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stations, what is even more urgently needed now? the system innovation systems design and system transformation. part one of human rights activist, q, me, nighty, and environmentally. when own electric, i lived as you have the fossil fuel arrow my entire life and i'm looking for a graceful transitions out of it. studio b unscripted on out his era. ah, palestinians fill the streets of ramallah preparing to mock 74 years since the creation of israel, an event by coal. i'll knock off all the catastrophe. anniversary comes at a time. many are angered by the killing of al jazeera journalists, serene avo, occupied by israeli forces, and the attack on the funeral procession. ah, other i'm can vanelle, this is all g r a lot from dough home. also coming up lebanon holds its 1st
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election since by roots devastating port explosion and the financial collapse that followed close. send yourself or did you grow? this be a good a for video. and a wave of public support carries ukraine to victory at eurovision. now banned them to say that re to return home to fight. ah, i begin with breaking news of the killing of algae are jealous. sharina blockhead, by israeli forces. on wednesday our israel's hornets newspaper reports that and is really soldier. it was interrogated as part of this case, has told officials that he was at 190 meters away from serene energy with
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a rifle. sharon was shot in the head to wall covering and his ready raid in jeanine in the occupied west bank. of course, the scenes that we have seen since then during her funeral procession. ah, the mourners were attacked at that funeral procession. and those images have gone around the world. sharyn, as we're saying was shot dead by is ready forces. on wednesday, she was shot in the head, the high velocity boys. there has been investigation which has been launched. our but witnesses who were at the scene have been very clear that she read a book are clear, and al jazeera journalist was shot by israeli forces. and as we have said, now this breaking news coming into us now from israel's hall reads newspaper is reporting that to in his re lease soldier who was interrogated. as part of this case has told officials he was less than 200 meters away from serene in
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a jeep with a. 7 rifle, now i believe we have stephanie decker joining us live now from occupied east ruzen and staff. what more can you tell us? well, pretty much what you described there were just getting the reports in the last 10 minutes in hot at one of the main newspapers here. coaching these ready are me interviewing a soldier, saying that they were around a 190 meters away from shahim's location in an army vehicle. as you said, there, according to this interview, the interrogation or the soldier said he didn't see her. this is the initial reports that we are getting, but i think reading between the lines. certainly it is very much a step back from the initial assessment from the army and the establishment here where they said that potentially it would have been a palestinian gunmen. as you mentioned, there are colleagues on the ground with sherwin extremely clear that they believed
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it was the army. it now seems. and again, i say seems because we only have these initial reports where the soldier said you didn't see her, but it seems to be indicating that the israelis are now slowly starting. i mean, took to, to say that it looks like it may have been one of their soldiers who fired the fatal shot. josefa as you were saying they were, or from the israelis all these, all these different lines, despite it being very clear, as you say, from witnesses on the ground. and that it was, is ready forces that, that fired bet that fatal bullet that were earlier attempts to say perhaps it was a palestinian gum. and, but the analysis of, of where that video came from was very, very clear that was blocks away from where sharin was killed. and, and analysts of and sort of suggested that perhaps that was an attempt to muddy the waters. but as we're saying now in this breaking news, just coming in to us that to israel horace newspaper is reporting that it is ready,
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soldier interrogated as part of this case has told officials he was 190, made his away from serene in a jeep with a rifle. ah, steph, just remind our view is of what people at the scene actually saw while they didn't see much show they heard. and also there's been a lot of analysis of the video of the location, particularly online. you have a lot of, you know, these, these, these people to look into the details, geo, locating location. so the assessment from various different mean investigations, if you will, independent and reliable. is that the israeli army and this is before the admittance now being 10900 meters away from our was around a 150 meters away from city ins. location on a main road where you did have a fire fight if you will,
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between palestinian gunmen in the janine camp and is ready. soldiers was on to ali, ways off that to main road. and you've had a slow analysis over the days if people have forensically looked at these videos that initially said that the palestinian gunmen, because on the 1st day the israeli authorities released a video not saying that they, those palestinian gunmen were the ones who shot serene. but saying that this was the kind of fire fight with palestinian gunmen firing a randomly that could have hit her. but because of the forensic analysis that's been happening online for people who do this and they are independent investigations, they said that it simply didn't make sense in terms of where she was, and also belling cat, one of the main investigations this morning yesterday, actually releasing an article where they went through forensically and also had the audio investigated. and one of the investigators listening to the audio set, it didn't sound like random firing, which it it, which is what did the palestinian gunman video indicates it was
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a shot. and then there was time and then there was another shot. and then in the video, tragic video that you see of sure, you see a man in a white t shirt. clearly not you know, an israeli soldier trying to remove or he had to then take cover because after some time there was another shot fired. so all this forensic analysis that's been happening on line points to a question that it couldn't have been the palestinian government. i think extremely significant. now that you have hot it's reporting according to the israeli army. i'm investigating this because again, we have to say because of the international pressure because of high. so high profile sharina is because usually you don't get these investigations from the israeli army when the palestinian journalist is killed. certainly not as high profile ashery, but they now seem to be indicating, taking perhaps the beginning of blame that it was. these really are me again the recap from what we know from hot it saying that under an interrogation of
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a soldier, a 190 meters away from the position where sharina was in a vehicle with the rifle. and that the soldier, according to this interview, said he didn't see her at stephanie decker there. thank you. or palestinians around the world marking what they call, knocked up all the catastrophe. the commemorating the 70 form with anniversary of the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of palestinians from melons. following the creation of the state of israel. this year, the killing of al jazeera journalists, sharina block layer, has further flamed tensions ahead of the events. the dates will later be marked with sirens and marches. meanwhile, the greek orthodox church and garza city has held a memorial service for shipping. it's also the one year anniversary of israeli forces bombing, the garza building that housed al jazeera offices. we have now said, is at algae. there is new garza bureau una.
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yes. kim, as he can see. and he mentioned this is god's does. algy zero's garz's new office here and it's it's, it's not, it's not fully prepared yet. as you can see behind me. not everyone is still here. unfortunately, we were, but we're, we're, we're definitely going to start working in operating today from this office because we have a, we have decided that we're going to make the 15th of may not just the commemoration of the bombardment of our old office, but also the, the reopening of our in you office, but unfortunately, what kept us are a little bit behind from the preparations was the killing of shooting a balcony and how that past week went. and it kept us a little bit behind with the preparations. but we are definitely starting from here today. so this,
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this new office now is in another newly constructed building. it's a 13 story building al jazeera, his office is on the 13th floor. it holds other media outlets like the a p, the associated press and an adult, also with other media production companies and other offices and outlets. so we're hoping we're hoping that this is going to be and you start and, and, and, and you are, and you, beginning for al jazeera to go wine with, with the, with the bad keeping the bad memories in. but these memories that have also pushed us and determined us to go on further and to, to keep holding on until we have reopened our new office here again. okay, una answer earlier, there was a service for our colleague showing up on to tell us about that. and also it's
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happened on another very important day knocked ball. yes. kim, so definitely the service was going on in the orthodox church. it was i also in a, with the, or a party like part of the, the memory service material service that was pay to she read was also the press syndicate here in gaza. lawson journalists, as we so in the previous, are pictures gathered, and they had specially to send a message to the international world as they sat to the international community to hold israel accountable for its crime against journalists in general entry and the killing that shooting a backlog. in particular, many people were in that memorial service commemorating serene and in talking about how she read and imported figure was and how she will remembered. she will be
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remembered and to how she will stay in the memory of palestinians around the world . not just the gaza strip or in the occupied territories also to day, as you mentioned, a remarks or commemorates the 74th anniversary of neck above, which is on the independence or a sorry, they are now seeing of and e's real estate on a palestinian lance. this is one of their very important anniversaries here in the policy and territories, everywhere in about an hour rallies and popular rallies and protests will be taking place in different areas of the gods. the strip to commemorate this anniversary where people go out, they reject what they call the occupation of israel to their lives. they said that they will continue holding on their right of return that will never call no matter how many years do pass and remind the world of their legitimate right of
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returning to their lance. all right, thank you very much for that. on that there, you'll know side. thank you. a solidarity valley is being held in the syrian city of aleppo, off the killing of serene apo, outlet desk, and particular residence across the arab world. more events happened in cities elsewhere in the region later on sunday. for rush and miss all strikes, if it is site close to ukraine's border with poland. the governor of the div region said the attack destroyed military infrastructure in the yellow river area, finland and sweden's potential membership of nature was high on the agenda. as nato foreign ministers gather in, then all the delegates say they hope their applications could be ratified within weeks. to spot turkeys reservations about the move that boston has more now from
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building well, they call it a historic moment here. and most of the foreign ministers are saying that they really warmly welcome the 2 nations into the arms of nato. and i want to have this happen as quickly as possible. this ratification to nation still have to apply. we're expecting that to happen in the next few days. also a t natal members have to agree on this, and this is still the only problem. turkey has made objections, the turkish president has said, that's a suite and the filament are hosting what he calls terrorist organizations. he's talking about the p k. k, for example, the kurdish workers party. so these negotiate the negotiations are still ongoing. if the both nations enter nato, then the whole border with nato and russia will double. and this is exactly the opposite of what the president put it wanted to achieve. and he invaded ukraine,
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put in that's called a threat. so it is a lot of anxiety about the so called grape period, and that's why the natal ministers here want to have this accession of both nations done as soon as possible. i boat is heading to the poles 11 on 2 elect a new parliament assess elections since 2018 since then the public trust and politicians have plummeted after an economic meltdown and a devastating explosion that they report. unless they could be one of the most competitive and unpredictable elections in recent years or so. so does that a polling station in what in started as for g, the morning, an exec factor to continue until 16 g at that. so that 4000000 avenues are eligible to, to work for this election and aha. and then hundreds of thousands of them are
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expected to come to their pulling station. and to cast there, they was for the parties that they, the forward that they support. so at the security is one of the main concerns in the country as district any intention is is on rise. so we have seen that the heavy security measures taken in front of the pulling stations. the ministry of interior have more 4 to 5000 troops from the 70s on me to assure the security and the transparency of this election. so today, a total of $718.00 candidates are running for 128th seats in the parliament, which is equally divided between muslims and the christians. one of the concerns for to day is the law turn out so that the leader of the sunni movie,
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future movement parties, saturday, who was also the former prime minister and how the largest sunday been look in the parliament and asked that he is part. he's not going to run in this elections and his support. there's also pull attorneys to boy put the election on this increase the concerns about the law turner. why it's important because that high turnout in this company is regarded as a force of legitimacy for the political system in this country. so this elections are quite important because it's not going to only determine who is going to have the majority in the parliament, but it will have a remarkable impact on who will be there next president, and who will be the next prime minister in the country. hundreds of chinese eons protesting against president chi site. several political parties, including the free constitutional tati aminada, hold for the rally amid fairs of the presidents powers and march prison sides
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dissolved, fallen went on to suspending it lofty. it is also replace most of the members of the election commission they see of oakland joins me now live from tuna city civil tightening. so it was seeing more and more people gathering. and they were chanting half an hour before the official stall to the demonstration. and i sang, we'll live on just bread and water, but we can't live with chi sides. and i have been turning a hay sort of popular statement. she's always saying, yeah, you, i, that he's governing with the will of the people in that chanting. we want the people want what you don't want. so we're saying this is, yeah, it, this is swelling their big trucks coming in to the, the avenue where all the big demonstrations have happened traditionally and like getting ready for the speeches. so this is looking to be like it could be a much bigger demonstration than received. i will seen in the polls that by over 50
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percent of people say that they won't take part in chi sides referendum in july where he's proposing a change in the constitution. so there could be a sort of emboldening of these movement that sort of been clogging along for a while resisting chi side and sent me this week. they've been a lot of, lot more unconstitutional, undemocratic moves with the arrest of a former prime minister for early enough to policy, but also the investigation all summer from the center left in the democratic current policy. so it is that it does seem to be quite as ship this week from just a sort of a grim, belligerent sort of resistance to something that's got a lot more energy behind it. ah, just very quickly if you could it, it's a just remind us how we got to this point. well, as he said, good coincide, they say it seems executive powers. he dissolves the government and for the
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parliament, an over those that are past 10 months, he's taken more and more power into his hands. so in september he decided to rule by decree. i'm say more, more and more say he's dissolved the superior judicial counsel. so he's built jury to cool powers. so people, but the thing is that the economy is not improving and people are really hurting and feeling bad. so that's why people are angry and they just don't want to continue this way. all right, her elective oak men there from tunis. thank you. i, we are taking you live now to ramallah in the occupied westbank or a siren will now san for 74 seconds one for every year since the creation of israel, an event that palestinians called knock bar called the catastrophe at tis when north,
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in may of 9048 designs declared the establishment of the state of israel and a war which had begun or the year before. 1947 continued with a firm purpose. some 400. 50000. a palestinian arabs were ethnically cleansed. so this is a day to mark that it is great a day of great morning for many palestinians who have been displaced from their lands. ah, and who'd continue to call for the right of return. ah, that is what is called the knock bars. we said the siren will go for 74 seconds to mock the 74th anniversary of the knock bar. so over that time in her from when the war began. ah,
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some 700 more than 700000 palestinians altogether were forced from bare lands. many of whom are continuing to not be able to return to their to their lands. so again, that is the 74th anniversary of the knock bar. the marking of what's was the creation of b is rabby state. ah, palestinian towns and villages were overran. and now are, as we see, palestinians continue to have to live under occupation. and as we've been reporting in the days since sharina barclay's death, all the impact of that continued occupation is devastating for palestinians. that's our correspondent need abraham,
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who's just getting into position. ah, so we can speak to her about what this day means on that as i've been saying, the displacement of so many palestinians, i was just devastating and, and today is the knock while the day that it is commemorated. neither if you can hear me, i think we do have connection with need for him. now, need to just tell us a little bit more about what the bar is, what it means to palestinians more not waiting long. this is what many telling us over that that that when they left their home back in 198048th, i married the keys to their home. they don't belong by. they thought they were living for a few days to return. one has been why this has been
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a lot of emphasis on the right of the amongst refugees selling their children, grandchildren. so as you can see, like more to the reason have been born into these are probably the big, those who with the bad living inducted she comes on. those are in the room. but this has been been a lot of emphasis on we need. but looking drive that's only are not able to return back to the drug getting to say on the last that we've been in the areas in this mother and a half wrong, which is now when you hit my back and with the not being evicted, they have been getting orders from the radio, i'm saying that to leave the area as a firing kind of thing is when the game is
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less or more than so whether it's fighting going, whether it is the national security buffer zone, all these mean by these really city over palestinian: they sell you the agenda as near bring one or more than more or less. but not to say that even if they're living in the reality of living under our meals, that's that you always leave no option. but to remember, it's hard to tell you what time they're going to come home, if any, as we've seen with our beloved clinic sharing a block she posted on facebook, saying, i'm having to janine, she posted the video, she never came back. i will tell you that the issue here at name is not that
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very they themselves are being clark it's. it's not only the latter, but they're being targeted city was a witness to what has been happening here for decades. more than that before the western media. yeah. no, i felt like that meeting to the world marine was an important why says that there was terry, this is precisely the way the. 5 journey to this, why needa as we, as we wait to, to hear the, the mocking of from the event behind. you just remind our international audience was that up to that may 948 date with the declaration of, of the establishment of the state of israel because of the 947 person announced
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that would handle the palestine to the un. the un proposed establishing 2 states against the express wishes of the native, our population, the jews accepted that un plan. and then in december of $947.00, a war broke out. so just remind our view is of everything that led up to this, this men to state. so when you talk to palestine, you know, they would tell you that we have been living here as most christians on the they would tell you that the issue, not with the religious, that the not only sorry that's not the offer that they have. i think there are, there have been a lions ringing, used to palate, a thing or the jews and why the arabs have to do that. but
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when they say that at the time they were saying that those are living, they would, they would want to apply that as soon as they would have that it's not the only rather than just but they're not that they want to know the funding. now they are bringing more something, something from abroad, from guns coming in here to the occupied to us bank establishing. that's awesome. so that the legal law, what's important for the front is not on campus, but the fact that history is being made out now in the president. never mind, this is why they're frustrates me that they feel the world has less that they feel
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that they've been let down. maybe i have been normalizing all the guy with. they run the door just a palestinian, and that is the data that americans are looking at. i think by the rights of a city killing. they don't expect that those who killed her will be held to account the words a city, an official, a b, they're asking, palestinians was a staff. we are expecting a way for the scene. so you can see that get a stop talking say ah
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