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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 15, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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system of the design and system transformation. part one of human rights activist, q me, nighty, and environmentalist, window knology. i lived as you have with a fossil fuel arrow my entire life and i'm looking for a graceful transition out of it. studio be unscripted on out his era. ah. calls girl out of her action against israeli forces for shooting dead. al jazeera journalist, sharing our black lab. ah . hello them laura kyle. this is al jazeera alive from dough. also coming up a gunman kills at least 10 people in the us city of buffalo lease are investigating it as a hate crime. ukrainian troops clare villages,
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after forcing russian forces out of the 2nd largest city of khaki. oh, and riding on a wave of popular support, ukrainian band colors orchestra wins. and the eurovision song contest for a time ah, calls are growing louder for action against israeli forces for shooting dead. al jazeera journalist, serene upper as worldwide condemnation, both for her murder and the subsequent attacks by police at her funeral. the passing authorities, as it welcomes the international support that he calhane, has the global reaction of thousands gather in london on the eve of napa. the day when palestinians commemorate the trauma of 9400,
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when more than 700000 were forcibly expelled or flood their homeland. but now another outrage, the killing of well known and respected al jazeera journalists, sharina abbey o'clock. she was shot dead by israeli forces while working, clearly labeled as press. and then at her funeral, this, ah, many people have many words for this attack from the white house podium, it was a regret the intrusion in intrusion. press secretary gen saki would not go on to condemn the attack. and the president had this to say, i don't know all the detail, but i know it has to be investigated. phyllis bennis was not surprised. well, there's a very consistent pattern here in the u. s. has been for decades, the primary, political, economic, military strategic backer of israel,
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and it's among other things been committed to preventing any level of accountability. wow. members of congress have waited on twitter calling it deeply disturbing. unacceptable saying the u. s. must condemn the attack on the funeral. and one congresswoman tweeted after her killing the u. s. must demand an end to israeli apartheid. the german foreign minister also wait in as is meant, i ha, it's incredibly important to me and we've made it very clear that her death is explained in a transparent way. and it's even solder that the funeral ceremony could not be held in peace and dignity. to be honest, i'm deeply shocked wouldn't. and the french foreign minister treated as well, saying he was shocked and appalled, condemning the death and demanding a transparent investigation. ah, these really police say they will investigate, given the public comments from the by demonstration. it is unclear how much if any pressure they will put on israel to follow through to try and explain all of this
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particle. he al jazeera washington, dallas, and ian president has assured delegation from al jazeera that he is committed to investigating the killing of serene abu acura. mac wonder bass says he will not accept the israelis taking parcel investigation of ass. also commended the bravery of al jazeera journalists and awarded sharina starr of jerusalem metal. her brother received feel was on her behalf. ah, dennis de leon. we will continue the investigation and will in no way allow israel to be a partner to this investigation because they are killers and they are the ones who killed her and either of hamas in the gaza strip. yeah, how sin was spoke to al jazeera earlier. he called for justice to be served to those who killed serene. i love you, apple cut or this is a complete crime. we want to know who gave the order to assassinate cherry. but we are confident that the person who gave the order to attack or to lock tower were al
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jazeera garza office was okay. it was the same that gave the order to break the hand of all desirous. yavara gadarian shaped her out of it. and also the person who gave the order to kill sharina and we want them to be brought before justice, one for the marker. ah, as that, that some of the stories them and police say a shooting at a supermarket in the us state of new york was a racially motivated, hate crime. 10 people have been killed and another 3 injured crescent salumi reports from new york. crazy. oh, if you're evil, that's how the county sheriff described 18 year old. peyton genderin. the gunman came to a buffalo, new york supermarket in a predominantly black neighbourhood, with an assault rifle wearing tactical gear, and a camera to live stream his actions. this was pure evil. it was straight up,
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racially motivated. he cried from somebody outside of our community outside of the city, of good neighbors as a mere said, commented to our community and tried to in foot get evil upon us. 11 of the 13 shooting victims were african american, a retired police officer tried to stop the assailant, but was killed before buffalo police arrived at the scene and surrounded the gunman, forcing him to surrender. the governor was quick to react, and it is my sincere hope that this individual, this white supremacist, who just perpetrated a hate crime and infant community will spend the rest of his days behind bar. and heaven help him in the next world as well. a newly released report from the centers for disease control says that gun related death in the united states
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reached an all time high during the pandemic in 2021 suicide and gun related homicide, which increased by 35 percent. those numbers remained elevated in 2021 and showed no signs of abating. we will not stop until every lead is investigated. every piece of evidence is analyze. genderin will appear in court on thursday to face 1st degree murder charges. and if convicted, the possibility of life behind bars, kristen salumi al jazeera, new york for abortion rights activists have demonstrated in several u. s. cities to demand continued access to the procedure. they're responding to a leak supreme court memo, which threatens to take away the constitutional rights to an abortion cameras on day reports from washington, d. c. ah, under cloudy skies and light rain,
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thousands of supporters of abortion rights took to the streets of washington, dc. the weather, perhaps symbolic of what they say will be dark days ahead. if the right to abortion is overturned, it is a huge decision, one guy, but it is her body, it changes her life, it changes everything else. reach stems from a week to draft opinion published earlier this month, suggesting the supreme court was poised to overturn roe vs wade. the landmark 49 year old ruling that said the u. s. constitution guarantees a person's right to terminate a pregnancy. and it's not going to just stop because the law says, so it's just going to drive women to more dangerous procedures. one of the speakers at this rally was congresswoman barbara lee recently has opened up about getting an abortion herself. as a teenager, it was my body is my joy. that's why i was the rally, organized by
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a network of mostly abortion rights groups, was one of more than 300 companion events planned nationwide on saturday. this one in new york also attracted thousands of people. this would be one of the most significant reversible fundamental right in the history of this country. it would not only be a nightmare for women and girls across the country for generations to come with ripple effects around the world, the lance, it one of the oldest and most respected medical journals agrees and in a new front page editorial says if abortion is banned, women will die and just to say lito and his supporters want to overturn it, will have blood on their hands. a recent poll found at roughly by a $2.00 to $1.00 margin. americans think roberson wade should be upheld. only 28 percent. think it should be overturned, but to those who do often argue abortion is akin to murder people opposed to
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abortion are also planning rallies in the coming weeks before the supreme court issues. it's final ruling on the matter which is expected this summer. but on this day was about protesters taking to the streets to protect all right, or right they know who'd be slipping away very soon, one in which they say they will continue to fight for gabriel's hondo al jazeera washington in crane says, russian troops have withdrawn from its 2nd largest city car cave after weeks of heavy bombardment, as it is mass as ukrainian force as of now pushed russian milk milk national military far from the region. the russian army has reported these stopped its advance in northern cock give instead focusing on guarding supply routes. ukraine's military says russia has intensified its artillery and asked rights in the eastern . don't ask region or russian forces may be withdrawing from northern ukraine,
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but they are gaining territory in the eastern regions. they've been pounding towns and villages with artillery and then moving trips forward. i sent bag reports once an idyllic street on the edge of town. now i giant crater bricks and mortar ripped apart. this is all that remains after russian forces talk to the outskirts of blackmore in eastern ukraine. with many people's hearts and souls went to building these homes. the war has destroyed so many not well known. but some people are glad to be alive and grateful for what they have left oh. from you. thank god, everything is all right. what is there to be scared about? i have 6 children, 5 sons, and one daughter, 9 grandsons. i've done everything in life. i could get his feet crunch on shattered windows as he tries to salvage what he can yet 0,
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one of his few neighbors who still here offers him a cigarette. in the same town, the russians hit this dormitory with a rocket were told it was meant to take out a bunker that russians frequently use long range weapons to destroy targets anyway in ukraine with them another dealer. yes, we found all of that stuff today in the morning when i had explosion. i went down on my knees and the shrapnel came over my head. some people told us they had seen ukrainian military in the area. the front lines are not far away. the russians are making a push for more territory and ambulance crew heads close to where the battle has taken place. while they wait for casualties from the front line, we're given camouflaged for our vehicles. oh. so we've just
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had to take cover because a jet was flying overhead and we had to spread out that this is what's happening on a daily basis for even those are trying to help lunatic. there's no let up in the fighting with forced to turn back. the constant sound of heavy artillery can be heard and felt all day. and all night. i said bake i jazeera, eastern ukraine, still a had hair on al jazeera, a long road to recovery. we have from voters ahead of lebanon's 1st election since the start of its economic crisis. shemika a few things. does he have medical stay in the hunt?
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quadruple of friends. ah . it's feeling more like summer across the great lakes. hey everyone. so toronto, for example, on sunday 27 degrees, what we've got a cluster of energy around the upper mid was the great lakes into the northeast. and with some of this rain activity, it's going to knock back the temperature, the risk of shower sunday, monday into toronto. just a high of 18 degrees on tuesday. so a big change from where you are now, but more in line with where you should be for this some of the year off to the west, we go, we've got a feed of some pacific rain for the western canada, the pacific northwest. and as we head toward the desert, south west parched conditions, while they continue, we may even see some record temperatures in new mexico. so that will worsen the wild fire situation there across the gulf states. we do have some rain coming in to
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a louisiana. some of this could be actually pretty heavy stuff. southern areas of mississippi into alabama central america looks like this, a pretty constant feet of rain, nicaragua, costa rica and panama, that meets up with the wet weather towards the top end of south america. we'll get there in one second, but flooding also seems likely across areas of cuba and the bahamas. okay. top end of south america, that persistent rain for both the atlantic coast and also the pacific coast and further toward the south. the cool pool of air extending from punter rain as into montevideo temperatures are below average. ah, ah, on counting the costs for a design marco's junior effect to leave the philippines, what will it mean for the economy? you have to present joe biden, face fighting inflation is, is top domestic priority. so can you bring down the cost of living and what's keeping india in the, counting the cost on out here. we know what's happening in our region. we know how
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to get to plate that others as i said, i'm going the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference lou ah ah, hello again. you're watching out. is there a his reminder of our top stories this our, the palestinian authority says it welcomes international support. investigating al jazeera germany, serene murder by israel forces. 3 was laid to rest on friday, but not before israeli police attack a funeral procession. a gunman is in custody after what police say was a racially motivated shooting attack in a u. s. in
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a supermarket in the us city of buffalo. these 10 people have been killed and another 3 inches. and ukraine says, russian troops of withdrawn from its 2nd largest city car give after weeks of heavy bombardment. this is maria says ukrainian forces have pushed russians troops far from the region. russia president vladimir putin has told his finished counterparts, the joining nato would be a mistake saline stowed forbes put in the finance intention to join the alliance and a phone call on saturday. russia cut off its electricity supply to the country earlier in what seen as retaliation for those plans. russian power accounts for around 10 percent of the loan supply. but the government in helsinki says it's making up the shortfall with imports from sweden, which is also likely to join nato. i hope that the sweden will also decide to join nato to get there with finland,
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and that we're making the decisions simultaneously. and hopefully, we'll give them or send the applications that we are willing to join nato together . i think this is crucial from the perspective of the whole, nordic and baltic c region, the security, a region that we share. i think it's very important that we are making the decisions to get there while fed linda and sweden's potential membership has been the main topic of the nato foreign ministers, summit in berlin, where it's been opposed by a major member of the alliance. so boston explains unified support for your grade. that's basically the main theme here, the foreign ministers meeting and berlin. the big topic will be natal membership for finland and sweden. the application is expected to happen in the next few days . it's a big historic moment for both nation to be neutral for such a long time. but they now say the footprints actions and ukraine has pushed them
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towards nato. with an s sad, it's a big mistake for the nations to join. nato and kremlin has already warned that will be a reaction electricity coming from russia to finland has already been caught up today. and then there's other hitch precedent, one of turkey as that he can't flee, was formed today to membership of the nordic nation especially suite. and he says, has been hosting what he calls paris organizations. and he's talking about goodish work as far as the p k. k. that's why 30 people predominantly big majority of the turkish people are against the membership of those countries who are supporting a p k, k y p g, tennis organization. and they're asking us to block this membership. but these are the issues that we need to talk, of course, with our nato allies. all 30 members of nato have to approve the application, and this process will most likely take several months. and sweden mostly worried
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about the so called grace period when they have not got the protection of article 5, which means. and the 2nd one is an attack on germany has criticized india for bonding wheat to export bots. the indian government says it has to protect its own food security, partly due to a shortcut is caused by the war and ukraine, and scorching heat. wave is also knocked down output as the government grappled with wising inflation global week. prices have risen by more than 40 percent since the start of the yeah. a nationwide curfew was temporarily lifted and shall anchor on saturday to give people time to get a central supplies. the curfew was imposed almost a week after violence between antique government protesters and supporters, the former prime minister man to roger pac. so his successor run over chromos singer is assembling a new cabinet holes in lebanon open in just under our,
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in the country's 1st general election since as economic meltdown began in 2019 silverado spoke to voters in bay router about the issues that matter. most to them, lebanon has had a turbulent history to say the least, but decades of corruption and unsustainable spending by successive governments has led to its financial collapse. parliamentary elections are scheduled for sunday. it should be a chance for political change. but the sectarian leaders and parties that have governed this country for decades are seeking to return to power, fearless validity. they will win because they are the authority and they are road in the country. they are organizing the elections. they benefit from the laws and they help arms to ship hired by your feet public sentiment they have turned against them. but these leaders still command loyalty for ideological and sectarian reasons, despite the inability of the state to provide services. on ours, every on we have trust in them, and that is why we will vote for them like we did in the past. we don't trust the
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others. m. m a be sure how lebanese society is divided along religious lines and has a power sharing system. leaders have become stronger than the state by controlling its resources and institutions. established traditional parties still have a captive constituency. they still offer a series of client ballistic services and patronage and money. lebanese victorian is them, allows them to remain in office. they keep presenting themselves as victims, they keep portraying their opponents as going after their communities rights repeated attempts by protesters to bring change were met by violence. in some regions, intimidation and pressure are expected to effect voting for the past 30 is a halo of fear for the in the south. and people can not saying that they
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i tired of is enough. confronting the status quo won't be easy. there is a crisis of confidence between the ruling class and the people, but the alternative is divided and weak, and the current system a state which is now all but absent means a struggling population becomes more dependent on their leader. sunday selection is supposed to be a turning point to set lebanon on the path of recovery, but many fear nothing will change in the way politicians run. this country said hood there elisha zita, beirut, somalia will soon have a new president chosen by members of parliament. election has been delayed for more than a year. and maud by corruption allegations and violence. welcome web report from molly capital. we'll get to issue amena mohammed abdi was known for being a serious, an outspoken critic of somali as government till she was killed. 2 months ago. she
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was an opposition. m. p flying for us. that was just a simila says she wanted to be part of a new government that would make somalia a farrah and safer place. a suicide bomber ran a terrorist and election meeting in the town of bella tween young group. i'm sure bob said it was responsible. he's one of hundreds of people who've been killed in the tense lead up to somali as presidential election, which has been delayed by more than a year. to mirror says she loves much more to assist. i'm going to, when i get my hand with that, so i mean, i always helped everyone who came her way whether they were her relatives or not, or from any trend. she didn't care about anything and she just saw people and humanity. if anyone was in need, she just cared about the needs of that person to meet with killed nearly 300
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n p. 's had been sworn in the families didn't get to vote for them. they were selected by plan representatives inefficient processes that many say with corrupted the rig and peas and let the president wonder, a system that was introduced off to the central government collapse in $991.00. everyone familiar with the process is buying votes with widespread winning depends on forging alliances between factions. in the days leading up to the many of the deals have been discussed here. the heavily fortified to 0 hotel in the capital market issue. the place where politicians and their supporters can meet relative safety. a televised debate between for the most prominent candidates was plan advertised on the syllable, but it didn't happen. the candidates disagreed on the terms. somalis haven't even got to hear what the policies are, the different candidates are. but what people think won't affect the outcome. because the decision lies in the hands of the members of parliament. people
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familiar with the process, they do large amounts of unfold. guarantee anyone victory room vote, no candidates come gaining without money. then all in these just room in profit cannot around telling them i work for you. i'm everyone is guaranteeing voting for you for you for you. someone come money from 56 candidates, and the you have only one vote in the elections will make the money. this is a place where policies in condensation move around their own capital city. whoever wins the vote. this is from enormous challenges. malcolm web al jazeera, mogadishu, somalia, several 100 volumes have been rallying in the capital bomb occurring support of the military john to and its army. as comes as france pulls its forces out,
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relations have worsened since to military coups in molly, in the past 2 years and the failure of french forces to stop attacks by armed groups linked to al qaeda. france ended as joint operations with my enforcers last june, and then as all it was pulling out all its troops in february or thirties in nigeria is northwestern to cato. state have imposed a 24 hour curfew in an attempt to stop protests. hundreds of demonstrators demanded the release of suspects involved in the killing of a female student. deborah samuel, who is christian, was beaten to death and set on fire by muslim students on thursday. they alleged, she made blasphemous statements about islam and a whatsapp group. 2 suspects have been arrested. liverpool have one footballs. prestigious, the air fe carper's, they chased a quadruple of victory's constantino's. simmer cast, delivered the knockout blow in a penalties. shoot out to defeat chelsea and complete an english cup double but
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nimble a back in action on tuesday. as they tried to catch manchester says he, in the race for the premier league title in and in 2 weeks, they faced rail madrid in the european champions league final. his massive, i cannot believe if it's massive. i've only one problem that we can't really celebrated because we plan to stay and think ok you to death such a fantastic competitions that they've been testing vocation and then you limit the celebrations. ok, obviously not all the people that can do more than one, but for the, for the team. by putting in a game on tuesday. oh, it means everything. same said to me to the, please, to the fans are not a big woman for us. i'll have to scroll arm everyone's trophy for a long time. so that was nice to, to bring it back to the pope. and ma'am, i might say wolfley, which is multiple and ukraine has stormed a victory at this. he has eurovision song contest and the northern italian says you
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have children. i were one of the favorites going into the competition. having received a massive wave of public support after the russian invasion. adam righty reports from sharon long favor to win ukraine's color. sh orchestra did just that at the 66th eurovision song contest and turn italy their song stephanie and oh, to the lead, singer's mother gained a new context after russia invaded. it became a symbol for the whole country. ah, it's catchy, too, a fusion of wrath and ukrainian folk music fans from ukraine and elsewhere. we're happy with the result. yes, we already can't because we always support the ukraine letter, but it can't be. wow, very well. oh, you pay money. coming in 2nd place, the you pays it, sam reiter with his space man,
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a big come back. the u. k. received 0 points last year. rounding up a top 5, spain, sweden, in serbia. as usual, your vision had its mix of glamour, sentimentality, and can't be fun. even stayed journalists got caught up in the fun and oppress room that seemed like a disco at times. russia was banned from competing castigated for launching a punishing war against ukraine. russia usually does quite well at your vision, but all along this here, ukraine was clearly the favorite either because people wanted to show their solidarity and support for the country or because they love the song, a song that reminds us all to cherish where we come from, adam rainy are 0. turn italy ah. without a 0. these are our top stories. the palestinian authority says it welcomes international
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support and investigating out there a janice, sure enough to act as murdered by israeli forces showing was laid to rest on friday . but.


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