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literally diverge that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion are just either investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera. ah finland and sweden formerly applied to join nato, but turkey blocks a vote to begin the process. the me i'm your intended to sit down to 0 live from london, also coming up the u. s. eases some sanctions on venezuela to try to encourage talks between nicholas madura and the opposition. un warns key climate change indicators of hit record highs, warning for an urgent transition to renewable energy and us soccer schools and that
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mark equal pay agreement between the men and women's team and the use of legal cases. ah, how to begin in brussels. we're finland and sweden have submitted their formal applications to join nato. both countries have long stayed neutral, but russia invasion of ukraine has rapidly shifted public opinion in favor of joining the alliance. the turkey is blocking nato. from the beginning, the process, a turkish president accuses the to nordic countries of hovering, what he calls kurdish terrorists, natalie and jenny stem, as if his image of nato's enlargement would be meaningful for us as long as our sensitivities are respected. giving all kinds of support to the p k, k into the y p g terrorist organization. and asking us for support for needle membership amounts to say the least to inconsistency and not all be the grand
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lake oldish and will do. big nato is a security entity. therefore, we cannot say yes to depriving this security organization of security. currently 5 nato members shall land borders with russia. think rude. estonia is unlocked is in tom eastern frontiers. norway just touches russia in the arctic circle all this year in year and poland flank the baltic, ex clays of callian grad, finland's membership of nature would add 1300 kilometers to the launches land border with russia. more than doubling its length, philippines prime minister wants nature members to ratify the applications as soon as possible. i think at this stage we have to keep our eyes on the ball and that is very smooth and fast ratification of our membership in every native member country. so this is what we are focusing now. and i think our
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most important job in nato is to defend our own country, our own region, and also making sure that the whole nordic notice region if secure president joe biden has said the u. s. will work with finland and sweden, while the membership is being considered. let's have listen to the national security council. we're confident that at the end of the day, feminine sweden will have been effective and efficient a session process. the turkey's concerns can be addressed from an in sweden or working directly with turkey to do this, but we're also talking to the church to try to help facilitate i spoke with my counterpart today. secretary blinking is meeting with his counterpart perhaps as we speak in new york, and we feel very good about where this will track to what has come on and kimberly how kit to join us. now, as a committee button administration seemed to be very keen to make this work.
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yeah, as you heard there from the national security advisor, jake sullivan, he said that he was extremely confident that the white house would ultimately be able to encourage turkey. they said that there is, in fact a meeting of the secretary state that is taking place on the sidelines of the security council and york as we speak. and that he also spoke with his counterpart of turkey. i in the last couple of hours. but he didn't say why he felt that there would be this ability to convince turkey only there was confidence so much so that the u. s. president issued a strong response today, a statement saying that i he is looking forward to welcoming on thursday. the leaders of both sweden as well as finland, saying that he is looking forward to bringing these their members into or rather these countries into the nato alliance. and that is the word of the strongest
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defensive alliances in history. and that his commitment to nato and article 5 is iron clad. so in other words, i the u. s. president. moving forward with confidence in the process, despite turkeys reservations. kimberly, how can thank you very much. rushes is almost $700.00 more ukrainian fighters at new polls as hostile steel plant of surrendered over night. and this video, released by the russian defense minister, is said to show some ukrainian soldiers handing themselves over to russian forces on tuesday. more than $250.00 fighters left the industrial complex. moscow says the troops have been taken to a former penal colony in russian controlled territory, while the injured are in hospital for treatment as a bag as more from chronic tossed in easton, ukraine. well, understand, they are still some of those clinging soldiers still in at that moment. now, the president lensky has said that the military intelligence and the most
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influential international mediators, are trying to negotiate or talk to try to try to be involved in the evacuation of those remaining fighters. now they have said that they will not surrender an answer and is not a word that ukraine has used. and even for those that have been taken to russian, held her for doing the words being used by the ukrainians is that they have competed their mission. and this is a very politically charged issue. the, those fight to the seen us defending merrier polis and making the heroic stand. and many of them went on line window at the, as i still didn't saying that they felt like they were let down by the politicians in care of. so it's important for ukraine to at least try to see that they're doing the best to try to get those remaining fights with evacuated as well. those that have been taken to rush and separate russian vac separatist areas. well, the ukraine, the saying that there is a exchange program a for me. and what we've heard from the ukrainians is that there will be some sort
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of exchange for seriously wounded ukrainians for in exchange for seriously wounded russians when that will take place and how that will take place as of yet is not clear. also, jabari has the reaction from moscow, where the parliament speaker has indicated the ukraine troops will face challenges according to the speaker of do my, he said that these are not see criminals and that they should not be exchanged with any russian soldiers that are in ukrainian custody, and that there should be a trial for them to really show the international community what they have done allegedly, to russian soldiers. and we've also been hearing from a very prominent figure within the duma. and that is lena slootsky, who is also part of the russian negotiating team with the ukrainians. those ongoing talks that have since he's had some very severe views about how the as of how
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your member should be treated while they're rushing custody. he said they showed you the death penalty and that's they should really put forth a tribunal court international court where they have to answer for their legit war crimes that they've committed. according to this lawmaker or russian soldier has been guilty to killing an unarmed ukrainian civilian. he made the play on wednesday as a keen court began hearing ukraine's 1st war crimes trial of the conflict with 21 year old sergeant vadim that she, she married, is charged with shooting a 62 year old civilian through an open call window. he's facing life in prison. the u. s. is reopened, it's embassy in the you creating capital, keith. it had been closed for 3 months due to russia's invasion. a small number of diplomats will return it or 30 say consider operations will resume just yet. several countries have reopened them the fees in the past month, including france, germany and the u. k. european union is pushing forward with plans to stop using
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russian energy as providing a $315000000000.00 package. that includes more efficient use of fuels and foster roll out of renewable power. european commission president also on the line says it will help countries in the block when themselves, off russian, oil and gas on is ready for says rated several neighborhoods in the janine refugee camp in the occupied west bank. well, the 40 military patrol stormed a number of palestinian homes. 2 palestinians were detained as the new mourner, the funeral, reassuring berkeley has been arrested by israeli forces. who could err, was attacked by israeli police as the carriage ruins coffin in occupied jerusalem last week. is account of what happened was widely shed on social media. is lewis, as all the questions during his interrogation were related to the funeral,
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will be held until at least next sunday is was prime minister has been challenged in parliament to reveal the truth about the officer who shot and killed trin, abruptly. a member of the method confronted and tele bennett on monday. yeah. he gets action sherry and i knew serene on both the personal and family level . i'm challenging the prime minister bennett, and i'm telling him in front of everyone that he knows the identity of the officer who shot sharina. i'm sure you know from which the officer shot her from. you know, the rifle and telescopic lens, he used to kill serene. i know you are lying. 6 you are a lawyer in me because i lied the entire world would know. it's not me who's called the swindler by everyone. and once again, i challenge you that you know,
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from which chief the officer shorter much and you know, the rifle and the telescopic lens used to kill sri data under their immediate network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalists. in the occupied westbank, showing a work lay was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment in jeanine. on the day of her funeral, israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing pul, bears almost drop. her casket didn't stop. thousands of palestinians were marching through occupied jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial and visit the international community has condemned her killing. and continue to call for an investigation. abruptly was without her 0 for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine the u. s. as turning his attention to latin america ahead of next month's summit of the americas. it's east, some sanctions on venezuela. to encourage talks between president nicholas madura
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and the physician. and it comes with mexico, holes talks with a u. s. delegation. the 2 sides set to discuss mexico's insistence on every country in the region. being invited, next month, summit and rapids has more from mexico city. the summit of the americas is only 3 weeks away, and the united states is essentially scrambling over the deathless. now, all of this begins with the president of mexico, essentially saying that he would not attend the summit of the americas unless every country of the americas is in attendance. specifically speaking about cuba in his willa and nicaragua, now since then, other leaders in the region have expressed similar sentiments. this includes the presidents of brazil and of guatemala, who also said they would not attend the summit unless every country of the western hemisphere is in attendance. what's been surprising to many is exactly how much
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influence the mexican president is able to wield on this topic so much so that the united states has already sort of sort of ease certain restrictions and policies toward cuba and toward venezuela. now, mexico is also going to be hosting a 4th round of negotiations between been as well as government and the venezuelan opposition. here in the near future, the position essentially that mexico's president is taking right now is that the region is in desperate need of multilateral solutions. specifically, to the growing number of migrants arriving on the us. mexico border, specifically migrants that arriving from countries like cuba, venezuela and nicaragua, the president of mexico saying that these solutions are unattainable unless everyone has a seat at the table. as to how this, how far. i'm assuming in savannah standing in one of the countless lines with cuban say they are spending too much of their lives coming up. i'll tell you why. and was
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like, is government urges people to stop queuing perpetual saying that isn't enough to go around. ah, with that he's been getting high enough in west near to bubble up a few thunderstorms. i think it'll collapse little, at least in this part of western europe got through france, belgium as these frontal systems when she come through. but most of europe you can see sitting on the quiet skies, other side of this high, it's a normally winds, rather cooler here, represented by the yellows when the teens all the way down through western russia, that was bulgaria. but where in the thirty's and want to places in france and certainly throughout a good part of spain take the the southwest now. so i said, be a cooling trend through paris as new jobs through belgium, through parts of germany in the low countries,
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with cloud and some shouts at the same time. things rather warm up from the eastern side of europe, with temperatures exceeding 20 in the low twenty's in fact. and the passing rain just keeps passing and could be heavy for a time in the netherlands. so here's the warm trend, moving east and existing through southern france, down through spain and portugal, i think we'll see 41 than angelus here in bus. now some of the cody share bringing shares with it will come down again to libya, keeping to brook about $21.00 degrees. car is still $35.00, a west africa. the showers are little of a weedy at the moment, but one or 2 them make it a long way. nose their plight emitted from history kept alive only in the family. tales of those who survived is hard to believe for people who didn't see the astonishing story of the polish women and children who endured the siberian glass and sought refuge in
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africa, never to return again. an epic odyssey of resilience memory is our homeland. on al jazeera lou aah or one of the top stories are not as era. finland and sweden have submitted their formal applications to join nato. but turkey is blocking the alliance from even beginning the process attack his president accuses of 2 countries of harboring what he calls kurdish terrorists. russia says almost $700.00 more ukrainian fighters at mar, you polls as of style steel plant,
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have surrendered overnight. video released by the russian defense ministry is said to show some ukrainian soldiers handing themselves over to russian forces. the u. s . is ease some economic sanctions on venezuela to encourage talks between president the cross maduro and the opposition comes ahead of next month's summit of the americas. cuba is facing its worst economic crisis in 30 years. the last time life was this hard was when subsidies from the former soviet union ended tens of thousands of cubans, a fleeing the island in search of a better life. on latin america added lucien human reports from havana, 55 year old, allow the lena so late that is returning home empty handed. after spending hours in the queue to buy butter. life is a struggle. she says, especially since her daughter migrated to spain, leaving her to care for her grandchildren. not her monthly minimum wage was $20.00 at the black market rate. our. she shows us a refrigerator full mostly of water,
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y w. i do. charl, i have 4 children to feed, i have no choice but to go on the street to solve this and that a lot she explains to chicken by 10 taxes, cigarettes for 200 pesos on her ration card and sell each one for a $150.00 on the flourishing informal market, a long lines for everything from food to fuel revealed in economy in distress. law people's tempers are short from chewing most of the day. in this case for to boughten some oil. scarce items are sold with a ration card, but most things are no longer subsidized. when are you when they're under let synchronized. i'm a big year since 5 a. m. and i've got numbers 1170. it's now 10 am. and there at least 800 people in line hoping to buy chicken cubes. cash starved economy is collapsing under the weight of harsh economic sanctions imposed by
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washington and a pandemic that's paralyzed tourism to visit economic engine. i mean, all this aggravated by 3 digit inflation sparked by a long overdue monetary reform. but often i saw last united, younger boy if aiden, we were obliged to devalue a dollar currency by 2300 percent. one of the biggest evaluations ever seen in the regional havana state, one tourist hotels are empty. even his new ones are being built. the few russian tourists who came this year left as soon as war broke out in ukraine for fear of being unable to get back home. thousands of ordinary cubans who invested in bread and breakfasts before the pandemic, are now desperate. here's another sign where they rent rooms in central havana. i'm going to check to see how they're doing because there's a sign here that says, god bless my business and those who visit, but we'll see just how many visitors they've had.
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i went on saturdays with iris, he rang our big library one bank, a mulatto losa. i'm letting me know that one of my little middle shows is her guest register or she hasn't had any since last year because i began very wrong with that income. i could buy things for my grandchild without it were hard pressed on a so a, so this should teach at planning chief says q was trying to diversify economy, to increase biotechnology, industry exports and food production ambiance, and been ill implement randomly a part of what we have been taking measures to strengthen and give more autonomy to a state socialist enterprises, which in our view with the fundamental actors of our economy in coming up from them and then men to her. it's clear that maintaining centralized control is still the priority, despite please for greater freedom for the fledgling private sector. those who
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hoped that the way out of this crisis would be to follow the example of vietnam or china would just have to keep waiting in line. to see a newman al jazeera, her van shank, as government has again urged people not to join long queues. perpetual and few saying that just isn't enough to go round. the government is struggling to pay for new supplies and other essential goods and a newly appointed prime minister as warning a most difficult months, a yet to come. an elephant unders reports from colombo, angry, frustrated, and helpless, she lanterns have had to queue up for most essentials in recent weeks to day they were told. there's no more petra left, you will be out. the diary love, i reported i came at 8 o'clock this morning, but when i got close they said the patrol was gone. i don't even have enough to go home to live with arbour valid. did i? would i do that? i figured only, it's the poorest people that are the worst affected we can't cope in a massive tax cut. the 2019 easter bombings targeting hotels and chargers and the
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pandemic have sharply affected government revenue. this together with unsustainable debt mismanagement and corruption made it difficult for shall anchor to face the economic problems in recent months. foreign reserves have fallen to near 0 and the government can't pay for basic essentials. this included fuel from a tanker anchored off colombo port for the past 45 days. the government owes $735000000.00 on earlier fuel supplies. bid through some ha, port don't chew up for petrol because we are working with very limited stocks which are being allocated to essential services, like ambulances, it will be saturday or sunday before supplies are available. ah, to lunch is facing its worst economic crises since independence in 1948 shortages have brought ordinary shoe lankin to the streets, demanding the president go, tubby roger boxes resignation. he says he won't resign and has appointed
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a new prime minister runner vicar missing her, voted out of parliament at the last election. he has a lot to prove. did he market the beer or what no matter you and i will have to deal with the most difficult times in our lives over the next few months. every one will have to face this with commitment. after months of stalling, she lanka has open talks with the international monetary fund seeking a bailout. but that will take at least 3 or 4 months to yield any relief. credit lines, emergency loans and aid have held the government limp along in recent weeks. but observers said, the sooner there is political stability, the sooner the economy can begin. it's long road to recovery. minute fernandez, ojo 0, colombo. britain's cost of living crisis is worsening and the poorest feeling the pinch, the most. inflation rose by 9 per cent last month, reaching a 40 year high. that's led to soaring electricity bills, millions of household,
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so their energy costs increased last month by 54 percent. the citizens advice charity says low income families, especially a struggling to put food on the table. the leader, the you case opposition, labor party has told parliament that the prime minister doesn't understand the public's plight. they just don't forget it. oh, he doesn't actually on the spy. what working families are going through in this struggling about how they're going to pay their bills. a waltz, he do. those british households are slapped with an extra $53000000.00 pounds or more energy bills every single day. meanwhile, every single day, dorsey oil dust jobs, wretched, 32000000 pounds in unexpected profits. a former minneapolis police officer has pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting manslaughter. in the death of george floyd,
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thomas lane was one of 4 officers present when floyd was killed in 2020, in exchange for his plea, lane agreed to serve 3 years in jail. freud, stairs, at the hands of a white police officer spark nationwide protests. there it showed in was given a 22 year prison sentence, frances called on all political parties in libya to work together and find a political solution to end the violence. this comes off to clashes and tripoli on tuesday. they broke out when the prime minister appointed by the eastern parliament fatty by shaka, tried to take over the capital. he was forced out and says he will base his government in c, it libya split between rival powers in east and west in 2014. but last year, there were hopes of progress towards unification with a rival powers cooperating. now it has to governments, again, i don't have to pay bo was installed in march as head of the us back government of national unity in tripoli in the west. he was tossed with leading the country to
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national elections in december. the pose didn't happen, the eastern based parliament, the kind of government invalid. and in february, this year pointed fatty by sugar. as prime minister. i missed the baby and the western based, already have refused to recognize a shot as government. they say they'll only see power to a nationally elected government to legislative bodies as face to agree on a new government to replace the unity. one, both have fighters loyal to them and their fears, if a political situation can't be found, they'll be another civil war. and trina has the latest from get honest in southwest libya. this isn't something new in libya, libya or fort for the decade for more than a decade. libby has been involved in political divisions and violence, seen to governments at numerous times, one in the west and one in the east. and really, people are frustrated. they want to see elections, or when the elections were scheduled in december,
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more than 2800000 libyans registered to vote. so there's a huge appetite for libyans to elect who they want to see them in power. and, and both are frustrated at both after having the baby and fatigue sugar really, they don't really care who, who, who is in control as long as they can stop the violence, stop the conflict and bring stability to the country. like you were hearing the damage, the dam is a is a historical city. it's also the old town is a world heritage site, a world heritage site. and just behind me, this is i in foot us or this bring in a waitlist in the middle of the desert is over 4000 years old. and before the violence and the political division started, thousands of tourists used to come and see this and see the city. and the economy was, you know, was, was booming because of it. it depends on tourists and, and since these divisions, and since this violence they've, their,
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their economy is struggling. so it's the regular people across the country that are suffering due to these political divisions and violence. and they want to see it and, and they want to see elections as soon as possible. the u. n says 4 key climate change indicators of all set you record highs in 2021 ocean temperatures and a certification of all was in higher than ever. that threatens marine life and cuts the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. the oceans can absorb. seat levels of risen, phone are centimeters in the last decade. with the annual increase from 2013 to 2021. more than double what it was from 993 to 2002 report said, rising global temperatures that contributed to extreme weather across the globe. the past 7 years were the hottest ever cause or worse and drought in many parts of the world, including in the horn of africa and north america, and is driving wildfire. and extreme weather has cost the world. hundreds of billions of dollars is also causing food and water shortages and is driving up
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displacement. the global energy system is broken and bringing us ever closer to climate catastrophe. fossil fuels had a dead ends, environmentally and economically. the water, new crane, and immediate effects on energy prices is yet another wake up call. the only sustainable future is a renewable one. we must have fossil fuel pollution and accelerate renewable energy transition. before we seen the rates, our only own time is right. and it started agreement has been reached in us soccer . the women's and men's national teams will be paid equally after striking a deal with the countries soccer federation. and he years of legal cases rather guaranteeing players the same pay for international matches world cup prize. money will also be shared an unprecedented move in the global game, the women's team, all the current world champions still comes 3 months after a group of female players, settled agenda discrimination lawsuit against us soccer. and 6 months before the
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men's side is due to play cutter 2022. this deal is going to have ramifications throughout the entire world. you know, it's game changing moment here in the u. s, but it has the potential to change how international soccer and international sport do business with the equalization of prize money for men's and women's world cup, i think is just going to be a historic moment and hopefully it will create change throughout the world. ah, stories are noted here at finland and sweden have submitted their formal applications to join nato. but turkey is blocking the lines from even beginning the process. the turkish president accuses the 2 countries of harboring what he calls kurdish terrorists. russia says almost $700.00 more ukrainian fighters.


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