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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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in mexico will meet migrants seeking a better life, and here from some of the hundreds of thousands deported yet preparing to try again . special coverage on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, i'm kid vanelle. this is the news i live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. several buses carrying ukrainian vice his leave from the owls off, solstio ponce and mario paul. off to being trapped for more than 2 months. oh, d establishment. candidates make significant gains and lab and all that action as
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belonging to dallas lose their parliamentary majority. u. s. president joe biden calls on americans to reject supremacy theories falling shooting and buffalo that killed 10 black people. we have to refuse to live in a country. black people going about a weekly grocery shopping can be gun down by weapons of war, deploy, interracial cause, and a heat wave sweeps through northern india and pakistan. many regions now facing a water shortage about p december, the sports and historic day in cycling. with this man becoming the 1st black african writer to win a stage in any of the 3 grand tours. all the details later in the news, our a long and bloody siege at the hours of style steel van to mary paul is coming to an end. more than 260 ukrainian fighters have been brought out from the vast complex
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in ukraine says it's working to rescue those who remained. russia says the soldiers surrendered and also on the verge of claiming full control of the port city. as had beg reports from tinney pro after 82 days underground, these wounded ukrainian soldiers. finally leaving the as of solstio plot, a russian buses displayed the letter said symbolic of its invasion. for months, these fighters from the as of battalion attempted to defend the steel planting, merrier pole, and prevent russian soldiers from completely taking over the port city. but out numbered and overpowered. ukraine says its mission to defend. the plant is over stolen, yacoma, the defenders of mary pull fulfilled all the time that by their commanders. unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to unblock as often by military means, the fight for the steel burkes and the plight of civilians and fighters trapped
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there, captured the world's attention. all women, children, and elderly have already been evacuated. president vladimir zalinski says the priority now is to move out the rest of the fighters still in the plant. so did he deem great. he's calls thanks to the actions of the ukrainian military, the international committee of the red cross and the you in. we hope that we will be able to save the lives of our guys. there are severely wounded soldiers among them. i've been given kiana. i want to stress that ukraine needs ukrainian heroes alive. though seriously wounded, have been taken to a medical facility in the russian control town. an over as often they could become part of a prisoner swap. gera, which was over the past 24 hours, 265 militants laid down their arms and surrendered, including $51.00 seriously wounded. all those in need of medical care were sent for treatment to a hospital in the don, yet sc people's republic. ukrainian fighters say they held out in as of style for
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weeks to buy time for the rest of ukraine to battle. russian forces and secure western arms needed to withstand russia's assault. but the evacuation marks the end of what could be one of the longest and bloody battles of the ukraine war. maria poll is now in ruins, and ukraine says, tens of thousands of people have died with ukraine accepting that the battle for the us postal plot, unmarried police over the russians now have their language to annex crimea, as well as a significant victory for the strategically important port city. what with the fighting in the east, continuing on with daily miss ireland air strikes, the war is far from over. a side big i'll jazeera done april. let's get the russian perspective on the latest developments in mario paul faucet vari has more from moscow. it was only over the past 24 hours that we understand it with the assistance of the united nations as well as the international committee of the red
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cross. they were able to and get the injured fighters out finally, and we understand there are still many of the ukrainian fighters fighter still left that most of them are injured. and now this is a process that is ongoing. according to the russian defense ministry. of course, mary opal, it is a very strategically important as support city. it is an area that russia claimed they were in full control of in late april. it links crimea, which russia annex in 2014 to the dumbass region. and then on to russia, it is a land quarter that this country was looking to establish. and this was one of the final remaining issues that these fighters were a prolonging their full and victory for the russian military in mariel pool. now it seems that the evacuation is underway, and so it really is going to be a victory for the russian military to say that they have now full control of mariel . which then means they will be able to establish that much at needed land quarter
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from crimea all the way across to russia. ukraine, southern port city of odessa has strong historical links to russia. and many people there still identify as russian, but ukrainian officials say some local collaborators are helping the kremlin war effort by supplying sensitive information. a damn doll, hamid has been out with a police swat team and has this report. sh with this issue, still asleep this ukrainians. what deem sets up on his daily mission going after people suspected of having links with russia? yes, please. yeah. the nightly curfew is about to be lifted. they assured the person of interest is to let oh yes, certainly knew. oh no sir. laura deluded good doria. oh, but do we have people in odessa who supports russia? we found weapons and ammunitions they were planning to use once the russian army
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arrived in the city. when you to this day. but the situation and use against our local officials, africa, toria. they have connections to the russian military or benito. liquor does a daughter, russia, ukraine has been under martial laws since the beginning of the war. the government believes that informants are helping the russian army underground. so this has become their main task, going from home to home in the hunt for possible collaborators. this man turned out to be innocent, but on the 2nd rate, the man opened the door wearing a t shirt from his days as a soldier in the soviet army. jonathan warrior was useless. do you have any russian emblems or symbols they asked yes, knew. he denies, but in the next room, they found their russian colors and using his computer reveals he is following russia, news outlets band in ukraine since the start of the war. and when pressed about the
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conflict on 1000000000 though, we were shooting callback for 8 years and now they are forming us in return is law . who is right. who is wrong? i don't know, asked the politicians will know someone really with them bullshit. but his message is on his phone that arrives the most suspicion, glorifying the russian military's past and present. and talking about the ukranian army in a derogatory way. technology is having a big role in this war. there's several apps and chat rooms where citizens can submit photos, videos and information about people or vehicles they deem suspicious. cyber investigators, if through hundreds of tapes every day, was verified, they pass on the information to the swat team. ukraine claims that more than $700.00 collaborators have been detained, and dozens of acts of sabotage have been disrupted so far. but it's a fine line,
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especially places like odessa, which share historical roots with russia. it's a difficult situations. vit lana tells us, as her husband is taken away when he has a damage. i do not agree with the war, but we lived in soviet union. i'm half russian. how can i throw the russian like away? yeah, yes, i don't agree. i don't understand what's going on, but this is my blood. what should i have a la bother me to raise it. it's more difficult for him because all his army better and friends are there. there are still people in ukraine were torn between the 2 identities condemning rushes attack on the country, but not able to disavow their past. most of the people question on that they will let go to the police, the task of figuring out who poses their real threat is a challenge that the law meet al jazeera. odessa finance parliament is
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overwhelmingly approved. the country's bid to join nato turkeys president has tried to hold sweden and finland, attempts to join. the u. s. says it's sure a consensus can be reached at diplomatic editor james days has more from brussels. there have been some very fast moving developments to the letter from the swedish foreign minister, formerly applying to join nato, and from the finish side, the finished parliament that overwhelming vote a 188 in favor. just 8 against showing how public and political opinion in both countries has changed so radically since the invasion of ukraine by president pose him. what happens next? well, as still is the possible opposition of turkey. and i think the most important meeting is the one that will take place in new york between the turkish foreign minister and the u. s. secretary of state u. s. officials say they are confident they can change the turks mind that this can be a unanimous decision, and it has to be the unanimous decision by nato turkey, as a member. and if it wanted to,
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it could blot the membership of these 2 countries that would bring a great deal of sophistication and capability in their military. they are large military's and nato's border. if a join, what more than double the border with russia? plenty more head on the news are including on the alert. why u. s. troops being sent back into somalia? arising food and fuel prices could undermine efforts to feed hundreds of thousands of people in peru. and it's bought well explain why. the sale of chelsea for polka could be in jeopardy. ah, reformers, candidates and lebanon have made big gains and sundays parliamentary elections. official results have confirmed around back has bella and allies have lost their majority. saudi aligns lebanese forces party have also made gains to become the biggest christian block. then a hot reports from beirut. many of the old faces are back when
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a meaningful number of new ones made it into lebanon's parliament, which now has a new balance of power. the iranian back has been a party and its allies lost their majority, but no other political grouping or party can claim victory. the opposition may be sizable, but not united. what is a 1st however, and post civil war politics are the so called reformists, who want at least 10 percent of the seats. these are candid, it's not affiliated to any of the mainly sectarian parties. we have to be her, the king, her maker. oh, because we have not. we don't have to be in the polarization. we have to create a bridge. ah, those new voices will stand in the middle of long time enemies. tensions have already spilled onto the streets. supporters of rival parties fought on election
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day 3 alerted local observers, also documented attacks on their teams by supporters, mostly from she. our groups has bella, and among many observers with the so many pressures, especially in the electoral districts of south and bol buckhead mal by some of parties, delegates, and each us and even supporters. the she r groups may have preserved the $27.00 seats allocated to their sect, but observer say they can no longer claim sol representation. but they did everything they counter intimidates, voters candidates and their representatives, the li constituencies. and at the same time, those are also a, an alternative she or vote. so as a she or vote which went outside the box and through their opponents. and that happened for the 1st time in spite of their attempts to keep it contained through the ballot box. there is no doubt change has begun, but the old divide has bella and its allies on one hand, and the christian lebanese forces on the other hasn't gone away. lebanon's leaders
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will need to work together to agree on a new government and elect a president in a few months. political deadlock is not unusual in this fractured country, but there is an urgent need to adopt performs and laws to rescue a collapse economy and a polarized parliament won't make that easy. the divide dates back to the civil war which ended in 1990 after which power was divided between sects. but lebanon's parliamentary democracy is in reality a consensual democracy. unanimity is needed for the system to work and peace to be maintained that the ushers eda failed to us democratic congressman pushing for an f . b. i investigation into the killing. a veteran elder. their job was serene clay. serene was a us citizen. her death is fox global condemnation and calls to denounce the targeting of journalists. congressmen, audrey carson and bill korea are in the process of gathering signatures for the motion. and the french president urged israel's prime minister to complete
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a swift investigation into the killing of serena barclay. manual cons office as the president was moved by her death and in cairo vigils, they organized fisheries by egypt, journalists syndicate. the government rarely allows us to get to organize public events, sharing with shot dead by israeli forces while on assignment in the occupied westbank on wednesday. us president joe biden has met with families. the victims of saturdays, mast shooting, and buffalo. 10 people were killed and a racially motivated attack document. they had to be tied to the gunman emerged online after the shooting. president biden is expected to call on congress to take action on gun ownership. speaking in buffalo, he said the ideology behind the attacks was a threat to us. democracy will communicate experiment in democracy is in a danger. like it hasn't been in my life. time is in danger this hour. hayden,
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fear of being given too much oxygen by those who pretend to love america, we have to refuse to live in a country where black people going about a weekly grocery shopping can be gun down by weapons of war, deployed in a racist cause. we have to refuse to live in a country where fear and lies are packaged for power. and for profit. it must all list this great cause of america. this is work requires all of us present politicians, commentators, citizens, none of us can stay in sidelines. i don't join now by shepherd towns who's in buffalo. she help. how has the president visit there been received by the victim family? it's interesting actually that pops this is refreshing,
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but we didn't actually get any video off of joe biden with the relatives. and actually that's quite refreshing. clearly this wasn't being used after stump maybe, but it was a short. he was actually with the family for about 20 minutes, much less than we've been told to expect. and then he did give this speech, which actually, curiously, was far less hard hitting that we'd been led to expect by white house stuff is all lower than it was very much on those lines. the america was better than this. it was very heavy on religions. we know, well this sort of in america even will not when white supremacy will not have the last word. i mean, frankly, if you talk about many groceries, people who people in the community white supremacy does often out in the african american communities around the country. this is, this is a shop of 80 percent black. it only has one supermarket, was the target that still shut down. that doesn't happen in white and white suburbs is it so i mean, they could be the role of white supremacy and u. s. society button constantly saying it has no place in america,
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i guess maybe in some way, but those ring a bit, a bit hollow, but when it came to actual specifics, he calls for an assault weapons which is very unlikely to happen. and actually, almost immediately on the way back on the tarmac to apple is one he was back track, you know that and say, well, i'm going to try it, but i have no real chance of doing it because he and congress he doesn't have the 60 votes to get that done, and then he talked about in his speech about some sort of crack down on the internet and the recruitment by terrorists, extremist. but when else about that on the tarmac to apple is one, he also got it back trust that we have we have enough statutes on the books to deal with. that reflects a very real fair amongst everyone. you know, the, the spectrum here from left to right about what it stop cracking down on free speech and hate speech which is constitutionally protected in the 1st amendment and supreme court. and the general principle is always been, you don't want government regulating free speech and deciding what is acceptable speech and what have what isn't because in the past, the 4 supreme court precedent,
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what would be that would mean is the government was simply crack dylan, who would they didn't agree with. so these are very tricky, tricky topics. he didn't really address that fundamental socio economic underpinning of race in america, which maps of the other some of the people we've been speaking to are talking about a lot, a lot more. it was, it was rather rather general, really actually shepherd tons of f r. some buffalo. thank you. us soldiers are being sent back to somalia to help combat the armed group to show bob president joe barton's reversal of donald trump's decision follows the election of somalis new president hawthorne's shake. moods were sworn in on sundays during a security lockdown to prevent a repeat of a tax report amount from waivers in southern somalia and says us troops of redeploying from nearby countries. well, the us says they'll carry on what they were doing 2 and a half years ago before donald trump remove them, which include training, the somali armed forces, the american troops are meant to be engaging in combat,
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but they can provide some kind of support from behind the lines when the somali national army is fighting the on group policy. bob, there are other elements to the us military operation here that includes drones strikes which have flown from bases in japan, city and the state department says this is much more effective if it has its soldiers here actually on the ground was donald trump didn't actually take them back to america, he just moved them from somalia to neighboring countries to booty in kenya. and so this redeployment will bring them back here to somalia. we're joining us now from washington. d. c is the law he, hala. here he is, the horn of africa, security analyst. thank you very much for joining us here on the news. our just thought with, with what difference this amount of soldiers is really going to make. why a person by doing this now? i think it would be very important to realize that if we,
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we are going to be no objective about these. i'm understand that between the time when those folks lie mood and now when they are coming back, there hasn't been what you would expect a some on your state as we know it. and then again, you know, 750 mocks. that is what they are going forward to, plus 5 plus $500.00. that will know, keep some on the safe and secure just for, you know, also for the viewers. i think this is so minor tends to be more, you know, america, american policy. i'm really glad you represented the african american policy. this is the 1st place of the whole united states deploy not is in 1090. 2 british aristo by october 1993. after 18 american servicemen was killed on their bodies, drive them to street. america treated so i think this is again going bug, but the reality without fixing the politics and governance and other things. i
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think 750 trucks will not stabilize in the us as being criticize a criticism from both sides of the aisle. that there is no policy here that these soldiers are just being sent with no sort of thought to really going on the going on behind that wants to take i think, not easy quizzes in, i mean, despite being used by politicians as we entered into the midterm, elections of the reality. what is the money up? what is the america on your policy? what is the america, you know, africa policy that isn't a document that we can refund 20. this is the policy. but we can know some of the policy issues that are making americans to go back to. we're talking about going to country not isn't stable. but if you get, i used to start in the region is also very stable. we're talking about a region that east geostrategic, very important just to give you
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a sense that you know, that region, that is the home of africa. if links, you know, displays come to their radiance the by the golf holes, armando, so that is a trans, it's a global transportation artery. if you look at the booty, very small country way out, any country that is worth its name, that is the 1st time come to the 2nd time countries with their military base. i think that is a one issue. rather than say, it's going to stabilize on, you know, it goes in doing the golf after today's $992.00. when they deployed, they're going to put $20000.00 troops. and i don't think it's stabilized. president biden. and his predecessor, trump agreed on very few things, but one thing they did agree on was ending forever was all forever deployments. so what, what is the end game with strategy here for the u. s. and how does this play domestically for president biden? think it will play into the domestic politics. generally,
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the democratic party is accused or being weak on the national and international security, considering what he's doing in ukraine. now these, because of what happened in gun is done, this will be received fairly as a signal that he's taking the seriously. but i think one has to ask, you know, i mean like the 1st time somebody, all americans went into somalia during the bush time. i mean, like the school vice president on nothing has been so nothing would be an exaggeration, but somebody is not stable steel. so i think this requires more to call us the more politics. and that can include having, you know, uncomfortable conversations around maybe, you know, having a political settlement with about all right, thank you very much for your analysis. really great. have you break it down for us on the la? hey, hello. thank you. camino kitchens are lifeline for around a quarter of a 1000000 poor people in peru. groups of women cooked together to ensure families
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get good quality nutrition. rising food, prefer prices and fuel prices are undermining their efforts. on a, on a sanchez reports from lima. in this tiny makeshift kitchen on the outskirts of lima, women put together whatever they can to create a nutritious meal. on the menu recently was rice, carrots, corn, and chicken bones caught up in tiny pieces so everyone can get some proteins, dis, prina, fanatical s medical pan, them up. ok. we only eat lunch, there is no blood with her breakfast. and in the evenings, each one has to figure out what to put on their tables. a funny commercial kitchens around the country were a response to the pandemic. the left for 1000000 impoverished people without jobs for than 250000 feet on meals. that cost less than $0.30. rising fuel prices have meet some ingredients, like meat or chicken, impossible to buy, and local governments donations to keep them going or waning. in some areas,
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government distribution of basic ingredients stopped more than 4 months ago. ethnic i meant that got to read at the local government does not remember as at the top of the hill, they offer help during political campaigns. but then they forget spouse, us some of these communal kittens feet 20 to 30 people every day. others 2 to 300, many say this is the last resort to feed their families. and they say, if they didn't have this, they wouldn't know where to turn to for help. to alleviate the pressure, the government has suspended some taxes from fuel and some basic products, but analysts say that's insufficient. she should do it yourself. no doubt there is hunger and it's going to get worse. inflation is here to stay for a long time producing the purchasing power of households, particularly of the ports. the government apparently believes the prices can be controlled, but this is not possible in their school. john. the finance ministry already estimates this year, investment growth will beat 0. community leader,
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it effect codio blames precedent. federal castillo and it biases back on will you will if the precedence priority is not the vulnerable families. i feel angry because he should be concerned about the people in need of even long leaders of the, near 3000 kitchens around the country said they are desperate. the women have postponed, a nationwide protest waiting for the government to resolve the fruit crisis. but they say their children are hungry and time is running out. but he and us are just, i'll just see that lee might be to still had on al jazeera, a problem that won't go away. or disagreements over the northern ireland protocol are causing headaches and belfast and brussels. the con film festival is back after 2 years of pandemic disruptions we'll see who's in the running the top prize on the french riviera. and a pair of sneakers with a link to michael jordan. go up for auction details later in school.
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ah hey, there does storms have really in a big problem across the middle east? let me show you right off the bat. so this is in iraq, the sandstorm so far in the past months, thousands of people in hospital and the winds are now carrying this through the ruby and peninsula. so we'll pick up the story there to these arrows. that's the wind. it's going to be particularly bad for the eastern province of saudi bahrain. and cats are, especially when you consider doha. we'll see those windows of about 60 kilometers, proud. not just wednesday, but into thursday as wall. that's our picture for that dusty and he's the skyline temperatures. are above average here, got to talk about that heats in pockets. time starting to dial it up. so here we are on wednesday, jacob, about 46 degrees and i think by friday we are very likely to see temperatures in
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the fifty's again. so darker the red, the hard, the temperature was sharp. we've got in for 50 degrees off to turkey and we're going to get striped with some follow bands of rain around the boss for a see those winds pick up as well for its stumble. with the high 24 degrees, central africa looks like this. it's quieter toward the east. it's western areas where we've got these storms flaring up. and for south africa, big change in house temperatures in cape town with the rain moving in and a height of 20 degrees c later. the deadline was eliminated for most of the strain the decades ago, just killing young women in the indigenous community. what i want to investigate on the algae there. ah, al jazeera
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with chapel. how do you states control information? a china, there's no google. if you tried to search the war tenement, we find it is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion. they had liar died and that allowed the children to continue to die, to how a citizen journalism leaf framing the story. i am here to duck you man, the war crimes committed by what did, and he is resumed the listening post dissects the media. on the al jazeera lou ah, ah,
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you know, just a reminder of our top stories, this, our ukraine's military command says the mission to defend the us of style, steel pont is over. one of 260 ukranian fight has had been brought out for the last stronghold of resistance in the city of murray. russia says they surrendered. as ballade its allies and lebanon had lost their majority in parliament, results from sundays election show, major gains for the lebanese forces party christian group aligned to saudi arabia, several anti establishment candidates, one seats. 2 joe biden has called on americans to reject the ideology of white supremacy and warms that democracy is endangered. us president visited buffalo, new york state to meet families of the 10 victims shot dead on saturday. let's go back to our top story now. the war ukraine. joining us now from keith is doctor hans kroger. he is the w h o regional director for europe. thank you very much for your time. to stop by telling us what are the greatest health needs right now in
9:32 pm
ukraine and in what parts of ukraine hans just chicken you can hear me. it appears we may have lost coms with hans. hans if you can hear me. now, my apologies. we seem to have, i can hear you can hear me. ok, good. fantastic. so just to exit out by telling us what are the great his health needs in ukraine in which parts of ukraine but it right here. i mean, yes. and it discussed to the prime minister minister us the civil society is iteration . yesterday. i was in the field says it's in germany, his global osbourne taurus and the russian federation. and that is a huge agenda or still a cute injuries off mental health, but also the longer term health needs of chronic diseases like de biggest density.
9:33 pm
in fact, one out of c. b referral conditions do not have access to medicines needed to treat that disease. and those can be life threatening. of course, your test on something i want to talk about their psychological support because obviously there are many, many people who've been forced, teeter either directly impacted by the shelling or by the violence or forced to leave their homes, forced to leave everything they have known under lived under shelling the threat of death daily. so how big is the psychological need right now and what efforts are there to meet those needs? it say tremendous jones and tremendous need even before the covet 19th of them and the war who crane has quite some challenges. mentor as no, as you right. you said that of, of consequences to give one story which i heard is that in a particular city, be through a forest hundreds to live in the subway and been the liberty to freedom was again
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dead. people were hesitant and anxious to go old site to the open air. so this is really a totally new complex challenge where we need to have say, target supported. but i'm very, very relieved that the government supported the 1st lady to that mental health agenda is tremendous. how our health care work is managing because health care facilities have come under attack. absolutely. actually this year alone do also city healthcare facilities be at tech globally or from o cray and digital, very, very serious breach of international come with a lot. yesterday i was in germany, his the mental health losses of the kind of village consent, the primary health assembly, the to be closer kick name, it were all destroyed. so i was very this heart at the same time, very inspired by the heroism of the nurses. doctors,
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no one lists. and you are saving lives while the shutting company, which is you talked about am chronic conditions. i'm going with covered is covered even being addressed. any more or is it a matter of just having much bigger issues to deal with now? when it's which bulls look of it thinking has not gone away. about 40 percent of the population is 40 vaccinated and the remember the target was 70 percent. but most likely due to the only cro and the foster admissibility. several people have national immunity. a key issue and we discussed with admins of victor law school would be in default to pro deck and shoot defendable at the same thing, stinking the, the laboratory system for a bit of surveillance. and that was a 2nd ave of my visits yet to discuss with recovery. how are we going to work to build back forward a more smart digital getting her?
9:36 pm
oh system. oh, i'm sorry, i want to ask you about supply lines and actually than the just sticks of getting medicines to places that need it. to take a those places dealing with acute injuries caused by shelling or caused by gunfire. wounds of that nature. how are you managing to get or how are the authorities managing to get a needed supplies to, to where they need to go? the innovation and the resilience of the greenhouse authorities in part of the ship, the united nations public, jo unicef shiver. society is amazing, but there is appointed in the occupied territories. this is still uncertain, and that's way exactly. i convened a meeting with disabled, so safety, not government organizations afternoon, and it's amazing people, spouses, driving that. it bars by cool. and by glueck delivery methadone,
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to get close his drugs beyond the enemy lines to defeat a neat. but we're not 40 dead yet and that's why i would like to repeat the goal of united nations secretary general. that's v o t meet a ceasefire. and to make it an access to the effect that it took just as hugely admirable work. i thank you very much, your time. ah, hans kroger, there my pleasure. the world health organization extreme weather is affecting millions of people across south asia and the middle east. health warnings have been issued in northern india where temperatures have reached 49 degrees centigrade happening. metallic faults from the deli uganda, don't de beds outdoors, as he prepares for a long day at his construction site, where he lives with his family in a makeshift shack like hundreds of millions of indians, he's forced to risk their health and work in the record breaking wheat,
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let her go soft recall you. we did masonry of 100 feet, but now we can do only 70 feet. our contractors often get angry with us because of this. i feel we need to rest for a day or 2. it's too hard, but if he don't work, what will we eat? some on parts of south asia arrived early this year. march was the hottest in a century in the region, while april broke several records. average temperatures are $6.00 to $9.00 degrees celsius above normal. some areas in new delhi recently surpassed 49 degrees. jakob about in south east pakistan reached an all time high of 51 degrees. dozens of people have died of heat related illnesses and pakistan, while millions are struggling with our basic amenities such as access to clean water and electricity. finally got been able to literally ard color that we haven't seen such a heat wave before. we're worried because i lie stock sick due to the excessive
9:39 pm
heat. the vegetation is dried up, the water tables going down. we have to use wet clothes to cover ourselves to try to beat the heat. the extreme heat is damaging crops and threatening to further increase fuel prices, making the poor even more vulnerable when so lot of your population is in such a big re, had gotten the lot, have the feedback acid boulevard in these countries from that so, so that'll look biggest, and another very big or into one let ability or this region along with applied with factors pulses, economic, and the situation of these leaders. coaching temperatures have spurred demand for electricity causing a cold shortage. the indian government says little import call to prevent power cuts. and it's not just a blistering heat experts, a global warming is changing weather patterns in the region. why rain fall in northern india has been much lower than normal. the north east is reeling from heavy rains. at least 10 people have been killed. and lance lights have cut off
9:40 pm
basic services for thousands of people. pardon him at the al jazeera new jelly. the extreme heat wave is hurt india's weak production forcing it to impose a bad on exports. india was planning to boost output to make up for the global shortfall from missing ukrainian week. but now off the indian export ban global prices that search to a new record u. s. as in india to reverse the ban, same of failure to do that could worse and food shortages worldwide. joseph gov or from the international food policy research institute says extreme whether it has been the overriding factor in india's decision to been exposed. we've been watching the indian crop to, to read over the last few weeks. i understand that over the last 10 years, and it actually was just a minor player in the world. we market export in about $2.00 to $3000000.00 times this year after the, after the war started in ukraine. india stepped up and said they thought that the export as much as 10000000, sometimes even 15000000 this year. but of course,
9:41 pm
with the deteriorating situation was going to be far less than that. and now with export bands on the, the amount of we will be more limited, certainly more limited than what was originally thought. it's important, remember that it's not a total band that they are. they have indicated that they will honor any letters of credit just last week and be sent out a delegation to people to talk to countries needed we are. and in the last couple of days just announced that they would be signed about a half 1000000 tons to egypt. so i think we'll get less than 10000000 times for sure, but we will get we it will be export in some way, particularly to some this neighboring countries like bangladesh, british foreign secretary, this process, she intends to introduce new legislation to change parts of the northern ireland protocol e u has want the u. k, against trying to alter the post brakes and trade deal on its own. northern ireland,
9:42 pm
pro british democratic unionist party is also posed the move or the warnings of a trade warf. no agreement is reached. john hall has more from northern ireland main shipping course. one moment of context for you that is long behind me the c port that checks going on on goods arriving in northern ireland from great britain checks that exist under the post briggs in northern ireland protocol. a new customs arrangement, effect of the customs border down the irish sea that is in the hawk now of an escalating dispute between the u. k. and the e u. this trusts putting forward britain's the u. k. government next step. and what is, of course, also a very serious situation here in northern ireland power sharing government under the good friday peace agreement has stalled, has broken down with the democratic unionist party boycotting in opposition to the northern ireland protocol that they say undermines northern islands place within the u. k. internal market. and as well as that, of course, you've got the
9:43 pm
e u who are saying that if britain goes along with these unilateral measures, that could spark a trade war lease trust their setting out a plan of vision for future legislation to be brought forward. not now, but at some point in the summer that would allow for those unilateral changes to the protocol to, to take place. now, does that solve northern islands problems as things stand right now when it's quite hard, frankly, to see how it does because the d u. p has said that they will not be enticed back into government by the promise of legislation. they want to see actual legislation . they simply don't trust the word of the government at westminster, that they say, say, see as having betrayed unionism here by agreeing to the protocol in the 1st place. the 71st come, 1st of all is getting underway. $21.00 films are in the running for the festival top prize, the palm,
9:44 pm
the or event organizes hoping to revive global enthusiasm for movie soft pandemic clothes and ms. world wide. charlie angel joins us now. live from con charlie. so what is com celebrating this year? well, a ton is celebrating that it is business, as usual, after very bruising 2 years for cinemas and a one point. the very future of the silver screen was really in peril. and that's what this festival is all about. celebrating the cinematic experience, which is why we won't see any films produced by streaming giant, netflix, or amazon prime featured here. we will be seeing some blockbusters in the form of top don maverick, the new tom cruise film, and back lemons, elvis biopic, but they're really here to live the world's media, the fans and celebrities. the real meat of this festival is in those 21 films that will be vying for the palm door prize. and that is a prize that can really propel
9:45 pm
a very obscure production into the mainstream as it did in 2019 with the south korean film parasite that went on to win oscar for best film. now the jury, we, who we heard from earlier will be scrutinizing films from romania iran, japan, south korea, and many more. and we heard from them when they said, we just want to leave preconceived ideas at the door. we want to be surprised and seduced by the art form that is cinema, but can, wouldn't be, can without some controversy. and this year again, it's about gender equality. the felt that the festival had promised to have gender equality by now, but only 5. those $21.00 films will be directed by women and no films from sub saharan africa featured in any category this year. i'm a fan the, the film festivals also waiting and 2 world politics. one else can you tell us
9:46 pm
what she just earlier? we had a surprise appearance from ukrainian president vladimir zalinski, who appeared on the silver screen before that 1st film. and he was saying festival a thank you to can, but also saying we will win this war. and we need the help of filmmakers on our side. he referred to the power of cinema during world war 2 and charlie chaplin made that film that marks the nazi lead out of hitler, the great dictator. and he said, we need a new chaplain, will cinema be quiet, or will it speak up? and for that, he received a standing ovation. now, while he was applauding was the festivals decision to ban official russian delegations and russian journalist from attending can, unless they publicly denounced the war with ukraine, one russian film by russian direct to kill the bremen of will be in competition. and he is the director who now lives in berlin. having decided, having a denounced the war himself on the same time, they're going to be rolling out the red carpet for ukrainian diary delegations for
9:47 pm
producers, for filmmakers. this subsidizing that travel here. there also could be hosting an entire day conference of work, how, how the industry can help you creating help rebuild its own film industry. post war a documentary called mario last 2 by the lithuanian director mantas vader advocacy will have a special screening. he was allegedly killed by russian force is invaluable in early april and there's a lot of people here, very keen to see that documentary. but as the festival directed taffy's, they most said, we don't always get it right. they want to support russians who will take risks, but also of unequivocal support to ukraine. charlie angela there. thank you. still had on al jazeera christians, queen elizabeth unveiled london's revolutionary rail linked with a familiar name as it critics question why it took so long. and in force a d, j turns the tables one of the worst pictures ever seen in facebook.
9:48 pm
ah mm mm
9:49 pm
whole ah. a time now for 40 feet us to thank you very much. we'll start with then start the day in the will, the cycling with the video and go may become in the 1st black african, right. it's a when a stage in any of the 3 grand through the 32 year old from one stage 10 of the g to the talia aging part one of the world base spencer's in the process. last month again, may also became the 1st black africans when a major one day event. the sale of chelsea football club has reportedly been thrown
9:50 pm
into doubt by a dispute between the u. k. government and russian owner room and abram of each of away the proceeds will go a consult him laid by l. a. dodge's co owner todd boley is in the process of trying to purchase the club in a $5300000000.00 deal. it needs to be completed before chelsea's temporary operating license expires on may 31st. abram of it, she was sanctioned by the british government following russia. invasion of ukraine is not allowed to keep the profits from the sale. a locked out hinge on the loan, the loan of more than one and a half $1000000000.00. that chelsea has benefited from you for the last 19 years. i've helped to fund so much success and i problem of it had said that he would not be calling that in himself. the government doesn't seem to have the assurances yet legally binding that actually that is the case and just what will happen to the money. and indeed the fight to these funds initially what the government wants is
9:51 pm
this money to end up in a frozen account. the 2500000000 pounds is being paid by the consortium led by the l. a dodge. as paul tell you not told by a so this deal can be done by may the 31st. the license could be extended to license that allows chelsea the frozen asset continue operating as a business. but there is another deadline looming early in june, which is the premier league issuing the licenses for all clubs to operate the next season. so there is that element of jeopardy and the sense as well. this is information the government does want to out in the public to some degree perhaps to put some pressure on brockovich. the chelsea i to speed up the process to speed up all for a noise assurances. tiger woods is preparing for golf 2nd major of the year, which starts on thursday and says he's feeling a lot stronger than he did at the master's last month. with has been practicing at southern hills in oklahoma, which will host the pga championship fights won the tournament the last time it was
9:52 pm
held at this course in 2007 will be with 2nd competitive appearance since a serious car crash last year. they carry on the golden state warriors gearing up for game one of their western conference finals with the dallas mavericks on wednesday. but the n b, i still have finally done something. he's wasted. 13 years old. he graduated from college the 3 time in be a champion and he's bachelor of arts degree in sociology. from davidson in north carolina to re enrolling he left in 2009 to prepare for the n b a draft. but it always promises mom. he will graduate. when i left, i knew that was a huge part of you know, see, and something to was eventually finish my degree. and so i made that promise to i would. she made a joke. like for the last 10 years, she's got to brag that 2 of her 3 kids are college graduates, one from liberty, or sorry, one for my ellen and was from duke. and so i finally got to join the my siblings on
9:53 pm
that front. so i'm not the one out anymore. the eastern conference finals begin on tuesday with the boss himself. it's taking on the heath in miami, 3 magic 2020 series, which miami one but they haven't changed the championship. 2013, while the selfish love to coach basketball the biggest prize 14 years ago. someone is a stranger to winning in b. a titles is michael jordan and now items name for the fix time champion. are going up for auction in new york, 5 hays of jordan sneakers and the collectors court are expected to fetch a total of $4000000.00 during the 2 week auction in june. michael jordan brand changed the sneaker market from the 19 eighties and the still desirable for day. he really tuck sneakers, which were predominantly meant to be warned on the court, only for use in sports and made them fashion items. and so he really was the godfather of the father of the secondary sneaker market, which i think is really amazing. and then furthermore, i think his legacy has really transcended in the ninety's whether it be in
9:54 pm
television, pop culture. and so we see these items, especially items that are signed and warned by him to be highly collectible. we've seen some pretty bad ceremonial 1st pictures from celebrities over the years, but this one has got to be up there with the worst. oh dear, that's the j steve a ot. yeah. the owner of eustace game with boston on monday. but he turned the tables with the throat so bad that it went into the back stop made way behind the home place. shocking, actually, we'll leave it there. uh huh. all right, can i could give him a run for his money. i have no doubt i've had to do all right. persons. queen elizabeth has made a surprise visit to the world's 1st all digital railways, named after her. after years of delays and billions over budget, the elizabeth lloyd is finally days away from starting to speed passengers across london. a warning that div bonkers report has flash photography.
9:55 pm
a crowning moment for europe's largest infrastructure project. queen elizabeth, lending her name to london's biggest single transport upgrade for more than a century a decade in the making. the line is a journey into the future. forget the cramp tunnels of the cities, 19th century tube network. this is something else. light fil chambers serenely curved, concrete and glass, it feels like a huge mod, not gallery, not a mode of transport. it provides state of the art, fast clean ambient services that london as will flock to. so that plus the economic benefit, something like 42 percent 1000000000 pounds injection to the u. k. economy. this trudy is a game changer for london. the trains are smoother and faster than any think seen of the city before. speeding travelers from one side of central london to the other in 9 minutes. as the u. k. race is to reach its target of net 0. compet emissions by 2050 public transport is key. these are all cathedral
9:56 pm
like of a worldly space, is designed to accommodate this growing metropolis. making the morning commute less of her squeeze. a more of a breeze, but at $23000000000.00, that hasn't come cheap. that's 5000000000 more than expected. twice the price of the london 2012 olympics or 15. buckingham palace is the drop in passage numbers. during the pandemic, st left a $1800000000.00 hole in transport for london's finances. and we 20 percent fewer people using the underground network. choosing to work from home, instead, there were concerns about when this new line will stop paying for itself. the process of pouring tunnels and point concrete was finish years ago. but turning this into the most advanced digital railway in the world was a 120 kilometer long i t nightmare. this is a probably the world's most complex fully digital railway. it undoubtedly as the
9:57 pm
world's most complicated signaling system with 4 different signaling systems. we've got $16000000.00 digital parts on the thrower, so to bring them all together, it's been quite a challenge actually, but we, we kind of got there and the, and the other customers will reap the benefits of this entire project is war massive exercise in engineering problem solving inside of an escalator here, a fully caraway. on may, the 24th, when the line opens to the public, these 250 meter long platforms will reverberate with the sound of thousands of travelers. queen elizabeth was born in an age of steam trains. now the elizabeth line is driving the future of digital transport. the park al jazeera london. i don't forget you can always get much more from al jazeera dot com, which is always being updated because that is the news hour of at lauren taylor and
9:58 pm
i, european broadcast center will be back in just a moment with more of the dates use. we can always tweak me at, kimberly, now we'll see next time i'd like ah, ah, and a freakin stories of resilience and courage. i get younger than i right. well enough aware there's a lot of what is one of them about and i haven't gotten yet lloyd and tradition and dedication to live without a little more robust split up. also send you another short documentary by african
9:59 pm
filmmakers on the white 9. and the book make it africa direct on al jazeera. ah, ah, ah, ah, i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents. and this is mean ah, fighting both isis and a, the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable feminine. the father,
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the son and the g. hi, one on al jazeera, a diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of and networks journalists on al jazeera, ah, or the 260 ukranian fighters are evacuated to russian held territory. as ukraine ends at symbolic defense of mar, you polls as of style steel works, but their fate is uncertain with russia moving to the care, the as of regiment, a terrorist organization, and exclude them from any prisoner exchanges. ah, lauren taylor, this is andrew here alive from london was a coming up sweden and finland.


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