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notations what is even more urgently needed now, is system innovation? systems design and system transformation? thought one of human rights activists. q me, ny, do, and environmentally. when own ela cheek, i lived as you have the fossil fuel arrow my entire life, and i'm looking for a graceful transition out of it. studio b unscripted on al jazeera. ah, ah, siren sam 7 seconds once every year since the creation of israel is palestinians commemorate, knock that will be catastrophe. ah . why money site is not? is there a life also coming up. memorial services have been held across the occupied west bank and gaza to honor the al jazeera janice sharina. blackly was killed by israeli
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eyes on russia suite and dropped sits long cherished mutual status and joints. finland in applying the nature membership. and paul's applies and lebanon's 1st parliamentary elections since it's devastating economic crisis and the beirut explanation, ah 74 seconds of sirens to mark 74 years since palestinians lost their homeland on the state of israel was created. oh, to miss day is run, has bod, palestinian refugees and their descendants from returning to their homes and flagrant violation of international law and un resolutions. before the british mandates in palestine began more than a century ago, jews made up only 3 percent of the population. i 1947 jewish immigration mostly
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from europe, grew to 33 percent. on may 14th 1948, the british mandate ended and the state of israel was created. armed zionists forces captured 78 percent of historic palestine and expelled $750000.00 palestinians from their homes. hundreds of palestinians were killed in massacres. after the 1967 arab israeli war israel occupied even more of his story, palestine and annexed east jerusalem. and then came the or slow cords of 1993 in 1995. the occupied west bank was carved into 3 areas, granting palestinians limited power to govern in only areas a and b. some is a down. now take a look back at the history of the napa and how it's affected, entire generations. shahan, hopefully. now living in a holland dear refugee camp,
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was forced to flee a voltage in 1948 when he was 80 years old. but he still holds on to what's left, the keys to his house, the powerful recollections that sometimes capture his gaze. in may 1948 design is declared. the establishment of the state of israel. hundreds of thousands of palestinians were displaced, design as quickly absorbed, conquered palestinian towns into their new state of israel. as many palestinians languished in refugee camps. heard about as well that the jews attacked the town. there were 4 people with mental disabilities who didn't understand that they should stay indoors so they were killed by the zionist shilling. i did not see the zionists, but i heard the show them. why haven't you gone back to and bought a steady yes. the elders decided we should stay out of the town for a week or a month or a couple of months until the zionists leave. but they never left our town. and
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eventually our hope of attending di, who was the only holds. there were a few people he tried to sneak back into a butcher at night, but the zines called them and killed them. how could anyone think of returning after that? he longed to set foot again in this village. he still remembers its water wells and trees fondly. but israel generally does not allow palestinians into what is now israel even for a visit if they don't have his railey citizenship, israeli id cards or special permits could only give him a glimpse of what it looks like today. park with field flowers. you know, they don't seem so tranquil now, but appearances can be deceiving because this was one of the palestinian village of a bullet swept by the turmoil of an extra foreshadow house eve. it's all still there in his memory. grandfather displace heartbroken and still hoping
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to return his path 1000 displacements seems the distance is ever sammy's day. then al jazeera holland. dear refugee can while colleagues showing a black lace killing by his early forces, another reminder of israel's brutal occupation of palestine. the trail blazing, palestinian american janice devoted her life to exposing the unrelenting oppression of palestinians. bahama jumped jean reports and what a life and her death means for her fans, family and friends. then as well, and what the, what the other title, how come when a voice as vital as should ina, barclays, is silenced? the form of the grief is immeasurable. the pain is almost too much to bear. sure. oh, known by many as the daughter of palestine. the veteran elijah's either journalist was shot dead by his really forces in the occupied westbank on wednesday. while on
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an assignment in the city of jenny. for her friends and colleagues, the loss has been devastating. she was born and raised in angels, solemn, under occupation. she was telling the story that she was living every day. she was not just telling the story of the people. she was telling the story this story off her life as well. and this is what made her magically. and i could look up. she leon was one of edges he had his 1st field correspondence in having joined the channel in 1997 covering the 2nd into father didn't just turn her into a household name. it also transformed her into a role model. on the year, the palestinian american trailblazer showcased the power of journalism baja while off the air. she taught journalism classes, inspiring women and men to always speak truth to power. for many of the younger journalists, in fact, for most of us, she was an idol. somebody would look up to,
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she knows her facts. she knows the story. she knows how to connect to people. she was in fear. she loved what she got. thousands came out on friday and occupied east jerusalem to pay their respects. but earlier, as the funeral procession began to st. joseph hospital in the shifts of rough neighborhood, they were confronted with the ultimate sign of disrespect. ah, as mourners were attacked by his really forces, pall bearers struggled to prevent should ins, coughing from hitting the ground. people were pulled out of the hearse. israeli forces also removed the palestinian flag. everyone was there to support their twos to show their support and love. and an end of the day, even if she was not even with the day close
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to the funeral was was violent. the funeral procession later resumed and reached a cathedral in the christian quarter of the old city. oh, where a service was held before shaheen was laid to rest. next to her parents, grave site at the mount zion protestant cemetery. pablo hawkins, she went into the hearts of every single palestinian. and i daresay, every arab household deposit, touching, reforming in the way that she had of bringing to life the reality of israel, brutal occupation. most of those i did use that id just in her reporting. shanina barkley combined unwavering strength and steadfast empathy. you know, how will ethan johan telling the story of her people as clearly and thoughtfully as possible? why didn't her voice may have gone silent, but it will continue to reverberate tele homes of florida. column ma'am, at jim's room as ita. as had said the palestinian embassy in doha, where
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a memorial event is being held for serene a blackly. tomorrow i'll shall is there for us tomorrow. what are we expecting with or rubbing events or it is illinois, your services? you mentioned colleagues of should in a barclay as well as the wider palestinian community as well as people from other communities in court that have gather to pay their respects. there is also been interest made by the palestinian ambassadors when as she figures from the different political parties including her, her masters, political. neither is michael hanny or on the others. and one of the interesting here is just aside from people come to pay their respects and worn lots of them should in a barclay should in whilst she has symbolized the struggle for freedom. freedom of speech, freedom she now for the palestinians is representing as a new dimension on
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a human oh, unified with for both of them. obviously now with one or more, a voice is the one for all linear shock club school. very coming back with the central message, you know, it is, i'm all to find what was interesting, but also a call back all person to come together. because like i said, well, with my for participating in this provider amongst themselves. and there are a she to my answer that was
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also the one year anniversary of israeli forces bombing a building in garza housing, the offices of the associated press an al jazeera una. i'll fight has more this year in garza else's. you re, to marks the one year anniversary of the israeli bombing of a building housing its offices on the same date. that attack came as part of an 11 day battling gaza between israel forces in palestine groups. it was the bloodiest conflict since 2014. and i am, i could not come see him, come see him without the bid. who with the apartments and 50 offices were forcibly displaced in a single night, or hobbs with high after we heard of the donnas funding for the reconstruction. but manns paused and nothing has been implemented yet. according to local officials is really force his targeted high rise towers, apartment buildings,
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and bob thousands of other sites. more than 260 people were killed and at least 2000 others were injured. basic services for severely disrupted, according to the ministry of palestinian garza, only 200 residential units have been rebuilt. israel also destroyed 15 miti offices in garza including edges ers. at the time, israel said her master operatives were using the building, but presented no solid evidence to back this claim longer and i was looking into a lovely oper. got all, we are certain that the person who gave the order to strike and destroy algola tower is the same person who gave the order of breaking travaras arm and shake, draw. and is the same person who gave the order of the assassination of serene abou arc length, and he is the one who must be revealed and presented to the international trial. to
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day, as we recall the memories of the bombing of our garza office, we are once again under attack. after the killing of our colleagues, she read a barclay who was covering and is really radiant jeanine. after year of where it came from, par yes, locations and temporary offices arches. urine now has a new garza bearer, but god. so like the rest of these really occupy territory has always been one of the most difficult areas for journalists to cover. but it has never detritus from our mission. to report the news. you may see it l g is eva. got the still ahead on out a 0 north korean state media release is it's fast. images of the korean of ours outbreak as the death toll rises.
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ah how i am pleased to say we got some quiet to wear the at long last coming in across the middle east over the next couple of days, the winds just teasing offer touch. i will allow the temperatures to edge up here in doha temperatures around 40 degrees celsius. there are a few showers into eastern parts of turkey around the corks. isn't maybe the far north of iran, but elsewhere. it is generally looking dry. settled over the next couple of days more the same them as we go through choose to. but by tuesday you might just see that shamal just picking up a touch, the mo lifted dust and sand to watch out for remedy, eastern side of the arabian peninsula. if he does the sad easing of 2 across see far north east of africa, turning a little cooler in corridor on 9th, the 29th celsius, dry across much of north africa, heavy showers there anywhere from mer, liberia, sierra leone, through garner all the way across into southern parts of nigeria right across the
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central belt of africa. cameroon, pushing across towards the rift valley signs of a little bit more rain to start into h. its way at long lasting to the eastern side of kenya, we will see some of those showers just popping up or touch as they make the way a little further north was into somalia again at long last by the south of h generally driver. we have got some showers for botswana for zimbabwe and the north east of south africa. ah frank assessments, what are the political risks of banning russian oil? a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports was informed opinions. he's not abandoning to fight against jedi, still resumed media. they're going to be acting from missouri and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera
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lou? ah welcome back to watching out as a reminder, stories this our athenians across the world and marking what they call nuk or b catastrophe. commemorating the 74th anniversary of the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of palestinians from their lambs following the creation of the state of israel. this he has not been taken on even more residents. following the killing of al jazeera jealous sharina walkway by israel. she was shot dead on wednesday as she coveted is rarely right. and janine in the occupied west palestinian authority says
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israel should not be part of any investigation into the shooting aaliyah. neither. abraham spoke to palestinian prime minister mohammed titania. he says, the attorney general is investigating sheen's murder and that all evidence will be shed with the international criminal court on the ground. there is a systematic destruction of those states. as you rightly said, israel has always intended to destroy a possibility of 2 states. israel has fragmented by the scene and territory gases under a seizure was lim is and worn city. a. hebron is fragmented between each one. it to the rest of the west bank is divided between area area be area. see, this is all designed to really destroy a future possibility of a state of palestine, not 2 states, but in but the good are to destroy any possibility over. but as soon as that, what do you make of the current u. s. administration and how can you push for
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a political process today for the 1st time since 1948th, ballast indians in historical palestine are more in numbers by 2 100000 people, ballast dinners, out of 6900000 people is riley jews are 6700000 people. so this is a very important development when it comes to demography. geography is that the you, the israel is, will never std land from underneath our, our foot and our feet. this american administration has been calling for 2 states, which is, which is a good word because stedman the question is, how do we preserved was 5th, it is not enough to talk about 2 states. israel is system ethically destroying to us this and we are killing the whole world that this systematic destruction need to be stopped. one of the things you mentioned is telling the world what's happening. our colleague, beloved cheering, barclay has been killed by israeli forces fired white while she was trying to tell the world the story what is happening in palestine. we know that there are efforts
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to push for the file to be at the i see at the international criminal court. how are you going to ensure that justice is going to be certain that toward the general palestine is investigating the killing and destination of sharing. and i think in a week time, he will conclude his findings. we will make sure that every single evidence, all witnesses, a professional file conducted. and barber by very professional people at will be on the table of the i, c, c. and it will be shared would last relevant of barclays. there. israel is there, nor for sure that they themselves were the ones who could shoot in a barclay then to rational community should hold. this child was possible and this well should not get our with mother. thank you very much. took some have stay a prime minister of palestine for joining us here at al jazeera. now sweden will soon make a historic shift in its neutral military status,
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announcing its intent to apply for an acer membership. prime minister magdalena anderson says her country will be vulnerable if left out of nato. it comes the same day. felon also announced its intention to apply public support and finland membership. the alliance has more than doubled since the staff at the war in ukraine. ordinary people with their opinions, political parties, government, parliament, they have shown how strong finish democracy is. as a result of that, we have to day, the historic day finland will maximize its sir. security. on the head of nato says he wants to fast track. the process is sitting on the ceiling and i am the join ne thought,
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then that will be an historic movement of for europe, of for finance review. for later on, for the whole trans atlantic ball, it will contribute to string criminals with nato and also strengthens the ability across the air always his life for us in stockholm outside parliament. paul, the swedish prime minister has just outline what is being described as a historic shift. talk with her what she had to say. yeah, it certainly is a historic shift in either party that magdalena anderson rules. the social democrats is really ideologically opposed to the idea of a native nato membership and being parts when alliance that has a nuclear threat. it's very cool about some of the things that my going under should've been saying that there security analysis they reached on friday meant there was very little other alternative for them than to go into into nato.
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she said that the alliance and the freedom from alliance, they've had for 200 years, and they don't think that will serve them well in the future. and, you know, finland's decision to go into nato means they don't want to be left left on their own. a couple of important points that she did make is that sweden will be, will want the condition that there are no nuclear weapons on swedish soil or any permit nato faces on swedish soil. she's also said that this isn't something that's meant to provoke russia or show that sweden is against russia, but that russia's invasion of ukraine in february just simply means that sweden can't stay in this grey zone between nato and russia any longer. thank you for that whole re staffers in stock ah,
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holds of clothes in lebanon's parliamentary election as the 1st general election sense and economic meltdown in 2019. the very says seen by many as a real chance, the change was so said a report from barrett. it's a towns day in lebanon, but there is still hall for a nation that in the last 3 years has suffered from an unprecedented economy meltdown at davis. steven exposure and the major quantico collapse, millions registered to ward in parliamentary elections. the hope will bring about the future with man, luckily, i urge all the bernice people to go out and vote. it doesn't matter who they support at said. think the vote will give us the chance to make their reforms for it. but their country as a can shield my id number. the lebanese society is deeply polarized. bees are sick there in loyalties. some political parties here are regarded as more powerful than the state itself. and attentions could pose
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a threat to waters. the interior ministry has deployed some 45000 troops to ensure the security and transparency of his actions. a total of $718.00 candidates are running for the $128.00 seats in parliament, equally divided between muslims and christians. however, neither the muslims nor the christians are united in lebanon, traditionally to compete in camps have been dominated and policies for nearly 2 decades. the much 8 coalition that includes brought iranian emperor, syria and party, is elijah, could use june for the patio to women. and she was them, his will, law and m al moment on the other side has been much 14 coalition, which consists anti iranian, and anti celia and parties such as christian lebanese forces. sunday was the future moment. andrews muslim, progressive socialist party. but things have now changed from a prime minister south. how did he will is the future moment that previously held
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the biggest from the block in parliament? his book caught in the elections effectively and in the march 14 coalition and leaving destinies without a leader. how did he support is how called on the soonest to boycott the elections . true. and that has raised concerns about a law turner that could potentially help their opponents, the march 8 coalitions. many people, all the political establishment responsible for the problems they face. these has led to arise in so called anti establishment independence, who are now trying to pay a different way in lebanese politics. i actually have all the reason not to word for that isn't traditional white bakers, our people, they stole our money, the. i could up deeper the damage our system being co pay did the guy in the limited time to listen system and lebanon. i'm voting for new candidates for new faces because we come back because when we want a new lebanon, lebanon will hold its presidential election in october. so the outcome of this war will not only determine who will have a majority in the parliament,
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but also will have an impact on the appointment of the next president and prime minister rescue saddler al jazeera beetle. let's go to santa honda who's law lying for us in bay route. so polls of closed, what is the me been like? well, like you mentioned the elections are now over, bo county has begun many lebanese awaiting the results in the coming hours. unofficial results will start trickling in. many lebanese, really anxiously waiting for the outcome of this ballot. the selection was supposed to be turning point light. griswold mentioned until country is an economic crisis. the economy, the state has all but collapse, the state is unable even to provide electricity and pulling stations of some holy stations. there was no electricity and as we understand and some other pulling stations as they are counting the votes that they're using, they're using flashlights. so really, so much is at stake. many lebanese, we're hoping for change for new leaders,
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not the same leaders who govern this country and blame for its economic collapse, blame for ruining this country. but it is those same leaders who are seeking re election. it is those same leaders who are powerful, it is those same leaders who really benefit from the system that is in place. there were newcomers are trying to win seats. they're expected only to grab just a few seats in the 128 member parliament. but the biggest question now is will the ruling alliance that is the pro iranian hezbollah, camp hezbollah, along with its allies, will they retain the majority in parliament, or the traditional parties opposed to has by law? will they be able to gain the majority in parliament? you know, whoever wins is going to be ruling this country, holding political power in the next 4 years, a deeply divided country, a deeply divided society behind me, the army heavily deployed, keeping supporters of the different parties. a part we've seen skirmishes throughout the day. so a lot of tension, people anxiously waiting for the results,
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but at the same time, a lot of disillusion, that they're not quite to see a new leadership, able and willing to carry out the reforms and to fight corruption in order to lead lebanon on the road. to recovery, liking for that thing. hold on there for us in bay rate. north korea hasn't had it's forced day of nationwide locked down in what is reported to be its fast confirmed covered 19 outbreak. state media reporting 42 deaths. the figure that is likely to rise with hundreds of thousands of suspected cases. many worry that a health crisis is already well underway. catcher, lopez hood a young horse. who will you ended up until recently? north korea's leader would never be seen in public wearing a mask. but now king john own can no longer avoid it. local media is calling it an explosive outbreak of coven. 19 dozens of people have died with more than 800000 suspected cases. the government has ordered a strict walk down,
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but cases are spreading fast forward on andrew, on state television, a doctor recommends gurgling with salt water, if suffering from a fever holiday with the crumbling health care system, a malnourished population, and no vaccines. experts worry the pens, emma could have a devastating impact on north korea color, so does she know okay? outbreak could lead to shortages and in economic crisis in order to prevent that. the government's conducting food rationing measures. but the search and infections didn't stop the government from testing its weapons. just hours after announcing the outbreak on thursday, it fired 3 ballistic missiles off its east coast colonel right smith. this indicates it the country will likely conduct miss sal tests more frequently, to counteract the depressed atmosphere caused by coven 19 among north korean citizens. jo ah, the 1st cases of the army conte variance were reported in april in its capital
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pyongyang the same month. the city hosted several large public celebrations where most people did not wear masks. at the time, cases were soaring in neighboring china. north korea's biggest trade partner and close ally, you know, it's only been one oval god or juncture. we will pay close attention to the developments of the epidemic in north korea and maintain communication with the government to protect the lives on the health of our citizens who live their financing. well, most of north korea's 26000000 people are not vaccinated. the world health organization offered inoculations last year, but king jung own rejected it for now there is no sign people living in the most isolated nation in the world are closer to getting any help. katya lopez civilian al jazeera ah.


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