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the 1st of the 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father, the son and the jihad part one on al jazeera. ah finland and sweden formally applies to join nato, spurred by security concerns over russia's invasion of ukraine. ah, hello there, i'm his darcy. attain this is out there at life and are also coming up. another group of ukrainian soldiers leaves the as of styles, steel plant and merrier. busy poll ukraine suggests a prisoner exchange, russia one, some of them branded terrorists. rich supremacy is a poison. poison president joe biden pay his respects to the victims of
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a u. s. masters shooting and says racism is being stoked for political gain. and people are carrying for hours for petrol and sri lanka, after the government warns it's running out of supplies. ah or finland and sweden have submitted their formal applications to join nato. their ambassadors handed letters to the military alliance as chief young sultan bag. both countries had long stayed neutral, but russia's invasion of ukraine rapidly shifted public opinion in favor of joining nato. let's have a look at a map because finland shares a long border with russia, 1300 kilometers. it's membership of nasa would more than double russia's land border with the alliance. finland was also invaded by the soviet union back in 1949 and what is known as the wind toward gloucester,
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part of its territory back then. well, let's be taught to him how to get his james base. he joins us now from brussels. james is obviously, isn't an uncontroversial move. can you talk us through what happens now? well, yes, it is certainly fast moving developments here at nato headquarters. you got to remember if you go back before the invasion of ukraine before february, then public opinion in both sweden and finland was not in favor. overwhelmingly, of joining nato. and yet in both countries, opinions change the political dynamics of change. you saw the finished parliament in the last 24 hours, vote $188.00 in favor. 8 against joining nato. and now we have the 2 letters going in from the to ambassadors from the swedish ambassador, and from the finish ambassador to the nato secretary general nato. now has 2 more countries won't wanting to join that have submitted act applications, sweden and finland. this welcomed by nato secretary general yonce dalton burg.
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every nation has the right to choose his own path. you are both made your choice of the follow them critic processors. you are, our closest partners and your membership in natal would increase our shared security. the invitations you have made to they are an historic step. well, it would mean if those 2 joined that there would be $32.00 members of nato. there currently are 30 members. 29 of those members are very supportive of these 2 countries joining. they are conscious with sophisticated military, if you looked at the military capabilities of all the nato nations, if sweden and finland joined, they will be in the top 10 in terms of what they've got. certainly they've got arctic warfare capability the fins, the fins have a very large reserve army because they still have construction transcription.
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sweden has got some sophisticated aircraft that joined the nato alliance, and they've all worked alongside the nato countries both of served in the balkans and they both were serving with nato forces in afghanistan. in fact, i saw them up close in missouri sharif where they were serving in northern afghanistan for some considerable time. so most nato countries believe this is a good thing. one, nato country has objections and that is turkey. it says both countries, harper terrorism, that they believe are by that they're talking about kurdish nationalists and the p k. k. and it is a difficult issue from for turkey, which would like both countries to extradite people that they consider suspects to turkey. how is this going to be resolved? well, certainly the u. s. is saying it's confident it can be resolved. the key meeting is coming up in a few hours time taking place in new york at the united nations, where the u. s. secretary of state is going to be meeting with the turkish foreign minister plans as a cast or that for us from brothels. thanks so much, james. well,
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meanwhile, the fate of ukrainian felt as he made a last stand inside the as um, style, steel, plant, millions, unclear. they spent months vending on fashion forces and bombardment. scenario par moscow. it says more than $260.00 of them had surrendered. some of them had been taken to a former penal colony, russian controlled territory, while others are being treated for their wounds. ukraine has suggested a prisoner swap that rushes parliament is considering banning the exchange of captured as of members for russian prisoners of war. well, as it beg, is monitoring developments for us from the ne pro as a, do we even know if everyone's gotten out of the as oh, style steel plant? i see president zalinski seem to suggest there was still more faces inside. yes, he did suggested. in fact, he, we believed that they are still fighters there. now he said that the evacuation is been overseen by the ukrainian military and intelligence. and he said the most
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influential international mediator, so that we understand that there's still some fighters there, but the ones that have been evacuated earth, most of them have been taken all of them. in fact, having taken to russian control the russian held territory. but russia says that there will be treated by international standards, but also the russians are saying that they would like to investigate some of these nationals for crimes against her, against a civilian population. now that's obviously propaganda coming from russia. they've held on to this line that they have invaded ukraine to de nazi fi it. but what's interesting about specifically about mario paul and the as of battalion is that this kind of fees their russian narrative as of battalion is a far right battalion. it was incorporated into ukraine's military infrastructure, and many of its members have been linked to far right groups. now that serves the russian propaganda machine. however, ukraine says that this battalion was incorporated into its military infrastructure
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and it has now changed. but the, as a battalion is seen as to death, are seen as the defenders of mary uphold the strategic port city. and this is very important for russia. this is their biggest victory to dates in terms of this war and many other parts of the country's, their face set back. so, president vladimir putin, a want to make the most act of the situation and marable. and i said, your anthony pro, i understand you've been dealing with air raid sirens all night, and you talk as to what's been happening there. yes, we heard air raid sirens going us all night and around 6 am this morning we heard a loud explosion. now what we've been told by the ukrainians is that they insert intercepted one missile, and the fragments of that landed in somebody's private yard and it injured one woman. and some properties were damaged. but also they said that the, the transport infrastructure facility was hit by a missile or band, or when that allowed to these locations that since the start of this war,
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there have been some changes in terms of reporting restrictions. and mainly that's to do with reports is going to locations. and filming our sometimes giving away locations so that we can actually go there and tell you independently verify if and what spin hit, but the ukrainians are set, telling us that they intercepted one missile. and another one had the earth transport infrastructure. now that, that again shows that russia is able to hit targets across ukraine yesterday to hit western ukraine and northern ukraine. and it seems like they're targeting any sort of infrastructure that may bring in weapons bring in western weapons to the ukrainian military. i sent back there on the conference engineer prayer. thanks so much. i said while living on an u. s. president biden has condemned what he calls the poison of white supremacy. he has been in buffalo in new york state where he met families of victims. the master saying she had returned the reports now from 50. after visiting the sight of
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saturday's massacre at a supermarket in a predominately black neighbourhood of buffalo, new york, joe biden spoke specifically of the philosophy that underpin the guns rampage. but white americans are being replaced by non whites for political ends, through government subsidies and immigration, a view that's being expressed in the mainstream rights of us politics. i call all americans to reject ally and i can them those who spread the live for power political gain and for profit. that's what it is. as the solutions biden focused on 2 areas, there are certain things we can do. we can keep assault weapons off our streets. we done it before i did, we passed the crime bill last time and violence went down, shootings went down. it can't prevent people,
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me radicalized to violence. we can address the relentless exploitation of the internet to recruit and mobilized harrison. we just need to have the courage to do that. to stand up. the mayor of buffalo said he appreciate the president's visits, the number of flowers, candles and other items that were there. show the tremendous impact that this horrible act has had on the community. saw a rail resolve in the president to make a difference, to try to bring to an end nash shootings and in this country. but even biting himself, admit, sees very unlikely to get him to sold weapons about puffed in congress, and from left to right, the suspicion of any attempt by the government to regulate constitutionally protected free speech. yes, civil libertarian say you could begin fighting white supremacists, but in the end that government could attempt about anyone,
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it feels is an element. the shooting has highlights of the socio economic foundations of american racism. unlike so many african american communities, at least this neighborhood had a supermarket. now it's closed with residents relying on food banks. it was putting all their focus downtown. we build in downtown, but in the meanwhile, we cell phone. we always been stopping on a site and further down the side. but now each side is now. when we got your attention, we try not enough to now change out to come a man. the conversation here is whether the southern focus on this african american community will improve the lives of people here, or is the shooting just the latest manifestation of racism. in the u. s. she ever times the al jazeera buffalo, new york, when police in the u. s. state of california say a man who opened fire in
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a church and another mass shooting was motivated by political hatred for taiwan. prosecutors say david troll was trying to execute as many people as possible. he's been charged with 1st degree murder and 5 counts of attempted murder. choa, talked to elderly worshippers gathering for lunch that a taiwanese church on sunday, killing one person. i shall anchor's ruling party has blocked and no confidence marshman parliament against president got to buy a roger pack that it was triggered by growing anger and protests against the country's economic crisis. oh oh. as you can see, people gathered near the president's office on tuesday and calling on roger pox at a step down. the government is running out of the foreign currency that it needs to import petrol. diesel and gas fuel stations have run out. michelle fernandez has worn out from colombo, where people are still caring for hill scenes like this. outside this patrol
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station in colombo are quite common. we've got lot of people waiting for information outside officers of federal sessions to find out how long they're going to have to wait. now, the prime minister run over grimacing her told the country that there was just enough stocks for one day. and from what we're hearing and looking at scenes in petrol stations like this, it seems that those talks have been exhausted. people desperate you have hundreds of taxes, just down the road from here. waiting for supplies. mortar is basically a frozen, unable to do any of their day to day activities. the worst part about all of this is despite queuing, some, as long as 24 hours. they have no hope of obtaining any fuel. obviously, in terms of the political frond, the crisis front, we've got a new prime minister who has been sworn in promising to address the situation. but
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he is not a miracle worker by any means. and despite the fact that he says he's appealing to the international community, drawing on a lot of those good contexts that run over grimacing a has. it's going to take a long while before the situation stabilizers or eases in any form or manner. for the moment. all we seem to be doing is going from one shipment to the next, unsure of where the future is going. hall stella head here on al jazeera, rising gas prices in nigeria, forcing many people to tend to would and charcoal. we look at how that's accelerating deforestation, and the world's longest saving prime minister, is getting ready to step aside. we look at his controversial choice of success. ah,
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it's getting worn and more rain, the bulk of western europe, not heat wave territory and it won't last, but it's warmth. the time being a blush because this swirl a plot here means it's bringing warmth up from where, where it's war at through france towards the british isles. temperatures, for example, are in the middle to high twenty's in the forecast. the tuesday 29 in paris were well above that in some parts of spain. much of eastern europe is a little bit cooler still in the orange coloring, but not in the significant twenties. and this is going to be knocked back a bit eventually, cause the rain that's falling in ireland and elegant western england. we'll just keep edging into this part of northern europe. but paris is forecast reaches 30 by wednesday, then slowly comes down, generating a few thunderstorms and then the breeze picks up. we're down to about 27. not a huge difference, but i think it'll feel quite different. that's true for belgium, northern germany, and the low countries there to say,
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and london down to $21.00 east europe in his time, has warmed up in the shower of gone from the southeast from from romania vulcans. and it's still hot in spain. there's quite a breeze in the eastern part of the med, still blowing, cooler air intrigues awful, libya. but it's still hot and dusty and most of north africa was just a few showers, reaching this a hell. ah frank assessments, what are the political risks of banning russian oil? a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports was informed opinions. he's not abandoning to fight against yet. he still resumed media going to be acting from missouri and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera
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lou. ah, hello there. i'm associate a in durham. let's remind you of our top stories here, the salad, finland, and sweden have handed in their formal applications to join nato. they belong, been neutral, but russia's invasion of ukraine rapidly shifted public opinion in favor of nature . membership still unclear what will happen to ukrainian fighters if surrendered after defending murray upholds as of sal steelworks from russian attacks. ukraine is suggesting a prisoner swafford. russia want some to be labeled terrorist people have been touring for hours for petrol after trill anchors. government warned it's running out of fuel the government's shores of foreign currency that it needs to import
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petrol, diesel and gas. now north korea's leader has accused officials of an immature response towards coven 19 outbreak. kim jones has been inadequate strategies for dealing with the crisis. are making the situation worse. young young has recorded another 230000 people with phoebe like symptoms, as well as 6 more deaths on the world health organization as offered help with coven 19 vaccines. north korea is one of just to you and member countries yet to roll out vaccines. the democratic people's republic of korea, dpr k has announced through their to state media. their 1st outbreak of corbin 19 was more than 1400000 suspected cases since late. april, doubly joyce deeply concerned abilene's school, further spread of coffee named in the country. particularly because the population is unbox. united israeli forces have rated several neighborhoods in the jenin
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refugee camp in the occupied west bank. more than 40 military petrol storms. a number of palestinian homes to palestinians were detained. the raids happened in an area where an israeli soldier was killed last week. well meanwhile, french president emanuel macro is pushing for a rapid investigation and to the killing a veteran, al jazeera janice, sri and she was shot dead by israeli forces while on the assignment in the occupied west bank. a week ago, she was an american citizen. and to us, congressman also want the f b i to investigate her death. they're gathering signatures from motion. and in kyra vigil has been organized for serene by the egyptian gen the syndicate. the government rarely allows the syndicate to organize public events. democratic congress, women receded live, has also condemned sharina killing. she told al jazeera, the u. s. must be found that with israel to push it to uphold human rights. overwhelmingly you hear people saying that we must use leverage of the money and
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the funding from the united states to promote human rights to push back against apartheid government, pushed back against the racism, the killings in the work that us the united states. again, need to continue to speak up because our silence for the president, biden's you number is officials are using words that i feel like, are you careful or not strong enough to make sure that these really government knows were extremely serious about again, upholding human rights. we found hypocritical, we say, well, hold human rights and other countries and post war crimes. but when it comes to the apartheid government of israel, we are highlighted. the u. s. is easing from the sanctions on venezuela to try to encourage political talks between president nicholas madura, the opposition the us recognizes opposition leader one glider as then as well as
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legitimate president and has been trying to sanctions to asked madura washington in any major lifting of sanctions will depend on progress at the negotiating table. while speaking of negotiations, the british foreign secretary lives trust says she wants to bring a new law to change parts of what's called the northern island protocol. the e u has warned the u. k against trying to alter the post wrecks of trade deal. there are concerns of a trade war if no agreement has reached trying to haul reports now from belfast. this is long sea port where customs checks are carried out on goods arriving in northern ireland from great britain under the post briggs in northern ireland protocol. it established a customs border within the united kingdom itself as a way of protecting the use single market. while avoiding a hard border on the island of island, the protocol is now with the heart of an escalating dispute between the u. k and the e. u, and has led to the breakdown of power sharing government in northern ireland. i'm
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announcing our intention to introduce legislation in the coming weeks to make changes in the protocol or preference remains the negotiated solution with the e u. suddenly that was, the british government announcing its intention to take unilateral action if changes to the protocol can't be negotiated by promising to enact legislation. the hope is to encourage the e. u to compromise and also to repair devolved government of stormont by enticing the democratic unionist party back into power sharing with the nationalist she in fain. the d u. p who's cautiously welcomed to move, say the protocol undermines northern islands, right to equal treatment as part of the u. k. p warned about the consequences of this protocol. and that's why we oppose to from the beginning because we recognized the political and economic instability. it would cause on the
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harm it would create for the union itself. european union is likely to see this move by the british government as a threat. and it has warned about the consequences of unilateral action potentially including a legal challenge if they believe the british government has breached international law, potentially even down the line resulting in a trade war. and as much as the prime minister, the foreign secretary say, they hope for a negotiated resolution to all of this is frankly quite hard to see the e u capitulating under the shadow of a threat. the irish foreign minister said it was damaging to trust with a general lack of trust already an aggravating factor. i think that is a significant problem in northern and in a recent poll for present express trust in the u. k. government, which is a very low present for our resume, sovereign government. and i think within the conservative party, there's all sorts of games being played, which we don't actually understand necessarily from here in ministers. and then
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there's another factor, which is the american factor. exactly. how would they want to negotiate their interest in northern ireland? so all of these things have not yet crystalized. i may have to wait for the consequence. all of which leaves the why the dispute and northern islands, problems within it. little closer to resolution jona whole al jazeera belfast ah, one of libby as rival prime ministers says he'll move his government to the city of such from wednesday, fatty boucher had attempted to enter the capital tripoli on tuesday. but supporters of arrival administration led by under humming the bay, but blocked the move nearby as had 2 governments since march when the parliament based on the east appointed basheba as prime minister. now the saga says the elections that were postponed were approved by the international community and will focus on following the political process. the local maddie little esa, that government has worked to, to lay and undermine the election. they refused to go to the election approved by the international community and the u. n. we did not resort to force or insults. we
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followed a political process sort of, we will never use corruption. we will never corrupt the political life that sorta. meanwhile, the tripoli based government of prime minister under how many babies described tuesday as developments as a desperate attempt to spread tara and chaos in the libyan capital. and in the cupboard, in the elections, the resolution is low future except through elections on the call. it seems a field where today we can confirm its over again moving on and the activists are wanting that a sharp increase in the price of cooking gas and nigeria is accelerating deforestation. fuel prices have tripled in less than a year, forcing many people to use firewood to cook their meals. i'm an address has this report now from cannon. it's been toward, javier says my hold horsemen switched from fi. would ojo call to cookie gas to prepare his meals? he says he tossed easier and heavier,
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but with high prizes eating deep into his earnings, his wandering, if that's a wise move, you are not working on one. okay, up under sugar. i used to pay the equivalent of $1.50 for gas in the small cylinder, the price triple. now the rising cost of gas or cooking has pushed many nigeria to resort to using wood and chuckle. he had the look of charcoal market in daughter. new consignments arrived by the truck. lot. business is brisk. i now, well, what i will at you said if we sell 2 to 400 bags of charcoal daily, on a very good day, we sell more than 500 bags uncovered. to make those 500 bags, dozens of trees must have been cut down. cooking as a usage in africa. biggest oil and gas producer rose by 60 percent in 2020, exceeding 1000000 metric tons. cells grew farther last year, but then slowed down due to reduction in supply at the country now has to import
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gas at high prices. in quotes in days, a lot of faxes anita vehicle from d t. something like that. so make the product of the building high wind blank function. and as soon as we are having the jump in cooking gas prices for nigerians already struggling with rising inflation is also reversing. gains made in protecting trees. in a country wide 10 millionaire cut down every year, our fisher said they were increasing people's use of cooking gas will save millions of fries and the environment by the high jump in prices of liquefied petroleum gas will make that harder to achieve. nigeria, still all company blames the rising cost and global price increases. but over the country still important, most of its gas users are bracing for more price hikes. army edris al jazeera cuddle, nigeria and the wilds longest serving prime minister appears to be making preparations
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to hand over power. hunton has been at the head of the cambodian government for more than 3 decades. but as tony chang reports, he is being accused of nepotism and has traced the successor, cambodian prime minister, whose sin meets his malaysian counterpart in the capital plum pin. having taken the position in 1985, he's ruled uninterrupted, the 37 years making of the longest serving prime minister in the world. although uninterrupted, that rule has been repeatedly contested, disputed coalition rule, compromised elections and intimidation, have left big questions about his legitimacy. but one thing hudson has always relied on is the royal cambodia armed forces. this are, as you rely so much or did he force it when i taught it to ensure internal security. this regime
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is a way to feel as you were not. it shouldn't be a surprise then that unsent successor is the commander of the armed forces and also his son, hon manette. here, meeting japan's prime minister, a 5 star general, and recently endorsed by his father to be the next p. m. politically, there are very few challenges for him to overcome since his father band, the main opposition party in 2017 fuel turner, tips have emerged. it doesn't mean that are the younger generation. i mean, the young generation like me and the atmosphere boy done one to the shoe opposition . i mean high position in the government. but it's because that opportunity and a power is holding, ah, within the whole family is really powerful. and they can decide what a, what a, why this is the house, the hon. sunbelt, the enormous headquarters of the cambodian people's party, which is effectively the only major political party left in this country. but the real challenge for her manette could well be to convince the people in here that
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he's his own man, not just his father's son. goodman at succession could yet be derailed. rapid economic expansion in the cities has benefited his select elite, but the majority of the people in the country and less than $500.00 a year. and with 60 percent of the population under the age of 30 pressure is building for a change at the god. tony chang, l. j 0 plumping ah, and that is his al jazeera and these are the headlines. finland and sweden have handed in their formal applications to join nato. they've long been neutral that russia's invasion of ukraine a rapidly shifted public opinion in favor of nato membership. our diplomatic editor james bears, is at nato headquarters. you've got to remember if you go back before the invasion .


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