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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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al jazeera well goes to vienna and grass to examine events and allegations of his lam, a phobia. this is a terrible mistake because it affect good from 3rd to young families. austria operation luck, saw on al jazeera, ah, all uncertainty over the fate of ukrainian fighters evacuated from a steel plant. they've defended 4 weeks. ukraine once a prisoner exchange, russia, once some of them branded terrorists. ah, roberson, this is odyssey rely from dough half also coming of sweden and finland prepared to hand in their nato applications. despite turkeys, threat to block their beds. evil will not when i promise you
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hate will not prevail. president joe biden pays his respects to victims of the latest you ask mass shooting because white supremacy poison. and charlie angela at 75th can film festival, where the red carpet is being rolled out for hollywood blockbusters, our house films and delegations from ukraine is a film. it is the gathers of the a breathing 2 years is not clear what's gotta happen to ukrainian forces have been defending mario polls as of style still works from russian. the tax moscow says more than $260.00 ukrainian soldiers have surrendered. it also says $51.00 of them are going to be treated in the russian controlled region of dannetta. ukraine says it wants to exchange captured russian soldiers for ukrainian fighters, but russia's parliament may ban prisoners swaps. i said, beg reports from the city of new april after 82 days underground,
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these wounded ukrainian soldiers are finally leaving the as of stall steal plot. or russian buses displayed the letters ed, symbolic of its invasion. for months, these fighters from the as of battalion attempted to defend the steel planted merrier pole, and prevent russian soldiers from complete taking over the port city. but out numbered and over howard ukraine says its mission to defend the plant is over sir. stole when you come on the defenders of mary paul fulfilled all the time that by their commanders. unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to unblock as often by military means. fight for the steel burks and the plight of civilians and fighters trapped there captured the world's attention. all women, children, and elderly have already been evacuated. president vladimir zalinski says the priority now is to move out the rest of the fighters still in the plant. so dicky deem grant his calls, but thanks to the actions of the ukrainian military,
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the international committee of the red cross and the you in. we hope that we will be able to save the lives of our guys. there are severely wounded soldiers among them that have been given care and i want to stress that ukraine needs ukrainian heroes alive. though seriously wounded, have been taken to a medical facility in the russian controlled tan. and over as often, they could become part of a prisoner swap. gera, which was over the past 24 hours, 265 militants laid down their arms and surrendered, including $51.00 seriously wounded. all those in need of medical care were sent for treatment to a hospital in the don, yet sc people's republic. ukrainian fighters say they held out an as of style for weeks to buy time for the rest of ukraine to battle. russian forces and secure western arms needed to withstand russia's assault. but the evacuation marks the end of what could be one of the longest and bloody battles of the ukraine war. mario
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pole is now in ruins, and ukraine says, tens of thousands of people have died with ukraine accepting that the battle for the us postal plot, unmarried police over the russians now have their land preach to annex crimea, as well as a significant victory for the strategically important port city. what with the fighting in the east, continuing on with daily miss ireland air strikes, the war fall from over a side bake. i'll jazeera done april doses of bodies in moscow with more on the evacuation from the stew plant. it was only over the past 24 hours that we understand it with the assistance of the united nations as well as the international committee of the red cross. they were able to and get the injured fighters out finally, and we understand there were still many of the ukrainian fighters fighters still left that most of them are injured. and now this is a process that is ongoing according to the russian defense ministry. of course, mary opal, it is
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a very strategically important as support city. it is an area that russia claimed it. they were in full control of in late april. it links crimea, which russia annex in 2014 to the dumbass region, and then on to russia. it is a land corridor that this country was looking to establish. and this was one of the final remaining issues that these fighters were a prolonging their full and victory for the russian military. invariable now, it seems that the evacuation is underway. and so, it really is going to be a victory for the russian military to say that they have now full control of marable, which then means they will be able to establish that much at needed land quarter from crimea all the way across to russia. but opinions top diplomat says the block will continue to supply ukraine with military equipment. speaking in brussels, joseph burrell said the russian army has suffered significant losses during the invasion. a wooden desk to make
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a passes about how long russia can resist. we are talking about russia resist. divert, resist, will use it with respect to russia. but deviate is true all. if it is true that russia has lost a about 15 percent of their troops at the beginning of the war. this is a world record on their losses of an army. invading a country from london sweetener, pushing ahead with plans to join nato. even though turkeys threatened to block the move, but expected to submit their beds on wednesday. both countries have long maintained a neutral stance, but russia's invasion and ukraine has prompted them to make what's been described as a historic change. talk is against the membership because it says they support kurdish
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p k. k fighters is they, athena antibiotics in sweden and finland. we have agreed to go hand in hand through the entire process and tomorrow will file the application to nato together. it's a message of strength and a clear signal that we stand united going into the future ahead. no diplomatic editor james base has more from brussels. there have been some very fast moving developments. the letter from the swedish foreign minister, formerly applying to join nato and from the finish side, the finished parliament. that overwhelming vote. a 188 in favor. just 8 against showing how public and political opinion in both countries has changed so radically since the invasion of ukraine by president putin. what happens next? well, as still is the possible opposition of turkey. and i think the most important meeting is the one that will take place in new york between the turkish foreign minister and the u. s. secretary of state u. s. officials say they are confident they can change the turks mind that this can
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be a unanimous decision, and it has to be the animal decision by nato turkey, as a member. and if it wanted to, it could block the membership of these 2 countries that would bring a great deal of sophistication and capability in their military. they are large military's and nato's border. if they join what more than double the border with russia? and president biden's condemned what he calls the poison of white supremacy? he's been in buffalo, new york. remember families of victims of the latest mass shooting. she competency reports from buffalo. after visiting the sight of saturdays massacre at a supermarket in a predominantly black neighbourhood of buffalo, new york jo bigler spoke specifically of the philosophy that underpin the guns rampage. that white americans are being replaced by non whites, for political ends, through government subsidies and immigration. a view that's being expressed in the mainstream rights of us politics. i call all americans to reject ally and i can
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them those who spread the live for power, political gain and for profit that's what it is. as the solutions biden focused on 2 areas, there are certain things we can do. we can keep assault weapons off our streets. we done it before. i didn't want to pass the crime bill last time and violence went down, shootings went down. you can't prevent people who may radicalize to violence. we can address the relentless exploitation of the internet to recruit and mobilize terrorism. we just need to have the courage to do that. to stand out. the mayor of buffalo said he appreciate the president's visits. the number of flowers, candles, and other items that were there, show the tremendous impact that this horrible act has had on the community.
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saw a rail resolve in the president to make a difference, to try to bring to an end nash shootings and in this country. but even biden himself admits he's very unlikely to get an assault weapons about puffed in congress from left to right, the suspicion of any attempt by the government to regulate constitutionally protected free speech. yes, civil libertarians say you could begin fighting white supremacists, but in the end that government could attempt about anyone, it feels is an enemy. the shooting has highlights of the socio economic foundations of american racism. unlike so many african american communities, at least this neighborhood had a supermarket. now it's closed with residents relying on food banks. it was putting all their focus downtown. we build in downtown, but in the meanwhile we cell phone and we always been stuffing on
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a fat and further down the side. but now each side is now. when we got your attention, we try not enough to know change that to come a man. the conversation here is whether the sudden focus on this african american community will improve the lives of people here, or is the shooting just the latest manifestation of racism in the u. s. she ever can't see al jazeera buffalo, new york police in california, sir, man who open fire in a church was motivated by political hatred for taiwan. prosecutor say he was trying to execute as many people as possible. one person was killed and 5 were wounded when the shooter carried out the attack during a church lunch. they would chew allegedly chained the doors and put superglue in key holes in the lead up to the attack. choosing u. s. citizen, but he grew up in taiwan. still ahead on al jazeera,
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political deadlock in lebanon as no clear winner after parliamentary elections. but has bala and its allies have lost the majority. the world's longest serving prime minister is getting ready to step aside. we're going to look at his controversial choice of successor. ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world copies on its way to katha book, your travel package today. the seasonal rains in east ages and to come in pulses. it really way even out. this is the out bit, but the next wave is tries develop in the western side of charlotte in between a gets warm, sometimes hot, in fact, up to 31 in beijing high twenty's in the korean peninsula. some right in north korea, but nothing in japan took, is it a sunny 24 little changes for thursday, a hint of it, a rain creeping into southern china,
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but it's not very concentrated. we got the potential of big chows, not far away from taiwan. you'll notice but the seasonally heavier rain is still there for luzon, probably to viet nam and certainly for me and mark parts of thailand, that is a bit of a gap part of malaysia fair amount of into these years just enjoying daily showers, but not especially heavy ones, it looks like we got some fairly persistent rain coming into caroline, maybe even under pradesh. but the heaviest rain on record reported recently is in the northeast of india, there is a big shout from west bengal up to our som, they're going to keep going for the next day or 2, which is seasonally correct. of course you heard about the heat elsewhere to clear northwest in the urine pakistan. that heat, especially in pakistan, is rebuilding and will hold hit 50 again. by the end of the week. hatter airway official airline of the journey. how do you state control information a tina is local. if you try to search to work in
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a men we find it is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion. they had live die, and that allowed the children to continue to die to how is city in general it and re framing the story. i'm here to document the war crimes committed by who did and his resume. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera. ah ah, watching old, is it a reminder of our top stories this or it's not clear what is going to happen to ukrainian fighters have been defending? mario pause as of style still works from russian attacks. moscow says more than
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$260.00 ukrainian soldiers have surrendered ukraine once a prisoner swap, but russia want some of them labeled terrorists, finland and sweden plan to submit their applications to join nato. on wednesday, the nordic states are set to abandon their long held neutral status because of russia's invasion of ukraine took, he's threatened to block their membership id because it says they support the kurdish p. k. k. u. s. president, jo bivens met the families of those killed and saturdays mass shooting and buffalo . 10 african americans died in the racially motivated attack. biden's expected a colon congress to take tougher action on gun ownership. lobby as parliament appointed prime minister fought bosh. haga says he's going to move his government to cert. on wednesday, michigan announced the move after the administration of the incumbent on the high made al de baber refused to give up power and blocked his attempt to enter the capital. tripoli on tuesday. louise had 2 governments since march, when parliament appointed basheba as prime minister. but al debarber has called the
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move illegitimate and has refused to step aside and whom i had a little s f that government has worked to to lay and undermine the election. they refused to go to the election approved by the international community and the u. n . we did not resort to force or insults. we followed a political process. we will never use corruption. we will never corrupt the political life that meanwhile, prime minister or the home without the baby described tuesdays developments as an armed groups desperate attempt to spread terror and chaos. and the libyan capital and incumbent. he in hand, the elections or the solution. there is no future except through directions. the group attempts have failed to day. we can confirm it's over when i reformed candidates in lebanon, have made big gains and sandy's parliamentary elections. official results show no
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clear winner, but it ran back hezbollah and its allies have lost majority. saudi aligned, lebanese forces party also made gains to become the biggest christian blog. then i called a reports from beirut. many of the old faces are back, but a meaningful number of new ones made it into lebanon's parliament, which now has a new balance of power. the iranian back has been a party and its allies lost their majority, but no other political grouping or party can claim victory. the opposition may be sizable, but not united. what is a 1st, however, and post civil war politics are the so called reformists, who want at least 10 percent of the seats. these are candidates not affiliated to any of the mainly sectarian parties. we have to be as a king maker because we have not, we don't have to be in the polarization. we have to create
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a bridge. those new voices will stand in the middle of long time enemies. tensions have already spilled onto the streets. supporters of rival parties fought on election day. the 3 local observers also documented attacks on their teams by supporters, mostly from she. our groups has below. and among many observers, witness so many pressures, especially in the electoral districts of and the bol buckhead by some of parties, delegates, and agents, and even supporters. the she groups may have preserved the $27.00 seats allocated to their sect, but observer say they can no longer claim souls representation. or they did everything they cancel, intimidates, voters, candidates, and they were presented in the constituency. and at the same time, does also a, and i've done at the vote. so there's a vote which went outside the box and to their opponents. and that happened for the 1st time in spite of their attempts to keep it contained through the ballot box.
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there is no doubt change has begun, but the old divide has bala and its allies on one hand and the christian lebanese forces on the other hasn't gone away. 7 ons leaders will need to work together to agree on a new government and elect a president in a few months. political deadlock is not unusual in this fractured country, but there is an urgent need to adopt performs and laws to rescue a collapse the economy. and a polarized parliament won't make that easy. the divide dates back to the civil war which ended in 1990 after which power was divided between sects. but lebanon's parliamentary democracy is in reality, a consensual democracy. unanimity is needed for the system to work and peace to be maintained. san jose as ita, beirut, though as long as serving prime minister appears to be making preparations to hand over part. whole son has been at the head of the cambodian government for more than 3 decades in recently announced he would step down and 2028. but as tony chang
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reports, his being accused of nepotism and his choice of successor, cambodian prime minister, whom sen meets his malaysian counterpart in the capital plum pen. having taken the position in 1985, he's ruled uninterrupted, the 37 years making of the longest serving prime minister in the world. although uninterrupted, that rule has been repeatedly contested, disputed coalition rule, compromised elections and intimidation, have left big questions about his legitimacy. but one thing henson has always relied on is the royal cambodia on forces. this are, as you rely, so much all did he force even at all? well, it should ensure internal security, this regime easy way to feel is you were not. it shouldn't be
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a surprise then that one sent successor is the commander of the armed forces and also his son. hon manette. here, meeting japan's prime minister, a 5 star general, and recently endorsed by his father to be the next p. m. politically, there are very few challenges for him to overcome since his father band, the main opposition party in 2017 fuel turner, tips have emerged. it doesn't mean that are the younger generation. i mean, a young generation like me and the atmosphere boy done one of the show up position . i'm in high position in the government, but it's because the opportunity and a power is holding, ah, within the whole family is really powerful. and they can decide what a, what a, why this is the house, the hon. sunbelt, the enormous headquarters of the cambodian people's party, which is effectively the only major political party left in this country. that the real challenge for her manette could well be to convince the people in here that he
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is his own man. not just his father's son. hood minute succession could yet be derailed. rapid economic expansion in the cities has benefited his select elite, but the majority of the people in the country and less than $500.00 a year. and with 60 percent of the population under the age of 30 pressure is building for change at the god. tony chang, l g 0, plumping groceries in burkina. faso say they found no survivors amongst after heavy rain flooded a mine in the west of the country, rescuers hoped 8 missing men might have been able to take, shall turn a chamber deep inside the mine, which was stalked with food and water. but when teams reached it, it was empty. the mining company says rescuers will keep searching law. some of the receipts are gone. i the risky chamber has been opened in front of us. and despite all our prayers, we found the table empty of any human presence. this is a cruel truth. we have learned ourselves and that we are bringing to the parents of
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the victims. together with the mind the government is committed to continuing pumping. was it out of the mind to search deeper in the earth to see if our brothers, our 8 brothers, were able to find a different refuse to the one we hoped to find them. and when was your 1st president him? i knew all my calls pushed for a rapid investigation into the killing of veteran al jazeera journalist, shedding a black le sharyn was a us citizen. she was shot dead by israeli forces while an assignment in the occupied west bank on wednesday to us. congressman want an f b, i investigation into her death, and they're gathering signatures for the motion to push for that job russian opposition figure. alexey novalis has briefly appeared by video link at a court hearing. the 45 year old is appealing to them, appealing, the 9 year prison sentence on fraud and contempt of court charges that he was given in march. the term is on top of a 3 year jail sentences already serving for violating parole when he was flown to
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germany after a poisoning attack, which he blames, and the kremlin nevada has rejected the allegations. as politically motivated, mexico's president accused the u. s. of upholding up medieval policy against cuba comes a day after the white house announced his easing restrictions on travel to cuba and money remittance under smuggle lopez open the door says the us should go a step further and lift economic sanctions and also once biden, to invite cuba to a summit for the american scheduled for next month. there is a ball has more on the easing of measures. the past 2 years have been difficult for people actual pulido. he owns a small hotel in havana, economic sanctions, and lack of tourism. due to the pandemic, has worse and the economic conditions in cuba. the u. s. as decision to lift some economic restrictions could have a positive impact on his business. farmington, but joy is not fully convinced how much it will change. things on the ground has
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doubled on multiple. it's totally unpredictable. what will happen with the missions many promises have been made before, and we're still in the same situation. we can only wait to see if it favors us or not. if it happens the u. s. announced it is lifting trump aero restrictions that include limits on family remittances flights and a family reunification program. it was a campaign promised by joe biden, and it's supposed to alleviate the impact of u. s. policy on the population. i guess it almost everyone here has family in the us and they represent a lot for us to get help from there. not only economically, but also to be open to be able to go there and our relatives can come here. the possibility of being in touch with our families. yes, i don't see us normally, the cuban government said the announcement is positive but does not modify the impact. the u. s. embargo continues to have on the island. the u. s. decision comes as cuba past a new penal code that annually say coast descent. in july, last year,
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thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the government. hundreds of protesters were detained, now, facing use in prison for speaking against the political and economic conditions on the island. human rights group say, the u. s. timing was wrong and the new year think and our bill, i would have liked to see bud and announce we're going to open the embassy. give away the 20000 visas. begin with a re unification process. but i would also have like to see something on human rights, but we are going to sustain of fun to assist civil society to assist the relatives of political prisoners or other things that put human rights at the center of u. s. policy you on, i think any tough economic sanctions have fail to bring about political change in cuba. and that's why for many, it's time for a new approach. but he said, well, i'll just see there a huge wildfire and new mexico has now become the largest blaze in the states history. the calf canyon fire started
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a month ago. it's forced more than 26000 people to leave their homes and it's burned through more than 1300 square kilometers and destroyed. 260 homes. huge columns of smoke could be seen from miles or at least 2000 firefighters are battling to bring the blaze under control. the war in ukraine has taken center stage of the opening of the can film festival and france. president vladimir lansky urged movie makers not to stay silent while he says, hundreds, keep dying in the largest european conflict since world war 2. charlie angela is that the festival lights cameras, action can a 2 week celebration of cinema after a bruising 2 years for the big screen. 35000 film buyers and sellers, critics and celebrities, a gathering to do business and promote old genres a film. the festival is opening, but the french comedy final cut a love letter to filmmaking and budget zombie movies from the teen behind the oscar
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winner, the artist, the films causing cri, walked the red copper earlier to the flash of both, and the cheers from fans. but it's actually ukraine, that's going to be pulling focus this year. every door has been opened for their delegations. and there's lots of discussion here about how filmmakers can help you . crane's film industry rebuild itself, host war. meanwhile, official russian delegations have been banned from attending the fuss to appear on the screen was actually president lensky himself. and can you help out just behind? hate will end by disappearing on the dictates is will die. finally, we must, when we need cinema to guarantee this ending. yet each time it will be on the side of freedom, back phosphor on to us, it has always been, it will be above all the path of cinema or an all star jewelry will consider the $21.00 competing films and pick a winner for the palm dual prize a prize that can propel a relatively obscure production into the main stream. but with only 5 films
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directed by women, i put forward the perennial question of diversity. this is a question for rebecca hall. as an actor in directed, you think the festival is doing enough to address gender equality and racial diversity with this lineup this year. the way that we are addressing this, the way that we're dealing with these things, needs to be address on a grass roots level as well. it's not just, you know, the festivals, the public facing situations. it's also about crews. it's also about all of my new share. i have what goes into the industry at large and a lot about to do with education outreach, helped get people who don't have access to those doors in a woman can, can, has been called a cathedral dedicated to weld cinema this year, films from japan, south korea and iran a keenly anticipated by critics, no films from sub saharan africa have been selected in any category. but that hasn't dampen spirit found it. the african pavilion says, bill makers,
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from the continent have a unique set, the skill, i think the how very good at doing a lot with it. and it's made that the creativity is, as it's best. so we don't count on the 1st of all to say you're free and is joy. the film festival is leaning on blockbusters like the new top gun levy to draw the media attention. but it is ot how similar it seeks to champion between the explosion of streaming services and the closure of cinema theaters in these all the attention it can get. charlie angela al jazeera can ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. it's not clear what's gonna happen to ukrainian fighters who've surrendered after defending mateo pulls us off styles still works from rational tracks. moscow says more than $260.00 korean soldiers of put down the.


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