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cross the border every day. crossing the border is always tricky, but the women say that today they have a lucky day because the border guard is someone they know it's going to be hopefully much easier to bring the goods in. the notice we leave to find a less chaotic situation at, in the past few days. people stimulus exhausted this time. i'm not crying. as you can see. the notice mission has been accomplished for now, but you will return with more goods as long as russia missiles and buckets force people out of ukraine. ah . as railey media report suggest, the military doesn't plan to investigate the killing of al jazeera journalist sharina acclaim. ah,
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hello there, i'm sorry to attain this is al jazeera life from door ha. also coming on. shares dropped sharply across asia, just hours after wall street tumbles on inflation bears the u. s. president and bokes, a cold war era, lord help ease the major shortage of baby formula and enlisted the help of the military. and an environmental disaster unfolds, and kenya, expanding lakes are forcing tens of thousands from their homes. ah, now reports in israeli media suggests that the military does not plan to investigate the killing of algae, al jazeera journalist tree in abu o'clock in the occupied west bank. sharina was shot on the head by israeli forces while on assignment and jeanine on the day of her funeral israeli forces stormed the procession and beat mourners, causing poor barrows to almost drop her coffin that didn't stop thousands of
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palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an independent investigation. neither abraham is standing by for us and remark fast let's go live to him on con, he's in west drew. slam him on, can you talk us through what we've been hearing today in his rating media? that's right, we're hearing that the israeli military police. they're in charge of the investigation. any potential investigation aren't going to investigate the death of serene acclaim. now the reason for this is that you would have to actually open a criminal investigation into a serving israeli army officer will soldier on an active military operation. that's something that is ready. politics in this current climate finds absolutely untenable. the government would be attacked if that investigation actually took place. it would be heavily criticized. the opposition would use it to make
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political ground with the government. also, just generally with israelis itself, the israeli, see the, the army as being untouchable as being defenders of israel. and therefore anything that they do will stay on a military operation is untouchable. however, ah, there was in the car in the days after the sort and the days after the attack own assuring avalon lake calls for an investigation. and these really are me, did say that they were going to investigate. they took a guns away from these where the soldiers, they said they were going to investigate. this was a washington post report that came out a few days later. however, that isn't now happening. and we all, we have actually reached out to the israeli only to ask them what their next plans are. they haven't responded to us yet. however, the family have responded to us. we asked them what they thought of this, this decision not to investigate. they said we were expecting their so from the
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israeli side, that's why we didn't want them to participate in the investigation. who are the hold whoever's responsible for these acts accountable? we urge the u. s. in particular, since she is a us citizen and the international community to open a just and transparent investigation and put an end to these killing. so the family never really had any faith that these railways would investigate this. the americans have parcel on these rallies to investigate this. we are expecting a comment on this at some point once america starts to wake up and respond to what's has happened. hey, so fall this morning. and there is pressure from the international community to open investigation. but none of that seems like it's going to be a international investigation. everybody wants israel to do this and the family like us, i don't really have any faith. and that goes to the palestinians. well, that these railways will mountain investigation. and ron con, there, across that for us in western them. thank you so much him, ron. well, let's now cross over to nita abraham. she is in ramallah in the occupied west bank
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. nita, as we've been saying there was really never much confidence at all on the palestinian side and any sort of israeli investigation. and this has added to the grief, the pain, the sadness of palestinians. there were saying that said he was killed in cold blood. the killers are not gonna be held accountable. and this is part and parcel of the stories that should, in, has been coveting for the past few decades. she's been saying that there is no accountability and indeed with her killing, we're seeing her even when she's not with us, amplifying the stories of the palestinians. we often see a cases ending in no investigation. and those that eventually lead to the military prosecutor saying ok, i want to investigate this at the end. we either see the file being close or a lie, something like a community service for a soldier who killed the palestinian,
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who was helping a family, a with a car accident. the israelis at the time said, oh the, the soldier felt he was in danger. although he's armed, he is in a military tower up above. so this is just an example of how palestinians have never expect the justice from these radius. they say that these really just assist them. it's part of white washing these wally occupation and we've been reaching out to palestinian officials for comment. we've spoken to the spokesperson of the palestinian government, but he met him. who says that since his end was established as 74 years ago, it has been known to use and falsify facts which spoken also to a lawyer who said that this is dangerous. but it seems that everybody here is not expecting anything from this ready side. but rather they want international
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pressure on israel, and they want prosecution in different courts in you escorts since should in used to have the u. s. citizenship and ne, any that's have jurisdiction when it comes to war. crime international criminal court is, is that important? what of course, there was a lot of politics up man, this is why palestinians want the palestinian authority to keep pushing. afford that file at the ice and see we've been speaking to the palestinian prime minister over the past few days. he says, the palestinian authority didn't officially ask washington to intervene, but they ought rather putting up a file with all the evidence, all the witnesses, and they want to present it to that are in party and push for accounts of minutes. neither uber, him there with all the laces for us from the occupied westbank. thank you, nita. ah, no. russia says 1730 ukrainian fight as have surrendered for mary paul's as of
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styles steel, pomp since monday. how that includes $700.00 soldiers who were taken out from that vast complex on wednesday, this video released by the russian defense ministry is said to show ukrainian fighters hunting themselves over to russian forces, but their fate remains unclear. ukraine is suggesting a prisoner swap. well, russia, one, some of them brandon terrorists, remove the muddy willer. many of those who were at the assault strolled plug have been taken out. not only the assault battalion, but also other brigades, maybe some other units as well. of these are not all wounded, but only to those of wolves conditional. we know that they are alive and some are receiving medical care. unfortunately, this is all the information we have. a while rushes progress in mary paul has sparked concerns that it could widen. it's offensive to target more of southern ukraine. but the ukranian army says it's fighting back against russian troops. suffer anglo morale. ha double. hamid reports not from the city of nicholas.
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it has become a grim, routine attacks and explosions while the city sleeps, followed by disbelief and anxiety. survivors wondering how they escaped the ferocity of a missile love from afar on their homes. my rat can't contain his anger. you will, before the law of europe sold us out, americans don't cut me out. we asked him to close the sky, but i didn't. why trite is to protect their children. i'm going to appeal directly to the other. do you understand to i'm talking about your son. i would to you a part with my own hands. what of all but the bird. what bug? there. few people left in, michel, i have a few weeks ago. they were nearly half a 1000000. they'll still here. have to rely on handouts, as there's no more drinkable water with the economy at a standstill,
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people are selling whatever they own to pay his utility bill. he tells us, even though there are no buyers, the russians have actually reached this point on the outskirts of nikolai, of, in the early stages of the war before being pushed back. but now with more you pl anderson region effectively under russian control, there is concern that they could be preparing for a counter offensive obama. that might be why people are not returning to the town of bush tanka, yet. it was recaptured about a month ago. it just looks like every town village of city the russians occupied. gosh harry, equally us have one will only now remembers the night it all started from her house was among the 1st hit parish. it bombs fell from the sky, leaving a huge creature. look, i see, well, as i sharla, these are the straps and the parachutes. canopy has now been recycled,
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but are through the ukrainian army says it's only offensive in the south o proponent, the morale of the enemy is load them or in they are not advancing on the ground because they can't break our lines. the sanctions having an impact, they can't produce certain weapons any more, but one of the russian advantages is they are to lose systems. the ranges longer than ours and can hit us hard. russia also holds the upper hand when it comes to attacks from the sky. and each night the people of nikolai of wonder whose turn will it be next? or does that mean al jazeera, nikolai of, ah, said bag now has more from eastern ukraine, where air strikes are ongoing. where just are in the time called mood. now vesman hit constantly, an apartment building was hit by russian rocket fire 2 year old was killed in that and several other children were injured. not the mayor of this town has told residence to leave. the situation currently is very tense or residents are leaving
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. are many people just don't want to be here anymore because also there's no electricity into this. tandal power lines were hit and there's no electricity. so those that do remain are either the, the ones that don't want to leave or just can't leave. now the situation elsewhere in the east, the russians have been making some gains around the don bus region. and they've said the russians have said that they want to take the don west region, or we can hear cons to or to re fire going out. many towns and villages have been hit by a to re fire shells. rockets, missiles, we saw anti aircraft, fire go up yesterday trying to intercept a missile, the russian missile. so yes, the situation here is very tense and many tons of villages are constantly been hurt . and was reuben's done a care every 2nd? pretty much every 2nd, or we can hear fire coming in and out. while meanwhile, the un secretary general has warned of
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a global food shortage in the coming months due to the war in ukraine. and tony gutierrez says he is an intense contact with several countries to restore ukrainian grain shipments and russian fertilizer exports. victoria gate and b reports before rushes invasion. 3 months ago ukraine was known as the world's bread basket. it exported 12 percent of the world's wheat. 15 percent of its corn and half of its some flower oil, but with its black sea port such as a desert, blocked by russian warships. goods could only travel on congested land routes that are far less efficient. it led to food shortages that threatened to push tens of millions of people into food insecurity and famine. is absolutely essential that we allow these ports to open because this is not just about ukraine. this is about the poor. so the poor around the world who are on the brink of starvation as we speak. so i asked president potent, if you have any hard at all, please open these port. secretary general antonio terrace is wanting. there is no
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solution to the growing global food crisis without reintegrating ukraine's food production into wild market. russia must permit the safe and secure exports of grains stored in ukraine ports. alternative transportation routes can be explored, even if we know that by itself they will not be enough to solve the problem. at a food security meeting at the un, america's top diplomat urged countries to make significant new contributions to humanitarian organization is facing food insecurity. he also called on countries with significant grain and fertilizer reserves to help. there are an estimated 22000000 tons of grain sitting in silos in ukraine. right now. food that could immediately go toward helping those in need. if it can simply get out of the country, food supplies around the world of already been declining because of warming temperatures
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. and the pandemic guitarist says, talks can prevent a crisis. but with the war in ukraine, expected to continue long term. many questioning whether that's possible victoria gate and be al jazeera mostella had here on out as aaron we look at the long term impacts of covet 19 on patients and how they could overwhelm the u. s. health system. ah, the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to a catholic group. your travel package today a stream of thunderstorm went through the bridge charles, particularly in last night or miss cloud. he has been very warm, recently a good part of western europe. so this cold front has not attempts back a bit and it is on that line that thunderstorms appeared. attempts i think now if a northern france, low countries, belgium will also come back by like 5 degrees. they're still above normal. it's still quite warmer to say. and you get shout most all thunderstorms is really warm
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and spend in portugal and is going to warm up in much of eastern europe where this cold wind is being displaced by increasingly warm sunshine. but it is still cold and rather wet in turkey for the rest of thursday. and the breeze is quite a strong one, answered the jane as well, which will keep temperatures down all the way to the coast of egypt and libya. by friday, the wind is still blowing, but the showers of ball has gone away in the sun is doing its work, bringing temperatures back up to either the low twenty's or as high 30 dana now the other side of your f. as i said, although france is cooling, dam, spain and portugal are if anything can even be wor, particularly down and duluth, sir, where attempts just really are on the high side. and that walked spreads across the plain of europe and said, right down to the balkans and beyond, seville could well hit 40 on friday, not quarter record, but very close katha, airway issue and line of the journey. healing the debate,
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there is no he job bad credit union. i mean, if anyone here talks about women that i took a benzo note topic is off the table. we were taught to see abortion had a one way ticket street to help all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. the part of today's prov at the 3 on out is there. ah oh, hello there, i'm miss darcy. attainder hon. that's remind you about top stories here. the salad reports in israeli medias suggest the military does not plan to investigate the
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killing of al jazeera journalist, sharina utley in the occupied west bank. accounting has been widely condemned and cause for an independent investigation on growing. russia says 1730 ukrainian fighters of surrendered from variables as of style. steel wag since monday, thinking 700 soldiers who were taken from that vast complex on wednesday. while the cost of rebuilding ukraine is high on the agenda as g 7 finance ministers meet in germany, they're also discussing ukraine's immediate financial needs. we have to secure the liquidity oxy green state. we are impressed by the bravery which as you crim people are showing in, there are 5 for freedom for, for all of our values. so we are responsible for the capability of you to region state and it's people to defend themselves. well, let's bring in step,
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fasten. she's across this for us in berlin. a step much of the discussion as we been saying, expect it to be about reconstruction and ukraine, but this also has broader implications. well absolutely, and it's clear that the countries to 7 economic powers will have to dig deep into their pockets. the u. s. tried to re a 2nd to regenerate jaelyn yesterday yesterday said the financial support for your brain is simply not enough at the moment. you great is really struggling at the moment to just make their daily meet needs because of the war horse with they have no money to pay for their punch, most of civil server. and so all the soldier of course has to be face. it comes up to around $15000000000.00 us dollars a month, a $5000000000.00, excuse me, a month. so what are the g safa minutes now? i'm trying to put together is a package of around $15000000000.00 us dollars. half of it will be paid actually by
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the us. so that will be a daily needs basically. but then of course, we haven't even talked about reconstruction. the, our estimates that around a $100000000000.00 cost of damages have been done to infrastructure. it is an idea floated now by the u. s. and also by europe to left russia partially pay for this. they're talking about this $300000000000.00 that has been a russian asset like that right from the russian bank. but legally thing to do. so i'm going to say it's for me, it has to be careful with death gives a very bad precedent. but these are the topics that are being discussed here in germany right now. and also the global impact of the war to high inflation, high energy prices. so a lot on the agenda step, fasten their across that for us in berlin. thank you so much step. while speaking of those knock on effect, trading on the asian markets is off to
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a negative start. stocks have been falling on fears and rising inflation. the war in ukraine and supply chain problems and follows a tough day on wall street where stocks suffer their biggest drop since the early days of the pandemic. continuity is in sol, she says global inflation is making the markets and investors extra nervous. we're looking at prices going up fuel prices, freight charges, cost of materials, labor, and investors are concerned that if inflation really takes hold, this will have an impact on company's earnings. companies are going to see their profit margins being squeezed. and inflation also means as they're going to be a lack of growth opportunities for companies. so investors are worried about a broader economic slowdown in general. and then there's the wider background as well. you've got china's 0 coven policy. this will have an effect on employment rate, it will have an impact on production output on supply chains. and china is the world's
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2nd largest economy. so whatever it's going through will have a knock on effect on the global economy. and then you've got the war in ukraine as well, which we already seeing those effects globally in terms of rising prices. so all of these things are weighing heavily on investors mines. now, stocks are generally risky anyway, even in the best of times. and what more in these more volatile times? so investors are really looking for safe haven for the assets. and that safe haven is cash, particularly in times of rising interest rates. and we're seeing that in the us. so say what we're seeing really as investors taking that money out of what's cost as risky investments and putting that into safe ones. well, as we've been saying, us stocks had another dismal day on wednesday with wall street ending sharply lower . the dow jones industrial average dropped more than 1100 points up about 3.6 percent before been driven by rising freight and transportation costs. the convicts
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in ukraine lock downs in china and supply chain problems. whole speaking of lock downs and coded us doctors. now say one in 10 code 19 patients will end up developing the condition known as long as it. the symptoms aren't completely understood, but they include fatigue, pain, mental impairments, and even heart problems. heidi's custer has worn out from baltimore 5 minutes of play time with a 4 year old son is enough to raise michael clark's heart rate to a concerning level just a little bit. if he decided one day he wants to run away from me, a probably can't chase him. what are we going to do? clark is $33.00 and was an avid runner before he contract cove. it in march 2020. now more than 2 years later, he still feels crippling fatigue and a long list of other symptoms. i'm a fraction of the person that i had hoped to be that i used to be. so we're talking,
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shortness of breath, rhetoric, in chest pains, we're talking chest tightness, we're talking intense, debilitating headaches. this is life with long cove id defined by the world health organization. as otherwise unexplained post cove, its symptoms that last for at least 2 months. many people like clark have symptoms that appear to be indefinite. he says he's made lifestyle changes to cope, and it's fortunate to have a job that led some work from home. many others are not as lucky. i've seen personally in my support groups, multiple people that have died by suicide because the symptoms of the long cove, it experience was just too much to handle and they couldn't withstand the pain anymore. i think that it's time to shift the focus from cove it as an acute, severe illness has a mortality rate, which is very important, but also to start paying attention to those millions of people that are living disabled. and that are going to need programs and support from the government from
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society at large. johns hopkins is among the about 60 hospital systems in the us with dedicated host covert clinics. medical experts say that is not nearly enough to treat the up to 23000000 americans suffering long term symptoms. oh hello. hey. it took clark multiple referrals and months of waiting to be accepted into the johns hopkins clinic. here. he'll get a rehabilitation plan. there's still no cure for long cove id. the novelty of it is something that we have to live with because it is a big unknown as to what the long term complications are going to be. the u. s. government has launched an effort to study and treat long cove id, but the help can't come soon enough for those who are suffering and wondering if they'll ever get better. all right, is there go heidi joe castro al jazeera baltimore, maryland was staying in the u. s. and president joe biden has invoked
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a cold war era law to ease and nationwide shortage of baby formula. under the defense production act, supplies the now required to send me gradients used in baby formula to major manufacturers. first, biden is also ordered the defense department to use military aircraft to import baby milk from overseas. the shortage stems from a recall by formula make abbot back in february after 2 babies died. vince production act gives the government the ability to require suppliers to direct needed resources to infant formula manufacturers before any other customer who may have ordered that good. i'm also announcing operation slide formula best to be able to speed up the import of infant formula and start getting more formula in stores as soon as possible. while joanna hatch is on the board of directors for the mother's milk alliance, that's a community milk sharing organization. she says women need support and breast feeding, and if that doesn't work and other option is donated milk. these are short term
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solutions and short term solutions are necessary to help families that are in crisis right now. i think for myself and for the organization that i'm a part of mothers milk alliance which supports facilitated donor milk sharing in our community. the long term solution also has to be creating sustainable systems for families to be able to have the support they need to establish breastfeeding, to have time to be with their babies, to continue breastfeeding. and then when breastfeeding doesn't work to have safe alternatives, including donor milk and a safe supply of baby organization here in madison, wisconsin provides an alternative formula, supplementation for some families. so donor milk is an option for families who are facing or a shortage of formula for organizations like ours, we facilitate sharing in the community. so we connect families who have too much now were able to donate, who are healthy and whose babies are healthy to share their additional milk with
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families who might not have quite enough to feed their babies. there's also options such as more established formal milk base, such as the milk base alliance of north america here in our region. as well as other forms of community milk sharing among family and friends who may share breast milk in order to feed their babies. now flooding and the great lakes in kenya has forced tens of thousands of people from their homes as having the test reports from lake new crew. water levels have been rising that he is lake in a could or used to be inside a national park just behind those trees. not extends beyond the parks boundaries, king and say, they've seen the lake rise over the years. then at the beginning of 2020 off to particularly heavy rains and pinion, highlands to lake expansion accelerated they saw it coming. the water started coming slowly by slowly, slowly, day by day,
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day by day deal. it covered all at this place. it doesn't, it do not come one at once. it took tight kenya's legs are vital to people, wildlife, and economy. but tens of thousands of canyons had been forced to move from the homes. no one knows we're sure what caused the water to rise so quickly in a short space of time signed to think it could be a number of factors including climate change before people hear their maintenance and isn't so much what courses they want. king us government to do more to help them. david cohort shows do what's left of the house. he built. he was planning to leave the family home to his children one day. like other families. he still waiting for compensation promised by the government. he's taken a bank loan to start again, but he's only just enough room for his family and a few animals. it's not what is used to. i was traumatized. it affected my life so much. you changed everything. i don't even when i go to the bottom there,
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the pharmacist speaks the water is contaminated because if it's salty, taste and murky color, whatever religious con, grow much any more. and culture lands had become fishing grounds. welcom income for some young men who couldn't find work, but for many others, the changing landscape means their way of life has gone. they have to adapt if they hope to survive, how to matessa out to sarah knuckles, king or amanda. you can always find much more on our website, including all the laces from ukraine, that's out there, dot com. ah, hello there. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines reports and is really media suggest the military does not plan to investigate the killing of al jazeera journalist, sharina ugly, and the occupied west bank. sherwin was shot in the head by israeli forces while on assignment. and janine.


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