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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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a media, emmy de la mcvey exiled me was a year my cuba on al jazeera. with this is al jazeera. ah. hi there, i'm kim vanelle. this is the news online from dough coming up in the next 60 minutes. several buses carrying ukrainian vice his leave from the as of style steel plant in murray, paul uttering trapped for more than 2 months. oh, anti establishment candidates make significant gains in lebanon's election. his
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belie and its allies lose their parliamentary majority. u. s. president joe biden pays tributes to victims of a supermarket shooting that targeted black people killed 10 in buffalo and a heat wave sweetser nolan india, and pakistan. many regions anal facing a movie shortage. and i'm p december to the sport will hear from the awesome manager of the see he's top for hopes take a minute to tumble. and the sale of chelsea football club could be address cobra dispute about where the proceeds will end up a long and bloody siege at the hours of style steal blanton. mary paul is coming to an end. more than 260 ukrainian vices have been brought out from the vast complex ukraine says its working to rescue those who remain russia says the soldiers surrendered was on the verge of claiming for control of the port city. victoria. again, be with this report. after $82.00 days under ground,
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these wounded ukrainian soldiers finally leaving the as if stole steel plant on russian bosses displaying the letters ed symbolic of its invasion. for months, these fighters from the as of battalion attempted to defend the steel planting, merrier pole, and prevent russian soldiers from completely taking over the port city. but out numbered and overpowered. ukraine says its mission to defend, the plant is over. stolen yacoma, defenders of merrier. po fulfilled all the tal vets by their commanders. unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to unblock, as often by military means. the fight for the still works and the plight of civilians and fighters trap their captured the world's attention. all women, children, and elderly have already been rescued. president vladimir zalinski says the priority now is to move out the rest of the fight is still in the plant. so dickie deem grant, whose cause, thanks to the actions of the ukrainian military,
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the international committee of the red cross. and the un, we hope that we will be able to save the lives of our guys. there are severely wounded soldiers among those that have been given kiana. i want to stress that ukraine needs ukrainian heroes alive. though, seriously wounded, had been taken to a medical facility in the russian control town of novo. as office, they could become part of a prisoner swap drama, which was over the past 24 hours. $265.00 militants laid down their arms and surrendered, including $51.00 seriously wounded. all those in need of medical care were sent for treatment to a hospital in the dawn, yet sc people's republic. ukrainian fighters say they held out in our store for weeks to buy time for the rest of ukraine to battle russian forces and secure west and arms needed to withstand russia's assault. but the evacuation marks the end of what could be one of the longest and most bloody battles of the crane war. mary
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uphold, is now in ruins. and ukraine says tens of thousands of people have died. victoria gate and be al jazeera us. i beg line for us now in denny po for more i said to was this for me as of solstio plant, was this a negotiated evacuation or a mass surrender, or maybe both? well if you listen to the ukrainians as far as they're concerned, this is a negotiation negotiator for me that they will be exchanged. so the formula is severely wounded. ukrainian, severely wounded russians, not 53 of those wounded. ukrainian soldiers have been taken to russian back separatist areas. those areas are controlled by them, and $211.00 also have been taken care is controlled by russia. now, the ukrainian defense meant that said that there is a potential return them to ukraine and control territory. as far as russia is
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concerned. this is a victory. they now controlled by recalls. they have the importer, 9 cargo to an ex crimea, as rather significant victory for that strategic important port city. this has gone on for a number of months, and in fact, the weakness, specifically as of so clients and those ukranian fighters had appealed for a 3rd party to intervene to try to get them out. but the fights of the remaining, they're refusing to surrender and lay down their arms and again, hoping for a 3rd party to intervene. so they can get out again, some of those fight that have a choose, the ukranian government are really letting them down or forgetting about them. i'm blaming politician. so the politicians and you will read this, i of release, not at the nice those have been going to have been evacuated at a name while the international criminal court prosecutor has sent a team of investigators to ukraine. what moreno in that front?
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well, we know that they said essential or to, to investigate does include investigative forensic soft support, soft to investigate allegations of crimes, things asian by russia. now what they've said is that this will help them investigate and look into what's been taking place in place, not just allegations against russia, although the bulk of those are the cases against russia in terms of those mass graves that we've seen in china. and also the case of mass based in variable, but also the obligation because the korean military of torturing and executing prisoners of war. so that's what they've said, but also the same from the still strikes, taking costs across the country, the north of the country. a people who group and 12 and it strikes, and that just shows that the battles may be over in terms of mary paul, but the war continues high thanks as a big lie for us in denito let's get the russian defective on the latest
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developments and marable, both jibari has more from moscow. it was only over the past 24 hours that we understand it with the assistance of the united nations as well as the international committee of the red cross. they were able to and get the injured fighters out finally. and we understand there were still many of the ukrainian fighters fighter still left, but most of them are injured. and now this is a process that is ongoing. according to the russian defense ministry. of course, mary, opal a is a very strategically important as port city. it is an area that russia claimed they were in full control of. in late april, it links crimea, which russia annexed in 2014 to the dumbass region. and then on to russia, it is a land quarter that this country was looking to establish. and this was one of the final remaining issues that these fighters were a prolonging their full and victory for the russian military in mariel. pal,
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now it seems that the evacuation is underway and so it really is going to be a victory for the russian military to say that they have now full control of mary elbow. which then means they will be able to establish that much at needed land quarter from crimea all the way across to russia. ukraine seldom holds the div. odessa has strong historical links to russia, and many people there still identify as russian, but ukrainian official say some local collaborators are helping the kremlin war if it was supplying sensitive information about that meets, has been out with the police swan team and has this report sh with the 33rd asleep this ukrainians, what deem sets up on his daily mission going after people suspected of having links with russia. drama the nightly curfew is about to be lifted. they assured the person of interest is to let oh yes,
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certainly knew. oh no sir. hora, deluca doria. but generally, we have people in odessa who supports russia. we found weapons and ammunitions they were planning to use once the russian army arrived in the city. when you to d stay, but the situation and use against a local official, suffolk atoria. they have connections to the russian military, b dablin, you know, liquor does a, russia, ukraine has been under martial laws since the beginning of the war. the government believes that informants are helping the russian army underground. said this has become their main task, going from home to home in the hunt for possible collaborators. this man turned out to be innocent. but on the 2nd raid, the man opened the door wearing a t shirt from his days as a soldier in the soviet army shall listen warrior the worst case scenario. do you have any russian em blends or symbols? they asked yes, no, he denies. but in the next room,
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they find the russian colors and his computer reveals he is following russia, news outlets band in ukraine since the start of the war. and when pressed about the conflict on $1000000000.00, we were shooting dope boss for 8 years. and now they are forming us in return is law. who is right, who is wrong? i don't know, asked the politicians will know someone will it or what them bullshit. but his message is on his phone that aroused the most suspicion, glorifying the russian military's past and present. and talking about the ukrainian army in a they were going to have way acknowledge is having a big role in this war. there are several apps and chat rooms where citizens can submit photos, videos and information about people or vehicles they deem suspicious. cyber investigator sift through hundreds of tips every day was verified. they pass
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on the information to the swat team. ukraine claims at more than $700.00 collaborators have been detained, and dozens of acts of sabotage have been disrupted so far. but it's a fine line, especially places like odessa, which share historical roots with russia. it's a difficult situations. vit lana tells us as her husband is taken away, lena, i do not agree with the war, but we lived in soviet union. i'm half russian. how can i throw the russian flag away? yeah, yes, i don't agree. i don't understand what's going on, but this is my blood work. should i have a bottom me to raise it? it's more difficult for him because all his army veteran friends are there. there are still people in ukraine were torn between the 2 identities condemning rushes attack on the country, but not able to disavow their past. most of the people question on that they will
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let go to the police. the task of figuring out who poses a real threat is a challenge with abdul hamid al jazeera odessa and more hair on the news are including on the alerts. why u. s. troops are being sent back to somalia, reversing a decision by donald trump. a problem that won't go away from disagreements of a northern ireland causing headaches for diplomats in brussels. and in sport, tiger woods returns to spotlight for the 2nd golf major of the year. ah, reformers, candidates, 11 all have a big gains and sundays parliamentary elections. official was also confirmed around back has bull up and its allies have lost their majority. saudi align lebanese forces party have also made gains to become the biggest christian block. that hold reports from beirut. many of the old faces are back when
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a meaningful number of new ones made it into lebanon's parliament, which now has a new balance of power. the iranian back has been a party and its allies lost their majority, but no other political grouping or party can claim victory. the opposition may be sizable, but not united. what is a 1st, however, and post civil war politics are the so called reformists, who want at least 10 percent of the seats. these are candid, it's not affiliated to any of the mainly sectarian parties. we have to be ers ers, the king, her maker. oh, because we have not. we don't have to be in the polarization. we have to create a bridge. ah, those new voices will stand in the middle of long time enemies. tensions have already spilled onto the streets. supporters of rival parties fought on election day 3 alerted local observers, also documented attacks on their teams by supporters,
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mostly from she. our groups has bella, and among many observers with the so many pressures, especially in the electoral districts of south and bol buckhead mal by some of parties, delegates, and each us and even supporters. the she, our groups may have preserved the $27.00 seats allocated to their sect, but observer say they can no longer claim sol representation. but they did everything they counter intimidates, voters candidates and their representatives and constituencies. and at the same time, those are also a, an alternative she or vote. so as a she or vote which went outside the box and through their opponents. and that happened for the 1st time in spite of their attempts to keep it contained through the ballot box. there is no doubt change has begun, but the old divide has bala and its allies on one hand and the christian lebanese forces on the other hasn't gone away. lebanon's leaders will need to work together
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to agree on a new government and elect a president in a few months. political deadlock is not unusual in this fractured country, but there is an urgent need to adopt performs and laws to rescue a collapse economy and a polarized parliament won't make that easy. the divide dates back to the civil war which ended in 1990 after which power was divided between sects. but lebanon's parliamentary democracy is in reality a consensual democracy. unanimity is needed for the system to work and peace to be maintained than the ushers. eda, beirut, joining us now from beirut is newly reelected mp port. you could be all, thank you very much for your time. so so your backend in parliament, what do you think is the message here from voters, when you look at how they voted across the board? well, this is, i am, i'm back in the parliament to with the law. and i hope this bill could be a destructive, not 400 years in this country. we seen the same families,
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the same parties, the same mindset, always in the parliament and the power. this time i am hoping things are changing. people are looking for new blogs for new ideas. people are looking for groups and parties that are not in the united country and for one nation, this country is this is ever divided between, between sex. and each leader is making sure every day to secure the secretary and base. and that's why they keep on keeping a few monitoring bigotry teachers between the knees. so we do what it looks differently and hopefully we can convince the newspaper to, to start electing the garages and elect thought it would change to this country and, and you don't really know how much change do you feel you can really enact out as
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our correspond it was reporting there, the old divide, his blood, its allies, on one hand, the christian lebanese forces on the other that, that divide remain. so how much change do you think you will really be able to enact when they, when they, when they, when they were not invited for 17 years with jesus of the vision and then understanding and concessions and working together they, they were together in many governments and we are worried that again after this election, they will go back to the business as usual, and getting back to, you know, some understanding how they will do the power sharing and how they will divide. whatever of the case is left in this country. the realization in this country is those that will not do any concessions with the mafia. we call them the mafia,
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march 8th, and 14 parties. since 2016. they are working together on, you know, having the upper hand in the country and doing use instead of the me real but it is and really change or the but on the tree. so we're not thinking science. we are again. and he illegal arm. we want to see a southern country, but we will stick to whatever we believe in and who is courses and others. they will also keep their promises and we will see them continuing the campaign that we saw it during this election. we'll be working together also on on many fight. i try to doesn't 1819 when i was in the parliament to work with these blocks on many wrong. and it was to renew it. they like to to have to
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be synchronized on it. i really wanted to put the country and they were, they were together as we then synchronized so i hope they wouldn't keep doing what's right for the country and then that will be working to get i thank you very much. your time that is new. the re elected m p paula jacobi on to us democratic congressmen are pushing for an f b. i investigation into the killing a veteran elders or a journalist sharina blocker. the us citizen was shot dead by israeli forces while on assignment in the occupied westbank. on wednesday, the debt has sparked global condemnation and calls to denounce photography journalists, congressmen, andre coffin, and do korea are in the process of gathering signatures for the motion. here as
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president joe biden has arrived in buffalo to meet families of saturdays shooting victims, 10 people were killed in the racially motivated attack. a document promoting white supremacist views that was re, reportedly posted by the gunman, emerged online, off the shooting for the bite, and is expected to call on congress to take action on gun ownership. play cross live to share for tansy who's following biden's visit in buffalo. she hop on us through prison bought in time for the day and how he's being received. well, president, by the 1st lady, i spent several minutes of this make sure memorial maybe supermarket where the attack took place. and then they were joined by a local political delegation which involved chuck schumer, the senate majority leader, the governor of new york, kathy and others. and then they drove from here to a community center where they are currently meeting now with the bereaved and
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family members who that is expected last for a few hours. now i think we were told that by being bite and of course he, we very much involved in that. so that for morning process of grieving for the victims, although we do expect a harder edge to emerge as the visit goes on with a speech a bit later on. yeah. with that speech, is he expected to talk specifically about, you know, targeted race? is the tax terrorism motivated by by hateful ideology? is the phrase that we've seen floating around from for his for his stuff. i think he's been trying actually in some ways to hawk back to why he iran, for president weiss, as he ran for president in the 1st place, which was the remedy that the racist rally in charlottesville in 202017. where those with our tiki torches was saying, very similar to things that we saw in the manifesto,
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the screed written by the gunman. here that there is, there is a great replacement underway. the democrats are trying to encourage immigration, illegal, immigration, in order to replace indigenous white people with people who will be more favorable to that. and this is, this is a theory that has gained a great deal of traction. it'll be interesting to see whether how specific biting will be as he calls out these sorts of races. white supremacist fairies, especially some several republicans. some one of them very senior in the house have been talking about the great replacement theory rather nonchalantly. matter of fact, the tucker coast on fox news, we mentioned quite a bit. they say look bad, nothing to do with an attack like this because that talking about illegal migrants, undocumented microsoft, i'm talking about african americans. however, the debate as well. do we believe that or do we see this is a thinly veiled dog for white supremacy and races about the debate, but goes on. but we'll see how specific he is about that. then we'll talk about domestic terrorism,
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the efforts he's been putting into that. that's also quite controversial amongst cross roots, folks you say look what you're doing without that kind of action is just putting ever more money into the security forces, the police and the f, b i and others who would tend to target black people that the major source of violence against black people in america is the police so that, that's actually not necessarily the most safe grounds of the grassroots activists that, that we tend to speak to. and then we took generally about hate crimes and hate speech, but hate speech is protected under the constitution. and this would uphold and go to actually progresses. believe that that you can have a government deciding what is a solution, what is the, as is often the case, we do see so many currents in into sectioning. when we see a shooting like this. but then when we talk about the things you can all make on depending rates america, we'll talk about some of the other things which perhaps grassroots activists are looking for what we have to see. but certainly here hasn't been able to push through any great reforms since he came into power. so that's one of the risks of raising the reason he became president. because if anything, the fact like,
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let's say, so that leaves achieve shepherd only. thank you. and the u. s president joe biden is sending troops back to somalia to help fight against the group. i'll shut off. the reversal of the decision made by donald trump follows the election of a new smalley president on shake. mahmud is taking charge of the warning on sunday with a security lockdown to prevent attacks. malcolm web isn't because my o in southern somalia says us truth, the redeploying from nearby countries with us says they'll carry on what they were doing to and a half years ago. before donald trump remove them, which include training, the somali armed forces, the american troops meant to be engaging in combat, but they can provide some kind of support from behind the lines. when the somali national army is fighting the on group policy, bob, there are other elements to the us military operation here that includes drones
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strikes which have flown from bases in japan, city and the state department says this is much more effective if it has its soldiers here actually on the ground with donald trump, didn't actually take them back to america. he just moved them from somalia to neighboring countries to booty and kenya. and so this redeployment will bring them back here to somalia. a prime minister appointed by libby as eastern based parliament has now left tripoli after fighting between rival groups. 40 chalka and several ministers. arrived in the capital earlier in the day. take control of the government from the western administration. but the unity governments, led by the tripoli based prime minister of the humming baby, has refused to see power. according cassini is a senior libya analyst at the international crisis group. she says a serious public discontent to wouldn't libby as elliptical class. well, i think it'll be a, it'll have a negative impact in the sense that as long as fatty busha go,
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who's backed by the military factions in eastern libya and the parliament as long as he sort of refrain from using violence to enter tripoli by force. there was room for a negotiation between the 2 broad camps, but now that he has once again, this is his 2nd time tried to enter tripoli and establish himself there in his government that and yet again failed and was pushed back. i think the patience of the tripoli, basal authorities, has, has run thin. it means that they will be less likely to embark in talks or accept talks as they would be hardened towards a funny busha and his allies. and i think honestly the chances of a chicago to claim that he will come to power and he will take over tripoli at this point i did, it will be a blow. so for the u. n. lead talks taking place in the, in cairo, where certainly tensions will have increased the this morning because of these
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developments in them. in tripoli. fortunately, over the past few months since the failed election of last december, when, when it was cooled off, i really grown man a less am confident in the political future of their country. they are disappointed . they don't see even a benefit in engaging politically because they see that the future of the country in the hands of a small elite that is taking the country in one direction on another. they see the country on the precipice. also another financial disruption because political crisis means closure of oil terminals. it means that, you know salaries will be delayed and possibly means inflation rise. and this is happening already against the backdrop of rising living cost because of the war in ukraine, which has pushed up grain prices and basic commodity prices. so overall, a very grim outlook for your average. libyan still ahead on algebra to follow the
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plot of people in north korea following a major cove at 900 outbreak their impressions. queen elizabeth opened the newest addition to the london underground. find out why thumb a critical i think the project at a parent's need with a link to michael jordan. go off the auction details later installs. ah ah hey, there are debt storms have really been a big problem across the middle east. let me show you right off the bat, so this is in iraq, the sandstorm so far in the past month, thousands of people in hospital and the winds are now carrying this through the ruby in peninsula, so we'll pick up the story there. so these arrows, that's the way, and it's going to be particularly bad for the eastern province of saudi bahrain.
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and katherine, especially when you consider doha, we'll see those windows of about 60 kilometers per hour, not just wednesday, but into thursday as wall. that's our picture for that dusty and he's the skyline temperatures are above average here. got to talk about that heats in pockets. time starting to dial it up. so here we are on wednesday, jacob, about $46.00 degrees. and i think by friday, we are very likely to see temperatures in the fifty's again, so dark or the red, the hard, the temperature, new op shot. we've got in for 50 degrees off to turkey. and we're going to get striped with some follow bands of rain around the boss for a see those winds pick up as well for it's stumble with the high 24 degrees. central africa looks like this. it's quieter toward the east. it's western areas where we've got these storms flaring up, and for south africa, big change in temperatures and keep down with the rain moving in and a height of 20 degrees c later. ah, the,
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from the front blind al jazeera correspondence continue to report every angle of the war in ukraine. we've been given access to this special unit. making sure there's no threats behind both front lines. there's almost no complete destruction of fighting back a russian assault holding background forces. the scale of destruction is just now being revealed as we arrived makalya there is panic. a russian warplane is suspected of being close by. stay with al jazeera, for the latest developments. both african stories of resilience and courage. i get younger piano right, with a lawyer that tradition and dedication to live without a little more robust. 3rd of august, when you entered short documentary, sty, african filmmakers on the white 9. and the put make it africa direct on al
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jazeera lou. ah, ah, what's your dessert reminder of our top story is this. our grains military command says the mission to defend the as of salt steel plant is over. or the $260.00 ukranian vices have be brought out from a law stronghold of resistance in the city of mariposa. russia says they surrendered and peas and finland have overwhelmingly backs a bid to join nato. government plans to file a formal application within days long sweden. they to remember say they want to fast track. both applications has blind its allies and lebanon, have lost their majority in parliament, results from sundays, elections are made against the lebanese forces party. the christian group aligned
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to saudi arabia, several anti establishment candidates, one seats. 2. let's go back to our top story. as you just heard, more than 260 ukrainian vices have been brought out of the us of style steel plant and mario pulp. we're joined now by don mathias graham, also the think electorate insecurity and development at kings college london. thank you very much for your time. so do you think this was just a straight up surrendering, or do you think bare has been some kind of agreement reached with russia for a planned evacuation? yes, i think that as of was noted by presidency lensky, there were clearly some sort of agreement that there will be a prisoner exchange even though there's so the asked of a hospitalist which are located, you know, was all we g i c t which is on the russian occupation, so there was a big question mark now,
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which is being raised is whether russia is going to fulfill the sort of these prisoner exchange agreement, which apparently was that was agreed with president savanski. when that is obviously, what president polanski says about russia says that this was a surrendering. so if indeed this is some sort of negotiation, do you think russia would uphold it? thought because the other, the other battalion itself is they did the battalion in particular that roger accuses of having nazi ideals. i was yes. i mean russia has that really? i mean, i would say president bush and has a tradition of not really respecting many of the humanitarian agreements that she agreed assigned to in the past. also in relation to humanitarian corridors around cities in ukraine during the last 2 or 3 months. so there is nothing new i of russia not really respecting many of the agreements regarding evacuation of
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civilians. i'm digressing too many times a she many terry and i mention so i'm not very optimistic about it. of course, from the russian perspective, it's very, very convenient to choose to sort of a portray this fight as us are not to fight does to hold some kind of show trial. now there a story that they should not be exchanged on. there's even talk among some russian deputies in the parliament that the death penalty should be applied to them. so obviously, i mean, i think here we, i, most of you that it is, the russians are, are in egan on their, on their agreement. and if they really, i mean, i think these fighters were ready. yeah. mostly to fight to the very end. and as president zillions, he made clear he's trying to save as many lives as possible. and the last thing he would one day still have the so yes, sort of parade in russia. i sort of prisoners of war and i'm not see,
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i'm not see fighters. so i mean, i would be very surprised that there wasn't some kind of agreement behind this. i think we're going to with the united nations on the right cross, which apparently were part of the negotiation. ok. and tom's all the fighting on the ground, all the shelling of various cities. we saw obviously the image is from cognitive where it was shocking, then the image is coming out of mary paul, the focus on mary paul shocking. where do you think that focus for russia will be shifting to next? when we know now that a lot of the fighting is now taking place in the area of the boss around the area, the better than yes and why there's been quite a lot of foaming over the last few days. the russians have been trying to move further to the west on trying to cross some of the rivers, but they haven't been very successful as we know not last week. they suffered massive casualties when, when trying to cross on one of the rivers to move further to,
6:36 pm
to the west. and at the same time you bring in force is also trying to move the out in the opposite direction, move further, further east for us. and they also facing some kinds of problems also with crossing some variables, the latest news seems that they may be managing, but these are reports that have not been fully confirmed. so i think at this moment we see quite an, an intensified taking place around the areas of, of the don't boss in the area of civic or them yet. i think the also the, the c w m is an area where the ukrainians might try to push forward. on the other hand, there's sort of more southern areas around here on, on me live. that's an area where the russians have not been able to move further towards the west towards all day. so i think we can expect ukrainians to try to push in that direction as well. i think we can also expect the efforts by ukrainians to try to, to live in some way the blockade of the black sea so that they can start so for
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exporting their products. and i would expect that here is an area where, you know, a western allies of ukraine would try also to, in some way see what can be done. it's very difficult for z maintenance to not have a navy, but this is an issue which reflects, you know, that is not the need also to have ukrainian food problem products, reach global market. so this is an issue which is of concern to the whole and to the whole world because, you know, the plane is a very significant waived on many for our country products. were saying were things around the world. we are seeing food prices around the world rising. i will have to leave that time. thank you very much for your time. so melissa graham also from king's college on the british foreign secretary list ross says he intends to introduce new legislation to change parts of the northern ireland protocol that was warmed the u. k. again, trying to alter the post brakes trade deal on its own. all the islands,
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pro british democratic unionist party is also opposed to move there being warnings of a trade war if no agreement is reached, john hall has more from northern ireland main shipping course. one moment of context for you that is land behind me, the c port that checks going on on goods arriving in northern ireland from great britain checks that exist under the post briggs in northern ireland protocol, a new customs arrangement effective the customs board down the irish sea that is at the hawk now of an escalating dispute between the u. k and the e u. lease trust putting forward britain's the u. k. government next step in what is of course, also a very serious situation here in northern ireland power sharing government under the good friday peace agreement has stalled, has broken down with the democratic unionist party boycotting in opposition to the northern ireland protocol that they say undermines northern islands place within
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the u. k. is internal markets and as well as that, of course, you've got the e u who are saying that if britain goes along with these unilateral measures that could spock a trade war lease trust their setting out a plan of vision for future legislation to be brought forward not now, but at some point in the summer that would allow for those unilateral changes to the protocol to, to take place. now, does that solve northern islands problems as things stand right now when it's quite hard, frankly, to see how it does because the d u. p has said that they will not be enticed back into government by the promise of legislation. they want to see actual legislation . they simply don't trust the word of the government at westminster, that they say, say, see as having betrayed unionism here by agreeing to the protocol in the 1st place. extreme weather is affecting millions of people across south asia and the middle
6:40 pm
east. health warnings have been issued in northern india, with temperatures have reached 49 degrees centigrade happening tolerable from new delhi. you again to turn the beds out, doors as if repairs for a long day at this construction site where he lives with his family. in a makeshift shack like hundreds of millions of indians, he's forced to risk their health and work in the record breaking wheat. let her go soft recall you re did miss and re of 100 feet, but now we can do only 70 feet. our contractors often get angry with us because of this. i feel we need to rest for a day or 2. it's too hot. but if he don't work, what will we eat? some on parts of south asia arrived early this year. march was the hottest in a century in the region, while april broke several records. average temperatures are $6.00 to $9.00 degrees celsius above normal. some areas in new delhi recently surpassed 49 degrees. jacob,
6:41 pm
about in south east pakistan, reached an all time high of 51 degrees. dozens of people have died of heat related illnesses in pakistan, while millions are struggling with our basic amenities such as access to clean water and electricity. finally got been a or did it any odd guns that we haven't seen such a heat weight before. we're worried because our lie stock sick due to the excessive heat. the vegetation is dried up, the water tables going down. we have to use wet clothes to cover ourselves to try to beat the heat. the extreme heat is damaging crops and threatening to further increase food prices, making the poor even more vulnerable. so a lot of your population is in such a big red hat. government does not have the fiscal year as a bullet in the country so, so that the biggest and another very big point, the one that ability. well, this legion along with applied factors involved with economic situation of the
6:42 pm
coaching temperatures, have spa demand for electricity, causing a cold shortage. the indian government says it will import cold to prevent power costs, and it's not just a blistering heat exports. a global warming is changing rather patterns in the region. why rain fall in northern india has been much lower than normal. the northeast is relaying from heavy rain. at least 10 people have been killed, and landslides have cut off basic services for thousands of people. bob newman, i'll just eat off new delhi. the extreme heat wave is heard india's wheat production forcing it to impose a ban on exports. india was planning to boost output to make up for global shortfall from missing ukrainian wheat. but now after the indian export ban, global prices have surged to a new record. the u. s. is urged india to reverse the ban saying the failure to do so could worse and food shortages worldwide. indonesian farm is demanding, the government lifted ban on palm oil exports because of
6:43 pm
a livelihood. so being threatened, complaining at the 70 percent caught in palm fruit prices and shipments were stopped. last month, the top palm oil export instead of band export to protect supplies at home and help reduce rising food prices. north korea has enlisted the army and deployed 10000 health workers to trace patients with covered 19. 6 new deaths were reported on tuesday with a further 270000 people showing fever like symptoms. it's leader kim jong on is blaming health officials for being irresponsible in their handling of the crisis. roman bride reports from salt chung shanae, after 2 and a half years of denying its very existence. north korea seems not only to have accepted the arrival of the pandemic of them, but that it's now everywhere. the outbreak dominates extended coverage on state run media with people being encouraged to adopt good hygiene, exercise and home grown remedies are good with the emphasis on living with the
6:44 pm
virus rather than isolating from it to him a garden of some kiddos whom the malignant virus spreads very quickly, but on the other hand, not a danger of patricia is low, can be completely destroyed. 2 case studies of families who have apparently contracted the virus and then recovered. have been widely aired to me are we all got sick. this father says then adding, they all got better within a couple of days. their message seems to be don't panic. not only that, it's very different from the confident face that north korea has shown to the world in public parades and gatherings in recent months, which could prove to have been major super spread. events. leader kim jones has criticized his officials and ordered pharmacies to provide more medicines. given most people experienced mild symptoms from the army kron variant, it's been established the cold and flu remedies can help. but that's on top of
6:45 pm
comprehensive vaccination campaigns. and so far, north korea has resisted all international offers of vaccines, including from south korea, this mild type of cobit 19 spreading through a complete li, unprotected population seems to be uncharted territory with neighboring health officials looking on with concern. yeah, cooper. clinical, an undergraduate. hm. group, cuz we don't know what the consequences of this on the chron variant will be when it spreads to a large number of people who have never been in contact with coven 19. there are enough reasons to pay attention to this with interest on it. adding to north korea's problems is widespread malnutrition from food shortages. so an economy racked by years of sanctions and a week medical system. many observers believe it can't afford a hard lockdown like other countries and has no choice but to tough it out and been
6:46 pm
rob mcbride al jazeera. so it, you know, for is coming up after the break. well, explain why. the sale of chelsea football club could be in jeopardy ah
6:47 pm
ah ah ah, some of the sport has b can make it very much. the sale of chelsea football club is reportedly being thrown into doubt by a dispute between the u. k. governments and russian owner, roman abram of h away the proceeds will go. a consortium laid by a la dodgers, co owner, todd beverly is in the process of trying to purchase the club at a $5300000000.00 deal. it needs to be completed before chelsea's temporary
6:48 pm
operating license expires on may 31st. abramivitch who was sanctioned by the british government falling russia's invasion of ukraine is not allowed to keep the profits from the sale. a lot of hinge on the loan, the loan of more than one and a half $1000000000.00 that chelsea has benefited from you for the last 19 years i've helped to fund so much success and i problem of it had said that he would not be calling them in himself, the government doesn't seem to have the assurances yet legally binding that actually that is the case and just what will happen to the money. and indeed the fight to these funds initially what the government wants is this money to end up in a frozen account. the 2500000000 pounds that is being paid by the consortium led by the l. a dodge. as i, paul tell you not told by a, so this deal can be done by may the 31st. the license could be extended license
6:49 pm
that allows chelsea the frozen asset continue operating as a business. but there is another deadline looming early in june, which is the premier league issuing the licenses for all clubs to operate the next season. so there is that element of jeopardy and the sense as well. this is information that government does want to out in the public to some degree perhaps to put some pressure on brockovich and chelsea. so i to speed up the process to speed up offering those assurances. liverpool be without top score mohammed fell off. will the premier league match against south hampton later, where defeats would mean the end of their title? john says, if a wind tonight they would move the point behind, lead have mentioned that he would one game to go. but fella and defender, virgil vandyke, are both ruled out of the thinking of injuries during the move, if a victory of chelsea on saturday that match with the extra time and penalties. and with any 3 days we face to recover manager, you can talk admin. it's taking a toll on a squad,
6:50 pm
i can promise and definitely save you another team and only for one reason to try to win the game itself. m. s d because it is. and because that obviously is the job to do be up to see who was able to help to 30 extra minutes made a big difference. so the pool need to rely on city slipping up, which is exactly what awesome lead talking to do if they want to secure champions league football next season. also remain outside of the south for, for they were beaten by newcastle home sideways in the 2nd off through a big white own go. and the 5 minutes ago, bruno give a shit, made it to know around a miserable my for awful. i mean, thought a move to cure full with a draw again, already relegated nora on the final day of the season. we need to women, we need to feed on them. and we know that in football is that's always possible. i
6:51 pm
mean, if anything happens, you have to be there know that you have to be your head down, swallow, or the portion that we all feel, hopefully and tomorrow again. tiger woods is preparing for golf. second major of the year, which starts on thursday and says he's feeling a lot stronger than he did at the master's last month. with his being practicing at southern hills in oklahoma, which will host the p g a championship 51 the through the last time it was held at the course, but that was way back in 2007. this will be woods is 2nd competitive appearance. since a serious car crash last year, steph curry and the golden state warriors all gearing up for game one of a western conference finals with the dallas mavericks on wednesday. but the n b a has finally done something. he's waited 13 years for. he has graduated from college the 3 time in be a champion, and a bachelor of arts degree in sociology from davidson in north carolina of to re
6:52 pm
enrolling. he left in 2009 to prepay for the in be a drop, but it always promises mum. he would graduates, when i last, i knew that was a huge part of you know, see, and something to was eventually finish my degree. and so i made that promise to i would. she made a joke like the last 10 years. she's got to brag that 2 of her 3 kids are college graduates on from liberty or sorry, one from my elan and was from duke. and so i finally got to join the my siblings on that front. so i'm not went out any more the, the conference finals begin on tuesday with the boston celtics taking on the heat in miami. it's really actual but 2020 theories which miami one. but they have not claims the championships of 2013 while the celtics love to comb pocket both the biggest price 14 years ago is the playoffs. you know, and i, and i feel like the deeper that you go and always, you know,
6:53 pm
it's more intense. it's physical, even though the 1st one was very physical for us. it's not going to be any different. both teams play hard, but both teams defensively are, are tops in the li, someone who is no stranger to winning n b. a title is michael jordan and mel items linked to the sick time champion are going up for auction in new york, 5 days of jordan sneakers and the collectors called are expected to fetch a total of 4000000 dollars during the 2 week auction in june. michael jordan's brand changed the sneaker market from the 19 eighties and is still desirable. today . he really took sneakers, which were predominantly meant to be warned on the court, only for use in sports and made them fashion items. and so he really was the godfather of the father of the secondary sneaker market, which i think is really amazing. and then furthermore, i think his legacy has really transcended in the ninety's whether it be in
6:54 pm
television, pop culture. and so we see these items, especially items that are signed and warned by him to be highly collectible. we've seen some pretty bad ceremonial 1st pictures from celebrities over the years. this one is going to be right up there with the d. j, the, they have the honor ahead of houston game with socket on monday. the the table who the throw so bad that went into the back of the way behind the home plate. 5100 and a short time ago cyclist minium gimme from eritrea became the 1st black african writer when a stage of the jeter, the italian highlights in our next school state update. and then when that's when i will see you again kim. very good. thank you. pay to persons queen elizabeth has made a surprise visit to the world 1st of all, digital railway named off the hope of the years of delays and billions of dollars of the budget. the elizabeth line is finally days away from starting to speed
6:55 pm
passengers across london. a warning that the foxes report has some flash photography. a crowning moment for europe's largest infrastructure project. queen elizabeth lending her name to london's biggest single transport upgrade for more than a century. a decade in the making. the line is a journey into the future. forget the cramp tunnels of the cities, 19th century tube network. this is something else. light fil chambers serenely curved, concrete and glass, it feels like a huge mod, not gallery, not a mode of transport. it provides state of the art, fast clean ambient services that london as will flock to. so that plus the economic benefit, something like $42.00 bits, 1000000000 pounds injection to the u. k. economy. this trudy is a game changer for london. the trains are smoother and faster than any think seen in the city before. speeding travelers from one side of
6:56 pm
central london to the other in 9 minutes. as the u. k. race is to reach its target of net 0. compet emissions by 2050 public transport is key. these are all cathedral like of a worldly space, is designed to accommodate this growing metropolis. making the morning commute less of a squeeze, more of a breeze, but at $23000000000.00. it hasn't come cheap. as 5000000000 more than expected. twice the price of the london 2012 olympics or 15. buckingham palace is the drop in passage numbers. during the pandemic left a $1800000000.00 hole in transport for london's finances. and we 20 percent fewer people using the underground network. choosing to work from home, instead, there were concerns about when this new line will stop paying for itself. the process of pouring tunnels and point concrete was finish years ago. but turning this into the most advanced digital railway in the world was
6:57 pm
a 120 kilometer long i t nightmare. this is a probably the world's most complex fully digital railway. it undoubtedly as the world's most complicated signaling system with 4 different signaling systems. we've got $16000000.00 digital parts on the thrower, so to bring them all together, it's been quite a challenge actually, but we, we kind of got there and the, and the other customers will reap the benefits of this entire project is war massive exercise in engineering problem solving inside of an escalator here, a fully caraway. on may, the 24th, when the line opens to the public, these 250 meter long platforms will reverberate with the sound of thousands of travelers. queen elizabeth was born in an age of steam trains. now the elizabeth line is driving the future of digital transport. the park al jazeera london,
6:58 pm
had set for me. can vanelle fis news hour? you can always go to amazon dot com and i'll be back just among. but more of the daisies like, ah, ah, and with struggles full of pleasure to santa rosa will credit board. so i'll pick out a little decided and for the internet so that i'm, that goes with an intimate look my life in cuba. nicola and me for media and with our laws home. if greg filled me was a loony,
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but it was still every year my cuba on al jazeera, weavers, drying out greasing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife or migration. have been blocked by human settlements to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with a corona of ours pandemic keeping many visitors awake. revenue from torrison isn't enough. here at the outset national park, an annual ceremony has been launched the hall parisha than individuals pay $5000.00 yes, dollars to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. for over a century, american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countless young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew
7:00 pm
there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from in a 3 part series, full plunge investigates, a massive scandal that wrote the united states scoutmaster parked one on i was just ah, several buses carrying ukrainian fight is lee from the eyes of self steel pond and mary paul after being trapped for more than 2 months. ah, other given al, this is on which is our life from doha also coming up. oh. c c and think establishment candidates make significant gains and lebanon's election has belie and its allies lose that parliamentary majority.


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