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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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no matter where it takes a fear and power and passion, we tell your stories. we are your voice, your news, your net back out here. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm carry johnston. this is the news our life from don't will coming up in the next 60 minutes. turkey blocks a vote for finland and sweden as both countries formerly applied to join nato in the wake of russia's war in ukraine. u. s. easy. some sanctions on venezuela. washington says it's to encourage talks between the present mature and the opposition. britain's inflation rates rises to
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a 14 year high rushes war in ukraine is helping to push op food and fuel prices. wildfires, droughts unless food for millions, whether experts issue another bleak morning. long lasting effects of climate change and on december to the school to landmark agreement for football is in the united states for the 1st time, williams and mens and national team players will be paid the same in the use of legal cases where we begin in brussels where finland and sweden have submitted that 4 applications to join nato. but turkey is blocking the lines from even beginning. the process. fetish crescent accuses the 2 countries of harboring what he calls kurdish terrorists or diplomatic ida james base reports now from brussels. nato secretary general yen stilton burg, welcoming the ambassadors of the 2 countries that want to become the newest members
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to join an alliance, which currently has 30 members. the ambassadors had with them their formal letters of application. this moment marking a radical change and opinion in the 2 nordic nations with long cherished that none align status of a change that's taken place in the period of less than 3 months. since russia invaded ukraine, every nation has the right to choose his own path. you are both made your choice of the follow democratic processes. and i warmly welcome the requests boy finance with me to join nato. you are our closest partners and your membership in natal would increase our shared security of the current nato members. $29.00 out of 30 strongly supports sweden and finland membership. they both have sophisticated armies,
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substantial fleets of aircraft, and both of served alongside nato forces in the balkans and afghanistan. the leader of one nato member though has objections. turkeys. president irwin accuses both countries of harboring terrorists in particular kurdish nationalist groups. the u. s. is confident the turkey can be persuaded, and that's why the u. s. secretary of state will be meeting his turkish counterpart soon at the u. n. in new york. if turkey does change its position, the 2 countries could be sitting around the nato table as invitee nations to the summit. at the end of june, formal ratification though it will take several months more. in a significant move the u. s. aircraft carrier, the u. s. as harry truman and it strike group will be moved in recent hours to the baltic sea, finland, and sweden and not yet members, covered by nato security guarantees. but its presence is a clear sign to russia if it was considering any response to the latest
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developments. james bays al jazeera at nato headquarters in brussels, finland's prime ministers. it says that she hopes the alliance will ratify the applications as soon as possible. i think at this stage we have to keep our eyes on the mall and that is of very smith and fast ratification of our membership in every nader and a country. so that is what we are focusing now. and i think our most important as a job in nato is to defend our own country, our own region, also making sure that the whole nordic nordic region is secure or turkeys at president has again expressed his reservations about finland and sweden's bids for nato membership. not on ganesh, them is the resume, should have nato's enlargement would be meaningful for us as long as our sensitivities are respected. giving all kinds of support to the p k. k into the y p
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g terrorist organization, and asking us for support for nato membership amounts to say the least to inconsistency and have you target either nato be to go and leak all assume a little bit. nato is a security entity. therefore, we cannot say yes to depriving this security organization of security yet, russia says almost 700 ukrainian fighters as, as of style steel thought have surrendered in the past 24 hours. is unclear what will happen to them next will. and earlier group was taken to a former penal colony in russian control territory, or the wounded were taken to hospital for treatment, ukraine once a prisoner swap, but rushes parliament is considering banning the exchange of as of members for russian that prisoners of war. but we'll get more on that from dawson bar in moscow in a moment. but 1st, let's go live to i said, beg in, chris tosca. tell us that was the latest situation in marble. particular concerning the fate of the ukrainian soldiers. well, you understand,
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they are still some of those ukrainians soldiers still in at that plant. now, the presidency lensky has said that the military intelligence and the most influential international mediators are trying to negotiate or talk to try to give a church right to be involved in the evacuation of those remaining fighters. now they have said that they will not surrender an answer, and there's not a word that ukraine has used in, even for those that have been taken to russian. hel territory. the, the words that are being used by the ukrainians is that they have completed their mission. and this is a very politically charged issue, though those fighters are seen as are defending mary polis are making this heroic stand. and many of them went on line when though at a, at the as of steel plant saying that they felt like they were let down by the politicians in care of. so it's important for ukraine to at least try to see that they're doing their best to try to get those remaining fighters evacuated as for those that have been taken to rush and separate
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a russian back separatist areas. well, the ukraine is a saying that there is a exchange program, a formula, and what we've heard from the ukrainians is that there will be a some sort of exchange for seriously wounded ukrainians for in exchange for seriously wounded russians when that will take place and how that will take place as of yet is not clear. and i said, what's the situation where you are and, and in the east, in terms of fighting what is destiny intensify their raid sirens currently going off for we were hearing come across just under a week ago. and the situation has drastically changed. in fact, recon constantly here are to reflect a missiles are going out and in and just not far from her room. a tangled mood that the mayor of that town has asked the residents to evacuate and load the ukrainians . have had some success. in fact success in the harkey region in the offensive here, it's thought that the situation situation has deteriorated,
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especially over the last few days. chromatism has been getting hit by russian fire as well as bach moved nikolai of ker co, where we were again just and drew a week ago. so it feels like the russians are making some gains here in the don bus region and, and the people here are some people are being evacuated, especially from pacer buttonwood, but even kraemer tools, because like a goes ton, that used to have a population of 200000 that's been reduced 240000 me understand more people are still leaving simply because they feel that the russians are getting closer. ok, i said baker in their crime a talk. thanks for that update. let sir, get the view from moscow now with the door such a bar in the door. so what was said in the russian parliament, the duma, about the marble still thought well, there was a move by as a country's prosecutor on edge tuesday to ask the courts to declare the as of
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italian a terrorist organization. and since that request, we've been hearing from a number of high ranking lawmakers in the lower house of parliament, that is the state duma. and they've made their views very clear. according to the speaker of dumont the nazi criminals, as he called them. they are not to be exchanged for any russian soldiers because they need to be put on trial. we've also been hearing from another senior lawmaker and by the name of lee, annoyed as so ski, who is also part of russia's negotiating scene with ukraine. he had some much were and severe views. he called the as of saw as of battalion and animals in human form, he said that the death penalty should be brought back for them as also they should be put in as through international courts and to go through trials because of the alleged war crimes and they've committed against russian forces. now we understand, and this is certainly the view when it comes to the lawmakers. we've also been
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hearing from a number of local media outlets over the past 24 hours. and the view is very much the same in set up. what we expected would be a celebration of russia's final or 1st official victory in a large area. that is mariel full in the strategic port town. that is so important . we're now hearing of what people think should be done with these are a ukrainian fighters that are now in russian custody. so for the time being, it is not clear whether or not any exchanges will take place that would involve members of the as of battalion that are in russian custody. but for now, and the view here is that they should not be exchanging those fighters for our russian soldiers and daughter, how odd diplomatic talks going between moscow and que well, for the time being there not, and that is a 1st since they began at a discussion between the 2 sides on february 28th, just a few days after
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a russia launch, their so called special military operation into ukraine. it is significant because we heard from the russian president vladimir putin on saturday at, during his phone conversation with the finish president. and he said that the talks had been suspended as a result of ukraine, not really being serious about a negotiation process. as far as we understand that this is certainly a development because this entire time, despite what was happening on the ground in ukraine, these negotiations were ongoing as difficult as they were. but this is certainly the 1st time that they've actually officially suspended the negotiation process. it remains to be seen what will happen next, and certainly it is not a positive step in terms of trying to bring an end to this conflict. her daughter jabar in moscow for us there. thank you. russian soldier has pleaded guilty to killing an unarmed ukrainian civilian he made that play on wednesday as a keep
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a court to began hearing ukraine's 1st war crimes trial of the conflict. the 21 year old sergeant. i didn't she, she marin is charged with shooting a 62 year old civilian through an open car window. he's facing life in prison. or joining us now from toronto is today about a, a suji. he's the former president of the international criminal court. thanks for being with us here today on al jazeera. well, simply what do you make of this caucus? well, it's um, it is not surprising at all, and that's actually once into national and international system requires international framework. of course he, at one years about the i, c, c, and there's an interest, a understandably so a for the i c c to get involved. and it is getting in thought from what i understand. but i am the i see says jurisdiction is only secondary
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after all the primary jurisdiction to do it justice rests with the national authorities. it is only one national authorities are unwilling or unable to noisily to the justice thought the door is diction or the i see, see, it kicks in as a matter of law. so i, c, c does not have the authority to use soc, national jurisdictions, if natural jurisdictions can do the job. and from time immemorial, international law had always recognized the right of belligerent store, warring parties to do prosecutions of oh, to war crimes or prosecutions. so it is for that reason that i said that it is not at all surprising. so given what you say then in terms of a war crimes, child, does it have any international credibility?
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it was, it depends on the credit ability of the national systems to do it. as a matter of, um, you know, what, what exists international law darr's recognize that authority of national estate to do it. and whether or not the a particular national em authority has the credibility to do justice according to the accepted standards in international law is a different question. and that is a matter that i am not in a position now to um, you know, 2nd guess the ability of ukraine to, to do a justice or indeed russia itself. because russia would also have the right to try and at all it's on soldiers. but also the ukrainian soldiers that i suspected of
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committing war crime. so both sides have that right in international law to conduct war crime trials of their own soldiers as well as a soldier of the enemy, m. m formation. and of course, ukraine is very keen to show that action is being taken and taken quickly, isn't it? well, that's what we, we see from a television of put a here senate is encouraging fat. m m o. the law, he seems to be a pain in both sides to the action that they can do that typically should be done. okay, actually a by a sushi. thank you for your insights here today. thank you. the european union is pushing forward with plans to abandon the use of russian energy. is proposing a $315000000000.00 package that includes more efficient use of fuels and
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a faster row that of renewable power. european commission president s lavonne de lion says the initiative is to help you countries wind themselves off. russia are plenty more head on yours, our including i'm the see a human in havana standing in one of the countless lines. what you've been say they are spending too much of their lives. coming up. i'll tell you why. thus, people q for hours perpetual and shall anchor off the government. war is it's running out of supplies. ah, spanish police arrested football fan is on the eve of what we are once in a lifetime final. ah, israeli forces have rated at several neighborhoods in the janine refugee camp in the occupied west bank. more than 40 military petrol, stormed
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a number of palestinian homes. 17 palestinians were detained on a palestinian mourner at the funeral of sharina barclay has been arrested by israeli forces. i'm a cadet was attacked by israeli police as he carried sheen's coffin and occupied east jerusalem last week. his account of what happened was widely shared on social media, as a lawyer says, all the questions during his interrogation related to the funeral to be held until at least next sunday. and aquatic congresswoman at rashida today, but has condemned assurance killing. she told al jazeera, the us must be firmer with israel and push it to uphold human rights. overwhelmingly, you hear people saying that we must use leverage of the money and the funding from united states to promote human rights to push back against apartheid government to push back against the racism, the claims and the work on that of the united states. again,
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i need to continue to speak up because our pilots from the president bite into a number is officials use the words that i feel like, are you careful or not strong enough to make sure that there's really government knows we're really serious about again, upholding human rights, hypocritical, we say, well, i'll hold human rights and other countries and oppose war crimes. but when it comes to the apartheid government of israel, we are silent. israel's prime minister has been challenged in parliament to reveal the truth about the officers who shot and killed sri and every member of the connector confronted nestali bennett on monday. yeah, he gets action sherry and i knew serene on both the personal and family level. i'm challenging the prime minister bennett, and i'm telling him in front of everyone that he knows the identity of the officer
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who shot sharina. i'm sure you know from which the officer shot her from. you know, the rifle and telescopic lens, he used to kill serene. i mean, you are lying you or a lawyer in my name, because if i lied, the entire world would know. it's not me who's called the swindler by everyone. and once again, i tell you that you know, from which chief the officer shorter from march and you know, the rifle and the telescopic, lin used to kill sri al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist. an occupied westbank. sharina barclay was shot in the head by is really forces while she was on assignment. in janine, on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm, the procession started beating munez, hosing poor barras to almost drop her casket. but didn't stop thousands of
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palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. about clay was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of protestant. a former minneapolis a police officer has pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting manslaughter in the death of george floyd. thomas lane was one of the 4 officers present when floyd was killed in 2020, his murder at the hands of a white police officer spot nationwide. protests, the rec, shavanne was convicted and given a 22 year prison sentence, in exchange for his plea, lane agreed to serve 3 years in jail. the u. s. is turning its attention to latin america ahead of the next months. solid of the americas is east summit sanctions on venezuela. to encourage talks between president and nicholas madura and the
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opposition. and it comes as mexico welcomes a u. s. delegation to the capital of the t size are set to discuss mexico's insistence on every country in the region. being invited to next month's summit or my apollo is for the latest apartments in mexico city for us. but 1st that's across to him. how could, who's standing by in washington, dc and kimberly, what's really behind this move, hey? well, you have to look at this latest move and shift in policy by the bible administration with respect to venezuela. and essentially what this is, is an easing of sanctions. now this isn't a major shift policy really, this is being looked at as a good will gesture. what this is is essentially allowing an oil company chevron to begin negotiating an oil license with. the state government is not going to allow for any drilling or even exporting, so it's pretty minor. but what this is doing is it's coming on the heels of just
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prior. we saw an opening up our and easing of cuba policy that is going to allow for some easier travel restrictions. and also the increase in travel remittances, in other words, remittances, of, or the allowing of people to send money to family members in cuba from the united states. why is the, by the administration doing this? they're doing it for a couple of reasons. the 1st is to refocus the policy in the western hemisphere and to show a leadership position. but also this is really setting the table for the summit of the americas and that is taking place in los angeles next month. i. and this is really setting the table for that. and so this is also something that the by the administration is doing with respect to venezuela at the request of one guido, the opposition leader that the united states recognizes as the president of
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venezuela, along with a lot of his partners and allies. and this is really an effort to kind of restart the talks that would lead to resolving some of the political and humanitarian crises that exist in the nation. but there's another reason that this is going on with respect to venezuela as well. and that is because the united states, as you know, deeply involved in the concerns with the russian invasion in crane not too happy about venezuela's. a rare relationship with russia. so there's another reason that the united states wants to be talking right now with venezuela and being involved in terms of policy. and that is to really drive a wedge between that relationship between venezuela and russia. so there are a number of foreign policy goals that are really at the root of some of these changes that are taking place right now in terms of western hemisphere policy coming out of this white house. okay. at the warrant house for us to. kimberly,
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how could that money? well, apollo is life in mexico city now and manual. how is this playing out with a delegation the especially regards to cuba? well, this debate that we were expecting to see play out over the multilateral relationship, that the united states has with different regions of the western hemisphere debate that we were expecting to see play out of the some of, of the americas in jude is happening well ahead. of schedule, with mexico positioning itself right smack of the middle of this conversation. of course, this all begins with mexico, mexican president and manuel lopez over the board of stating that he would boycott the summit of the americas in june to take place in los angeles. if the united states did not invite representatives from cuba from various willa and from the can, i will others, other leaders from the region have since sort of signed up and supported that,
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that statement by the mexican president, we've heard from the president of guatemala, to a gemini, who's also said that he's not going to attend the summit if the united states is not invite, invite representatives from cuba, specifically nicaragua and venezuela. now this is something that could, that we could potentially in theory see a resolution to today. there was a delegation from the united states that was scheduled to visit mexico to speak with the president, specifically on that matter. we've heard from president lopez over the board just moments ago saying that that in person visit has been scheduled, has been cancelled. and instead it's going to be taking place over the phone. there is an irony here that i think is worth pointing out, which is that mexico's president, consistently sites his country's constitution. as a reason for why mexico a usually takes a neutral approach to things that mexico does not interfere with the foreign policy of other countries. but this seems to certainly be in an exception. we can point to the fact that mexico will soon be holding
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a 4th round of negotiations between venezuela government and the venezuelan opposition is. kimberly mentioned already the united states continues to back one way though, as the president of this will. and after years of the sort of stagnate, little to no progress being aid on the political crisis, there, there is a growing number of voices in latin america that support a political negotiation over the policy that the united states has been implementing, which is a strategy of pushing out nicholas by buddha, by way of sanctions and international isolation. now, if mexico is able to convince the united states to invite the presidents of venezuela of nick i were of cuba. it also raises legal questions, specifically because the united states has for many years now been accusing leaders like a lot of big of nicaragua and equal us by of venezuela of human rights violations and of other crimes. so it does from the position of mexico serve us interests
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to increase multilateral corporations specifically to address the question of worsening migrate numbers on the u. s. southern border, specifically from countries like venezuela, cuba, and i was one of our apollo live in mexico city for thanks for that update. or tuba is facing its worse economic crisis in 30 years. the last time life was this hard was when subsidies, when the former soviet union ended, tens of thousands of cubans are fleeing island in search of a better life or latin america editor lucy newman, reports from havana. 55 year old, allow the lena. so let, that is returning home empty handed, after spending hours in a queue to buy butter. life is a struggle. she says, especially since her daughter migrated to spain, leaving her to care for her grandchildren on her monthly minimum wage was $20.00 at the black market. rate our she shows us her refrigerator, full mostly of water,
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laudable, nino, auto child. i have 4 children to feed, i have no choice but to go on the street to solve this and that, ellie and she explained the chicken by 10 packs of cigarettes for 200 basis on her ration card and sell each one for a $150.00 on the flourishing informal market, long lines for everything from food to fuel revealed in economy in distress. o people's tempers are short from chewing most of the day. in this case, for 2 bottles of oil, scarce items are sold with a ration card, but most things are no longer subsidized. what are you in there under lynette thinker, i'm a vince years since 5 a. m. and i've got numbers 1170. it's now 10 am and there at least 800 people in line hoping to buy chicken cubes. cash starved economy is collapsing under the weight of harsh economic sanctions imposed by
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washington and append demik. that's paralyzed tourism covers economic engine. in all this, aggravated by 3 digit inflation sparked by a long overdue monetary reform. but often i saw last united duncan, i was a boy of aiden. we were obliged to divide rate or currency by 2300 percent. one of the biggest evaluations ever seen in the regional havana state, one tourist hotels are empty. even his new ones are being built. the few russian tourists to came this year left as soon as war broke out in ukraine for fear of being unable to get back home. thousands of ordinary cubans who invested in bread and breakfast before the pandemic are now desperate. here's another sign where they rent rooms in central van. i'm going to check to see how they're doing because there's a sign here that says, god bless my business and those who visit, but we'll see just how many visitors they've had.
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i went on saturdays without receiving or being offered. i went back on the lateral . it'll say i'm the letting me know that one of my lulu middle shows is her guest register. all she hasn't had any since last year before we go very well with that income. i could buy things for my grandchild without it were hot preston a so a, so this should teach it, planning chief says q was trying to diversify economy to increase biotechnology, industry exports and food production, ambiance, amber, neal, implement thunder media, part of what we have been taking measures to strengthen and give more autonomy to a state socialist enterprises, which in our view with the fundamental actors of our economy in coming off with them and then men to her. it's clear that maintaining centralized control is still the priority. despite police for greater freedom for the fledgling private sector, those who hoped that the way out of this crisis would be to follow the example of
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vietnam or china would just have to keep waiting in line. you see in human al jazeera havana. so head on al jazeera, how a security past between china and the solomon islands has turned into an election issue in australia and sport. find out what might, is ice hockey, grove, tv, ah, right. with a lot of sense, don't blown through the still plenty of dust in the air and the still about seasonal wind. the shamal that blows down the gulf out of iraq is quite a halt. one. so attempt is austin in the low fourties, anywhere from q 8 that will start a little bit cooler. it mercier because you got wind coming off the open water. and the dust load is a little bit less, but it's showing itself in land in eastern side. he may pass of cattle as well. the
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general picture is a dry one and a fairly breezy and still quite a breeze running through iraq. no problem at the mo, with dust in the air, but that might change. we have got showers at 1st in turkey, but they're moving eastwards towards nolan, iran, and then the picture then is largely sunshine, but there could be an incoming risk to baghdad, as the winds pick up. quick look at the forecast, hear them saturday and sunday into the forty's, but, but i get monday. the temps dropped, accompanied by that when would suggest. and i have looked at how much does the could been that, you know, sandstorm risk coming up, right. while still to come heading south, are we getting any, any rain in kenya? not much in uganda, around like the tour, a few sandstorms show up, but this time the you would like to see with this incoming moist breeze. something rather more than that, sobbing up. ah,
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their plight emitted from history kept alive only in the family. tales of those who survived is hard to believe of people with astonishing story as the polish women and children who enjoyed the siberian glass and so refuge in africa, never to return again. an epic odyssey of resilience memory is our homeland on al jazeera, hulu. ah, you're watching, i'll just hear a reminder of our top stories, a sound, finland, and sweden at hand in their formal applications to join nato. david long that the
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neutral brushes, invasion of ukraine rapidly shifted public opinion in favor of nato membership. russia says almost 700 ukrainian fighters as i saw, star steel plans have surrendered in the past 24 hours. is unclear what will happen to them. ukraine is suggesting that prisoners swap, rush at once, some to be labeled the us is easing some sanctions on venezuela to encourage at talks between the present the christmas and the opposition. washington says any major lifting of sanctions will depend on progress. negotiating, britons, a cost of living crisis is worsening in the poorest or feeling the pinch, the most. inflation rose by 9 percent last month reaching a 40 year high, but sled to soaring electricity bills. millions of households saw that energy costs increase last month by 54 percent. low income families especially are struggling to
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put food on the table. the citizens advice charity says an extra $750.00 people are being referred to food banks every day. the leader of the u. k. opposition. labor party is told parliament and the prime minister didn't understand the public's plight. he just doesn't get, it does say, ah, he doesn't actually understand what working families are going through in this country. struggling about how they're going to pay their bills. a whilst he differs . british households off slapped with an extra $53000000.00 pounds on their energy bills. every single die. meanwhile, every single die. dorsey, oil, gas jams raking. 32000000 pounds in unexpected profit. mister speaker, we will look or we will look at measures i. we will look at all the measures that we need to take because thinking to get people through to the other side,
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was honest, now even send her, he's an economist, such an inequality at king's college london. well, let me ask you, put simply just how bad is this cost of living crisis in the u. k. this is a wants to large time crisis and things are awful now, but they're going to get worse to as things stand. 40 percent of families cutting back on food, 40 percent struggling to pay their energy bills, 40 percent unable to say $1.00 and $7.00 adults going hungry to put 6. but he had children going hungry and that's for the patients at 9 percent. inflation will get high. we think will peak at 10 percent later this year. the average family, we have a 2000 pounds while saw. this is a was a lot of time, crisis of british poverty, the government absolutely div tapped. and what's really driving this then, is it the warn ukraine, the pandemic briggs, it or a combination of factors a combination of thought to certainly so look, we know that global factors across country advanced economies are pushing up prices
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. the united kingdom is not the or the country to see inflation. we've seen pandemic credit in jew supply shortages supply chain problems. energy prices rising before, who does evasion of ukraine? those have also gotten worse. but as you say, of course, you case, specific practice adding to that briggs, it make it more expensive to ship goods here. and yes, also the bank of england not raising interest rates quickly enough to really top down inflation. what then, in your opinion, should the government be doing to try and help the population 3? this will the 1st property up city has to be to increase universal credit payments and pensions in line with prices at the moment. the only increasing by 3 point one percent. and average inflation expects to be over 10 percent this year. on top of that restore the 1000 pounds universal credit uplift there. security payment going to low income household. we had it during the pa damaged habit again. and also, given the thought that every single household is feeling
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a 1000 pound check that is taxed to every single household, the cost, the entire package, radius, those security payments in live with price is a $1000.00 pound jack. and bringing about the universal credit uplift together cost 10 percent of what we spent on our pandemic response. this country got through a pandemic. we shut down the economy, we could apps, he gets his wants the lock time cost of living crisis as well. so in practical terms, and what are people having to do to cut costs? i mean, people are being posted to her just as she should, people literally can't afford to eat, can't afford to say, you know, we're, we're reaching the point now we're actually we have kind of people here who can tell us how to save money and we are there is nothing more kind of less to be done if you're going to a food bank because on the heating there's nothing more you could do. we are storage of patched us riding around in bosses to stay war. we know that food bank uses increased dramatically. people are being pushed out and also will be pushed
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out to being homeless as well. okay, driven santa economist at king's college london. thanks for being with us here today on al jazeera. thank you very much. i should anchors at government is telling motorists not to key what fuel stations because they run dry. the government is struggling to pay for new supplies and other essential goods. and the newly appointed prime minister is wanting the most difficult monks are yet to come . no fernandez reports from columbia. angry, frustrated and helpless. she long guns have had to queue up for most essentials in recent weeks. today they were told there's normal petra left you there to diary love, i reported i came at 8 o'clock this morning, but when i got close, they said the pachel was gone. i don't even have enough to go home to live with our but a valid did what i thought, i figured, i mean it's the poorest people that are the worst affected we can't cope in a massive tax cut. the 2019 east to bombings, targeting hotels in churches,
6:40 pm
and the pandemic have sharply affected government revenue. this, together with unsustainable debt mismanagement and corruption made it difficult for she long term to face the economic problems in recent months. foreign reserves have fallen to near 0 and the government can't pay for basic essentials. this included fuel from a tanker anchored off colombo port for the past 45 days. the government owes $735000000.00 on earlier fuel supplies. read through santa ha port. don't chew up for petrol because we are working with very limited stocks which are being allocated to essential services, like ambulances. it will be saturday or sunday before supplies are available. oh, to love is facing its worst economic crisis since independence in 1948 shortages have brought ordinary shoe lankin to the street, demanding the president got up a roger box's resignation. he says he won't resign and has appointed
6:41 pm
a new prime minister runner vicar missing her, voted out of parliament at the last election. he has a lot to prove. did he market the beer or what her mother you and i will have to deal with the most difficult times in our lives over the next few months. yet every one will have to face this with commitment. after months of stalling, she lanka has open talks with the international monetary fund seeking a bailout. but that will take at least 3 or 4 months to yield any relief. credit lines, emergency loans and aid have held the government limp along in recent weeks. but observers said, the sooner there is political stability, the sooner the economy can begin. it's long road to recovery. minute fernandez. alger 0 colombo australians go to the polls this weekend with the liberal party seeking a 4th time in office. sarah clark reports now from sydney security in the pacific is a major campaign issue. thank you very much, very thin asthma,
6:42 pm
that the security packed between china, solomon islands, came as a surprise to australia. prime minister were very concerned. the solomon islands were very concerned for the broader security in the south west pacific. the agreement will say, basing increased ties with the pacific islanders and hope to safeguard national security. the striving government warns the pact threatened regional stability. it allows china to expand militarily in the pacific. the islands, prime minister declared peace on the right side of history and my fortune close ties with beijing. we've been treated as kindergarten students walking around with co, $45.00 hands, and therefore we need to be supervised. we insult the on going full out over the packed has dominated the election campaign with recriminations on both sides. the coalition government has vowed to increased funding for aid and economic
6:43 pm
development to reassure our nations of australian support. the opposition says it will establish a stronger diplomatic network to resist china's expansion. the region is changing very quickly around us. and what we're saying is perhaps that australian policy is a bit slow to catch up to it. it's not to say that the concerns haven't been there, but there's a certain, there's an incrementalism to china strategic push estrada and the united states via the pac could feed china, establish a naval base less than 2000 kilometers from the stallion coast senior colonel china people's liberation army says that's alarmist, i think it is a you. okay. and the response will be the end of the nation to cry. they alleged to savage stays as read law. he's wanting title to say that negation from
6:44 pm
china, including the foreign minister, is expected to visit honey opera as early as next week. if the 2 goes ahead, it will coincide with high level quote, talks between a strong japan india and the united states in tokyo. and let's say that's a deliberate attempt by shing to try and overshadow their dialogue. it's also another sign. china was intent on submitting stronger security and economic ties across the inductor exhibit. sarah clark, audi 050 australia where the experts have issued another warning on how the world is heating up with harmful. long lasting effects are un report says ocean temperatures, and i said if occasion or record highs, threatening marine life on land, increasing levels of carbon dioxide or causing extreme weather events the past 7 years with the hottest ever. well, that's caused drought enough. gastorm canada. iran focused on turkey took menaced on and the u. s. the tinder joy conditions have triggered major wildfires,
6:45 pm
costing hundreds of billions of dollars and extreme weather events are causing food and water shortages in many countries. the global energy system is broken and bringing us ever closer to climate catastrophe. fossil fuels are dev, ends, environmentally, and economically. what a new crane and see me to the effects on energy prices is yet another wake up call . the only sustainable future is a renewable one. we must have fossil for pollution and accelerate renewable energy transition. before we send the rates, our only own time is running off. carry, tell us is 2nd general of that world mythological organization. the you and agency that released its state of the global climate report. he says it would be cheaper to prevent a climate change then deal with a warming planet. we have again, broken, less comfortable records in main, greenhouse gas connotations,
6:46 pm
carbon dioxide to methane, nitrous oxide. we have seen a major both in sea level rise. it used to be too many meters per year in the past . and recently we have seen 4.5 meters per year. last year, some melting with the higher speed. and, and we have stored more and more heat to the oceans and we have broken all time record in ocean heat or so last the last year. and it also sounds so saving a sink of carbon dioxide. that means that we are chasing the chemical composition of the water and it's becoming more i saved. and these are the also broke is actually the record. the science has been very clear for the case and we have started seeing growing them out of impacts of night, climate change and negative impacts of climate change. and it's clear that it's much cheaper to mitigate climate change than to live with the consequences. and
6:47 pm
these consequences are becoming more and more expensive, and they also more dramatic. for human beings, we have seen and lots of casualties and then, and this is expected to grow. if we, if we failed to reply with some, a sport is coming up after the break and i will tell you how an accident on the podium ended the race for this african cyclist following a historic when with with
6:48 pm
a whole lou ah or peter is head with a sport now and a landmark decision by you or soccer. okay,
6:49 pm
that is the case. indeed, for the 1st time, the women's and men's national teams will be paid equally after striking an historic agreement with the country soccer federation that ends years of legal cases. as well as guaranteeing players the same pay for international matchers woke up prize money will also be shared an unprecedented move in the global game. the women's team are the current world champions. the deal comes 3 months off for a group of female players, settled agenda discrimination lawsuit against you as soccer and 6 months before the main side is due to play at cut her 2022. this deal is going to have ramifications throughout the entire world. you know, it's game changing moment here in the us, but it has the potential to change how international soccer and international sport do business with the equalization of prize money for our men's and women's world cup. i think it's just going to be a historic moment and hopefully it will create change throughout the world's liverpool manager. yoga club admits it's unlikely he sighed,
6:50 pm
will overtake manchester city, but they won't give up hope of becoming champions. the primary title race will go down to the final day of the season after liverpool came back to beat samson, to one nathan redmond shaw afflicted him off james milner to give southampton that the lead. but liverpool were never before half time for could me mean amino with the go much to the relief of the away fans and joy, massive headed in liverpool when a to move the one point behind lead a city. yeah. and tested absolutely. and dentist, you the actually up, i'm so happy about performance because it was the touching honestly, not all these forms. i like having tories in a garage and then let them out there directly. and i do like this really tough for the boys sometimes. but what ever happens this year happens because of this group of history exception. spanish police have arrested 5 people off the fans
6:51 pm
fought in the streets of seville last night ahead of the rope. a lead final. 1 ah, i took frankfurt, so it is through fleas and police and they ranges counterparts up to 150000 visiting fans are expected in civil on wednesday for what some are calling a once in a lifetime final. that's despite only $10000.00 tickets being allocated to each team. the capacity of the stadium holding the fall is just under $43000.00. but it seems of what a major european trophy before. but that was more than 40 years ago. frank had lost to come the way for cap in 1980 when they be german rivals, but us humans and glad back while rangers lifted the european cup winners cup that was way back in 1972 the when it will also secure a place in next season's champions league a huge opportunity for us to to get the 2nd major price in history in europe for this club. so we are very determined to her to bring the trophy back with us. we
6:52 pm
respect the opponent, opponent did a amazing run in, in europe as well. so got to be exciting final, but a final is always nice when you, when you, when it, and if you lose it you'll, you know, like it. so are, we are here to win it. a russian gymnast who wore a pro war symbol alongside a ukrainian competitor has been given a one year ban by the international federation, 20 year old even coolie, our cad tapes, the letters they'd seen on russian tanks in ukraine to ease vase for a middle 70 at a world cup, eventing, doha, in march, as well as the suspension. kahlia also has to hand that the bronze he won in the parallel bars. in the n. b a, the miami, he'd have taken a one, nothing lead of the boston celtics, the eastern conference, finals. the heats had an incredible 3rd quarter. they came back from a point down at half time to take a 17 point lead jimmy butler was behind it with 27 of these 4. he one points coming off to the break,
6:53 pm
but he $21.00 and an $18107.00 games. he was on thursday. i'm glad that i had the guys and i have around me and with me. and i know that you're going to fight go to war to battle with me every single day on. so i'm a keep trusting on that i'm keep giving them the playoffs to in the in h l with is boiled over in a tight game between the saint louis blues mcculler on an avalanche with just every minute left to play in the 3rd period. and the school tied to to lou saint her braden shane was sent to the penalty. boxful. hi sticking. josh mansen can see i felt about it. she took his anger out on the canvas, smashing it with his stick. and from a little school in overtime to him, the avalanche 3 threw in anna one, nothing lead in a 2nd round c panel, it was much more one side of the game, one of the battle of florida, the tampa bay lightning beat the phantasm tuesday. here edward belmont gave it a 2 time defending stanley cup champions. the $21.00 lead him a 3rd period and they went on to win for one tiger woods. his walking is still
6:54 pm
a challenge falling a serious call, crash last yet. but despite that, he believes he can win the pga championship this week. golf 2nd major of the year is being held at southern hills in oklahoma. were tiger took home the trophy 15 years ago with the still working his way back to fitness off the badly injuring his legs in that car accident and made him come back at the master's at august that last month we figured did the 1st mountain decline was everest, i mean that the steepest golf course you can play and that was a 1st when he climbed and climbed. and so it's gonna get flatter and better. but still it, it, i still have tough days and i things aren't aren't gonna be as, as easy as people might think. but i feel like i'm doing better and they're sick of me limitations to what i'm going to be able to do. but i'm going to get stronger. i don't know how, how much that is or how much range of motion i'll ever get back. ah,
6:55 pm
but sure the hell are better than was, you know, 12 months ago will number one scottish airflow. we'll try to make it back to back mages, off to his victory at the masters. but does he feel any different now? he has that green jackets? no tigers here. so nobody really remembers that on here. so. all good. ah, no, i don't. like i said, don't feel any different. i don't get any extra shots this week. it's, you know, it's nice to have the ranking, but at the end of the day when i show up at a tournament i, i don't, i don't have any or advantages over the field. the 1st black african to win a stage on one of sy, things 3 grand 2 is has been forced to pull out of the race because of a podium mishap. 22 year old benny m gourmet from arrow trail aged to pass the world's best experiences to take stage 10 of the generals italia, but he ended up in hospital of to popping a champagne coke into his i i was bit sad about her that happened with the champagne today. luckily,
6:56 pm
i didn't suck the race because the, in my, i says, i need some rest. give more our, the, i so yeah, yes, we're looking forward. but the next season, and in major league baseball, the houston astros pulled or something special at fenway park. the boston red sox went into the 2nd inning at home with the one. nothing little over the asterisk but left to training 9 line off to recorded line 5 home runs in a single evening from the visits. he'll get a 6 to claim the record outright. with that achievement puts them alongside 17. we've also managed the feet stretching way back to $939.00, and the astros went on to win the game. 13 fool believe it is. and if that wasn't impressive enough, one lucky fan caught 2 of those home runs. the girl sitting in the legendary green monster stand caught one which ricocheted off the wall. and then another which went straight into his hands on the staff man needs to go and buy
6:57 pm
a lottery ticket. perhaps things a little we'll leave it there for now. most bolts needs later carry. peter, thanks very much indeed. will that sit for me? carrie johnson for this nissan and i'll be back in a moment in more other days news. stay with us. alyssa, ben welter can. yeah. and, and then i'm in the south for 1030. i'm the coordinator with the one. i'm wilson with
6:58 pm
african stories of resilience. and courage, i get younger and i right, well enough aware been one of us is one of them for about a little boy, them tradition and dedication. but it was, i was little more robust with short documentary by african filmmakers on the white 9. and the put, make it africa direct on al jazeera. from the front blind al jazeera correspondence continue to report every angle of the war cray. we've been given access to this special unit, making sure there's no threats behind those front lines. there's almost. busy complete destruction of fighting back a russian assault, holding background forces. the scale of destruction is just now being revealed as we arrived me goliath there is panic. a russian war played is suspected of being
6:59 pm
close by. stay with al jazeera for the latest developments. how do states control information in china local go? if you tried to search the war tenement, we find it is trying to make the whole country. yes. how does the narrative improve public opinion? the headlines died and that allowed the children to continue to die to how is citrus in journalism we framing the story. i am here to document the war crimes committed by what do and his resume. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera weavers at crying out. grazing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife migration have been blocked by human settlements to deal with all this canyon needs more money for conservation. and with the koran of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from torrison isn't enough. here at the abilene national park,
7:00 pm
and i knew all ceremony has been launched the hall parishioner than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, total turkey blocks a vote for finland and sweden as both countries formerly apply to join ne tech in the wake of russia's war, ukraine. ah, on carrie johnston. this is al 0 alive from don't also coming up the u. s. easy. some sanctions on venezuela. washington says it's to encourage talks between the president douro and the opposition. i'm to see a human in havana standing in one of the count.


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