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help, leaving many relying on pain killers to battle the effects of coven 19. but even those seem to be in short supply. laura about manly al jazeera elsewhere the leaders of china's bigger cities as they plan to fully restore normal life from the beginning of next month. after 6 weeks have strict corona virus locked downs in shanghai health workers of declared the elimination of infections in 15 out of its 16 districts supermarket shopping, more than restaurants are being allowed to reopen. but with limited capacity. ah. the main stories now church leaders and hospital officials of condemned as ray forces for attacking mourners at the funeral of al jazeera, jalyssa carrion, upper ugly, new security camera footage has been all has been released, rang troops storming the hospital where her body was being kept. forces later
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attacked the procession carrying her coffin. sharon was shot dead by israeli forces . on wednesday the police storm into a christian institutes. the sort of disrespecting, the church. disrespecting, the health institute disrespecting, the memory of the deceased, enforcing the barriers almost to drop the coffee. israelis policing vision and disproportionate use of force affecting more nurse striking then with the tones using smoke shooting rubber ballot. bullets frightening the hospital patients is a severe violation of international norm. and the regulations in that lines has bhalla and its allies looked likely to lose that majority and lebanon's parliament . and what could be a major blow to the wrong group? this according to initial results from sunday's election,
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which also showed that many voters sought to punish the political establishment for leading countries, economic disaster. the saudi aligned lebanese forces party of christian group has made some huge gains and several anti stablished candidates also managed to pick up seats. and sheila and the new prime minister says, as countries down to his last day of petrol and warn, the next 2 months are going to be tough. ritual drivers and others who rely on fuel for their jobs have been queuing for hours. some of had to physically push the vehicles themselves. shanker is embroiled, and it was taken on the crisis is independence, which has caused weeks of protest and quite in soldiers defending har keeps. they've reached the border with russia often driving back the invading forces. the defense ministry ship, the city of celebrations, a yellow and blue painted border mark of the video has not been independently verified. moscow is now focusing its efforts on the dumbass region. the stream is next discussing movement for slavery,
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reparations out stories coming up. ah, i hi fmi. ok, welcome to the string. today we're talking about slavery, reparations for the colonizers. i'm what potentially the payment of reparations could do in terms of institutional racism and racism around the world. have a look here at my laptop, just a reminder about the transatlantic slave trade. this is a timeline from the transatlantic slave trade database. those sleigh ships that you see crossing from the african continent and back through to the caribbean and new
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and north america. they are portuguese and british, and french at spanish, from the netherlands, from america, gives you an idea of the height of the transatlantic slave trade of what it meant. an estimate of between 12 and a half 1000000 people and maybe up to 20000000 people from the african continent were enslaved. so 2 questions that always come up when say reparations, and talked about one, nothing to do with me. and i'll do my government. i wasn't around the time, i'm not responsible and to it was a long time ago. what other questions would you like to put to, i guess the comment section is right here on youtube degree part of today's discussion. whenever politicians disgusting at an offer by slicing causation is a habit for discussing in terms of pause. i think it was a one time of denmark, hurts centers, garlic justices, joseph compensation chic office. the reason why african people around the world
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left without a conception of human rights. reparations from author must be hillis, dickon in mos tressa. the frog that is the global tissue realization of african people. people, african heritage, all over the world. rhetoricians from off must be sent around justice, and they must tre, committed asians for change, and will dismantle the systemic and institutional policies to our legacy. what was the most monstrous crime against humanity? don't ask to talk about slavery reparations. we have arena asked in the kitchen ladies, it's so good to have you with us. very welcome to the stream. introduce yourself talk local audience. thank you very much. my name is maureen shepherd. i am a social historian and the director of the center for reparation research at university of the west indies here in the caribbean. and i'm one of the vice chairs of the united nations committee on the elimination of racial discrimination. get to
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have you. hello esther, introduce yourself to our stream view. es. hi greetings. my name is esther stanford quasi and i am a jewish consult which is a specialist in jurisprudence, the science and philosophy of law. i'm also the co ordinates general of the stop, the marin gimme thee. we charge genocide eco's side campaign. i'm on give me the is a case where healy what for african holocaust as the soca to have him talk to you more in just a moment. but 1st, i have the great in the kitchen, the kitchen, welcome to the same, introduce yourself track level audience. greetings, fanny. my name is nikita e t i. e r. i'm an attorney, i'm a activist, i'm an advocate, and i am an arthur. i'm a family member of a cobra national coalition of black reparations in america, and i'm in our world commissioner on the national african american reparation commission. so let's start with the united nations. this is the human rights chief,
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michelle bachelor on july, the 12th making a deep connection between and slave people and reparations. and what reparations actually means. there is an urgent need to confront the legacy of enslavement that trans atlantic slave trade, colonialism and successive racially discriminatory policies and systems and to seek repository justice. despite some initiatives towards truth, seeking a limited forms of reparation including memorization, acknowledgements, apologies and litigation. a research could not find a single ex sample of a state. the has comprehensively reckoned with the past or accounted for its impact on the lives of people of african descent to they at guess i, i just paid us that timeline. it wasn't even the entire time i let the transit late it transit antique slave trade. but from let's say 1500. so the 16th century right
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up until the 19th century, people were traffic, africans were traffic. and then there's the sense of nervousness about putting a place on zach. how do you do that? because that's what recreations is doing, isn't it the key to you start plus it's much more than that as well. it's not just compensation for the if labor era put them off, all of the holocaust of the transplant slave trade. but at least with respect to the united states where everything that's happened since then layman era, there are black codes, the pianist system, the chain gains sharecropping, the homestead act, not being able to get the benefits of that of the g. i be able to red line the gym co are part by the mass incarceration. all of these things combine the black white economic wealth gap, the health disparities, the educational inequities, the criminal punishment. so it is compensation for all of that come by and i will
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say this no amount, no amount of financial compensation, check it all compensate for everything that african people worldwide to out the diaspora have gone through. so will be the situation of a negotiated settlement. that's what we're talking about. we're not talking about confrontation, that it's going to fully completely and totally a tone for everything that has happened. but it will be a step towards that necessary healing that we need to continue. yes, me, i take the position from international human rights. lauren, international humanitarian law that make it very clear that a comprehensive reparations or strategy or program or settlement has to include multi faceted remedies, including remedies of a restitution. of course,
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compensation has been mentioned, rehabilitation measures of satisfaction, what's called symbolic reparations. and for me, most importantly, which is actually under emphasized in the discourse on african reparations is guarantees of non repetition. how do we ensure that what has happened to us and continues to happen? does not ever happen again. you know, as the people begin doing a double take it with like a hat, of course, of course and slave people that couldn't happen again. what would the guarantee be that you would meet? well, it's not just about enslavement. actually. the, the crimes of, of the anger msi, continue to this day, we're talking about racism as a direct legacy ality black racism and it's specific form known as africa. phobia
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which our toy and spoke to. and actually we're talking about colonization, leo colonialism. so there's a whole range of violations and dispositions, and displacements of african people around the world, which require repair. so restitution couldn't been any number of things, including the right to restoration of our own group rights, our own individual human rights, the right to a nationality. the right to our homeland, as opposed to being referred to as an ethnic minority. i'm just looking here, my, my laptop here for in a headline that caught the world's attention, jamaica plans to see reparations from britain over slavery. and then ron says underneath that story, posting this for us, go get it. it won't change the past, but it could positively affect the future. ron gets it for me. wrong,
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get it. and many people get it, or panelist, get it. and i'm sure lots of your listeners and your viewers, i guess it. but can i just say that this is not new? jamaica has been on this path to seager patch or injustice for a long time. i think now that we are a part of a global movement is appearing as if this is something new. but remember, when we talk about respiration and the fight for freedom and liberation and right, we have to talk about from the very moment of conquest colonization. and leave meant the traffic, you know, and says the post colonial harm, the cashless emancipation, all of these things have a long this move and has a long genealogy. and so we, it's a continuous movement towards asset elements which has not yet happened. so
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jamaica in fact, in 2009 for the national commission on reparation for the come to know and carry come. there's a regional commission and also jamaica part of that. and rest of her i have been carrying on the fights for a very long time. in jamaica, outside of jamaica, that just wanted to see if not new, even though there's an intensification of the movement. because more people say no, we're not going to talk to you. the more we are insisting, yes, you must talk to us, and you must do what my colleagues have said. you are to do apologize, which has 3 dimensions. you accept responsibility, you commit to non repetition, and you commit to repair. and we're waiting on all of those naturally, i want to just hop in for a moment. if i can, because i want to agree 100 percent with my sister vermin. reparations is not new.
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in the united states, the concept did not drop from the sky with how to hockey coach article in the atlantic magazine, the case restoration. or even recently with nicole hannah jones in her 1619 project that we talked about reparations in the new york times. reparations of a longstanding issue of international law which the united states is actually participated then from the time of the end of the enslavement period. reparations were embed paid in the united states. they just weren't paying the black vote. they were paid and the family labor owners for the law. it was i thought i was jumping on that because you're absolutely right. and that's what i'm saying. it's been going on for very long time. we're just naming it different things. know and what is ok report come to the movement at different times. it's ok. we welcome everybody . some big tens. all are welcome and all has a a on people have a please. but yes, those who are paid,
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we're not our people. and therefore, we are pricing for compensation, but as a part of a development plan, in the case of the carrier. so i guess i have a question to ask. i'm going to ask this question via police pamela denise long. my question is that often in this reparations debate that is going going on for a very, very long time, as you point out for me, that it seems easier for people of color for black people to see why reparation. vanessa, not just money, but an entire plan. ok of reparations. and it seems very difficult for people who aren't black to see this, and i'm curious as to why he is pamela's. and she just does a whole list of why it's important why reparations are important. have a list of prevalent the united states must pay reparations for channel slavery to black american descendants of us, slaves do to outright neglect and harmful policies like red lining and mass
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incarceration, including biden's law. black americans have 110th the wealth of white americans. as a descendant of slavery and parent to an 8th generation black american, a just to reparations plan for us includes cash payments for $400.00 class hears a stolen labor and racial trauma experienced by me, my child and our ancestors. so esther i as i predicted on getting the questions that i mentioned that i was expecting it at the top of the show. i thought we are talking many years ago. peggy, we should not have to pay for something we had nothing to do with. why is it difficult for people who are black to see that reparations has a place in 2021. esta. i think some people who are north of african ancestry have a problem with it. there are many so called white people and an agent people are
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those who do get reparation. certainly in the world that i'm doing in europe. one of the difficulties is, it's already been mentioned, this dehumanization of people, of african ancestry continues. it has been made systemic. so in terms of legal systems, the education system which often miss educate and doesn't teach the truth about our history. even prior to in slave let, because our history didn't begin with enslavement. and there is a lack of recognition of how the world that has been created today, including all its inequality is as a result of this history that we are all speaking about. and in the u. k, it's actually not history because it was only in 2015 that the loan that was taken out by the british government to pay and slavers in 1835 was
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finally repaid. so that means every generation, including of people, of african african diaspora, including african caribbean, heritage has also had to pay back by way of expulsion extortion of taxes. so this is a modern day thing and it is unjust. and i don't see why it's so difficult to recognize that in the quality the injustice that is meet it out to african people. but yet we are expected to recognize the jewish holocaust. the dispossession a lack of sovereignty of indigenous peoples which we do. but then we are also human beings too, and we must assert our right to be recognized as such, and also our right to a remedy and to repair. and that repair must be full and holistic. so let's talk about repair reparations. how. how do they work that
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happened? some examples, institutions, organizations are doing their own reparations. they're saying yes, we will come place it. we understood that we benefited from the safe, trite for chattel slavery. and this is what we're doing in order to repair that damage. nikita give us some examples from united states. do you have any? so, let me just say this 1st, the harms from the enslavement error and beyond what multifaceted. thus, sublimity must be multifaceted as well. just recently, there is our jurisdiction in the united states called evanston, illinois. they use a very creative way of our toning for the past. they use a tax revenue from the legal cannabis industry to fund reparations. our projects in that city. i issues that stem from the enslavement area, specifically with respect to housing discrimination. and what we call bit lighting
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of that was very creative. you know show, shall i say there's georgetown university. the reason why georgetown university stands today is because of the fail by the judge with who own george. so university of over $272.00 black men, women and children and babies. ok to keep georgetown from going into bankruptcy. they have just car for one. i'm going show proof mill, you know bill you, but i think a lot of money to set aside to begin to a troll for that. but basically it is the better government with a bill that it's on the table today. h r, what the commission to study and develop reprobation proposals for african americans at which is the piece or is, was on so shall we say it is the in to everything. you have the federal government, you have the state government, local governments,
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academic and religious institutions, and industries, and corporations of probably a state what the goal that the federal government played, and they're on the situation that they left them and they must apologize that they might compensate you know, they must allow for that satisfaction. that is what is, must be paramount at this time. let me, let me share this with you. this isn't kit kingdom of kush. we told the kingdom of kush we were doing this program. so have a look here. reformation should be paid. the vatican and the church of england an apology to the town of sullen, also effects as well from the country of origin. the indigenous native american tribes. i was an apology, reparation so many apologies. out that that should be made more important. napoleon is that the starting point will do. you have to get a story 1st. it would be nice to get a sorry 1st. and that's how i started by talking about the different dimensions of open apology. but we can get no apology doesn't come. we wait on it and we don't do
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anything else. and, but i want to just reinforce the point that my colleague message says, have me that this is not too long in the past. the told if something was done in the past, it was 2nd. and so on, then you could even begin to think like that. but this is a continuing calm. we are talking about stolen artifact lou to that effect does not return. i know some people are talking about returning that, know some universities and yet we're talking about back a logical damage we're talking about has crisis where, where into the pandemic now. and we're seeing the effect of the lack of social infrastructure in place when was was, was extracted to ensure that places let britain became rich. we are talking about the legacy with which we are living. and we are saying that the debt has not been paid. the accounts have not been settled and therefore we have to carry on i to
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very, and i'm not debating with people. what i am wondering about is you don't have his style or the loan. it cannot be you the key. she asked the community of people who believe in reparations. what about your former colonizers in the caribbean state? have written to you in a former colonizers. sometimes they reply to you, sometimes they don't. they do not want to have anything to do with reparations. how do you move forward? what do you do? that's why we, yes, that's where we have to do what we're all doing in the movement globally. we are saying, yes, we are going to keep up the work public education because one way to get people to move is to ensure your populations are with you. and therefore public education is quite important. and we're also saying if everyone was been collin, as if you're living in a clinic states,
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you must look around you on see the impact of what europeans did. therefore you, you do have daughters within our space as well. but we are trying to mobilize woman, if you've been awesome holiday and politicians who do not believe that reparations will ever be white. they, they just don't believe it. well, i think we have mark low, was it? it was do have a carrier con. reparation. yeah, i'm commission, you have a prime minister, you as a sub committee and everyone is working. you have individual policy chance why themselves making some rules, for example, anti gun by border prime minister brown is making inroads in terms of harvard at oxford. so there are more to put tracks is what i'm seeing here, t i. e t is asking for restitution. this is what france did. just tie me the development of this country then has been such a beacon in terms of revolution and the show before, right?
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so we can draw, even if we get wary, i always see emancipation, quote, unquote, you know, the end of african enslavement. the amalgam is it took centuries. our ancestors didn't even know when they were fighting on getting hanged and burned on everything that door. and they kept on all a generation has a responsibility to take the torch and carry on, even if it looks difficult. i'm just going to put i agitate nicky to let me just see this is from scott connie. just 2nd, you can debate because you can't debate with monks yourself because you all agree. it's got, connie says, i don't think i pay the full mcculla colonizers financial compensation for historical abuses. seems unlikely. nekisha go ahead, pick up. yeah, no, i just want to say we need to add to che, educate and organize the global movement. we and our global movement right now. it is because a camera. com because of what cure or com get inspired us in the united states,
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when i reparations movement with at a low, it inspired us in 2015 to form the national african american reparations commission model off of the kara com model. and it really created an upsurge. what happened just recently with michelle bachelor in the un high commissioner in, in the light. what it did was it called the u. s. secretary of state anthony blake in to issue a invitation, a formal invitation for the un special rubber tour on contemporary forms for rachel, us, racism to come to united state. so what happens in one area has an impact on what's happening in other areas as well. so it's, it's part of the global movement. i'm fortunate we are near the end lea rena, of the, the decade of us decade, a people of african descent. i remember the beginning of that decade when you're ready. 19. hey, go where we are. we. i city lights, all right,
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let me just let me just play one more comment. this is from professor doroty and he makes a very convincing argument for reparations. he also mentioned something called red lining, which our audience is outside of the us. or we need to know is it's about housing discrimination applied often to people of color. he was his, as far as i can said, very convincing argument. have a listen. have a look. the case for reparations, for black american descendants, abuse, slavery extends well beyond the atrocities and slave ma'am. in particular, one has to take into account the nearly centrally long period of legal segregation in the united states. coupled with upwards of 100 massacres. that took place from the end of the civil war into the 1940s that resulted in massive loss of black lives, but also the seizure and appropriation of black property by the white terrorist.
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and then in the post civil rights period, we still have ongoing atrocities including mass incarceration, police executions of an arm, blacks, and sustained discrimination and housing credit and employment mark. i am going to say no, keep she verena, and ask that you are fires out. thank you so much thing on the screen today. i will see you next time. take everybody ah, with african stories of resilience and parish. i get younger than i have one with one of them that i haven't gotten yet. lloyd anti tradition and dedication
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to live without. with that short documentary by african filmmakers on the white 9. and the bookmaking africa direct on al jazeera, we understand the difference. americans have contracts across the round. so no matter how you take it out, you 0. the news and current affairs that matter to you, a countess era that was eliminated for most of australia decades ago is killing young women in the indigenous community. one 0, one east investigate on the how do i
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rover? you're growing the world, warmer line goes to make it for you. exception. katara always going places to go with hello, i mary, mit in london, our top story this hour. there are reports that some ukrainian soldiers have been evacuated from the ass off style still works in the port city of mary paul. and this comes after 2 months of siege involving bombardments and ground incursions. food and water supplies have been running out in this underground complex, where they've been sheltering on sunday. white munitions was being cascading down
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on the seal walks in, a suspected phosphorous attack go now to alger.


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