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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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nation system of the design and system transformation part one of human rights activist, q me 90 and environmentally window knowledge inc. i lived as you have with a fossil fuel arrow my entire life and i'm looking for a graceful transition out of it. studio be on smith date on our his era. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i am emily anglin. this is denise al, alive from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. church ladies in occupied east jerusalem condemned israeli forces are attacking mourners at the funeral. procession of al jazeera journalist, sharina apple, atlanta. new security camera footage shows the moment is rattling forces storm st. joseph hospital, where she rains body had been lying. ukraine says its troops have reached the
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russian border in the khaki region, as moscow's forces were trace and lebanon's 1st to general elections since the bay route port explosion. and he's of economic crisis are expected shortly. on giovanni as rosco with the sports the box stop here is the n b a defending champion. we'll. we'll keep a note sound from the place by the boston celtics. ah, church ladies and hospital officials in occupied east jerusalem have condemned israeli forces for attacking mourners at the funeral procession of sharina, ucla. they say the assault outside st. joseph hospital on friday was unprovoked. her coffin nearly fell to the ground in the chaotic scenes as iran con reports. 3
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words, condemnation, disrespect, disproportionate talk people at a news conference at saint joseph church hospital. it's leaders and clergy condemned at these railey police for friday's attack, against sharina, barclays, coughing, and the pull barrows, accusing them of disrespecting the hospital grounds. and finally said it was a disproportionate use of force. the police storm into a christian helping institute. the sort of disrespecting, the church disrespecting, the health institute disrespecting, the memory of the deceased enforcing they both bearers almost to drop the coffee. the church authorities released previously unseen security camera footage of israel police entering the hospital. which said there was absolutely no reason for this to have happened. it's general director says all concerned parties and now discussing what to do next most probably court kish eh, we are now discussing with church leader catholic church leader and day honors of
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the hospital. the sister of san joseph and the administration of the hospital about the next legal action to be taken. initially, these railey police said they were acting on the instructions of the family. something serena's brother, who is the family's representative de noise. absolutely. notice we are, is riley police called me to the police station to want to know the exact route we are taking. asked me not to have any for the scene in flag citizen during the funeral, nor slogans nor chancing during the funeral. and i stress that this is not only my funeral, not toward our balcony on the note for berkeley family only, but it's a national funeral. everybody will participate. i can tell you the exact number of people who will participate. i told them that a funeral review from st. joseph hospital to the greek medicaid church in jennifer gate. and then to the find in the in cemetery in mount zion,
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the church authorities in the hospital and now weighing about their legal options. israeli police say they will investigate the incident that took place hey on friday, and he's really army say they are investigating the death of serene outlet. but given previous investigations, no one here or indeed members of the family. hold out any hope that that will be an independent investigation and indeed sharina acclaim. family are saying that they would like an independent international investigation. but goals for that so far have not been heated. m wrong con hours era occupied east jerusalem. so sandra, hi is a human rights lawyer and a board member at bit. selim, it's a non profit group. we've focused on documenting human rights violations in palestine. she explains how the israeli government could have could be held accountable for storing the hospital. the fact that we are talking about the hospital that is being operated by san jose, that's a, by,
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by french operations in the occupied territories, does impose international obligation on the state of israel. in any case, even before talking only about a regular hospital in read, this comes back. this invasion is also illegal because entering in this way up to a hospital of violation affecting patients. attracting innocence that's. 1 our that's where a person's the hospital we all saw the shock of people, of doctors during the filming of the documentation of this video. all of it is also illegal based on the international law, even if it doesn't. magic magic immunity and he's alive pictures from bethlehem in the occupied west bank. the church of nativity is holding a commemoration service for our 0 sure rain of an hour later. the event will move
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outside to bethlehem square and then we believe a few hours after that a candle vigil will be held also in bethlehem square at $1700.00. she and it comes after she reigns. death on wednesday, the 11th of may and a symbolic funeral has been held in garza for shame by many who are not able to attend to a funeral on friday. the lci it was there. the policy in liberation organization has the range of a funeral with her university, one of them all the a god, this trip, this symbolic funeral, that his home district because god is the only area, i don't get my territory. this was not allowed to go and read a funeral because of this and sell these young generations here regardless of course, do for their own symbolic funeral,
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did pay tribute in show to respect the loyalty, the city, a balcony who has been assassinated. wife covering a raid in janine granite, examined ali no, not of your boxes up. we were not able to reach her funeral. and that is why and the gaza strip. we had to do the symbolic funeral in honor of the spirit of demarco shooting of waterloo. these young generations have led, following serene all through their life. and now it's a day and through all these events that have been held in regards this step 1st to read, they say, and they confirm that she read shall long remain in their memories. so does defending ukraine's 2nd largest city of concave say they've reached the border with russia, the defense ministry, she had a video of celebrations at the board of martha video hasn't been independently
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verified. conky was being shell daily by russian artillery a month ago that ukraine forces have regained territory in the northeast seas. as that bag reports on the residents in the villages around khaki trying to rebuild their lives. the indelible scars of will are everywhere here in ruskin. as over in the villages that surround hart give, the majority of residents fled to russian, advance their pets left behind in the rush to reach safety. inside the medical clinic, a tank shell remains 87 year old ego state he recalls in russian troops entered his home a robo chimera. oh sure, they said granny, we are searching for a weapon. granny is more than 80 years old. where is she supposed to get the weapon? they were jumping over the fence is breaking everything. i said, do you want to shoot me? shoot, i'm not scared, was the ukrainian soldiers accompanied us or on edge?
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were told the village is mind. but the consent seems to be giving away true positions, tactics or anything that may cast a shadow over. what's happened here. we can only get access to villages like this with a military escort and re told what we can and cannot film the ukrainians have managed to push out russian from places like this. which means that hockey city is now a little safer for its residence. a site that would not have been possible. a month ago, a 3rd of the residence had left the rest, slipped in shelters, no place in the city was considered safe. all that has now changed the flesh in the did the children. what people are walking outside. we were at this park last week and it was empty. we thought we weren't allowed to be outside khaki is coming back to normal life. you can see that life is still going on. war is war, but we must live. the constant sound of the city being pounded seems like
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a distant memory. the russian military can still target hockey with missiles, but they're too far out to shell. it. ah, air raid sirens can still be heard daily. but residents, undeterred nation, so that the ano, her chief, is quite no, no shootings. our soldiers are protecting us, glory to crane. i wish everybody would come back alive from the war and all russian troops go back to their country and never come back. it's our ukranian land and we will fight for it toy. hark eve, it's low ye returning to some semblance of normality. even if the wool is not over . i said, beg, i'll jazeera hark. if european union foreign ministers, meanwhile, are trying to reach an agreement on a russian oil embargo, but as a negotiation, new round of sanctions. the 6 since the war and ukraine began. one you member is
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blocking further action. diplomatic editor james base reports from brussels, where the midst is making that last got back, i just bought a group of the ukrainian protest has gathered outside the building where the foreign ministers were meeting to try to finalize another package of sanctions, including a ban on imports of russian oil inside the meeting. again, deadlock, 26 nations against one hungary, even though it's been given a carve out, is the only e u member opposing the new sanctions that's causing some considerable anger. this is how we will do, remember either the can you union who managed to go forward and dissent a very clear message to russia or who would stuck. and now unfortunately, we are, the whole unit is being hold hostage by one member states who cannot
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find couldn't help help us find the consensus. the high representative for foreign policy has been meeting candidates, foreign minister. when i interviewed him last week, he was confident the new sanctions could be agreed with, but he doesn't seem so hopeful. now, we'll do our best in order to do blog. this situation. i cannot ensure that this is going to happen because the positions are quite strong, but they seem that the, we understand a particular situation of some member stage. can all of us make an effort to go there to present a united front against russia? we succeed. the foreign ministers are being joined by the ukranian counterpart demitra labor. he's bound to put the pressure on the hungarians to change that position. james bays al jazeera brussels. the fast food giant mcdonald says it started the process of selling the russian arm of its business. it has $62000.00
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employees and $850.00 outlets in there, which have been shot since march in response to the invasion of ukraine. the 1st big mack in moscow was sold in 1990 months after the fall of the berlin wall. plenty more hit on the skis, our including crisis management, british prime minister heads to belfast for tours. almost during the regions government celebrations in the somali capital where employees have chosen a president who was voted out 5 years ago. and in schools highlights from the n h l, apply of as soon more teams make it through to the 2nd round. and so coming up with jo, ah, the 1st commercial flight to take off from yemen capital in nearly 6 years has landed in jordan patience meeting hospital treatment were among dozens of
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passengers flying from santa to amman. the flight operated by the jamini flag carrier is part of the 1st and nationwide ceasefire since 2016. the un broke the 2 month agreement between the internationally recognized government and goofy rebels . for more analysis on this, let's bring in at jazz mine at love why he's the spokesperson for the norwegian refugee council in yemen, and joins us from there. hello there. jasmine, thanks for being on the news. our. what's the reopening of centers in port symbolize in the context of this ongoing war in yemen? well, for us, and i see it's a stepping stone towards a lack the, these yemen. bear in mind that the headboard has been closed for 6 years now, so it was also one of the main things that had to be settle during the 2 months. so obviously, now that we have the 1st flight today,
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but also we're hearing that another bike could happen as soon as next wednesday, wednesday. it is definitely a positive step because reopening sign airport means progress brought. it means that emily can seek medical treatment abroad. it means tens of thousands of young men that can go in and out, but also it means that we can get quicker in your and cheap goods into your many as well. so it is definitely the positive day for you today. yes, inches mind you mentioned why it is so important. can you talk us through that from an economic perspective? yeah, definitely. you know, we know that the conflict is the main driver of many other problems in yemen and the economy is one of them. so i, i'm not sure if the lab what will be the exact and back of the reopening, but definitely it's another point of entry. and, but let, to be honest,
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the shape of the economy at the moment is, it's pretty bad. there's a lot of inflation. when you go to the supermarket here, yes, they are food on the shelves, but the reality is that for g purchasing power of many, many is decreasing. so the situation is pretty bleak. but i hope the, with the reopening of commercial flight and we hope that it will lead to even more other good news. we're hoping for more actually from, from that to, as you might know, the reopening of the roads to guys is one of the other things that we're, that we're hoping from from that true. and also we're hoping that the tooth itself would be extended because we're almost near the end. it's supposed to end in 2 weeks or so. what's the impact of the airport closure on people needing medical treatment? obviously the ramifications have been widespread. we heard from our reporter on the ground there a couple of hours ago saying that many people on board this slide are actually
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those needing medical treatment. absolutely. it's something that we've been advocating for years. and the, as i said previous, be the airport with goes for most 6 years. so what it mean completely, it means that the only option before today for the patient living in the north of yemen and requiring urgent treatment abroad was to travel by road to i didn't see you in the south and then fi out of the country. but that mean sometimes 10 to 15 hours drive the check out and front line. so obviously this was not a sustainable solution. so this is why we're coming this decision today, right? we will watch this. thank. thank you very much for bringing us. your thoughts on that jazz mine love was the spokes person for the no age in refugee counseling them . and thanks for your time and thank you so much
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u. k. prime in phase visiting the northern islands and talks on we're storing the regions government, the republican shin fame, pop, you won elections early this month. the pro ration you pay came 2nd under power sharing agreement. they're expected to form a government, but the day pay is refusing unless the post breakfast deal that puts a try border between the northern island and the rest of the u. k. is changed for more on this. let's bring in join a holl, who's lived for us in belfast. hello there, joanna. what's far as johnson likely to say to the nationalists and union as late as when they made large? johnson is here at hillsboro castle west belfast. he's meeting shallow. neil. he's just gone in the should fane leader national parties. you said one, a historic victory the week before last over the unionists. he will meet them a democratic unit as party leader, jeffrey donaldson. his party currently boycotting the storm on assembly over his opposition, their opposition to the northern protocol. as you mentioned that now mr. johnson
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will urge the parties to get back to power sharing get back to working together. it's thought he will try to calm things down to dial down the rhetoric in what is an escalating dispute now between the u. k and the e u with northern ireland not for the 1st time at its heart. the key issue of contention is the northern ireland protocol. this is a piece of legislation, part of the brakes. it deal that introduces trade checks between goods, moving from great britain to northern ireland. as a way of avoiding a hard border on the island of island boys, johnson negotiated that protocol, the democratic unionists, lowes it. they say that it undermines their position and the position of northern ireland within the united kingdom. and they say they want it scrapped or substantially changed. now, what can boris johnson do? well, he believes that the u. p. has a point. he believes that the protocol is being over harshly implement to the
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detriment of some consumers and businesses northern ireland. he says that he believes there is a negotiated solution, and he would prefer that. but that if the e you isn't prepared to change its position well, then his government might be forced to act unilaterally. and indeed, legislation that would potentially make that unilateral action to underline the undermine the protocol possible is thought to be likely to be unveiled at westminster this week. possibly as early as tuesday. china, if somebody doesn't sound like a stable base, it's the government, particularly with a delicate power balance in northern ireland. i mean, this is the underlining. worry here is that functioning, government, power sharing and all. and all of these underpinned by the good tried a peace agreement that was reached nearly 25 years ago that brought an end to decades of conflict here, it's set up an equality in power sharing between the union lists and the nationalists. now the election that we could go not only up ended
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a century of unionists numerical dominance in that fragile balance. it also established actually. busy majority in favor of the protocol in northern ireland people who from them should fight nationalists to moderate unionists. see the economic benefits that the protocol poses. and on the why the context, the traditional guarantors of the good friday agreement would be the british government. and the irish government, the referees, the arbutus, if you like, it would have result problems like this. such is the trust deficit between them post breaks it. but this is an extremely difficult, potentially intractable problem with people talking about a very difficult summer ahead. certainly sounds at thank you very much for that update. jenna, how live for us in the bell phone to molly now, which is pulling out of original military lines fighting armed groups in this a how region. molly's military rule is may be announcement fighting a lack of progress. the nation was due to hold the g 5 presidency in february. but
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there's been criticism of its military since it took power in a code last year. let's take a closer look now at the group of 5 nations in the goal of the mission. the g 5. so hell force includes troops from the child became faso and murray, tanya, it was set up in 2017 to counter groups which has swept across the region in recent years. but the forces struggled to reduce the violence because of a lack of funding and disagreements among the member states. to break this down for us, let's bring in nicholas high to join me live from dick. hello there, nick, what are the reasons behind molly's move to withdraw from this group? well, emily, there are both political reasons and strategic reasons strategic because the malia army sees this regional force as a losing force, it has gone from loss to defeat. there was an attack on its headquarters in molly
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a couple of years ago with the car bomb in safari that left several 1000000 soldiers killed. it's also seen as a force on a political front and being in the arms are working hand in hand with the french. the french have become that were once a friend of the of the molly enforces that intervene. remember, almost 10 years ago when there was an armed insurgency, there, north of the country are now seen as foes. $5000.00 french troops are expected to pull out of the country. and that's because for the french, molly is led by an undemocratic li, elected leader. and so in a statement made on national television, the spokespersons of the malia and leadership, the molly, the mother in the military genta explained. i quote that the opposition of some g 5 members is linked to maneuvers by state outside the region. aiming at isolating
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molly and this is what the melina authorities feel, they feel that they're being targeted by friends. now of course, that further isolates a country that's already isolated in the region. it's facing sanctions, both on the diplomatic and economic front. this landlord country has its border sealed off, and the trade between regional countries has halted because the male military turn to refuse to hand over power to civilian rule. emily's r. nick, what are the likely consequences? is this pull out by molly? well initially what's going to happen is the lack of information sharing or intelligent sharing between molly and neighboring countries. and that's really going to affect less, molly, but the neighboring countries that have been targeted by arm groups that, that are, that are active within molly. so we've seen a tax in the share in brooklyn foss over the weekend,
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over 40 people were killed bar arm groups linked to the local isis affiliated. so there's fear that there's going to see we're going to see more attacks and we've seen also attack going further afield in togo. and that's the result of the lack of cooperation between molly and it's, it's regional forces. now togo has offered to mediate the situation or the, the lack of cooperation between the, the regional countries. and molly, you have to remember that already 50 countries have pulled out of the since there was this military coup in august 2020. when that puts the un peacekeeping mission in molly, which is the most expensive, costing a $1000000000.00 a year, the biggest $15000.00 soldiers are almost $15000.00 soldiers on the ground and the deadliest more soldiers there have been killed there in a perilous situation. now their mandate is up for renewal in june,
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already on to new good terrorists. the secretary general has said that the situation is a political situation. molly has a debilitating effect on the region. it creates more threats from arm groups in the region. so who is left supporting molly? well, russian fighters linked to the wagner's group is the soul soul kind of back up to the malia military agenda at the moment, and they are left alone to confront increased attacks in molly and throughout the region. emily, alright, thank you. so much for breaking. no damn for us. nicholas hock live for us in it's a car. thank you. it's time for check on the world. whether he is jeff. hey, there. what can see the world's weather update? it has been so hot in the northwest indian state of georgia sun, they've got trucks go in around sprained some cool air to try and keep people cool . the heat waves warning and rochester has been dropped, temperatures come down a bit so bit of relief. but we'll dow them right back up in the days to come. so
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now we're in bucharest on, on friday. temperature is once again could close in on 50 degrees. let's talk about the act of weather back to india. we go for that southern slice, in particular, careless states. i'm at 10 storms here, hale likely to see some pretty damaging winds as well. and for india as far north, the state of san flooding has killed at least 5 people. it's going to get worse before it gets better, is still seen a lot of activity here. part of the reason is we're getting the speed of warm and humid air off the bill of golf. so that's going to spark some storms here. se asia looks like this dry spells across sumatra, java and borneo is our seasonal rains live further toward the north. and our plumb rains have made a clean exit from southern china, and taiwan that's replaced by sunshine in those temperatures are coming up. meantime, japan's gonna duck in dodge this round of the plum rains, but maybe just a few showers sneaking into eastern areas of horseshoe overcast day in tokyo with the high of 21 on tuesday. see later, still ahead on al jazeera,
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i'm rob reynolds in northern california. with a report on the alarming number of native american women on this region. and what tribal officials were trying to do about natalie assistance at south korea office to send it medicine soon. north korea, is it battles a carpet 19 outbreak and a painful moment for these major league baseball on pi, but that wasn't the end of his travels. joe will explain why coming up in school. ah. ah, i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents, and this is mean fighting both isis and a,
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the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable harmony. the father, the son, and the g. ha ha, one on al jazeera. gotcha. one of the fastest growing nations in the world won the cause of needed to oakland and development school international shipping companies to become a key, middle east and trade and money skillfully enough, 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future while the cato gotta gateway to whoa trade. lou ah,
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hello, you're watching out his ear. i'm emily anglin, he's remind her of our top stories. the south church ladies in occupy to east jerusalem have condemned to friday's attack. at the funeral of al jazeera, gentler sharina, abdullah, they say the unprovoked assault on mourners was disrespectful. disproportionate and disgraceful. you. video has also been really showing the moment is rally forces stone to st. joseph hospital where shall rains body have been lying. official save forces pushed past a pregnant woman and a disabled patient. 13 people were injured in the incident. and soldiers defending ukraine's 2nd largest city of khaki if say they've reached the border with russia, the defense ministry share a video of celebrations at the mca video hasn't been independently verified. the final results of lebanon's election are expected in the next hour or so arm
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several independence have picked up sates, but are unlikely to change the political landscape. initial results indicate wins for iranian backed, his vala and the christian lebanese forces party. it's the 1st election since the country was plunged into an economic crisis back in 2019, and the barrett port explosion sonata has more from beirut. lebanon has all but collapsed, yet the establishment that plunged the country into darkness is seeking re election . the nearly bankrupt state has been struggling to provide services on election day . it was no different and it's this status quo that many are hoping to change. 1022 . we decide to change. so i bought some but not under what it yeah. so hopefully it will change, but unseating the political class that has been governing this country for decades is not easy. anti establishment coalitions fielded many candidates,
4:32 pm
the so called changed forces. they're expected to win a few seats, but not to change the political landscape. i know it's a chart for change, it's not look change yet. i hope for the next generation, they will be that chain. that process began in late 2019, when massive crowds protested for months. they were met with violence. now many are to disillusioned to even try. a country has been a long from the longer the fame every 4 years. there is elections and we think will ways we can change with change. supporters of the former prime minister sat haddy think so as well. that's why they are boycotting the vote. had he the, had it the muslim sunday communities, largest block in parliament, but left politics earlier this year. blaming it on iran's influence through it. ally has below, over the country. number 2005. we want to majority across the country where we
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couldn't translate those gains into anything tangible. there was a gun pointed at our back. has buller already controls the country has belies an armed pro. iranian party, that, along with its allies, are in the majority in the outgoing parliament. its opponents, mainly pro western and pro saudi parties are hoping to shift the balance of power. it's a traditional political divide that has led to bouts of sectarian violence in the past. and breaking through their grip on power has always been difficult. anti establishment candidates were already at a disadvantage before voting started their up against powerful forces, a system that work against them. and they're not united, which means the vote is flipped and it is much harder to reach the electoral threshold. votes are still being counted, but big changes are unlikely. the relatively low turn out is a sign that the election will only give what many have described the corrupt in dysfunctional system. a new lease of life, then they also zita battled. okay,
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so let's take a closer look now at lebanon's political system, it's a power sharing structure based on the 1989 type, a code which ended the civil war. it's parliament has 128 states divided between muslims and christians. the president must be a christian, the prime minister as sonny muslim. and the speaker has to be ashamed with them. and alliances are often form to create majority iranian back has bala and it's analyzed domination, the current parliament. for more in this that spring in wrestle said i who joins us live now from beirut. we're so we're expecting results in the coming our. so what are you hearing on the ground in beirut about potential results? well, traditionally, lebanese will know their results of the elections on there. they at the day or off day it actually, but this time it's different. as of now, the official results are not released yet, but the minister of interior at 5 pm local time here around 30 minutes later,
4:35 pm
they're going to announce some official results. i said some because it's not for all the companies, but just for the districts that the content is finalized, it seems that the results will car will come gradually by the ministry or interior . so for what be no on the ground is that apparently prove you runyan his will law and his allies are moment another she are group in the country. and the christian free patriotic woman seems to be losing some of the seeds. on the other hand, another christian, a group which is called lebanese forces and their anti urine emptied sodium, an anti his will, law, makes some whims. so this is changing the political landscape in the country. and also there are some reports that my maybe has will learn as allies my to lose the majority in departments. so if that happened, that's going to be the development of the, of the day. one of the new issue and in for this elections is that we're going to see a totally me a block off independence. who im is the author of the pulpit,
4:36 pm
the economy crisis in 2019 as against the, adjust their political establishment in the country and they are likely going to make an alliance an anti his will my alliance and they are expected to go about 7 to 8 percent it see it. so when it comes to sunny's, they are completely out fragmented. they do not have a leader. their leader, their premise for prime minister of lebanon saturday has boycotted the election. so that is lowering their turn. now busy elections are quite important because lebanon is going to have his presidential election in october. and the outcome of busy election is not going to show who will have the majority in the parliament, but also it will have a remarkable impact on who will be the next president of the country and who will be the prime minister. indeed, thank you very much. for bringing us up to speed, wrestle sat, live for us in bay rush, after months of delays to threats of violence and
4:37 pm
a growing hunger crisis. somalia has a new president. her son shake maha mode has had the job before that was voted out 5 years ago. malcolm web reports from og edition o san shake. mood was president of somalia once before. now he's back in office again. clearly the my country needs to work forward and not go backward and it doesn't need violence and prevention plan. whatever was done to people on recall for forgiveness this time, the gunfire on the streets of the capital, mogadishu is in celebration rather than armed conflict. people here at glancing the change of leader as an shake defeated outgoing president mohammed and de la he mohammed known as far maggi, whose popularity has declined over his 5 years in office. his critic say he's made somali as conflicts and economy worse, and that he tried to stay in power. i stalling,
4:38 pm
the election. was meant to happen more a year ago. tamales don't actually get to vote. m p 's chosen by officials and plan representatives. then the m p 's voted for presidential candidates and a series of 3 rounds. it's an electoral system that was introduced off the somali central government collapse in 1990. 1, been much criticized meant to be transitional. somalia could move to having elections with one person, one vote that hasn't happened. one thing the system is always deliver. it is a change of a head. if you are familiar with the process of buying a vote and corruption, widespread loyalties on guaranteed in the last round, it was the opposition uniting against outgoing president for measure the to the balance. the sun shake inherits major challenges. the armed group alger
4:39 pm
bob is stronger than it was when his 1st term ended 5 years ago. it controls ways that the countryside and simone has been suffering one of its worst droughts in decades. the un has warned of appending, famine, more than 700000 people have lost their farms in livestock and fled the country side into camp. the urgently need help with morbid issue, it's a maintenance for optimism. i just remember we celebrate the victory of president hutson shake mohammed. you want him to prioritize security and establish one person, one vote and create jobs, especially for the youth. extended election period is intense and sometimes violent . people type things will get better. milk and web and just more good issue somalia and abdul karim gemma is the chairman of the heritage institute for policy studies. he says the president's main focus should be on institution building just
4:40 pm
before the election and for some time now there has been apprehension. she had a violence here of contested the elections, or even further delay. i could safely say that this was a good day for somali, with the big wind for somalia, a higher nation has breathed a big sigh of relief. and i think this is a good day, particularly important is that we always seem to have a new president and the new president need time to adjust and figure out what's the, what's the priorities? and this president is a passenger, how mood has been a former president. and so he has been there before. he has the experience, he knows the place and that has ideas on what worked before what didn't work on where to go from here. so he'll is the hit, the ground running and will not need any on the job. training at the case have almost always been in the past security. clearly it's
4:41 pm
a challenge for anyone who is running an administration in this country. the kind of drought issue, the constitution is sent issue relations between the federal member states and the federal government that have be distain for some time at a real challenge. you know, finishing the constitution and constitutional court. and federalist him to be refined and further defined relations with the and number of countries that have been strained for a while. all of those needs to be worked on in this short period of time. so institution building would be a big focus that needed so that they change their faces every now and that does not take away all the, all the progress made south korea has also to help north korea as eat battles to control its 1st confirmed carver 19 out bank. saul says its willing to provide medicines and technical assistance. if infections are rising rapidly in north gray
4:42 pm
with hundreds of thousands of suspected cases, katya lopez, haughty on ruffles, will young lady i'm up until recently north korea's leader would never be seen in public wearing a mask. but now king john own can no longer avoid it. local media is calling it an explosive outbreak of coven. 19 dozens of people have died with more than 800000 suspected cases. the government has ordered a strict walk down, but cases are spreading fast forward on angelou. on state television, a doctor recommends gurgling with salt water, if suffering from a fever holiday with a crumbling health care system, a malnourished population, and no vaccines. experts worry the pens, emma could have a devastating impact on north korea color, so does she know lucky outbreak could lead to shortages and in economic crisis in order to prevent the government's conducting food rationing measures. but the search and infections didn't stop the government from testing its weapons. just
4:43 pm
hours after announcing the outbreak on thursday, it fired 3 ballistic missiles off its east coast. pronger smith, this indicates that the country will likely conduct miss sal test more frequently, to counteract the depressed atmosphere caused by coven 19 among north korean citizens. joe, the 1st cases of the army con variance were reported in april in his capital pyongyang the same month. the city hosted several large public celebrations where most people did not wear masks. at the time, cases were soaring in neighboring china. north korea's biggest trade partner and close ally, you know, its own. don't awful god or drama shirt. we will pay close attention to the developments of the epidemic in north korea and maintain communication with the government to protect the lives in the health of our citizens who live there financing. most of north korea's 26000000 people are not vaccinated. the world
4:44 pm
health organization offered inoculations last year, but king john own rejected it. for now there is no sign people living in the most isolated nation in the world are closer to getting any help. katya little miss of the young al jazeera ladies of china's big city are aiming to resume normal life from the beginning of next month. after 6 weeks. if corona virus lockdown in shanghai health work is have declared the elimination of infections in most districts. supermarket, shopping, moles and restaurants being allowed to reopen, but with limited capacity that home orders have frustrated 25000000 residents and caused havoc to the world's 2nd biggest economy. katrina, you has more from badging during this looked period. it's been really difficult at times to get access to fresh food and other essential supplies. and there have been a lot of inconsistent messaging from authorities. we have easing restrictions only
4:45 pm
for things to be tightened up again. so this announcement really is the clearest timeline that shows residents have received during this time for resuming normal life. and the goal is for them to reduce normal life by june, the 1st and the reason that the authorities are going forward with this is because for 2 days now they've had 0 societal transmissions, of course, 19 outside of people already in quarantine. so what they've outlined is 3 different phases of this gradual reopening from today. on monday we see some physical stores opening mainly things like supermarket grocery pharmacies, some head, dresses, some restaurants as well. we'll be able to open up offering, take out services only. and we'll see this over the next few weeks. more and more businesses begin to reopen some in passing classes will resume some students as well. public transport in areas that currently have no code 19 cases and flight to
4:46 pm
also slowly resume. but the government is definitely concerned and prioritizing, getting a lot of factories back online, a lot of supply chain back online because shanghai session and portion city not only is it the biggest city in china, is also a major commercial center. so they really want to get the supply chain which have been crippled, back working again, so that the, the rest of the country can resume also normally to the us. now, a congress has designated may says, is a day of awareness of that many missing admitted native american women. the f. b. i says in 2020 a line will in 5200 were reported missing from reynolds has a story of how one tribal community in california responded when one of their own disappear got area that was an accent. tribal and local police and volunteers are preparing to search a vast area of northern california wilderness for
4:47 pm
a missing native woman. 33 year old emily rise ling a mother of to was last seen near this village on the europe native american reservation. in october. the community is determined to get an answer. what the answer may be, i don't know, but an answer can bring closure. growing up, emily was a promising student and an expert traditional dancer blight. george was a close friend. she always had a sparkle and a smile, and i always am. i gravitated towards her and thought the world of her. but as emily grew older, she suffered from mental health problems and substance abuse in this impoverished tribal community. it was difficult to get her the help she needed. according to the f, b i 5295 indigenous women were reported missing nationwide. in 2020 native american women are 10 times more likely to be murdered than any other ethnicity. more than one half of all native women have experienced rape or other
4:48 pm
sexual abuse. george is working to assemble a database of the missing and murdered women. we are disproportionately experiencing violence across the life course for indigenous people. it's often a different race hurting you and that goes back to the settler colonialism. indigenous women are preyed upon because tribal police are often underfunded and under equipped, overlapping police jurisdictions. may criminals think they can literally go the way with murder, says you rock tribal judge, abbey abernathy, it is somebody who is killing, who knows there's sort of no harm, no foul, because they're not going to be pursued. and in fact, they aren't. the euro tribe wants funding for investigators and equipment to conduct searches and better mental health care access. last year president joe biden signed an executive order on murdered and missing indigenous women, directing federal agencies to help coordinate investigations and improve safety.
4:49 pm
the fates of many of the native women who have gone missing amid these dense and remote forests may never be known. but their families and tribal officials vow never to stop searching for answers. we need to get her home session be at least have that at least have that. you know, that's our responsibility to bring her home. gone, but never forgotten. rob reynolds al jazeera on the europe reservation in california. a stant, a sandstone rather has blanketed iraq's capital baghdad, sending dozens of people to hospital with breathing problems. flights was suspended at baghdad. international and, and, and jeff airports authorities have also postponed university exams. the increasing number of sandstone is being blamed on climate change. and the destruction of agricultural lands. ford is still
4:50 pm
a haze on al jazeera and the top stated phoenix suns. go down in the bay piles. joe will have all the action coming on. ah. with
4:51 pm
a whole lou. ah ah, it's time to have his sport. he's joe with all the action from the n b a playoffs. jo, thanks emily. yes. the defending champions. the milwaukee bucks had been eliminated from the post season by the boston celtics. the celtics trailed early in the defied up at ron williams for the 3 high 27 points. and hit 73 pointers. jason tatum added
4:52 pm
23 in boston that came 7 record with 223 pointers to win 109281. awesome new place. miami heat on tuesday in the eastern conference finals. and tatum's 4 year old son is particularly pleased with the idea of heading down to south beach, which was usa soon as they do you excited? go to miami, the good pool, g o, o gosh, ready? and i gay ending all year off to lead him a walk he to the tie, saw and being voted the finals and vp, anna says it's a combo says it's time for his team to regroup. awfully like at this moment. so thinking that to be lost, shopped in beacon game and learn in order for us to process was, is to win the championship now to i mean, next year it's going to be 3 years from now. the western conference top seats, the phoenix suns, were also not sound losing the dallas mavericks who had phone to that 1st
4:53 pm
conference final 2011. you could don't, it's 35 point. they didn't really add it 1st and i will face the golden state warriors and gave one on wednesday since 2000. honestly, i'm really happy you can get the smile of my face when i'm just really happy, you know, on a setting we deserve this. we're playing hard. no serious, maybe a couple games here. we're in ourselves, but you know, we came here with a statement game 7. we believed our locker believes tobar believe so. i'm just happy. the new ranges, the 3 to the 2nd round of the and i tell stanley cup playoffs maybe so penguins for 3 in the time. and game 7 is that eastern conference series of timmy panada in for the power play. go about 5 minutes into overtime to send the penguins home for the summer. the ranges will play the carolina harkins as the 2nd round begins on
4:54 pm
wednesday. the calgary flames were to handle for the dallas cells. johnny, good, right, will be theories winning over time. go to plane one, free c l. play the edmonton oilers. second, really liverpool must avoid defeats against south hampton on. she said to take the primula title race to the last day of the season after lead as much as he drew with west ham. they could still snatch the trophy, but manager your crop is playing down his sides chances. i'm looking forward to the game tomorrow. ok, so chances a big chance i would say so because it would mean at city. i don't know when city dropped points the last time, 2 games in a row historically. so we know in either world we go in the last match day and one point behind that will be nada, from today's point of view, the public scenario. and that's what we'll want to try to do. the title rates in italy is also going right down to the wire with ac milan and the seat belt the
4:55 pm
final game of the season. 2 point player, 50 rival in 13, when over atlanta now and sales had none. this getting the goals in the 2nd half. as milan moved a step closer to becoming a champion for the 1st time since 2011 paris sunshine saw, came in and says, he's almost made up his mind, whether he's going to leave the french champions for rel, madrid. and you'll announce this decision since buffy was speaking. elsie was named nico players the year for the 3rd consecutive season. the strike is from 25, goes this campaign to help p s g when the title? no, but joke of it says he's going into sundays french open with a lot of confidence off to winning his 1st title of the year. the one the one beat for think of the past and the italian open final joke which has been limited in the number of tournaments. he's been able to play in 2022 because of his refusal to get vaccinated against koby 19. it's the sick time he won, they went and he's looking good ahead of running kara way if any jumping up beach.
4:56 pm
i've been building my my forms weeks and like the previous years, i knew that you might want to weigh usually coming around room time. so can be a better and i will be coming into rolling with an idle and, and it's wonderful german jordan b will try to complete the career grand slam at this week's pga championship. and he goes into the 2nd golf major of the year in good form. he followed up when at his last tournament with a 2nd place finish in texas. in front of his home crowd. beef was edged out by south korea k h lee who became the 1st place and tom watson in 1980 to successfully defend the title. he shut and 9 on to post $63.00 in the final round to finish. 26 on the one show play of speech had been for years since the last hole in one at this tournament. but that weight was ended when the australian mock leachman did
4:57 pm
best at the 15th po box. that wasn't the only ice during the final round. american justin loa also managed to hold this efforts. at the 17th they say lightning doesn't strike twice, but it seems baseballs do this was m l b umpire marty fossa falling to the ground of to taking one to the face. he was struck again later in the game between the la angels and the oakland athletics. and this time he called it a day and a pretty embarrassing moment for formula one wild type to lead a charles the clerk he was entrusted with the 1974 ferrari driven by 3 time. well champion licky louder for a classic car race in monaco. only for this to happen with the client will return to the tract and ferrari's the current call for the upcoming spanish grown pri make 1st practice is on friday. hopefully they can fix that. that car will. that is always full. for now it's back to emily. thank you very much,
4:58 pm
jerry. and that's it for me, emily anguish for this news. al, but don't go anywhere. i'll have more of the day's news in just a moment to stay with us. oh, we always missing around the was this hungry money, which is only looking at how to make the next profit, devastating economies, devastating ecosystems, putting a price on the protection of nature. grant economy, a sound good, but it was all about privatization of nature. should our environment be for sale? what we're trying to do is persuade people to stabilize the client, not giving them a financial incentive to do that. pricing the planet on al jazeera trust and authority is up in all time low. you want the sat for hench haiti, true distrust. this is a baffle about what the truth actually is. al jazeera investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear suspicion and conspiracy theories have become. the
4:59 pm
2 of the powerful were in a dangerous territory and that dangerous territory runs deep. what happens now that we literally diverge, that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion, although just either i will totally excel the result of this great and historic presidential election. if i, when a lot of people talk, the world was being turned upside down. the way that has been manipulated by populace, like donald trump playing on racial anxieties. one person that citizens have political and of course in the united states, as in many other parts of the world that remains an ideal, but not a reality. runs a slave farmer for your will baby to sit down for debit of the table of
5:00 pm
brotherhood. i have a dream. my dream is that people may my daughter, the young people just have a full voice and don't feel targeted because of their race or ethnicity. ah, church late is unoccupied. east jerusalem condemn israeli forces for attacking morning. the funeral. procession of al jazeera journalist, terrain, abu gluck or foot. he shows the moment is rally forces stone to st. joseph hospital. bush rains body had been lying. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera alive from dough house that coming up.


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