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magnifications throughout the entire world. you know, it's game changing moment here and the yo ass, but it has the potential to change how international soccer and international sport do business with the equalization of prize money for our men's and women's world cup, i think is just going to be a historic moment and hopefully it will create change throughout the world's ah, told stories are now to 0, finland and sweden have submitted their formal applications to join nato. but turkey is blocking their lines from even beginning the process. the turkish president accuses the 2 countries of harboring what he calls kurdish terrorists. russia says almost $700.00 more ukrainian fighters at mar, you posed as our style steel plant have surrendered overnight. this video, released by the russian defense ministry, is said to show some ukrainian soldiers handing themselves over to russian forces
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on tuesday more than 250 fighters left the complex. moscow says the troops have been taken to a former penal colony in russian controlled territory. while the injured are in hospital for treatment of palestinian mourner, the funeral of sharina clay has been arrested by israeli forces. i'm wrote a book dare was attacked by israeli police as he carried terean's coffin in occupied his jerusalem last week. his lawyer says, all the questions during his interrogation were related to the funeral loser. the headlines tuesday with this, the stream is coming up next. and believe you, with these words from serene, not long before her death, she spoke about what her career as a journalist meant to her. oh and then moved to canyon and i'm in with
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them sort of one wilson with about a song with ah
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a hi, i'm funny. okay. it has been exactly a week since the veteran audi 0 journalist sharina apple. i play was shot and killed by israeli forces. her murders been condemned around the well, but who will be accountable? held accountable for sharina deck. that is the focus of our conversation today. we're joined by mona, by dana and july, friends of the stream. i wish it was a better circumstances that will all come together. but i do want you to remind our audience who you are and what you do mo note. welcome back. thanks danny. for the introduction. my name is one of the yeah. on the advocacy advisor of ham, leather sinclair, of social media, of the advancement of social media. i'm also,
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i'm a candidate at ebay university of us miss said doing my m 8 social media and communication class. i good to have the expertise on today's discussion. dana, welcome back to the stream. please remind our audience, who you are. what you do. my name is dana occurred. i'm an assistant professor in the department of political science at the university of richmond and and um, yeah, unfortunately this is my expertise and we're glad to have you and allow, get to see you once more on the stream remind, asking what he wants. he, you are and what ye do it you see to send me, my name is ineligible and i'm a concerned felicity who happens to live in jerusalem and i describe myself as a writer. thank you for holding. all right, so you've met your panel audience. if your new chip right now, your comments, your question is how was the past week going for you in terms of sharing apple ad clay's murder? what do you want to talk about what is resonating with you? put your conversation door questions right here and be part of today shall jalal.
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is there a headline right now that he's jumping out at you that you feel that you need to unpack for an international audience? i've got a couple of thoughts, but i'm really wondering what, what you're saying down on the ground. absolutely. yeah, i had the headline and it's the fact that a week later, a week after this, the horrible horrific images we've seen in the killing of shaheen and the funeral processions and everything. we've seen. this all the loudness that we've witnessed, an israeli authorities have the, the, the rudeness and the gold to go and arrest the mean. all the red who was holding shooting scoffing at the entrance to the french hospital in jerusalem. this guy was, went viral and posted in media as being the guy who was hell holding on to the floor and to the coffin of shipping. and he sustained so much by the zenith forces and his fixture went viral, like this guy still showed so much strength and just making sure this, this and coughing does not for an older. and he gave all his energy to protect that
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coffin. he was being beaten, he was, and not resisting in any way just attacked. andy's arrested him, and they claim his arrest has nothing to do with the funeral. but the interrogation has been asked. events are given us in what the funeral rustic repeatedly and it put them in solitary confinement. asking him why was he insisting on maintaining his grip on the coffin? that's what they say in their getters r o, at far as it to allow light. now on this is able at this room and he's holding his head. i'm explain language, i'm a little you can see that hung his head trying to carry the coffin at the same time . and he's been arrested for a walk at exact age allow. basically with is really are saying that his arrest has nothing to do with the funeral procession, but rather the association or his communications with band groups or terrorist groups, what they've described. it's of course, a very basic acquisition that 16 in jerusalem being used against
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a lot of those who are active. and those were vocal history, including up the year, one of the year from shakes neighborhoods who spent 16 months in spent over 6 months in prison. because of this whole accusation of communication only to take them off the street. what they're doing this guy there. there is punishment for his. that's fact that that's not holding the coffin there. punishing over here . every social media page that i know have shared the picture of this guy. so this is the person himself. we are interviewing him because it's his strength was inspired to so many and he wanted to crush that one person when he went, rest of them are getting him and i had them not when solitary confinement more than where he can be recognized. what time it is that was what they decided to do with a person. this might have hey, thanks for me actually,
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i need cover much more about that to rights and that is, that is fear because like this is my expertise. and basically we saw like, how is your eighty's are trying to change the narrative and to dominate that. there had germany on the digital sphere you did a like they are utilizing that to and use that using a just to dominate the narrative there. and to take down the scene in narrative or to and or to take it to take it down or to hide senior narrative, let's say. and when it comes to she in a box there 1st thing happened when she was should by the israeli soldier, as they said, like she was shocked by apple young gone man. and a question we, we've here. i'm sorry, i was just saying yes they question that yes, so basically it with here, like from and from i with mrs. people who like get like care should the high
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nation and all those there in the, in the feel it, when they basically said that she was, should by the israeli soldiers, we, so we saw that the, the command that, and then the israelis, i'm gonna try to some when i say that it, it's quite a complicated set up to explain because of the ops vacation. ok. because it's deliberately trying to israel deliberately trying to or appears to be that there to let me trying to confuse what we actually saw on what we actually know. so my colleague sandra guffman is part of the digital series called start here. and she basically laid out the investigations and where the now achieve was changed. dana, i want to have a listen to this and then respond immediately afterwards. hey, sondra. it appears likely that armed palestinians who were firing indiscriminately
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at the time were responsible and offered up a video of halcyon gunman in the area of but and out as your investigation examines the location of that video and concluded the gunshots fired in it. we're not connected to charlene's death, these railey white group, but it's a lem also examined the video and came to the same conclusion. the investigative organization bell and cat leader published a more detailed analysis using other publicly available data be worked out that should in was here. these really army was here and that palestinian gunmen were also in the area here. so that's a further distance. i much more obstructed line of sight to the spot where, where it is tragic killing to place belling cats. conclusion is that the available video evidence does not provide good grounds to the doubt. the accounts of the journalists on the scene indeed appears to support them. yeah, i mean,
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it should be enough that the journalists that were eyewitness, you know, providing eyewitness testimony, saw what happened and said that this is, you know, a targeted shooting and that they were not near any other armed factions. but the fact that all of these organizations have now confirmed whether it's al jazeera but santa bank had all the ones that were mentioned. just goes to show that that office cation is clearly like, it's very blatantly a strategy. there used this before with hama dora, they've used this since i, and that's why i think that they lost that 1st round of the discourse online because people could see and these videos went viral. whereas, you know, they can't really fight that narrative any more. now they're switching it up. now they're saying something different about what happened with shitty. and even if it was a tragic mistake, they're claiming it is anti semitic to focus on it because
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a journalist, sty everywhere. so why are we focusing on just israel shooting of this particular journalist? and you'll see that also in the oh yeah, go ahead. shut on us to put you on this point, donna noticed the 1st reaction of those rates on the morning. one sure, what skins they put all their energy, that the prime minister of israel, including the foreign ministry and the foreign minister of his job. they all treated out the same good. you're trying to muddy the waters. that's what you did in the 1st few hours. it was obviously a very coordinated strategy to distort the news as fast as possible. that was last 3. 0 one wednesday morning. the luck i will, i will all, it's antisemitism. i to le, i add something just to support your point. not that you need extra support from me, but i'm going to bring it in from dina to corey, who's one of my colleagues at ha plus. and she basically shows the tactics the strategy very bold, very open, very transparent. take a look. the israeli government knows how to use it statements to manipulate
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mainstream media. and official even took credit for their quote p r. beliefs saying they had successfully influenced the associated press and bbc coverage to cast doubt over who had killed should in july, please continue to go ahead my. my conclusion was to, to not to not secure attention to to day where the israeli official government, the envoy for anti semitism as she was newly appointed to combine semitism by the silly government. and to day she came up with a message. obviously another part of their coordinated method distortion campaign. and she is saying that the international federation of journalist, documented over 2000 german skills over the last year. she questions why people are not talking about all those journeys i've chosen sitting in. and she accuses people who are talking about studying of being and to symmetric. she did that in a very weird video that i just thought ours legal. how did the official envoy for
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the israeli government to combat antisemitism? she's accusing us of the and symmetric what our grief overshooting. that's their strategic. so i think, oh, i apologize. good. no, no. need to apologize. you are my guess danny, you go 1st. i go 2nd, i have you to comment as who was i want to talk about cherry than a you go 1st and i'm going to ask you all, all of you to help me out with some of the questions our audience have. and they want to ask me straight away, can i please continue? yeah, i just wanted to connect this. what's happening was, should in debacle as a murder with a broader strategy. i think with the pro, pro israel, kind of a mil you are certain lobbies and groups, particularly in western countries. i can speak to the united states and they know that there are losing the, the, the battle over the discourse. because these images speak louder than any kind of propaganda can. so they are making a very direct and clear shift to these accusations of antisemitism. okay?
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we're seeing it's particularly was should in, but this is a broader context. all right, let me open up the conversation. guests to our audience as well as that dylan mac is this to you. was this a premeditated assassination? if so, why not? instead of investigating the sniper hold the ones who issued the order to a allowed to say briefly, go ahead. i don't think there's any evidence to point to targeted story beyond the fact that they were targeted as journalists, there is no evidence for them to get pre mediated where c barclay was the target. but the fact that the journalist, in my opinion is because the israeli army, when they entered, especially in refugee camp, they did not want any camera because every time they go and they're in casualty, every time they seem to work with their violent, extreme degree. and lisa engineering and they wanted to target anyone who was there, especially those documenting. and it's really mr. story spokesperson for the military or
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a big chief in the military has said that they are armed with cameras. don't you think? i remember armed cameras member clearly who are called running fine major journalist if i may jump in on the same video that you showed us a to me like a few minutes ago. we have him listen to reported that video for at facebook to highlight that as of this information and the forgotten that from that is what the government because they usually use the social media platforms to spread their propaganda. and this information to cover old saw what they are usually spreading over the faces. and the only thing that we're hearing from meta is this is our, or this video did not violate their community standards. while when we palestinians are the commenting human rights violations, that we are exposed to the ground entering that on the social media, they repeatedly have been taken down because the on the or under their execute or
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claims of violating their community standards. and we can see that, like we can see, we can see this as a part of this is tim, take effort or part of the the metric over. it's that you did. he seeks to silence palestinian voices and the spaces and the killing of the victorian. a, i'm a senior journalist sheila, barclays part of that. you did. it's a like they seek to create the chilling effect. so whenever it like they feel that there are like walk and activists book a journalist, book and people our anything on the ground that you did it into a get us they, they surveillance, they read us and sometimes they sentence us for months and therefore they did that push it in because they know like shooting and like as a family member, we said that we lost a family member because she's part of our childhood memory. and they intended to do that with trudy. and because they want us to have to, to scare us,
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they want to terrify us and to have this kind of chilling effect more and more. ok, mona. so one of the things that i said that we want to do at the very beginning of the was one week after she rene's mother who will be held accountable on you choose coin, says the simple truth is no one will be held accountable. but a few hours ago we spoke to the human rights attorney, nora erik hat, and this is what she told us, have a listen, have a look. accountability for the murder, the assassination of shipping. a barclay would look like a thorough impartial investigation that not only incriminated one single soldier who shot fired as shy the precision shot that were in her head. but the entire system that facilitated this process, there was a general who, okay, the kill. there was a legal advisor who said that it was legal and there was a system that enabled these really occupation forces d engine,
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or they should not be on lands. they should not be on at all to be terrorizing the entire palestinian population living there was a system of apartheid and shaheen as one of its many victims, and one of his cruelest murders as talk about accountability in some detail. the system has to be held accountable, not the person who pulled the trigger. dana, you start? yeah, i think that that data at is, is correct. and especially given that should ins, it should ins kind of position ality is that she is a holder of an american citizenship shooting a journalist as a war crime under u. s. law. ah, there is some talk i read recently on the intercept, some reporting that there are, there was a letter of circulating congress amongst democratic congress, people calling for an f b i investigation and sending it to a secretary blinking. but i don't know how far that's going to go. i'm not to say
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that the american, you know, intervention is going to be beyond and all. but in an ideal world like this should have consequences between the united states and israel should have consequences. what have you seen allow so far as the fact he should have consequences and there is no faith in any way this early investigation is there's never been faith and there were there is no more faith should in let us not forget that city. and only last month there was a report by the i f j. then transportation of journalists, a said at least 46 and journalists in boston were killed by his lady targeting since the year 2000 and no one has been held accountable. okay. she is not the 1st that have been 4 to 6 without anyone being held accountable by any forces. ok, so basically even they sent him as did a human rights group. they had the report maybe 67 years ago when i think shake, leave the occupations fig leaf,
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where they say they stopped dealing at all with any israeli, the courts or any constitution because you don't want to give a fig leaf to this occupation whitewash the crimes because the whole system has been to cover up for those crimes. that's what be said. and so i said the system assists in white washing those crimes. therefore there is no faith in that he can investigations, conduct the players that i am wondering. this was a moment for all palestinians when they just stopped and paused because of sharina legacy. how reporting? oh, i remember what i grew up with it with a journalist and we will use to pretend to be that jealous. do the same side of she was that journalist where you pretend that you were that out 0 journeys, signing off, doing that incredible reporting. she influence generations. so i am wondering where her murder falls in the history of the occupation of palestine.
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is it a milestone? is there something here that will change? will that be a date where people always remember the date that she died? there's nodding, there's this thing. so let me just go round all of you to because obviously you're all going to have different hatefulness as my the relate to, allowing saying the head with the murder, a collective memory of the person in people. that's what they've murdered emergency . i left the others. dana yeah. um, so interestingly you, i think you have to day on the show people who are about the same age or remember should in iraq. li from the 2nd at the father. her pointing to the 2nd at the father when we were children. i and her death is a blow, but i think it is kind of, i mean it's coincidental, but the fact that it comes a year after the unity and the father. and we saw huge mobilizations in jerusalem. i'm joined by people from outside jerusalem,
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a palestinians from outside tourism as well. i'm not, you know, perhaps her death doesn't need to be in vain. and it helped mobilize palestinians once again. um and i, i think that this is gonna, you know, i'm not saying that this is a critical juncture, but it is definitely a milestone in, in pushing the policies forward on this path to a unified mobilization. mona, it's a, is a mice, a minus tone, like i remember when we were like old children, we have this dream, we, we, what we want to grow up and we want to be like she in a box. we want to be she in of all class from a lot of them all the, all of us have this. yeah. own of us have repeated this is like repeatedly when we were young, younger and i feel like, yeah, it is a milestone, but we should built on that last year in the may uprising. we have like 2 at 2 weeks off palace senior palestinian cause was the recent release was trending and
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then everything like was almost calm down. but the occupation never ends up retired never ends. we are living on their systematic operation from a, from this a government tools or is from this regime was huge, the discriminating systematically against all palestinians everywhere. and because of that, it should, may lay, it should be a minus tone, but we should beltran that to have this kind of like, we should have them accountable shooting of alkalis. she is a journalist but also other palestinians should not be sure just because they are palestinians. we have the right to live in our lands. like should be a mighty storm, but it's also like should we should build on that for a longer term. and for, for longer term work, i want to bring in one more voice, and this is the voice of modeling jones we spoke to a few hours ago with some practical advice about how do we cover situations
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like sure ring apple at clays killing. because as we were watching of the media outlets of a people talking about her, they were talking about it in a way that was different than if she hadn't been a palestinian. it appears. this is what mock had sale. twas earlier israel like to weaponized doubts. in other words, what they want to do is try and muddy the water of international public opinion. in this case, they tried to say that when they killed chevy, novel aquila, that it was the palestinians who did it. and they want to do this as soon as possible, and in a way they was successful because international news organizations like the new york times b, b, c. and the guardian put israel side of the story pretty high up in there were quoting, however, i think people are getting savvy about israel as an occupying and apartheid state, and increasingly doubting their official narratives. what we need now,
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it's been news media to have different set of rules when reporting the narrative of an occupying in a profit state molar is vigorously nodding, articulate, you'll vigorous note, wrote out basically what israel is doing is continuing their digital militarism since like it says, that social media platforms is started. they are trying to militarize, unsecure thighs, the spaces, their narrative and their propaganda. their hesper are when it's online, they are minutes rising. those spaces when also they are like moving the online documentation to arrest people or they are taking advantage of the online, the conditions to arrest people. as gelatin mentioned at the beginning for that man who just was wounding and shootings and she's cascade, then they are. they are linking the online on the offline. they are linking or using or taking advantage of our documentation of a human of their human rights violations,
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to arrest us and to silence us. then they are working systematically to militarize that digital spaces. and because of that, we palestinians should think more how we are using social media platforms. and we shall belt with our allies and the pro palestinians all around the world and other progressive movements. thank to mona pressure on the social media companies to stop doing that. the stuff that you got the last word in this conversation. thank you for being in it dana to allow we appreciate you will take one week after the merger of our 0 colleague sharina apple at clay, gonna end here with ga san sleep, who is on youtube right now. the saddest part about sheens murder is that she'll be forgotten, not because we don't care about her, but because sadly it's daily life every day. we lose people. that's the life on the occupation. we definitely in al jazeera will not forget a family member. thank you for being part of today's show. i see next time they can
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ah, along with the cannes film festival is back in full swing, the big names and blockbuster dug up to remind us that the cinemark spirit is back on the menu organizes have rolled out the red carpet for ukraine. i'm with russian official band from attending solidarity with ukraine is if the agenda live coverage on al jazeera for over a century, american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countless young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew
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there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from. in a 3 part series full blinds investigates, a massive scandal that wrote the united states scoutmaster parked one on i was just, you know, i've worked it out as a regular since it's lordship, as a principal presenter. and as a correspondence with any breaking the story, we want to hear from those people who would normally not get that voice is heard on an international news channel. one moment i'll be very proud off was when we covered the napoleon quake of 2015, a terrible natural disaster on the story that needs to be told from the hall of the affected area. to be then to tell the people story. it was very important at the time outside of the conflict in the ukraine. how concerned should we be about this on to build up. we bring the stories in different ones that are rapidly changing the world. we live in, the one become roches new dollars. it becoming rushes new door. counting the coast
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on al jazeera ah hello of lauren taylor under the top stories on al jazeera, finland and sweden have submitted their formal applications to join nato. both countries have long stayed neutral. at russia's invasion of ukraine has rapidly shifted public opinion in favor of joining the alliance. but turkey is blocking nato from even beginning the process. turkish president accuses the to nordic countries of hovering, what he calls kurdish terrorists. not all of them denise them, as the position of nato's enlargement would be meaningful for us.


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