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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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this of today's global headlines inside story on al jazeera, we don't simply focus on the politics of the conflict. if the human suffering that we report i, we brave bullets and bomb and we always include the views from our sites. ah. ready ready ready turkey blocks a vote for finland and sweden as both countries formerly applied to join nato in the wake of russia's war in ukraine. ah, i'm carried on to mrs. out, is there a life? also coming up the u. s. easy. some sanctions on venezuela. washington says it's to encourage talks between the president madura and your position. britain's inflation rate rises to a 40 year high ashes worn ukraine is helping to push out food and fuel prices.
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wildfire droughts and less food for millions by the experts issue. another bleak morning, long lasting effects of climate change. we began in brussels where it finland, and sweden have submitted their former applications to join nato. a turkey is blocking the military lines from even beginning the process. took his precedence accuses both countries of harboring what he calls kurdish terrorists or diplomatic editor james bass reports from belgium. nato secretary general yen stilton burg, welcoming the ambassadors of the 2 countries that want to become the newest members to join an alliance, which currently has 30 members. the ambassadors had with them their formal that is of application. this moment marking a radical change and opinion in the 2 nordic nations with long cherished that known,
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align status. a change that's taken place in the period of less than 3 months since russia invaded ukraine. every nation has the right to choose his own path. you have both made your choice of the follow democratic processes. and i warmly welcome the requests boy finance with me to join nato. you are our closest partners and your membership in natal would increase our shared security of the current nato members. $29.00 out of 30 strongly supports sweden and finland membership. they both have sophisticated armies, substantial fleets of air craft and both have served alongside nato forces in the balkans and african stop. the leader of one nato member though has objections. turkeys president, odor one accuses both countries of harboring terrorists in particular kurdish
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nationalists groups. the u. s. is confident the turkey can be persuaded, and that's why the us secretary of state will be meeting his turkish counterpart soon at the you and in new york. if turkey does change its position, the 2 countries could be sitting around the nato table as invitee nations at the summit. at the end of june, formal ratification, though it will take several months more. in a significant move the u. s. aircraft carrier, the u. s. s. harry truman and it strike group moved in recent town to the baltic sea, finland, and sweden and not yet members covered by nato's security guarantees. but its presence is a clear sign to russia if it was considering any response to the latest developments . james bays al jazeera at nato headquarters in brussels. turkeys presidents has again expressed his reservations about finland and sweden's bids financial membership on guinea stem. as if his image should have nato's enlargement would be meaningful for us. as long as our sensitivities are respected,
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giving all kinds of support to the p k, k into the y p g terrorist organization. and asking us for support for nato membership amounts to say the least inconsistency and not all be the grand lake. older she will do be nato is a security entity. therefore, we cannot say yes to depriving this security organization of security. president joe biden has said the u. s. will work with finn and suite and while the membership is being considered, kimberly joins us live from ashington, dc now and kimberly the white house very keen to make this work. the white house will be a fact, president biden will be hosting the leaders of both finland and sweden. here the president will be meeting in the oval office on thursday, but in the inter of the president has issued a very strongly worded statement. well, he hasn't mentioned turkey by name,
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and it is no secret that the u. s. has had his differences with turkey and nato ally in the past is the president has made it very clear that he is committed to seeing that both sweden and finland are admitted to nato ultimately. and even though there may be this hiccup, if you will, or are minor setback, that the u. s. president is committed to seeing that ultimately finland and sweden have their applications approved for membership. in fact, the u. s. president underscoring his support for that in a statement saying that he looks forward to working with congress and nato allies to bring finland and sweden in to what he calls the strongest defensive allies in history. he says his commitment to nato, an article 5, which is that attack on one is an attack on all, is iron clad and he says, well, their application is be considered. the united states will work with finland and
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sweden and remain vigilant against any threats to our shared security, to deter and confront any aggression or threat of aggression. and of course, what he talks about aggression. of course, he is referring to any potential threat from russia. so the u. s. president, again referring very strongly there to what he sees is obstacles. turkey had also the potential threats. russia and we expect to do as president will be elaborating on this. we know that there will be statements coming out of those meetings when the president sits down following those meetings with the leader of sweden as well as fin linda on thursday. but prior to that, in fact, in the next hour we'll be hearing from the national security advisor, take sullivan. he'll be joining the white house press briefing that is set to begin in the next hour, where it is likely that there will be further comment coming out of the by the administration on this issue. kimberly how come with that update for us? thank you. marsha says almost $700.00 ukrainian fight as the as
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a staff still don't have surrendered in the past 24 hours, it's unclear what will happen to them next. an earlier group was taken to a former penal colony in russian controlled territory. while the wounded were taken the hospital for treatment. ukraine once a prisoner swap, but russia's parliament is considering banning the exchange of as of members for russian prisoners. i said, beg, has more from coming towards when to stand there. still, some of those clinging soldiers still in at that moment. know the president, that lensky has said that the military intelligence and the most influential international mediators are trying to negotiate or talk to try to try to be involved in the evacuation of those remaining fighters. now they have said that they will not surrender. an uncertainty is not a word that ukraine has used and even for those that have been taken to russian health her for doing the words being used by the ukrainians is that they have competed their mission. and this is a very politically charged issue. the,
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those fight to the scene, us defending merrier polar and making the heroic stand. and many of them went on line window at the as i've still sent, saying that they felt like they were let down by the politicians and kids. so it's important for ukraine to at least try to see that they're doing their best to try to get those remaining fights as evacuated as well. those that have been taken to russian separate russian vac separatist areas. well, the ukraine, you the saying that there is a exchange program a for me. and what we've heard from the ukrainians is that they will be some sort of exchange for seriously wounded ukrainians for in exchange for seriously wounded russians when that will take place and how that will take place as of yet is not clear or dosage. a boy has more now for moscow. there was a move by as a country's prosecutor on a tuesday to ask 3 chords to declare the as of battalion a terrorist organization. and since that require, we've been hearing from a number of high ranking lawmakers in the lower house of parliament that is in the
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state duma. and they've made their views very clear. according to the speaker of dumont the nazi criminals, as he called them. they are not to be exchanged for any russian soldiers because they need to be put on trial. we've also been hearing from another senior lawmaker and by the name of the leonor the as so sky, who is also part of russia's negotiating scene with ukraine. he had some much were and severe views. he called the as of saw as of battalion and animals in human form, he said that the death penalty should be brought back for them as also they should be put in as through international courts and to go through trials because of the alleged war crimes and they've committed against russian forces. now we understand, and this is certainly their view when it comes to the lawmakers. we've also been hearing from a number of local media outlets over the past 24 hours. and the view is very much
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the same in set up of what we expected would be a celebration of russia's final or 1st official victory in a large area that is mary up all in the strategic port town. that is so important. we're now hearing of what people think should be done with these are ukranian fighters that are now in russian custody. a russian soldier has pleaded guilty to killing an unarmed ukrainian civilian may. the plea on wednesday as a king of court begun the hearing ukraine's 1st war crimes trial of the conflict. the 21 year old sergeant or the she marian, is charged with shooting a 62 year old civilian through an open car window. he's facing life in prison. the european union is pushing for the towns to abandon the use of russian energy hits, proposing a strange and $15000000000.00 package, and includes more efficient use of fuels and the faster road to renewable power. you're paying commission. preston, us live on the line says the initiative is to help you countries when themselves, off russia. israeli forces have rated several neighborhoods in the janine refugee
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camp and occupied west bank. more than 40 military petrol, stormed a number of palestinian homes. 17 palestinians were detained. hosting and more now the funeral of assuring our claim has been arrested by israeli forces because there was attacked by is very policed as he carried sheen's coughing, milky part east jerusalem. last week. the count of what happened was widely shed on social media, even though it says all the questions during his interrogation related to the funeral to be held until at least next sunday. israel's prime minister has been challenged in parliament to reveal the truth about the officer who shot until the sri. i was a member of the connect. it confronted enough tony bennett on monday. how come you know, how he gets action, cherry and i knew serene on both the personal and family level. i'm challenging the
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prime minister bennett, and i'm telling him in front of everyone that he knows the identity of the officer who shot serene or something. you know, from which a jeep the officer shot her from, you know, the rifle and telescopic lens, he used to kill serene. i mean, you are lying. you or a lawyer. in my name, if. if i lied the entire world would know. it's not me who's called the swindler by everyone. and once again, i tell you that, you know, from which chief, the officer shot her from much and you know, the rifle and the telescopic lens used to kill sri, i was the 0 media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation. is the killing of its journalist in the occupied westbank. serene. actually was shot in the head by a very forces while she was on assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral israeli forces stormed the procession and started beating
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mourners, causing pall bearers to almost drop her casket. didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. of the claim was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of past was to the head on, out in, i'm assuming in havana standing in one of the countless lines. what you've been say they are spending too much of their lives coming up. i'll tell you why. thus 2 governments, one country rival administrations fight the control africans oil which nations ah
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right will allow, sans, don't blown through the still plenty of dust in the air and the still that seasonal wind, the shamal that blows down the gulf out of iraq is quite a halt one. so attempt is asked in the low fourties anywhere from q 8. that was there are a little bit cooler in mercier because you got wind coming off the open water. and the dust load is a little bit less, but it's showing itself in land and eastern side. you may pass of that out as well . the general picture is a dry one and a fairly breezy the still quite a breeze running through iraq. no problem at the mo, with dust in the air, but that might change. we have got showers at 1st in turkey, but they're moving eastwards towards nolan, iran. and then the picture then is largely sunshine, but they could been coming risk to baghdad, as the winds pick up. quick look at the forecast, hear them saturday and sunday into the forty's, but, but i get monday. the temps joke, accompanied by that when would suggest, and i have looked at how much just there could be in there that, you know,
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sandstorm risk coming up. right. well, still to come heading sas, are we getting any, any rain in kenya? not much in uganda, around like the 2 or a few thunderstorms show up, but this time there you would like to see with this incoming moist breeze something rather more than that. sadly. not ah, killing the debate. there is no he job bad. you know, if anyone here talks about women that i deal with this bill seemed of themselves notes or pictures of the table. we were taught to see abortion had a one way ticket street to help all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources in the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. the part of today's program, the 3 are now to sierra ah
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ah, you're watching out a reminder of our top stories, finland and sweden have handed in their formal applications to join nato. they've long been neutral, but russia's invasion of ukraine rapidly shifted public opinion in favor of nato membership. russia says almost $700.00 ukrainian fight. as a soft style steel plans have surrendered in the past 24 hours is unclear what will happen to them. ukraine is suggesting a prisoner swap. russia wants some to be labeled as terrorists or the u. s. is turning its attention to latin america, head of next month's summit of the americas is eased. some sanctions on venezuela to encourage talks between the president nicholas madeira and the opposition. and
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it comes with mexico, holds talks with us delegation. the 2 sides are set to disgust mexico's insistence on every country in the region, being invited to next month's summit on while a propeller has more from mexico city. well, this debate that we were expecting to see play out over the multilateral relationship, that the united states has with different regions of the western hemisphere debate that we were expecting to see play out of the some of, of the americas in jude is happening well ahead. of schedule, with mexico positioning itself right smack of the middle of this conversation. of course, it's all begins with mexico, mexican president, and this manuel lopez over the lord of stating that he would boycott the summit of the americas in june to take place in los angeles. if the united states did not invite representatives from cuba from venezuela and from the get, i will others other leaders from the region have since sort of signed up and supported that statement by the mexican president. we've heard from the president
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of guatemala, they have to jump. now this is something that could, that we could potentially in theory see a resolution to today. there was a delegation from the united states that was scheduled to visit mexico to speak with the president. specifically on that matter. we've heard from president lope is over saying that that in person visit has been scheduled, has been cancelled. and instead, it's going to be taking place over the phone. now, if mexico is able to convince the united states to invite the president of venezuela of nickel of cuba, it also raises legal questions specifically because the united states has for many years now been accusing leaders like the bigger of nicaragua and nicholas by buddha of venezuela. of human rights violations, and of other crimes. cuba is facing its worst economic crisis in 30 years. last time life was this hot was when subsidies from the former soviet union ended tens of thousands of cubans of thing island in search of
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a better life or latin america. editor lucio newman reports from havana. 55 year old, allow the lena soonest, that is returning home empty handed. after spending hours in the queue to buy butter, life is a struggle. she says, especially since her daughter migrated to spain, leaving her to care for her grandchildren on her monthly minimum wage was $20.00 at the black market rate. our. she shows us her refrigerator full mostly of water. while on the new, a new child, i have 4 children to feed. i have no choice but to go on the street to solve this and that. in the land, she explains the chicken by 10 packs of cigarettes for $200.00 pesos on her rash and card and sell each one for a $150.00 on the flourishing informal market. long lines for everything from food to fuel reveal in economy in distress. o people's tempers are short from chewing most of the day. in this case, for 2 bottles of oil,
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scarce items are sold with a ration card, but most things are no longer subsidized. when are you when they're under lynette finger? i'm a v here since 5 a. m, and i've got numbers 117. see it's now 10 am and they're at least 800 people in line hoping to buy chicken cubes. cash starved economy is collapsing under the weight of harsh economic sanctions imposed by washington and a pandemic that's paralyzed tourism cube as he can only get injured in all this aggravated by 3 digit inflation sparked by a long overdue monetary reform. but often i saw last united, younger boy, a faded, we were obliged to devalue 8 or currency by to 1300 percent. one of the biggest evaluations ever seen in the regional havana state, one tourist hotels are empty even as new ones are being built. the few russian tourists who came this year left as soon as war broke out in ukraine for fear of
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being unable to get back home. thousands of ordinary cubans who invested in bread and breakfasts before the pandemic, are now desperate. here's another sign where they rent rooms in central heaven. i'm going to check to see how they're doing because there's a sign here that says, god bless my business and those who visit, but we'll see just how many visitors they've had. i went on saturdays with our receiving our big library, went back on the lateral a little say i'm the letting me know that one of my little middle shows was her guest register. all she hasn't had any since last year before we go very wrong with that income. i could buy things for my grandchild without it were hard pressed on a so it, so this should teach it, planning chief says q was trying to diversify economy to increase biotechnology,
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industry exports and food production, ambiance, amber neal, implement randomly a part of what we have been taking measures to strengthen and give more autonomy to a state socialist enterprises, which in our view with the fundamental actors of our economy in coming off when i went on men to her, it's clear that maintaining centralized control is still the priority. despite police for greater freedom for the fledgling private sector, those who to hoped that the way out of this crisis would be to follow the example of vietnam or china would just have to keep waiting in line. to see a newman al jazeera havana, britain's at cost to live in crisis is worse thing in the poorest off it. in the pinch, the most inflation rows might 9 percent last month, reaching a 40 year high. that's led to soaring electricity bills. millions of households saw their energy costs increase last month by 54 percent. the citizens advice charity says no income families especially, are struggling to put food on the table. the leader or the you case opposition?
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labor parties told parliament that the prime minister didn't understand the public's fight. it yourself a get a toughie. ah, he doesn't actually understand what working families are going through in this country. struggling about how they're going to pay their bills. a whilst he differs . british households are slapped with an extra $53000000.00 pounds on their energy bills every single day. meanwhile, every single day. dorsey oil dust jobs, wretched. 32000000 pounds in unexpected profit. to even sand her isn't economists to research and inequality at king's college london. he says the u. k. government must intervene. this is a once the lifetime crisis and things are awful now, but they're going to get was that as things stand, 40 percent of families cutting back on food, 40 percent struggling to pay the energy bills,
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40 percent unable to save $1.00 and $7.00 adults going hungry to put 6, but he had children going hungry and that's for the patients at 9 percent. if they should, will get high with they will peak had said later this year, the average family, we have a 2000 pounds was all this is a once a lifetime crisis or british families, the government absolutely div the 3rd party apps that he has to be to increase universe of credit payments and pensions it lied with prices at the moment, the decreasing by 3 point one percent. an average inflation expect to be over 10 percent this year. i'll talk about restore the 1000 pound universal credit uplift there. security payments going to low income household, we had it through the pandemic habit again. and also given the fact that every single household is feeding at a 1000 pound chat, that is tapped to every single household, the cost, the entire package radius. so security payment in like the price is a $1000.00 pound cheque and bringing about the universal credit uplift together
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called 10 percent of what we spent on our pandemic response. this country got through upon down it. we shut down the economy. we could actually get this. what's the lifetime cost of living crisis as well? one of libya is rival prime ministers says he will move is governments to the city of cert. from wednesday receive a saga attempted to enter the capital tripoli on tuesday when he was blocked by supporters of arrival administration. libya has had to governments since march, or like china has the latest from adonis in southwest libya. this isn't something new in libya, libya or fort for the decade for more than a decade. libby has been engulfed in political divisions and violence, seen 2 governments at numerous times, one in the west and one in the east. and really, people are frustrated. they want to see elections are when the elections were scheduled in december. more than 2800000 libyans registered to vote. so there's a huge appetite for libyans to elect who they want to see them in power. and,
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and both are frustrated at both after having the baby and fatigued sugar are really they don't really care who, who's in control, as long as they can stop the violence, stop the conflict and bring stability to the country. i like you were hearing the damage. the dam is a is a historical city. it's also the old town is a world heritage, the school world heritage site. and just behind me, this is i in foot us or this. bring in a ways us in the middle of the desert is over 4000 years old. and before the violence and the political division started thousands of tourists used to come and see this and see the city. and the economy was, you know, was, was booming because of it, it, it depends on tourists and, and since these divisions, and since this violence, they've, their, their economy is struggling. so the regular people across the country that are suffering due to these political divisions and violence and they want to see it and,
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and they want to see elections as soon as possible. now whether experts have issued another warning on how the world is heating up with harmful long lasting effects. you in report says ocean temperatures and identification. all right. record highs, threatening marine life on land, increasing levels of carbon dioxide or causing extreme weather events. the past 7 years with the hottest ever, that's caused drought in afghanistan, canada ran pakistan, turnkey took many stone and the us. the tinder joy conditions have triggered major wildfires, costing hundreds of billions of dollars. extreme weather event, circ causing food and water shortages in many countries. the global energy system is broken and bringing us ever closer to climate catastrophe, fossil fuels, devon's environmentally and economically. what a new crane and see me that the effects on energy prices is yet another wake up call. the only sustainable future is a renewable one. we must have fossil fuel pollution and accelerate renewable energy
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transition. before we send that a, our only own time is running off of a terry color. second general of the world meter logical organization, the un agency that released its state to the global climate report. he says it would be cheaper to prevent the climate change then deal with the warming tenants. we have again, broken less comfortable records in maine, greenhouse gas concentrations, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide. we have seen a major both in sea level rise. it used to be too many meters per year in the past . and recently we have seen 4.5 meters per year. last year, some melting with the higher speed and, and we have stored more and more heat to the oceans. and we have broken all time record in ocean heat or so last the last year. and it also sounds so
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sharing a sink of carbon dioxide. that means that via chasing the chemical composition of the water and it's becoming more i saved. and the also broke is actually the record . the science has been very clear for the case and we have started seeing growing the amount of impacts of night climate change and negative impacts of climate change. and it's clear that it's much cheaper to mitigate climate change than to live with the consequences. and these consequences are becoming more and more expensive. and they also more dramatic. for human beings, we have seen and lots of casualties. and then, and this is expected to grow if we, if we failed to reply with mitigation. equal pay is on the way for both men and women who play for us. national soccer teams, landmark agreement ends years of legal action by female players, gender discrimination. and unprecedented live game prize money will be shared in
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men and women's welcome. current holders are the american the steel is going to have ramifications throughout the entire world. you know, it's game changing moment here in the u. s, but it has the potential to change how international soccer and international sport do business with the equalization of prize money for our men's and women's world cup, i think is just going to be a historic moment. and hopefully it will create change throughout the world's. ah, this is al jazeera, these all the top stories, finland and sweden have handed in their formal applications to join. nato for turkey is blocking me on some even beginning the process. the turkish present accuse of the 2 countries of harboring what he calls kurdish terrorists. not all underneath them as the position of nato's enlargement would be meaningful for us.


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