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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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oh, i out there a select ah, both of them told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera. ah, we regret the intrusion to what should have been a peaceful procession. a muted white house response full sort of condemning the israeli attack on mourners. during the funeral for al jazeera journalist, sharina block there. ah, hi there, i'm kim vanessa. this is angela from dough also coming up. sharin was slater laid to rest and occupied east jerusalem. 2 days after she was shot dead by israeli forces. tensions remained high as the anniversary of israel's creation approaches
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marked by palestinians as the knock. bah, catastrophe and u. s. parents trying to keep their babies fed demand solutions to a wide spread formula shortage. ah, i'll just our journal is sharina block layer has been laid to rest after morning with denied a peaceful farewell. is may, the police attach the funeral procession merely forcing poor bearers to drop sharina casket. the veteran journalist was shot in the head by is reading forces on wednesday or covering arrayed in the occupied westbank. stephanie decker reports from occupied east. jerusalem. o. thousands came to say their goodbyes. many who are feeling then you sharina personally. that's how much you connected with her audience. telling the story of her people
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and now becoming the story. i read a whole lot of people around the world. how can us people know that what israel's doing is a good time and they feel help with the occupation she long reported on her just as the coffin started its final journey to the church. ah, mourners were pushed and beaten by his ready forces as a storm the hospital square, the pull berries retreating, her coffin nearly falling to the ground. ah! for to police in riot gear. on horseback, baffling scenes. at least one man pulled out of the hearse. is really forces also
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removing the palestinian flag there. i knew they were not going to let this day go by peacefully. i was on the frontline when we were trying to exit the hospital while they were carrying her casket and a true they were on stage a stormed in and they were beating up everyone. it was very frightening to be honest, who is also tension when she reads body arrived outside the church in the christian quarter of the old city crowds filling the small streets. this ancient city. oh, oh that once the coffin made it inside, granted more peace shooting the broadly bro, the message of every palestinian. oh, suffering, don't forget to fly, not to be assassinated,
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but to be nurtured. c c i blackly was shot dead in the occupied west bank along an assignment in the janine refugee camp, her funeral procession was joined by thousands of palestinians issue of the widespread affection and admiration she had earned to her years of putting on their lights. oh, she never actually was buried next to her parents at the mount zion cemetery. both her parents died in the early stages of her career and never knew how loved and respected she become. the crowds of gone, the family has gone. sharon's grave has now been sealed, but even after her death she continued to tell the palestine story. stephanie decker al jazeera in occupied east jerusalem. shake durand neighborhood of occupied east jerusalem is one of the city's biggest flash points to the forced eviction of palestinian families. there around con is there with more reaction to friday's
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events? well, there's only really one word that anybody is using. certainly palestinian is using amazon, devastated, devastated. though sharon, a barclays of funeral, was not a dignified one. that it was actually a fraught with violence from the israeli forces. those pictures that we've seen from the hospital not far away from where i'm standing right now, just up the hill over there. where are morn is the pull barrows were actually attacked as they carried sharon's casket out into the courtyard of the hospital and there she left the hospital at that stage. they were in the courtyard and he's really forces moved in those pictures have shocked her. palestinian certainly, if you take the temperature of palestinian social media again is the word devastation that comes to mind. these images are going to reverberate for a very, very, very long time. not because of the shocking nature of the pitches themselves,
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but the fact that israeli forces i didn't even respect somebody in death. now that's a real big issue for palestinians, and that's something that they will be talking about for a long time. but for serene elbow clay herself, even in death, she managed to highlight what it was like, living under occupation, living on the israeli occupation. not just that insulin there. but when the, the casket arrived by a call to the church. and jeff gates in the old city allison you were being arrested for mealy hoisting up the palestinian flag. and a statement of the european union said it's appalled by what happened during the funeral. part of it reads the e condemns the disproportionate use of force and the disrespectful behavior by the israeli police against the participants of the morning procession. allowing for a peaceful farewell without harassment and humiliation is minimal human respect and independent us senator bernie sanders, who votes with the democrats. tweeted saying that the funeral attack is an outrage
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. he added the united states must condemn as the biden administration, though stopped short of that referring to what happened as disturbing and an intrusion has i want house corresponding kimberly how could as mourners attending journalists sharina clay funeral were attacked by israeli security forces. white house for a secretary gen saki, simply called it an intrusion, but refused to condemn the attacks called these images deeply disturbing of israeli police beating mourners who are carrying this casket. he said that we regret the intrusion, you condemn these actions. i think when we said they were disturbing, we, obviously we're not, we're not justifying them, but i think i will leave my comments at what i said, go ahead. but her answers didn't sit well with reporters who pressed for an explanation as to why president biden is allowing israel a u. s. allies receive billions annually in military funding to treat sharina
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funeral and the investigation into her death, an american citizen. with such disrespect, when american journalists, i've given you a green nobody way for investigation, this is their house to the russians. why is trying to get away with this? why not put in put an independent wiring opinions not be the history cable in an investigating itself. we understand that there are investigations by both sides. we've offered our assistance to the israelis, to the palestinians, and we are prepared to provide that. should they want it still, when asked if president biden had even contact as sharina family, or if he would use his leverage with the israelis to bring sharina killers to account. this was the answer that the president, any plan to speak with you really government directly from the ongoing investigation. i don't have any cause to predict at this point in time. the president himself appeared a short time later but had little to add. i don't know all the detail,
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but i know it has to be investigated. indeed, despite an american journalist being killed, president biden refused to condemn the attacks on mourners at her funeral. even as earlier in the day, president biden met with king of della of jordan in the oval office to discuss the escalation of violence between israelis and palestinians. in the region. the un security council made no mention of israel in its response to sharing of death. and a statement had said it strongly condemned the killing of palestinian american journalist sharina blackly. and that it conveyed sympathy and deepest condolences to shriek family. it also called for an immediate thorough, transparent, and fair and impartial investigation into her killing. the reiterated bit journalists should be protected as civilians. an initial report by the israeli military says it's difficult to determine the exact source of gunfire which killed
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sharing. it's not rolling out fault by israeli soldiers, according to israeli media, and the minute trees inquiry is looking at 2 scenarios. one that sharin was hit by palestinian to 5 bullets towards is way the army vehicles in the 2nd. it's considering whether and is ready soldier inadvertently hit serene when returning fire. witnesses and the palestinian health ministry facial marine was hit by and israeli police are the in c s is an old fessor at queens university in toronto, canada. he says hearings killing and the attack during her funeral are astounding to have knowledge of the fact that a journalist doing her job, covering events unoccupied palestine for the past 2 decades. with gun down simply for that purpose. to stop her from reporting on the matter. that's one thing. it's quite another to see the response of the occupying power. it's police, it's authorities occupied jerusalem and to,
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to do what they did during the funeral procession to violently be civilians. paul bearers who are simply just trying to bring the body of the deceased, killed reporter to our final resting place. i. i was struck done by my at all. i'm served with the united nations in occupies palestine and lucan truce for over a decade. i'm very familiar with the area, look as an occupied territory, the occupying power. israel is not sovereign in that territory cannot as a matter of international law be sovereign and therefore it goes out of its way stops at nothing really, to ensure that any expressions of palestinian nationalism national symbols including the flag or non presence, certainly not in events that might emerge as this seemed to have been to be a demonstration in addition to a funeral of palestinian national fervor as an occupied territory be occupied
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palestinian territory to use the un terminology. the only people that are sovereign in that territory or at least have a right to sovereignty and territory are themselves the palestinian people. and therefore israel will do nothing, will stop at nothing rather to ensure that that doesn't happen. israeli settlers have a legally storm the palestinian home and the occupied westbank. thousands of people rushed into the vacant 3 story building in hebron, which was undergoing renovation shows ready soldiers blocking palestinian residents from stopping on thursday. israel approved fund legally billed 4400 more homes for settlers in the west bank. the rest of the day's news is heads. g 7 foreign ministers, all the final day of meetings to show up support for ukraine also. ah
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. ran to meet folk and attributes to a country's fight, the survival ukraine favorite to win europe. ah hello. we got the usual rush of showers across much of southeast asia. some live the ones into boyer recently. and in indonesia over a 100 millimeters of rain. here. it only 24 hours, some more heavy showers, coming back in across the u. southern part of the philippines for sunday. as you go into monday, i think they shout coming a little more live because more than passes system just makes its way across c. c of japan, some heavy rain. they're coming in to lose on russia, showers. they're across so much of indo china. so vietnam, cambodia allows thailand sing usual rash, a showers name, claudia showers further south cause a good part of indonesia as well. so have
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a few showers into southeast and parts of queensland dust. i disturb here, but not as wet as it has been. recently. i am pleased to say a ray of low pressure just off the coast there just round the sunshine coast is in the process of weakening. what a squeeze on the ice abbas further south. so brisk winds blowing through the bite. what a rash of blustery showers is, clipping southern parts of australia as we go on through sunday on into monday was michael live the older weekend early part of next week. for tasmania, that wet weather will gradually make his way towards new zealand seeking ride up across the country, and he decidedly unsettled, but showers continued for easter queensland. ah. on counting the costs for a design, marco's junior is set to leave the philippines. what will it mean for the economy? u. s. as in joe biden say, is fighting inflation is, is top domestic priority. so can he bring down the cost of living and what's
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keeping india in the dr. counting the cost on out here with bold and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera lou. ah, ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder on top stories. this all observed john le sharina, blah clay, has been laid to rest and occupied east jerusalem. 3 days after is ready, forces shot and killed her. thousands gathered for her funeral on friday, but trains funeral procession was disrupted when as ready forces attacked mon is
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carrying her casket as strong widespread condemnation. but a muted response from the u. s. at least 27 people have been killed and dozens injured in a building fire in india's capital, new delhi indian police have arrested 2 brothers virus said to have started in their offices. kathy lopez, haughty on, has mall ah, for 5 hours. flames ripped through this 4 story commercial building a new deli inside. dozens of people burned to death. desperate. some of the survivors jump through windows. la dillard people, including women, were breaking glass and jumping out all the air conditioning units in the building . world fire, about 15 of them authority to cut the water on the power supply, running outside this hospital, families wait for updates, hoping their relatives are still alive. firefighters rescued about 70 people,
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but their whereabouts or unclear sod. i ordered a hospital there. so go to the anger rama. i've gone to several hospitals looking for my wife, the trauma hospital, the memorial hospital. and now here it's my 3rd attempt to rescue units look to what's left searching for more victims and clues. the flame started on the 1st floor, which mostly has offices, daily's fire services, say the building, had no clearance, no fire extinguishers, or proper safety equipment. was a little bit above the. there was only one exit and with the flames burning on it, no one could escape fires are common in india. building laws and safety norms are often ignored by both builders and residents. an investigation is underway for now. that's of little comfort for families facing this loss. castillo priscilla young al jazeera. it's the final day of the g. 7
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foreign ministers meeting in germany, ukraine's representative has been holding talks about getting more support and increased pressure on russia. the ease foreign policy chief is announced a further $520000000.00 in military 8 and diplomatic edited james bass as more from visor house in northern gemini. the french foreign minister said the purpose of this g 7 meeting was to support ukraine in its war with russia. until there's victory. the leaders discussed fresh military support with the european union proposing a further payment of over $500000000.00 for new heavy weaponry. with the global food crisis growing, the e. u is also working on plans to use rail routes to export the grain, which is trapped in storage in ukraine. the use hi representative joseph barrell told me it was a matter of urgency. the wall that benz of ships block in ukrainian port. my de
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russian navy tons of wheat has been destroyed and burn or stolen and brought to russia. they do law me. foot crisis is a crisis created by the war. and we need to take 1000 of tons of wheat after you grain my and rail since her many time and wrote is closed due to the russian navy activities attending this meeting alongside the g 7 foreign ministers, demitra caliber, the foreign minister of ukraine. he'll be travelling soon to brussels, where the e u is proposing a ban on russian oil imports. he gave me his reaction to the fact that hunger is prime minister, victor, or ban is threatening to veto the plan even though his country has been given an exemption. his ear moment of truth will come and we will see where the hungary was blocking the oil embargo because of its national
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concerns and the attempt to come with it to make the union accommodate them. or they are doing it for some other reasons of higher political consideration. if all goes ahead and be toes this package, what action should you take? well, i'm afraid. the european union will face a precedent at risk of creating a precedent when the unity was broken. and her and the unity on russia was broken and this will be the 1st such case since 2014 i believe that it will cause a lot of damage for the european union itself. mr. caliber says he's also received a positive response from the g 7 to his demand for seized russian assets to be used to pay for the reconstruction of his country. after nearly 3 months of war,
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james bows out, jazeera, vice, and house in northern germany. a ukrainian band to his favorite to win this he has eurovision song contest, o clench, orchestra is running on a wave of public support off the rushes invasion, their entries attribute to ukraine, which mixes wrapped with traditional folk music. 25 countries of competing as that a nights fine on the italian city of turn. russia was banned from this. he has contest than that of the ocean under the door. when missiles are cruising over our houses and with frequent ears, alerts, you feel worried. all the time, all do we have left, you green. now i have many relatives there. and when you wake up every day, you don't really know whether they're still alive. we're a miss alvin had next. it's like a roulette. sad indeed that one of our band members stayed behind to fight the war . he's defending keith. he's now fully equipped. everything's okay with him now
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when we speak to him from time to time. oh, adam rainy joyce may not live frontera and adam. so color for competition, but with some heavy overtones then this year for sure came in. we've been speaking to the band and, and they said it's unavoidable. but it's interesting. this song in, in a year would probably be a hit here because it's a typical euro vision, you know, expression of european tradition this folk song. but now modern sensibility of hip hop, we can speak in the fans and they all see that of course this has political overtones, but a lot of them say it's an ear warm, but can't get the song out of their head. not acts. of course, for viewers a question of taste, somebody like it, some may not. so this year is a little different in years past. like in the 19 ninety's, many thought that bosnia would win because of the war in the balkans when they took part in your vision that they didn't. and the thing that's different here is this war has really grabbed attention like none other we've seen and decade. and at the
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same time this band has to because the song is catching on with fans here. and what a dan callis shit need sing a say about some sort of the fusion. no longer music and geo politics, i guess. given everything that's going on in his country, he said it's unavoidable. he said when he wrote the song, of course it was just about his mother, it's about stephanie, his mother, and the love she gave him in the support. but you know, the kind of brooding music, the serious tone and the war. he said, changed everything. and he said it's totally natural that people now see the song as a symbol of ukraine. what's more though, as i asked them as an artist, if he felt it was fair, that russian artists couldn't take part and you're a vision or an athletes. an artist can't take place in other bits. and he actually said, yeah, it does think it's fair. he said, i hate to say that as an artist who supports freedom of expression, but he said, i don't think. and russia people really know what's going on enough. so the mower, more pressure,
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we can put on russians to understand the pain and suffering and violence taking place in their country. the better that is, he said, if this is one way to do it by banding artists here at univision, who are from russia, and that's the way to go. i'm ready him inter and thank you. it's every council of the united arab emirates has elected shake mohammed been desired as the next president and follows the death of his half brother. shake holly for bins. i. it's all the hand. the 73 year old had been policy and succeeding his father in 2004. the u. e is observing 40 days of morning. the asian for all confederation says china will no longer host the 2023 asian cop football opponents because it's covered 19 outbreak. the government has imposed prolonged lock downs and big cities, including shanghai, to stop infection spreading. the world health organization says china is there a covert policy won't work long term and his ingested a change in strategy. all parents in the united states are growing ever more
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desperate to find baby for me. that is a nationwide shortage with no solution expected for weeks. now, the white house is stepping into help. how did your cancer reports from washington? albert 4 year old albert butler wears a backpack filled with a specialty formula that slowly feeds him 22 hours a day. his mother just butler says, this is what her son with special needs, must have to grow. it was super critical when he has an infant, and this is the only thing that he could tolerate and was kinda the 1st time we signing gross out of him. that all was on this formula, but store shows in the united states are running out of infant and toddler formula . the tracking firm data, assembly reports, there's 43 percent less of it. nationwide, pandemic supply chain problems started the trouble in a factory closure. michigan made it worse. abbot nutrition maker of the popular
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similar brand, halted production after several babies got sick and 2 died after drinking possibly contaminated formula. the government investigated and found no further danger, but the company says it will be weeks before production resumes. butler has taken extraordinary measures to find formula for her son, even flying across the country to buy it from a woman she met online, only to be scammed. she never showed, and eventually as parents say, walking out of a store with baby formula can now feel like walking out with a goal. the forwarding has become a concern with stores now limiting how many they sell to each parents. it's important to remember that for babies on for me, this is the only food option. there is no substitute. and i think we have to probably me evaluate
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what critical infrastructure really means. critics have blamed the white house for failing to help president biden met with retailers and baby formula manufacturers on thursday, hoping to help ease the shortage. i think we're going to be in a matter of weeks or less getting significantly more formula on shelves. and he is also sure we can import and still maintain the say, the high safety stamps for now, parents are making due by turning to food banks or just feeding their children less, less all worked together because these are babies. you know, they got to eat for parents. there's no more urgent need than this nutrition for their hungry children. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington trying to main opposition. policy has refused to join a government on the new prime minister,
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runaway claim missing. one more protests in colombo on friday, they also want president got the bible boxer to step down. using him is economic mismanagement. has had a difficult time for us here and algebra as we warn sharina i've walked murder. one of the people who work closely with sharing is ronnie a bonnie and i was there a producer in ramallah bureau. shaheen was a rock for those who needed support and voice for those who had none in the past 20 years set off, worked with her. she was always down to earth for humble 1st year profession, and in fact, she had them eagles her own for many of the younger journalists, in fact, for most the funny, she was an idol. somebody would look up. she knows her fact. she knows the story. she knows how to connect to people. she was here, she lost what she did and that love was paid back in her funeral. and yes,
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i say funeral school, she had money from janine to novelist to jerusalem. people would stop the convoy. the pair bonded to been with roses on the point i've been covering the story for a while. never seen anything off the source. people love shooting tonight, had them christians laughlin all across the political spectrum to be if people efficient your average palestinian person in the street shooting, managed to get them to people hearts before getting into their home through the screen. sharing. barclay was the 12 of their journalist killed since the networks creation more than 25 years ago. these are their names. ah,
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[000:00:00;00] me in i ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories of their journalist, sharina barclay has been laid to rest and occupied eastern islam. 3 days after is ready, forces shot and killed her. allison's gathered for her funeral on friday. the screens funeral procession was disrupted when israeli forces


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