage issues green zone. far removed from most somalis, the regions, worst drought in decades is just one of the many challenges faced by millions of people. and by some money is next leader malcolm web. al jazeera, mogadishu, somalia, and lebanon goes to the polls on sunday. and the 1st election since it's economic meltdown began in 2019. this protest, the powerful political establishment has hung on to power. and that's raise concerns about possible while asians of the electoral process or so. so da reports from these people are working to safeguard democracy in the head of the elections on sunday. they are making the final preparations to ensure that the electoral
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process is fair and transparent. and that's not an easy task in a deep polarized country, where securing and loyalty is perhaps the leading driving force for people when casting their wards, the lebanese association for the more graphic elections who lead is largely founded by european countries. then alba is responsible for coordinating and overseen all activities of the association and she believes that corruption is also hurt in democracy in lab or not. we have some sort of claim to stick with an asian ship between the voters and their and peace and they are candidates. if i give you money, you have to vote for me or i not give you this money. i can provide you a service my being a by inserting you by appointing you and a certain position in the public sector. if you don't vote for me, i wouldn't you not get this job. ah,
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lebanon has been subjected to chronic political instability for the last several years. that led to large scale demonstrations against a political elite, ultimately forcing the government to resign. in the following year at the state in exclusion at port b, ruth killed 2018 people further deteriorating the already crippled economy and different in the political instability. the elections on sunday or do seem by many as a litmus test for real change and affords are on the way to avoid frown relations and irregularities. the minister of interior is in charge of ensuring the transparency of his elections. they are what america we thrust billy, bunny people, and i was security forces. we will observe every detail during the election day. it is our people's right to have a transparent election that their voice and decision is the ultimate power. the law will be in place for those who try to violate through us. however, there is
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a deep mistrust in state institutions, including the judiciary, as most people believe they are all deeply pulled sized. despite a series of measures taken by the interior ministry, series concerns remain about possible violations of the electoral process. people here say there is no real returns mechanism to prevent irregularities. and as in lebanon, political parties have rarely been held accountable for their actions. there is little hope that this time will be different. crystal, c, r o 0 battle. making fun much more on our web sites, where there is a section dedicated to sharing a block there honoring her life and the global reaction to her death. the address that is al jazeera dot com ah, this is out there, and these are the top stories of their journals. sharina barkley has been laid to
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rest and occupied east jerusalem. 3 days after she was shot and killed by israeli forces. thousands gathered for her funeral on friday. it's ruins. funeral procession was disrupted when israeli forces attacked more news carrying her casket and strolled widespread condemnation. a mutiny response from the us run car is near the hospital where israeli forces.


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