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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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and so a machine gun pointed at my head al jazeera well goes to vienna and grunts to examine events and allegations of his lamb a phobia. this is a terrible mistake because it afflicted from said 2 young families. austria operation luck saw on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm adrian said again. this is that he was out live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, just leaders and occupied east jerusalem condemn israeli forces for attacking mourners at the funeral procession of the al jazeera journalist, surely in elbow at new security camera footage of the moment that is ready forces
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storm st. joseph's hospital where sharon's body had been lying. partial results are out here lebanon's parliamentary election as relation faces, an economic and political crisis. and sweden says that it will seek nato membership, ending 200 years of neutrality in the wake of russia's invasion of ukraine. and am he to stem it with your sports in the n b a playoffs? the defending champions, munoz, he bucks a bow alf at the hands of the boston celtics. mm. ah, it is 1500 hours g m t 6 p. m. in bethlehem of the occupied west bank, where a special commemoration service is being held for the murdered al jazeera journalist, sri and other eclipse church leaders and hospital officials in occupied east
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jerusalem of condemned israeli forces for attacking mourners, a trevino funeral procession. on friday a coffin if he fell to the ground in the chaos out as there is emron. com begins our coverage. 3 words, condemnation, disrespect, disproportionate hope at a news conference at saint joseph church, hospital, its leaders. i clergy condemned these railey police for friday's attack against sharina, barclays coffin, and the pull barrows, accusing them of disrespecting the hospital grounds. and finally said it was a disproportionate use of force. the police storm into a kristen health institute, disrespect disrespecting, the church disrespecting, the health institute. disrespect in the memory of the deceased. and forcing day pallbearers almost to drop the coffin, the church authorities released previously unseen security camera footage of israel police entering the hospital. which said there was absolutely no reason for this to
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have happened. it's general director says all concerned parties and now discussing what to do next must probably court case. or we are now discussing with church leader catholic church leader and de owners of the hospital. the sister of san joseph and the administration of the hospital about the next legal action to be taken. initially, these railey police said they were acting on the instructions of the family. something serena's brother, who is the family's representative de noise. absolutely. notice we are ready, please call me to the police station to know to know the exact route we are taking . asked me not to have any for the scene in snag, citizen, during the funeral, nor slogans nor chancing to do the funeral and eyes dressed. that this is not only my funeral, not toward our balcony, only, not for the family only, but it's a national funeral. everybody will participate. i can tell you the exact number of
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people who will participate. i told them that the funeral will you from st. joseph hospital to the greek medical church and jennifer gate and then to the find in the cemetery in mount zion, the church authorities in the hospital and now weighing up their legal options. israeli police say they will investigate the incident that took place hey on friday, and he's really army say they are investigating the death of serene outlet. but given previous investigations, no one here or indeed members of the family. hold out any hope that that will be an independent investigation. and indeed sharina acclaim. family are saying that they would like an independent international investigation, but calls for that so far have not been heated at enron joins just now live from bethlehem in the occupied westbank where there is to be that commemoration service for sharon, a iran ta school. well it shows you how loved sharina
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was across palestine. this is a manger square, just towed down there is the church of the nativity, the stables, where jesus was actually born in the church nativity. there was a commemoration servicing for her. and then those mourners moved here to manger square to pay their respects. this is there's a book of condolences of people assigning speeches everybody in short in grief, but also showing their love the big post. as you can see, they killed the body, but they will not kill the soul. serene al barclay. thank you. and good bye. there are a number of local dignitaries here, bethlehem, obviously very key place for the family of assuring avo outlet as some fireworks going off there. just in the background. this is going to go on for a couple of hours will be a candlelight vigil a little bit later. but once again, outpouring of grief, but of love. but still lots of people in shock. most of people here telling us that
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they just simply can't believe a, the death of serene block lay, but how the funeral went as well. and we can't emphasize enough really just just how much people had a door perhaps is the wrong word, respected her. regarded her as a member of the family, someone the only really knew through the tv screen. that's absolutely true, but she covered this region for nearly 25 years. she was in places where no other journalist ever went to. she was someone who would go to say sitting, for example, jealous and refugee campbell everywhere in palestine. she was fearless in that respect. she was very careful, but she was absolutely fearless in her reporting and that resonated with the people the speeches that were harry from that morning hole reflect that. absolutely. they talk about the fact that she highlighted the occupation even in death,
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even when she was in her casket when the really police attack that casket. she was effectively highlighting what it's like to live under occupation. and that adrian, i think, is why she was enormously respected. not just hip internationally as well as zeros in on con, reporting, live from bethlehem in the occupied westbank. many thanks, sandra. symbolic funeral was been held in garza for shaheen by many who weren't able to attend her funeral on friday. i was here as you miles fired, was there the policy in liberation organization has the range of a funeral with her university, one of them all the and the gaza strip symbolic funeral. that is healthy god. because god that you see only here. yeah, i don't get my territory that was not allowed to go and re to re enroll because of the see and sell these young generations regardless of course,
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do for their involving funeral to pay tribute in show to respect the loyalty, the city, a balcony who has been assassinated white covering the raid in janine granite, examine ali no, not available garza, we were not able to reach her funeral and that is why and the gaza strip. we had to do the symbolic funeral in honor of the spirit of the marty sharina barkley. these young generations have led, following serene all through their life. and now it's a day and through all these events that have been, how did the gods this strip 1st to read, they say, and they confirm that she read so long remain in their memories. still to come here on the news out. britain's prime minister has to belfast talks on restoring regions to bold government o celebrations in somalia as capital were em piece of
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chosen a president who was voted out 5 years ago at a painful moment for this on pile and baseball that wasn't the end of his troubles more not later in sports ah, ah, partial results in lebanon's election have been announced. the saudi aligned liberty is forces policy. a christian group is made huge games. several anti establishment candidates also picked up seats in the 1st election since the economic crisis. and the bay route port explosion. let's take a closer look at lebanon's political system. it's a power sharing structure based on the 1989 type, a cord which ended the civil war. it's parliament has 128 seats. those are divided between muslims and christians. the president must be a christian, the prime minister sunni muslim, and the speaker has to be
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a sheer muslin of the alliances are often formed to create a majority. iranian back has bala and its eyes dominates the current parliament. let's go live to be routed to 0 as an a holder. is that for us? and what are we to make of these, these partial results? can we draw any conclusions yet? not yet, adrian. the interior minister and noun. the final results in 5 of the 15 electoral districts. what we do know now is the winners of 37 seats of the 128 member parliament. we still cannot say whether or not a certain alliance has the parliamentary majority. according to the interior minister, they're going to vote counting will continue overnight and we're expected the final results to early on tuesday, the elections were held on sunday, but we understand from preliminary results, the sasa,
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there's going to be some change in the new parliament. first of all, you have the pro, iranian has paula and their allies. they held the majority and parliament themes that they will be stripped from this majority. a number of their allies are believed to have lost seats. and now this is quite 2nd, especially if they're a christian ally, the free patriotic movements. now it is the christian lebanese forces which made significant gains and they now are expected to be the biggest christian block in parliament. so you're going to have that shift in the balance of power. but really a 1st and lebanese politics in post war 11 is politics. if you like, we are going to see a number of so called change forces. candidates, candidates that are not allied to any of the mainly carrying parties, making significant gains up to 10. some say more, some say less. nevertheless, they're forming a block, a block that could place the rolls of king maker,
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depending on which side of the traditional camp they will vote when major issues are put on the table. so the so called change candidates breaking through the system against all odds. really, they were up against and entrench political class. these candidates were facing intimidation, harassment at times of violence. so a lot of 1st, if indeed these preliminary result, you know, turn out to be the final results that we are going to hear on tuesday morning. lebanon's electorate is thoroughly fed up with the country's political classes, her enthusiastic to people vote on sunday. well, yesterday there was disappointment, especially with the voter turnout. people were saying that we're not going to witness any change. we need a new leadership that is capable and willing to carry out, performs to fight corruption in order for 11 on the to be able to game. that's
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a gets an i am bailout package. this country is dollar hungry. it's these billions of dollars in order for the economy to recover this morning when preliminary results started to come in. there was some enthusiasm that even though this change is not significant, it is the beginning that lebanon is now on the path to recovery. but at the end of the day, this is a parliamentary democracy, but the reality is it's consensual democracy, if none of the communities work together, if one community feels that they are marginalized sets out or under attack by the others, then there would be no national unity and there will be no peace and this country has seen a civil war. it has seen bouts of violence ever since. so if these different political forces don't come together and work together, then we're not going to see political ability. and of course, economic stability. so people are concerns the exchange rate to the dollar increase today it's about $20000.00 lire to the dollar. the official rates is $1500.00 to the dollar. there's inflation. this was the middle income country. now the majority
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of the population is poor. people want to wait to see if this new parliament is serious about carrying out reforms and fighting corruption. but at the end of the day, that's going to be difficult because if those in power do that, they lose controls of state resources and resources that they have been exploiting for decades. i'll just here is in a hot reporting, live that from bay roof, say not many thanks. indeed. soldiers defending ukraine's 2nd largest city ha cave say that they've reached the border with russia. the defense ministry showed a video of celebrations on a border marker. the video though hasn't been independently verified how keith was being shell daily by russian artillery a month ago, but ukrainian forces of regain territory in the northeast of the country since out of there as, as had beg reports now on the people who live in villages around harkins who are trying to rebuild their lives. the indelible scars of wool are everywhere here
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in rascals. over in the villages that surround her, give, the majority of residents fled to rush in advance. their pets left behind in the rush to reach safety. inside the medical clinic, a tank shell remains 87 year old ego state he recalled when russian troops entered his home. oh, robert camaraderie is here. they said granny, we are searching for a weapon. granny is more than 80 years old. where is she supposed to get the weapon? they were jumping over the fence is breaking everything. i said, do you want to shoot me? shoot, i'm not scared, was it? the ukrainian soldiers accompanied us or on edge. we're told the village is mind, but the consent seems to be giving away true positions, tactics or anything that may cast a shadow over. what's happened here. we can only get access to villages like this with the military escort and re told what we can and cannot film the ukrainians
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have managed to push out russian from places like this. which means the hockey city is now a little safer for its residence. a site that would not have been possible a month ago, a 3rd of the residents had left the rest, slept in shelters, no place in the city was considered safe. all that has now changed the person who did the chile, what people are walking outside. we were at this park last week and it was empty. we thought we weren't allowed to be outside. ca, keith is coming back to normal life. you can see that life is still going on. war is war, but we must live. the constant sound of the city being pounded seems like a distant memory. the russian military can still target harkey with miss isles, but the too far out to shell it. ah air raid sirens can still be heard daily. but residents, undeterred nation, so that the hang out,
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hartley is quite no, no shootings or soldiers are protecting us, glory to crane. i wish everybody would come back alive from the war and all russian troops go back to their country and never come back. it's our ukrainian land and we will fight for it. toys. harkey is low ye returning to some semblance of normality . even if the wool is not over. i said, beg, i'll jazeera hark. if european union foreign ministers are still trying to reach an agreement on russian oil embargo, but as they negotiate a new route of sanctions, the 6th since the war in ukraine began, one you member is blocking further action on diplomatic editor, james bass reports from brussels. where the ministers meeting a group of the ukrainian protest is gathered outside the building where the foreign
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ministers were meeting to try to finalize another package of sanctions, including a ban on imports of russian oil. inside the meeting, again, deadlock, 26 nations against one hungary, even though it's been given a carve out, is the only e u member opposing the new sanctions that's causing some considerable anger. this is how we are, we'll be remember either the current there you are union who managed to go forward and dirt to send a very clear message to russia or who woodstock. and now unfortunately, we are have the whole unit is being hold a hostage by air one member states who cannot find that could help help us find their consent. the e hi representative for foreign policy has been meeting candidates for a minister. when i interviewed him last week, he was confident the new sanctions could be agreed with, but he doesn't seem so hopeful. now. we'll do our best in order to de blocked this
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situation. i cannot ensure that these are going to have him because it positions are quite the strong. but they say that the we understand a particular situation of some member estate. and all of us make an effort to know that will present a united front again to russia. it will succeed. the foreign ministers are being joined by their ukranian counterpart demitra caliber. he's bound to put further pressure on the hungarians to change their position. james bay's al jazeera brussels, sweden as announced that it will join finland and formerly applied for nato membership. the ruling social democratic party has back the plan to join the alliance. the prime minister says that sweden needs the security guarantees that come from joining nato. the decision marx, a major policy change for the swedes, who avoided any military alliance is for 200 years. russia has warned that expanding nato would be a mistake. or joining nato requires the unanimous approval of all member states and
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turkey as voiced concerns. president recham, ty, berda, one has said that his country would not view applications by finland and sweetly positively. his accusing the nordic countries being what he calls guest houses for terrorist organizations and says that they must end their support for armed kurdish groups. but turkey is indicated that it won't block their memberships in nature while citing it's lead to freely purchase the weapons that it wants. sweetness, defense minister says that he plans to send a group of diplomats to turkey for discussions. joining us out from germany have stephanie baptist, she is a senior associate fellow at the european leadership network, or a former nato deputy assistant secretary general for public diplomacy. could to have you with us. stephanie, what's turkey up to here? couldn't really scupper the attempt by sweden and finland to join nato. well, 1st of all, and regrettably turkey a sense, seemingly trying to increase the price for
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a line with the rest of the allies. and this is altogether not a very encouraging and positive sign off trends of land extraordinary to russia, as well as 2 other countries watching us very closely. i assume that at the end of the day, the term will align with the consensus in order to welcome sweden and finland is new members. but in the meantime, i will try to bob and negotiate in order to get some return. they will align, but it won't cost. what will nato have to give as it prepared to give ground, on anything to turkey? well, later collectively is not re, i think the key types are, i'm looking around the red washington and i think the terms are very eager to get support from our american allies in order to upgrade their age and 16 at fleet and the overhead age and they have been bringing all along in order to
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be able to get the necessary military equipment from washington. so that would certainly something back and one ice. and secondly, i think he would also, i probably some rural gestures, not through nato, but from west and are in general and all of them to east down economic pains that turkey is certainly under going these days. and finally, i think i want to around has to be now to is very much geared towards his domestic audiences and take your to those voters nationalist voters that he wanted to point way in terms of mentioning the p k. k. russia says that if and then sweeping, join may so that it will be a huge mistake that there will be consequences. what,
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what, what does russia mean when it says consequences, and how do we see the future for nato russia relations, which of which are hardly very good at the moment? no, absolutely. adrian, i to answer your 1st question. rush are unfortunately i have friends in london fleeting in the past couple of years and i think you're a mass. so this is not really something to you. now obviously are the 2 countries are about to cross the thresholds in terms of becoming made from them that kind of race. what i could assume rusher is considering range is ready all the way from contacting our cyber attacks. a high rate warfare information campaigns against the 2 countries. eventually, even if things come a bit worse, considering deploying tactical you said, i mean grass and clean ross that would really be a powerful signal. but rational role is so tied up with the running it's military
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campaign against crane that i strongly doubt they will have to kathy i think the necessary world to open a 2nd from a, i'm sorry, forgive me. i'm sorry. no, i was going to say is having sweden and finland as part of the alliance. good for nato. oh, absolutely. i mean there were families, partly countries. there are strong modern democracy, very stable. democracies to have 1st class armed forces to have been really super duper partners to nature and the past couple of years. so we have a green, really, a lot of the table of finland, if they can point out that has been a role model in terms of bolstering it's resilience and has 1st class to cheated foresight capacity. so there are lots of issues that a 2 countries could bring to the table and all the to reinvigorate alliance. that
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was quite a big term all political term, all trying to aggression against really good talk to stephanie buddy. thanks for being with us. stephanie dumpster from the european leadership. them work. thank you very much. i agree that i the fast food job mcdonald says that it started the process of selling the russian all of its business. it has 62000 employees, and 850 outlets in russia, which had been shot since march in response to the invasion of ukraine. first big mac in moscow was sold in 1990 months after the fall of the berlin. shall anchor's prime minister says that his country has completely run out of fuel. he says the government needs $75000000.00 the next few days to pay for essential imports out 0 . michelle fernandez reports from colombo queues are stretching for kilometers at at every petrol station. but we're actually hearing almost the bigger picture, the real story from the newly appointed prime minister on the vicar missing her,
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who is essentially put the cards on the table and told the country that we just have petro for one more day. obviously they are expecting some shipments of petro stock over the next coming days, but obviously the issue of foreign currency is a major concern, a diesel, obviously, again, after days of shortages, the prime minister is saying that these will arrive in the country, but warning in an address to the nation, the 1st since he took as prime minister that the coming months are going to be some of the hardest this country has ever gone through. so obviously this affects all factors of life, not just the industrial sector, the manufacturing sector, day to day lives. you know, children going to school every single aspect that you can think of, you name it. there are basically impacts on,
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on that sector with fuel literally being such an issue and now actually hearing how bad things are, gives a lot of food for thought for people so far. the people are like, i didn't really have a clear picture of how bad things were. we kept getting reassured by successive politicians and that also didn't really help. we'll get a weather update next. still to come here. albany is our covert 19 cases saw in north korea. we'll take a look at why it's liter has criticized the response. plus, i'm ron reynolds in northern california with a report on the alarming number of native american women who gone missing in this region. and what tribal officials are trying to do and in sport highlights from the n h l. playoffs. there's 2 more teams making for the 2nd. ah
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ah oh hello, there are great to see. we've had some high heat across the arabian peninsula. let me show you. it's been record setting heat in jetta. a new record for the month of may nothing out. the old one at 48.3 degrees, but look what happens. we can wind off the red sea. so that's knocked you back to 37 degrees on tuesday. i also seen that wind blow down from iraq are small, so that's going to kick up the sand and does, especially when you consider wind gusts in doha, of about 60 kilometers per hour. now in terms of that heats, in pakistan, temperatures are coming down a bit. so bit of relief here. but if we look toward i've gone, it's done herat at $36.00, you're closing in on your made temperature record focused on still you're going to dial up the temperatures as we head toward the end of the week. so here we are on friday. and once again, temperatures are closing in on that 50 degree, reading off to turkey, showers are filling in across the country here,
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but really nothing major with suns out. it's pleasant and it's stumble with the high $25.00 degrees and off to central africa. we go, some pretty intense spouts of rain can be found around bungie as we dip toward the south is feeling more like summer both for the western and eastern cape cape town at $26.00 degrees. but your temperatures aren't going to come crashing down. and the days to come, so enjoy it while you can take care. ah, the trust in authority is at an all time low you want to set for hench hatred, distrust this is a battle about what the truth actually is. al jazeera investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear, suspicion and conspiracy theories have become the tools of the powerful we're in a dangerous and that dangerous territory was did. what happens now that we literally diverge? that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion are just either
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a get a lou ah, oh, get adrian for the get here and go ha, with the news out from al jazeera, the headlines,
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a special commemoration service is being held in bethlehem for the al jazeera journalist showing an outlet, church leaders, and hospital officials and occupied east jerusalem have condemned is really forces for attacking warners of her funeral processional friday. preliminary results from sundays parliamentary election and leopard unsure. major gains for the lebanese forces party, which is a kristian group aligned with saudi arabia. vote was the 1st since bay report exclusion on the collapse of the economy. and so just defending ukraine, the 2nd largest city comp keith, so that they've reached the border with russia. the defense ministry showed a video of celebrations of the border markup. the video though hasn't been independently verified. the u. k is prime ministers visiting north an island for talks on restoring the regions devolved government. the republican shin fein party became the largest party of the assembly. earlier this month. the pro british d u. p became the 2nd largest in the route election under
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a power sharing agreement. they're both expected to form a government. the d u p is refusing unless the post briggs it deal that puts a trade border between northern ireland and the rest of the u. k. is changed? let's go live that a hillsboro in northern ireland and as the rest, jonah hall is there. oh, journal morris johnson has spoken to the leader of the shin fane party in northern ireland and the d. u p. what came out of those tools? well it he came here to hillsboro castle, just west of belfast, forest johnson hoping to restore a consensus restore power sharing government here in northern ireland. he certainly hasn't achieved that. he spoke, as you say, to the leaders all soon found the nationalist party that achieve that historic victory a week and a half or so ago. he spoke also to the leader of the democratic union, his party, the largest unit, his party, jeffrey johnson, currently boycotting the store. mont assembly over his part is opposition to the
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northern ireland protocol. you mentioned it there, that piece of briggs. it legislation that imposes border checks on goods moving from great britain to northern ireland, that the democratic unionists believe jeopardize is northern islands position within the united kingdom and within the united kingdoms internal market. now he will have told them of his government's plans to bring forward legislation, potentially as soon as tuesday that will allow them at westminster to make unilateral changes to the northern ireland protocol, if necessary. well that received an absolutely scathing response from shin fane the nationalist, who said that his government was playing a game with brinkman sick with the e. u at the same time as making government here in northern ireland. contingent on satisfying democratic unionist party demands. they called that strategy reckless and shameful, and even the d u. p would not sign up to rejoin and government under these circumstances. jeffrey donaldson saying he wants to see exactly what was in the
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government's proposal. he would make his judgment based on actual actions rather than the words of bar is johnson's government? well, mister johnson, we know believes that there is a negotiated settlement to be had with you, and that is what he would prefer to happen. you want those changes to be negotiated, but he has said that he isn't prepared to act well, then he will have to act unilaterally. and that, of course, raises the prospect both of a breach of international law and of further upsets upsetting the very delicate balance of power that exist here in north. all right, so what might the consequences of unilateral u. k action be on the protocol varied and different depending on the context. if you look at this, not the wider context. as i said, the protocol is a piece of legislation contained in an international treaty undermining it unilaterally making those unilateral changes could amount to a breach of international law. it could also, of course, invite
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a response from you in terms of perhaps h tariffs on great britain imports from great britain, sparking a possible trade war. but it is here in northern ireland that the consequences could be more stock because that's the election that week and a half ago actually established that there is a majority here in favor of the protocol people from pain and for moderate unionists and other parties who see the advantage of northern ireland having one foot, both in the u. k. internal market and in the use single market. so unilaterally upsetting that would be deeply unpopular with a majority here in northern ireland and potentially destabilize more knowledge as well. many thanks to the china that's out there is to hold their recording live from hillsboro. in northern ireland. francis prime minister jean cast x's handed in his resignation to president manuel mac chrome. the move was anticipated and clears the way for cabot at overhaul. macklin is widely expected to appoint labor minister
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elizabeth form to the post. molly is pulling out of original military alliance fighting armed groups in the sale region. molly's military rulers made the announcement citing a lack of progress. the nation was to, to hold the g 5 presidency in february. but there's been criticism if it's military, since it took part in a coo last year. nicholas hock is following the story for us from deco. there are both political reasons and strategic reasons strategic because the malia army sees this regional force as a losing force. it has gone from loss to defeat. there was an attack on its headquarters in molly a couple of years ago with a car bomb in, sorry, that left several 1000000 soldiers killed. it's also seen as a force on the political front, being in the arms are working hand in hand with the french, the french have become that were once a friend of the, of the 1000000 forces that intervene. remember,
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almost 10 years ago when there was an armed insurgency in their north of the country, are now seen as foes. $5000.00 french troops are expected to pull out of the country. and that's because for the french, molly is led by an undemocratic lee elected leader. and so in a statement made on national television, the spokesperson of the molly and leadership, the molly, the molly in military genta explained. i quote that the opposition of some g 5 members is linked to maneuvers by state outside the region, aiming at isolating molly and this is what the molina authorities feel they feel that they're being targeted by friends. after months of delays, threats of violence and growing hunger crisis, somalia has a new president, hasn't shake my mood as the job had the job before. rather that was those it out 5 years ago. i'll just hear malcolm web reports from that issue. i listen,
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shake the move which is familiar once before. now we're back in office again. my country needs to work forward and not go backwards and it doesn't need violence intervention. whatever was done to people we call for forgiveness this time the gunfire on the streets of the capitol. nobody who is in celebration is an armed conflict. people here at lansing have a change of leader as an shake defeated outgoing president mohammed ad de la. he mohammed, known as former jay, whose popularity has declined over his 5 years. you know, if, if he's critic, say he's made some money as conflicts and economy worth and that he tried to stay in power. i stalling the election was meant to happen more than a year ago for molly's don't actually get to the vote. m p. 's are chosen by officials and plan representative. then the m p voted for presidential candidates
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and a series of 3 rounds. it's an electoral system that was introduced off the somali central government collapse in 1991 been much criticized was meant to be transitional. somalia could move to having elections with one person, one vote that hasn't happened. one thing in the system is always deliver is a change of ahead. as everyone familiar with the process of buying a vote and corruption widespread loyalties on guaranteed in the last round, it was the opposition uniting against outgoing president for measure that to the balance on shank inherits major challenges. the armed group alger bob is stronger than it was when his 1st term ended 5 years ago. it controls ways in the countryside, and sincerely has been suffering one of its worst drowns in decades. the un has
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warned if a pending famine, more than 700000 people have lost their farms in livestock and fled the countryside into camp. they urgently need help. in mogadishu, it's a moment for optimism. assume we celebrate the victory of president hassan. shake muhammad. you want him to prioritize security and established one person, one vote and create jobs, especially for the youth. extended election period has been tense and sometimes violent. now it's over, people hope things will get better. malcolm web al jazeera mogadishu, the malia, the 1st commercial flight to take off from humans capital in nearly 6 years was landed in jordan. patients stating hospital treatment were among dozens of passengers flying from summer to among a flight operated by the urea flag carrier is part of the 1st nation wide ceasefire
6:41 pm
since 2016. the un broken the 2 month agreement between the evans internationally recognized government and hootie rebels. less than a week after reporting its 1st official curve at 19 case north korea says that more than a 1000000 people are ill with what it calls a fever and that at least 50 people have died. leader kim jong owners blaming his own health officials for being irresponsible and is deployed the army on to cirrus . laura bowed manly reports to launch march appears to keep this child down being done. you will return from their home in north korea. this boy's father for these just guessing that cove is 19. i live in volume for kids. they tend to move a lot even if they have a fever. so they just run around and play for 30 minutes. so the nation is experiencing what local media calling and explosive outbreak until last week. piano didn't admit anything, was wrong. now,
6:42 pm
it's reporting dozens of people have died. who would you undergo on sunday? the country's leader kim john own, made it known. he's taking the matter seriously. visiting pharmacies, i am wearing a mask in public. something he rarely did before. the world health organization offered to not kill asians last year, but kim rejected it. earlier that day, he helped the 3rd cabinet meeting in one week to create an action plan against the rumpled spread of the virus. like to live there, kim, criticized government officials for their handling of the crisis. thank state drugs were not reaching people fast enough. and most pharmacies were in poor condition. and tony pung, you know, we, we have shifted from the previous quarantine oriented system to a treatment oriented system. the most important thing in the switch is the thorough control of the situation. rita was low,
6:43 pm
south korea considered it though the neighbor and nuclear threat, it's new president has offered to help to calm down. we'll get home and domino it. north korea response. we will spare no medicines, including coven, 19 vaccines, medical equipment, and health bus route. you honor, so far, the most isolated nation on earth has refused outside help, leaving many relying on pain killers the battle the effects of coven 19. but even those seem to be in short supply. laur about manly al jazeera leaders in china as big as city of announced a timeline to resume normal life. 6 weeks of stretch, grove are locked down. so frustrated. the 25000000 people who live in shanghai and of reeked havoc on the world's 2nd largest economy. of zeros, katrina, year reports from bridging china's biggest city. shanghai has been at a standstill for more than 6 weeks. but the strict pandemic locked down may be
6:44 pm
finally coming to an end for its 25000000 people. starting from monday, the commercial center is gradually easing curve at 19 restrictions aimed at resuming normal life. from the beginning of june, the mayor's office says, infections which began surging at the end of march are now under control of up to appear. sheen's in the i think, gallons of the sawyer yesterday, the number of newly discovered coffee. 19 patients dropped below 1000 for the 1st time. and there have been no positive case reports or the community level for 2 consecutive days. and think that the democrats wish you're in shank guy has been effectively controlled. each restrictions will be lifted in 3 phases. starting with the reopening of some supermarkets, pharmacies, and hair dresses. some restaurants will be allowed to offer take out only, but most restrictions on people's movement will remain until next week. china is fighting its worst outbreak since the beginning of the pandemic. corona virus restrictions had been imposed in dozens of regions nationwide,
6:45 pm
including the capital. meanwhile, invading authorities are continuing to ask residents to mass tests every 2nd day. i'm just lining up now think my 10th corvette test. in recent weeks, people living in most paging districts have been asked to work from home. china's leaders refused to co exist with the virus, and the economy is paying the price. in april, industrial output, retail spending and urban employment all fell to their lowest levels in 2 years. harm sales are down more than 30 percent since last year. china's central bank has cut interest rates for 1st time buyers to help ease the property slump. shanghai leaders say it will take time for everyone to completely resume normal life. they're desperate to avoid rebounded infections as restrictions ease, and millions of residents in some areas remain confined to their horns. khatri you
6:46 pm
al jazeera paging teresa braving, appraising the bravery of parishioners altro church shooting at the u. s. state of california on person was killed for others, critically wounded in laguna woods on sunday. lisa, the suspected gunman was stopped. others weapons seized by worshippers. the incident happened at lunch at a lunch bank banquet following the morning service. and again, a room i use is all very preliminary information. we believe a group of churchgoers detain him and hog tied his legs with an extension cord and confiscated at least 2 weapons from him. he was detained when the deputies arrived . that group at church goers displayed what we believed. exceptional heroes of heroism and bravery and intervening, intervening, to stop the suspect. the ear, us congress, is designated may 5th us a day of awareness of the many missing a murdered native american women f b. i says that in 2020 alone more than 5200 were reported missing rob rentals,
6:47 pm
as the story of how one tribal community in california responded or one of the own disappeared. that area that i can access, tribal and local police and volunteers are preparing to search a vast area of northern california wilderness for a missing native woman. 33 year old emily rise. ling a mother of to was last seen near this village on the europe native american reservation. in october, the community is determined to get an answer. what the answer may be, i don't know, but an answer can bring closure. growing up, emily was a promising student and an expert traditional dancer life george was a close friend. she always had a sparkle and a smile, and i always am. i gravitated towards her and thought the world of her. but as emily grew older, she suffered from mental health problems and substance abuse in this impoverished tribal community. it was difficult to get her the help she needed. according to the
6:48 pm
f b i 5295 indigenous women were reported missing. nationwide in 2020 native american women are 10 times more likely to be murdered than any other ethnicity. more than one half of all native women have ex perience re for other sexual abuse. george is working to assemble a database of the missing and murdered women. we are disproportionately experiencing violence across the life course for indigenous people. it's often a different race hurting you and that goes back to the settler colonialism digit. as women are preyed upon because tribal police are often underfunded and under equipped, overlapping police jurisdictions. may criminals think they can literally get away with murder, says your tribal judge abby and anti it is somebody who is killing, who knows there's sort of no harm, no foul, because they're not going to be pursued. and in fact,
6:49 pm
they aren't the euro try once, funding for investigators and equipment to conduct searches and better mental health care access. last year president joe biden signed an executive order on murdered and missing indigenous women, directing federal agencies to help coordinate investigations and improve safety. the faith of many of the native women who have gone missing amid these dance and remote forests may never be known. but their families and tribal officials vow never to stop searching for answers. we need to get her home session be at least have that at least have that. you know, that's our responsibility to bring her home. gone, but never forgotten. rob reynolds al jazeera on the europe reservation in california. sports coming up in just a few moments, including n b a. playoffs,
6:50 pm
ad elimination to the top, seated phoenix, psalms. peter will be here with the best of the action just ah ah ah ah
6:51 pm
ah ah ah ah, gets out to support his piece. adrian. thank you. the defending champions, the milwaukee bucks have been eliminated from the post season by the boston celtics . the celtics trailed early in the decided, but grant williams scored a korea high 27 points and hit 73 points. as jason tatum added, 23 and boston said again, 7 wrinkled with 20 to 3 points as to when 10981 possible faced the miami heat on
6:52 pm
tuesday in the eastern conference finals. and tatum's 4 year old son is particularly pleased with the idea of heading down to south beach, which i want to say, you know, say soon as they do you excited, go to miami, the good pool of our gosh, reading and di gay air mean a year after leaving milwaukee to the title and being voted the final m v. p. yana . since he composes it's time for he seems to regroup, hopefully, like this moment. so thinking that the last something we can gain and learn in order for us to put us in the bushes to win the championship now to be next year. it's going to be 2 years from now. the western conference top feeds the phoenix suns were also knocked out. losing to the dallas mavericks, dallas 50 point half am need is the largest hall farm leading game 7 history. they
6:53 pm
are through to a meeting with the golden state warriors in a phone conference, finals since 2011. honestly, i'm really happy nice. you can get the smile off my face when i'm just really happy, you know, on a setting we deserve this. we have playing hard the whole series, maybe a couple games here to or in ourselves. but you know, we came here with a statement game 7. we believed our locker believes toby believes, so. i'm just happy. the new york rangers are through to the 2nd round of n h l stanley cup playoffs. the penguins for 3 and game 7 of a phone conference series. authentic penner in school 5 minutes into overtime, sending the penguin home for the summer. the ranges will play the carolina hurricanes on wednesday and the calgary flames with 2 up and over the data stalls. johnny goodrow school, the series winning overtime goal is the flames. 132,
6:54 pm
they'll say the edmonton oilers in the 2nd round. liverpool must avoid the fees again south hampton, on tuesday to take the premium title rates to the final day of the season. of the leaders mentioned the city drew with west ham. they could still snatch the trophy, but manager, your club is playing down. he sides chances i'm looking forward to the game tomorrow. ok, so chances a big chance i would say so because it would mean that city. i don't know when city dropped points the last time. 2 games in a row historically. so we know in idle world we go in the last match day and one point behind that would be in order for, from today's point of view to perfect scenario. and that's what we'll, what we try to do the title race in italy is also going right down to the wire. with ac milan in poll position, they go into their final game of the season. 2 point scale said he rivals into, of the to know when over at atlanta,
6:55 pm
leo and mandates scoring the goals in the 2nd half as milan moved closer to becoming sydney, our champion for the 1st time since 2011 paris benjamin stall. killian above a says he's almost made up his mind whether he's going to leave the french champions for realm madrid. and the la nancy decision soon. bach i was speaking off that he was a lead player of the year for the 3rd consecutive season. the striker has called 25 goals. this campaign to help p a c. when the title? never talk of it says he's going, it's a sunday strange opened with a lot of confidence after winning his 1st title of the year. the woman won beat fort seed, stefan aust, since he passed in the italian open final chocolate which has been limited in the number of tournaments he's been able to play in 2022 due to his refusal to get vaccinated against over 19. it's the fixed time, he's won this event and he's looking good ahead of roland garris where he is the defending champion. i've been building my my forms the last couple weeks
6:56 pm
and i like the previous years i. i knew that my best shane want to place usually coming around wrong time, so give me a better time of year sickly to roll in this wonderful german jordan speith will try to complete the korea grand slam at this week's pga championship and he goes into the 2nd golf major of the good form he followed up a when at his last tournament with a 2nd place finish in texas in front of his home crowd. suite was aged out by south korea's k h. lee, who became the 1st player since tom watson in 1980 to successfully defend the title, the shorter 9 under pa, 63 in the final round to finish 26 under. that's one short clear of speech. and it had been 4 years since last hole in one of those tournament. but that weight was ended when australian mart leash when did verse 15 toll. but that wasn't the only a steering the final round american. just them lower,
6:57 pm
also managed to hold this effort. at the 17th in major league baseball legendary batter albert pools became the oldest player to make his pitching debuts since 1929. saint louis were leading. the san francisco, by 13 runs, heading into the fire, leaning for the cardinal's manager, decided to rest the remainder of his pitchers who calls volunteered to step on for the mount. for the 1st time in his 22 year career. the 42 year old gave up 4 rounds before closing up again, with the cardinal's winning $156.00. after the game, the opposition manager said it was great theater and that everyone had a lot of fun. and i fail, i think doesn't strike twice, but it seems baseballs do. this was a male, be empire. marty foster falling to the ground of to take you one to the face. he was struck again later in the game between the angels and the oakland athletics. and the thought he called it a day. okay, we'll leave
6:58 pm
a bit of an hour. be your again, in a few hours with more sports needs. adrian. ouch. in the, so i got so many texting and that'll just dropped to it for but use out. but i'll be back in just a few moments with more of today's news. we'll see you then. ah aah. witness faith with his bravery witness. frida witnessed slavery. witness people, witness power, witness a lifetime witness and our witness. man. witness bees. witness prejudice. witness?
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peace, witness. love witness, ball witness the world witness. next door. witness life witness. address era. from the al jazeera london, girl, casenita. 2 people in thoughtful conversation with no haste and no limitation. what is even more in p me that now is system innovation? systems design and system transformation part one of human rights activist, q me 90 and environmentally window. mila cheek. i lived as you have a fossil fuel era my entire life, and i'm looking for a graceful transition out of it. studio b, unspent date on our, his era. this one's feared. war lord, during lay barriers, decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord sasha boy he has done with treat
7:00 pm
children has attracted their help like sin. and as protected an effect from public prosecution, despite the recommendations made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes and for his country. ah. church street as an occupied east jerusalem condemned israeli forces for attacking mourners at the funeral. procession of al jazeera journalist, shaheen of new security camera footage. at the moment that is where the forces storm st. joseph hospital. where shall beans bonnie had been laying ah.


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