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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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ah, ah ah, we regret the intrusion, what should have been a peaceful procession? a muted response for the white house falling short of condemnation. asti is ready a tackle mourners during the funeral, fully al jazeera journalist, sharina ob laughlin. ah, again, i'm adrian finnegan. this is l. 0 alive from dough halls that coming up tension remains high as the anniversary of israel's creation approaches marked by palestinians as the mac or catastrophe. washing forces are being pushed back in the
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battle for ca, keys, class. i'm adarine inter in italy at the eurovision song contest where the world's attention is focused on one ban. mm. else's era journalists surely novel, our claim has been laid to rest out of mourners were denied a peaceful final farewell is where the police attacked the funeral procession. nearly forcing pull barrows to drop. she reads casket is ready. police chief, israel's police chief brother, has ordered an investigation into the office, his actions, the veteran journalist, was shot in the head by his ready forces on wednesday while covering a rate of the occupied west. back. stephanie deca begins are coverage from occupied east jerusalem. oh, thousands came to say their goodbyes. oh,
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many her feeling then you sharina personally. that's how much you connected with her audience. telling the story of her people. oh and now becoming the story. i a also the local people around the world. how can us people know that what is was doing is a good time, and they feel help with the occupation she long reported on ah, just as the coffin started its final journey to the church, ah, mourners were pushed and beaten by his ready forces is a storm the hospital square, the pull bare is retreating. her coffin nearly falling to the ground. ah! for to police in riot gear. on horseback,
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baffling scenes. at least one man pulled out of the hearse. is really forces also removing the palestinian flag there. i knew they were not going to let this day go by peacefully. i was on the frontline when we were trying to exit the hospital while they were carrying her casket. and true they were, they just stormed and they were beating up everyone. it was very frightening to the owner who is also tension when sharon's body arrived outside the church in the christian quarter of the old city crowds filling the small streets. this ancient city a . but once the coffin made it inside, granted more peace shooting. oddly gross,
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the message of every palestinian. oh suffering god created life. not to be assassinated but to be nurtured. c c i blackly was shot dead in the occupied west bank. well, on an assignment in the jeanine refugee camp for funeral procession was joined by thousands of palestinians issue of the widespread affection and admiration she had earned to her years ever putting on their lights. but oh, she never actually was buried next to her parents at the mount zion cemetery. both her parents died in the early stages of her career and never knew how loved and respected she become. the crowds have gone, the family has gone. sharon's grave has now been sealed, but even after her death she continued to tell the palestine story. stephanie decker al jazeera in occupied east jerusalem. in a statement, the european union said that it's appalled by what happened during the funeral. part of it reads the
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e u condemns with disproportionate use of force and the disrespectful behavior by the israeli police against the participants of the morning procession. allowing for a peaceful farewell without harassment and humiliation is the minimal human respect . an independent u. s. senator bernie sanders, who votes with the democrats treated, saying the funeral attack is an outrage. he added the united states must condemn it . the white house, though, stopped short of that describing what happened as disturbing and an intrusion. i would say 1st that we have all seen others images. they're obviously deeply disturbing. i'll we, this is a day where we should all be marking, including everyone there, the memory of a remarkable journalist who lost her life on. we know that there is a, with a disturbing footage and from the funeral procession procession today in jerusalem, we regret the intrusion into what should have been a peaceful procession. we have urged respect for the funeral procession,
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the mourners and the family at the sensitive time. i were also in close touch with israeli and palestinian authorities. i have been in obviously we'll continue to be especially given the images the scene today. we're not currently involved on in any investigation, but we are working to bridge cooperation and available to provide assistance. i see that the un security council made no mention of israel and its response to sharina of our close death in a statement. it said straw. it strongly condemned the killing of palestinian american journalist selina of our plate and that it conveyed its sympathy and deepest condolences to celine's family. it also called for an immediate thorough, transparent, and fair and impartial investigation into her killing. and reiterated the journalists should be protected as civilians. the u. k is opposition liter kiss. darma has reacted to the attack on charlene's funeral procession. he posted saying that the attacks on mourners at the funeral of the gentlest shooting, barclay of shocked the world. the labor party said unequivocally condemned to
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violence by israeli forces of thoughts with children's family. that all those who mourn her death. when it's adding to attention, as israel prepares to acknowledge the 74th of a story of its creation, the day is marked as knocked by all catastrophe by palestinians. 700000 people fled or were expelled from their land during the war surrounding israel's creation. lascola dorothy march in support of palestinians is taking place in london. l 0 port brennan is there. ah, well, well, why? so it's just off with the sammy state. i got alex to come romance a can around a little better. you can see the scene here. these people march from open place, which is we had to do the see here in london, across central london now to the seat of government or for me to a seat. boy johnson's car afghani speak. i would estimate the crowd several 1000 probably in excess of 10000 at the moment. all that difficult to judge,
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i can't actually see the end of the match here on the stage is over there. and we're gonna be hearing various speeches on various rallying pulls with $74.00 with anniversary of knack. bob, we've spoken with the organizer of this. i'm hoping to have one drop in on us. and the 2nd the gist of it bring back the ongoing nature. my husband anthony illustrated just this last week i did, he pulled closing of a palestinian village. and of course that the killing of our colleagues to learn about play on sentiments here. upset and angry is the only way of describing what they're saying is that the keys that they carry. many of the demonstrators are holding lodge toggle, put that piece going straight, their desire to return to most homes. unless lance is ready, settlers have illegally stormed a palestinian home and the occupied west bank. dozens of people blushed into the
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vacant 3 story building at hebron, which was undergoing renovations. video shows is ready. so just blocking thomas tinian residence from stopping the settlers on thursday. israel approved plans to illegally build 4400 more homes for settlers of westbank. still to come here on out to 0 police in india. make 2 arrests. i'm sure at least 27 people die in a new deli building file. and we meet the team who are doing all they can to ensure that lebanon has a free, say, elect, ah, hello, we got more, very, very heavy rain across southern parts of china has caused some localized fighting the may you front now showing its hannibal gravity just knocked out into the open waters of the north west pacific. a rush of showers coming into japan,
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bellagio try and find me some pleasant sunshine. not so pleasant. a southern parts of china there, or heavy showers, continuing here, just sinking a little further southward as we go one through monday. that wet weather will actually affect the far north of vietnam, coming across laos. pushing across into were thailand, utah rashes, showers across much of southeast asia, through the philippines, malaysia. down into were indonesia and showers to affecting southern parts of india . is pagan temperatures back a little bit here and glue around 25 cell spit. further north, it's all about that brutal hate west roger stand. we have a red warning in force here for the heat. temperatures well above what they ship it across the border into pakistan. jakob a bad scene temperature. 50 celsius on friday afternoon, that is now 7 days in a row where the temperature has exceeded 48 degrees celsius. the heat should either touch over the next couple of days, but it will still be very,
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very hot. heavy shall come into southern parts of india with the risk of flooding the corolla. ah, the trust in authority is up in all time low. you want the sap or hench patriot distrust. this is a baffle about what the truth actually is. al jazeera investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear, suspicion and conspiracy theories have become the tools of the powerful were in a dangerous territory. and that dangerous territory runs di. what happens now that we literally diverge, that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion on al jazeera. ah ah,
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hello again, this is l 0. let's remind you of the my news. the south is where the police attacked the funeral procession of al jazeera journal. the shooting over our clear veteran journalist were shot in the head by his ready forces on wednesday or covering a raid in the occupied west bank. israel's police chief has ordered an investigation into the offices actions. ukraine says that washing troops withdrawing from the 2nd largest city of mount cave, after weeks of heavy bombardment, moscow has said to turned its attention to guarding supply routes as it pushes on with it offensive in the east and on yet screech will ukraine says washing troops i, withdrawing from the 2nd largest city, which as you heard, they've been bombarding for weeks. the russian army has apparently stopped this advance on the golden pots of harkey from now focusing on guarding supply rude. c crane's military saying that russia as intensified artillery, it asked,
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strikes in the eastern donny esque region out as here, as i said, beg is that once an idyllic st on the edge of town, now, giant crater bricks and mortar ripped apart. this is all that remains after russian forces talk to the outskirts of blackmore in eastern ukraine over them with many people's hearts and souls went to building these homes. the war has destroyed so many of them. but some people are glad to be alive and grateful for what they have left oh, from you. thank god, everything is all right. what is there to be scared about? i have 6 children, 5 sons, and one daughter, 9 grandsons. i've done everything in life. i could get his feet crunch on shattered windows as he tries to salvage what he can. yes, 0, one of his few neighbors who still hear of his him a cigarette. in the same town,
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the russians hit this dormitory with a rocket. were told it was meant to take out a bunker. russians frequently use long range weapons to destroy targets, anywhere in ukraine. but when you come on, the question is, if we found all of the stuff today in the morning when i had explosion, i went down on my knees and the shrapnel came over my head. some people told us they had seen ukrainian military uria. the front lines are not far away. the russians are making a push for more territory. and ambulance crew heads close to where the battle is taking place. while they wait for casualties from the front line where given camouflage for our vehicle. ah,
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we've just had to take cover because a jet was flying overhead and had to spread out that this is what's happening on a daily basis for even though they're trying to help them unit is no let up in the fighting with forced to turn back the constant sound of heavy artillery can be heard and felt all day. and all night. i said bake i jazeera eastern ukraine, finland's president. sali niss though, has informed russian president vladimir putin about his country's plans to join nato. according to russia to, to and told finland that scrapping its military neutrality would be a mistake. the rational president also said that joining nato may have a negative impact on the relationship between russia and finland. meanwhile, turkeys president rich up, ty berda, one was also chimed in. on nato's future,
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he says that he opposes finland and sweden joining the alliance because they host what he called terrorist organizations. turkeys criticized european countries in the past for how they handle organizations like the kurdish p k k a y p g. any decision on increasing later membership must be agreed by all members. before the war, ukraine was seen as the world bread basket supplying a significant slice of the planets, wheat, and grain. but since the russian invasion exports are being blocked and farming is difficult and dangerous out, a serious hodder. abdel hamid reports now from odessa. with the coming of spring diffuse of ukraine have turned bright green, wheat, and other grains sprouting. as far as the i can see but even farming is risky in a country at war workers now where safety vest her watermark beyond because of this shelling specially at dawn, says petro beds very cool. he usually produces about $10000.00 tons of various
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types of grain per year. but 2022 is full of anguish. what the phones go of was there super pull up of walk through? not only what she did, her symbol of susan is. as soon as you mimic will, let me, let me be smooth as a feel with you in the throne of your video. 3 over 3 or 2 videos for more holes on eskoville when it goes on. are you here for her water? what does her little scare? whatever was done? you can also before the war, ukraine produced about a $100000000.00 tons of wheat, corn reap seats and barley per year. it was also a top producer of sunflower oil. only. 20 percent was for domestic consumption. the rest made its way to markets in china, india, the middle east, and africa. but since russia's invasion,
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exports have nearly stopped. ukraine now is looking into other options to export the grain. one of them would be to transported by train to a neighboring country. the problem is the railway system needs to be adapted the soviet bill tracks are wider than european ones, so stocks need to be offloaded and reloaded before continuing their journey about 25000000 tons a wasting in sailors around the country. since rush, impose the blockade on the black seaports like odessa. since operations have come to a grinding halt. other married tim routes through romania or bulgaria are being considered . o craner. ah e export all year from vienna. ukraine exports 10 to 14 percent of world demand. we are number one in sunflower oil. now we have excess of oil, and some flowers. world prices are at the historical high. if the expert question
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isn't so soon, the prices will continue to increase the style. finding ways to rein in global prices is a priority at the g 7 summit. but with the war raging in the east and south of the country, where the main agricultural regions are located. production is likely to decrease by as much as 35 percent. making it one of the most urgent humanitarian crisis to be solved, to avoid shortages in global food supplies. had up there. i mean, algebra, odessa or ukrainian band is the favorite to win this years, eurovision song contest canoe show castro is wanting a wave of public support up to russia's invasion of ukraine. the entry is attribute to ukraine, which mixes wrap with traditional folk music out zeroes. adam rainy reports now from children in italy where the final will be held on saturday night. oh,
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the hands on favorite in the eurovision song contest creams, colors, orchestra rehearses, for the biggest performance of their lives. they're carrying the hopes of their countries devastated by russia's war against ukraine. ah, did you get them in any year? their song, stephanie, with fusion of wrap in ukrainian folk music would have probably been a hip. it's an ode to the lead singer's mother, but with the war raging, it's taken on new meaning. ah, this is tiffany, i will on. i was indeed the song, stephanie, it was written long before the war, and it was dedicated to my mother on a while after it all started with the war in the hostilities it took on an additional meaning. and many people started seeing it as their mother, ukraine. yeah. the all male band was given special permission to lead ukraine. one
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of its members is still fighting tooth ukrainian fans in italy say a win here would mean everything original. this like a breach, because a normal life that we have before the war started and may be like for a couple of units for an hour a day, which is still safe. it with me and the last, it's a me and a lot, stephanie, i turned in to you. ah, song about everyone's mom and ukraine as a mom, mom to us all. and we're sitting about mom the to you fighting for. ah, but victory is not a short thing. of course, there are 24 other fine was taken the stage and turn on saturday. you case? sam ryder, a tick tock star has generated bus 2 as has norway subwoofer for their song. and their antics. if you call that, i will say making finals iceland entrant said it
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makes sense for larger events to be front and center. ah, we really wanted to bring hope to people suffering. and the people that are not free and the people that are going to, through hard times like ukraine and to all of us that have been struggling and, and cove it that there's hope for the 10s of thousands of fans here at the finals and the millions more watching at home, it's always about the music. it's just that this year, the music has taken on greater significance than normal. adam rainy al jazeera tour in italy. at least 27 people have been killed and thousands injured and a building fire in india's capital, new delhi, police have arrested 2 brothers. suspecting that before i started in the offices catello past hold, i am reports for 5 hours.
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flames ripped through this war story, commercial building a new deli inside. dozens of people burned to death. desperate. some of the survivors jump through windows. a lot of people, including women, were breaking glass and jumping out all the air conditioning units in the building were on fire. about 15 of them authority, the cut, the water and the power supply running outside this hospital, families wait for updates, hoping their relatives are still alive, firefighters rescued about 70 people, but their whereabouts are unclear. sod. a order allows me to learn something other than that rama. i've gone to several hospitals looking for my wife, the trauma hospital, the memorial hospital. and now here it's my 3rd attempt to rescue units look through what's left searching for more victims and clues. the flame
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started on the 1st floor, which mostly has offices, daily's fire services, say the building, had no clearance, no fire extinguishers, or proper safety equipment. but a little bit of fun, industrial big. there was only one exit to get in with the flames, burning or now no one could escape fires are common in india. building laws and safety norms are often ignored by both builders and residents. an investigation is underway for now. that's a little comfort for families facing this loss. castillo pistol. a young al jazeera pakistan has warned of crop, and water shortages as temperatures did reach nearly 50 degrees celsius. some areas across the country i've been experiencing a severe heat wave since april come. all hider has more from islam about i'm on the outskirts of islam abad and we've been reading some of the fall,
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murder have just taken care of their rate crop. but i can tell you, one thing is 42 degrees already here. and this is only the mid of may average temperatures around this time of day. busy recorded are normally 3536 degrees, and the major logical department of gods had issued a warning came. their temperature may rise by 9 degrees in some places. now it should be no day that jacob odd and the southern province of kendra corded at high of 50, making a de harder place in the way for the last few days. and there are warnings that a good crowd of 50, small, which of course, could endangered tens of thousands of people living across the bucket on august under the nor devens here proper spring. extreme temperature. now mean that the fruit outboard is going to be damaged badly show it relatively production and
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a country rigid and agricultural economy might see bog going to me body of fall because of lack of range in the early heat wave. while most of the fruit is lost and the read crop is badly affected, not just dad, while they're in the threat of drought and famine into planes and out. there is also another warning that the glass up into not and progress on it remembered how the most glaciers outside the polar regions, day of gosh, where to start melting at a foster rate. we have already seen an outburst of one particular glass up in the northridge, of course, crept away bridges, and a warning as that dead extreme redder may also induce flash floods. in de nod the supreme council of the united arab emirates as elected shake mohammed ben zion as the next president, it follows the death of his half brother, shakily thought,
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been desired. i'll nacken. 73 year old had been in past and succeeding his father in 2004. the u. e is observing 40 days of morning, lebanon votes on sunday, and the 1st general election since sinking into its political and economic crisis. many new faces are entering the race, but as well as little soda reports now from bay root, that doesn't necessarily mean change. new faces, old names. most of this politicians may be campaigning to win a seat in lebanon's parliament on sunday. but they are sir names or anything but me . the 1st i am candidate michelle moore is one of the fresh faces seeking to be elected. but his family has been deeply rooted in the company's politics for decades. he's the son of former deputy prime minister and defense minister idiots. more i would his grandfather michelle more also served as interior minister and his mother is the daughter of a former president emsella hold. if i am privileged and doesn't mean i don't know
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what's going around going on around here, or in this district. every they, i see people and i stay with people that are suffering in this crisis. my family has been in this a political world for the past 50 years, therefore, i don't think the that they call the liberal in the chair that which isn't the main goal. the main goal is that i think i can better have the people i am seeing them every day. for men of lebanon's, most powerful families, a seat in parliament is seen as part of their inheritance. and many candice or contest in seats held by one of their parents. lebanon was economy collapse in 2019, and that led to large scale demonstrations against the political elite, ultimately forcing the government, but resigned. men. lebanese called these doctor number 17 revolution onto this different moments were born, and many,
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they were looking to alternative political parties, and so called anti establishment independence. but many waters question whether the new parties can perform any better than the political establishment. they are. 26 years old, very nell. a meal is one of the youngest, independent candidates running for parliament. but without the backing of a powerful political family. she says accountability has been absent from la bernice institutions for decades. i want accountability. ah, now i think since the war started since the 70s the were lloyd's became and we can then became the ruling class. and i think those are where the cause of the middle mozilla of the country. they are still running the country. and now we are in a crisis that they are responsible of all sunday, several season lebanese parliament are expected to be passed on from an old relative to a younger member of the family. as the political class shows,
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little sign of fading. oh, and many will be waiting to see whether the newcomer succeed in bringing in change less from said that al jazeera barrels. a long masks 44000000000 la deal to by twitter is in his woods, temporarily on hold. he says he's waiting for the company to provide data on how many user accounts, so authentic, and how many a fake the walls which his man wants to make twitter our platform for a much more pure form of free speech. ah. again, adrian finnegan here in tow on al jazeera, the headlines al jazeera journalist should be in abil. our claim has been laid to rest and occupied east jerusalem. 3 days after israeli forces shot and killed her thousands gathered for her funeral on friday. but dreams funeral procession was disrupted. what is ready? force is attacked mourners carrying her casket.


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