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tv   Africa Direct On The White Nile The Bookmaker  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2022 12:30pm-1:00pm AST

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plenty injury worsening. i was bit sad about her that caught the new the champagne of the day. and luckily i didn't suck there is because still my i cease, i need some rest. go give more or did i? so you just are looking forward for the next season. ah, hello there, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines, finland and sweden have handed in their formal applications to join nato. they've long been neutral, but russia's invasion of ukraine rapidly shifted public opinion in favor of nato membership. our diplomatic editor james bears, as at nato headquarters. as you gotta remember, if you go back before the invasion of ukraine before february, then public opinion in both sweden and finland was not in favor. overwhelmingly, of joining nato. and yet in both countries,
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opinion has changed. the political dynamics of change. you saw the finish parliament in the last 24 hours, vote $188.00 in favor. 8 against joining nato. and now we have the 2 letters going in from the 2 ambassadors from the swedish ambassador, and from the finish ambassador to the nato secretary general nato. now has 2 more countries won't wanting to join them. meanwhile, russia says almost 700 ukrainian fighters at the other style steel plant have surrendered in the past 24 hours. it's unclear what will happen to them. ukraine wants a prisoner swat, but russia wants some to be labeled terrorists. people have been during for hours for petrol after sri lanka, government warned it's running out of fuel. the government has short a foreign currency that it needs to import petrol. diesel and gas u. s. president joe biden has met the families of those killed in a mass shooting in the city of buffalo. 10 african americans were killed and the racially motivated attack in new york states on saturday is raining,
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forces have rated several neighborhoods in the janine refugee camp in the occupied west bank. more than 40 military petrol, stormed a number of palestinian homes. 2 palestinians were detained. the raids happened in the area where an israeli soldier was killed last week. meanwhile, a palestinian warner at the funeral. a veteran al jazeera journalist, korean ugly, has been arrested buyers railey forces oma today. i was attacked by israeli police as he carried blacklist coffin and occupied east jerusalem last week. his account to what happened outside the hospital was widely shed on social media. the reason for his arrest is unclear. well, those are the headlines. emily will have one use for you here after africa direct. i'll see you often. talk to alger see ruth rios, what is the time table in your mind? when do you think that you are, can be also russian gas? read listen or no. i have seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're smiling. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the story
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ah, ah times bishop ah, artist tree adventure a short documentary by african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria. b. alan, minium village throttle queens. this is when we get to let her head down and the cane africa direct on al jazeera casa,
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airway official. and i know the journey with with mm pool chatter, an issue. and i know the journey from the al jazeera london broke authenticate to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations. what is even more in p me that mouth is system innovation system, the design and system transformation? part one of human rights activist, q. me 90 and environmentally when own electric,
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i lived as you have the fossil fuel era my entire life and i'm looking for a graceful transition out of it. studio b, unseat date on our, his era use from al jazeera on the go and me tonight out is there is only a mobile app is, this is where we dissects analyze, and you have to find what thing. and i guess going from algy, there is mobile app available in your favorite app. sto, just set for it and tapped are made a new app from al jazeera means that you can get it for over a century. american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives instead, countess young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out or it was coming from me in
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a 3 part series, full plunge investigates, a massive scandal that raw the united states scoutmaster part one on i was just 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, finland, and swayed in formerly applied to join nato, spurred by security concerns over russia's invasion of ukraine. hundreds more ukrainian fighters laid the as of styles steel plant in mary,


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