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tv   Witness Skies Above Hebron  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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is within your organization, i knew there was so much evil, but i could not figure out where it was coming from. in a 3 part series, st lawrence investigates a massive scandal that read the united states scoutmaster part one on a just 0 ah hello. i'm fully bachelor window, how with a look at the headlines on al jazeera, finland and sweden are expected to officially applied to join nato, the sour, despite turkey threatening to block the move. the nordic states has said to abandon their long held neutral status because of russia's invasion of ukraine. turkeys against their membership because of their alleged support for kurdish p k. k fighters, which turkey considers terrace groups. let's go live to our diplomatic editor james space in brussels. saw a big day gin, so finland and sweden. but this is not a done deal yet. not a done deal,
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but what he's done is that the 2 countries are applying to join nato. that's going to happen in the next few moments. you can see the flags laid out, the swedish finished flag you decided to us to nato flags. you're going to see young stokes and bugs soon that and he will greet the finish. ambassador klaus ca honan, and the swedish ambassador axel the hall. they will hand over the letters saying that the countries want to join a real change in the political landscape in those 2 countries, which both had a public opinion opposed to joining nato before. russia's invasion, just in the last 24 hours to finish parliament voted. and i think the figures show you how things have changed in finland as they have in sweden. the votes in favor of joining nato, 180 age, the vote against just a votes against. so this would then start a procedure. but of course,
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all of nato countries have to agree and turkey right now has objections to these 2 countries joining nato. the key meeting to look for there is in the coming out in new york, the u. s. secretary of state will be meeting the turkish foreign minister to try and persuade him to accept these 2 countries. james, face and diplomatic editor live in brussel. thank you, james. now meanwhile, in ukraine, it's not clear what's going to happen to ukrainian fighters of surrendered after defending mary a full time of the worst from russian attacks. ukraine wants a prisoner swap, but russia wants some to be labeled harris us present. joe biden has met the families of those killed in a mass shooting in the city of buffalo. new york, 10 african americans were killed in a racially motivated attack on saturday by the news expected to call on congress to take tougher action on gun ownership. frances president demand mccoy's pushing for a rapid investigation into the killing. a veteran, al jazeera german history and actually she was shot dead by israeli forces in the
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occupied west bank on wednesday. sharina was a us citizen. and to us congressman want the f b i to investigate her death in sri lanka, people have been queuing for hours for petrol after the government warned it's running out of fuel the government, short of foreign currency that it needs to import petrol. diesel and gas me now fernandez has more from colombo behind me, this virtualization that i'm in front of in the heart of colombo is one that usually has stalks no matter what happened. however, there's ticker tape right across it where he close can't go. but just on the are the side of me, our division. there are cues on either side of the road that stretch for kilometers . and these are people waiting. they have heard, obviously, that there isn't fuel that the fuel has finished at the sheds, but they still want to try their luck. north korea's leader has accused officials of a court immature response to waste covered 19 outbreak came john own says there inadequate
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strategies for dealing with a crisis are making it worse for young young has recorded another 230000 people with fever like symptoms as well. as 6 more deaths, guatemala as president says he won't attend the summit of the americas next month in los angeles. after the white house criticize his decision to reappoint, an attorney general president alejandro jam may take chose consuelo porras for another 4 year term earlier this month. she's included on a u. s. list of so called corrupts actors. and a major wildfire in new mexico has become the largest in the u. s. states history. the caf canyon fire has burned through more than 1300 square kilometers and destroy $260.00 homes. it's been burning for a month and force more than $26000.00 people from their helps. those are the headlines. witness is next on al jazeera. stay with us. ah.
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ah, nick said issue in this for a while. i'm loosely a to tell that from a senior. she's a national law of government lesson. lisa will honestly were huddled bus me to we had to lose the on them we always missing around the was this free money, which is only looking at how to make the next profit, devastating economies, devastating ecosystem. putting a price on the protection of nature. green economy, a sound good, but it was all about privatization of nature. should our environment be for sale?
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what we're trying to do this persuade people to stabilize to plot, not giving them a financial incentive to do that. pricing the planet on al jazeera trust in authority is up in old time low. you want? was that bro. hench? hey, true. this draws, this is a buffle about what the truth actually is. al jazeera investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear, suspicion and conspiracy theories have become the 2 of the powerful were in a dangerous territory, and that dangerous territory runs deep. what happens now that we've literally diverge that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion on that just ego with
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lou. oh, wow. so again, i'm truly better going doha, with a look at your headlines on al jazeera, finland and sweden have for many submitted their applications to join nato. both countries have long maintained a neutral stance, but russia's invasion of ukraine has prompted them to make what's being described as a historic change. every nation has the right to choose his own pulse. you are both made your choice of the follow democratic processes. you are our closest partners and your membership in nate do would increase our shared
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security. the applications you have made today, or an historic step are diplomatic. as a james space is at nato headquarters in brussels. a real change in the political landscape in those 2 countries, which both had public opinion opposed to joining nato before. russia's invasion, just in the last 24 hours, the finished parliament voted. and i think the figures show you how things have changed in finland as they have in sweden. the votes in favor of joining nato, 188, the votes against just 8 votes against us. so this would then start a procedure. but of course, all of nato countries have to agree and turkey right now has objections to these 2 countries joining nato. the key meeting to look for there is in the coming hours in new york, the u. s. secretary of state will be meeting the turkish foreign minister to try
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and persuade him to accept these 2 countries the war in ukraine. and it's not clear what's going to happen to ukrainian fighters of surrendered after defending marable's. as of south steve works. ukraine wants a prisoner swamp at wash. i want some to be label terrace. us present. joe biden has met the families of bills killed in a mash shooting in the city of buffalo. 10 african americans were killed in the racially motivated attack in new york state on saturday. frances president emmanuel mccoy's bushing for a rapid investigation into the killing a veteran al jazeera journalist that sharon abil o'clock. she was shot dead by israeli forces in the occupied west bank a week ago. in sher lanka, people have been queuing for hours after the government warned is running out of fuel. the government is short of foreign currency leading to petro shortages. and those are the headlines. witness continues next. they witness. ah,
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that light emitted from history kept alive only in the family. tales of those who survived had too many people who didn't see the astonishing story of the polish women and children who endured the siberian glass and so refuge in africa
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never to return again. an epic odyssey of resilience memory is our homeland. on al jazeera it's been a stormy send, stormy spring, and early summer from the whole of north africa across the middle east and including especially iraq and that sandy stoked around and caught up in the wind, which on wednesday we'll bring it down to the empty quarter iraq maybe into northern yemen as well. the picture, the last sandstorm, looks like this and the banks, the tigris dame, basra q 8 brought all away south eventually towards cutter. and i think just avoiding you e, however, gets a thirsty and the wind is still quite strong. dusty over land may be probably not over the water, so i think upper darby still going to have fairly good skies. it's not a cold wind. we still got a forecast of 4140 to 43 degrees, and doha,
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just above average, and 42 in q 8. so hot, windy and dusty similar situation in pakistan, but the temperature much higher. we have seen 51 in jacob about earlier this week. we might see it again by the end of the week, for the heat stretches in the south coast right up to the high ground in the north, which is unusual and early. not good news are afraid for the horn of africa, where you'd expect to see some decent rain is tamya. there are a few more showers on wednesday in kenya, but not many. there are few though. for the west. ah, with i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents. this is me ah, fighting both isis and the 1st of
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a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable farming. the father, the son and the g. ha ha. one on al jazeera. ah finland and sweden, a family applies to join nature, sped by security concerns over russia's invasion of ukraine. ah, hello there, i'm histology. attain. this is al jazeera life and also coming up. another group of ukrainian soldiers leaves the as on styles steel plant and mary poll. ukraine suggests a prisoner exchange, russia one, some of them brandon terrace. rich supremacy is a.


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