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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ah oh, i wish fisher and i knew the journey. ah, this is al jazeera. ah. hello, i am emily anguish. this is the news our live from doha. coming up in the next 16 minutes, church leaders in occupied east jerusalem condemned his wailing forces for attacking mourners and the funeral procession of al jazeera journalist, sharina abu upper new security camera footage of the moment is rally forces, storm st. joseph hospital, where she rains body had been lying. ukraine says its troops have reached the
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russian border and the khaki region as moscow's forces were trace. and vote counting is nearly complete in lebanon after its 1st general elections since the backward court. last and years over economic crisis, i'm trying to get rosco with the sport the box stop here as the m. b a defending champions, milwaukee and knocked out of the playoffs by the boston celtics. ah . disrespectful, disproportionate and disgraceful. those are the words of church ladies and hospital, officious officials and occupied east jerusalem after israeli forces attacked mourners at schraner abil atlas funeral procession. her coffin nearly fell to the ground during the violent assault outside st. joseph hospital on friday, which they said was unprovoked. l. 0 journalist was shot dead by israeli forces in
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jeanine in the occupied west bank on wednesday. and new video has also been released showing the moment is rally forces, storm st. joseph hospital, where sharon abil atlas body had been lying official se forces pushed past a pregnant woman at the entrance as well as a disabled patient in the corridor. 13 people were injured in that incident. the police storm into a christian hide institutes. the sort of disrespecting, the church disrespecting, the health institute disrespecting, the memory of the deceased enforcing the barriers almost to drop the coffee is an alias, policing vision and disproportionate use of force affecting more nurse striking than with the tones using smoke shooting rubber ballot, bullets. frightening the hospital patients is
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a severe violation of international norm and the regulations of the state of signing ratified. thank you. mentally. freeman, december 1993, which i entered in before the march night before. and the 1st article of this will agreement said, events that they enjoy a whole observed the human rights of freedom of religion, which in this case has been brutally violated. and this is one thing which underlying the action of employees was justified by an unprovoked. let's go live to him, run con, who's following developments from occupied east jerusalem in run. tell us more about the footage and how it's been received in shock.
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actually, that's the word that many people are using when they see that footage, we haven't seen that footage before. now this is the courtyard where i'm standing, where the attack against the coffin and the pallbearers of sharina barclay took place after that happened the israeli forces. them went inside the hospital through that entrance where there were the hospital authorities say there's absolutely no reason for them to have gone in the side of the hospital. absolutely no reason whatsoever. they are shocked and disgraced about this. now the hospital is a wearing of along with church authorities. it's legal options are they are going to take legal action against these ready authorities for what happened on friday. the israeli police are they are investigating the incident but we've been speaking to tony of walkway. the brother of sri and he says that he holds out no hope that that will be a or independent investigation. indeed, these were the police initially said that they were acting on the instructions of the family. again, something tony aguilar kelly says never happened. are these really narrative,
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these already police narrative has been completely ripped apart by the press conference here just over an hour ago from the clergy, from the hospitals, a general director. they say that this was a completely disgraceful disproportionate, and they condemned it in the most strongest terms. and m m e. say the number vesta geishas is now increasing what is likely to happen if anything as a result of these investigations and will this illegal action amount to anything as well? well, according to the international federation of journalist, at least 35 attacks have taken place against you unless those have not been investigated to a satisfactory certainly by i have taste times. and so there's not much hope that they will be an independent investigation. but when it comes to sharina, barclays, a death itself, the killing of the palestinian authorities of cooling for an independent international investigation. so fall has fallen on deaf is really is,
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but there is increasing pressure from the international community that that should take place. however, the palestinians still have the bullets of the killed sri a barclay. they refuse to give it to the israelis and that some measure of how little trust there is between both sides when it comes to that the investigation into her death or i thank you very much for that update. as always, im on com line for us in occupied east jerusalem. on sunday, march is marking the 74th anniversary of the creation of the state of israel known to palestinians as al knock by okay, castro. fi ended in violence. palestinian students were arrested at television university after confrontations with the right wing activists. staging counter protests is rarely media report to have been released, but one remains in place cost to the accused of assaults, armor and is rarely false, is injured. several of palestinian protest is in the occupied waste bank. they were
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rallying near the bay to alice settlement in the city of ramallah on sunday. they increase tension this year after the killing all out as they were jealous showing ucla and they've spain to fight messages from palestinians at a rally in the gaza strip. they flew below sparing the names of cities occupied by israel in 1948 more than 700000 palestinians were driven from their homes in he is well was founded demonstrations have also been held in several american cities in solidarity with palestinians. many protest is also voice to their anger against the killing of sharon, paddy calhane reports from washington, dc for washington d. c. standards. this is an incredibly small protest or not, but less than a 100 people. protesters that i've talked to here say that is part of the problem. when i was in 1st grade, i, when, when my teacher showed us the,
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the world ma'am, and i'm like, where am i just said, where's palestine? and everyone's like, what is i constantly hear people talking about israel and the land belonging to them throughout my school, throughout our schools. i've been to, in conversations on the street and not enough people know the history of what happens of palestine, cause i feel that a lot of western media, i'd phrases as a conflict as like a 2 sided issue. and we're both sides are equally as violent. there are many signs you're talking about, the death and the funeral of serene album, o'clock the l g 0 journalist, who was a gun down doing her job well wearing a press like best. many people here said they expected, given that there would be many more people at the pro just. but in reality, this is a story that has been only barely covered in american media. and the people here say, that's pretty much par for the course. soldiers
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defending ukraine, 2nd largest city of concave say they've reached the border with russia. the defense ministry shade video of celebrations at the board of mancha video, hasn't been independently verified. khaki was being shall daily by russian. on tillery a month ago. ukrainian forces have regained territory in the nor things since i saw bag is live for us. me concave hello there. i said, what is the significance of the cranium forces reaching this bottom well, it shows that the ukrainians have managed to push back the russian forces or that they've made the tactical recruit. and what that means, at least for the city of her gave herr, where i am right now is that they can breathe the fresh air, the people out on the streets, the cafe, the opening up. i'm not far from the regional building that was bumped. i'm in this
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park where i can see children paying, which was not something that you could see a month ago. people riding their bikes. i can smell the grass that's been freshly cut. not this as a dramatic or drastic change from last time. i can stand here without body armor the last time we were here. we couldn't step outside without having to wear body on them because it's constant shelling and activity 5 going on. those air, raid sirens, aircraft flying overhead, places being bumped now because the russians have been pushed back. that means that this city is to return to some sort of room. others, you know, people are coming back to the city. one 3rd of the population had left, but just not far from here in the villages surrounding eve, still still issues there. the russians have been pushed back, but the authorities say that some errors have been mine, but we did visit one village yesterday. the indelible scars of all, everywhere here in rusk as over in the villages that surround hart gives,
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the majority of residence fledged, the russian advance, their pets left behind in the rush to reach safety. inside the medical clinic, a tank shell remains 87 year old ego state. he recalled when russian troops entered his home out of the robbers camera. oh sure they said granny, we are searching for a weapon. granny is more than 80 years old. where is she supposed to get the weapon? they were jumping over the fence is breaking everything. i said, do you want to shoot me? shoot, i'm not scared, was the ukrainian soldiers accompanied us or on edge? were told the village is mind. but the consent seems to be giving away true positions, tactics or anything that may cast a shadow over. what's happened here. we can only get access to villages like this with a military escort and we're told what we can and cannot film the ukrainians have managed to push out russian from places like this. which means that hockey city is
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now a little safer for its residence. a site that would not have been possible a month ago, a 3rd of the residents had left. the rest slipped in shelters, no place in the city was considered safe. all that has now changed the flesh in the did the chile, but what people are walking outside. we were at this park last week and it was empty. we thought we weren't allowed to be outside khaki is coming back to normal life. you can see that life is still going on. war is war, but we must live. the constant sound of the city being pounded seems like a distant memory. the russian military can still target hockey with missiles, but the too far out to shell it. 4 ah, air raid sirens can still be heard daily. but residents undeterred, nasha so that the video, her chief, is quite no,
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no shootings or soldiers or protecting us, glory to crane. i wish everybody would come back alive from the war and all russian troops go back to their country and never come back. it's our ukranian land and we will fight for it. toys. harkey is low ye returning to some semblance of normality . even if the wool is not over and as sad further south east from you as the dumbass region, what more do we know about fighting happening? there? were fighting the if continued the russian seems to be making an effort real effort to try and take the dumb best region. as stated in the latest figures we have in the last 24 hours is that some people were killed and 25 injured due to shuttling there. the city of hammer toes was hit with a bump. and the buttons are taking, take some city from the city to city, village, village tax return and, and the specifically around soviet and that now that's the last largest city left
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in the hunt region. and the russians are making a real effort to take that. but the net nato secretary general has stated that he feels that ukraine can win this or that the russians plans have been thwarted and that russia is not achieving its strategic objectives. but russia has stated that they want to take the east of the country, undersized effective the land, locking ukraine, but the, the, the ukrainians are putting up a defense in the country. they don't want that to happen. but as i stated, had any heart gave, at least the battle seems to have been one and people are returning to the city. and there is some semblance of romance. see here in ukraine, 2nd largest city. right. thank you very much for that update. i said bag live for us, me concave. thank you. foreign ministers. meanwhile, our meeting in brussels with a new round of sanctions against russia on the agenda. they are also considering another $500000000.00 in military
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a to ukraine. rising the total to more than 2000000000 and they discussing and embargo on russian oil exports that's being held back by objections from hungry. this is how we will do remember either the can you union who managed to go forward and to send a very clear message to russia, woodstock. and now unfortunately, we have the whole unit is being held hostage by one member state who cannot find that could help help us find the consensus and down give them out again. this is james phase is ad that summit and join me live now. james, how likely is it that today's meeting will be successful and taking further action to put pressure on moscow? we don't think there will be a breakthrough today that is deadlock. we have 26 ministers against one hungary.
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there's considerable anger outside the meeting. we have got protestors who have been protesting, what's going on they all ukrainians who are angry about the situation inside the meeting. you heard the comment from the lithuanian foreign minister. he's probably the most outspoken about how he feels, but i suspect there are others who, who haven't very similar views. interesting to hear from the high representative joseph burrell. on thursday last week i spoke to him and he said the cooking of an agreement like this in the you sometimes take some days, but i am confident when he said on thursday, well, when he arrived at the meeting this morning, he had the canadian foreign minister next to him for an e, canada meeting, i asked him again whether he thought a deal could be done and listen to his words. he doesn't sound so confident now. certainly we will discuss about it. and we'll do our best in order to do blog issue to ation. i cannot ensure that these are going to happen because the positions are
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quite strong. but they seem that the we understand a particular situation of some member stage. and all of us make an effort to do that, to present a united front against russia. we succeed also joining the conversation in the coming hours is the cranium. foreign minister, demitria calais, but he, i think will be adding his own pressure on hungary. but as i said, don't expect any great breakthrough on trying to get that new sanctions package and that oil ban in place hungry still seems opposed, even though it's given a carve out under the current proposals and lay in a bad book. the german foreign minister said she doesn't think there'll be any agreement at the meeting today, but she still is hopeful in the coming days. if they can't do it here, then i think and bastard will meet again in the coming days. and it's worth telling you in 2 weeks time, the leaders will be here, the lead is meeting is european council. that may just be that this 6 round of,
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of sanctions needs to be discussed at leader level. ok, well keep us posted as to how things progress, james phase, as a medic and it to live for us at that someone in brussels. me the final results in lebanon's election are expected in the next few hours. several independence have picked up sates, but are unlikely to change the political landscape. initial results indicate winds for the iranian bank has bala and the christian at lebanese forces party. it's the 1st election since in economic collapse back in 2019. and the beirut port explosion, st. honda has more lebanon has all but collapsed yet, the establishment that plunged the country into darkness is seeking re election. the nearly bankrupt state has been struggling to provide services on election day. it was no different. and it's this status quo that many are hoping to change. 2022
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. we decide to change. so i bought some but not and i wanted to good. yeah. so well hopefully that will change. but unseating the political class that has been governing this country for decades is not easy. anti establishment coalitions fielded many candidates, the so called change forces. they are expected to win a few seats, but not to change the political landscape. i know it's a chart for change. it's not like change yet. i hope for the next generation, they will be that chain. that process began in late 2019, when massive crowds protested for months. they were met with violence. now many are to disillusioned to even try. a country has been a long from the longer the fame every 4 years. there is elections and we think will ways we can change with change. supporters of the former prime minister sat haddy
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the think so as well. that's why they are boycotting the vote. heidi headed the muslim sunday communities, largest block in parliament, but left politics earlier this year. blaming it on iran's influence through it. ally has bella over the country. now with albert on 2005, we want a majority across the country or we couldn't translate those gains into anything tangible. there is a gun pointed at our back. has buller already controls the country has belies an armed pro. iranian party that, along with its allies, are in the majority in the outgoing parliament. its opponents, mainly pro western and pro saudi parties are hoping to shift the balance of power. it's a traditional political divide that has led to bouts of sectarian violence in the past. and breaking through their grip on power has always been difficult. anti establishment candidates were already at a disadvantage before voting started their up against powerful forces, a system that works against them and they're not united,
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which means the vote is flipped and it is much harder to reach the electoral threshold. votes are still being counted, but big changes are unlikely. the relatively low turn out is a sign that the election will only give what many have described the corrupt and dysfunctional system. a new lease of life than the osha zita battled. ok, so let's take a closer look at lebanon's political system power sharing structure based on the 989 type cord which ended the civil war. it's parliament has 128 states divided between muslims and christians. the president must be a christian, the prime minister sunni muslim, and the speaker has to be shim with them. and alliances are often form to create a majority. iranian backed, his bala and its allies dominate the current parliament. okay, let's bring in wrestle santa who joins us live now from bay wood. where so where are we out with the vote counting and what do preliminary results indicate?
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well, as of now, the official results are not yet to release and the content of the wars is still continued and there are some reports that that the official resolve may not be even . 1 released tomorrow, it could be good if not today, it could be tomorrow or maybe a couple of days, but i'm over force as of now we do not know yet. so there are some ski shoes here. the 1st thing is that it seems that his will law and his allies, which is a, which are the full european forces in the country, have been losing some of their assets and the anti, his will law moment. their christian lebanese forces, which are also proofs are with these, seems that they have make some big gains. and it seems that they are going to have the largest christian, a blog in the, in the parliament. this is quite important because that will change the political spectrum in the country. and so at that that, that, that this christians are and that his will and he said below to his will,
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our moment here. but however, the analysts and the experts here are seen that the expectation is that his mama and his allies are still going to be able to get the majority in the parliament, even if it's a slight majority. still, the majority will be on the hands of his life. one of the new though allotment in his election is that a totally new block of independence who came up after the 2019 economy crisis as a reaction against the point to get establishment in the country. how got some seats, the people are expecting dumped out around 7 to 8 seats. and if they do that, and if they can make an alliance, he's going to be an anti his will law alliance here. so when it comes to the senior center muslims here, they are completely fragmented and they're without that leader. so they leave there . and the former prime minister saturday has booklet and his party has boycott at there that had worked at the day that the elections and that loved, that lowered, that, that, that took to turn out. so the turnout is expect to be on $45.00,
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which in 2018, it was around $4049.00. and the high turnout is always regarded as a, a source of the los, the misuse for the, for, for their political system in the country. but no, it seems that the terminal is going to be of in the lesser than the election in 2008. do. so here of the things are quite pounds people, parties, candidates are waiting for the official results. so my prepare somewhat would appear appropriated for their good the celebrations, and some afforded the protests, but you have to wait and see what will happen once did official results are analyzed. indeed, thank you very much for bringing us up to speed dress. so said a alarm for us in the bay, were it said to molly now, which is pulling out of original military lines, fighting armed groups in the sal region. molly's military rule is made the announcement, citing a lack of progress. the nation was due to hold the g 5 presidency in february for there's been criticism of its military since it took power in
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a qu last year. so let's take a closer look now at the group of 5 nations and the goal of their mission. the j 5 to help force includes troops from near chad became faso and martina. it was set up in 2017 to counter armed groups, which have swept across the region in recent years. but the force has struggled to reduce the violence because of a lack of funding and disagreements among members states. nicholas hark, joins me live now from that to car nick a lot to break down here. but what are the reasons behind molly's move? well, there are political reasons and strategic reasons. political ones is, as you mentioned, molly was supposed to take over the leadership of this pan african regional ball, the, the g 5. so how back in february, except the member state refuse to hand it over to molly, citing that molly's lead by an unelected leader. remember there was
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a queen molly in august 2020 and then a 2nd crew by the same military june in june 2021. the irony, of course, is that the g 5 to how it is currently led by it. no debbie from chad and there hasn't been any lectures in chat for a couple of decades. but in the statement made on national television, the spokesperson of the a government of transition in the military gentle said that the opposition of some of the g 5 members is linked to maneuvers by state outside the region. aiming at isolating malia now who they're referring to. there is friends, friends, a former colonial power that had 5000 troops, mostly in mali. now baby announced a pull out of that read of the now on the strategic front. the g. 5 to hell has failed to deliver in terms of ensuring less attack. so it's also institution that has failed to get the funding necessary from donors,
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from the european union in the west. so for the molly and authorities, it's a defunct organization, and it no longer needs to be part of that. emily and one of the likely consequences of this pullout by molly. what are the ramifications while the consequences in the short term is it means that molly will no longer share its intelligence with neighboring countries, such as nice air and cooking fossa. and i could have devastating effects. we've seen an uptick of violence outside of molly from arm groups that are based in molly in regions further afield as far as togo. now molly is increasingly isolated from the region. the west african body echo us has put sanctions in place, has closed off borders with molly and out to that now this latest blow which is pulling out of the g 5 to hell. and then the announcement made by france back in
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december, that it's pulling out its troops less. there are the un peacekeeping force made up of $15000.00 soldiers now on tony good terrorist at the un security council said that what's happening in molly, the leadership of molly is having debilitating effect on its ability to ensure its mandate. it seems, emily, that left or the russian mercenaries, the russian fighters linked to wagner group. and molly seems to wants to go at it alone with the russians to try to repel the arm groups that are in their country. and is willing to be further isolated from the region and on the other hand, growing further and closer to the russian. emily? yes, plenty of moving parts to this one. thank you very much for that update. nicholas hawk live for us in to car. still ahead on al jazeera
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ah celebrations in the somali capital where in pays have re elected a president who was voted at 5 years ago. namely, assistance south korea office to send medicine to north korea as it battles the code 19 outbreak. and a painful moment to this major league baseball, i'm high, but that wasn't the end of these travels. joe will explain why coming up in school . ah it's feeling more like summer across the balkans. every one details on that in one sec. but let's talk about the rain, some outbreaks of thunder, a rain through the alpine region, into austria and eventually hungry. and some of these cells may produce some hail
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that let's talk about that high heat or paint. the colors are dark, the red, the hard, the temperature, there are weather alerts across serbia, as, as temperature is cross 30 degrees, including belgrade at $31.00. but don't get too used to it. over the span of 48 hours are, temperatures are going to drop by 10 degrees. thanks in parts a thunder storms and a cooler wind out of the north. now for turkey, showers are filling in across the country for western areas toward the south as well. but nothing major here. same goes for the other side, mediterranean seen, some showers, sneak in, just north of lisbon up through porto, into the northwest of spain. there is a run of rain through the islands of ireland, britain, western france in the low countries. then we've got this system here waiting in the wings. it's going to pass rate through the irish c getting stroked with some heavier bands of rain for eastern portions of the island of ireland through the gulf of guinea. our storm is not as intense as they have been as of late. and for south africa it's fill in more like summer in cape town with a height of $31.00 degree is but your temperatures will be coming down.
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ah. the moon in hebron boys breathe and fly pigeons, but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also closely watched by israeli forces at times shot up and often arrested. a delicately told tale filmed over 5 years of a coming of age in a place where even a child's imagination is heavily restricted. the skies above had brought a witness documentary on a j 0. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world . so no matter what you said with the news and kind of bars that matter to you, on counting the cost for a design, marco's junior effectively the philippines. what will it mean? 40 economy? yes, present, joe biden, face fighting inflation is, is top domestic priority. so can you bring down the cost of living and what is
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keeping india in the da counting the cost on out here. oh, a hello. are you watching? 0. i'm emily anguish. he's a reminder of our stories. they sound church ladies in occupied east jerusalem. say the israeli forces attack on al jazeera journalist, sharina close funeral is disrespectful and disgraceful. they made the comments during and he's come friends. soldiers defending ukraine, 2nd largest city of khaki, say they've reached the border with russia. the defense ministry, she had a video of celebrations at the mancha. the video hasn't been independently verified
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. and a new round of sanctions against russia is on the agenda as a foreign ministers, making brussels. the block foreign policy chief also wants to add another $500000000.00. in military i see ukraine after months of delays, the threats of violence in a growing hunger crisis, somalia has a new president. her son shake my 100 has had the job before was voted out 5 years ago. now can web reports from august issue and shake the move. good credit is if somalia once before, now we back in office again. my country needs to work forward and not go backward and it doesn't need violence and revenge. what's ever done to people, we call for forgiveness this time, the gunfire on the streets of the capital,
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nobody who is in celebration is an armed conflict. people who are glad to have a change of leader as an shake to heated outgoing president mohammed abdullah, he hammered known as far maggi, whose popularity has declined over his 5 years. you know, if, if he's critic, say he's made some molly as conflicts in economy worse and that he tried to stay in power, stalling the election. was meant to happen more than a year ago for molly's don't actually get to the vote. m p. 's chosen by officials and plan representative, then the m p voted for presidential candidates and a series of 3 rounds. it's an electoral system that was introduced off the somali central government collapse in 1991. been much criticized meant the transitional, somalia could move to having elections with one person, one vote that hasn't happened. one thing in the system is always deliver. it is a change of ahead as everyone familiar with the processes buying
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a vote and corruption widespread loyalties on guaranteed in the last round. it was the opposition uniting against outgoing president for measure the to the balance the sun shake inherent some major challenges. the armed group alger bob is stronger than it was when his 1st term ended 5 years ago. it controls ways that the countryside and similarly has been suffering one of its worst droughts in decades. the un has warned of appending, famine, more than 700000 people have lost their farms in livestock and fled the countryside into camp. they urgently need help. in mogadishu, it's a moment for optimism. i just remember that we celebrate the victory of president her son shaking her mood. you want him to prioritize security and established one
1:36 pm
person, one vote and create jobs, especially for the youth. extended election period has been tense and sometimes violent. now, it's olga. people hope things will get better malcolm web and i'll just 0 more good issue to malia from on this. let's bring in a dual kareem gemma. he's the chairman of the heritage institute for policy studies and joins us by skype from market issue a broker him, thanks for being on this. he's our, what is the return of his president, remain for somalia? does this draw a line under the political crisis which is lost for more than a year? thank you very much, emily? yes, it does actually just before the election and for some time now there has been apprehension . she had a violence here of contested election or even further delayed. i could safely say that this was a good day for somalia. it was a big win for somalia. the entire nation has breathed
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a big sigh of relief and i think this is a good day, particularly important is that you mentioned in the report to earlier. we always seem to have a new president and the new president need time to adjust and figure out what the, what the priorities and the many challenge that you have in numerated in your earlier report. this president is a package of mood has been a former president, and so he has been there before. he has the experience, he knows the place and that has ideas on what worked before what didn't work on where to go from here. so he'll is hit the ground running and will not need any on the job. training at the case have almost always been abdul karim. you mentioned some of the challenges that the new government faces. what are those? do you say? what do you think is their priority? yeah, security clearly is the challenge for anyone who is running an administration in
1:38 pm
this country. the kind of drought issue. the constitution isn't issue relations between the federal member states and the federal government that have been staying for some time at a real challenge. you know, finishing the constitution and constitutional court. and federalist him to be refined and further defined relations with the number of countries that have to be trained for a while. all of those needs to be worked on in this short period of time. so institution building would be a big focus that needed so that they change their faces every now and that does not take away all the all the progress mean? plenty of challenges ahead. abdul karim one voted, described hassan shag, my mood as the lesser of 2 evils. what do you think she meant by that? i don't share that any any. i think the fact that as they said we have always
1:39 pm
elected new president accept in this case where we have the elected former president, i think it's a class thing. i think prison have to ship will bring an improvement in significant improvement over his predecessor in that the country is already more relax. people are expecting reconciliation with the federal members based working system that used to exist where they headed over the federal member states and speaker and the prime minister of the president. when i've been with the president before used to consult on matters that need consultation. and so he has to start the mason on the me so that it's a big improvement rather than be tied to the issue and not speaking to anyone out there. the other issues is in terms of the institution building. he has started this and can build on that. so lessons learned ideas on how to improve when you sit
1:40 pm
outside the system for 4 or 5 years, you can request and think about what to do, what worked, what didn't work. and so i think this will be a good thing, and this will be better that the continuation of the tenant situation that existed or a new guys that would have to learn the road from scratch. speaking of those lessons learned, what can you tell us about the previous allegations of corruption level at president my how mood yes, those obligations exist real or perceived. every administration have plenty to be fed about that work and some that didn't work. but i think that there is also this idea of the enterprise of any president and all their shortcomings as well as that achievement attributed to the leader. and this was no difference. i think because of the allegation over the period in the past period. i think the new
1:41 pm
administration will take those into accounts. i predict you will find that people are more aware of the possible of such a concerns and we'll address that. anything less than that would be would be really unexpected. let's hope so. thank you very much for sharing your insights. we appreciate it. absolutely. jemma the chairman of the heritage institute. thank you very much for your time. thank you. the 1st commercial flight to take off from humans capital in nearly 6 years has landed in jordan patients needing hospital treatment for among dozens of passengers flying from santa. so i'm on the slide operated by the m and the flag carrier is part of the 1st nationwide, the fire in 2016. the un brokerage, the 2 month agreement between humans, internationally recognized government and re fi rebels. for more on this, let's bring in mohammed l. i've tub who's live for us in santa mohammed. what does
1:42 pm
this flight symbolized in the context of the ongoing war in yemen? this is really our joyful day for many, many especially those patients who have been waiting for the resumption of flies specially commercial flights to sun into national boards. there are around 300000 patients according to the ministry of health run by the host. these who are waiting for the for the resumption of flights because of their ability to travel because of the, the, and the ability of the most of the health sector has to treat them. so the, the gently required to travel abroad for treatment. so and this flies over 100 passengers, most of them patients who are traveled on board of this fly to georgia. and this is the 1st flight since to august 2016. so this is
1:43 pm
joyful news for many, many of the resumption of flights from some international airport is a good news for many my knees, especially those was still stranded outside of yemen. this flight will return back to santa with a number of passengers a lot been stranded outside of yemen. many, many passengers couldn't travel, though the airports, which, which are located in basalt county because of the danger danger that lives there. many people have encountered about many problems the when the problem through the road that links between airports in the south of the country to the areas under the control of the fees. one of them i've lost their losses live among them. i've been medical center. bonnie was, was killed, bicycle forces in this out of the country who run by the united emberts. so the,
1:44 pm
the good news for you many, very many and also good news for the politicians, especially that those already agreed. the working sides that this, the resumption of flights is among the package of the great mental, the tools that i've started by the, by the beginning of the pearl. so far, we have the one month past, no flights has resumed. now we are witnessing the resumption of one and 11 of these slides that have been promised by the troops. many hope this, this, the resumption of flies will, will bring an end to the ongoing war and conflict. that's how much has pushed millions of monies to the brain gofundme and days that types. i thank you very much for that update mohammed ella tab in santa south. korea has also to help north career as it battles to control its 1st confirmed covered 19 outbreak. sol says
1:45 pm
it's willing to provide medicines and technical assistance. infections arising rapidly in north korea with hundreds of thousands of suspected cases. katya lopez, haughty on reports, one who will be on the up until recently north korea's leader would never be seen in public wearing a mask that now king john own can no longer avoid it. local media is calling it an explosive outbreak of covet. 19. dozens of people have died with more than 800000 suspected cases. the government has ordered a strict walked down, but cases are spreading fast toward an unknown error on state television, a doctor recommends gurgling with salt water, if suffering from a fever holiday with the crumbling health care system, a malnourished population, and no vaccines. experts worry the pens, emma could have a devastating impact on north korea. conversations, you know, like out break could lead to shortages and,
1:46 pm
and economic crisis in order to prevent that. the government's conducting food rationing measures. but the surge and infections didn't stop the government from testing its weapons. just hours after announcing the outbreak on thursday, it fired 3 ballistic missiles off its east coast program smith. this indicates that the country will likely conduct massage tests more frequently, to counteract the depressed atmosphere caused by coven 19 among north korean citizens. joe, the 1st cases of the army conte variance were reported in april in its capital pyongyang the same month. the city hosted several large public celebrations where most people did not wear masks. at the time, cases were soaring in neighboring china. north korea's biggest trade partner and close ally, you know, its own. don't awful god or drama. sure. we will pay close attention to the developments of the epidemic in north korea and maintain communication with
1:47 pm
a government to protect the lives in the health of our citizens who live there financing. most of north korea's 26000000 people are not vaccinated. the world health organization offered inoculations last year, but king john own rejected it. for now there is no sign people living in the most isolated nation in the world are closer to getting any help. katya little priscilla yon al jazeera lady of china. the biggest city are aiming to resume normal life from the beginning of next month. after 6 weeks of corona virus look down in shanghai. health workers have declared the elimination of infections in most districts. supermarket, shopping, moles, and restaurants being allowed to reopen, but with limited capacity. stay at home, orders have frustrated. 25000000 residents and cold havoc, the world's 2nd biggest economy. crowds and grace have watched what's called
1:48 pm
a super flower blood moon. the 1st total lunar eclipse of the year paid a reddish color as it rose above the ancient temple of the side. and the phenomenon happens when the moon passes for the shadow of the earth. some of the clearest views of the lunar show where in north and south america, the moon is at its closest point to the earth, making it appear both larger and brighter than usual. cautious stuff. all right, forties and next on al jazeera as the top seated phoenix sun go down in the n b, a bio, joe will have all of the best action coming up next. ah with
1:49 pm
mm pool. ah
1:50 pm
ah, it's time for sport, he is joe with all the details of the pointy end of the season. that's right, emily. yes, we saw in the m. b. i were the defending champions. the milwaukee bucks had been eliminated from the playoffs by the boston, celtics. the celtics trailed early in the to site up at grant williams for a career high 27 point and it's 73 point. so jason tatum added 23 in boston, set a game 7 record with 20 to 3 pointers to win one or 9 to 81, boston will face the miami heat on tuesday, the eastern conference finals, and tatum's the 4 year old son is particularly pleased with the idea of heading down to south beach, which was they say, soon as they do you excited, go to miami, the good pool, one of our gosh, reading and di, gay,
1:51 pm
and me or year off the leading ok to the title and being voted the finals m v p, yes, that's combo says it's time for his team to regroup, hopefully, like this moment. so thinking that the last something we can gain and learn, in order for us personable to win, the champ should now be next year. it's going to be 2 years from now. western conference top said the phoenix suns were also knocked out, leaving to the dallas mavericks who advanced to their 1st conference final since 2011 look don't teach school. 35 points and spencer in which he added the see them i will face the golden state warriors and game one on wednesday. honestly i'm really happy is you can get the smile off my face when i'm just really happy, you know, on a setting we deserve this. we've playing hard. no, serious, maybe a couple games here to are in ourselves. but you know, we came here with
1:52 pm
a statement game 7, we believed our locker believes everybody believes, so. i'm just happy. the new range of the through the 2nd round of n h l stanley cup playoffs. they beat the pittsburgh penguins for 3 and over time in game 7 of the eastern conference theories, have you been, are in school power play go early on. and the penguins didn't have a chance to come back. the ranges will play the carolina harkins on wednesday. the calgary flames were too hot to handle the dela thought johnny could row school the series winning over time. goal is the flames. 132, they'll play the edmonton oilers in the 2nd round. now this was pet claudio, las reaction on to his munch city side, mr. penalty, which would have secure to win over west ham. but the premier league title is still in their hands. the hail malik reports, and they're not bad either. get a pass of you politic. manchester city made the worst possible start in this much against west ham. they were behind in the 24th minutes with jared bowen. getting
1:53 pm
the opener to city. we're aiming for 3 valuable points to boost their hopes of retaining the premier league title. instead, they were 2 down before halftime bowen again with the goal and the league leaders were stun time pep. guardiola needed a reaction from his side and he got one just after the break. respiratory cities big money, some assigning jack relish come in good at the right moment. they then got a real slice of lock west times. vladimir cool fall headed into his own net, to make it to, to from there city, increase the pressure and there, if it seemed to have paid off as they won a penalty inside the last 10 minutes. ah. but there was to be another
1:54 pm
twist. react, morris react, morris was denied by lucas vaviante. the much finished to, to but to win on the final day of the season will ensure they will win the title ahead of liverpool. no, no debates about goldie friends. no debate about anything is just when our game to we champion real when we return from liverpool play south hampton, on tuesday. if yoga club side can win that game, they will trail city by a single point heading into the season's final round of game will be to hail malik again al jazeera, the top to races in italy. it's also going right down to the wire with ac milan and the boat seats, they go into the final day of the season, 2 points, clear of city rivals into that softer tino whenever atlanta buffer allow, an theo hernandez getting the goals and the 2nd half as milan moved
1:55 pm
a step closer to becoming steady at champions. for the 1st time since 2011 harrison german star killian and bob hayes says he's almost made up his mind whether he's going to leave the french champions for oil madrid. and he'll announce is decision soon. by pay was speaking after he was named the player of the year for the 3rd consecutive season. nova joclett says he's going into sundays french open with a lot of confidence off to winning his 1st title of the year. the world, the milan beat seats, the final says to pass in the italian open final joker, which has been limited in the number of tournaments he's been able to play in 2022 due to his refusal to get vaccinated against copenhagen teams is the 6th time he's won this event and he's looking good ahead of ronan carol's way, defending champion. joke job in building my, my form a like the previous years i knew with coming around role. i'm so i will be
1:56 pm
in this wonderful during jordan speith will try to complete the career grand slam at this week's pga championship. and he goes into the 2nd gulf major of the year in good form. he followed up a when the at his last tournament with a 2nd place finish in texas. in front of his home crowd. speith was edged out by south chris k h. lee, who became the 1st player since tom watson in 1980 to successfully defend the title, lee shot and 9 under past 63 in the final round to finish 26 under one show clear of speech. it had been 4 years since the last hole and one at this torment, but that weight was ended when australian mark policeman did this at the 15th hole . but that wasn't the only a steering the final round american justin lower also managed to hold this efforts . at the 70 they say lightning doesn't strike twice,
1:57 pm
but it seems baseballs do this was m l b umpire marty foster falling to the grounds off to taking one to the face. he was struck again later in the game between the la angels and the oakland athletics. this time he called it a day to time defending champions, australia kicked off the new sail gp season with a when they clenched victory in the 1st event of bermuda. on sunday, between great britain and newcomer canada and the final, the next stop is the u. s. sale going pre in chicago in june. and a pretty embarrassing moment for formula one. well title leda charles the clerk he was entrusted with a 974 ferrari driven by 3 time while champion nicky lauder for classic call rice in monaco. 3 o me for this to happen. and 3, with a class will return to the tracking ferrari's current call for the upcoming spanish ground, prayed shelldrick. lat gotta oh day. well that is august port for now. it is back. see emily a little embarrassing. thank you very much. all right,
1:58 pm
that's it for this news, ama but don't go anywhere follows next week more the days we stay with us. ah ah frank assessment, it's what are the political risks of panic? russian oil gas for western leaders o sanctions on russian energy exports. harrison was informed opinions, france is not abandoning to fight against jedi, still resumed media. they're going to be acting from nisha and from chad. critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis
1:59 pm
of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera. talk to alger see room, we ask, what is the time table in your mind? when do you think that you are, can be off of russian gas? we listen when i've seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're happy. they're smiling. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the story stack matter on out you see african stories of resilience and parish, a tradition and dedication. bloomberg over a short documentary by african filmmakers on the white 9 and the book make it africa direct on al jazeera. ah l. just
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a church meters in occupy these jewels, men, condemn israeli forces were attacking mourners. at the funeral procession of al jazeera journalist to read abil accolade. new security camera footage of the moment is ready for storm st. joseph hospital, which means body had been lying ah ha, watching al jazeera alive from bill. how with me for the back people also coming up . you grain says it's true.


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