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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 19, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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resilience memory is our homeland on al jazeera. this is a region that is rapidly developing, but it's one also that is afflicted by conflict. police collapse equals some of those. we talked to elsewhere as saying that they fled after hearing that other villages had been attacked. what we do in al jazeera is tried to balance these stories, the good, the bad, the ugly tally says it was and leave the people who allow us into their lives, dignity and humanity asks you to tell their story. ah finland and sweden abandon decades of neutrality and submit applications to join nato. undeterred by turkey's opposition to their membership.
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ah, i'm a jim, jim. this is al, 0 alive from door ha. also coming up, we report from a ukrainian city, destroyed in russia's offensive, where people are selling everything to survive. inflation in the u. k. hits a 40 year high prompt and calls for an emergency budget to help deal with the rising cost of living. it's truly historic moment um for us soccer, a landmark agreement to guarantee that u. s. women's and men's national soccer teams get equal pay ending years of legal battles. ah, the us says it's confident finland and sweden will become members of nato. despite objections from turkey, the nordic states handed in their applications on wednesday. kristin salumi has the
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latest. the united states is eager for sweden and finland to join nato and strengthen the alliance. but one country is standing in the way. you can convince turkey to accept their bed. i think i am not going to turkey, but i think i will be okay. with you as secretary of state, anthony blink and travel to new york to meet with his turkish counterpart at the united nations. foreign minister melvin kava sulu came to express his country's objections, namely finland and sweden support for kurdish nationalist groups. that turkey views as terrorists. i'm looking forward to pursuing that conversation. i today we have fallen and sweden submit their applications. and this of course is a process and we will work through the process as allies and, and his partner's, you know, tony huge here as being supporting the open door policy of nato,
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even before this war. but with regard to this possible candidate already candidate countries, you know, we have also legitimate security concerns that they have been supporting a terrorist organizations. turkey also wants them to lift a weapons embargo imposed after turkey invaded syria to attack kurdish groups. the meeting here at the united nations on the side lines of a ministerial conference on food security appeared cordial. both sides expressed confidence. they could work out their differences, but the meeting ended with no announcement. if any progress was made, the turkish foreign minister kept it to himself. i did with me as the you asked, remained optimistic. we're confident that at the end of the day, feminine sweden will have been effective and efficient a session process. the turkeys concerns can be addressed finland and sweden are working directly with turkey to do this. but we're also talking to the turks to try to help facilitate as an invite in. we'll meet with his finish and swedish
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counterparts at the white house on thursday. kristin salumi al jazeera, the united nations, the ambassadors of finland, and sweden handed letters to the chief of the military alliance. yet sultan burg. both countries of been neutral for a long time. but russia's invasion of ukraine rapidly shifted public opinion in favor of joining nato. currently 5 nato members share land borders with russia. they include the entire eastern frontiers of estonia and latvia. norway just touches russia in the arctic circle. while lithuania and poland flank, the baltic enclave of ex clave of kalynne and grad. finland's membership of nato would add 1300 kilometers to the alliances land border with russia. more than doubling its length. dave de, roche as a professor of national defense university. he says the nordic bid to join nato goes against russians, main goal. he claims that his reasons for the ukrainian invasion are to prevent the
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expansion of nato. and yet he caused 2 countries with it. one instance, centuries of neutrality to calculate based on their own self interest that their best chance for survival of the nation is to join nato. so he is revived, more than anybody else in my lifetime, and it really shows a spectacular policy failure. if you look at most expansion since the cold war, they've been countries that are emerging from communism that have really broken defense infrastructures that have issues with democratic governance and corruption, women, sweetener cylinder 2 different countries. they are modern countries. they score higher on corruption indices than the united states. us, you know, they are more democratic and less corrupt than most of the advanced democracies in the world. have. they have modern militaries that have already conducted deployments with nato gas. and that have conducted exercises with nato,
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so they bring no downside and a lot of military capability. it's a real addition to the alliance. russia has more than 900 ukrainian fighters for maria paul's other style steel plant had been sent to a prison complex. it says they include $700.00 more troops who surrendered on wednesday. this video released by the russian defense ministry, a said to show you cranium soldiers handing themselves over to russian troops. but their fate is unclear. ukraine is suggesting a prisoner swap on russia wants some of them branded terrorists, rushes progress, and mary appall has spart concerns. it could widen. it's offensive to target more southern ukraine. but the ukranian army said it's fighting back against russian troops. suffering low morale could have made reports from the city of nikolai, of it has become a grim, routine attacks and explosions while the city sleeps, followed by disbelief and anxiety. survivors wondering how they escaped the
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ferocity of a missile loved from afar on their homes. my rat can't contain his anger, you will before the law of europe sold us out, americans don't cut me out. so we asked him to close the sky, but i didn't. why trite is to protect their children. i'm going to appeal directly to the other. do you understand to i'm talking about you, son of i would to you a part with my own hands. balboa court berg there. few people left and michel, i, if a few weeks ago they were nearly half a 1000000, they'll still here have to rely on handouts, as there's no more drinkable water. with the economy at a standstill, people are selling whatever they own to pay his utility bill. he tells us, even though there are no buyers, the russians have actually reached this point on the outskirts of nikolai, of,
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in the early stages of the war before being pushed back. but now with more you will, and that her son regent effectively under russian control. there is concern that they could be preparing for a counter offensive obama. that might be why people are not returning to the town of bush tanka, yet. it was recaptured about a month ago. it just looks like every town village of city, the russians, occupied garcia equally. us have one will follow lane. there remembers the night it all started from her house was among the 1st hit perish. it bombs fell from the sky, leaving a huge creek to look. i see one of us, i shall, these are distracts in the parachutes. canopy has now been recycled, but are through her. so do ukrainian army says its own be offensive in the south. oh, but the women, the moral of the enemy is low and they are not advancing on the ground because they
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can't break our lines. the sanctions are having an impact. they can't produce certain weapons anymore. but one of the russian advantages is their artillery systems. their range is longer than ours and can hit us hard. russia also holds the upper hand when it comes to attacks from the sky. and each night the people of nikolai of wonder whose turn will it be next adapted? hamid edges un, nikolai of ukraine has begun holding its 1st war crimes trial of the conflict. a russian soldier pleaded guilty to killing an unarmed ukrainian civilian 21 year old sergeant. vadim she, she marin is charged with shooting a 62 year old civilian through an open car window. he faces life in prison. asian markets have been falling following a dismal day on wall street. the hang sang tech index is down, 5 percent. shanghai and tokyo are also showing losses. this comes out to the dow jones industrial average dropped more than $1100.00 points on wednesday. at about
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3.6 per cent. us changed or target lost a quarter of its value, dragging other retailers down with it. the falls been driven by rising costs of freight and transportation. the conflict in ukraine locked downs and key chinese manufacturing areas and prolonged supply chain issues. the war and ukraine is also being blamed for worsening britons cost of living crisis. inflation hit a 40 year high after it rose by 9 percent last month. that's led to soaring electricity bills. millions of household saw their energy costs increased by 54 percent last month. low income families are struggling to put food on the table. the citizen's advice, charity says every day, an extra $750.00 people are being referred to food banks. the leader of u. k. his opposition labor party has told parliament the prime minister doesn't understand what the public is going through. he just doesn't get a toughie. yeah, he doesn't actually on the spine. what working families are going through in this
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country struggling about how they're going to pay their bills. a whilst he differs . british households are slapped with an extra $53000000.00 pounds on their energy bills every single day. meanwhile, every single day dorsey oil and gas jams raking, 32000000 pounds in unexpected profit. mister speaker, we will look. we will look at measures and we will look at all the measures that we need to take. this is beaca to get people through to the other side. given sand her as an economist at king's college london, researching and quality. he says the u. k. government must intervene. this is a once a long time crisis and things are awful now, but they're going to get was to as things stand, 40 percent of families cutting back on food, 40 percent struggling to pay the energy bills, 40 percent, unable to say $1.70 adults going hungry to put 6,
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but he had children going hungry and that would inflations at 9 percent. if they should, we'll get high. we think will peak at 10 percent late this year. the average family, we have a 2000 pounds. while all this is a wants, a large time crisis of british poverty, the government absolutely needs that. the 1st property up city has to be to increase universal credit payments and pensions. it lied with prices at the moment, the only increasing by 3 point one percent. an average inflation expects to be over 10 percent this year. on top of that restore the 1000 pound universal credit uplift there security payment going to low income household. we had it during the pod damaged habit again and also given the thought that every single household is building at a 1000 pound, chat is taxed to every single household, the cost that entire package rated. so security payments in live with price is a $1000.00 pound cheque and bringing about the universal credit uplift together cost 10 percent of what we spent on upon debit responds. this country got through
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a pandemic, we shut down the economy. we could apps he gets is what's the lifetime cost of living crisis as well. a palestinian warner at the funeral of veteran. i just need a journalist, shooting and walkway has been arrested by israeli forces. i'm what i believe was attacked by israeli police as he carries sharon's coffin and occupied east jerusalem last week. his account of what happened was widely shared on social media . his lawyer says all the questions during his interrogation were related to the funeral. shooting was sought with shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment engineer last week. still had our knowledge. is it a possible p r. disaster for the u. s. is another latin american leader says they might drop out of a regional some u. s. president joe biden resorts to military emergency measures to tackle a shortage of baby formula. ah.
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to fire danger in the 4 corners that does it southwest the u. s. you still there with close the north and close to the east, producing big thunderstorms over the plains. but this has become the biggest fire in new mexico's history. and although they are containing it is every now again, restarting at it is still burning. the weather conditions are not improving. i have to say unfortunately. so rain is falling in the form of big shower, maybe in missouri, crossed to kentucky in the next day or so, but they are not watch, read the fire danger, maintains selfie. but look at this, a returning, what looks like wouldn't tree weather, which then she will blow across the plane state kansas see city one reason to say that is that colbert comes in. we're down to 16 in the rain on saturday. when will the season change? you may well ask for the sax big showers again for the bahamas for cuba, haiti, jamaica, and especially honduras, down through costa rica, little less in that form in mexico. it's hot with occasional shells. no more that
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in south america, the seasonal rain is not a long way north producing flooding in some parts of columbia even may be southern venezuela. but the stormy weather lost the coast of uruguay is now going off shore . so for thursday's forecasts that will breezy in rio, but largely a sunny picture. ah, african stories of resilience, and i get younger the right one and tradition and dedication to them. it was out a little more global buff. it was clinico jewelry, lynette short documentary sky african film, make it on the white 9 and the book make it africa direct on al jazeera lou
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. ah, you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories, this our, the u. s. as it's confident finland and sweden will be accepted into natal, turkey as opposed to their membership, accusing them of supporting the kurdish p k. k, who they describe as terrorists. rushes defense ministry has released footage of hundreds of ukrainian fighters, surrendering at mario paul's out of style seal works. moscow says the troops had been taken to a former prison complex in russian controlled territory. there have been sharp, falls on asian markets after stalks had their worst day on wall street since the early days of the pandemic, the war and ukraine is being cited as one of the causes mexico says it's expecting
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an answer from the united states in the coming hours on weather cuba, venezuela and nicaragua will be invited to next month. summit of the americas. the u. s. has eased some of its sanctions on venezuela after the mexican president and some other leaders threatened to boycott the summit in los angeles. unless every country in the region is included, washington says any more lifting of sanctions will be tied to progress and talks between the venezuelan government and the opposition. for the printer is professor amerisys at the school of international service at american university. he says the u. s. has lost his leadership in the region. the summits began at 994 and they've been held every 3 years since. and the goal is to find some commonality in the hemisphere and the united states looks to be the leader of the hemisphere in this. and in the past they have reached some combinations. it talked about democracy, they talked about development in 2000. busy and 12,
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the leaders of the summit of the other countries up the summer. whole president obama, that of cuba were not invited to the next summit in 2015. they would not attend. and president obama then initiated some negotiations with us. and by 2015, the united states and uber, regain are re normalize their diplomatic relations. and so there is a possibility of talking about common problems. but the united states has lost its leadership in the region because it's been acting unilaterally. the old notion of the united states being hovering giants is being is reemerged. and i think this is part of why the mexican president and close the guatemalan president are acting the way they are. us president joe biden has invoked the defense production act and a major step to ease a nation wide shortage of baby formula. that means that suppliers are now required
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to direct ingredients used in baby formula to key manufacturers. first, biden has also ordered the defense department to use military aircraft to important baby milk from overseas. the shortage stems from recalled by formula make her abbot in february. after 2 babies died. the defense production ag gives the government the ability to require suppliers to direct needed resources to infant formula manufacturers before any other customer who may have ordered that good. i'm also announcing operation fly formula best to be able to speed up the import of in formula and start getting more formula in stores as soon as possible. all right. joining us live now from madison wisconsin. as joanna hatch. she is on the board of directors from mother's milk alliance, the community milk sharing organization. joanna, thanks so much for joining us today. let me start by asking you will. these 2 moves by president biden actually help alleviate the shortage. thanks so much for having
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me on today, and i hope wholeheartedly that these 2 actions by president biden will help alleviate the shortage because we know that families vocally in our community and throughout the last are really struggling to find safe on safe, appropriate ways to feed their babies during this formula shortage. joanna invoking the defense production act and ordering the defense department to use military aircraft to import formula from overseas are these short term solutions and if so, what's the long term answer? these are short term solutions and short term solutions are necessary to help families that are in crisis right now. i think both for myself and for the organization that i'm a part of my there's not alliance which supports facilitated donor milk sharing in our community. and the long term solution also has to be creating sustainable systems for families to be able to have the support they need to establish breastfeeding, to have time to be with their babies, to continue breastfeeding. and then when breastfeeding doesn't work to have
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a safe alternatives, including donor route and as a supply of baby know from your vantage point, what are some of the other possible options out there in order to deal with the shortage? well, our organization here in madison wisconsin provides an alternative formula, supplementation for some families. so donor milk is an option for families who are facing or a shortage of formula for organizations like ours we facilitate sharing in the community. so we connect families who have too much now were able to donate, who are healthy and whose babies are healthy to share their additional milk with families who might not have quite enough to feed their babies. there's also options such as more established formal milk base, such as the human mill base alliance with north america. here in our region. as well as other forms of community milk sharing among family and friends who may share breast milk in order to feed their babies. and joanna,
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based on what you're seeing and hearing how, how worried are parents in the u. s. and should they be worried? well as a parent myself, although my kids are end well now i can only imagine how difficult it is for families who need to supplement with formula and who are finding her sister shells . there we, when i meet with families who are receiving donor milk, they're always so grateful to have the option to have something that is safe to provide nutrition for their baby. our organization has been around since 2007. so we've been helping families who need to supplement one way or another for a number of years now. so we know that this need to have safe supplementation. your baby is not just something that happens during formula shortages. it's happening all the time. but thankfully, it's starting to get some attention now. all right, joanna, thanks so much for your time. we appreciate it. thanks so much for having me.
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health officials in the u. s. or warning that cases of coven 19 or on the rise? and could get worse over the coming months about a 3rd of the population lives in areas that are considered at higher risk. with reported cases up 26 percent from last week. people are being urged to wear masks indoors and to take more precautions. i've seen with prior increases infections in, in, in, you know, different waves of infection have demonstrated that this travels across the country and has the potential to travel across the country. so i think the important thing to recognize is that we actually have the tools to prevent and so we would ask you to wisely use these tools a rescue crew and indonesia is trying to free a fairy that's run aground with $800.00 people on board. the boat's been marooned for 2 days after it hit a submerged island in the south of the archipelago. efforts to dislodge it have so
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far failed authorities there say they'll try one more time to free it. at that point, the passengers and crew on board will have to be evacuated. severe flooding and north east india has force half a 1000000 people from their homes. hundreds of villages have been swamped as unusually heavy rains hit this week. at least 8 people have been killed in a psalm state. farmers there say they've lost majority of their crops, as the brom petra river overflowed. authorities warned conditions could get worse in the next few days. activists or warning that a sharp increase in the price of cooking gas and nigeria means more trees are being cut down. as a high, the address reports from cano gas prices have tripled in the past year is forcing many people to use firewood to cook meals instead. it's been to what have years is my whole dose. one switched from fi wouldn't chuckle to cooking. guess to prepare his meals, he says he tossed easier and healthier, but with high prizes eating deep into his earnings. he's wondering if that's
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a wise move. gallagher was in that one. okay, up under should i? i used to pay the equivalent of $1.50 for gas in the small cylinder, the price tipper. now the rising cost of gas or cooking has pushed many nigeria to resort to using wooden chuck or he had the local chuckle, market in daughter new consignments arrived by the truck. lot. business is brisk. i now, when i went on, i'm will at years if we sell 2 to 400 bags of charcoal daily, on a very good day, we sell more than 500 bags. and going to make those $500.00 bags dozens of trees must have been cut down cooking gas usage in africa. biggest oil and gas producer rules by 60 percent in 2020, exceeding $1000000.00 metric tons sells grew farther last year. but then slowed down due to reductions in supply for the country now has to import gas at high
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prices. and 14 days, a lot of taxes anita vehicle from d t something like that. food make the product to be really high wind lining concrete. and as soon as we are having the jumping cooking gas prices for nigerians already struggling with rising inflation is also reverse in gains made in protecting trees. in a country wide $10000000.00 are cut down every year or we shall say their hope increasing people's use of cooking gas will save millions of fries and the environment by the high jump in prices of liquefied petroleum gas will make that harder to achieve. nigeria, st, it oil company blames the rising cost and global price increases. but the country still importing most of its gas users are bracing for more price hikes. ahmed edris al jazeera cuddle. nigeria workers from a shuddered peruvian mine have marched through lima to demand a sight, be reopened. protesters are demanding that mining activities restart after going
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offline for more than 30 days. last month, more than $100.00. nearby resident storm, the large locked bumble compromise complex. in the south, the country, the mines operators are accused of failing to meet their social investment commitments. thousands of worshipers have gathered at a jewish holy side in northern israel at a year after $45.00 people were killed in a stampede. it happened during the annual commemoration of locks omar. tens of thousands, typically visit mount marin. this year, only $16000.00 people were allowed after an inquiry and to major safety lapses and overcrowded equal pays on the way for men and women who play for the us national soccer teams. the landmark agreement in years of legal action by female players over gender discrimination and in an unprecedented move in the global game prize, money will be shared between the men's and women's world cup teams. the current holders are the american women's team. the steel is going to have ramifications
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throughout the entire world. you know, it's game changing moment here in the us, but it has the potential to change how international soccer and international sport do business with the equalization of prize money for our men's and women's world cup, i think is just going to be a historic moment. and hopefully it will create change throughout the world. john hendrick has more from chicago. the women of the u. s. soccer federation have long said that they have offered better than equal play for less than equal pay. and that's undoubtedly true in the past. the men's team has been paid more and there's a big difference in performance. the women's team of one the world cup 4 times more than any other national team. and the last 2 games were the 2015 or the last 2 series were 201521900. that makes them the raining. busy we 20 and now as we look towards the women's world cup in 2023, the men have never gotten past the quarter finals by contrast. so it's been
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a bit galling for the women. they've been paid less than the men up until now. now they're going to be paid the same per match for a win and a major game that's $18.00 to $24000.00 per player. same as the men. but what the innovation here is that they're also splitting world cup funds. there's a fund of hundreds of millions of dollars that gets distributed to the mens team, a fund of tens of millions of dollars. it gets distributed to the women's team. what they've done here is they've taken that pile of money for the men and for the women, they've put it all together and they're going to divide it equally among both the men and. ready women, this comes, it is 3 months after the women, many of the women in the league have ended a lawsuit for an equal pay that will result in them getting $24000000.00 of back pay. and it comes 6 months before then men's world cup in doha. women are now looking forward to 2023. a 42 year. wait for victory is over for
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a football club in germany. oh, wow. this ins the hubs. title drought was 1st time since 1980. victory came after extra time and a tense penalty shoot out against scotlands rangers. it is quite, we're getting this little leaped up after an eternity to witness. this is the magic moment. it's super awesome and i these are the moments in life that need to be engraved into your skin, into your thoughts of in find dallas preferred is definitely a great feeling having one the match where playing champions league mix tea with on trucks, which is something nobody would have expected after the route. we have one against a strong opponent. we have asserted ourselves. i think i can speak fit every i trash fan. we are looking forward to the next round side. ah.


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