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tv   AJ Selects Resistance  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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to become a t middle eastern trade and money, skilfully met down 3 key areas of develop. oh, filling a promise of connecting the world, connecting the future. wanted cato cutters, gateway to whoa trade. ah hello again, adrian sitting here in doha. the headlines on al jazeera, israel's police chief, has ordered an investigation into the actions of officers who attack the funeral procession announces. here a journalist shall be an ugly mourners, carrying her conscript were beaten by his ready forces. that storm widespread condemnation, but a muted response from the u. s. should be now, barclay has now been laid to rest and occupied east jerusalem. 3 days after his ready forces shot and killed her thousands gather to our funeral on friday. i'll
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just hear him, ron khan. is near the hospital where israeli forces attacked the mourners. but there's only really one word that anybody is using, certainly palestinian is using. and as a devastated, devastated that sharina barclays, a funeral, was not a dignified one. that it was actually a fraught with violence from the israeli forces. those pitches that we've seen from the hospital not far away from where i'm standing right now. just up that hill over there where our moon is the pole barrows were actually attacked as they carried sharon's casket out into the courtyard of the hospital. them that she left the hospital at that stage. they were in the courtyard, and these rarely forces lived in g 7 foreign minister disavowed to reinforce washers, economic and political isolation in a joint statement. they also said that they'll continue to supply weapons to ukraine. they also pledge to ease global food shortages. ukraine has started its
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1st war crimes trial of the conflict. the government is prosecuting a russian soldier. the 21 year old sergeant is accused of shooting a 62 year old, so civilian through an open car window. at least 27 people have died in a fire that broke out in a building in india's capital release in new delhi. say that more than 40 people are in hospital and dozens of others were rescued unharmed. the supreme council of the united arab emirates is elected shake mohammed ben zaya as the next president. it follows the death of his health, brought up shake khalifa been zion aldacon. the 73 year old had been in the past and succeeding his father in 2004, the way is observing 40 days of morning. pearson football confederation says the china will no longer host the 2023 asian cup full tournament because of its cove at 19 outbreak. the government is imposed tough measures including prolonged block towns and major cities. others, the headlights that he's continues here on al jazeera, after
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a j select next. ah, [000:00:00;00] a prime minister movie is going to wake up and listen to us for what we have been trying to say for the last part of the people in both bod, need adequate compensation from union carbide and dow chemical.
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with whatever we have, the only way to go forward is to fight this one. we have a, a waking up on a bon additions and shaming the card, what ancient and good doing, what does the right thing for the people with in bo hall and yet, and i had another horror story continues. be out, you know,
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call by to bosley stance. i'd like to pursue that you like before a gas leak from a union carbide corporation with the will. it's was industrial actually the aftermath of that killed up to $25000.00 people even. oh my god. oh yeah, yeah, i go a movie kind of a. yeah. i'm a me. yeah, yeah, i'm good me like it would give medical didn't it without any way that i don't is i'm at the young lady does
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a lot of those without them they're going up again and we will need to get to it as a what or maybe just come on don't go bother you, bonnie: got it to bonnie may do i gave you guys been sunday if you have anybody that you we are already planning the would be i'm the one that comes on following the start of on to be on there. be like a yahoo! i don't wanna, i don't wanna do bonnie mcguigan. my if you want it done well then we'll come on
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a 1st a about the way my mom did you hear man, ours. why little survivors? there. man, survivors of the disaster. oh,
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where is begin with? well, we have not heard anything from the more the government for the last 3 months and we have been trying to communicate with him. and now that people are in the fost without water, things get really crazy and scary for people who are doing this. we are just hoping that they will fix the wrong that has been done in oh with so that the location of that it was in did itself a accident meant that he stood administrative. now discuss luther on that. it with he has agreed
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with with a yes, this is cheryl gunn is very important,
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but just isn't hold on. also means that week in the 2nd of precedent, right? and we can get the word that marginalized. people are not dispensable, that corporations cannot get away with more, that profit maximization cannot be put before people's headlights with a doctor's license. what's to be okay. sorry. what's the purpose of this block? it this block? it's a block, you're stopping people with this check and drivers licenses and insurance. and i know you've been doing that for a couple weeks now, 2 weeks that you will enjoy it or one week. what are you purposely? sorry,
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i'm just checking your drivers license. what's the purpose of the camera phone because we know exactly why this is oh here. think. okay. and now under benefit of the pipe. okay. we heard our stuff from nash with patients. why this is set up here in with we're asking you to wait for free to please do understand that this is origin brita. you understand this, don't see these built in territory years works for you. i know we're like little help with that and you know, come up, you know, show us some good nature. are you doing?
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ah, we're the only group that's really publicized out there are opposing the pipelines and blocking pipeline workers from coming in here. so to me, wonder say northern british columbia we can guarantee it is that the interaction with one of your people was not appropriate. it's not appropriate for him to stand in front of, of the police and suggest that we can't cross the bridge or can't cross the public roadway. i informed him what michael was, adrian. this is eunice, not then territory. i mean, legally it's, you're right. i mean, as, as the 1st nations people, if this is your territory, to, to represent that to voice that, to express that, to anybody that wishes to come in to the territory. and for if they want to do work in the territory to, to settle that matter. through the court speedo own need that to prove that this is our land always had in the province and everybody else needs to prove why they
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think they can access our land. we don't trust police because we're suspicious. i, your forces would come in to scope out our layout so that if there's an injunction, you guys will be better prepared and how are you going to deal with the visit? threatened anybody from freely walking in? going to get arrested. i heard her know that before the $31000.00 major charge is big time now after $51.00, it's probably a lot bigger. so i think that this is the one especially has maybe stopped some newer activists from getting involved. they think that little charges are going to become big ones. they see that political protests, you can now get trumped up felony charges, things like conspiracy. but i think that sees and activists realize that the
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government of canada is going to use this as the 1st case so that they can throw a whole bunch people in well, this kevin was 1st built in 2009. and the reason why it was strategically put here was because this was the initial route for pacific trails pipeline and enbridge. so we put the cabin right here, right in the gps route of where the pipeline route was proposed to go for both of those. everywhere they lay that pipe. we will no longer have access to our territory and we use its territories for berries, for medicines, for hunting. there's so much at stake. care for our people. ah,
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the are you what are you doing here? we're just um, proposal gas linked with non invasive work leads to permit permit leads to projects that we do not approve of. it's gonna destroy airlines. and the companies already been told you don't have permission to be here. so i'm gonna ask to ask you guys to leave. so our crew safe to be here. you know you've got to leave. do i look like i'm trying to harm, you know, i'm peaceful asking you to leave because you're trespassing. so please get back in your chopper and leave. ah, the
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a game i am now marked. i am a higher rank and chief of the tie you one of the flight plans at a total. on behalf of my father crime to frieda, we asked permission to come and join you. we have come here to be with you to make sure you understand you are doing the right thing and the site my site for a while, even though we got lot of verbal support, we didn't get physical support out here. and it mean a lot that we have hereditary, she come here supporting what we're doing and backing up what we've been telling media. our hereditary system is what governs our land. i i
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oh, i, i, i where are you? in san fran chevron representing the pacific trail pipeline project. for here today to talk to you about doing work on your land requesting access on to your territory. so that went so it and people can work at to see benefits from the project. we allow access us to access the territory here today we've already said no to the project and that no pipeline can come on the territory. regardless, if you've got other with members working for you that you can access the pipeline project,
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we'll wipe out fast track of land that will prevent that from doing are very picky or medicine. that's what you'll be wiping out. and our salmon is our staple food. you be wiping out all are food source. i don't eat, store bought meat, everything i eat comes off my land. all my medicine, i get off the line. i don't go to the doctor. you're trying to convince us to give up our way of life. so that you can reap the benefits for government and investors. and while you 3 from to some of the partners that's going on. if the basically from what you're telling us is that you will not always access wanted territory. he brought me offering people up some water, some tobacco. no, thank we got clean water at 3rd with the drink and pollution, the plastic that adds to the landfill. we could secure your water cuz we don't
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with oh oh oh. 6 6 i ah and some others, but his room scene was that you will see you so much more to both of us so we could keep them. there was a city wasn't a certain history with our 3 stuck been nearly so based on the roster star board to do
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with my son. i said that you got to ask what you used to shit. so i saw both because what i was national, this is he said to see mothers, mccovie, mac, oxycodone study boss is building me the stuff you post that is the yet. so not the ok. i'm one of you or sure, doug. numerous just, i mean, you know, it's possible or not, you'd ministered by yet shortly, but they've got to deal with it in a bit super. they've talked to somebody so stuff. yep. got them up and reached
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out to the new corks. renewable at the mitel. yeah, the little got to look at them. tom doesn't believe it was most funded with a another business. it wasn't like, i think the problem with numbers no voice, but he said, you know, i do monthly. i suggest to lose a scrutiny. i'm not a piano without it could be said he wasn't supposed to do it so much key was that the must be done by napoleon is our course of. i forgot that i'm a must can is there
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a ah, this is tanisha blocker. hamburger might have store is my promise to near katy would you posted marshall to please what could have been decided from parties who are the chairs for that to do with cost possession with almost nothing with product in let me change it, which is not serious but almost or was it the care with for months was nice to face research and asked me so, so the most is yeah, it puts in any of us have to follow up
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with a call that'll give us a shortly. so just connect with somebody that could just go to political bazzi is if there was a quote with a buddy of with the music on that goes
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with, [000:00:00;00] 000000000, born it a oh wow. box with
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texas. so proceed with this bill in touch with a few dealers. we don't really know what them you stories. nobody's in their ability to check for anything. just keep it talks with ah, put in that one. this is kind of problem and i see that puts them we should have some of the flow us or what the limit of some of the sub run you discontinue. okay . democrats over here. so can you was most not a vision actually we will present that with that base here. you
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registered with super well, but that it wasn't like your distribution the us to for us to do reception will rep . good afternoon with you mr. miller with obamacare. i sent him an email from a notebook push to the to the comment, the washer. so problem. yeah, it does go over with like what we don't have that didn't yet was with proofpoint a lecture. the thing is, i guess where it was in regards to the move that was done with the, with us in the community. thank
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you. up with i know with,
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with bob got with a, with
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with, with the hallow still, no shortage of heavy downpours across those northern parts self south america, columbia, on his wireless st. some very hefty. right. i with the coming days. not impossible still as well. pushing up it to guide us sharon arm and french. gotta some lie be whether to just around paraguay, no, to say i just pushing down to the southeast of brazil and more the same as we go on into sunday. turning a little fresh or a little cooler in bought a series, but not too bad here at around 17 degrees celsius. this nazi bad across eastern islands of the caribbean, lassi fi and dry. but we have got this upper with a system which is making its way across sir cuba, jamaica seeing some heavy downpours possibility of some flooding central posit cuba could also see some flooding range that wet weather coming all the way down into were nicaragua and costa rica and panama more the same as we go on through sunday. pat, not quite as where sonco dish house
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a which will see the manners more in the way of sunshine than showers. plenty of sunshine coast across western parts of the us up towards the northwest. we have got some cloud and re coming threes to write disturbing wet and windy at times when she weather coming in the car, central parts of canada. then we got those lively storms still there, just around the lakes, which was eastern seaboard, making their way by the east. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello, i'm adrian should again, this is, these are live from doha coming up. israel's
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police chief orders an investigation of the actions of officers who attacked


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