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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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how detailed, how to 0. we're bringing the needs and current affairs that matter to you. counters, aaron. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm carrie johnston. this is a nice our live from day or coming up in the next 60 minutes. turkey blocks a vote for finland in sweden as both countries for me apply to join nato in the wake of russia's war ukraine. the u. s. easy. some sanctions on venezuela. washington says it's to encourage talks between present dura and your position. britain's inflation rate rises to
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a 40 year high brushes. war and ukraine is helping to push up food and fuel prices, wildfire droughts, and less food for millions, whether experts issue another bleak warning on lasting effects of climate change. and i'm pete estimate with your school to landmark agreement for football is in the united states for the 1st time women's and men's national teen players will be paid the same. and the use of legal case where we begin in brussels, where finland and sweden have submitted their formal applications to join nater. but turkey is blocking the military alliance from even beginning the process. turkeys. the president accuses both countries of harboring what he calls kurdish terrorists or diplomatic editor james base reports from belgium. nato secretary general yen sultan burg, welcoming the ambassadors of the 2 countries that want to become the newest members
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to join an alliance, which currently has 30 members. the ambassadors had with them their formal that is of application. this moment marking a radical change and opinion in the 2 nordic nations with long cherished that known, align status of a change that's taken place in the period of less than 3 months. since russia invaded ukraine, every nation has the right to choose his own path. you are both made your choice of the follow them critic processes. and i warmly welcome the requests boy finance with me to join nato. you are our closest partners and your membership in nato would increase our shared security of the current nato members. $29.00 out of 30 strongly support sweden and finland membership. they both have sophisticated armies,
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substantial fleets of air craft and both have served alongside nato forces in the balkans and african star. the leader of one nato member though has objections, turkeys president, odor one accuses both countries of harboring terrorists in particular kurdish nationalists groups. the u. s. is confident the turkey can be persuaded, and that's why the us secretary of state will be meeting his turkish counterpart soon at the you end in new york. if turkey does change its position, the 2 countries could be sitting around the nato table as invitee nations at a summit. at the end of june, formal ratification, though it will take several months more. in a significant move the u. s. aircraft carrier, the u. s. s. harry truman and it strike group moved in recent town to the baltic sea, finland, and sweden and not yet members covered by nato's security guarantees. but its presence is a clear sign to russia if it was considering any response to the latest developments . james bay's al jazeera,
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at nato headquarters in brussels. a turkeys president has again expressed his reservations about finland and sweden's bids for nato membership. natalie and jenny stim, as if the mission of nato's enlargement would be meaningful for us as long as our sensitivities are respected. giving all kinds of support to the p k, k into the y p g terrorist organization, and asking us for support for nato membership amounts to say the least to inconsistency and not be the grand lake older. she will do better. nato is a security entity fully, therefore we cannot say yes to depriving this security organization of security. get him a person to joe biden has said the u. s. will work with finland and sweden while the membership is being considered. i white house correspondent, kimberly how can president by then will be hosting the leaders of both finland and sweden. here the president will be meeting in the oval office on
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thursday of but in the interview as president has issued a very strongly worded statement. well, he hasn't mentioned turkey by name. i am, it is no secret that the u. s. has had differences with turkey and nato ally in the past in the president has made it very clear that he is committed to seeing that both sweden and finland are admitted to nato. ultimately, i and even though there may be this hiccup, if you will, or are minor setback, that the u. s. president is committed to seeing that ultimately finland and sweden have their applications approved for membership. in fact, the u. s. president underscoring his support for that in a statement saying that he looks forward to working with congress and nato allies to bring finland and sweden in to what he calls the strongest defensive alliance in history. he says his commitment to nato, an article 5, which is that attack on one is an attack on all, is iron clad and he says, well,
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their application is be considered. the united states will work with finland and sweden and remain vigilant against any threats to our shared security, to deter and confront any aggression or, or threat of can aggression. and of course, what he talks about aggression, of course, he is referring to any potential threat from russia. are you a secretary of state antony blinking his meeting, his turkish counterpart of that cover? so glue at the un. ahead of that meeting, a turkeys, foreign minister said his country had legitimate concerns over sweden and villains bids for nato membership. he said turkey's own security needs had to be addressed. well, kristen sumi is life for us now at un headquarters where the 2 men are holding a meeting right now. so kristen turkey seems set on blocking fin linden sweden's nato membership houses playing out
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while the turkish foreign minister and the u. s. secretary of state arrived here just a short time ago with their entourage as their meeting here at the united nations and clearly the nato membership expansion. as at the top of the agenda, they discussed that before closing the doors to reporters, the turkish foreign minister said that they understand turkey understands that sweden and finland have security concerns as a result of russia's position in ukraine. but turkey also has security concerns that need to be addressed. he of course was referring to when his president has described as legitimate security concerns as well regarding terrorist kurdish nationalist groups that are in both sweden and finland. he also mentioned export restrictions that in reference to the arms band that was imposed by nordic countries after turkey invaded syria in 2019 to go after turkish nationalist,
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the secretary of state said that he was confident that the the 2 countries could work through their differences and discuss things and certainly the turkish foreign minister indicated on arriving here in new york that they were looking to improve bilateral relationships with the united states. and clearly, the best way to do that as far as the u. s. is concerned is by supporting this expansion of nato. so that will be discussed here, behind closed doors and, and we'll see how that plays out. but clearly, this is the top of the agenda for both of these diplomats to work through their differences on nato expansion. the indication from sources here is that turkey is not a pose to nato expansion per se. if these security concerns are in fact addressed . ok, thank you. kristen sending me lie for us to un headquarters. the u. s. has reopened its embassy, ukrainian,
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capital cave. it had been closed for 3 months after russia's invasion, a small number of diplomats will return for authorities. a concert operations weren't resumed just yet. several countries have reopened their emphasis in the past month, including france, germany and the u. k. russia says almost $700.00 ukrainian fighters, so star still punk surrendered in the past 24 hours. it's unclear what will happen to them next. an earlier group were taken to a formula funeral colony in russian control territory or the wounded were taken to hospital for treatment. ukraine once a prisoner swap and rushes parliament is considering banning the exchange of as off members for russian prisoners of war. as vague has more now from, from a toss. when to stand there still, some of those clinging soldiers still in silent now the presidency. lensky has said that the military intelligence and the most influential international mediators, are trying to negotiate or talk to try to try to be involved in the evacuation of
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those remaining fighters. now they have said that they will not surrender an answer and is not a word that ukraine has used even for those that have been taken to. russian held her for doing the words being used by the ukrainians is that they have completed their mission. and this is a very politically charged issue, the, those fight to the scene with defending mary pola, making the heroic stand. and many of them went on line window at the as of still front saying that they felt like they were let down by the politicians in care of. so it's important for ukraine to at least try to see that they're doing their best to try to get those remaining fights as evacuated as well. those that have been taken to rush and separate russian vac separatist areas. well, the ukraine, the saying that there is a exchange program a for me. and what we've heard from the ukrainians is that they will be some sort of exchange for seriously wounded ukrainians for in exchange for seriously wounded russians when that will take place and how that will take place as of yet is not
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clear. and all search barry has more now for moscow there was a move by the country's prosecutor on tuesday to ask re courts to declare the as of italian a terrorist organization. and since that request, we've been hearing from a number of high ranking lawmakers in the lower house of parliament, that is the state duma. and they've made their views very clear. according to the speaker of dumont the nazi criminals, as he called them. they are not to be exchanged for any russian soldiers because they need to be put on trial. we've also been hearing from another senior lawmaker by the name of the leonor sold ski, who was also part of russia. negotiating team was ukraine. he had some much more severe views. he called the as a, as healthy and animals in human form. you said that the death penalty should be brought back for them as also they should be put in as through international court
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to go through trials because of the legit war crimes committed against russian forces. now we understand, and this is certainly the view when it comes to the lawmakers. we've also been hearing from a number of local media outlets over the past 24 hours. and the view is very much the same in set up. what we expected would be a celebration of russia final, 1st official victory in a large area that is mary awful in the strategic port town. that is so important. we are now hearing of what people think should be done with the ukranian fighters that are now in russian custody. a russian soldier has pleaded guilty to killing an unarmed ukrainian civilian. he made the play on the wednesday as a key, of course began hearing ukraine's 1st war crimes trial of the conflict. 21 year old sergeant. she married is charged with shooting a 62 year old civilian to an open car window. he's facing life in prison. well,
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actually though a sooty is a former president of the international criminal court. he says, it's right that the case is hurting ukraine and not in the hague. international law does recognize that authority of it national states to do it. or whether or not the a particular national em authority has the credibility to do justice. according to the accepted standards in international law is a different question. and that is a matter that i am am not in a position now. do you know? second, guessed the ability of ukraine to, to do a justice or indeed russia itself, because russia would also have the right to try at all it's on soldiers, but also ukrainian soldiers that i suspected of committing war crime. so, but site, how that right and international lot to, to,
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to conduct war crime trials of their own soldiers as well as a soldier of the enemy, m, m. formation. european union is pushing forward with plans to abandon the use of russian energy. is proposing $815000000000.00 package and includes more efficient use of fills and a faster row that of renewable power. european commission president s live on the line says initiative is to help you countries when themselves, off russia plenty more head on the news, including i'm going to see a newman in santa standing in one of the countless lines. what you say they are spending too much of their lives coming up. i'll tell you why. the rising gas prices in nigeria forcing many people to tend to would and charcoal. we look at how, what extenuating deforestation, and spanish police arrest football fan league final incident.
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ah, israeli forces have rated several neighborhoods in the janine refugee camp in the occupied westbank. more than 40 military patrol storm the number of palestinian homes, 17 palestinians were detained, a palestinian mourner. the funeral of assuring clay has been arrested by israeli forces. could her was attacked by israeli police as he carried sharina coffin occupied eastern bruce and last week his account of what happened was widely shared on social media. you know, it says all the questions during his interrogation related to the funeral to be held until at least next monday. israel as that prime minister has been challenged in parliament to reveal the truth about the officer who shot and killed the shooting of a member of the connect. it confronted natalie bennett on monday. i'm part of
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charlotte. yeah. how do you guys actually cheer in? i knew serene on both the personal and family level. i'm challenging the prime minister bennett, and i'm telling him in front of everyone that he knows the identity of the officer who shot serene. i'm sure you know from which a jeep the officer shot her from. you know, the rifle and telescopic lens, he used to kill serene. i mean, you are lying. you are a lawyer in my need me because i lied the entire world would know. it's not me who's called the swindler by everyone. and once again, i challenge you that you know, from which chief the officer shot her from much and you know, the rifle and the telescopic lens used to kill sri roses era media network continues to demand a rapid independence in transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist and occupied the west bank screen of the clay was shot in the head by
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israeli forces while she was on a silent engine in when the day of her funeral is very forces storm the procession and started beating. one is causing pull bears to almost drop her casket. i didn't stop. thousands of palestinians were marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her kidding and continued to cold for investigation. clay was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. the u. s. is turning its attention to latin america had of next month. sonnet of the americas is eased. some sanctions on venezuela, to encourage talks between the president nicholas maturer and physician. and it comes as mexico home talks with us. again, it's the sides of set to discuss mexico's insistence on every country meeting being invited to next month's summit. when apollo has more than from mexico city?
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well, this debate that we were expecting to see play out over the multilateral relationship, that the united states has with different regions of the western hemisphere debate that we were expecting to see play out of the some of, of the americas in jude is happening well ahead. of schedule, with mexico positioning itself right smack of the middle of this conversation. of course, this all begins with mexico, mexican president, and this manuel lopez over the lord of stating that he would boycott the summit of the americas in june to take place in los angeles. if the united states did not invite representatives from cuba from venezuela and from the can, i will others, other leaders from the region have since sort of signed up and supported that statement by the mexican president. we've heard from the president of got the mile now they have to geometry. now. this is something that could, that we could potentially in theory see a resolution to today. there was a delegation from the united states that was scheduled to visit mexico to speak
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with the president, specifically on that matter. we've heard from president lopez over saying that that in person visit has been scheduled, has been cancelled. and instead, it's going to be taking place over the phone. now, if mexico is able to convince the united states to invite the president of venezuela of nick at iowa of cuba, it also raises legal questions specifically because the united states has for many years now been accusing leaders like than a lot bigger of nicaragua. and nicholas by order of venezuela, of human rights violations, and of other crimes. the u. s. is also easing sanctions imposed on cuba by the trump administration. cuba is facing its worst economic crisis in 30 years. the last time life was this hard was when subsidies from the former soviet union ended . tens of thousands of cubans are fleeing the island in search of a better life or latin america editor. the cinnamon reports from her 55 year old, allow the lena soon that is returning home empty handed. after spending hours in
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the queue to buy butter. life is a struggle. she says, especially since her daughter migrated to spain, leaving her to care for her grandchildren. not her monthly minimum wage was $20.00 at the black market rate. our. she shows us her refrigerator, full mostly of water, water on the new, a new child. i have 4 children to feed. i have no choice but to go on the street to solve this and that a lot she explains to chicken by 10 packs of cigarettes for 200 pesos on her ration card and sell each one for a $150.00 on the flourishing informal market. a long lines for everything from food to fuel revealed in economy in distress. law people's tempers are short from chewing most of the day. in this case for to bottom some oil. scarce items are sold with a ration card, but most things are no longer subsidized. when you went around bill and it
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synchronized, i'm, i've been here since 5 a. m. and i've got numbers 1170. it's now 10 am and there are at least 800 people in line hoping to buy chicken cubes. cash starved economy is collapsing under the weight of harsh economic sanctions imposed by washington and append demik. that's paralyzed tourism to visit economic engine. i mean, all this aggravated by 3 digit inflation sparked by a long overdue monetary reform. but often i saw last united, younger boy if aiden, we were obliged to devalue it, or currency by 2300 percent. one of the biggest evaluations ever seen in the regional havana state, one tourist hotels are empty. even his new ones are being built. the few russian tourists to came this year left as soon as war broke out in ukraine for fear of being unable to get back home. thousands of ordinary cubans who invested in bread
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and breakfasts before the pandemic are now desperate. here's another sign where they rent rooms in central heaven. i'm going to check to see how they're doing because there's a sign here that says, god bless my business and those who visit. but we'll see just how many visitors they've had. i when i started this with our receiving our big library, went back on the lateral. they lost the key, letting me know that was my little middle shells as her guest registered or she hasn't had any since last year because i got very wrong with that income. i could buy things for my grandchild without it were hard pressed on a so a, so this should teach it. planning chief says q was trying to diversify economy to increase biotechnology, industry exports and food production, ambiance, amber neal, implement vandal mary, up at a ford. but we have been taking measures to strengthen and give more autonomy to
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a state socialist enterprises, which in our view with the fundamental actors of our economy in coming off when i'm and then men to her. it's clear that maintaining centralized control is still the priority. despite please for greater freedom for the fledgling private sector. those who hoped that the way out of this crisis would be to follow the example of vietnam or china would just have to keep waiting in line. lucy and human al jazeera havana. or staying with this sir, where joined labarte, helen. yeah. for you. she's a senior lecture at the university of glasgow where she specializes in cuban and latin american department. thanks for being with us here today on al jazeera is present biden's announcement enough to think when you consider the overall effects of sanctions on cuba over the years. well, i think the question is enough to do was to alleviate some of the hardships that cubans have been experiencing as a result of the double whammy of the sanction,
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the sort of maximum pressure strategy of the trauma administration. which paul, 243 new measures actions and co and sanctions on a, on top of a blockade that was already 6 decades long. and of course, the coven pandemic, which saw them closing the borders, losing tourism revenue. so it, you know, it barely scratches the surface in terms of its impact on lessening some of those hardships. and one of the really key measures is, but just before leaving office trauma, put huber back onto the list of state sponsors of terrorism, which is ludicrous. nobody in the world believes that, that justified and what this means is that to me, late, all the banks in the world have to put you on a high risk category and you know, basically risk of us, they refuse to carry out transactions related to cuba. so of course this impacts
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cubans, trade kuma, the small island nation, heavily dependent on imports and exports. new talks about the biotech 2nd. so i mean, cuba has, it's the only country and not in america. the power been to produce its own code, 19 back things. but you know, even the question of exporting both is impacted by this decision by trump, which biting hasn't reversed so much despite his campaign promises? because by then had stated that he would revert back to the obama wrapped right small arrow, he was the vice president. so very minimal measures, i think very sort of tactical from, by then your previous report was talking about the, the tensions around the summit of the americas and the president of mexico and others have said, you know, that they $1.00 to $10.00 ines, all the countries including cuba are present and invited and they're pushing back against them. you know, us using sanctions as a, as
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a form of wool fat. and it's fresh in general. so i'm going to ask you this so, so sorry to interrupt. let me ask you, how is all this affected the population then for example, the closing of the u. s. embassy in havana? oh, it's been devastating for cuban families. so you know, what happened is on a sphere is claim of what was originally called sonic attacks. and mike were able to talk then simply the harvest road, which has reached recent me, you know, to see, i have come out with a report saying there's actually no basis for this occupation on this furious claim . they closed. but do you remember the effectively and the conflict, which meant but the cubans and remember the whole historical and geographical reason, something like wanting free cubans have family in the united states. and they have, you know, a lot of cultural and academic exchange. they, they couldn't get the freebie banner. so they had to travel over be the main port for getting these is still gayana that implies paying for, you know,
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making application. but for going for interviews they have to pay for transfer to both countries. stay that pay for the accommodation and essentially will that most about travel. so you know, this is been also the family reunification program has been shut down full something like 5 years. so the impact on a human level has been devastating, and that's also one of the depressions that's growing in the united states, the growing cuban american community, which is rejecting the policy of hostility. and that's i know, whatever they think of the cuban government. they want the ability to visit their families to send money to their families, and they are angry. so what, steph, i'm the suffering on necessarily have from economic shortage is the kind of cues but your previous report because of the sanction. so there is a growing pressure by from latin america, the heads of state who are complaining,
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but also an internal movement that is becoming increasingly vociferous and saying have to. and we have to allow cubans to be able to travel to cuba to send money to cuba. and one of the bite and measures announce to re the limits on the amounts of reminiscences that can be sent above a $1000.00 annually. but you know, this is something that is not explained bare enough to set the queue than financial institutions that receive the remittances and distribute them in cuba have being placed on this trump list of restricted entities. so, you know, a lot of they seem to be in less than, you know, back channel, told them more details will be coming out. it seems to be quite superficial. ok, we'll have to leave it there, haven't yet, from the university. thank you very much. and if your insights today, thank was still a heads up on al jazeera people, a t for alice petulance to lanka, was the government of wards. it's running out of supplies and in sport,
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to find out what made this i spoke with . bright will allow sense don't blown through the still plenty of dust in the air and the still that seasonal wind, the shamal that blows down the gulf out of iraq. it's quite a halt. one. so attempt is asked in the low fourties anywhere from q 8, that was a little bit cooler in mercy. you a because you got that wind coming off the open water. and the dust load is a little bit less, but it's showing itself in land and eastern side, maybe parts of cut out as well. the general picture is a dry one and a fairly breezy the still quite a breeze running through iraq. no problem though with dust in the air, but that might change. we have got showers at 1st in turkey,
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but they're moving eastwards towards nolan, iran. and then the picture then is largely sunshine, but they could been in coming risk to baghdad, as the winds pick up. quick look at the forecast, hear them saturday and sunday into the forty's. but, but i guess monday attempt drop accompanied by that when would suggest and i have looked at how much does that could be in? yeah, that, you know, a sandstorm risk coming up, right, well, still to come heading. sas, are we getting any, any rain in kenya? not much in uganda, around like the tour a few thunderstorms show up, but this time that you would like to see with this incoming moist breeze. something rather more than that, sapping up ah ah, i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents, and this is mean fighting both isis and
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the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father, the son, and that he has part one on al jazeera with lou. ah ah
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ah, you watching out a reminder now the top stores in finland and sweden have handed in their formal applications to join native and membership bids were spurred by security concerns over rushes warn ukraine. but turkey is blocking the lines from even beginning the process. president joe biden has said the us will work with finland in sweden, or the membership is being considered. u. s. secretary of state antony lincoln is meeting his turkish counterpart at the un to discuss twenty's objections. today we have food and sweden submit their applications, and this of course is a process and we will walk through that process as allies and his partners. we have a lot on our common agenda, including of course, a rush is ongoing regression against ukraine, united states, turkey,
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all of our allies have been ha resolute in support of you, frame to gear as being supporting the open door policy or nato, even before this war but with regard to this possible candidate already candidate countries, you know, we have also legitimate security concerns that they have been supporting terrorist organizations. and there are also export restrictions on defense products. so we already express our concerns and on the ground. russia is continuing, it's offensive in the southern ukraine, or the hamid is in the calliah of which was bombed earlier on wednesday. this is actually a strike that happened at around 520 this morning. now this is what you see behind me is a cluster of one story,
9:34 pm
residential houses that this is really the epi center of that strike. and everything you can see around me is completely destroyed. they are injured, but no one died in this tribe, which is actually difficult to believe. if you just look at the a, the magnitude of the destruction here, you can see everything is completely charged and burned and leave. if i was good can show you inside there is really absolutely nothing left. we spoke to the owner of this house. she is not injured, but certainly this is really a lifetime of memories gone in ashes. now the issue here in mac alive is that this happens on a daily basis. there are those strikes that miss any kind of target. the is an air defense system in place. but more and more this city is being targeted. we spoke to military officials in to,
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for over the past 2 days and they say that they're being shelled either from the south. the have southern region which is now occupied by the roches all firm, or what they believed to be miss out said from the black sea. and also people are now more worried certainly with the changes under ground in more you put the is, i believe that now that russia is more or less in control of more you pull it has this land puri door from russia all the way to decry mia it allows people, it allows russia to reinforce, is present in the have southern region and may be pushed stewards here. because if you recall, in the 1st stages of this war, the russians had actually arrived very close to this. as town of 400000 people is on, the black sea is, is known for its shipyards at the soviet time. and had they wanted to push and russia stated and wanted to take all this land all the way to the blackboard. see
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the c port of odessa and maybe also link all the way to moldova. so there is a certain worry that at some point there could be a push even though we've been yesterday to the outskirts to the towns and villages around nikolai, do ukrainians have managed to push the russians back? now the issue is, is the other wash is going to have a counter offensive now that the situation in my, you post seems to be more or less under their control. prisons, a cost of living crisis is worsening in the poorest are feeling the pinch, the most inflation rows my 9 percent last month, reaching a 40 year high. that's led to soaring electricity bills, millions of household solar energy costs increase last month by 54 percent. the citizens advice charity says low income families, especially struggling to put food on the table chief on sundays, an economist researching inequality at king's college,
9:37 pm
london. he says the u. k. government must intervene. this is a once to large time crisis and things are all full now. but they're going to get was to as things stand, 40 percent of families cutting back on food, 40 percent struggling to pay the energy bills, 40 percent unable to say $1.00 and $7.00 adults going hungry to point 6000000 children going hungry. and that would inflations at 9 percent. inflation will get high, we think will peak at 10 percent late this year. the average family, we have a 2000 pounds while. so this is a wants, a lot of time, crisis of british property, the government absolutely needs. the 1st property up city has to be to increase universal credit payments and pensions. it lied with prices at the moment, the only increasing by 3 point one percent an average inflation expects to be over 10 percent this year. on top of that restore the 1000 pounds universal credit uplift there security payment going to low income household. we had it during the pandemic habit again, and also given the thought that every single household is feeling at
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a 1000 pound check that is taxed to every single household, the cost that entire package radius. those security payments in live with price is a $1000.00 pound check and bringing about the universal credit uplift together cost 10 percent of what we spent on upon debit responds. this country got through a pandemic, we shut down the economy. we could app. so you get to is what's the lifetime cost of living crisis as well for them? cuz government is telling motor, it's not to kill it. fuel stations because they've run dry. government is struggling to pay for new supplies and other essential goods. and the newly appointed prime ministers warning the most difficult one so yet to come. and l fernandez reports from columbus. angry, frustrated, and helpless. she lanterns have had to queue up for most essentials in recent weeks to day they were told there's no more. petra left you there to diary love i reported i came at 8 o'clock this morning, but when i got close, i set the patch was gone. i don't even have enough to go home to live with arbour
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valid. did i? would i get that ticket? i mean, it's the poorest people that are the worst affected we can't cope in a massive tax cut. the 2019 east to bombings, targeting hotels and churches, and the pandemic have sharply affected government revenue. this, together with unsustainable debt mismanagement and corruption made it difficult for sri lanka to face the economic problems in recent months. foreign reserves have fallen to near 0 and the government can't pay for basic essentials. this included fuel from a tanker anchored off colombo port for the past 45 days. the government owes $735000000.00 on earlier fuel supplies. retro, some ha poor, don't chew up for petrol because we are working with very limited stocks, which you being allocated to essential services like ambulances, it will be saturday or sunday before supplies are available. ah,
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to love his facing its worst economic crisis since independence in 1948 shortages have brought ordinary shoe lumpkins to the streets, demanding the president go, tubby roger boxes resignation. he says he won't resign and has appointed a new prime minister runner vicar missing her, voted out of parliament at the last election. he has a lot to prove debbie marker, p. bear or what her mother, you and i will have to deal with the most difficult times in our lives over the next few months. every one will have to face this with commitment. after months of stalling, shalanda has open talks with the international monetary fund seeking a bailout. but that will take at least 3 or 4 months to yield any relief. credit lines, emergency loans and aid have held the government limp along in recent weeks. but observers said, the sooner there is political stability, the sooner the economy can begin its long road to recovery. minute fernandez,
9:41 pm
al jazeera, colombo australians, go to the polls this weekend with the liberal party seeking a 4th time in office. sarah clark reports from sydney security in the pacific is a major campaign issue. thank you very much, very cnn smith and the security packed between china. solomon islands came as a surprise to australia, prime minister, where very concerned the solomon islands were very concerned for the broader security in the south west pacific. the agreement will say, basing increased ties with the pacific island, and hope to safeguard national security is driving. government warns the pac threatens regional stability and allows china to expand militarily in the pacific. the islands, prime minister declared, he's on the right side of history and my forging close ties with beijing. we've been treated as kindergarten students walking around with co, 45, you know hands, and therefore we need to be supervised. we installed the on going full out over
9:42 pm
the pack, has dominated the election campaign with recriminations on both sides. the coalition government has vowed to increased funding for aid and economic development to reassure our nations of australian support. the opposition says it will establish a stronger diplomatic network to resist china's expansion. the region is changing very quickly around us. and what we're saying is perhaps that australian policy is a bit slow to catch up to it. it's not to say that the concerns haven't been there, but there's a certain, there's an incrementalism to china, a strategic push astrology and the united states via the pac could see china establish a naval base less than 2000 kilometers from the strolling coast. senior colonel, china people's liberation army says that's alarmist, i think it is a you. okay. and the response will be edit the nation to try
9:43 pm
to savage stage as read law not entitle to say that negation from china, including the foreign minister, is expected to visit honey, are as early as next week. if the 2 guys ahead it will coincide with high level quote, talk between a strategy of japan, india. i mean, i did states in tokyo, i must say that's a deliberate attempt by shing to try and i've a shadow their dialogue. it's also another sign. china was intent on submitting stronger security and economic ties across the inductor. stupid sarah clock, al jazeera, 50 australia, where the experts have issued another warning on how the world is heating up with harmful. long lasting effects. un report says ocean temperatures and identification or record highs, threatening marine life on land, increasing levels of carbon dioxide causing extreme weather events. the past 7
9:44 pm
years with a hottest ever. well, that's a cause drought in afghanistan, canada iran focused on turkey, took many stone and the us the tend to joint conditions of trigger major wildfires costing hundreds of billions of dollars. extreme weather events causing food and water shortages in many countries period. carlos is a secretary general of the world's me to those organization, the human agency that released its state of the global climate report. he says it would be cheaper to prevent climate change then deal with a warming planet. we have again, broken, less comfortable records in maine, greenhouse gas concentrations, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide. we have seen a major both in sea level rise. it used to be too many meters per year in the past . and recently we have seen 4.5 meters per year last year, some melting with the higher speed and,
9:45 pm
and we have stored more and more heat to the oceans. and we have broken all time record in ocean heat or so last the last year. and it also sounds so serving a sink of carbon dioxide. that means that it says in the chemical composition of the water and it's becoming more i saved. and the also broke is actually the record . the science has been very clear for the case and we have started seeing growing the amount of impacts of night climate change and negative impacts of climate change. and it's clear that it's much cheaper to mitigate climate change than to live with the consequences. and these consequences are becoming more and more expensive and they also more around at the, for human beings we have seen and lots of casualties. and then, and this is expected to grow if we, if we failed to reply with some activists or warning that a big increase in the price of
9:46 pm
a cooking gas in nigeria is accelerating deforestation. as accurate injuries reports from kona gas prices have tripled within the past year, forcing many to use firewood to cook meals instead. it's been 2 and half years. as my older son switched from fi would a chuckle to cooking gas to prepare his meals. he says he tossed easier and healthier, but with high prizes eating deep into his earnings. he's wondering if that's a wise move. john was in that one. okay, up under should i? i used to pay the equivalent of $1.50 for gas in the small cylinder, the price to per now. the rising cost of gas for cooking has pushed many nigeria to resort to use in wood and chuck or hear the local chuckle. market in daughter new consignments arrive by the truck. lot, business is brisk out. i now want what i will at years if we sell 2 to 400 bags of charcoal daily. on a very good day,
9:47 pm
we sell more than 500 bags in coverage. you want to make those 500 bags. dozens of trees must have been cut down. cooking gas usage in africa, biggest oil and gas producer rules by 60 percent in 2020, exceeding 1000000 metric tons. cells grew farther last year, but then slowed down due to reduction in supply. for the country now has to import gas at high prices. in quotes in days, a lot of taxes anita vehicle from getting on to like food make the product to be really high wind lining on. she doesn't swim as we are having the jump in cooking gas prices for. nigerians already struggling with rising inflation is also reverse in gains made in protecting trees. in a country wide 10 millionaire cut down every year or fisher. so their hope increasing people's use of cooking gas will save millions of fries and the environment by the high jump in prices of liquefied petroleum gas will make that
9:48 pm
harder to achieve. nigeria still all company blames the rising cost and global price increases. but over the country still important, most of its gas users are bracing for more price hikes. army edris al jazeera cuddle. nigeria, a sport is coming up on the news out, including the podium injury that ended the bass for this african cyclists. ah.
9:49 pm
ah ah ah ah, was talking with his speech very thank you very much. it's the 1st time that's
9:50 pm
a women's and mains national team. we paid equally after striking and historic agreement with the country soccer federation in the united states. that ends years of legal cases, as well as guaranteed players the same pay for international matches will cut prize money will also be shade an unprecedented move in the global game. women's team, all the car will champions. the deal comes 3 months after a group of female players settled agenda discrimination lawsuit against you as soccer. and 6 months before the main side is due to play at cutter 2022. the steel is going to have ramifications throughout the entire world. you know, it's gain changing moment here in the us, but it has the potential to change how international soccer and international sport do business with the equalization of prize money for our men's and women's world cup, i think is just going to be a historic moment. and hopefully it will create changed throughout the world's spanish police. arrested 5 people on tuesday night off the fans fought in the
9:51 pm
streets of seville, the head of the rippling final. 1 i'd like frankfurt supporters through flavors and police and they rangers, counterparts, up to 150000. visiting fans are expected interval on wednesday, but with some a cooling a once in a lifetime final that's despite only $10000.00 tickets being allocated to each team . the capacity of the stadium holding the final is just under 43000 but seems one a major european trophy before, but that was more than 40 years ago. frankfurt last took home the u way for cup that was in 1980 when they beat german rivals, but us even some glad back. while rangers lifted, the european cup winners come back in 1972. the winner will also secure a place in mixed seasons champions league. a huge opportunity for us to to get the 2nd major price in history in europe for this club. so we are very determined to
9:52 pm
her to bring the trophy backward us. we respect the opponent, opponent did a amazing run in, in europe as well. so it's got to be exciting final, but a final is always nice when you, when you, when it, and if you lose it you'll, you know, like it. so we are here to win it a russian gymnast to war a pro war symbol alongside a ukrainian competitor has been given a one year ban by the international federation. 20 year old even coolie act had taped the letter zayed to his vest for middle semi at a woke up event in doha, in march, as well as the suspension kodiak also has to give back the bronze medal he won in the parallel boards. in the n b a, the miami heat have taken a one, nothing lead of the boston celtics in the eastern conference finals. but he had an incredible 3rd quarter as they came back from 8 points down at half time to take a 17 point lead. jimmy butler was behind it with 27 of his 41 points coming off of the break. winning 18107 game series on thursday. i'm glad that i
9:53 pm
had the guys and i have around me and with me and i know that you know, fight go to war to battle with me every single day on. so i'm, i keep trusting them and i'm keep giving them the playoffs to in the n h l way things boiled over a, in a tight game between the st. louis blues and the colorado avalanche with just every minute left to play in the 3rd period. and the school tied a to, to lou center braden shane was sent for the penalty box for hi sticking josh manson and you can see how he felt about it. she took his anger out on the camera smashing into the sea. manson went on to school when overtime and the avalanche of 3 to win and one nothing lead. in the 2nd round series. here the way eliminated was much more one sided in game, one of the battle of florida, the tampa bay lightning beat the panthers. on tuesday, pierre edward bell mall gave the to time if any stanley camp champions to one lead in the 3rd peered and they went on to when full white tiger would says walking.
9:54 pm
instead, a challenge following a serious call crash last year. but despite that, he believes he can win the pga championship this week. golf 2nd major of the year is being held at southern hills in oklahoma. we target took home the trophy 15 years ago. was, is still working. he's way back to foot myself, too badly injuring his legs in that car accident last year and made him come back at the master's in april. he just met with figured get the 1st mountain decline was everest. i mean that the steepest golf course you can play and that was a 1st when he climbed on climbed and so it's going to get flatter and better. but still it, it, i still have tough days and i things aren't aren't gonna be as, as easy as people might think. but i feel like i'm doing better and they're certainly limitations to what i'm going to be able to do. but i'm going to get stronger. i don't know how, how much that is or how much range of motion i'll ever get back. ah,
9:55 pm
but sure. the hell i better than was, you know, 12 months ago will number one, scott, he scheffler will try to make it back to back majors of these victory at the master's . but does he feel any difference now that he has a green jacket? no tigers here. so nobody really remembers that on here. so all good. i no, i don't like i said don't feel any different. i don't get any extra shots this week . so it's, you know, it's nice to have the ranking. but at the end of the day, when i show up at a tournament, i don't have any, you know, advantages over the field. the 1st black african. so when a stage on one of cycling 3 grand 2 has, has been forced to pull out of the race because of a podium mishap. 22 year old benny m gourmet from eritrea edged past the world's best experiences. to take stage 10 of july, italia, but he ended up in hospital off to popping a champagne cork into his eye. i was bid, sad about that, happen with the champagne about the days. luckily i didn't suck the race because in
9:56 pm
my shoes, i need some grace to give more forward with the i. so you're just looking forward. but the next season and in major league baseball, the houston astros pulled of something special at fenway park. the boston red sox went into the 2nd inning at home with one nothing lead of the astros, but left trailing $91.00 off to wriggle time 5 home runs in a single any from the visits of. i didn't get a 6 so you can record outright, but that are cheap and puts them alongside 7 teams. we've also managed feet stretching way back to $939.00. and yesterday went on to win the game you. 34 is ended on exports up that will have highlights from that you rapidly final between ranges and i'm track frankfurt for you. okay, that's all i have to say for now peter, thank you very much. indeed. that's it for me. carrie johnson for this news outlet
9:57 pm
to stay with us for more of the day's news. me. ah no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. this is, i don't need to be here with me when you look at me when you get a minute to me and also to mention the disconnect if you need a message, can you open the home and ya today? and we're going to give you what we said, that's what they sent me a lot. i'm a lot of them at the hospital gave me yes. you're the one i know. i mean, i mean i
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shooting a lot of data. ah, [000:00:00;00] with chilling the debates, it is no job bad news. i am, if anyone here talks about women that i took was a, does this bill seem to have been says notes because of the table we were taught to see abortion had a one way ticket street to help all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources in the power to fix it, where
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a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. be part of today's program. this stream on out is iraq. d, a ah, ah, trust in authority is up an old time low. you want the sap for hench hateful distrust. this is a baffle about what the truth actually is. al jazeera investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear, suspicion and conspiracy theories have become the 2 of the powerful were in a dangerous territory,
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and that dangerous territory runs deep. what happens now that we literally diverge, that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion. on al jazeera, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera with finland and sweden formerly apply to join nato. but turkey blocks a vote to begin the process. ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up the u. s. easy, some sanctions on venezuela to try to encourage talks between nicholas madura and the opposition. un warns key climate change indicators of hit record highs warning


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