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under donald trump, that allows for the immediate deportation of migrants in mexico will meet migrants seeking a better life. and here from some of the hundreds of thousands to port it yet preparing to try again, special coverage on al jazeera. ah, all ukraine declares the mission to defend the as of south steel plant in mary, a pole over as hundreds of injured fighters are brought out from the facility. ah ha, you're watching al jazeera alive from jo. how with ne, fully back he bore, also ahead. a recently appointed prime minister's arrival in libya's capital sparks fighting with backers of a rival administration. a heat wave in northern india and pakistan least poor
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vulnerable workers in scorching temperatures. and another sam, storm sweeps across iraq, forcing thousands of people to seek medical attention. thank you very much for joining us. ukraine's military command says the mission to defend the as of star steel plant is over. more than 260 ukranian fighters have been brought out from the last stronghold of resistance in the city of marian poll. ukraine says efforts are underway to rescue more fighters still in the plant. so dicky deem grace, whose calls links to the actions of the ukrainian military, the international committee of the red cross. and the un, we hope that we will be able to save the lives of our guys. there are severely wounded soldiers among them. they've been given care, i want to stress that ukraine needs ukrainian heroes alive. that's al principal. i
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think that any reasonable person will understand these words. the work continues to return al, guys, home. and this work requires delicacy and time will do that speak to, i'll just here as i sat bagels in denise pro, in eastern ukraine aside, bring us up to speed with, with what's been happening at the as of southfield pont, how this deal to evacuate. the last remaining fight is from there. come about and how is it all unfolding? well, around $260.00 fighters have been evacuated. we understand around $53.00 of them were taken 30 to come to the east of mary, opposed to area controlled by russian back separatists. now the other $211.00 were evacuated again to russian controls areas. now what we're hearing from the ukrainians, if the service been, will be returned to ukrainian health territory later on. and what we've heard from the deputy prime minister is that this exchange deal is full severely wounded. ukrainians was severely ruined, wounded russian. now, yes,
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there are remaining people in that science remaining fighters and russia has been very clear with its demands. it's off them to lay down their weapons and surrender . and so far, they've refused to do that. not the ukraine, at least politically for ukraine. they want to save those service meant these, the scene us heroes have been those that defended mary poll. but from inside that time, those fighters have repeatedly said that they feel that done by the politicians in keith. and they've appealed for a 3rd party to intervene and organize some sorts of evacuation for them on medicare and cardoso. they are able to leave so far. that hasn't happened yet, but russian media have been showing people men service meant being loaded onto ambulance that they were from the, as of fighters and on buses for those people to be evacuated. but again, it's severely wounded. ukrainian service meant to force civilian when did russians and aside very poor this morning of powerful explosions in the western city of live
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. what more hearing about this yes, there were noises of signs of explosions as of today in weston ukraine, near the polish border. in fact, and what we're hearing is that there is a military facilities are struck by russian missiles. and this isn't the 1st time that this happened, that president bush and president was that to me, a future has repeatedly warned the west about their weapons. they are given to ukraine and said that they will target those and it looks like that's what's happening here. now the ukranian said that no one was injured. there was no casualties there, but we're hearing reports that military infrastructure military buildings were hit . and again, it shows that russia, russia, maintains the ability to use a long range weapons to hit target, not only and the eastern parts of your brain with the most of the fighting has taken place. but on the western side of the brain, near the polish board, and that will be a concern for the ukrainians because they are receiving weapons from country then
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russia is still able to target military infrastructure on the other side of the country. thank you for that data big live there in denise pro in eastern ukraine. now ukraine, southern port city of odessa has strong historical links to russia and many people there still identify as russians. ukrainian officials say some local collaborators helping the cremins war effort by supplying sensitive information. dr. hamid has been out with a police want team and has this report with this issue cit asleep, this ukrainians. what team sets off on his daily mission going after people suspected of having links to russia then the few is about to be lifted. they assured the person of interest is to let oh
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yes. and you are a deluded, good doria, but yours. we have people in odessa who supports russia. we found weapons and ammunitions they were planning to use once the russian army arrived in the city when you to this day, but a situation and use against a local official, suffolk atoria. they have connections to the russian military, b dablin, you know, liquor does a, russia, ukraine has been under martial laws since the beginning of the war. the government believes that informants are helping the russian army underground. said this has become their main task, going from home to home in the hunt for possible collaborators. this man turned out to be innocent. but on the 2nd raid, the man opened the door wearing a t shirt from his days as a soldier in the soviet army. jonathan warrior with, do you have any russian em blends or symbols? they ask man, no, he denies. but in the next room,
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they find the russian colors. in his computer reveals, he is following russia, news outlets band in ukraine since the start of the war. and when pressed about the conflict on 1000000000 though, we were shooting dope boss for 8 years. and now they are forming us in return is law. who is right, who is wrong? i don't know, asked the politicians on the someone jail it and with them bullshit. but his message is on his phone that aroused the most suspicion, glorifying the russian military's past and present, and talking about the ukrainian army in a derogatory way. acknowledge is having a big role in this war. there are several apps and chat rooms where citizens can submit photos, videos and information about people or vehicles they deem suspicious. cyber investigators sift through hundreds of pips every day was verified. they pass
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on the information to the swat team. ukraine claims that more than a 1000 acts of sabotage, have been disrupted so far. but it's a fine line, especially in places like odessa, which share historical roots of russia, is a difficult situations. vit lana tells us, as her husband is taken away. lena, i do not agree with the war, but we lived in soviet union. i'm half russian. how can i throw the russian flag away? yeah, yes, i don't agree. i don't understand what's going on, but this is my blood work. should i have a bought a me to raise it? it's more difficult for him because all his army veteran friends are there. there are still people in ukraine were torn between the 2 identities condemning rushes attack on the country, but not able to disavow their past. most of the people question on that they will
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let go to the police, the task of figuring out who poses a real threat is a challenge with that, that meet algebra, odessa, a. now the world news fighting has erupted in libya's capital between rival armed groups. it comes after the prime minister appointed by the eastern base parliament arrived in tripoli. hattie basheba in several ministers want to take control of the government from a rival administration, but the unity government, led by the tripoli based prime minister abdul hamid debarber, has refused to cede power. they speak to our correspondence a molig trainer who is in good damage in south west libya. so new tensions in tripoli. tell us about what's been happening and just how worrying this is while fatty bush auto arrived and tripoli in the early mornings around 3 am local time. previously now he was sworn into office in the beginning of march
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by the eastern base parliament, but there were some flaws in how he was appointed through the parliament, even the un support mission, voice concerns that the, the vote of confidence in fatigue was flawed. it wasn't transparent, so there were a lot of, there was a lot of skepticism as, as regards of how transparent the vote was and how legitimate it was. that what we need to understand is that in libya, through a power sharing agreement, a previous power sharing agreement, there are 2 legislative houses. there's the parliament base in eastern libya and there's the high council of state in the west. they're supposed to agree on a new, a new government, if, if, if it was to replace the, the, the unity government, the prime minister of the debate about fatigue. shaw, when he was warning, wasn't, was unable to arrive in tripoli. he's been trying for the last 3 months. he's been
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meeting with, you know, security officials with the armed groups to try to ensure that he could arrive in tripoli safely. but what we saw is that that's, that wasn't really possible he arrived today even gave us, gave a video statement, saying that his, his arrival in tripoli was very special and that he was greeted with smiles. but, but later on, around 4 or 5 in the morning in tripoli, classes began with, with light and medium or weapons. so, you know, i've been talking to security, security officials and residents in tripoli. and what they're telling me is really this was a message to those that are supporting fed paper so that you can't just come to tripoli and assume that you're going to take over power for the, for the most part, most people in western libya are see that he basha, as someone who has aligned himself with holly for after. and if we can try to
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remember or we need to remember that in 2019 holly for have to launched a military offensive on tripoli for 14 months and that was really devastating. so a lot of people see him as a trader, as someone who has aligned himself with someone who destroyed their homes and displays hundreds of thousands of people. but we're here now that the situation has come down and, and we haven't been able to confirm, but we are hearing that fed. tabitha has left left tripoli in order to keep them to keep the peace. now the un support mission has said that they urge for call. they are the to preserve the com and, and urged all parties 22222 not to not to not further the tensions and the escalation. and so we're going to have to see as a story develops in the coming hours. molly, thank you very much for that update malik china joining us there from the damage in
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libya, with the latest on the clashes in tripoli earlier today. and phil had on al jazeera, came john own blamed health officials as north korea struggle to deal with it was being covered. 19 abilene. ah well, i was getting hotter and hotter than a good part of europe. although out in the atlantic, they are churning years of low pressure. everything's booby from south north. as you just saw, the cloud is doing that. so where you don't have cloud, you have quite hot sunshine where you do have clouds. sometimes it's sundry cloud. so we got $25.00 degrees on monday in paris. doesn't seem very hard for paris much the same in london or is getting that way. now, this is the picture in cambridge yesterday. it will be to morrow is what i suspect
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as the heat is more or less here to stay. it will be in trouble every now and again by bags of thunderstorms which tuesday looks free of them. there is rain coming in to ireland. western side of the admittedly, it might just catch the north west of france and there are showers, that romania in the balkans, possibly just getting into northern greece. and they may well be sundry admittedly . but look at the forecast for paris. we're starting at 29. we going up to $31.00 and then the thunderstorms might reappear. so a nice warm spell them in europe wednesday just carries on the same. so to store it makes ethan sunny throughout the balkans with the rain crossing into knowles and turkey. most of north africa is so breezy and quite dusty, as you can see for a still big sherise in west africa. i mean cameron. ah frank assessments, what are the political risks of banning russian oil? a gas for western leaders will sanctions on russian energy exports. was informed
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opinions is not abandoning to fight against ga, the still is a media going to be marketing from missouri and from char critical demand. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera oh, a. watching al jazeera alive from doha reminder of our top stories ukraine's military command phase, the mission to defend the of steel plant is over. more than 260 ukranian fighters have been brought up from the last stronghold of resistance in the city of marian
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has been fighting in libby as capital between rival on groups that comes after the prime minister appointed by the eastern base parliament arrived in ship. any plan to take control of the government from the bible administration. he's now reported to have left the libyan capital and on 2 other news now and the heat wave is sweeping through northern india with temperatures hitting of record 50 degrees celsius in parts of the capital in new delhi, millions of lives and livelihoods are being affected. officials warn the heat could cause health problems for the vulnerable, including infants, the elderly, and people with chronic diseases. it's a fixed heat wave in the city since march, and in pakistan, unprecedented temperatures have led to water and electricity shortages. people have been urged to remain indoors during the hottest hours of the day. well, come on, hider is standing by for a citizen. i'm a bad with the latest, but we'll go 1st to poverty me town in new delhi for me. so the 5th he's way,
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been 3 months. how people coping you know, it's absolutely unbearable. now, temperatures in the national capital has climbed down slightly off to touching nearly 50 degrees celsius a day or 2 ago. but it's still very, very hard and much higher than what is normal. so big time will feel and you know, i'm coming to you from an air conditioned office, but there are hundreds of millions of people expose the heat wave that don't have that option. i mean, many of them are daily wage workers that have to walk outside and can't really afford to take a day off, millions of all those, all farmers, and are really stressed about what this heat is doing to that crops and also their life. so now you know, some of them in the, especially northern india can get very hot, heat waves off homeland, but exports point out that what you're seeing right now is basically a larger change of changing weather patterns. for instance,
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this he to even the series of heat waves have started much earlier, and a more intense made was by the fact that we barely had any rainfall. again, not normal. so this time will fail. at the same time as we speak, there are districts in southern india that are on red alert because heavy rains have disrupted daily life, have disrupted basic services. you know, march in northern india has been the hottest in the century. it printed book broke several records, and experts point out that scenarios like these could become more common, could become more intense as the plan. it was fargo have me, thank you for having the time, a live in new delhi. let's cross over to, is lombardo and come out hyde command. dozens of people in pakistan have died from the heath way of just just how bad is the situation there?
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just to give you an idea for the boss, few weeks. bugger st. on had recorded die temperature and a word, and jacob abad in a car, which is in the southern part of the country. central and southern parts of the country are under a severe heat wave and warning that the temperature is going to go above $51.00, possibly even touch. 52 says here that i've got it leading to a cute water shortages. they're bored, fennel, expedited of heat stroke victims. and this is all happening at the time when, as you heard from bob ne, disengaging, did not receive the kind of rains that had done in spring. and that i've gotten not leading to water scare city. some of august on the major war to read the wires are running dry and i've got is going to port a huge burden on the cash crops, such as cotton and corn. also the country, the climate change minister,
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shedra amman has set up a dock force shade warned of glacier. lake outburst floods rich of god that induced by the glass. sir rich then started melting because of the rising temperature and then died. of course could lead to devastation up north. so indeed an emergency situation. and this is unprecedented because this is just the beginning of the summer season. we've also had a board for wired fires burning. and i hated that you see behind me in the hazy day today and it's, i'm about, but the emergency across the country is something to worry about. thank you for that. come on. hi, debt live in islam levant and any rock another stand sandstorm has hit sending hundreds of people to hospital with breathing problems. fridays have been suspended in baghdad and not jaffe. and some schools and officers have been forced to close is the 8th stands sandstorm. since april, some say it's never been bad,
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never been this bad rubber living memory, and the weather is being blamed on climate change and the destruction of agricultural lands. let's get more on all of this without whether present and now jeff harrington. jeff, what is happening here? ok, let's give you a snapshot of what's going on right now. this is our satellite. when you see the orange pop up on the map, that's the sand and dust being spun around. but i want to focus specifically on iraq, many parts of the country, parts, drought conditions. and so you consider that sound in dust, it's loose, it can be picked up by the wind and just spun around. whereas if you do have that rain, it holds it down to the ground, then we get what is called our small when that's a wind out of the north, and that carries it into this plume of dust into the radium peninsula. and certainly we've seen that over the last few days in kuwait visibility knocked down to about less than a kilometer. and people sent a hospital with breathing difficulties there. so here's the forecast on wednesday. these are the winds with the arrows, so that sounded,
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dust will be bad for the eastern province of saudi into cats are as well, especially when you consider for doha, those wind gusts will be about 60 kilometers per hour. it's not just wednesday, this will carry through into thursday as while this icon here that's that easy and dusty skyline that will be dealing with temperatures though are above average down another spot. we've got some high heat is south asia. once again, we're cranking up the temperature, so we put the colors on here, darker the red, the higher the temperature and look at this is far north is i'm ritz, are coming in at 43 degrees. so heat wave warnings and alerts or once again be issued. so that's on wednesday. let me take out toward friday now and here we are in boxed on. i think once again, we're going to see some temperatures in the fifty's. this includes for new op shot . no watch at 50 degrees. jacob, a bad at $49.00, but even as far south as karachi, 40 degrees and as far north as $45.00 in low hor, that's the forecast. so another blast of heat to go fully. thank you jeff, for that update. let's get an update now on the situation in baghdad,
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mahmoud abdel, why is there for us? how are these repeated sandstorms, mahmoud affecting lives and livelihoods in the rocky capital? will test really have a heavy toll on a life here on civilians, on a people on facilities it remember now it's much, much better than the past couple of days as you know up. it started in a sunday midnight's sunday late at night monday early morning and that have been an orange and red haze is of dust and sense and sweeping over at many areas across iraq, including good at 7 major cities in central and southern iraq, including get the cap bottom about that in these provinces, authorities have ordered to shut down of governmental an official institutions
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accept health facilities. health was in this is that received according to the health minister, around 4000 cases, suffocation cases, those who have had a difficulty of breathing because of this sand stores. as you know, this has been caused by, according to material religious by a climate change, namely the lack of rain in the past couple of years. and also the decent to vacation of larger sweaters of lands in iraq. as you know, this recent sandstorm has been coming from a notice from north africa of going over city a heading halt. they resort area in close to the borders with the iraq and then sweeping over many areas in, in, in iraq, a clinic with including this, these 7 provinces. as you know, this is the 8th, our hardest sandstone to hit
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a rock since mid apron. it has also moved forward to enter iran. now today in iran, officials say that some official institutions have been closed on because of that stand store. thank you for that mahmoud abdougla had life arrest there in baghdad. north korea is crumbling to deal with what's believe to be a major coven 19 outbreak. 6 new desk were reported on tuesday with a for the 270000 people showing fever like symptoms. it's either came john own is blaming his health officials for being irresponsible in their handling of the crisis. nearly one and a half 1000000 people have tested positive since the end of last month, and 60 people have died. rob mcbride has more from sole south korea less than a week ago. this wasn't officially a thing. it didn't officially exist in north korea. and now we're talking about a total number of cases of people with symptoms with fever. some people who have recovered around about one and a half 1000000,
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and it's very difficult to really get a grip on just how far this might have spread throughout the population. because of course, there is a real scarcity of testing in north korea. and famously, this is a country that is said for 2 and a half years that it hasn't officially existed. and an awful lot of focus is now being put on some of these events that we've seen in the past weeks and months where north koreans have been going out. they have been holding mass, military parades through gang for important anniversaries, gatherings of party members. and people looking at those and wondering whether, if this virus has been spreading through the community, maybe as the on the con virus silently where they out any symptoms that these of all the mass spread or events that are now coming to manifest themselves. certainly kim jungle has now declared an emergency has been seen to be chairing meetings. there's been official video of him visiting pharmacies, criticizing his own health officials, calling in the military and calling for more pharmaceutical products and
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therapeutics had to be passed out to the population. but obviously, what would have helped would have been vaccines and north career is one of the only 2 countries in the world that has not had vaccination campaigns. and his course is very vulnerable because it has a population already somewhat weakened by malnutrition and relying a problem upon a medical system that is shaky to say the least families of victims of the latest mass shooting in the us are renewing calls for restrictions on gun ownership, 10 people were killed in buffalo, new york on saturday in a racially motivated attack. have been nearly 200 mast shootings this year in the u . s. at 10 a week. yes, reson joe biden has praise the bravery of police officers a head of a visit to buffalo on tuesday. please say the 18 o suspect deliberately targeted black people and was driven by so called replacement theory. al jazeera alan fisher explains. it's the deadliest mass shooting of the year in the us and police say the know why the accused gunman did
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it. this was about killing black people as many as possible. we can't sugar coat it . we can try to explain of a way, talking about mil to an illness. no. this were of domestic air river em perpetrated by a long white supremacy. before the shooting rampage that left 10 dead, the 18 year old gunman posted an online screen claiming white people in america were being replaced by people of color. it's cold replacement theory. what we're seeing now is a subculture in elastic reservoir agreements. it takes all comers, and some of them will get radicalized because you're a racist and year old conspiracy theories. attending to all went from colin and liberate the stage to stall on elections by african americans to african americans stealing our culture. and our school, once the fringe idea pushed by racists,
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it has become a popular theme for conservative media figures who reach millions. now i know that the left and all the little gatekeepers on twitter become literally hysterical if he used the term replacement. if you suggest the democratic party is trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballots with new people more obedient voters from the 3rd world. but they become hysterical because that's, that's what's happening actually is extraordinarily serious in part because of how far it's gone. and how, how deep into mainstream culture this or the these type of a white supremacist. i'm talking points of have gone right because we hear them on, on fox news. we hear them coming out of tucker carlson about which a lot of people are talking about right now. but we also hear them out of republican politicians. it's not the 1st killing by sale, proclaimed white supremacists, pittsburgh charleston, south carolina, and even charlottesville, when right wing extremists chanted about replacement theories as the marched of all
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been touched by the violence. a pool released last week suggested one and 3 americans believe there's a program underway to replace the was born in the u. s. with immigrants, for electoral gain, a theory that is becoming more extreme. and at the same time, more mainstream. allan fisher, i'll just either. oh, ah la again, i'm fully battle with headlines on al jazeera, ukraine's military command says the mission, just to defend the as a found steel plant is over. more than 260 ukranian fighters have been brought up from the last stronghold of resistance in mary. a pole has been fighting in libya. capital between rival armed proves it comes after the prime minister appointed by the eastern base parliament arrived in tripoli. fatty bershana planned to take control of the government from the rival.


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