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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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under donald trump, that allows for the immediate deportation of migrants in mexico will meet migrants seeking a better light. and here from some of the hundreds of thousands deported yet preparing to try again. special coverage on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm sorry. i minimize the welcome to the news our live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. tensions are running high and occupied east jerusalem off to israeli police attack the funeral procession for a 23 year old palestinian killed by israeli gunfire. last month.
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this of the church is unite to condemn israeli police for attacking mourners. at the funeral of al jazeera journalist, serena block leg also coming up after 2 months under siege. a number of wounded ukrainian soldiers are evacuated from af style still works and we'll have the initial results from lebanon's election. showing losses has bala and its allies and unexpected winds for new onto stablish mon candidates. and i'm assuming dough with your spool, we've got the n b a and n h o player for you. one of the premier league also chances of finishing inside the top fool. i've taken a major dive. ah, lo tensions a high and occupied east jerusalem this hour of the killing of al jazeera janice re
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appalachian i last week. set off, one of the largest displays of palestinian support in a generation. thousands of people have been injured off to israeli police fought with mourners at the funeral of a young palestinian man. he died on saturday after being wounded by israeli forces . when they storm the alex i'm mos compound last month. monday's violence comes as condemnation grows over the attack on sri and blacklist funeral procession buys ready forces. on friday, the most senior catholic priest in the holy land is called it a severe violation of international norms. and human rights. and ron con reports now from occupied east jerusalem. 3 words, condemnation, disrespect, disproportionate hope at a news conference at saint joseph church hospital. it's leaders and clergy condemned at these ready police for friday's attack against sharina, barclays coffin, and the pull barrows, accusing them of disrespecting the hospital grounds. and finally said it was
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a disproportionate use of force. the police storm into a christian hoping institute, the sort of disrespecting the true disrespecting to her institute disrespecting, the memory of the deceased. enforcing a 5 barriers almost to drop the coughing. the church authorities released previously unseen security camera footage of israeli police entering the hospital. which said the was absolutely no reason to this to have happened. it's general director says all concerned parties and now discussing what to do next must probably court case. and we are now discussing with church leader catholic church leader and de owners of the hospital. the sister of saint joseph and the administration of the hospital about the next legal action to be taken. initially, the israeli police said they were acting on the instructions of the family.
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something serena's brother, who is the family's representative de noise. absolutely. notice we are, is riley police called me to the police station to don't to know the exact truth. we are taking asked me not to have any for the scene in snags reason. during the funeral, no slogans, no chance in today's the scene on and i stress that this is not on your mind. you know, not toward our balcony, only north for berkeley family only, but it's a national funeral. everybody will participate. i can tell you the exact number of people who will participate. i told him that a funeral. will you from st. joseph hospital to the greek medicaid church in jeff again and then to the final in the cemetery in mount zion, the church authorities in the hospital and now weighing up their legal options. these railey police say they will investigate the incident that took place hey on friday. and he's really army say they are investigating the death of serene acclaim . but given previous investigations,
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no one here or indeed members of the family. hold out any hope that that will be an independent investigation and indeed surgery and i will, our claim family are saying that they would like an independent international investigation, but calls for that so far have not been heated. m wrong con al jazeera, occupied east jerusalem. that's kept more what's been happening and occupied. the issue is through them with side a hierarchy and tell us more about what a good this is latest round attention. well the latest with figure we have at the moment is at least 71 that people have been injured and not have been in the last 3 hours. that number rising. and this happened a security class and entered into a funeral profession that's being held for a young palestinian man. he's in his 20 name while e l serif. during the funeral. and during the procession they came in with gas bats . and we've had overseas several injuries has been dozens of arrests as well. now
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what lead sharif, he was injured just a few weeks ago that happened during the islamic holy monk, fostering month of ramadan locks up most compounds where it was a flash point of a lot of tension between the israeli security forces and palestinians. now he was injured a few weeks ago, like i said, and then he was taken away. no, his family hadn't heard from him for the last few weeks and then they would hold just a couple of days ago that he actually, he was unconscious and then they found obviously that he had died and his body was released by the israeli forces today. now this has been happening a lot when a funeral take place. this is already security forces are coming in. there have been reports that there was a palestinian flag that was used on top of the coffin. the hasn't been confirmed. this has been an issue like we saw just a few few days ago with our colleague sherry and barkley,
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who had her funeral as well. and he is ready for came in and typed the funeral. they said supposedly because of passing and not illegal on the israeli you know, to have a palestinian fact, but it definitely has been a source of tension when security forces have come in, you know that number that we have a not just far from here in the harvey on friday, so i'm not, number has been rising in the last few hours and we'll just have to wait and see what happens. okay, thank you very much occupied easter samsara herat. meanwhile, the special commemoration service was held for sharina walker in bethlehem, where her family is originally from took place in the church of nativity which houses the spot where christians believe. jesus christ was born, a measure of how respect to cheering was. morn is also gathered outside the church to pay their respects. and a symbolic funeral has been held in garza fishery now blackly by those who are not
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allowed to go to a funeral on friday. even a site is that the policy and liberation organization has the range of a funeral with a university, one of them all the a god, this trip, this symbolic funeral, that his home district just got this the only area you're by, terry. this was not allowed to go and read to re enroll because of this and sell these young generations here. regardless of course, do for their symbolic funeral, did pay tribute in showed to respect to loyalty. this city, a balcony, who has been assassinated wife covering the raid in janine granite. examined allah . no, not of your blogs up. we were not able to reach her funeral. and that is why the gaza strip. we had to do the symbolic funeral. in honor of the spirit of demarco
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sharina wadley. these young generations have live following serene all through their life. and now it's a day and through all these events that have been held in the god, the strip for he read, they say, and they confirm that she read so long remain in their memories. now in an interview, the algae era, us congressman, l hon. omar called for accountability over the death, assure, in upper upper and said washington should help with the investigation as lawmakers you're in the united states. we have a responsibility to not hold our adversaries accountable, but also our allies. and i want to remind people that sharina herself was a united states citizen. so an american journalist is killed on a foreign soil. it is important for the united states government to get involved ask for an independent investigation in with the news. our lie from london much
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more still ahead on the program. turkeys president a saying you won't approve finland and sweden, nato membership beds, while hungary holds the hostage over it's russian oil embargo. shank has new prime minister saying the country has just one day of petrol. left. warns of tough times ad. and later in sport, the top seed in the n b, a playoffs eliminated on their home court. ah, we go to ukraine now, where bosses of their feet besieged as of style still works. plant in the city of mario poll, carrying ukrainian service men who have been stuck there for weeks. it's not known how many people were aboard. these bosses rush announced on monday that had reached a deal with ukraine for wounded soldiers to be evacuated from the plant. the as of regiment says it's fulfilling orders to save the lives of troops without explicitly
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saying what action the defenders were taking in them. why are you still especially blind of thought, but there is always arresting. come on in the units in the war. there are no secure plans and operations. the main thing is to realize all the risk factor. is there a plan b. all you fully committed to that plan with which must also be allowed to fitting the assign tasks and preserve the lives and health of personnel. maybe because of that, you know, boy is art, but not science. when you execute a task, preserve the maximum number of personnel. this is the highest level of overseeing troops all the more. so when your decision is endorsed, by the highest military command, gloats ukraine publicly. let's get more from onto our bill. her media live in the southern city of desa. any more detail holder on the circumstances surrounding this evacuation and what's likely to happen next with those who are still inside the the complex underneath the steel works. well we just heard
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now from the deputy defense minister here in ukraine, and she said that 53 of the vacuum, either the wounded ones were dropped at it were taken right at the hospital in nova as of which is at town along a day. as of see but in april ration separate is controlled area and then another $211.00. we're taking to another town next to do the done yet also in separatist area. now she said that at some point they will be further negotiations, and they will be an exchange between those who are there now, those who have been evacuated and she didn't give any more details. we're presuming probably russian soldiers who are held prisoners by ukraine, yours. we don't have any more details of that. we did hear from one of our sources
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that there is also among them a number of the soldiers and members of the as of regiment who have decided to surrender. one source says that that number is 36, but again, i am pretty, i have yet there, because we haven't heard any official confirmation of that. now. in the past days, we've heard from president lensky and from other senior officials, a here that the these were very tough negotiations. at a certain point we had heard that turkey was involved, that turkey had offered to actually send a ship and evacuate everybody. it was in the esteem works through a port town of a dance, which is at the moment under russian control. we don't know if any of that happen or what we're talking about is just the evacuation of the wounded 2, the separate this area which is the closest area for them to reach. and it is the
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closest area for them to get treatment as soon as possible. i was a couple of weeks ago in that region where the civilians that were deceived, works way a being evacuated. the un team who had gone there, said it was a very difficult road. it was a mind, it was a dangerous road, and it took them really about 20 hours to evacuate from the steed. works all the way to separate just so that might have been logistically the better way possible to get these people to hospital the the command of the, as a freshman has been time and time again, issuing videos, calling not only on the government here, but on the international community to interfere saying that the situation of these wounded was dire. he also said that some of them had already lost their lives,
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and then we saw the wives. they had gone to rome, they had met pope frances bleeding with him. they were to dain anchor meeting with turkish officials, and they were planning also to go to china to try to find a solution for deeds. not only the wounded but also the other ones who were still in that as t works, putting up a fight even though they were completely surrendered. and besieged ins also was a big problem for the government because these fighters, the soldiers, or some of them from the ukrainian, a navy of some of them from the border guards, had become some sort of heroes in this country. the government was under a lot of pressure to try to find any kind of solution to extract them from there. but the way they were besieged and surrounded by the rushes, the way they were getting a pounding by the russians and made it that there was no other way really to get
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them out of there. unless there was some sort of deal made with russia. all right, thank you very much from odessa hunter abdul hamid and just turning some of the developments elsewhere in ukraine. cuba saying the russian shelling is killed, 20 civilians, any done yet. and the hon. squeegee of the country. 10 of them died in savannah don yet, weeks russian forces have been trying to seize the city, but ukrainian special forces now blow not russian occupied railway bridges connecting it with robina and enough to flow the offensive. the army post at this video and telegram saying it shows one of those blas. so there are done yet because a strategically important site and don bus outside of south purchase control territory and ukrainian soldiers defending the northern city of harkey. say they reach the border with russia after driving the invading forces bag. the defense ministry share this video celebrations, a yellow blue painted port marker video has not been independently verified, though. hockey is the 2nd biggest city in ukraine and was on the heavy daily
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shelling by rational tillery a month ago. equating forces of since regain territory, though russia says it's now focusing on the don't mass region of the south auxiliary acid bag in harkey. that has more details on this well, it shows that the ukrainians have managed to push back the russian forces or that they've made the tact because recruit and what that means, at least for the city of clark eve, here where i am right now is that they can breathe the fresh air, the people out on the streets, the cafe, the opening up not far from the regional building that was bumped. i'm in this park where i can see children paying, which was not something that you could see a month ago. nato secretary general has stated that he feels that ukraine can win this war that the russians plans have been thwarted, and that russia is not achieving its strategic objectives. but russia has stated that they want to take the east of the country, undersized effective the land,
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locking ukraine, but the, the, the ukrainians are putting up a defense in the east of the country. they don't want that to happen. but as i stated, had any heart gave, at least the battle seems to have been one and people are returning to the city. and there is some semblance of romance. see here in ukraine, 2nd largest city, now talkies. by saying that he's not gonna approve sweden and finland joining nato telling the foreign ministers not to bother. going to encourage to convince him or if you've type one accused in all the countries of being quote, guest houses for terrorist organizations. sweden particularly has been singled out for allegedly hosting members of the kurdish on good the p k. k. it's government has just confirmed it will join finland in making a formal application for nato membership ending 200 years of neutrality. ah, you knew they are coming to turkey on monday. are they coming to convinces, excuse me? but they should not tie themselves? first of all,
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we would not say yes to those who impose sanctions on turkey to join nato. because nato would then cease to be a security organization and become a place rep representatives of terrorist organizations are concentrated. the reaction from the russian president let him use his own the way that russia will respond. if nature moves to strengthen the military infrastructure of sweden and finland, the industry of finland, sweden, i want to inform you their colleagues, that russia has no problem with those states. so in this regard, expansion by the addition of those countries poses no direct reference. but the expansion of military infrastructure into the territory would certainly provoke our response. what that response will be. we will see what threats are created, foreign or european union, foreign ministers meeting in brussels, trying to reach an agreement on a russian oil embargo, but as a negotiated a new round of sanctions that fixed since the war and ukraine began. one member continue to block from the action, and as our diplomatic editor james bass reports,
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the ministers will match with angry protest that got back. i got a group of the ukrainian protest is gathered outside the building where the foreign ministers were meeting to try to finalize another package of sanctions, including a ban on imports of russian oil inside the meeting. again, deadlock, 26 nations against one hungary, even though it's been given a carve out, is the only you member opposing the new sanctions that's causing some considerable anger. this is how we will do remember, either the can you union who manage to go forward and dissent a very clear message to russia who would stuck. and now unfortunately, we are, the whole unit is being hold hostage by one member state who cannot
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find that could help help us find a good sense of the e you hi, representative for foreign policy has been meeting candidates, foreign minister when i interviewed him last week, he was confident the new sanctions could be agreed with, but he doesn't seem so hopeful. now, we'll do our best in order to do blog. this situation. i cannot ensure that this is going to happen because it positions are quite strong. later, the ukrainian foreign minister dmitri calais, but joined the meeting. he greeted his hungarian counterpart, peter c auto. but had some tough words about his country's position. it's clear what's happening. it's clear who is holding the issue, but the time is running out because every day russia keeps making money and investing this money in it to into the war. but it's not for me to engage in rhetoric battle with gary and we can get an authorities. this is the issue that the european union itself has to fix because this is their family business. it's now
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not clear when or whether the issue of the sanctions package can be resolved. leaders of european countries will be gathering here for a summit meeting in 2 weeks time. and this may still be under discussion then. james bayes ouch is era. brussels will source who jive mcdonalds are saying is pulling out of russia its arrival 30 years ago. was seen as a sign of change for the soviet union as it opened up to the west or its restaurants. there have been shot since march in response to the invasion of ukraine. but now it's looking to sell off is $850.00 outlets which employ $62000.00 people. companies as his priorities include making sure now still have a job and it will keep paying them till a sale is complete. the goals and art cheese will be taken down and all branding removed has bala and its allies looked like he did lose them. majority in lebanon's parliament and what could be a major blow to the iran batch group according to initial results from sunday's
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election. when many voters sought to punish lebanon's entrenched political establishment for leading the country to economic disaster. but the saudi align lebanese forces party, a christian group, made some huge gains. several anti establishment candidates also picked up seats in the 1st election since economic crisis and the payments port explosion. analysts say a divided parliament could lead to deadlock, potentially delaying reforms even further. st holder brings us this update from the lebanese capital bay route. the interior ministry is releasing results from lebanon's sunday's parliamentary elections. but so far it's still not clear whether and any single grouping alliance or party will have the majority and parliament. but actually it's not even clear if any party or grouping will have a majority in parliament. what we do know from preliminary results is that the has bala alliance, that is
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a pro iranian group and its allies will be stripped from their parliamentary majority. so this will be a major blow for this alliance. this ruling alliance and they lost seats their allies lost seats to new comers. candidates representing the so called change forces, candidates which are not allied with any of the mainly sectarian political parties in this country. this is really a 1st and lebanon's post war politics. at least 10 new comers are going to take seats in the 128 member legislature. maybe they won't be able really to, to bring about significant change. but these, this minute meaningful number in one way or another makes them king makers because this new parliament is, seems to be very fractured. that this is what it's looking like. a very fractured parliament, maybe not one grouping, holding a majority,
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a deeply divided cabinets which is going to make governing this country even more difficult. this parliament needs to come together to elect the speaker, to appoint a new prime minister who's going to form a government. and then you have presidential elections in, in october. and this is a country known for political bickering and the longer. and if these, if these different factions don't come together, then you're going to have a political vacuum. and they couldn't come to worst time for a country which has all collapse and economy which has all but collapse and estate which has all but collapse all the while. there's tension in the streets, the army, the security forces deployed in many neighborhoods. supporters from the different political parties have been there have been security incidents, or i've been skirmishes and altercation so many lebanese fear that the new parliament, which was supposed to bring about change a new turning point, probably a new beginning to bring to lead lebanon on the road to recovery, instead,
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it could divide this country even further. so happy, but eyes and independent journalists and founder of that they root report website, featuring vertical reviews on lab, and joins us live now from bay root. even if this vote doesn't result in any structural change, a we seeing a shift in terms of more independent candidates, gaining seats, and perhaps individual individuals whose political affiliation isn't necessarily set in stone or totally clear. yes, i mean, we're seeing the fruits of the labor of many years of organizing and protests that have been taking place in lebanon, mainly the last decade. and we're seeing some of those groups that really got started during the garbage crisis. 60015. and they've been, you know, competing in elections, small elections and professional orders and municipal elections. but finally, they had to break through for a lot of these groups at a time when people are really kind of feeling despair and lebanon, and that,
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that their voices don't count. and even to get any number really, you know, anti establishment candidates makes an impact to have 10 or 15 a summer project thing. we don't know the, the numbers are still coming in almost 48 hours after the election. we'll still see counting. so, but this does have the way, i think, for a new generation to see themselves and politics do that. they can have a voice that they can compete, that they could possibly win. but definitely, that's kind of a long term hope in the short term, lebanon is the deep, deep financial hold, one of the worst that was ever seen. and it's hard to imagine what kind of ideas are or what kind of people if they exist, could actually solve this problem. you know, i was gonna say 10 to 15 independent candidates is back something of a symbolic change or victory in the country that might boost morale. but it's unlikely to translate into the change that many people a desperately hoping for. yeah, i mean, well, you know, this is a politics. this is a very complicated and a big career for these parties. i mean,
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they, they've been doing this for, for decades. so we can't really expect some, you know, independent party anywhere in the world, let alone loving on, just bust into the, you know, ruling parties. you know, i mean, i think in some ways this has been a pretty massive achievement anywhere in the world where, where most countries, you know, are. ready ruled by ruling parties and to have this happening and lebanon is a great start, i think, for a lot of people, but we don't really know what's going to happen on the ground. we're not going. how are they going to compete? how they're going to function in parliament? how are they going to make alliances? would be leaders. we don't really know that you can amik policies. a lot of these new candidates and lebanon is in desperate need of a solid economic recovery plan. and if, you know, people have different ideas and all these different political parties, we're not really sure we also, this election is all, seem the kind of a victory for one of the old civil war militia groups. another on lebanese forces who, you know, have, have definitely a very, a checkered past for many lebanese. and we've seen
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a lot of saudi money definitely behind this group that very big ad campaign. so, you know, while it is a step forward in some sense, for those who want to see a secular future or, or some kind of progressive future, there's kind of a step back at the same time. and how did the boy work out the leisure of the sending with him can he side hurry had urged that to be a boy because of this election was it wasn't successful. well i don't know what the success would be if a boy i understand because he just doesn't have any power now. and i think in any, and i think people are looking to see that his days are, are maybe maybe done involve tech. so if anything this boycott might have helped some of the opposite parties that might have help lebanese forces is not really clear at this point. it probably would have, let me sources more because those candidates are more line of had 80 and half of them for many years and government. so it's not really clear what, what that what the result of the boycott was. but, but people are feeling energized to some extent. there are feeling that there is
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some kind of future for them. and i think it's kind of a nice change to see 11 on being in the headlines. not for some war, some crisis, but actually because the election was probably one of the most contests in the world at this point, one of the most. and definitely a very democratic experienced, relatively speaking. yeah. alright, thank you very much. happy, but tough for joining us. there for me, i wrote thank you. anthony is ally from london was still out for you on the program. it's been a weekend of mass shootings in the united states taking the total so far this year . 299 is ongoing northern island off to new case, prime minister threatened to breach a trade deal with the european union and in sport highlights and the n h l. playoffs. as 2 more teams make it through to the 2nd round. ah,
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well i was getting hotter and hotter and a good part of europe. although out in the atlantic there are churning areas of low pressure. everything's bivy from south to north. as you just saw, the cloud is doing that. so when you don't have cloud, you have quite hot sunshine where you do have cloud. sometimes it's sundry cloud. so we got $25.00 degrees on monday in paris. doesn't seem very hard for paris much the same in london or is getting that way. now this is the picture in cambridge yesterday. it will be to morrow is what i said, because the heat is more or less here to stay. it will be entrust every now and again by bags of thunderstorms with tuesday looks free of them. there is rain coming into ireland, west side of the, admittedly much at catch the north west of france, and there are showers, that romania and the balkan possibly just got into northern greece. and they may well be sundry admittedly. but look at the forecast for paris. we're starting at 29
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. we're going up to 31, and then the funds don't might re appear so ice warm spelled and in europe wednesday just carries on the same. so to store it makes even sunny throughout the balkans with the rain crossing into northern turkey. most of north africa is so breezy and quite dusty as you can see. for a still big shadows in west africa. i mean camry ah. in november 2020 austrian security services carried out operation lock so that i opened my eyes and saw a machine gun pointed at my head out. is there a well cruise to vienna and grunts to examine events and allegations of his lamb a phobia? this is a terrible mis because in a fit from 3rd to young families, austria operation looks all on al jazeera.
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oh, oh. oh, wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it for you, exception. katara always going places to go. ah ah, welcome back to look at the main stories now. at least 52 people have been injured
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at a funeral and occupied east jerusalem after israeli police attacked mourners. a 23 year old man who was injured during the storming of the alex. i must compound last month, died on saturday. this comes often you security camera footage was released showing israeli forces storm in the hospital where the body of al jazeera janice read. i will act. i was being kept. churches have united and damn israeli police for attacking mourners at her funeral. and bosses have left the procedures of style still works, planting quite into the of mary paul carrying servicemen have been under siege. that for weeks rush announced earlier that it had reached a deal with ukraine for wounded soldiers to be evacuated from the plant. we go to developments in shoreline canal. the prime minister is saying that his country is down to its last day of petrol, rickshaw drivers and others who rely on fuel for their jobs have been queuing for hours. the government is urged citizens not to join the long lines. some of had to
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push their vehicles themselves. physically, shanker is embroiled in its worst economic crisis since independence, which has caused weeks of protest. government is running out of foreign currency, which it needs for many key imports. is 1st addressed to the nation. you are minister renelle. what crime, a singer warned of tough times ahead. the market, the beer, the next couple of months will be the most difficult ones for lives. we must prepare ourselves to make some sacrifices and faced the challenges of this period. i have no desire to hide the truth until i to the public. although these facts from pleasant and terrifying, this is the truth of our situation. l a. u. s. the scene, another weekend of gun violence which has taken the number of mass shootings though so far this year. 299. officials in milwaukee imposed a curfew off to $21.00. people were injured in 3 separate shootings between friday and sunday. 17 were wounded in just one attack. saturday's shooting and buffalo was the deadliest killing. 10 people. most of them black. the gunman is thought to be
12:36 am
a white supremacist. then a chinese man opened fire in a taiwanese church in california on sunday, killing one person and critically wounding for others. he was stopped by a pastor who hit him with a chair and was then tied down by other parishioners. the f b i is investigating it as a hate crime. and also on sunday, an altercation between 5 people at houston, flea market lead to a shooting that killed 2 and injured 3 others. david pacino, his deputy chief counsel, if they get hurt at all, sent it to prevent gun violence. he joins me from new york. how do you explain the number of tax that we've seen already this year, which stands at $199.00, including these latest shootings. thank you for having me marry them. i think the underlying thing and all these facts is that it's too easy to get to know states the access to arms tremendously problematic. it causes conflicts that would be resolved peacefully or with minimal violence to isolate and to injured violent
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tragedies. we've seen that time and time again. it's the access to guns is the common theme underlying all of them. what is any legal apparatus to try and prevent something like this happening? it's a really powerful tool that some states have enacted called extreme risk laws. what these laws do is, and power bon foresman or others, the community family members who are concerned that someone may be arrested themselves or others to go to court and ask the court to take that person guns to prevent them from possessing guns for, from by guns those extremely laws are extremely effective and in fact, new york has such a law on the books, but unfortunately, it was not used in this process. and i think there needs to be more education, more understanding about these laws and how effective they are and what circumstances appropriate to use them. so getting a director in their will from saying empower the agency to to regulate gun laws.
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yeah, so, so the bureau of alcohol, tobacco foreign explosives, which is the principal regulator and enforcer of the u. s. gun laws has not had a confirmed director for years. and as a result the in the industry is really able to to drive the show. they've got a lot of power and the agency this is regulating them really. it often takes a backseat. and so what we need is to confirm directors and have the ability to lead the agency to do the most important things that it doesn't enforce admission things like walking farms, trafficking things like taking cars, attention to gun dealers to make sure they're acting properly. and so having a confirm director in that we'll, we'll be really important to strengthen the agency and therefore to reduce the risk can balance us the shoot renewal could previously made a speech about wanting to carry out a mass choosing could anything have been done to stop him yes, i mean, i think that the application of that extreme risk law, new york, that i mentioned is exactly what i have been called for in that situation. i think we still maybe don't have all the facts,
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don't know exactly why. after the authorities were worded to the statements that he made those threats that he made, why they didn't go forward with seeking an extreme risk order to make sure that that man no longer had guns, was not able to buy guns. i don't know why that wasn't done. i think it's very clear in hindsight that it was a mistake not to do it. that he was very, obviously a danger that he said. and i hope that that the going forward and folks will take those kinds of threats much more seriously and will understand that they have avenues available to get the guns out of hands. people shouldn't happen. can any further action be taken nationwide? oh, there are many things that we need to do nationwide in addition to promoting those extreme risk laws and other states that i mention. one thing we could do and congress should do is to raise the age to buy rifles. so in the u. s. 21 is the age that you need to be to buy a hand gun. and that's because research shows the people under the age of 21 because they are not as developed because they haven't reached the state of
12:40 am
maturity. are much more likely to carry out violent acts are much higher risk for violence and so we'd limit their access to hand guns by making it 2185. we don't do that for rifles. and so in the visual is including, in this case, the shooter who are under the age of 21 are able to go into a gun deal or by a semi automatic rifle. and so we need to raise that asia $21.00, and that'll go a long way towards towards reducing those risks. another really important intervention that we should pursue is a band marks past magazines. so these are magazines that can be attached to rifle and hold many, many rounds valuation. there are, are some of the markets, 100 pounds of them munition. and they enable somebody to carry out a really horrific, destructive back in a short period of time. really offensive devices designed to increase the body count in cases of mass shootings and they should not be allowed. thank you very much for joining us, david patina from guilford law center to prevent gun violence. thanks very much my . now the developments us president joe biden is approved to plan to redeploy
12:41 am
hundreds of american troops to somalia and move her versus a decision by a previous as a donald trump and it comes a day off to impedance. malia finally elected the next president, tamales international partners have welcome tessa, share hundreds appointment. it was sworn in shortly after the final results were announced on sunday. the 2nd time he's won the job. well, how mood takes over a nation struggling with multiple crises, including a research and i'll ship bob and a devastating drought party call. he joins us now for washington. was this is unexpected. no, not at all. it's been expected. the timing makes it seem like they were clearly waiting for everything to sort of work out within the somali government. so this is pretty standard whenever a new president comes in, especially if, if it's a president from a different party from his predecessor, they do a review and they take a look and see where that president has moved all of the different us troops. so
12:42 am
when it came to somalia, after he had lost the election on his way out, the door president, former president donald trump, decided that he wanted to move all the troops out of somalia. now the commanders had to listen to their commander in chief, but they didn't stop the mission. they just moved the people. so basically they've been operated out of bases in nearby countries coming in and out of somalia. what this does is it simply changes where they're permanent base is going to be. and here's how john pentagon spokesperson john kirby i describes the mission. now, i want to remind that those forces, as they have been, will continue to be used in training advising, and equipping partner forces to give them the tools that they need to disrupt. degrade and monitor our bob. our forces are not now, nor will they be directly engaged in combat operations. the purpose here is to enable a more effective fight against our bob, by local forces, which and bob has increased in their strength, imposes heightened, right?
12:43 am
so again, this is a repositioning of forces that are already in theater, who have traveled in and out of somalia. now on an episodic basis, since january of 2021. our view was the secretary's view was that, that episodic engagement model was inefficient and increasingly unsustainable. so when he talks about military combat and us forces, that's a little bit of a nuance way of talking about it. the u. s. has in the past, use air strike to target al. sure. bob fighters, they say they are doing that with the approval of the government of somalia. and one other little change to mention when donald trump pulled the troops out of somalia, they were about 700 us forces. they're. they're not sending that entire amount back in. they say it's going to be just under $500.00 for what they call that training mission. very much, washington patty, co. haines will go to monte. now the ginger is saying that western by
12:44 am
military officers attempted a crew last week don't provide any details, but the news comes officer the on the announced it was pulling out the chief i regional alliance fighting groups in the fall region military rule is based on a lack of progress, money was due to the g 5 presidency in february. there's been criticisms in the military to power in a cru last year. because hog reports, molly says it no longer wants to be part of a losing force. 5000 soldiers from burkina, faso child, molly mauritania, new year, are in the g 5. so hell it was formed 5 years ago to combat arm groups linked to iso and al qaeda. but it's struggled to reduce attacks because of lack of funding and disagreements among member states. while he was due to take over as chair of the force in february. but opposition from member states angered its military rulers when it was shown to suppose the thug just sank. so the opposition of some g
12:45 am
5. so hall member states tamale's presidency is linked to maneuvers by state outside the region. aiming desperately to isolate molly, molly's government accuses former colonial power france of excluding it once friends, now foes. the 5000 french troops deployed almost 10 years ago to protect molly's government from attacks are pulling out after the military coup in 2020 leaders of the gin, to hired russian mercenaries from the wagner group for their protection. the gentiles refusing to hand over power to civilian rule for another 2 years. and as a result, neighboring countries have imposed sanctions on the landlord country sealing its borders and halting. trade prices have exploded. for example, the price of soap has doubled and food is much more expensive. basic necessities have become affordable and this is because of the embargo data. if this continues, we won't be able to survive. this is unsustainable,
12:46 am
steed coffers are becoming empty with just enough to pay civil servants for a few months target has offered to mediate between molly's genta and regional leaders. while the un peacekeeping force remains, the un secretary general warns of the debilitating effect. while these troubles are having on the rest of the region, threatened by armed groups, while he is increasingly isolated, with russian mercenaries remaining to deal with a country on the brink, nicholas hawk al jazeera. but his prime minister has been in northern ireland, which has a centre of another showdown brewing between the u. k and the european union. and it all goes back to breck says when the u. k. last, the you, a new system was easy to regulate trade because the requires strict checks on some goods from known as countries that meant potentially creating a hot border between on an island which is part of the u. k. and the republic of island, which is an e u country that would rip apart a peace deal. it ended decades of violence involving protestant unionists who want
12:47 am
an island to remain in the u. k. and catholic nationalists who want to join the republic. so the u. k. and the sign deal that included a protocol to affectively move the border to between northern island and the rest of the u. k. some goods arriving from britain and now checked at northern irish ports. the unionist party says that damages business and undermines their place in the u. k. it's refusing to latin overnighted, former government until prime minister barak johnson scraps the protocol, which she's now threatening to do. john hall report for his johnson's visit to northern ireland meeting separately with nationalists and union . his party leaders hasn't done much to encourage a return to power. sharing government is was them. it was a lively meeting with us. he's, it's tough, i think is the word. i mean, we're not, we're not here to to be around the bush. sure to, to try and sugar coach. i mean, this is a very serious situation. she fain say they're willing to get back to work,
12:48 am
but the democratic unit is party is boycotting the store. much assembly over post breaks in trade arrangements known as the northern island protocol that imposed border checks on goods leaving great britain for northern ireland. the protocol was introduced to prevent a hard border on the island. the island and some unionists say it undermines northern islands place in the united kingdom. johnson's government has threatened unilateral changes to the protocol if negotiations with the e. u. fail his plan to introduce legislation to make that possible effectively undoing and international treaty was described as reckless by she fain and received a noncommittal response from the democratic unionists as well. i want to see northern arms placed within the united kingdom, fully respected, and fully restored. i haven't seen the proposal yet, so i'm not making any judgments on what the government may do until i see what it
12:49 am
is they're going to do. we've heard the words now we need to see the action that the problem is a majority in northern on it actually support the protocol even if they don't think it's perfect. including shin fane and moderate unionists who see the economic advantages of northern ireland remaining in the european union single market for goods effect. the prime minister appears to overlook. we would love this to be done in a consensual away with our friends and partners are now the problems i stopping from these the barriers east west. but to get that done, to have insurance, we need to, we need to proceed with a legislative solution. at the same time as far as johnson came here hoping to achieve consensus, a restore power sharing government. well, he hadn't done that, but he has set the stage for a potential breach of international law by his government and for the further upsetting of a delicate balance of power that exists here in northern ireland. jonah hope i'll
12:50 am
do 0. hillsboro. alfonze is getting a new prime minister will be the 1st woman pointed to the job in more than 30 years and it's been born is currently labor minister is expect to tell lead president emmanuel mack holmes, ambitious perform plans as expected. the current prime minister visual carfax resigned earlier, carrying the way for cabinets over a whole often that cones reelection to the presidency in april. francis never had a female, had a state of korean state media saying 56 people have died because of what it calls a fever and was believed to be a massive outbreak of covert days after reporting his 1st official current of ours . castell korea, as almost a 1000000 and a half people on now ill, be to kim jones and his binding, his own health officials of being irresponsible. he says, in the distribution of the national medicine reserves and nationwide, lockdown is in place and the army has been deployed. south korea is offered to send
12:51 am
unlimited ages and also if requested. now the leaders of china's biggest city is saying they plan to fully restore normal life from the beginning of next month after 6 weeks, as strict crone of ours law downs and shanghai health work because of the elimination of infections in 15 of it's 16 districts supermarket shopping malls and restaurants are all being allowed to open with limited capacity. now there's been another sandstorm in iraq, sending hundreds of people to hospital with breathing problems. flights were suspended and bagged out and not jeff and some schools and offices are forced to close. it's the 8th sandstone. take the country since mid april. some sites never been this bad and living memory sandstorms are being blamed on climate change and the destruction of agricultural lands. lot of these storms have come monthly. every 3 or 4 days they come back. it's due to climate change on the lack of rain when people feel suffocated, there's no oxygen and have to go get less time for this for now with peter,
12:52 am
he's in a marion. thank you very much. also have missed the chance to move back into the pre meetings, up full of the suffering a to know the feed at newcastle on monday. also must now beat everything on the final and hope tottenham lose to nor h in order to qualify for the champions league off to go. first off here newcastle dominance of the match finally paid off. when jo, linens cross was finished at 1st gone to calum wilson applied to finish, but as it turned out, been wife put the boy into his own goal. the result was put beyond doubt later on when brazilian midfielder, bruno gibberish, schooled to compete. when taught them can secure that crucial tub for sport with a draw on the final day of the season because of a superior goal difference that last fall off and also means chelsea or guaranteed champions league football. next season, liverpool must avoid defeat against south hampton on tuesday to take the primly
12:53 am
title race to the final day of the season. but manager, you're going top is playing down. he sides chances. i'm looking forward to the game tomorrow. ok, so chances a big chance i would say so because it would mean a city. i don't know when city dropped points the last time. 2 games in a row historically. so we know in the world we go in the last match day and one point behind there will be nada, from today's point of view, to perfect scenario. and that's what we'll try to do the defending champion. the milwaukee bucks have been eliminated from the post season by the boston celtics. boston trailed early in the side of the cross williams, florida korea high. $27.00 points is jason tatum, at $23.00 and boston. you said a game 7 rick. well, the 223 points is when 10981 south is full face to miami heath on tuesday in the eastern conference finals game one and tatum's 4 year old firm is
12:54 am
particularly pleased with the idea of heading down to south be hopefully like this moment, so thinking that the last something we can gain and learn in order for us personable, just to win the knowledge and should now be next year. it's going to be 2 years from now. the western conference top feed, the phoenix suns, were also knocked out leading to the dallas mavericks. dallas 50 point half time need is the largest half on lead in game saving history. they are through to a meeting with the golden state warriors in their 1st conference finals since 2011 con assembly. they have news. you can get the smile off my face when i'm just really happy, you know, on a setting we deserve this. we're playing hard. no serious, maybe a couple games here. we're in ourselves, but you know, we came here with a statement game 7. we believed our locker believes tobar believe so.
12:55 am
i'm just happy. the new york ranges all through to the 2nd round of the n h l stanley cup playoffs. they meet the pittsburgh penguins for 3 in game 7 of 8th and conferences, semi panorama school, 5 minutes into overtime. sending the penguins home for the summer. the ranges will play the carolina hurricanes on wednesday, the calgary flames with to how to handle for the dallas saw johnny goodrow school the going over time. go as the flames. 132 of the edmonton oilers in the 2nd round . jordan speith will try to complete the career grand slam at this week's pga championship and he goes into the 2nd. busy major of the year in good form, you followed up a when at his last tournament with a 2nd place finish in texas in front of the home crowd. he was aged down by south korea's k h. lee, you became the 1st player since tom watson in 198350, defend the title lease,
12:56 am
or the 900. 63 in the final round to finish 26 on the one short of speech. it had been 4 years since love holding one at the tournament, but that weight was ended when australian mark leachman did this. that the 15 whole but that wasn't the only a steering the final round. american justin lo also managed to whole this if it at the 17 in major league baseball legendary better. albert who holds, became the oldest player to make his pitching baby since 929. saint louis was eating san francisco by 13 runs, heading into the final evening. so the cardinal manager decided to rest the remainder of the pictures, to who volunteered to step onto the mound for the 1st time in 22. you can rear the 42 year old gave up for run before closing up the game with the card and winning $156.00 off to begin. the opposition managers said it was great theater and that everyone had a lot of fun. and the new season is under way in sale,
12:57 am
g p 2000. if any champions was trailer finished victory in bermuda beating great britain and you come as canada in the final. the next stop is chicago in june, while marian, that's all the sports is i have the inspection in london. all right, thank you very much. so ukraine's kalish orchestra return to their homeland after their emotional eurovision song contest victory by members who greeted at the border with poland, where gods was seen taking photos with the winners. and the vision trophy front man, all i presume was presented with a bouquet of flowers in the colors of ukraine's flag. the band is planning to sell the trophy to raise money for ukraine and its armed forces. going to bring you all that ages developments from ukraine in a couple of minutes time around up of all the days. top stories, including the latest on ukrainian fighters who have been evacuated from me is all
12:58 am
stuff still works in the city of marion home, or in that in a few minutes. ah ah. a official airline of the journey with
12:59 am
with mm pool. an official airline of the journey in just under a year's time capsule as al bait stadium will house, the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many friends were already counting down to the big kickoff. next, november c, u, a, as this tournament unfolds over the coming days, it will play a key role. organize is getting ready to host the middle east's. biggest ever
1:00 am
school thing event next year. for the castle, national seems like it used to playing in front of expected home crowds lobby hoping to convince both the fans and themselves. so they really are ready to take on the world. ah, tensions ohio occupied is jerusalem after israeli police attack the funeral procession for a 23 year old palestinian, who died after being injured by israeli forces last month. ah, itself, the church is unite to condemn israeli police for talking mourners at the funeral of al jazeera john le serena claire ah.


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