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what is the time table in your mind? when do you think that you are, can be also russian gas. we listen or, and i have seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're happy. they're smiling. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the story stock matter on al jazeera. ah, ukraine declares the mission to defend the as of stars. steel planned over as hundreds of injured fight as a brought out from the facility in mary. ah, hello, i'm fully back. you go, you're watching al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up recently, appointed prime ministers arrival in libby as capital sparks. fighting with backers of a rival administration, came john own blaine's,
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his health officials as north korea, struggles to deal with a major coven 19 outbreak. and another powerful sandstorm in iraq forces thousands of people to seek medical attention. ukraine's military command says the mission to defend the as of south steel plant is over. more than 260 ukranian fighters have been brought up from the last stronghold of resistance in the city of mary. apple ingrained says efforts are underway to rescue more fighters still in the plants. so dicky deem grace we schools thanks to the actions of the ukrainian military, the international committee of the red cross and the you in. we hope that we will be able to save the lives of our guys, the us severely wounded soldiers among those that been given care. i want to stress that ukraine needs you cry me and heroes alive. that's our principle. i think that
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any reasonable person will understand these words. the work continues to return al, guys, home. and this work requires delicacy and time. and assa, big has more on the evacuation from the eastern city of denay pro. what we're hearing from the ukrainians is that the service men will be returned to ukrainian health territory later on. and what we've heard from the deputy prime minister is that this exchange deal is full severely wounded. ukrainians was really ruined, wounded russian. now, yes, there are remaining people in that size remaining fighters and russia has been very clear with its demands. it's off them to lay down their weapons and surrender. and so far, they've refused to do that. not the ukraine, at least politically for ukraine. they want to save those services. these athena heroes that those that defended merrier poll. but from inside that time, those fighters have repeatedly said that they feel like dance by the politicians in
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keith. and they've appealed for a 3rd party to intervene and organize some sorts of evacuation for them on medicare and cardoso. they are able to leave. so far that hasn't happened yet. that's get the view from moscow now with dos edge a barry door. so why is this evacuation so important for the russian military at this stage of the war? well, the battle for mariel bull was declared to complete by the russian defense minister survey should go on april 21st. when he met with the russian president vladimir putin. but the remaining pocket of resistance was in this and large ground to hosting the as of style steel plant. there was about 2000 ukrainian fighters at that were held up in the underground facilities at this plant. and the russian president was adamant that he did not want the russian troops to storm this plant
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to avoid a, the unnecessary loss of russian life. now since then, there has been a continuing battle in this plant at between russian forces and the remaining fighters until they apparently on monday sent out about 9 of their soldiers, the ukrainian soldiers waving white flags. and in the morning and then they started the dialogue with the russian military to coordinate with the assistance of the international committee of the red cross, as well as the united nations to start the process of evacuating the wounded. now we understand that most of the fighters that are left are all wounded at this stage . these men have been fighting for over 80 days since the russian forces entered mary opal. on march 11th, they say that they wanted to continue the fight, but now it is virtually impossible for them. they have appealed to their government for help. but given the logistical situation of that plant and the fact that the
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russian forces have declared they are in control of mary opal and the surrounding parameters of this facility was virtually impossible for them to be able to survive . now they have apparently reached an agreement with the russians to start the evacuation process. there was over about $250.00 of them. deborah evacuated overnight and, and they are in a nearby town. east of mariel, pull about 30 kilometers about 53 of him are in hospital, and the rest of them are on the, in the custody of the russian military. now, marable, it was a very fierce battle for the russian military. they fought with the ukrainian military for over 40 days, and they had over 9th that just 19 battalions of forces fighting in that area. and it is believed that one of the reasons that they weren't able to advance to the western region of parisha in ukraine was because they had so many of their resources involved in the battle for mary opal. and one of the main reasons
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was these. and as of battalion fighters that eventually sought shelter in this steel plants. so they believed that they were instrumental in preventing the russian military from advancing for their westwards towards the region of separation. but now, given the current circumstances, as the russians will see this certainly as a victory for them, and they might provide them an opportunity to now focus their attention on advancing westward. where now i just am over 83 days into this so called special military operation in ukraine. and the russians have yet to declare a complete victory in any specific region. but given the latest developments, and when these fighters are fully evacuated from the seo plan, the russian military would certainly seized the opportunity to say they are now in full control of the city of mary opal, which is the strategic nurses. certainly very important,
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thank able link crimea all the way across to russia door. so thank you very much. dorothy jabari live there in moscow now turkey's present phase delegations from sweden and finland should not bother coming to ankara to convince him to approve their nato beds. russia typo on accuses nordic countries of being, quote, guess, houses for terrorist organizations. that in relation to sweden reported be hosting members, peter coquettish, article, finland, and sweden, or ending 200 years of neutrality to join natal after russia's invasion of ukraine . let's go live to our diplomatic editor, james spaces in brussels. james e. u. defense ministers are meeting major secretary general in brussels to day. what are you hearing about sweden and villains? best to join the alliance and, and take his opposition to those facts or clearly when all of the e u. defense ministers gather here, it's actually not the european union, but nato, that is going to be the key subject that some overshadows. i think this meeting
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because they are going to be meeting with the nato secretary general insults delta burke. he currently has cobit, he's not yet tested negative, and so he will be attending this virtually. but clearly, all the talk is about those applications from sweden and finland. what we're expecting is those applications to be submitted to nato in the coming days of very big development. but turkey has opposition to this. turkey is a nato member at turkey, says that the 2 countries harbor terrorism, that that means i think effectively that they have supporters of the p k. k and kurdish nastiness living in their countries. this is something that i think throughout the week is going to be a big issue. we understand that the turkish foreign minister and the u. s. secretary of state are going to meet in new york in the coming days. but how can this issue be overcome? it's a point i put to the e. u foreign policy chief joseph barrow. i'm sure the country will support
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extremely strong supported, biggest possible support, the membership of a street in a feel and grenade. i know that turkey has put some objections. a whole nature will be able to overcome them, but from my side, from the side to the defense country, a strong support to these membership as those defense ministers meet, one of the things is already been decide is you is going to increase its military aid to ukraine, further, some of over $500000000.00 is going to be set aside to buy weapons for ukraine that brings a total that they use supplied since the russian invasion of over $2000000000.00 worth. some of the discussions here and the ukranian defense minister will be joining by video link will be exactly what that money is going to be spent on now. jamie, thank you very much. jane space is our diplomatic editor. live very in brussels. in
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other world news, a prime minister appointed by libya as eastern base. parliament has now left tripoli after fighting between rival armed globes, fatigue. shonda and several ministers arrived in the capital early in the day to take control of the government from the western administration. but the unity government led by the tripoli base prime minister abdul hamid the bible has refused to concede power. i speak to only be a correspondent molly trainer, who joined his from da damage in south west libya. molig. so new tension in the capital earlier. tell us about what happened and how concerning this is well, fully set t basheba arrived in the early mornings. today around 3 am locally, according to his press office. later on around 5 am, 6 am. we saw clashes on the coastal road. the coastal road is on is a major, a major road that had owed,
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crossed us through the capital clashes between groups that were supporting fed, tabitha, that were protecting him and those that are against him. and this is something that we, that libyans here know all to well to different governments. we have the internationally recognized government by lead, by prime minister of the ha, baber basin, tripoli, and fet. he bosher, who was appointed by the eastern base parliament. he has some support from various countries, but for the most part, libyans are sick and tired of having these 2 governments. we were libya was supposed to have elections in december. they were postponed. the, the current prime minister, the humming debate by and tripoli has said that he has been working to bring a bottle ring elections in june. it doesn't look like that's happening. and it's important to know that this is happening. while there are talks in cairo between libya's 2 legislative houses, the parliament in the high council state, they're supposed to agree on
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a constitutional basis to hold elections. so really very disappointing for many libyans and the people and the residents here that are going to suffer from these political divisions, right. which has now left shipping the but it's not the end of the dispute. is it? no, it's not. i mean, this is, this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future until the legislative houses can agree on a framework out. so we need to remember why the elections were postpone, is because these 2 legislative houses share power and are supposed to come up with a constitutional base is and the rules that govern the elections. and that never really happened. so that's why the elections were postponed. but what we're seeing now is we're seeing some were seen some international ricks reaction. the un support mission a has, has urs for calm and, and to, and for the violence to and the u. s. the u. s. embassy has also urs. com
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and said that now the talks in cairo between the legislative houses are more important than ever because peace can only be brought through elections where libby's can vote for who, who controls of. and just for, i just want to see, we're hearing the dam is in southwestern with a really small town. it borders, algeria and tunisia, a rear of historical town and, and simple people and, and their economies based on tourism. you know, before the violence and political divisions and libya thousands afford tourist used to come here. but because of the conflict because of the political divisions or their economy has suffered greatly. and so just the regular libyans across the country. they're suffering from these, from these, from these divisions and this violence. thank you for that update. malik china is that maybe a correspondent live there from southwestern and still ahead on the program. a heat wave in northern india and pocket families for vulnerable workers suffering in
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scorching temperatures. we look at how a dangerous race is theory in the united states is fueling attacks against minorities. ah, the journey has begun. the before world copy is on its way to a catholic group. your travel package today, it's feeling more like summer cross central parts of europe have one. so for the 1st time this year, parts of switzerland hit 30 degrees, but we do have a lot of activities and particularly heavy downpours around the balkan. so bosnia creation, serbia rate into hungry and tact, we could power up some severe thunderstorms here capable. some of these cells are producing hail enter, rental downpours. any we could see some flash flooding. now the thunderstorms also cool the atmosphere, so it's harry eva goes from $26.00 down to 20 degrees after those thunderstorms
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pass through for turkey, some showers central portions toward the south, but a beauty of a day. and it's sample with the high 25 degrees. other side of the med rate. now dialing up the heat here. so seville 35. but we're, we've got cloud cover that's putting a cap on temperatures in lisbon. 22 as some showers. not too far away from porto, into the northwest of spain. pretty good run of rain wobbling rate between the islands of ireland and britain. but i think eastern portions of the island of ireland are going to get it worse. and we've got some heat here to paris 29 london getting in on this to the hiv 26 degrees that is active through the gulf of guinea on tuesday. and for a south africa, it's feeling more like summer in cape town with the high of 29 degrees c. later i saw official ally of the journey african stories, so resilience and courage. i get younger than i right. what about aware good. what about is the one problem?
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i got your little boy vanguard, tradition and dedication. to me was, i was a little more global about with clinical jewelry. what? short documentary by african filmmakers on the white 9, and the bookmaker book africa direct on al jazeera. oh, wow. the me welcome back. a recap of our top stories on al jazeera, this, our ukraine's military command phase, the mission to defend the as a found feel plan days over more than $260.00 ukrainian factors have been brought out from the last stronghold does exist in fin. the city of merrier poll, emily be prime minister appointed by members of parliament based in the east and in
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the east, has left truthfully, after fighting between rival articles. the unity government in the capital refused to see power as ministers arrived, to take control not to lebanon. where hezbollah and its allies have lost their majority in parliament following sundays elections. meanwhile, official results show the saudi ally, lebanese forces party. a christian group has made huge gains. several anti establishment candidates also picked up a fee for the 1st election fin, the economic crisis and the be able to port explosion. let's go live in a hoarder who's in beirut for is so tell us about these latest results, say, now what picture is emerging of the next lebanese parliament? yeah, final results are out. we now know the makeup of lebanon, new parliament. the iranian back has been law along with their allies. they have been shipped from their majority in parliament, but only 3 seats. they 162 seats,
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but they needed 65 to hang onto their majority in the outgoing parliament. they had some 70 seats, but no other political grouping, no alliance, no party was able to win the parliamentary majority. this is going to be a very fragmented parliament. but basically what you have is 2 opposing forces. old enemies, if you like, has been. 5 and their allies on one side and then the christian lebanese forces party. these are old enemies. supporters have exchanged fire on the ground just a few months ago. so this is also a very deeply, a polarized society, but really something new in lebanon's post war politics. you have the pro reform candidates or some of them are called the so called at change forces. they want 13 seats, that's 10 percent of the parliament. and this is really a breakthrough. and you also have other independence who we can consider in the
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same block, 7 other. so 20 newcomers really, they can be the king makers in this new parliament. so what would be interesting in the days and weeks ahead is to see how the alignment of forces will work when different issues are put and on the table. but lebanon was hoping for a new beginning, not the fractured parliament, not more instability and political infighting. when so many issues need to be resolved, and one of those pressing issues, of course, is the economy. what will of fragmented parliament mean for addressing them? economic crisis said lebanon has been dealing with yes, the economy has all but collapse. the currency has collapsed 3 days ago, $26000.00 leader equivalent to $1.00. now it's $30000.00 lebanese lira, and the majority of the lebanese population earn their money in the local currency
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. food prices are on the rise, petrol prices, diesel price is a safe, no longer provides electricity. so people have to rely on private generators. and it's just, it's just too expensive for the majority of the population. the lawmakers will now need to come together to adopt reforms, to adopt laws, to adopt the anti corruption laws in order for living on to get an i m f bailout package. this country is hungry for dollars. it really needs the help of the international community to revive the economy. so will they all come together? they need to elect a new government and already we're hearing a different politicians say we're not going to agree to national unity governments where we want a different kind of government. so they're already showing that they're not ready to work with each other. and not only do they need to form a new government, they need to elect a new president in just a few months time. so many of these are worried and disappointed that if they saw makers don't put the economy as a priority, and you know, will keep on thinking about their own self interest,
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then nothing will change in this country. zayna. thank you very much. dana harder live in be roads. north korea is crumbling to deal with was believe to be a major covert 19 outbreak. 6 new desk were reported on tuesday with a further 270000 people. showing fever like symptoms is leader came john own is blaming his health officials for being, quote, irresponsible in their handling of the crisis. nearly one and a half 1000000 people have tested positive since the end of last month, and 60 people have died. rob mcbride has more from sold south korea less than a week ago. this wasn't officially a thing. it didn't officially exist in north korea. now we're talking about a total number of cases of people with symptoms with fever. some people who have recovered around about one and a half 1000000, and it's very difficult to really get a grip on just how far this might have spread throughout the population. because of course, there is a real scarcity of testing in north korea. and famously, this is
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a country that is set for 2 and a half years that it hasn't officially existed. and an awful lot of focus is now being put on some of these events that we've seen in the past weeks and months where north koreans have been going out. they have been holding a mass military parades through play gang for important anniversaries, gatherings of party members, and people looking at those. and wondering whether, if this virus has been spreading through the community, maybe as the on the con virus silently where they out any symptoms that these of all the mass spread or events that are now coming to manifest themselves suddenly, kim jungle has now declared an emergency has been seen to be chairing meetings. there's been official video of him visiting pharmacies, criticizing his own health officials, calling in the military and calling for more pharmaceutical products and therapeutic to be passed out to the population. but obviously, what would have helped, would have been vaccines and, and north korea is one of the 2 countries in the world that has not had vaccination
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campaigns. and the course is very vulnerable because it has a population already somewhat weakened by malnutrition and relying a prompt upon a medical system that is shaky to say the least. a funeral for a young palestinian man has set off more violence with these railey forces is added to tension in occupied east jerusalem. almost a week after al jazeera janice sharina blackly was killed by his ready forces. is there any police, fire gas and rubber bullets that crowd morning while lead sharif? dozens of people were injured. sharif died on on saturday, after sustaining a serious head injury when israeli forces on the alex m a compound last month. now another son, storm has his iraq sending hundreds of people to hospital with breathing problems. fights have been suspended in baghdad and not job. and some schools had offices have been forced to close in the 8th sandstorm since april. some fates never been
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this bad living memory. the weather is being blamed on climate change and the destruction of the agricultural lands moved up to $100.00 times. more from back types will, has really have a heavy told on a life here on civilians on people, on facilities. remember now it's much, much better than the past couple of days as you know up. it started in a sunday midnight's sunday late at night monday early morning and that have been an orange and red haze is of dust and sense and sweeping over at many areas across iraq, including good at 7 major cities in central and southern iraq, including the capital above that, in these provinces, authorities have ordered the shut down of a government, an official institutions accept health facilities. health as it is, is that received according to the health minister at around $4000.00 cases.
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suffocation cases, those who have had a difficulty of breathing because of that santa storm. as you know, this has been caused by, according to materialists, by a climate change, namely the lack of rain the past couple of years. and also the decent to vacation of the largest waters of lands in a ride. a heat wave is sweeping through a northern india with temperatures hitting a rec, at 50 degrees celsius in parts of the capitol. when you deli millions of lives in livelihoods are being affected, officials warn the heat could cause how far been for the vulnerable adenine, macau has this update from your daily. you know, it's absolutely unbearable. now, temperatures in the national capital has climbed down slightly after touching nearly 50 degrees celsius a day or 2 ago. but it's still very, very hard and much higher than what is normal for this time of feel. and you know,
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i'm coming to you from an air conditioned office, but there are hundreds of millions of people exposed to heat wave that don't have that option. i mean, many of them are daily wage workers have to walk outside and can't really afford to take a day off, millions of all those farmers. and i'm really stressed about what this heat is doing to that crops and also their livestock. now, you know, some of an india, especially northern india, can get very hot, heat waves all combine, but x plus point out that what you're seeing right now is basically a larger change of changing weather patterns. and in pakistan, unprecedented temperatures have led to water and electricity shortages. people have been to remain indoors during the hottest hours of the day. come on hider, i following the situation in islam about for the past few weeks. bugger st.
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on has recorded the highest temperature in the world, and jacob abad and suck car, which is in the southern part of the country. central and southern parts of the country are under a severe heat wave and a warning that the temperatures could go above $51.00, possibly even touch $52.00 celsius. that of course is leading to a cute water shortages report. fin, horsberg, world of heat stroke. wicked dems, and this is all happening at the time when, as you heard from pav nay, this region did not receive the kind of rains that it does in spring. and that, of course, in now leading to water scarcity some up august on major war to read the wires are running dry. and out of gotcha is going to put a huge burden on the cash crops, such as cotton and corn. yes, present, joe biden has praised the bravery of police offices ahead of a visit to buffalo,
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new york on tuesday. please say he 18 year old suspects deliberately targeted black people and was driven by so called replacement theory al jazeera, as alan fisher explains, it's the deadliest my shooting of the year in the us. and police say the know why the accused gunman did it. this was about killing black people. as many as possible . we case sugar coated. we can try to explain it away, talking about mutual illness. no, this was a lot of domestic air rhythm perpetrated by a long white supremacy before the shooting rampage that left 10 dead. the 18 year old gunman posted an online screen claiming white people in america were being replaced by people of color. it's called replacement theory. what we're seeing now is a subculture in elastic reservoir agreement. it takes all comers and some of them
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will get routed life because you are a racist and year old conspiracy theories attending to all went from colon and liberate the stage to stall and elections by african americans to african americans stealing our culture. and our school. when the fringe idea pushed by racists, it has become a popular theme for conservative media figures who reach millions. now i know that the left and all the little gate keepers on twitter become literally hysterical if he used the term replacement. if you suggest the democratic party is trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting mallets with new people, more obedient voters from the 3rd world. but they become hysterical because that's, that's what's happening. actually, it's extraordinarily serious in part because of how far it's gone. and how, how deep into mainstream culture this are the, these type of a white supremacist i'm talking points of have gone right because we hear them on, on fox news. we hear them coming out of tucker carlson about which
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a lot of people are talking about right now. but we also hear them out of republican politicians. it's not the 1st killing by sale, proclaimed white supremacists, pittsburgh charleston, south carolina, and even charlottesville, when right wing extremists chanted about replacement theories as the marched of all been touched by the violence. a poor release last week suggested one and 3 americans believe there's a program underway to replace the was born in the u. s. with immigrants, for electoral gain, a theory that is becoming more extreme. and at the same time, more mainstream allan fisher. i'll just either the so again, i'm fully back to you with the headlines on al jazeera, ukraine's military command is the mission to defend the as a field plant is over. more than 260 ukranian fighters have been brought out from the last stronghold of resistance in the city of merrier pole in lebanon has been
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line. it's allies have lost damage.


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