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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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the canfield festival is back in full swing with big names and block buses. that reminders that the cinemark spirit is back on the menu organize it have rolled out the red carpet for ukraine. i'm with russian official band from attending. for the dorothy with ukraine is the agenda. live coverage on alger there. ah, and this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm lauren taylor. this is the engineering news i live from london. coming up, more than 260 ukranian fighters are evacuated to russian hill territory, as ukraine ends, its symbolic defense of mar, you pose as of styles. steel works. their fate is uncertain with russia moving to declare the as of regiment a terrorist organization and exclude them from any prisoner exchanges. plus,
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he will not prevail. white supremacy will not have the last word. us president joe biden visits the scene of the supermarket, shooting in buffalo, but 10 people were killed. most of them black and white indian pakistan suffer a series of heat waves sandstorms, but thousands of hospital across the middle east and installed the premier league title race will go down to the final day of the liverpool close to within one points and an historic day and slightly with this man becoming the 1st black african to win a stage in a grand tour of the weeks offending off heavy russian fighting the fate of ukrainian forces who made a symbolic law stand in r. u pulse of style still works is unclear. most goes is more than $260.00 ukrainian soldiers have surrendered and $51.00 will be treated for serious injuries
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in the russian control. jeanette screech and the last offenders are a mixture of season soldiers, border guards, volunteers, and the as all regiment of former nationalist militia, which was integrated into ukraine's national guard. ukraine's defense ministry has praised them for changing the course of the war. after the holding russian troops at bay during $81.00 days of brutal bombardment, they want them back on ukrainian health territory and of suggested a prisoner's fault. but russia, russia's prosecutor general, has asked the supreme court to declare the, as a regiment, a terrorist organization. and as parliament is now considering banning the exchange of captured as of members for russian prisoners of war, beg begins are coverage. mister tiffany pro after $82.00 days underground, these wounded ukrainian soldiers are finally leaving the as of stalled steel plot. a russian buses displayed the letter, said symbolic of its invasion. for months,
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these fighters from the as of battalion attempted to defend the steel planting, merrier pole, and prevent russian soldiers from completely taking over the port city. but out numbered and overpowered. ukraine says its mission to defend the plight is over stolen yacoma, the defenders of mary pulfer filled all the time that by their commanders. unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to unblock, as often by military means to fight for the steel works. and the plight of civilians and fighters trapped there, captured the world's attention. all women, children, and elderly have already been evacuated. president vladimir zalinski says the priority now is to move out the rest of the fighters still in the plant. so did he deem great. he's cause well thanks to the actions of the ukrainian military, the international committee of the red cross and the you in. we hope that we will be able to save the lives of our guys. there are severely wounded soldiers among them that have been given care,
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and i want to stress that ukraine needs ukrainian heroes alive. though, seriously wounded, having taken to a medical facility in the russian control town, another as often they could become part of a prisoner swap. gera, mitchell, as over the past 24 hours, 265 militants laid down their arms and surrendered, including $51.00 seriously wounded. all those in need of medical care were sent for treatment to a hospital in the dawn, yet sc people's republic. ukrainian fighters say they held out in as of style for weeks to buy time for the rest of ukraine to battle. russian forces and secure western arms needed to withstand russia's assault. but the evacuation marks the end of what could be one of the longest and bloody battles of the ukraine war. mario pole is now in ruins, and ukraine says tens of thousands of people have died with ukraine accepting that . the battle for the as of still plant unmarried pole is over. the russians now
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have their language to annexed crimea, as well as a significant victory for the strategically important port city. what with the fighting in the east, continuing and with daily miss ireland air strikes, the war is far from over. i said, beg, i'll de zera, denny pro, back in russia, the records for the soldiers to be questioned as potter investigation into what the criminal describes as ukrainian regime crimes. one russian politician wants the death penalty to be considered for the as a fighters. so strawberry has more from moscow, russia, prosecutor, has asked the court to declare it, be ukraine's as of retaliation as a terrorist organization. we've also been hearing about debate ongoing in russia's lower house of parliament. that is to say to me, the speaker up to my has said that these members of the as up to tell you who are now in russia, the ministry custody are so called nazi criminals and they should not be change or any take part in any of the prisoner change that will be coming in the weeks ahead
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so that they are not to be given up that easily and that they should be put before a port. we've also been hearing from, you know, it's, let's see, who is the chairman of to most international affairs committee. he's also part of muscles negotiating team with the train. he had some much more severe views about what should happen to members of the i got to tell you that are now in russian custody. this is what you have to say. you're just doing these huge push. you have to do this. they do not deserve to live opposite those monstrous crimes against humanity that they committed and which are being committed continuously against our prisoners of war. they returned to us with their fingers cut off and so on. we should think carefully and maybe go along with this proposal, since these animals in human form should get what they deserve. last year of us and go as a member of ukraine's parliament, she joined his line. thanks very much need for being with us on the program. some
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slightly mixed messages from russia. originally, the criminal spokesperson said on tuesday that president putin had guaranteed the fight. as you surrendered, would be treated quote, in accordance with international standards. and then we've heard those subsequent movies about declaring them declaring the as of organization, the terrorist one and excluding them from prison as well to what do you think is likely to happen to these fighters? i still have a lot of high last that this will be an exception on russia. it will actually at least once abide by the international humanitarian law. and the change will happen as agreed upon as agreed upon as witnessed by the un institutions you and hcr on by the international red cross. but from what i just had to segment was soup sky, the chairman of the russians of foreign affairs committee. it seems that russia is
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too keen to go back on the watch and commit yet another war cry. and how much of an effect will the fool of mary paul have on, on morale, in ukraine. or you know, when you cry and we say, and from are you pull fans? ukraine will stand by. ukraine will stand in order to fight back for mario full and to make sure the playing and flag is raced up on the craniums living in mario for our safe andre brain authority and being ukrainian and ukraine. there is a full the dictation from parliament, from government, from the president of ukraine to keeping the nation safe and to keeping russia was as to crush chin out of ukraine out of europe and out of the world. now elsewhere and in a dumbass, britain said, mister defense is warned, that russia might resort to intensifying its artillery strikes in the coming weeks to, to try and increase the momentum that what's your,
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what your concerns about how you can use trips or will manage to, to deal with with that particular intensification. if it happens. well, we're already seeing the intensification just last night. we had increased as strikes and leave, which is a western most region, not ukraine. we had attempts to break through the border into soon the region and also attacks on certain areas in the chimney have region, which is the nose and thoughts of your brain bordering was russia. so we are professional attack. suzie crane has shown that it is prepared for an all in russian and sorry, i was just last a list of a link there. briefly. let's just see if she is still there. if you can still hear us this year bustling coat. though we seem to have lost that connection, apologies for that, i don't we have going to back this year of us and sorry, we lost you briefly there. i just wanted to ask you about the the fact that
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on russian state television, just in the last day or so for my russian colonel, try to give a very different picture of the conflict from what the state narrative is. and he said the russian probably should stop taking out there last year again. so that's a real shame. and then one of us link co joining the staff from for to talk about ukraine. i appreciate your time. thank you. well elsewhere, ukraine's state emergency services 8 people have been killed and a dozen others have been injured. in a striking shandy he region in the north and the governor of the eastern donetta regions as russian attacks of kill 7 civilians. and injured 6 at one man was to have died. and a 9 year old boy was severely wounded when this residential building in the back moon was hit by missile brush. military said its repositioning troops to the east
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where it wants to gain more territory. finland's president says he is optimistic about resolving issues with turkey over bids from finland and sweden to join nato sailing initial met swedish prime minister and delena anderson in stockholm on tuesday. both countries are pushing ahead with their applications. even though techie insists it won't allow them into the alliance because of their alleged support for kurdish p k. k fighters. the foreign ministers of sweden and finland have signed a formal application that has to be handed over on wednesday. at the alliance's headquarters in brussels. is they affinity wilkes in sweden and finland? we have agreed to go hand in hand through this entire process. and tamara will file the application to nato together. it's a message of strength and a clear signal that we stand united going into the future ahead of them. i think from that to get to james bass has more from brussels, the her being some very fast moving developments. the letter from the swedish foreign minister, formerly applying to join nato, and from the finish side,
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the finish parliament, that overwhelming vote a 188 in favor. just 8 against showing how public and political opinion in both countries has changed so radically since the invasion of ukraine by president putin . what happens next? well, as still is the possible opposition of turkey. and i think the most important meeting is the one that will take place in new york between the turkish foreign minister and the u. s. secretary of state u. s. officials say they are confident they can change the turks mind that this can be a unanimous decision and it has to be a unanimous decision by nato. turkey is a member. and if it wanted to, it could blot the membership of these 2 countries that would bring a great deal of sophistication and capability in their military. they are large military's and nato's border. if they join will, more than double the border with russia, ukraine's eurovision winners colors, orchestra planning
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a tour of europe to raise money for their country and its army. a, back on home soil band members performed for a crowd in western city. lived saying that when had helped lift the spirits of their compatriots, that was so auctioning their eurovision trophy to raise funds for the war effort. i songs to fanny, i beat 24 other entries at the song contest final in turin on saturday. ah, the blue eyed with her, we are planning to sell the tropi. we want to sell it to collect money for ukraine . given that there are many people who can allow themselves to donate large amounts to support ukraine. this trophy will serve as an additional motivation to donate money for the sake of the country and omi. coming up on this news, hour from london, fighting breaks out once again, libya's capital as arrival. prime minister attempts to take power in tripoli. as ballard, its allies lose their majority in lebanon's parliament,
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but with no clear winner in sundays elections, the country faces more political paralysis. i will explain why the sale of chelsea football club could be in jeopardy. ah, yes, president joe biden says the ideology behind saturday's mass shooting in buffalo, new york is a threat to us. democracy is visited the scene of the attack, which left 10 people dead, most of them black, as well as meeting relatives of those killed a document promoting white supremacist views that was reportedly posted by the gunman emerged on line after the attack. president biden is expected to call on congress to take action on gun ownership. woocommerce who experiment in democracy is in danger. like it hasn't been in my life time.
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this is in danger this hour. hayden, fear of being given too much oxygen by those who pretend to love america, we have to refuse to live in a country where black people going about a weekly grocery shopping can be gun down by weapons of war, deployed in a racist cause. we have to refuse live in a country where fear and lies are packaged for power. and for profit. you must all list this great cause of america. this is work requires all of us present. politicians, commentators, citizens, none of us can stay in sidelines. and he said he 18 year old suspect was driven by a fringe idea known as the replacement theory. alan fisher looks at what it is and why there are fears it's becoming more mainstream. it's the deadliest mass shooting of the year in the us and police say they know why the accused gunman did it. this
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was about killing black people as many as possible. we can't sugar coat it. we can try to explain it away, talking about mil to illness. no. this was an act of domestic air rhythm perpetrated by a young white supremacy before the shooting rampage that left 10 dead. the 18 year old gunman posted an online screen claiming white people in america were being replaced by people of color. it's called replacement theory. what we're seeing now is a subculture in elastic reservoir agreement. it takes all comers and some of them will get radical wise because you are a racist and xena all the conspiracy theories attending to all went from colon and liberate the stage to stolen elections by african americans to african americans stealing our culture. and our school once a fringe idea pushed by racists,
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it has become a popular theme for conservative media figures who reach millions. now i know that the left and all the little gate keepers on twitter become literally hysterical if he used the term replacement. if you suggest the democratic party is trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting mallets with new people, more obedient voters from the 3rd world. but they become hysterical because that's, that's what's happening. actually extraordinarily sears in part because of how far it's gone. and how, how deep into mainstream culture, this is the, these type of a white supremacist i'm talking points of have gone right because we hear them on, on fox news. we hear them coming out of tucker carlson stark, which a lot of people are talking about right now. but we also hear them out of republican politicians. it's not the 1st killing by self proclaimed white supremacists, pittsburgh charleston, south carolina, and even charlottesville, when right wing extremists chanted about replacement theories as they marched. have
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all been touched by the violence. a poor release last week, suggested one in 3 americans. believe there's a program underway to replace the was born in the u. s. with immigrants, for electoral gain, a theory that is becoming more extreme. and at the same time, more mainstream. i'll and fisher, i'll just either taiwan was president his condemned sunday shooting at a time when he is church in california. which police say was carried out by a man driven by hatred of the island. one man was killed and 5 wounded when you open fire and launch the church. attendees managed to restrain the shooter and tie him up before the authorities arrived. please say he also hidden 5 bonds at this church in orange county nano, san julie's. the suspect david true is of chinese defend french president emanuel my call has pushed for a rapid investigation into the killing. a veteran alger 0 journalist showing actually during
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a phone call with israel's prime minister to us democratic congressman are also pushing for an f b. i investigation into her death terrain was a us citizen. she was shot dead by israeli forces, one on assignment in the occupied westbank on wednesday, congressmen andre carson and lou career collecting signatures to asked the bureau to investigate whether the killing of the american palestinian journalist is ready territory violated any u. s. laws or democrats congresswoman russia to live whose palestinian descent has condemned sharina killing. she told to 0 the u. s. must be more firm with israel to push it to uphold human rights. oh, well mainly you hear people saying that we must use leverage of the money and the funding from the united states to promote human rights to push back against apartheid government to push back against the racism, the killings in the work that us the united states. again, need to continue to speak up because our silence from the president bite into
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a number of his officials are using words that i feel like, are you careful or not strong enough to make sure that there's really government knows we're extremely serious about again, upholding human rights we found hypocritical, we say, will hold human rights in other countries and post war crimes. but when it comes to the apartheid government of israel, we are silent and attended by one of libya's rival prime ministers to take control of the government and tripoli. as triggered fighting in the capitol at the busha and several ministers arrived in the city. earlier in the day, 2 months after the eastern parliament appointed him to lead an interim government. but the unity government, led by the tripoli based prime minister of doing, i mean to favor, refuse to cede power. leading to a standoff between the administration in tripoli and to brook a shot in his office says he has now left the city to prevent any bloodshed.
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iran backed, his bhalla and its allies have lost the majority in evidence parliamentary elections. the country's 1st since mass anti government protest in 2019 the pro his bala block secured 58 seats short of the 65. it needed to maintain its majority, had 71 seats. and the previous parliament is bala ally the free patriotic movement . last 2 seats and is no longer the biggest christian parliamentary blog. that's now the saudi aligned lebanese forces party who won 19 seats and independent candidates, made significant roads, promising reform, after one of the worst economic crises the world has seen in 150 years. all in all 16, broken to parliament, a 15 seat increase from 2018 elections. sent out a report from beirut. many of the old faces are back, but a meaningful number of new ones made it into lebanon's parliaments, which now has
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a new balance of power. the iranian back has been a party and its allies lost their majority, but no other political grouping or party can claim victory. the opposition may be sizable, but not united. what is a 1st, however, and post civil war politics are the so called reformists, who want at least 10 percent of the seats. these are candidates not affiliated to any of the mainly sectarian parties. we have to be as a king maker because we have not, we don't have to be in the polarization. we have to create a bridge. those new voices will stand in the middle of long time. enemy's tensions have already spilled onto the streets. supporters of rival parties fought on election day 3 local observers also documented attacks on their teams by supporters,
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mostly from she. our groups has bhalla and among many of service witness so many precious, especially in the electoral districts of and the bol buckhead. by some of parties, delegates and agents, and even supporters. the she groups may have preserved the $27.00 seats allocated to their sect, but observer say they can no longer claim souls representation. or they did everything they cancel, intimidates, voters, candidates and representatives of the constituency. and at the same time, does also a, and i've done at the vote. so there's a vote which went outside the box and to their opponents. and that happened for the 1st time in spite of their attempts to keep it contained through the ballot box. there is no doubt change has begun, but the old divide has bala and its allies on one hand and the christian lebanese forces on the other hasn't gone away. lebanon's leaders will need to work together to agree on a new governments and elect a president in
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a few months. political deadlock is not unusual in this fractured country, but there is an urgent need to adopt performs and laws to rescue a collapse the economy and a polarized parliament won't make that easy. the divide dates back to the civil war which ended in 1990 after which power was divided between sects. but lebanon's parliamentary democracy is in reality a consensual democracy. unanimity is needed for the system to work and peace to be maintained than the ushers. eda beirut trunk as ruling party, has blocked a new confidence motion against president. go to buy a roger boxer in parliament. it was triggered by growing anger and protests. economic crisis. the people down near the president's office demanding red paxis stepped down. the country is run out of some essential medicines and many is struggling to buy enough food. the government doesn't have enough foreign currency for crucial import,
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including petrol, diesel and gas. fuel stations have run dry, but people have been queuing for hours anyway, in the hopes that the pumps will be turned on very soon and you know, for it and the people lined up for killing me doesn't kill me to unable to get the word. so i can run a really good right now. can you do your day to day activities? yeah, i have from morning 430. so we expecting to come, but still have not received it and we are getting the news that it won't be, i mean, today. and for the another 3 days, it's going to be available more still to come this hour, including after coming together during the pandemic, peruse coming, or kitchens battle rising food and fuel prices. red public out in the buttons, queens, she visits the wealth. first of all, digital railway elizabeth line and
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a pair of sneakers with a link to michael jordan. go up for auction. ah . it's getting warm and water in the bulk of western europe, not heat wave territory, and it won't last, but it's warmth. the time being at last because this swirl a plot here means it's bringing warmth up from where, where it's war at through france towards the british isles. temperatures, for example, are in the middle to high twenty's in the forecast for tuesday. 29 in paris were well above that in some parts of spain. much of eastern europe is a little bit cooler still in the orange coloring, but not in the significant twenties. and this is going to be knocked back a bit eventually because the rain, it's falling in ireland and elegant western england. we'll just keep edging into this part of northern europe. but paris is forecast reaches 30 by wednesday,
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then slowly comes down, generating a few thunderstorms in the breeze picks up. we're down to about 27. not a huge difference, but i think it will feel quite different. that's true for belgium, northern germany, and the low countries there to set and london down to $21.00 east europe and his time has warmed up in the shower of gone from southeast from, from, from romania in the balkans. and it's still hot in spain. there's quite a breeze in the eastern part of the med, still blowing cooler air into example libya, but it's still hot and dusty and most of north africa was just a few showers, reaching this a how ah, ah, for over a century american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countless young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so like, oh, but i could not figure out where it was coming from me. in
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a 3 part series, full plunge investigates, a massive scandal that raw the united states scoutmaster parked one on a just 0 for 23 years. musson has collected objects he finds along the coast. ah enough to fill his museum enough to break a guiness wild redcoat, armed with a story for every object, he's become an environmental activist, uninspired artists, under voice for the plight of countless micro. ah, my chinese you such are on al jazeera o
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a reminder the stories yolanda 0 ukraine has ended. its defense of the as of style still works and you pull more than 260 soldiers have been evacuated to russian held territory. increased defense ministry has praised them for changing the course of the war by holding russian troops at bay ukraine and seeking to have them returned as part of a prisoner swap in moscow. the recalls for members of the regiment to be questioned, one russian politicians as the death penalty should be considered for them and use president joe biden says the ideology behind saturdays must shooting in buffalo. new york is a threat to us. democracy is visited the scene of the attack and met relatives of the 10 people who were killed, most of whom were black. extreme weather is affecting millions of people across south asia and the middle east. health warnings have been issued in northern india,
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where temperatures reached 49 degrees celsius scientists and thinking the extreme heat to climate change and say more than a 1000000000 people in india and neighboring pakistan, art risk. it's the 5th heat wave to hit the region since march suddenly meter reports from new delhi. miss you again to tune day beds outdoors, as he prepared for a long day at his construction site where he lives with his family in a makeshift shack like hundreds of millions of indians, he's forced to risk their health and work in the record breaking wheat. let her go soccer only. we did masonry of 100 feet, but now we can do only 70 feet. are contractors often get angry with us because of this? i feel we need to rest for a day or 2. it's too hard, but if he don't work, what will we eat? some on parts of south asia arrived early this year. march was the hottest in
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a century in the region while april brooks ever records. average temperatures are $6.00 to $9.00 degrees celsius above normal. some areas in new delhi recently surpassed 49 degrees. jakob about in south east pakistan reached an all time high of 51 degrees. dozens of people have died of heat related illnesses in pakistan, while millions are struggling with our basic amenities such as access to clean water and electricity. finally got been a or did any ard color that we haven't seen such a heat wave before. we're worried because our livestock sick due to the excessive heat, the vegetation is dried up, the water tables going down. we have to use wet clothes to cover ourselves to try to beat the heat. the extreme heat is damaging crops and threatening to further increase food prices, making the poor even more vulnerable. so a lot of your population is in such a big red hat. government does not have the physically as a bullet in these countries. so so that the biggest,
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there's another very big one in the one that ability or this region along with applied factors. it's also the mommy and the situation of the coaching temperatures, have spa demand for electricity, causing a cold shortage. the indian government says it'll import cold to prevent power costs, and it's not just a blistering heat exports. a global warming is changing rather patterns in the region. why rain for the northern india has been much lower than normal. the northeast is reeling from heavy rain. at least 10 people have been killed and landslides have thought of basic services for thousands of people. bob newman, i'll just read off new delhi sandstorms across the middle east of delayed flights close schools and put thousands and hospital gutter, saudi arabia, kuwait, and the wrong of all been grappling with the problem in recent days with skyscrapers barely visible in some countries. kuwait port authority of now reopened all my time operations and it's 3 ports which were closed because of the bad
12:33 am
weather. the middle east has always been battered by dust and sandstorms, but experts say they will worse than because of climate change. on monday, rock was hit by its 8th sandstorm since mid april, april. let's talk more about all this with her daughter, brenda equis, all who's the director of climate science at the union of concerned scientists to join. we live from washington, d. c. thanks very much for being with us shortly. go back to to the heat waves of the series of heat waves. you see what you think is behind them. while we do see that in pakistan as a whole is experienced, its hardest march, since at least the 1960 s. and in the region, the larger region such as india, they have not experienced cheat waves since over a 100 years. so what we're seeing is the level of climate change since the industrial area where it's about $1.00 degrees celsius above the industrial age is really creating heat ways that are very extreme and very disruptive and
12:34 am
dangerous. and what i mean, what kind of things can people do to adapt to this? i mean, it seems as though it's becoming more frequent. one aspect is we know from studies that people who are healthy yet may do activities where they have to be outside and insert energy such as outdoor workers. these are types of activities that should be curtailed during extreme heat waves. and unfortunately with climate change, we're going to have more and more disruptions to our economic livelihoods and things like that. and we need to take action, give people holidays times where we can stay safe and stay endorse new. you mentioned some of the effects of it. how dangerous can extreme heat be? so some people looking at the health effects. 35 degrees celsius isn't isn't
12:35 am
a heat index is something that if you're doing activity, even if you're healthy, your body may not be able to cool off because the outdoor air is just close to the skin temperature. if you're any hotter than the skin temperature of human beings, it's impossible to cool off. and this is one of the great consequences of climate change in heat waves. it could be several hours where you're reaching that dangerous. and you don't want to get about 6 hours so you really have to take actions to get out of such conditions. what we see is with climate change such days, such hours of extreme, unhealthy, dangerous heat are only likely to be more frequent and pleasant about the sandstorms. they seem to be very frequent, particularly in iraq. yes, i mean normally in different areas, we don't expect to see so many very severe dust storms. what we have is
12:36 am
a combination of trout wrapper, just verification and climate change. unfortunately, when you have a warmer atmosphere, it can suck up more water from the soil or any water that's around. and if you are in a dryer region, the atmosphere construct up so much water that you create conditions that naturally have had dust storms through time and memorial. but now they're much more dangerous and much more severe because of the frequency of exposure. public health risk are, are immense, cardio respiratory, asthma bronchitis. these are things that send people to the hospitals and it is encouraging that there was declared national holiday in places so that you can stay away from these very dangerous storms. dr. brenda, thank you very much. indeed. for to, to thank you. thank you. i'm peru more than 250000
12:37 am
people survive by eating in common your kitchens. the nice to run by groups of women who cooked together to ensure their families get good quality nutrition. rising food and fuel prices undermining their efforts. florida sanchez reports from lima in this tiny makeshift kitchen on the outskirts of lima, women put together whatever they can to create a nutritious meal. on the menu recently was rice, carrots, corn, and chicken bones. cut up in tiny pieces so everyone can get some protein says printer, fanatical as possible, band them up. okay. we only eat lunch, there is nobody for breakfast. and in the evenings, each one has to figure out what to put on their tables, follow communal kitchens around the country were a response to the pandemic. the left for 1000000 impoverished people without jobs, more than 250000 feet on meals. that cost less than $0.30. rising fuel prices have
12:38 am
made some ingredients like meat or chicken, impossible to buy and local governments donations to keep them going or waning. in some areas, government distribution of basic ingredients stopped more than 4 months ago. ever come in to get a lead at the local government does not remember. as at the top of the hill, they offer help during political campaigns. but then they forget spouse, us some of these communal kitchens feed 20 to 30 people every day. others 2 to 300, many say this is the last resort to feed their families. and they say, if they didn't have this, they wouldn't know where to turn to for help. to alleviate the pressure, the government has suspended some taxes and fuel and some basic products. but analysts say that insufficient teaching do use, no doubt there is hunger and it's going to get worse. inflation is here to stay for a long time producing the purchasing power of households, particularly of the poor. the government apparently believes the prices can be controlled, but this is not possible. the finance ministry already estimates this,
12:39 am
your investment growth will be 0. community leader is called your blades precedent, federal casteel by you suspect the president's priority is not the vulnerable families. i feel angry because he should be concerned about the people in need. the leaders of the near 3000 kitchen around the country said they are desperate. the women have postponed, a nationwide protest waiting for the government to resolve the food crisis. but they say their children are hungry and time is running out with the n s i just, i just see that might be too personal for a secretary says she does change, reduce your situation to change parts of the northern ireland protocol. the e u has warned view k against shante alter the post pressure trade deal unilaterally. and they've been the warnings of a trade war if no agreement has reached gena, how reports from belfast?
12:40 am
this is long seaport, where customs checks are carried out on goods arriving in northern ireland from great britain under the post briggs in northern ireland protocol. it established a customs border within the united kingdom itself as a way of protecting the use single market. while avoiding a hard border on the island of island, the protocol is now with the heart of an escalating dispute between the u. k and the e. u, and has led to the breakdown of power sharing government in northern ireland. i'm announcing our intention to introduce legislation in the coming weeks to make changes in the protocol. all preference remains the negotiated solution with the e u. suddenly that was the british government announcing its intention to take you to a lateral action if changes to the protocol can't be negotiated by promising to enact legislation, the hope is to encourage the
12:41 am
e. u to compromise and also to repair devolved government at stormont by enticing the democratic unionist party back into power sharing with the nationalist she in fain. the d u. p who's cautiously welcomed to move, say the protocol undermines northern islands, right to equal treatment as part of the u. k. be warned about the consequences of this protocol. and that's why we oppose to from the beginning because we recognize the political, economic instability. it would cause on the harm it would create for the union itself. the european union is likely to see this move by the british government as a threat. and it has warned about the consequences of unilateral action potentially including a legal challenge if they believe the british government has breached international law, potentially even down the line resulting in a trade war. and as much as the prime minister, the foreign secretary say, they hope for a negotiated resolution to all of this is frankly quite hard to see the
12:42 am
e u capitulating under the shadow of a threat. the irish foreign minister said it was damaging to trust with a general lack of trust already an aggravating factor. i think that is a significant problem. and northern ireland in a recent poll for present express trust in the u. k. government, which is a very low present for residence, sovereign government. and i think within the conservative party, there's all sorts of games being played, which we don't actually understand necessarily from here in ministers. and then there's another factor, which is the american factor. exactly. how would they want to negotiate their interest in northern ireland? so all of these things have not yet crystalized, and we have to wait for the consequence. all of which leaves the why the dispute and northern islands, problems within it, a little closer to resolution. jonah whole al jazeera belfast as years behind schedule and billions of dollars over budget. but the world's 1st old digital railway is about to happen in london. queen elizabeth made
12:43 am
a surprise appearance at a ceremony to mark the completion of the line, which is named after her niece barker went for a ride and a warning. his report contains flashing lights. a crowning moment for europe's largest infrastructure project. queen elizabeth, lending her name to london's biggest single transport upgrade for more than a century a decade in the making. the line is a journey into the future. forget the cramp tunnels of the cities, 19th century tube network. this is something else. light fil chambers serenely curved, concrete and glass, it feels like a huge mod, not gallery, not a mode of transport. it provides state of the are fast clean ambient services that londoners will flock to. so that plus the economic benefit, something like $42.00 bits, 1000000000 pounds injection to the u. k. economy. this trudy is a game changer for london. the trains are smoother and faster than anything seen in
12:44 am
the city before. ah, speeding travelers from one side of central london to the other in 9 minutes. as the u. k. race is to reach its target of net 0, carbon emissions by 2050. public transport is key. these are all cathedral like, although worldly space is designed to accommodate this growing metropolis. making the morning commute less of her squeeze. a more of a breeze. but a $23000000000.00 hasn't come cheap. that's 5000000000 more than expected. twice the price of the london 2012 olympics or 15. buckingham palace is the drop in passenger numbers. during the pandemic, st. left a $1800000000.00 hole in transport for london's finances. and we 20 percent fewer people using the underground network. choosing to work from home instead, there were concerns about when this new line will stop paying for itself. the
12:45 am
process of pulling tunnels and point concrete was finish years ago. but turning this into the most advanced digital railway in the world was a 120 kilometer long i t nightmare. this is a probably the world's most complex fully digital railway. it undoubtedly as the world's most complicated signaling system with 4 different signaling systems. we've got 16000000 digital pots on the thrower, so to bring them all together has been quite a challenge actually, but we were kind of got there and the, and the other customers will reap the benefits of this entire project. is war massive exercise in engineering problem solving, instead of an escalator here i finished caraway. on may the 24th, when the line opens to the public. these 250 meter long platforms will reverberate with the sound of thousands of travelers. queen elizabeth was born in an age of steam trains. now the elizabeth line is driving the future of digital transport.
12:46 am
the pocket al jazeera london to the head. this news al on charlie and read the 75th kind film festival, where the red carpet is being rolled out for hollywood blockbusters, all house films and delegations from ukraine is a film it is to gathers off to a bruising 2 years and will have action from the premier league is liverpool keep the title, race alive. bus u. s. congress holds its 1st public hearings into unidentified flying objects in more than 50 years. ah, cats are always official ally of the join with
12:47 am
with the whole issue and line of the john lou. ah,
12:48 am
the kind of film, so is world famous for being a showcase for the greatest cinema. the moment that she is gathering on the french riviera opens after tough 2 years for cinema during the covert pandemic, and in the shadow of the ukraine war. charlie angela is there miss report? a light cameras action can a 2 week celebration of cinema after a bruising 2 years for the big screen. 35000 film buyers and sellers, critics and celebrities, a gathering to do business and promote old genres. a film festival is opening with the french comedy final cut, a love letter to filmmaking and budget zombie movies from the teen behind the oscar winner. the artist, the films carson cree walked the red carpet earlier to the flash of boats, and the cheers from fans. but is actually ukraine, that's going to be pulling focus this year. every door has been opened for their
12:49 am
delegations. and there's lots of discussion here about how filmmakers can help the ukraine film industry rebuild itself host war. meanwhile, official russian delegations have been banned from attending a fuss to appear on the screen. was actually president lensky himself. and can you help out just the high? hate will end by disappearing on the dictates his will die. finally, we must, when we need cinema to guarantee this ending. yet, each time it will be on the side of freedom. waffles for japan to us is, has always been, it will be above all the path of cinema. he or an all star jewelry will consider the 21 computing films and pick a widow for the palm dual prize. a prize that can propel a relatively obscure production into the main stream. but with only 5 films directed by women, i put forward the perennial question of diversity. this is a question for rebecca hall as an actor and iraq to do you think the festival is doing enough to address gender equality and racial diversity with this lineup this
12:50 am
year. the way that we are addressing those, the way that we're dealing with these things, needs to be address on a grass roots level as well. it's not just, you know, the festivals, the public facing situations. it's also about crews. it's also about all of my new share. i have what goes into the industry at large and a lot about to do with education outreach help to get people who don't have access to those doors in a woman can, can, has been called a cathedral dedicated to wild cinema this year. films from japan, south korea, and iran, a keenly anticipated by critics. no films from sub saharan africa has been selected in any category, but that hasn't dumpster it. found that the african pavilion says filmmakers from the continent have a unique set the skill, i think they are very good at doing a lot with. and it's make that a creativity as it's best. so we don't cancel
12:51 am
a way. the film festival is leaning on blockbusters like the new top gun, maybe to draw the media attention. but it is art how similar it seeks to champion between the explosion of streaming services and the closure of cinema theaters. and he's all the attention it can get. charlie angela al jazeera. can i speak with a sport? lauren, thank you. liverpool have stayed in touch with premier leaders. manchester city going into sundays, final round of matches. but nathan ribbons, early officer hampton, on tuesday. the don't do. liverpool playing yellow here in favors for qu me mean amino would restore parity for the visitors who had to witness to close the gap on 50 to just one point. and victory was secured midway through the 2nd half a job, massive header and to the to one. when for yoga top seem who host wounds on sunday city are at home to aston villa and historic day in the will of cycling with benny
12:52 am
m gourmet becoming the 1st black african to win a stage in any of the 3 grand 2 of the 22 year old, familiar tray one stage 10 of the general italia, aging past one of the world's best experiences in the process last month. gourmet was also became the 1st black africans with a major one day event. so i don't see a very happy value of amazing because when you wait, wait, wait is already 10 days that we withdraw that one day will arrive and write them with the bid their group and derive that today was one of the day. and then it was amazing and the thing later because life i don't believe of tiger woods is adam and he can win this week's p. j championship. the 2nd major of the year he says he's feeling stronger than he did at the master's last month. fog has only played one competitive to them and forming a serious car crash in february last year in southern hills. in oklahoma with the
12:53 am
pga championship fargo, one of them the last time it was held up this course. but that was back in 2007 feel like i can. yeah, definitely. i just got to go out and do it. i do my work and starts on thursday and i'll be ready there's. it can be limitations. i mean, there's a lot of hardware in there and there can be limitations to what i'm going to be able to do and but i'm going to get, i'm going to get stronger. i don't know how, how much that is or how much range of motion i'll ever get back. but sure that have a lot better than was, you know, 12 months ago. but still, if i still have tough days and things aren't going to be as, as easy as people might think. but i feel like i'm doing better. i'm having more days in which are are better, more positive able to practice a little bit longer. so i'm able to do do activities and things that
12:54 am
now i was hoping to do and i'm unable to do in tennis world. number 2, the new maid vidalia struggled, and he's come back off the missing 6 weeks because of injury. the russian underwent hernia operation last month, and last in straight sets the french and regional gas k at the geneva open that have now have the french open next week having take just one match on played. the sale of chelsea football club is reportedly being thrown into doubt by a dispute between the u. k. government and russian own room and abram of each of the way the proceeds will go. a consortium laid by allied, just co owner, told boley is in the process of trying to purchase the club in a $5300000000.00 deal. it needs to be completed before chelsea temporary operating license expires on may 31st abram of it. she was sanctioned by the british government following russia. the invasion of ukraine is not allowed to keep the profits from the fail. a locked out hinge on the loan,
12:55 am
the loan of more than one and a half $1000000000.00. that chelsea has benefited from you for the last 19 years. i've helped fund so much success and i problem of it had said that he would not be calling that in himself. the government doesn't seem to have the assurances yet legally binding that actually that is the case and just what will happen to the money. and indeed the fight to these funds initially what the government wants is this money to end up in a frozen account. the 2500000000 pounds is being paid by the consortium led by the l. a dodge, as paul tell you not told by a so this deal can be done by may the 31st. the license could be extended license that allows chelsea the frozen asset continue operating as a business. but there is another deadline looming early in june, which is the premier league issuing the licenses for all clubs to operate the next season. so there is that element of jeopardy and the sense as well. this is
12:56 am
information the government does want to out in the public to some degree perhaps to put some pressure on brokovich. the chelsea i to speed up the process to speed up all for a noise assurances. someone who's no strange, it's a winning in be a title is michael jordan and now it seems. 3 at least, i mean, and now i comes linked to the 6 time champion. oh, going up for auction in new york, 5 pieces of jordan think it isn't a collector's card or expecting to $34000000.00 during the 2 week auction in june. michael jordan's brand change the sneaker market from the 19 eighties and it's still very much desirable today. and he's pretty ceremony of a picture of some celebrity that is the 1st one. it's going to be up there with the j, steve. he had the honor ahead of houston's game with boston on monday, but he couldn't the table throw so bad that went into the backs of me or learn will leave it there for now most for news later. thank you. now,
12:57 am
us pentagon officials have testified at the 1st public hearings into u. f o z, in more than 50 years. they say they're committed to determining the origins of what the government calls on identified aerial phenomena. to senior defense officials appeared before a committee after 2021 report documented more than 140 cases of an identified aerial phenomena seen by military pilots since 2004. they said, most u, a p's can't be explained due to a lack of data. and identified aerial phenomena are a potential national security threat and they need to be treated that way for too long. the stigma associated with you a piece has gotten in the way of good intelligence analysis. pilots avoided reporting overlap that when they did the deal, the officials relegated the issue to the back room or swept it under the rug entirely. the for male or taylor for this news up on the back in a couple of minutes with more. today's news thanks for watching.
12:58 am
ah ah and in just under a year's time chattels al bait stadium will house the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many fans were already counting down to the big kickoff next november. see you got back. go 1022 more as this tournament unfolds over the coming days, it will play a key role. organize is getting ready to host the middle east's. biggest ever
12:59 am
sporting event next year. and for the cats are national teams. they get used to playing in front of expected home crowds, bobby hoping to convince both the fans and themselves. so they really all ready to take on the world. when i was raised in france, these are my grandparents. these are my parents. and this is mean fighting both isis and of the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father, the son and the g. hi. part one on al jazeera from the world's most populated region in den and untold stories across asia. and the pacific to discover the current events
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with diverse coaches. and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera, ah hundreds of ukrainian fighters are evacuated to russian held territory as ukraine ends at symbolic defense of mario poles as of style still works. but their fate is uncertain with russia moving to declare the as of regiment a terrorist organization and exclude them from any prisoner exchanges. ah, orientate of his anger 0 live from london also coming up. he will not.


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