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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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al jazeera well goes to vienna and grass to examine events and allegations of his lam, a phobia. this is a terrible mistake because it moved from 3rd to young. feminine austria operation looks all on al jazeera, blue ukraine attempts to evacuate the last. so just on the as of sound steel plant in mary, a bowl more than 200 were taken to russian control territory on monday. ah, are you watching al jazeera alive from doha with me for the back? people also ahead. oh, anti establishment candidates make significant gains in lebanon's election,
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hesper law and its allies, newsday upon a mentoring majority. a heat wave in northern india and pakistan leaves for vulnerable workers in scorching temperatures. floss a small company in california causing a big headache for the multi $1000000000.00 solar industry in the us. a long and bloody seizure, the giant as of styles tail plant in mary, a pole. ukraine is coming to an end. more than 260 ukranian fighters have been brought out from the vast complex, and ukraine says it's working to evacuate. those who remain russia says the soldiers surrendered and is on the verge of claiming full control of the port city, victoria gate, and b reports. after $82.00 days under ground, these wounded ukrainian soldiers finally leaving the as if stole steel plant or russian bosses displaying the letters ed symbolic of its invasion. for months,
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these fighters from the as of battalion attempted to defend the steel planting, merrier pole, and prevent russian soldiers from completely taking over the port city. but out numbered and overpowered. ukraine says its mission to defend, the plant is over. stolen yacoma, defenders of merrier. po fulfilled all the tal vets by their commanders. unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to unblock, as often by military means. the fight for the still works and the plight of civilians and fighters trap their captured the world's attention. all women, children, and elderly have already been rescued. president vladimir zalinski says the priority now is to move out the rest of the fight is still in the plant. so dickie deem again, he's called thanks to the actions of the ukrainian military, the international committee of the red cross. and the un, we hope that we will be able to save the lives of our guys. there are severely wounded soldiers among not. i've been given kiana,
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i want to stress that ukraine needs ukrainian heroes alive. though, seriously wounded, had been taken to a medical facility in the russian control town of novo. as office they could become part of a prisoner swap. ukrainian fighters say they held out in our store for weeks to buy time for the rest of ukraine to battle. russian forces and secure western arms needed to withstand russia's assault. but the evacuation marks the end of what could be one of the longest and most bloody battles of the crane war. mary poll is now in ruins, and ukraine says tens of thousands of people have died, victoria gate, and be al jazeera. meanwhile, ukraine, southern port city of odessa has strong historical links to russia and many people bear still identify as russian ukrainian officials say some local collaborators are helping the kremlin war effort by supplying sensitive information. al jazeera hold
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abdel hamid has been out with a police swat team and has his records. sh with this issue, still asleep this ukrainians. what deem sets off on his daily mission going after people suspected of having links with russia? yes, yeah. the nightly curfew is about to be lifted. they assured the person of interest is to let oh yes, lydia. oh no sir. laura deluded gregorio. oh, but do we have people in odessa who supports russia? we found weapons and ammunitions they were planning to use once the russian army arrived in the season when you to the stay, but the situation and use against our local officials, africa, player. they have connections to the russian military. but it will, benito liquor does reject her russia ukraine has been under martial laws since the beginning of the war. the government believes that informants are helping the
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russian army underground. so this has become their main task, going from home to home in the hunt for possible collaborators. this man turned out to be innocent. but on the 2nd rate, the man opened the door wearing a t shirt from his days as a soldier in the soviet army shall listen. warrior with do you have any russian emblems or symbols? they ask me news he denies. but in the next room, they find their russian colors and his computer reveals he is following russian news outlets band in ukraine since the start of the war. and when pressed about the conflict, i don't believe though we were shooting, told bass for 8 years. and now they are forming, acim returned his law. who is right, who is wrong? i don't know, asked the politicians former someone really. and what them bullshit. but his
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message is on his phone that arrives the most suspicion, glorifying the russian military's past and present. and talking about the ukrainian army in a they were going to have way to acknowledge is having a big role in this war. there's several apps and chat rooms where citizens can submit photos, videos and information about people or vehicles they deem suspicious. siber investigator sift through hundreds of tips every day was verified. they pass on the information to the swat team. ukraine claims that more than $700.00 collaborators have been detained, and dozens of acts of sabotage have been disrupted so far. but it's a fine line, especially places like odessa, which share historical roots with russia. it's a difficult situations. vit lana tells us as her husband has taken away, lena, i do not agree with the war. but we lived in soviet union. i'm half
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russian. how can i throw the russian flag away? yeah, yes, i don't agree. i don't understand what's going on, but this is my blood. should i have a la bought a me to raise it? it's more difficult for him because all his army veteran friends are there. there are still people in ukraine were torn between the 2 identities condemning rushes attack on the country, but not able to disavow their past. most of the people question on that they were let go to the police. the task of figuring out who poses a real threat is a challenge. what up the law meet al jazeera, odessa in other world news, reformist candidates in lebanon have made big gains in sundays, parliamentary elections. official results have confirmed iran bank hezbollah and his allies have lost their majority sandy island, lebanese forces bonnie have also made gains to become the biggest kristin block. this was a 1st election since through konami crisis and ever be able to port explosion then
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a hunter has more from the lebanese capital number. many of the old faces are back in parliament, but also a meaningful number of new pace. new faces made it into parliament, but overall, the balance of power has shifted. the iranian back has by law and their allies have lost their parliamentary majority. but at the same time, no political grouping, no party, no alliance has the majority. this is a very fragmented parliament, and it's still not clear in the days and weeks and months a go ahead, how alliances will emerge were whether or not there will be a new alliances. but there's also a 1st in this election, really a 1st and lebanon's post civil war politics. you have pro reformers, people who are not aligned with any of the, mainly sectarian political parties, making significant gains 10 percent of the seats, at least 13 seats. these are newcomers, these are people who want to bring about change who want to run the country
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differently, but they're not strong enough. but at the end of the day, they couldn't be king makers because they are a sizable number. but the question is, will they allow with other groups so a lot of uncertainty on how the alliances are going to work in the coming days. but the old divide is still there. you still have this anti has more law pro has by law alliance in parliament, dividing and de polarization, which really is gonna make, make it difficult for the politician to agree on a new government and to elect the president in the coming months. a prime minister appointed by libby as eastern base parliament has now left tripoli after fighting between arrival, armed groups. fatty rashondra and several ministers. arrived in the capital early in the day to take control of the government from the western administration. but the unity government led by the tripoli based prime minister abdul hamid to bye bye has refused to cede power or libya corresponding to medic. trina has more says he bizarre arrived in the early mornings today around 3 am locally,
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according to his press office. later on around 5 am, 6 am. we saw clashes on the coastal road. the coastal road is on is a major, major road that are crossed as through our, the capital r clashes between groups that were supporting fed table sugar that we're protecting him. and those that are against him. and this is something that we, that libyans here know all to well to different governments. we have the internationally recognized government by lead, by prime minister of the army de baber base and tripoli and fatigue. bosher, who was appointed by the eastern base parliament, he has some support from various countries, but for the most part, libyans are sick and tired of having these 2 governments with libya was supposed to have elections in december. they were postponed. that the current prime minister of the ha today been tripoli has said that he has been working to bring
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a bottle bring elections in june. it doesn't look like that's happening. and it's important to know that this is happening. while there are talks in cairo between libya's 2 legislative houses, the parliament and the high council state, they're supposed to agree on a constitutional basis to hold elections as a really very disappointing for many libyans. and it's the people and the residents here that are going to suffer from these political divisions. molly's june, dare say is western bank military officers attempted a qu last week, but hasn't provided any details. the statement comes after the army announced it was pulling out of a regional, a lions fighting armed groups in the region, fighting a lack of progress. we've got a lot if you do money. the government of the republic of molly condemns with the utmost. rigor is outrageous. act of the security of the state, the objective of which was to hinder or even die aletha substantial efforts to secure our country and to return to
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a constitutional order that guarantees peace. instability. nicholas hark has more from the car a neighbouring senegal. it's interesting to note as, as this coup attempt happened when the un secretary general was in the region. now he skipped molly despite as being the home of the most expensive, the most deadliest and biggest un peacekeeping operation. he says that the mill with the morgan military turn to need to hand overpowered to a civilian rule as soon as possible. it seems that the leadership in bomber echo is increasingly isolated. not only is it facing the threat of arm groups linked to al qaeda and i so it's a troops from the you are pulling out of the country including france. but it's also facing threats among its ranks. and this is creating even more instability in molly and more suspicion suspicion. amongst the rank of molly's leadership.
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us present, joe biden is sending troops back into somalia to help with the fight against the bounce ship. bob, the reverse of the decision made by donald trump follows the election of a new somali president i. sanchez, mahmud, is taking charge. he was phoning on sunday and made a security lock down to prevent rebel attacks. still ahead on al jazeera came john own blames his health officials as north korea, struggles to deal with a major coven 19 outbreak. and we look at how a dangerous racist theory in the united states is fueling attacks against minorities. ah, judy has begun. the, the full world copies on its way to catholic group your travel package today. here's your weather in a minute 15 1st. we're going to begin in southeast asia. welcome everyone,
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and some dress fells across areas of sumatra still seems them showers more so toward the south and also the north where we've had some thunder downpours. but let's get you to the philippines. it's been a wet pitcher top to bottom, but it's particularly bad for northern areas. so central lose on. we've got a severe flood advisory in play to the west, the north of manila, so places like low, og, for example on wednesday. southern china looking pretty good. the suns out those temperatures coming up grey lane at $28.00, a run of some showers through the yangtze river valley and across japan. things are fairly quiet that includes tokyo, you're up to $24.00, few showers for the korean peninsula, and those temperatures coming up in beijing to a height of $31.00 degrees. take you to a sand state in india, there are weather warnings in play for just how much rain were seen through wet spain. gall as well. we've got some pretty bad storms here. there's been flooding. deadly flooding at that. now for the southern side of india through karnataka and careless state, we're going to power up some pretty intense thunderstorms here. and now we got to
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talk about the heat. we're starting to dial it up again here on wednesday. i'm really sorry, 43, but focused on, on friday, some spots could hit 50 degrees again with another blast of heat coming. official airline, the journey. we are witnessing around the world, this hungry money, which is only looking at how to make them prostate, devastating economies, devastating equal systems, putting a price on the protection of nature, great economy of sound good. but it was all about privatization of nature. should our environment be for sale? what we're trying to do is destroyed people to stabilize the climate market. minimal financing should give you the pricing the planet on al jazeera blue.
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ah, they're watching al jazeera live from doha. reminder of our top stories ukraine's military command says the mission to defend the as of south steel plant is over. more than 260 ukranian fighters have been brought up from the last stronghold of resistance in the city of merrier pole. in lebanon, results from sunday's election show has belie and his allies have lost their majority in parliament. official results show the saudi arline, lebanese force, his body. a christian group has made huge gains and several anti establishment candidates also picked up seats. and a prime minister appointed by members of parliament base in eastern libya has left tripoli after fighting between rival boobs. the unity government in the capital refused to see power as ministers arrived to take control. now extreme weather is
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affecting millions of people across south asia and the middle east. health warnings have been issued in northern india where temperatures have reached 49 degrees celsius. millions of lives and livelihoods are being affected. officials, warner heat could cause health problems for the vulnerable, including infants, the elderly, and people with chronic diseases. benito has more from you, delhi, you know, it's absolutely unbearable. now, temperatures in the national capital has climbed down slightly after touching nearly 50 degrees celsius a day or 2 ago. but it's still very, very hard and much higher than what is normal for this time of feel. and you know, i'm coming to you from an air conditioned office, but there are hundreds of millions with people exposed to heat wave that don't have that option. i mean, many of them are daily wage workers have to walk outside and can't really afford to take a day off, millions of all those farmers. and i'm really stressed about what this heat is
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doing to that crops and also their livestock. now, you know, some of an india, especially northern india, can get very hot, heat waves all combine, but x plus point out that what you're seeing right now is basically a larger change of changing where the pattern and in pakistan, unprecedented temperatures have led to water and electricity shortages people have been asked to remain indoors during the hottest hours of the day. come on, hydra falling the situation from his long bond. for the bar few week by august on had recorded the high temperature and the ward and jacob bod and suck car, which are then the southern part of the country. central and southern parts of the country are under a heat wave and warnings that the temperature goes go above $51.00, possibly even touch $52.00 celsius that i've gotten leading to
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a cute water shortages aboard for northward goes of heat stroke wick drums. and this is all happening at the time when, as you heard from bob, nate, this region, the north received a kind of range. darden sprang and that had now leading to water. scarce a day. some of the bugs found your major water read the wires are running dry and out of the garage is going to port a huge burden on the cash crop. shot judge cotton and con. another sandstorm has hit the wrong spending. hundreds of people to hospital with breathing problems, tries have been suspended even back data and not job in some schools and offices have been forced to close. if the 8th sandstorm since april, some say it's never been this bad living memory, the weather is being blamed on climate change and the destruction of agricultural lands moved up to hide st for some back. that will has really have a heavy toll on a life here on civilians on people,
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on facilities. remember now it's much, much better than the past couple of days as you know up. it started in a sunday midnight's sunday late at night monday early morning. and that have been an orange and red hazel of dust and sense and sweeping over at many areas across iraq, including good at 7 major cities in central and southern iraq, including the capital above the debt. in these provinces, authorities have ordered the shut down of a governmental, an official institutions except health facilities. health as it is, is that received according to the health minister around $4000.00 cases. suffocation is that those who have had a difficulty of breathing because of that sand stores. as you know, this has been caused by, according to maturer lewis, by a climate change,
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namely the lack of rain the past couple of years and also the diesel vacation of larger sweaters of lands in iraq. north korea has enlisted the army and deployed 10000 health workers to trace patients with covered 1960 new dance were reported on tuesday. with their further 270000 people, showing fever like symptoms of korea's leader kim jong own is blaming. health officials are being irresponsible in their handling of the crisis. rob mcbride re forced themselves half korea, some young jenny, after 2 and a half years of denying its very existence. north career seems not only to have accepted the arrival of the pandemic them, but that it's now everywhere. the outbreak dominates extended coverage on state run media with people being encouraged to adopt good hygiene, exercise and home grown remedies and look at with the emphasis on living with the
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virus. rather than isolating from it to him. a garden of some kiddos whom the millington wires sprits very quickly. but on the other hand, not a danger of patricia is low. it can be completely destroyed. 2 case studies of families who have apparently contracted the virus and then recovered, have been widely ad. so mean we all got sick, this father says then adding, they all got better within a couple of days. the message seems to be don't panic. now. it's very different from the confident face that north korea has shown to the world in public parades and gatherings in recent months, which could prove to have been major super spread. events. leader kim jong run has criticized his officials and ordered pharmacies to provide more med given most people experience mild symptoms from the army. crown variance, it's been established. the cold and flu remedies can help,
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but that's on top of the comprehensive vaccination campaign. and so far, north korea has resisted all international offers of vaccines, including from south korea, this mile type of cobra. 19 spreading through a completely unprotected population, seems to be uncharted territory with neighboring health officials looking young with concern, preclinical undergraduate group. because we don't know what the consequences of this on the kron variant will be when it spreads to a large number of people who have never been in contact with coven 19. there are enough reasons to pay attention to this with interest in adding to north korea. problems is widespread malnutrition from food shortages and economy racked by years of sanctions and the weak medical system. many observers believe it can't afford a hard lockdown like other countries and has no choice but to tough it out. rob mcbride al jazeera, so you know,
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new covered 19 infections have been reported in china's largest city for a 1st successive day restriction or in shanghai or solely being eas, after an almost 7 week locked down. some supermarkets and restaurants have reopened with public transport. aiming services to city leaders say the lockdown should be lifted by next month, but the $25000000.00 population will still need frequent testings to the us now where families of the victims of the latest mass shooting are renewing calls for restrictions on gun ownership. 10 people were killed in buffalo, new york on saturday in a racially motivated attack, have been nearly 200 mast shootings this year in the usa. that's 10 a week present. joe biden has praised the bravery of police officers ahead of a visit to buffalo on tuesday. napoli say the 18 year old suspects deliberately targeted black people and was driven by a so called replacement theory. i'll just here, as alan fisher explains,
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it's the deadliest my shooting of the year in the us. and police say the know why the accused gunman did it. this was about killing black people as many as possible . we can't sugar coat it. we can try to explain of a way, talking about mildred illness. no, there's we're of domestic or rhythm perpetrated by a young white supremacy before the shooting rampage that left 10 dead. the 18 year old gunman posted an online screen claiming white people in america were being replaced by people of color. it's called replacement theory. what we're seeing now is a subculture in elastic reservoir, a really, it takes all comers and some of them will get radical life because you are a racist. and you have all the conspiracy theories attending to all went from colon and liberate the stage to stole in elections by african americans to african
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americans stealing our culture. and our school, once the fringe idea pushed by racists, it has become a popular theme for conservative media figures who reach millions. now i know that the left and all the little gate keepers on twitter become literally hysterical if he used the term replacement. if you suggest the democratic party is trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting mallets with new people, more obedient voters from the 3rd world. but they become hysterical because that's, that's what's happening. actually extraordinarily serious in part because of how far it's gone. and how, how deep into mainstream culture, this is the, these type of a white supremacist i'm talking points of have gone right because we hear them on, on fox news. we hear them coming out of tucker carlson stark, which a lot of people are talking about right now. but we also hear them out of republican politicians. it's not the 1st killing by self proclaimed white supremacists, pittsburgh charleston, south carolina, and even charlottesville,
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when right wing extremists chanted about replacement theories as they marched. have all been touched by the violence. a poll released last week suggested one in 3. americans believe there's a program underway to replace the was born in the us with immigrants for electoral gain, a theory that is becoming more extreme. and at the same time, more mainstream. i'll and fisher, i'll just either a small company in california is causing a big headache for the multi $1000000000.00 solar industry. auction solar has accused china of avoiding carry speier routing their operations to other countries in the region of investigation to do those claims has now force a number of projects in the us to be put on hold john henry for some santa monica in sunny southern california. the soul of the american solar industry, mark smith, can't find solar panels at any price. yesterday. we put it in order for solar panels for the product that we use. and i being told august,
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this is unheard of for my company. so this is really detrimental. how long would it normally take? 2 weeks, the u. s. solar power industry has been nearly frozen in time since late march. that's when the u. s. commerce department started investigating whether china was availing us tariffs by shipping solar panels through for other countries. and because 80 percent of the panels in the us come from those countries, cambodia, malaysia, thailand in vietnam, almost no one is buying them. they're afraid if they buy them. now later they'll have to pay stiff, retroactive tariffs. and there are a few other options. we can almost not tolerate this in survive. many companies will go under in industry survey, found companies are now considering laying off $38000.00 americans more than a 3rd of the solar workforce and could lose $30000000000.00 in last projects. the man who asked for the government prob knows what his rivals think of his company, most hated solar company in america, moon rashid,
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founder of the tiny silicon valley panel maker, oxen, solar, says he's trying to save the u. s. solar industry from chinese domination. an unfair competition, if it's 6, that means a 2 thing cheating was going on. and number 2, it highlights how dependent we are on foreign suppliers. and we need to get off of that dependence because pianos are coming in lower than our bill of materials. so the u. s. worker hasn't even had a chance and they've lost the race, never even entered the race. something is very wrong with that. the christoffel is undermining president. biden's ambitious goal to have solar makeup, 40 percent of the nation's energy use by 2035 members of congress are furious. the powerless, we shoot ourselves in the foot by allowing this kind of stuff to happen. the longer the situation persist, the more severe the damage will be. the u. s. commerce secretary says the probe
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will take as long as it takes my hands a very tight here i am required by statute to investigate a claim that companies operating in other countries or trying to circumvent the duties. and i'm required by statute to have a full some investigation. a preliminary ruling is due in august, a final decision could take a year. another trip around the sun that might bring precious little progress for the american solar industry. john henry and al jazeera santa monica, california. ah, and i'm fully back the ball. with the headlines on al jazeera, ukraine's military command says the mission to defend the as a found steel plant is over. more than 260 ukranian fighters have been brought up from the last stronghold of resistance in the city of merrier pole. in lebanon, results from sunday's election show has been law and its allies have lost
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a majority in parliament. official results also show the saudi arline, lebanese forces party. a christian group has made huge gains. several.


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