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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2022 10:30am-11:00am AST

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and for her man, it could well be to convince the people in here that he's his own man, not just his father's son. woodman at succession could yet be derailed. rapid economic expansion in the cities has benefited a select elite, but the majority of the people in the country and less than $500.00 a year. and with 60 percent of the population under the age of 30 pressure is building for a change at the god. tony chang al jazeera lumper. ah, and then this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. finland and sweden have handed in their formal applications to join nato. they've long been neutral that russia's invasion of ukraine a rapidly shifted public opinion in favor of nato membership. our diplomatic editor james bears, as at nato headquarters. as you go to remember, if you go back before the invasion of ukraine before february than public opinion
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in both sweden and finland was not in favor, overwhelmingly of joining nato. and yet in both countries, opinions change the political dynamics of change. you saw the finish parliament in the last 24 hours, vote $188.00 in favor. 8 against joining nato. and now we have the 2 letters going in from the 2 ambassadors from the swedish ambassador, and from the finish ambassador to the nato secretary general nato. now has 2 more countries, won't wanting to join that. meanwhile, it's not clear what's going to happen to ukrainian fighters here, surrendered after defending marion pas. as of sal still acts ukraine munson prisoner swap that russia once some to be labeled terrorists. people have been during for hours for petrol after sri lanka, government warned it's running out of fuel. the government has short a foreign currency. you as president joe biden has met the families of those killed in a mast shooting and the city of buffalo. 10 african americans were killed and the racially
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motivated attack in new york state on saturday. israeli forces have rated several neighborhoods in the jenin refugee camp in the occupied west bank. more than 40 military petrol, stormed a number of palestinian homes and 2 palestinians were detained. the raids happened in the area where and israeli soldier was killed last week. one of libya's arrival prime ministers says he'll move his government to the city of search from wednesday . fatty rashondra had attempted to enter the capital tripoli on tuesday, but supporters of arrival administration led by abdul hamid to bay, but blocked the move. maybe as had 2 governments since march, when the parliament based in the east appointed basheba as prime minister. well, those are the headlines. i'll have much more news for you right here on al jazeera after inside story. do stay with us. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. sentimental
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logical hand out 0 will bring you the news and current affairs that mattie out is the whole. look after security in west africa, molly pulls out of the regional g 5, so had forced flaming a lack of progress and internal disagreement. so is it time for a new strategy to confront on group? this is inside story. ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm how much of job a founding member of a multinational west african security alliance is pulling up. molly is part of the g 5 sad joint force fighting armed groups linked to iceland, alcohol in the region,
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but the soldiers have struggled to contain the violence. molly's military government blamed the withdrawal decision on the lack of progress and internal divisions. it also accused a country outside of the region of trying to isolate molly without providing details. molly has come under international pressure since the army seized power in a coup in 2020 will bring in our guests in a moment. first, this report from nicholas huck. molly says it no longer wants to be part of a losing force. 5000 soldiers from burkina faso, charred molly martinez, new share, or in the g 5 to hell. it was formed 5 years ago to combat arm groups linked to isolate and al qaeda. but it struggled to reduce attacks because of lack of funding and disagreements among member states. molly was due to take over as chair of the force in february, but opposition for member states angered its military rulers. when you go to suppose that i just think the opposition of some g 5. so how many states tamales
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presidency is linked to maneuvers by state outside the region. aiming desperately to isolate molly, while his government accuses former colonial power, france of excluding it, once friends. now foes, the 5000 french troops deployed almost 10 years ago to protect molly's government from attacks or pulling out after the military coup in 2020. the leaders of the gentle hired russian mercenaries from the wagner group for their protection. the gentiles refusing to hand over power to civilian rule for another 2 years. as a result, neighboring countries have imposed sanctions on the landlord country sealing its borders and halting. trade prices have exploded. for example, the price of soap has doubled and food is much more expensive. basic necessities have become on the 4th of the and this is because of the embargo. if this continues, we won't be able to survive. this is unsustainable. state coffers are becoming
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empty with just enough to pay civil servants for a few months target has offered to mediate between molly's genta and regional leaders. while the un peacekeeping force remains, the un secretary general warns of the debilitating effect. while these troubles are having on the rest of the region, threatened by armed groups, while he is increasingly isolated, with russian mercenaries remaining to deal with a country on the brink, nicholas hawk for inside story. all right, let's take a look at the g. 5 sa had a joint force. it was formed in 2017, and has forces from martina. molly jarrett burkina, faso and chad to counter armed groups in the region. but it overlapped with existing man days from the un african union and the west african regional block, a co us that overlap meant all those organizations competed for limited financial and human resources. france supported the g 5 and gave it substantial military and financial support. but molly's military leaders have asked paris to withdraw all
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its troops and germany and the you have reduced their involvement. and molly, instead focusing on you in operations? ah. all right, let's bring in our guests in molly's capital, obama go me on choro. yes, summer k. molly and politician and president of the party for civic and patriotic action in freetown and sierra leone emmanuel quincy, earning director of the research at coffee, an international peacekeeping training center, and in some aloe and france. jacqueline senior research fellow at the global policy institute, a warm welcome to you all and thanks so much for joining us today on inside story. young cora, let me start with you today. so the spokesman for molly's transitional government says that the opposition of some g 5 south had member states tamale's presidency is linked to maneuvers by a state outside the region. aiming to isolate molly, could you elaborate on that statement?
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is the spokesman referring to france or, or referring to another country? well, i will say for myself of course the money. ready ready maneuvers from the french government to isley my a g l a b is the form of listening. and also i'm looking for funding for you. so when we say that there are no middle state influence, you know, because chad is in the past and turn it in surgery and rotating presidency. my was zooming presidency studying. and finally that never. so
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we see this as a refresher to continue to isolate my emanuel with molly pulling out of the g 5 joint force. what does this mean for security in west africa and who ultimately is now going to look out for security in west africa? when i think there's been some sort of confusion about what should be done relating to this securities, phased by sale and west african states. well, we see a panoply or a canon copier of actually representing is to secret is to she is seeking to respond to prevent and degrade. the threat that we are facing, mal is decision to withdraw her from the edge. if i was to hell for me, it's a natural quote to machine all the can africanist africa.
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in those centric miley centric policy, that janitor seeks to implement our idols. and this is going to be the last step after the dismissal of the french from marley and other european troops, who had really never succeeded in bring the security to man. and i think for me this is the bottom line that we need to be clear that those who sought to bring peace and stability to them and do so sort to seem to put their blame on the janitor as feeling and their presence of the work. no group as contribution to the insecurity, i think is truly a very big argument. but other than itself has not just come out of the door drawers. it is the politician,
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one of our sort of redone institutions to credit the crib relating to governments that have gone to release time dawn to our protocols and comparisons in food. there were specific principals involved in principles that these previous governments boldly. ted are redundant letters and simply just kept quakes. so really has become desperate for pin boy representing the color to sheila a lose more to natural institution. and because of the wall cluster chemist agenda bought by live, you know, some sex use of their populace. ok. the and a little print air force says he led by france through of who us to undermine their for certainly. and i think it is critical about their mildly, i'm increasing that independent spouse and i sent in is so great is are we are seeing such, resist pencils or, and chat. we are seeing it in aspects of new se,
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emmanuel, i'm annual, i'm sorry to interrupt you. let me get back to the point you're making in just a moment, jack, let me ask you, were you surprised by molly's decision to leave the g 5 joint force and, and from your perspective, is it time for some kind of a new strategy to confront armed groups no one that surprised at all. because a actually did she 5 was almost a dead r, as in michael would have said about natal was brain dead really? not at molly at stop cooperating with the french. molly is at the core of, for either geographic or, and military center of these are this region where do need for cooperation between 5 states is necessary in order to combat terrorism. and ah, now that money was no longer cooperating with the french. it meant that the g 5 had
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not much of a roar edible. dora de g 5 was to provide to coordinate international help to the region, and also to help military ye armies of the region in the fight against terrorism. now that when malady decided to go into her own, it was, it became, it was impossible to achieve. and we can see now that for example, a comparison to marry a suffer from it done is probably benefiting dress from injunction heck than are the origin. we see that marie, a position of money is very hard to understand for somebody bought a claim that is because france was not successful against terrorism. but actually france as was fairly successful, do not manage to bring peace in the area. it was not just due to the french, it was due to a failure of governance or on the part of the barnacle authorities leaving the
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north of the region interstate offer really very poor restriction and great security and military physical and economic and security. a default, or at some point, maddie decided it seems to the french that many, many c straw as big as a leader. offer movement, kind of fighting deal, grow your bar in the presence of the west, in the region, and especially the presence of france. and it seems to be wanting to fight it, and team play at east fight, in which it would be helped by russia at the wagner division, which is more there to protect the magenta, to protect money, an interest in low b. and you know, for many, many, many experts. so yeah, no, no surprise at all. you see that money is carrying on. it's in its approach to the
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situation which you are accused of friendship or young ones. i'm so used to have a moment. you got cool. i've heard interruptions, but i just want to get a reaction. i see me on choro you. you were reacting quite a lot to what jack was saying so, so i want to get your take a go ahead and jump in. well, you know, preferably, you know, i just like minded to come to the understanding we're finding is the more in we just clearly are. so we just want to say, you know, listen with a we don't want a leash to dictate, we want to quit b k r a nation might want to say in the rest of the world equals those who want to keep us in the complex unity
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is not the time has gone, we have the money as a nation. we have to respect a decision to a nation to fight terrorism. and this is because the g, a, that has been implemented for now use se miserably. we have to today with really less than 5 months of my breaking for reason with asking for partnership. so her situation has significantly in this is not by a we have. ringback today with really less than 5 months of my breaking for reason with asking
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for partnership. so her situation has significantly in this is not by a nuisance other observers. so we have to come to an end for us is not a our position is we want to state street. we want to issue a new one respect. a partner that we like to work with are 70 is welcome to money. it will be in this. so having said that, i think that we should put these into conference money wisely in with this or other people might come from defy what was to begin with an absolute organization? no, it was never function because a lot of funding levels or those issues. and then the money but which
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was never what i. ready do 5, which is dismantled, so let us be clear. what we do is just sitting there. we want to, we claim our mom was, it was an issue residency surgery and the, the conference of the hands of this guy was, it was me here in bo and then for. ready the president of mine, it never happened, there was no release. and so is why my lease decision to withdraw is critical mileage. behavior right now is almost reminiscent of dr. thomas behavior in ghana in the 19 fifties and early sixty's leading to this. yeah, cool. you know, so what is happening in math and, and i will say this very clearly leaving that is by sal is, is going to be public on tino ox, pacific ashes there. the janitor is going to take to read claim mildly sovereignty
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. it's identity is sense of agency and some of the fairly i wrote down to responses coming out, i re, but to really the statement by the defense mean is that, you know, about this disrespectful behavior to was by michael is simply not acceptable. and i think, you know, should we do good where they're the wolf, it would basically that i remember that site. ringback is grades and the rest is weakness. you know, those who see to bring goods to mad must be humble enough to see how do we listen to another sort of in state. and she own that we come back now and love grades in the my left that group kids, the interest of that not at the center of the my learn,
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people in reading them around at is not going to help. because when people to go to one of the french legion did much worse. other countries, well, present military one in this and on waste in it up on the well. and also wanted, for me and a historic count is passionate about molly. is that his service, both international, respectful human rights, the rule of role, and also one of my young people truly dwelt. jack, what's the relationship like between molly and france right now, and where does that relationship go from here? the crush of a it's a non existent, actually, it's a come from traditional her and it, sir, it's a shame because there's so many millions in france and we have so many human links between the 2 countries. so when he cut your legs and the dead 2 countries,
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we is share a story, even dory, as you could on your history. but a lately, actually france was more seen as a hamper army of liberation, but eventually came to be seen as a now army of occupation. but i think it's part of a campaign which is spreading draw of west africa at i wouldn't maybe sustain it, but considered a russian nurse. i. burnett works. i had some influence in whipping up anti french feelings in the area. we've seen it in republic of center africa, where now are since 2016 the wagner, the russians are there and bring themselves to all the mineral resources, diamonds and gold. in the, in the north central africa, we see that in many they're trying to the same. we can see that this moved to was
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unsettling. the french is so taking place in synagogue synagogue, which is origin a country because it's not justice. ahead to terrorism, there is and sitting door region and going up to the gulf of guinea, add to the ivory coast and it's kind of a sitting process and some people argue it every county. no, but definitely you know that africa is a treasure chest. every one was in on africa and as a resentment because he all the countries want to be there in africa, china, russia, turkey, they are robbery, writes a, every one was to be able to had them sent mineral resources of africa. and therefore, want to take the place of the colonizer the crew yet east, and in the case of west africa, france and in part in nigeria and gunner, it was britain. but frances remained as we turned close links, which he ignoring your a, a good dependencies, which makes it
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d i door can print ad in spite of its efforts to break with. it's true. france as exploded africa for a long time. but since then, there's been a trying to re bonaza relationship between the countries and, and france is no longer the same as it was even 10 years ago and has been big changes are long and her and back home. and therefore, it's, that's why that's why the french are worried is part of a, you know, molly is just a small bees in a much bigger game, which is all about, or some countries wanting to exert influence on they, when governments, whatever, or people say they add your injury could a say is very weak government, very often a jack arises from his next question. i'm sorry to interrupt you again, but we, we are really starting to run out of time. you're in the anchorage. let me ask you,
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if it looks like you wanna react somewhere, jack was saying, i'll let you do that. but also, i want to ask you about the fact that molly's military government has also saying that it's security forces towards an attempted coup, led by army officers and supported by an unnamed western state. what more do you know about that? and where does the investigation into it stand? well is the, is the young frustrating than many people have not come to the we are leading to the new era war or that we cannot continue to exploit people and countries let them in. the town has come, where the people at the time too is still there so that then once you 870, there is no way back for us. will be
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a lot to change if attitude from this part of that is to be after 2 to partnership. if you were to you or is converting to us after 21st century is going to be so proud to position itself to be part of it instead of be escrowed it and this out of behavior that you know we did, i didn't what you should also become but coming to answer your question. yes, there was an attempted group. i always thought president, assuming no one is not in by organizations or abolitionists are p. we love the way molly is being led today. we have never been so proud in our country to be standing all
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to be assuming an exciting hour so it. ready would be the fact that you will just have a nice it is me issues trying to isolate mom. so we take funds by it or so day is to take down our. ready our military leaders were with the people. ready they will say, and one digit one minute out, 10 men will stand up in this day. this is not the model one man, this is in model our nation understanding and having a desire out wrong. the fresh control from the french blue is from there were no dot t o r t o r e r r i. well we have run out of time, so we're going to have to leave the conversation there. thanks so much. all of our guest now carol. yes. um. okay. emanuel questioning and jacqueline and thank you
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for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com. and for further discussion, go our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. you can also, during the conversation on twitter handle is an a j inside story from him. hamilton building the whole thing here, bye for now. african stories of resilience and courage. i get young viviana right well enough aware been one of us is one of them for about a little boy that tradition and dedication to live without a little more girl by foot of clinical jewel, another short documentary by african filmmakers on the white 9. and the book make it africa direct on al jazeera.
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ah, ah, ah, trust in authority is at an all time low. you want to shop for hench hateful distrust. this is an awful about what the truth actually is o. j 0 investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear suspicion and conspiracy theories have become the 2 of the powerful were in a dangerous territory, and that dangerous territory runs deep. what happens now that we've literally diverge that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion, although jazeera,
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weavers, drying out grazing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife migration have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this canyon needs more money for conservation. and with the koran of ours pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from towards him. is it enough here at the hour selling national park? an annual ceremony has been launched the hall parishioner than individuals pay 5000 years to name allison the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00. much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, and and sweden formally applies to join nature sped by security concerns over
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russia's invasion of ukraine. ah, hello there, i miss darcy, tehane. this is al jazeera live from durham, also coming up. another group of ukrainian soldiers leaves the as of styles steel plan to marry a pole. ukraine suggests a prisoner exchange, but russia want some of them brandon terrorists, people to for hours for petrol and.


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