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tv   Al Jazeera World Palestine Sunbird A Stamp Of Defiance  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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each time and he's once lived in this village called, now there are only 20 people here, say they have nowhere else to go. so they have to stay out until that are now to return to their home after midnight. and the military drill will continue for 3 days, which means they'll have to go through this again, twice this week. oh . okay, johnson and the top stories announces here, marches mark in the 74th anniversary, knock of ended in violence and parts of israel and occupied palestinian territories . students were arrested as television diversity on sunday after concentrations with right wing activists who states to counter protest is very need your reports to have been released. but one remains in police custody accused of
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a sort of israeli forces injured. several protestant protest is running never over another and occupy the west bank. this increased tension after august, sir j necessary, and actually was shot dead by israeli forces on wednesday. have also been demonstrations in various u. s. cities in santa darcy with palestinians on the 74th anniversary of the creation of the state of israel. and many protest is also voicing their anger at the killing of the shrine. fatty co hain went to one of the rallies in washington, dc. the washington d. c. standards, this is an incredibly small protest or not, but less than a 100 people. protesters that i've talked to here say that is part of the problem. when i was in 1st grade, i, when, when my teacher showed us the world now. and i'm like, where am i just said, where's palestine and everyone's like, what is i,
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i constantly hear people talking about a israel and the land belonging to them throughout my school throughout our school . i've been to, in conversations on the street and not enough people know the history of what happens of palestine on because i feel that a lot of western media, i'd phrases as a conflict as like a 2 sided issue. and we're both sides are equally as violent. there are many signs here talking about the death and the funeral of serene albert ock law, the l. g 0 journalist, who was a gun down doing her job well, wearing a press like best. many people here said they expected, given that there would be many more people at the pro just. but in reality, this is a story that has been only rarely covered in american media. and the people here say, that's pretty much par for the course. the vigil governor of ukraine's at western the viv region says the russia has fought for missiles at military targets. and the
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border with poland, no casualties were reported. the 5th was at last hit by russian missiles on may. the 3rd western city has been largely spread since the war began with russia focuses its efforts in the east. sweden will soon make an historic shift in its neutral military status, announcing its intent to apply from nato membership, ruining social democratic party, has it back to the plan to join the alliance. foreign minister magdalena ernest and it says her country will be vulnerable if left out of native at least one person has been killed in a church shooting in the us state of california. for other people are critically wounded at the church, which is in laguna woods, south east of los angeles police have detained one person in connection with the shooting. the incident happened at lunch at a lunch bank banquet following the morning service. and again, to remind you, this is all very preliminary information. we believe a group of church goers to teen him and hog tied in late with an extension court
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and confiscated at least 2 weapons from him. he was detained when the deputies arrived. that group of churchgoers displayed what we believed. exceptional rosa, heroism and bravery in interviewing or intervening to stop the suspect. it comes just a day off. the 10 people were killed in a supermarket shooting in buffalo in the state of new york. an 18 year old white man opened fire to grocery store and predominantly black neighborhood. us president joe biden called for national unity as a remedy for hate. after months of delays, somalia finally has a new president. people have been sharing and firing guns and for the british and the capital one could issue a son shake muhammad as we gain the presidency just 5 years after being voted out. vote subbing counted 11 and parliamentary election. the 1st general election since an economic meltdown in 2019 on the bay route port explosion. those are the
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headlines and use continues here and i'll just hear that's after our 0. well, do stay with us here. oh for ah a nurse nurse with
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a kid in there to be a therapy it cuz i know we'll have a dog in the server that are in the dual club deal. why don't you don't either dis, hostetler magazine, little had hon haven't home to pay the i now, but on some like, you know, been heard a, oh, oh, i i look at the, not the market. oh, what it is. what has it had this moment is, has, is then know who is modeled, cannot, has his fellow and a so what so other than for us to the nevada and a howard this lady in the can. what tactless myth houses did the thought to be you by dale, colonel the know? yeah. norman, is she or actor fear other in the other?
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hadn't saw the other hodges and it's slightly have so happened, though. the foreseen wasn't in the word bishop who walk out on came out of the border. it never saw the arc talk, auburn hair, apple murat, with alina some command, beautiful, jani, my saw it on the show for hannon. bag sura said, be ye in li. homey, ha, ha, no marble cutter. autobahn and i can the i had of he in know, as you nurse a cool, no matter mean after been fun in ozium homeless. sure. for the houses that are modeled now brownwell hassle, me in my that nasa hodges. but the man nod jack, i've been nurse in the can fi agenda between us. he was a harvey who had a who had enough some azure. i had a model jet up home and not be able to do with a tier of an acre. fell me shuffle, mccann, but of a silk. a battle shuffle gnarled, loaded the cloak with shuffle. hudgens from his belt on marsan.
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ah, ah, ah, i don't believe. we'll see. and if he 1st saw you learn english and ended up upon hold on one of the in miss smith, my boss will, i can make a few more. so it was fairly c, i sent over some of them a boss that for some you other should be on the semi stuff you must. the 3rd 11 was the 3030 lee elementary. then her journey of them fell asleep. who would him? don't philistine for leon girl who was the last of them to her mission, to live for the that if you feel the holy lifted the modem in yet another little
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sheaf and was actually for the most who the the know there, there was a delay. can you read to you follow the you need to call the don't can you to watch them on these was for, for the new them and fell asleep. the milk a book we should look at be a woman holds loose from sin mikaela for bid buddy the ball buddy of mine. and she had me learn was her own mom enough to live in the area in the law has swore sort of them up for i was sort of the beta him. oh yes. or most little bit about get almost campbell california 30 at the bottom dollar above anybody to bad and to sort of in a less than message coolers. it was worth of understood deluxe be a saw was of theater. so uni upon merger was upset while i'm alive. fi,
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and will kill sonia car. been going on? we're a minute and big and we're shots, he'll casita will i conditioner? i'm in how an alarm nostalgia heard almost beatrice calmer when i can. unless a for i'm and how and natalia gonna locked in a fee of family dish meal, empathy, a fee loyalty, schubert hosted on jealously up the lee roman seal held miss white. a stock of an ear shocks on her should, than at a 0 terminals more count. there's a lot chauffeured. come on, i'm a law law cut him her come with policy and bow william mil emilita mean. luckily who dim tablet tomorrow been were better tomorrow be at one the how will and we started our ramos lentils oxy, josephina saw jamie lee there to see what had easy the philosophy ah ah, sitting all over the table if mister idaho,
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a small gift or sal capital upon it for esteem, and no, they had been added huck finn, those shots in the ish, we are manifesting. oh, so it all comes together is we gather them up a bit. i'm allow in this visual gallery, bradford thought lush, little either care or can always she a day and as in yet enough than other learn codley in for us to me. and man tom canny in castleport pneumonia and kami our minister shield to who and lead out other thorsten e in walter lee. then after that a say the holy be been the had an issue? wouldn't you had that had an issue other than had actually our live is a jana one. i am a can in her minute the car as ideas on nick and all and with then on we can i she horn can't on muscular no navea that all the law and, and resume auto immune lakila. oh will i am boucher her kanethia
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jani? can salt africa, keith? i thought of mature, but as i'm at the some use the the ballast, amen. the, the smith did the ship, him clevic more so it's and by the last fallen though it's for piracy. um, so for us theni black melba thought a can from a lot of be re oh the head again and looked on the 2 in the bottle after clearing. i journeyed mother island with our i'll high for you. oh no, no, no. from april steve ballmer. sure what happened to nato? another ticket to the little steer propulsion. so for the student or hub timothy my daughter was that one we can is only on the shouldnt, harper. she had the she had fema hopper. um i keep him hot on. okay. i was just with her who is more a be in about reappear. oh, and my shuffled headed for mariano. shut in, charlotte was our model of that up in level of 3 of your uncle, happen to be here. because it shows up as ali here. the curdle alaskan allah,
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o marianella mackarath, our logan county icicle. molig m a has was lab, ricky mccord dot in the address. it's really had to luggage hardison, but the not johnson emily the baja or bad for to try to him. i have your model followed when the active in the joys of the slide. ah, i was born in new york and i'm a jewish american. so both from the side of been jewish and from the side of being american, i'm connected to the situation. the conflict and hearing and so when he turned 20, i started to feel that i needed to go deeper into what was happening here. and as much as i could read, i wouldn't understand until i was here myself. when i came, i discovered that it was incredibly different from what it's been portrayed in the media and even what has been changed in many history books,
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especially from the jewish sides and the american side. not approaching this and seeing this as a colonial situation. and so i started to learn more about our colonialism in this context and to see the conflict as i saw it before, i situation out and taking and, and expelling people and ethnic cleansing as i live in ramallah, i moved into the, into, i moved out of palestine and into the west bank fight of palestine and before 3 years and partially in order to show that is really a public that a jewish woman air with an israeli id can live safely and happily in fact, amongst palestinians and 2 ends this air, this stigma and this thinking that i would be killed as people told me or let a words be kidnapped. so i used my living and my working as
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a way to constantly be demonstrating against the israeli bureaucracy and occupation . yeah. well, as soon as holiday invited me to stamp my passport, i was very excited at that that time. no american and no israeli had stamped their passport. but the biggest problem that happened to me was when i was in the airport, i was coming back from the united states and i wanted to re enter them at their israeli airport to palestine and add the manager came to me and he said, what is this that you've put in your passport. i said this is a stamp of palestine. it is the palestinian visa. and he said there is no such place as palestine. and i said what you didn't now palestine was a state before israel. and at this moment here took me to their interrogation and i spent a number of hours there, and in the end my passport was cancelled. ah,
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i believe a student with the log on to the little mother actually help daughter with boulevard in regards relations. i got a little bit on some of them are the last. i can be a little tricky and wanted to hope emily mcgonagall when and archer lisa are out of the on there done at the lawson man regularly and they've been desperate out of n. dominic no, toby men, no balloon was a kick him in that moth thought that he had lost me a bit like that. but in fancy family, that was me and just about the lawyer had done that public to really to fancy legend now the from mark at amazon. lemme turn that off at home by the i'm in the hallway. i thought that he didn't fancy about enough money to buy and get
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a whole with about jamal club. i can hold on, bear with me. ah ah! setting that no gun buck on the spot on a syllable, austin. he had a shelby in liquor vill at the credit that he never got the drug on a bomb and, and the container. camden assets, 13 johan philadelphia, palm for colorado. i'm an issue and the for so i'm see my can look at the banana canyon. how can i am in santa bit mood, mecca had on death to lancaster, pop up capitalism over there. she keep, i know with all the u. s. i'm still an incomplete play. a lot of threat on my behalf, one of maricel taking the pizza. hi. so my sophomore year will be, i can tell no model awful and see method fell upon see if i could fit was a new column, been for us the year when, for i see you keep a tom bol,
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the chief in law, and we'll do our own on the national have lee who will say what passion a call from the radio is mr. hammond, sir? hi. last good of leak in the i'm actually bless yes sir. i cannot tell me about the up about the player back on failure to proceed on hand out for so power been for unsafe shortly. shops in my ha with i at the nurse was the half in o. mutable yeoman. i had the dad hadn't mccann account fee for austin. he knew valencia or so how things are that is you look for that cannot put armor hacker. nothing like that. got a phone call. the blind collier can agile and, and mustn't on had them in the less likely the work of who cannot know with adama shadow can lead of danny. oh, by the alex shovelful and see you them as the coffee. how additional thought yeah. now that, that he, that wouldn't be ignored as into blood. she didn't do that mold suck i. when i love a jeep sure thought i took left with last year and then we'll shuttle, it can shut the door. oh,
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i see all of the kindly cameras as you jam out of how are you howard the shuttle service club for unseal walk? lenimosa, how annoy me? i love the mechanic. lantern mccardle hospital, alicia la la la han was that music on when comes with a rug that off on, on south america, my gun, the american no just gotten fucked up. good on a current model, la added, she did leave me an alley. for doors on my home, but the omen a sheer linebacker on the shipping. but the normal sort of dorothy lama would come . but the loss of my holly eloquent glosson on mister morales in north pole. and monsieur walked up all television in the room and known cut director reading on money, leisure and muscle. anna knew where godaddy, amani ross, me,
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i started my corporation was collect in august 2011. so i'm responsible for there to stay production as opposed to hello, hence decide about how to make this what top yeah, of the having a stand in the passport and to have been you know, how to connect the politics was ambitious project was reality. so after research, i found out that it's possible to create your, to do, to design your own stem. yeah. budget was that means that people who customers can upload their own image and they can, but use their own course of standards they can use, was sending that to thought the real that it's them. but, but of course has the right to deny certain motives. so then be applied, we tried to produce for the 1st time, about $4000.00 stamps. and we were waiting for like,
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2 or 3 days until we got the confirmation that they will approve or motive because they were really afraid if this is a political issue also within the don't to post, i allowed us to produce it. so we started was a little it been small amount of course of stems about $4000.00. and i started to contact different initiatives such as the palestinian medical association or the medicine embassy activists. german activists like different groups from a different field. and so it was like an ongoing project then just work, but i say this domino effect then and then we started to produce another $4000.00 and another $4000.00. no, no. i already sold 28000 almost. mm
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hm. ah, severely sam familiars all these 10 of them in psychotic mesh here in the summer. in some 0 trying point, the nap lose. no one at that pupa ship is connected, or fully police of dahlia kings, or even put up. i see it all those local who boats for security of whip or yet it stand up jamarkis allowed you to the survey won't be should is although we as you know fit companies doing i'll shoot. assume that it does have you know how to catch the eye that clues it as if you know the secret d cavities all i viva, could you? if you could test it? i said, if you could carry rallies, any difficulty, i leave all if any exit. are they all discreet? all him? is anybody senior as you cause a ticket, but post op?
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i seen the a possibility. expedia, you cool yet, but he'll probably fights be did of the dallas, comma, perfect, all dom normally it doesn't b, a duly deem is new due to shelly down to the shelley down kid this genetically. so the dean, day degree, if he is on up all through that time, will he shall it did his expedite map of buffalo monte. i'll settle here, lizzie lu, latan with a screw your page of tomba. she gdc did a photo because she palmer authorized in a g g z the for to do the piece or the diesel. the v. these are you saw me was she did the diesel for the past. soon as i bottled earl, if you could to help alecia and then we'll be back with g r da. we should as yet. and here it was a either a set up g. it is, is out it is. you see the, the hot penny chanel her by senior descending. he could she jen?
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it's a dark, dizzy to truly some bulk is like a share. i put episteme gigi this is he marshall out yet that ended up. she really did it down. i think took his him as love. you have a good text, but his din, it up, but his dea bosco's, his son of j lucia sicily, does he deval? anita? but his g. m. o, we are low. we muscles wish i should be shown up either. we to sacrifice vizier, he wasn't valid. will i place it? bob will pause. acres of the to me are because a rule. kashana lee, the tamela belinda were rusty pussy due to his helping me. luckily. why is his up? why dear, whenever gov. new doctor v as one will, i will give you money. i do. you don't counsel the little boy do you? not always of us is due to pussy rooker come up. um.
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zip. adequate sip with us. if up was even oh, russell from radio city to city, placebo, yaya, nazi triple. she was already mother nichol more. we couldn't miss you. miss your mother. come zoom will be dogwood. she'll so on eve lose. if you'll come out. caught dollar dressy, dress your pennies. did or can more stuff bally does your mall between mazda garcia, motor to all your powers. i made you premium, all repl, me, almo, she lookup us, your database gene buys ion seesaw, lulu salute, new podium, all it all classes. so she is, she may be fairly busy sting kiefer lou. because it is acted as you start don't. could i hear ya? some itala offer to connected to lizzie sauce. you know as you saw. so did it girl salute mean reduced. also see if the stick is supposed to tele says he pergola, blueberry more normal, ported out is cheapest cuz she thought was refused either by to your shoulder
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tuesday at the ard will get back. could i please dean me. so she showed up at the scene for betty, i think altima quoted, ah, ah, struggles full of pleasure to santa rosa will perish forces on pick out a little bit on that goes with an intimate look my life in cuba, nicola and miss emilia emmett, allison diag, filled me was a loony by the year my cuba on al jazeera revealing eco friendly solutions to combat. threats to our planet. on al jazeera, should trans, at home. and inspiration,
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personal stories of people who are keeping the spirit of freedom alive by courageously defending their rights to be heard. oh, really. how do there a select right in the early hours of the morning, these palestinian families are being forced to leave their homes and belongings. these are the military sometimes uses this area in the north of the occupied west bank as a training ground. exclusions like these often break the piece here, i feel for the children they get scared and i tried to call them down there. but we're scared to. these really are me, told them just either that it takes measures to protect civilians during the exercise is what is really officers previously said,
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the trainings are used to push palestinians out 48 families once lived in this village called zeek. now, there are 20 people here, say they have nowhere else to go, so they have to stay out until they're allowed to return to their home. after midnight, the military drill will continue for 3 days. which means they'll have to go through this again twice this week. ah . i'm carry johnston. endo look now at our top storage marches that mark in the 74th anniversary of the creation of the state of israel known to palestinians as i'll knock or catastrophe of ended in violence and parts of israel and occupied palestinian territory. students were arrested that tentative university on sunday after confrontations with right when activists who staged counter protests,
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israeli media reports to have been released. but one remains in police. custody accused of a sort of r is rarely forces injured. several palestinian protest is rallying there. the subtle one to mother and the occupied westbank. there's increased tension off the al jazeera journalist sharina actually was shot dead by his ready forces on wednesday, demonstrations have been held in various american cities in solidarity with palestinians. and he protested, have also voice the anger against the killing of sri and actually regional governor of ukraine's at western division region says russia has fired 4 missiles at military targets. and the board with poland, no casualties. we reported the viv was last hit by rushing this house on may. the 3rd, the western city has been largely sped since the war began. as russia focuses its efforts in the east. at least one person has been killed in
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a church shooting in the us state of california for other people are critically wounded that the church, which is in laguna woods, southeast of los angeles police, have detained one person in connection with the shooting. the incident happened at lunch at a lunch bank banquet following the morning service. and again, to remind you, this is all very preliminary information. we believe a group of churchgoers detained him in hog tied his legs with an extension court and confiscated at least 2 weapons from him. he was detained when the deputies arrived. that group of churchgoers displayed what we believed. exceptional roads, heroism and bravery, and intervening intervening to stop the suspect. after months of delays, somalia finally has a new president. people have been sharing and firing guns and celebration in the capital. good issue. that shake mohammed has regained a presidency just 5 years after being voted out as all the headlines.
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and these continues herron audience era after, i'll just there a world aah! the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and of vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground. in the world and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w. h o. making a healthier world for you. for everyone. blue .
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for noon noon in a ah ah
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ah. need. need to get with you and i was just looking to see people as in the actual passports and is allowed too much. it does not that us. it's not a near passport. it's in me got to put a new model on the bus. you're saying i am to trade a few of those, but it's fun. yeah, we're not okay for the finance don't make any medical post. these are the closest steps i designed for the project that's produced by that that support office has done. yeah. you can send those and postcards, everybody can use that option. yeah,
4:36 am
cuz this is the dentist you're sending them over there. so when does the guy with trouble? i would come and put a sign outside of it. could i make all the admissions raul pena? i could i make total court the commission. yes. okay. wonderful. with now computer 28000, almost 29000. and so i think 2526000 until now. his so that we so it being so are you still traveling around the world from life land? i like to receive one post counts from the jewish museum
4:37 am
from germany enclosed october. so was the sounds like it was one step, one postcard which came back from it's right here to humble. right? yeah, but this year's event. so they took a lot. i looking for her because she said like, oh, but she's a sure the sort of thing for the son or something else. ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, ah ah, ah, for ah, ah,
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ah b ah, ah, ah ah ah, this is shelly that bill as nathan, norfolk willard, united eliezer unders false. if she pushes
4:40 am
a mando devoid down your corporate policies in all the molina that you, you, you could at lanier go, shelly that have you know, thought the family born. i stalled on good. what i should you on? i can fit on that, although it, which will need to tell her how you actually block all set to on configure had a job where she could, you shall cover your fits your should antonette where she is. she dionte bruce at the foremost delaney dale near. we'd company the, the passport i there are, i don't both state of palestine are either good news. any other kind of poor j. e? i think i think i put into tom hahn and all you are some are evie antibodies pre pre school year cycle as you develop b and portrayed arctic. i la ye feel also when you do securely, our authors will tell you i would keep you scuse family key. they did it off. he
4:41 am
said, he said that that posted mon cbs curve, or bu a patio or to the curb than mine, boise. ah, tamela state of palestine. she'll let it. they left us. tatiana, don, ma naughty, sit at them all. she said, why maternal nor yard of? he shall cornerstone. don't scuse fe, budget discovery or what they're going to dom aldermore door are. these are needed knockers. going to say cassock clock is a 9 letter by people i post. he met on tuesday, come off, he shall foresee you. he met sir thumb. he thought that his senior shuler led who were pull expedia, cloud ellen wander scoot. yes, she'll do tamar. it is celia, re me selina showing let me operate tobii. i get molly coolie. now. dr. donnelly, shall this you mother sheen tub should what you should he but no previous she day.
4:42 am
so, nap of $2.00 in as you book on the, the graph diesel fade, if you twit, google cor, was to wanna leave helicopter. he couldn't get away. he looks like i don't have a pretty midtown come, so i see poodles and on was a breeze. elisa yourself in our little got lost misplaced because when i 1st of all gas is small, you all eat palestine, it up. but his tenure to shackleton moment of the there were also we had to my weapon, my, me old me. and he thought that his senior to so look is up with ah, looking want to put that article. i said
4:43 am
of, i shall react to push on the portrait. missy. see? to come. i'm sick, i'm a hawk oscar. oh, do poor jackie social developing people in mall law? oh boy tanya, i'm all a lot or but it's gina hubbard, l e lee d e commerce la ma'am, the da da da of well are boy our new rule. all new rule on the top of the senior hollis dr. young either you know you hire yeah i come from plans.
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okay. to, to meet you because i am senior your and your work on engine. i know you're like last year we just on the passport. okay. on your idea about your stand time time. okay. yeah, on you have a project you seem to have to see the how does a stand so you work. you do sounds as i work from the 5 years ago. they begin to put a to, to, i saw as a 1st signer, but not to show you how you mean by yourself. just ok this on the use them also next to the offsets. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no idea is to put, to put on us to put this is demonstrator with or if you should know the samples of my son and you say not tell you we can go i as yeah,
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actually in the beginning with me a stuff like a fan so i can get with this and reply to the french post office to get the option ports is done. but they refuse to give us consensus. yes. and with the maybe in your office or some from the gentleman force and they plan 2429 intelligence from the sample. and already they sold something like 26 thousands of people everywhere . and also i have often sent them and love this. and i applied for another countries like i get also the night been and canada and before 2 days i get i applied for the gym. so and something like one week, we would have done if we will get the motion or not. but i would like to more about your project, what they're doing and to see your sam. yes. of course. you know we can go out together. i guess we're going to speak. okay. we could. yeah,
4:46 am
i would say that i'm okay, thank you. thank you. thank ah ah ah ah ah well i can i stand with both myself. huh. and that you large i can send me
4:47 am
a textbook. yes, of course we got it, so i give you like best post this then with okay, i do, but i still would go on both side. should have a photo id with with a a, with
4:48 am
the black via oh good, good luck with this. this is this page it i just want to start with here as the. 7 law. hello. hello.
4:49 am
i like the microphone. we want to symptoms most yes, yes. sure, sure. you're going. there is no errors. ah, interesting. okay, i have to check out your idea. so maybe what's your name? my name is unit here. claudia schiffer, i'll clear 0. love with nixon, i was only one a so here here here, next to the okay, we're there. now he's pulling with faleen. oh, soviet union. so and i, i have wish you 3 is a better number. yeah. make a force them here. i would like this. and though, and do this for the 1st phase of everybody, we make it together with them. you use them here the other way and you went through
4:50 am
in this and you can new under haven't gotten my look at them. and such is miss michelle. michelle butler, cafe mecca, another set of global high mikka shut down, but i would never saw it in my inter hufton adjuster by going to joseph austin la willoughby hutton, by the city. and can i get a call? come on another. is that on josie and little heather southfield, selena? i'm not in the suffer soccer. she any can live. i can knock them jocelyn ballasa. hey jamie, i lost the saw and was like, let me know the know that could not be done and other stuff on the dash, i believe be not a big deal mckenna. no, not that how the header or janet is about to have the clock ration and shuffle though unless she and the tenant that i'd as him it hacker who actor belinda and into that holland in about a she incentive his privilege thought and hostile, but i easily managed out of the sales line. ah
4:51 am
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, oh,
4:52 am
listen the thought all jeremy on the oxen with or got another i think with what can i look for year we're gonna moon. yeah, but i'm not, i'm sorry, sequentially to pin county actual yard gonzales, go calls, have been dog dog dog. then there shall give commander to try to fight. i. joseph. authentic. only thought of no reason to live identical. roger was shopping for them that i had to get there are home, couldn't say the telecom and proceed that i that was on hold. i don't have enough time in the jump on that and see ahead of them either how to study by way of doing no luck that i'm no one. they will not have a loss. follow the motor channel left for the farmers. are they all miracle chinese? him by then what is your home to live in to the jumbo who is it danica and i'm sure that he because your lease lab, she doesn't know the attention or so from the in the whole author was one on sheet
4:53 am
from on. i love with the lawson mammal. go at the law. that is exactly the de leon, a cumbersome in the thought about a jacket or something more for kind a home on the all the else me. and then with that she could be a part of it, or that was suddenly the image that she kept thought the year of a that of the, you know, something on monday. the thought ah fish ah
4:54 am
ah ah, a pin i'll do business with 80 beaucoup assumed a download to tom about his junior casino lit up at his dinner. her must be caught in year, sammy tom i do for salty. i don't ball m r. a time or baton were bully coolies when he's of locked her booking. p savoglio cheaper that hold on him on sicily he for yeah, much seem under the lead having gotten pretty senior her key popular poster. oh, she has to do to today's on today's auto it now you're busy reserve it in your police, did i leave while i but he still only will complete it on buddy steve. avery at
4:55 am
commerce as pass is over. gouge equal, always known, was over not go against flap at his gene. anybody senior, his young pews was at a rational stereo humana. he, there's also one county had a job after his to but his junior, her only have a good passport presenter. you got her passport, it don't have a pile of possible at a temple stage of vice. died ah, for sure, they still don't. should i did. has do them is on july deal didn't was she need you? cuz she had a blue additional dodie view plotted on to so. okay. okay. you're there. she needs formula. when you smell in, is it there with the other one is sure yours on north lake long piece on washing their meal, has to be sample gratiot may don't go long. lea senior st. actually han with don't
4:56 am
. can you kill a conflict? my either guided may serve you don't realize you do it, don't b a on these are you do it on b? we will do we do measure back, will have we as atlanta, but he's seen as you did there guys are really cool, basil and now she was at m. a good movie done would usually than a hama. you read to west on as it, you know, it will shoot all good kid, shoot, come after knowledge as you leave with a little b. believe of all day that that is teen by we should be a good good shoes. should they say, oh, i stand that as a business owner mold said the key, but aisd nor gall see notes would be said. oh no, viva true. they continued after sure they continued if his image dial should of a continuing fail. so could have continued to said, so i had a de la metro know was old,
4:57 am
eat it by tomorrow. ah ah ah. in november 2020 austrian security services carried out operation lock. so i opened my eyes and saw
4:58 am
a machine gun pointed at my head. out there well goes to vienna and grunts to examine events and allegations of his lam, a phobia. this is a terrible mistake because it affect it from said 2 young families. austria operation luck saw on al jazeera ah a fishing longer house and shorter deadlines. south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death. one 0 one east explorer, the dock side of consumer convenience and south korea on al jazeera. the
4:59 am
let's go with your weather story for the americas. have one thanks for joining a disturbed weather across the great lakes, sent toward the northeast and we can see where this front is toronto at 15 degrees ottawa, 25. but your temperatures are going to come crashing down. you go from 25, down to 11 degrees on tuesday, so that is well below average was found. we go right now and some showers still hanging around for western canada into the pacific northwest. as we get further towards the south, the desert southwest, gonna dial the temperatures up in the days to come. already we see hence of that phoenix at 40 degrees and we have air quality alerts in play for arizona and new mexico with wildfires burning nearby. now for the gulf states, it's hard, it's humid here. so look at this. new orleans at 32 degrees. could get clipped with a few showers for southern areas of florida, but that weather front in canada in the us, it's dropping down a lot of rain for the bahamas and cuba certainly could be some flooding here. a
5:00 am
plume of moisture, nicaragua could streak on panama, and you know, for the top end of south america, the rain is going to be intense for that pacific coast of columbia. storms through the andes, stretching east into the amazon basin and around the river plate region is going to be white and windy. montevideo has a height of 14 degrees. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah . israeli forces attack palestinians in the occupied west bank because they mock 74 years since the creation of israel, when they call the macro catastrophe, mod, she's a held in the u. s. to sort of dark. he was kind of stint owner al jazeera journalist,
5:01 am
shaheen. actually was shot dead by israeli forces. ah,


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