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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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represent the diversity of iraq to be able to hear music and the ruins of mussels. also the feel strange. but it brings home the resilience of residents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help, the remain committed to bringing the city back to life. the news lever grant the intrusion to what should have been a peaceful procession. a nice response from the white house calling shows the condemnation awful. these really attack on morning during the funeral to out there janitory and ah, hello on money. so you, this is dollars their life from the coming up. tensions remain high as the anniversary of israeli creation approaches marked by palestinians out the knock or
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catastrophe. russian forces being pushed back in the battle, the car keys, and i'm out on rainy inter in italy at the eurovision song contest where the world's attention is focused on one band. ah, the palestinian authority says it welcomes international support in investigating al jazeera journalist, serene act plays, murder, bice ready forces on friday serene was laid to rest, but not before israeli police attacked her funeral procession nearly forcing pul barras to drop her casket. the veteran journalist was shot in the head by early forces on wednesday while covering rate and janine the occupied west bank. the stephanie decker reports from occupied a serious them sharing in life and in her death spice. the brutality of israel's
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occupation. o thousands came to say their goodbyes. many here feeling the new sharina personally. that's how much you connected with her audience. telling the story of her people. oh and now becoming the story a. 2 her record also the local people around the world. how can us people know that what he's doing is a good time and they'll help with the occupation . she long reported on just as the coffin started its final journey to the church. ah, mourners were pushed and beaten by his ready forces. is a storm the hospital square. the pull bare is retreating. her coffin nearly falling
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to the ground. ah! for to police in riot gear. on horseback, baffling scenes. at least one man pulled out of the hearse. is really forces also removing the palestinian flag there. i knew they were not going to let this day go by peacefully. i was on the frontline when we were trying to exit the hospital while they were carrying her casket and true they were stager stormed in and they were beating up everyone. it was very frightening to the owner who is also tension when sharina body arrived outside the church in the christian quarter of the old city crowds filling the small streets. this ancient city. oh
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oh. but once the coffin made it inside, granted more peace shooting. the broadly broke the message of over the fullest in our suffering dog brigades of life not to be assassinated, but to be nurtured. c c i blackly was shot dead in the occupied west bank. well, on an assignment in the janine refugee camp, her funeral procession was joined by thousands of palestinians a show of the widespread affection and admiration she had earned through her years of reporting on their lights. but yeah, she now black who was buried next to her parents at the mount zion cemetery. both her parents died in the early stages of her career and never knew how loved and respected she become. the crowds have gone, the family has gone. sherman's grave has now been sealed, but even after her death she continued to tell the palestine story stephanie decker,
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al jazeera in occupied east jerusalem. on the shade her our neighbourhood of occupied east jerusalem has been a flash point in the conflict g to israel's forced eviction of palestinian families . a moron khan is there with more reaction to friday's events? well, there's only really one word that anybody is using. certainly palestinian is using amazon. devastated, devastated the sharina barclays. a funeral was not a dignified one. that it was actually a fraught with violence from the israeli forces. those pictures that we've seen from the hospital not far away from where i'm standing right now, just up that hill over there where our moon is. the pool barrows were actually attacked as they carried sharon's casket out into the courtyard of the hostile them there. she's left the hospital at that stage. they were in the courtyard and he's really forces moved in those pitches. have shocked. ah, palestine he and certainly if he take the temperature of palestinian social media,
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once again is the word devastation that comes to mind. these images are going to reverberate for a very, very, very long time. not because of the shocking nature of the pitches themselves, but the fact that israeli forces i didn't even respect somebody in death. now that's a real big issue for palestinians, and that's something that they will be talking about for a long time. but for serene elbow clay herself, even in death, she managed to highlight what it was like, living under occupation, living under israeli occupation. not just that insulin there, but when the the casket arrived by a call to the church in jeff again, in the old city, allison, you were being arrested for mealy hoisting up the palestinian flag. palestinian president must need a bass, received a delegation from al jazeera where he committed to investigating the killing of serene blackly. he said he would not accept the israelis taking part in
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investigation. commended the bravery of al jazeera journalists. he also would, is sharina stone of jerusalem meadow and brother received the award on her behalf. we will continue the investigation and will in no way allow israel to be a partner to this investigation because they are killers, and they are the ones who killed her home. while there's been global condemnation, an outrage to what happened. the european union says it's a pull by what took place during the funeral. a statement from the you reads following the you condemned the disproportionate use of force and the disrespectful behavior by the israeli police against the participants of the morning session, allowing for a peaceful farewell without harris, my humiliation is a minimal human respect. the white house, they stopped short of that describing what happened as disturbing. i would say 1st
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that we have all seen those images. they're obviously deeply disturbing. we, this is a day where we should all be marking, including everyone there. the memory of a remarkable journalist who lost her life on we know that there is a, with a disturbing footage and from the funeral procession procession today in jerusalem, we regret the intrusion of what should have been a peaceful procession. we've earned respect for the funeral procession. the mourners and the family at the sensitive time. we're also in close touch with israeli and palestinian authorities has been and obviously will continue to be especially given the images we've seen today. we're not currently involved in any the investigation, but we are working to bridge cooperation and available to provide assistance was needed. the on security council has also made no mention of israel and its response to sharing abroad case death in a statement. it said it's strongly condemned, the killing of palestinian american journalists, serina black clay,
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and that it conveyed its sympathy and deepest condolences to sharina family. it also called for an immediate thorough, transparent, and fair and impartial investigation into killing and reiterated the dentist should be protected civilians. but you can use a position leader kissed armor has also reacted to the attack on sharina funeral procession. he posted a tweet saying the following: the attacks on mourners at the funeral of the gentlemen serene blackly, have shocked the world. the labor party on critically condemns the violence. spies rarely forces our thoughts all with sharing family and all those who mourn her death. all this is adding to the tension there in the countries that pressure 74 years and what is known as the knack back or catastrophe. that's when 700000 palestinians were expelled from maryland and israel was created a solidarity margin. suppose the palestinians has been held in london po brennan,
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is that some people on the battery of knock bobbing moss here in central london by a march, as you can see behind me, attended by tens of thousands of people. as far as i can estimate, i talked to the end of march and where on something on the stage, he's just a few feet to my right hand side. you can hear people chanting from central alerted . the commemoration of this anniversary, a given real poignancy, a certain amount of anger as well, by the killing in this past week of our colleague a, i'm join now. ha ha ha. who is the joe? all the palestinian solidarity campaign and come out? come out. you actually, you, are you sure you did? yeah. i'm actually in about 12 years ago in rama and she was a lovely person. she didn't over to she still when there was, i mean, she was very knowledgeable about the situation here,
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which is really typically devastating for me as a protestant in someone who i've met with a video of the shopping footage of her killing. and then the callousness of israeli for security forces one back to a funeral, almost dropping off into the still ahead on al jazeera police in india made to arrest sauce at least 27 people are killed in a new deli building. fire and questions arise ever whether ellen must been to take over. twitter will really go ahead plant. ah, the journey has begun. the 3 full world calf is on its way to cattle. brook your travel package to day. hello, we got more very, very heavy rain across southern parts of china has caused some localized fighting
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the may. you front now showing its hannibal gravity just knocked out into the open waters of the north west pacific. a rush of showers coming into japan, but largely dry and find some pleasant sunshine. not so pleasant for southern parts of china there or heavy showers. continuing here, just sinking a little further southward as we go one through monday. that wet weather will actually affect the far north of vietnam, coming across laos, pushing across into were thailand, utah rash as showers across much of southeast asia, through the philippines, malaysia. down into were indonesia and showers to affecting southern parts of india . is pagan temperatures back a little bit here and glue around 25 cells a bit further north. it's all about that brutal heat. west roger stand. we have a red warning in force here for the heat. temperatures well above what they ship it across the border into pakistan. jakob a bad scene temperature touch 50 celsius on friday afternoon. that is now 7 days in a row where the temperature has exceeded $48.00 degrees celsius. the heat should
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either touch over the next couple of days, but it will still be very, very hot. heavy showers coming to southern parts of india with the risk of flooding, the corolla, official airline of the journey. oh . ready i i rather you go in the world. one airline goes to make it feel exceptional. katara always going places to go with
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the me back watching out their mind that stories this, our israeli police have attacked the funeral possession of out there a jealous rain. lastly, the veteran journalist was shot in the head. it's really forces on wednesday was on assignment, and janine and the people at west palm stadium. president made a boss, has a wooded mud in journalist showing the start of jerusalem. metal received a delegation from al jazeera where he committed to investigating killing that he would not accept the israelis taking part in the investigation. hundreds of people have been out of riding london to mark next day and the death of sharing a block they demonstrated marched through the city waving palestinians, flag and pictures serene. not the day marks the expulsion of 700000 palestinians following the creation of the state of israel. on may,
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15th 1948th ukraine says russian troops are withdrawing from a 2nd largest city, which they have bombarded for weeks. now, the russian army has apparently stopped its advance on the northern parts of concave and now focusing on guarding supply routes. ukraine's military says russia has intensified its artillery and strikes in the eastern don't yet. squeezen are some forces on gaining territory in the east of ukraine. they have been pounding, towns and villages with artillery, and then moving their troops forward a 3 months into the war. i said, bank reports once an idyllic street on the edge of town. now, a giant crater, bricks and mortar ripped apart. this is all that remains after russian forces talk to the outskirts of blackmore in eastern ukraine, with many people's hearts and souls went to building these homes. the war has
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destroyed so many women. but some people are glad to be alive and grateful for what they have left. all right, thank god, everything is all right. what is there to be scared about? i have 6 children, 5 sons, and one daughter, 9 grandsons. i've done everything in life. i could his feet crunch on shattered windows as he tries to salvage what he can yet 0, one of his few neighbors who still hear of his him a cigarette. in the same town, the russians hit this dormitory with a rocket. were told it was meant to take out a bunker that russians frequently use long range weapons to destroy targets anyway . and ukraine will don't wanna continue if we found all of the stuff today in the morning. when i had explosion, i went down on my knees and the shrapnel came over my head. some people told us
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they had seen ukrainian military uria. the front lines are not far away for the russians are making a push for more territory. and ambulance crew heads close to where the battle has taken place. while they wait for casualties from the front line way given camouflaged for our vehicle. ah. we've just had to take cover because a jet was flying overhead and we had to spread out that this is was happening on a daily basis for even those are trying to help the wounded this no let up in the fighting with forced to turn back the constant sound of heavy
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artillery could be heard and felt all day. and all night. i sat bake r jazeera, eastern ukraine, g 7 foreign ministers have vowed to further enforce russia's economic and political isolation and enjoined statement. they also said they would continue supplying weapons to ukraine. most our pledge to ease global feed shortage is caused by the war. on friday, the east foreign policy chief announced to father $500000000.00 in military aid to ukraine. russian president vladimir putin has told his finished counterpart that joining nato would be a mistake sharing a phone call. saline sto had informed pearson a finland's intention to join the alliance to day moscow as warm that any moved by feminine to join nate, i will result in what it calls military technical steps. sweden is also expected to for me seek membership scene. i hope that the sweden will also
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decide to join nato to get there with finland, and that we are making the decisions simultaneously and, and hopefully we'll give them or sent applications that we are willing to tornado together. i think this is crucial from the perspective of the whole, nordic and baltic c region, the security, a region that we share. i think it's very important that we are making the decisions to get there. now before the war, ukraine was seen as the wells bread basket supplying a significant slice of the planets, wheat, and grain, since the russian invasion exports are blocked, and farming is difficult and dangerous. although abdul, hamid reports only impacts from odessa with the coming of spring, the fuse of ukraine have turned bright green, wheat, and other green sprouting as far as the i can see. but even farming is risky in the
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country at war workers now with safety, vist move water will mark young because of the shilling specially a dorm says, but throw bas visit me. he usually produces about $10000.00 tons of various types of grain per year. but 2022 is full of anguish. what the phones go of was that most of our farming land is in the curse on region now under russian occupation. they stole that would stop in their warehouses in grain elevators and we will lose the alterman spring crops. there is a drone video that shows my warehouses burning. we have massive losses. some colleagues still there, tell me that the rushes want to confiscate land and create collective psalms during soviet times. before the war, ukraine produced about a $100000000.00 tons of wheat, corn reap seats and barley per year. it was also a top producer of sunflower oil. only 20 percent was for domestic consumption. the
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rest made its way to markets in china, india, the middle east and africa. but since russia's invasion, exports have nearly stopped. ukraine now is looking into other options to export the grain. one of them would be to transported by train to a neighboring country. the problem is the railway system needs to be adapted to soviet bill tracks are wider than european ones. so stocks need to be offloaded and reloaded before continuing their journey about $25000000.00 tons a wasting in sailors around the country. since rush imposed a blockade on the black seaports like odessa. since operations have come to a grinding halt, other married tim routes through romania or bulgaria are being considered. o kramer,
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ah eve exports coyer than villa ukraine. exports 10 to 14 per cent of world demand . we are number one in sunflower oil. now we have excess of oil and some flowers. world prices are at the historical high. if the expert question is insult soon, the prices will continue to increase the style. finding ways to rein in global prices is a priority at the g 7 summit. but with the war raging in the east and south of the country where demain, agricultural regions are located, production is likely to decrease by as much as 35 percent. making it one of the most urgent humanitarian crisis to be solved, to avoid shortages in global food supplies. had been hamid algebra. odessa, a cranium ban is the favorite to win. this is eurovision song contest colors. orchestra is riding a wave of public support after russia's invasion of ukraine,
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their entries attribute to ukraine, which mixes wrap with traditional folk music. adarine reports ensure in italy where the final beheld the saturday night. oh, i the hands on favor in the eurovision song contest ukraine's colors orchestra rehearses for the biggest performance of their lives. but i believe you, but they're carrying the hopes of their country devastated by russia's war against ukraine. ah, you got to get him in in a year, their song, stephanie, with fusion of wrapping ukrainian folk music would have probably been a hit. it's an ode to the lead singer's mother, but with the war region it's taken on new meaning. ah, he says to for renewal on i was indeed the song, stephanie, i was written long before the war and it was dedicated to my mother on what after
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it all started with the war in the hostilities. it took on an additional meaning. and many people started seeing it as their mother, ukraine. the, all male band was given special permission to lead ukraine. one of its members is still fighting, achieve ukrainian fan to natalie. say a win here would mean everything original to select a breach. because at the normal life that would have before the war starts, okay. and may be like for a couple of units for an hour a day. but just to say for a moment, it would mean a lot. it's a me and a lot, stephanie, i turned in to you. ah, song about everyone's mom and ukraine as a mom, mom to us all. and we're seen and about mom the to you fighting for. ah, that victory is not a sure thing. of course. there are 24 other fine was taking the stage and turn on
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saturday. you case sam ryder, a tick tock star has generated bus to as has norway subwoofer for their song and their antics. because i will say making finals iceland entrant said it makes sense for larger events to be front and center. ah, we really wanted to bring home to people suffering. the people that are not free and the people that are going to through hard times like ukraine and to all of us that have been struggling and, and cove it that there's hope for the 10s of thousands of fans here at the finals and the millions more watching at home, it's always about the music. it's just that this year the music has taken on greater significance than normal. adam rainy al jazeera turn italy pro but,
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but will pro abortion rights. activists marching in cities across the us to demand continue with access to the procedure. the rallies on response to a linked vote on the same court last week. and draft opinion. a majority of justices votes into overton, a landmark whirling on abortion. 973 roe vs wade decision paved away from nationwide access to gabriel. amazon though he's not one of those rallies in washington d. c. i can just presume the emotions running high that yeah, that's right. first, there was the leak and now there is the outrage. you're probably going to be hearing a lot of background noise behind me because as people up on a stage that are speaking and playing music, as you mentioned, the leak was earlier this month. as you correctly mentioned, that leak of this confidential supreme court document suggesting that the supreme
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court was preparing to overturn the landmark roe v wade, a decision, a decision that was made nearly 50 years ago and has been in place for 50 years. and now it's outraged, outraged we've seen building over the last couple weeks with pro choice supporters. people that are against overturning the roe v wade decision. and these are some of the people right here that we're seeing a rally in washington d. c. this is been organized by a group of pro choice organizations. this is just one of more than 300, that rally organizers say that they're expecting throughout the united states on this saturday. they're expecting just here in washington, dc, about 15 to 20000 people. and as you can see, it looks like it's pretty close to that gathering here at the washington monument.
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and then they will be walking down the constitution avenue to the base of the supreme court to be protesting to have their voices heard. this is an issue that clearly has divided much of america. but the polls show that by nearly a 2 to one margin, most americans do support these people here to support a person's right to choose. nevertheless, this is a very contentious issue and, and even though it appears that, that this landmark decision could be on track to be overturned by the supreme court later this summer when they make the final ruling on it. people here saying that this is part of it continued effort to have their voices heard and the potentially fight for a continued abortion. right. thank you for that. gabriel, us on do that for us and washington dc. at least 27 people have been killed and dozens injured in a building fire in india's capital,
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new delhi police have arrested 2 brothers, suspecting that the fire started in their offices. catching up his hood, a young has been, ah, for 5 hours, flames ripped through this 4 story commercial building to new delhi. inside. dozens of people burned to death. desperate some of the survivors jump through windows. la delivered people, including women, were breaking glass and jumping out. all the air conditioning units in the building were on fire, about 15 of them authority to cut the water on the power supply. running outside this hospital, families wait for updates, hoping their relatives are still alive. firefighters rescued about 70 people, but their whereabouts or unclear sod. i ordered a low speed to last up. no longer at rama. i've gone to several hospitals looking for my wife, the trauma hospital, the memorial hospital, and now here it's my 3rd attempt to rescue units look
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through what's left searching for more victims and clues. the flame started on the 1st floor, which mostly has offices, daily's fire services, say the building, had no clearance, no fire extinguishers, or proper safety equipment. with a little bit of money left it, there was only $1.00 exit and with the flames burning, no one could escape fires are common in india. building laws and safety norms are often ignored by both builders and residents. an investigation is underway for now that's of little comfort for families facing this loss. castillo missile, a young fellow to 0. ah, this is out there are these you top stories.


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