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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 19, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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you want the sap french haiti to distrust this is a battle about what the truth actually is. oh, just 0 investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear suspicion and conspiracy theories have become. the 2 of the powerful were in a dangerous territory that dangerous territory was di. what happens now that we literally diverge, that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion, although just either revealing eco friendly solutions to come back. threats to our planet on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the museum, a live from doha,
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coming up in the next 60 minutes. israeli media reports and military isn't planning to investigate the killing of al jazeera journalist, sharina glenn. the red cross is it's registered hundreds of ukrainian prisoners of war from the as of style steel plant in marion home. the un secretary general appeals to russia to open up ukrainian ports. as weight prices climb to new hives, and global fruit fruit crisis worsens. trying to stop the spread of monkey pox. the rare disease usually found in africa is discovered in canada the 1st time and will be live in northeast to india, where surveys, flooding has forced half a 1000000 people to play their homes. i'm devin ash, with sport golf's 2nd major of the season tees off in a couple of hours and i know for luke champions 2022 i frank and 42 years of waiting for
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a european trophy as they beat ranges fy for on penalty. ah, hello, welcome to the program israeli media reports. the country's military isn't planning to investigate. the killing of al jazeera journalist marine class in the occupied west bank terrain was shot in the head by israeli forces. while on assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral israeli forces stormed the procession and bait mourners, causing pole bearers to almost dropped her coffin. but didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned head killing and continued to call for an investigation. neither abraham is standing by for us in ramallah, but 1st let's go to him. run con, who's in west jerusalem?
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hello, they him run. why isn't israel going to investigate? is killing what we've actually reached out to, to the israeli army with the exact same question. they haven't given us a response so far, but these really media report in the horrid newspaper is very specific on detail. it says that he's really on the police are not going to investigate it. the reason for that is because it would be a criminal investigation. and that in this current political climate is simply untenable for the israelis they cannot investigate. and. busy serving israeli army soldier in an active military operation. that's something they just won't do these ready all me. one don't want it because it will be something that will give these riley soldiers pause for thought. next time they do something, if they are able to be prosecuted for anything that happens, it's unpopular among seas, railey public. they want to see their soldiers as being moral as being people who
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don't commit crimes. and finally, it's something that these ready government doesn't want because it will lose them. support ill gets their rankin fall rolled up and it probably make things very difficult for them. something the opposition will jump on. now the international community, however, has said that this does need to be investigate. it needs to be investigated very thoroughly when the policy is riley's haven't really investigated, incidents like this for those political reasons. i talked about earlier on the day that sri and avalon lake died. however, ned price, the state department spokesman, was blunt. he actually said he was very confident that these rabies could mountain investigation. let's take a look. we've seen, of course, it really depends. forces have already announced that there is an investigation underway. we welcome that announcement is important to us. it is important to the world that that investigation be thorough, that it be comprehensive, that it be transparent. and importantly, that investigations in,
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with full accountability and those responsible for her death being held responsible for their actions. ok, do you trust those rating investigating? and these really is have the wherewithal and the capabilities to conduct a thorough conference investigation. so you've gone from sorrow and comprehensive investigations cools air from ned price to know, investigations, a tool. how will the u. s. react is likely they won't be able to put a tremendous amount of pressure on israel, given the fact that israel has significant political friends within the u. s. government will likely, hey, a statement a little bit later from the state department saying that they wished that these rabies would investigate. but though may, will leave it as an internal matter for the israelis. however, she is a us citizen. so there will be a lot of pressure on america to say something. however, the palestinians, the family, they were all expecting this, they thought that they would never see an investigation. indeed,
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the family have issued a statement is worth me reading. it's he, we were expecting this from these writing site. this is why we didn't want them to participate in the investigation. we want to hold whoever's responsible for those accounts accountable. we're in the u. s. in particular, since she is a us citizen at the international community to open a just an transparent investigation and to put an end to those killing. so no surprise from the family. no surprise from palestinians. all right, thank you very much for that update him. ron can live for us in west jerusalem, but it's head to ramallah now in the occupied west bank. where need abraham is standing by for house needed. he certainly won't come as a surprise to many palestinians will it? they said that from day one, after serene, has been shouting killed. we've heard palestinians left right and center saying that they are not expect thing justice from their killers is, is something that has been also it's rated by a palestinian officials. now,
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one sentence that also resonated with me when people were saying, you know, she's not the 1st one and sadly, she's not going to be the last. and that tells you how much palestinians are frustrated with the israeli occupation and how much they believe israel has impact . unity to carry on with its violations was as with its crimes against the palestinian people. it's off, obviously, something that palestinians have been asking for a long time, international justice, international accountability. they've won the world to pressure israel. they also said that they want the international criminal court to prosecute the killers up. let's not forget that for palestinians. they're not talking about the soldier who actually shot the bullets or the one who given the orders. they're talking about the whole system of an israeli military occupation. that often has a power over the narrative,
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has the power it when it comes to arms that weapons equipment, funding, all of the above. so they want to target that they want israel to feel that there is international pressure on it. and the palestinian authority has said that it has, it is already started and investigation a they want to collect all the witnesses accounts the evidence and submit that to a filing give it to the americans and that elephant party, wanting them to press it as right now but it really on the street with palestinians feel as that there would be no justice for them. and as well as for shitty and the saying here is that with shootings killing and after that with her not being with us now, she's still telling the world and amplifying the stories of palestinians that she's already been reporting on for more than 20 years. all right, thank you very much for that. up to i need abraham lamb for us in ramallah.
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russia says 1730 ukrainian font is from the as of south still works in mary. a poll have surrendered since monday. thank road 700 taken out on wednesday by rushes, defense ministry, which says it has video showing ukrainian soldiers having themselves all to russian forces. but they're saying she's unclear. the red cross is registered, hundreds of ukrainian 5 is as prisoners of all women is mary fuller. many of those who were at the stall plan have been taken out not only the result battalion, but also other brigades, maybe some other units as well. these are not all wounded, but only those in the was condition. we know that they are alive and some are receiving medical care. unfortunately, this is all the information we have. let's bring in dosa jabari now who's standing by for us in moscow. hello there,
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dosa. we just heard those new figures out of moscow, and the number of fighters have been taken out of that as of style plant. what else is coming out of the russian camp today? well, the defense ministry during their daily briefing highlighted the fact that the evacuations are ongoing and they began on monday and as they are being done in chord nation with the international committee of the red cross. and we've also been hearing from representatives from the red cross, a talking about how they started registering the members of the ukrainian military that are as surrendering to the russians as of tuesday. they are registering their names, their date of birth, and the location that they're being transported to it. the, all this is to keep track of the number of men that are in russian custody. but also we understand that they've been visiting a number of facilities where the men of been
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a captain. this is also to ensure that the standards of the russians have promised to uphold, are being kept, as well as to allow the families of those ukrainian and military personnel as that are in russian custody to let them know how those men are doing and where they exactly are we understand that they are ukrainian president has said that they will be a prisoner exchange down the line for now, the russians have kept very quiet about this, but it is a believe to be that part of the negotiation process that took place prior to the surrender of these men at once the as of style plant is completely evacuated, we believe we'll hear more from the russian officials here for now. there is a lot of debate on going about what should happen to the members of the as of italian that have surrendered as a part of this larger group of ukrainian military personnel that have come out of the plant. many here believe they should be put before court to an international court as well to answer for their a legit war crimes for the time. b. evacuations,
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continue, and we understand, according to the russian deputy prime minister who visited an area in is parisha, just west of dumbass. that is where the main focus will now be to try and get those areas under rush control. all right, thank you very much for bringing this up to spade dosage of our live for us in moscow. let's head to ukraine now where i saw the bag is standing by in the back mode. i said you're in the east where strikes continuing. yes, we've heard from the administration head that the russians have used shuttling heavy artillery cruise missiles. they've been putting some real effort into fighting hair in that you can try to take more territory on the situation. has deteriorated considerably in the east. now we're in a town called by the man who has told people to evacuate now and the out. it's way
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more busy in terms of what children and shatter shutting that we're hearing. we just visited apartment building where a young child, a 2 year old child, was killed and we spoke to emergency service. if you told us that we are still body tracked underneath the troubles. so if considerable fighting taking place, we understand the electricity has been restored. in this time, we heard that it had been cut off, but we visited a number of sites that been hit by russia by the russian military, including using itinerary, shilling, and cruise missiles elsewhere in the east. the russians are making a push and gaining ground when the rest of the military campaign has had some setbacks in terms of and the harkey region here in the east, the really making the effort. and that's because the rest of the said that they want to take the east of the country and parts of the sized, essentially none rocking ukraine. and as i've given the developments in mary paul as the last few days, and what we heard from dosa took us through the dynamics of the war now.
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but yes, it's given russia, the line cargo that has to annex crime in what it also gives the russian is that the position and the size of the country. and they have the forces in the east and they can begin to start working their way up and essentially try to track the bulk of the ukrainian forces here in the east. now the ukrainians are trying to hold the lines and the russian advance has been slow, slow down if your lease, if you speak to the ukrainians, they constantly release new figures and drone footage of some of their achievements against russian military. ukraine is essentially holding to trying to get more weapons being supplied by the west to this eastern region. but that is a considerable challenge for the ukrainians, because many soldiers here will admit that the russians have more firepower, they have long range missiles, and they have superiority in the although that's still challenging for the russians,
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because we've seen anti aircraft fire go up across the crate. all right, thank you very much for bringing. yes. the latest their bank live for us in buck rushes progress him. mary poll as we've heard, has spot concerns. it could widen. it's offensive to target more southern ukraine spots. the ukraine army says it's fighting back against washing troops, suffering low morale, made reports from the city of mac alive. it has become a grim, routine attacks and explosions while the city sleeps, followed by disbelief and exile. p survivors wondering how the escape the ferocity of a missile loved from afar on their homes. my rat can't contain his anger . you hope all of us europe sold us out. americans don't cut me out. we
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asked them to close the sky, but i didn't. why trite is to protect their children. i'm going to appeal directly to the other. do you understand to i'm talking about you son. i would to you a part with my own hands. balboa court berg. there few people left and michel, i, if a few weeks ago they were nearly half a 1000000, they'll still here have to rely on handouts as there's no more drinkable water. 2 with the economy at a standstill, people are selling whatever they own to pay his utility bill. he tells us, even though there are no buyers, the russians have actually reached this point on the outskirts of nikolai, of, in the early stages of the war before being pushed back. but now with more you will and the concern region effectively under russian control. there is concern that they could be preparing for a counter offensive obama. that might be why people are not returning to the town
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of bash, tonka yet. it was recaptured about a month ago. it just looks like every town village of city the russians occupied. gosh area people. leo's have one will only now remembers the night it all started from her house was among the 1st hit parish. it bombs fell from the sky, leaving a huge crater. look i see what was that yellow? these are the straps and the parachutes. canopy has now been recycled, but i flew the ukrainian army says it's only offensive in the south. oh, but the moment the morale of the enemy is load them or in they are not advancing on the ground because they can't break our lines. the sanctions having an impact, they can't produce certain weapons anymore. but one of the ration advantages is they are to live systems. the ranges longer than ours and can hit us hard. russia. russia also holds the upper hand when it comes to attacks from the sky. and each
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night the people of nikolai of wonder whose turn will it be next. what does that mean? al jazeera michel, i have the un secretary general has warned of a global food shortage in the coming months. it used to warn you, crime, and tony. a good terrace says he's in intense contact with several countries to restore ukrainian grain shipments and exports of fertilizer from russia. victoria gate and b explains before russia's invasion, 3 months ago ukraine was known as the world's bread basket. it exported 12 percent of the wealth, wheat, 15 percent of its corn, and half of it, some flour will, but with its black sea port such is odessa, blocked by russian wu, ships. goods could only travel on congested land routes that are far less efficient . it led to food shortages that threatened to push tens of millions of people into food insecurity and famine. it is absolutely essential that we allow these portia
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open because this is not just about ukraine. this is about the poor. so the poor around the world who are on the bank of starvation as we speak. so i asked president putin, if you have any hard at all, the, please open these port. secretary general antonio terrace is wanting. there is no solution to the growing global food crisis. without reintegrating ukraine's food production into world market rusher must permit the safe and secure exports of grains stored in ukraine ports. alternative transportation routes can be explored, even if we know that by itself they will not be enough to solve the problem. at a food security meeting at the un, america's top diplomat urged countries to make significant new contributions to humanitarian organization is facing food insecurity. he also called on countries with significant grain and fertilizer reserves to help. there are an estimated 22000000 tons of grain sitting in silos in ukraine. right?
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no food the could immediately go toward helping those in need. if it can simply get out of the countries food supplies around the world have already been declining because of warming temperatures. and the pandemic guitarist says, talks can prevent a crisis. but with the war in ukraine, expected to continue long term, many a questioning whether that's possible, victoria gate and be al jazeera and g 7 finance ministers. a meeting in germany with the high cost of rebuilding ukraine after the war on the agenda. they're also discussing ukraine's immediate financial needs. we have to secure as we liquidity asi greenslate. we are impressed by the bravery which as you crim people are showing in, there are 5 for freedom for, for all, all of our values. so, every view responsible for emc capability of your dream state and
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its people to defend themselves at spring instead, boss and who is covering developments out of berlin at step the meeting has been dominated by the discussion around the reconstruction of ukraine. what else has been discussed? well, absolutely. it's clear that they're the richest nations, the 7, the g 7. they have to dig deep into their pockets to help you rain. a lot of money has been black, but very little actually has arrived. and your grain says it needs around 5000000000 euros a month to simply get the, the country going. it has to pay its civil servants, its its soldiers expansionist. so here i know germany at the g 7, they hope to put a package together of the $15000000000.00 euros, which will last ukraine, that no 3 months the half of it will be paid there by the united states. but i would not even talking about reconstruction 3 months into the war. there are estimates of more than a 100000000000 euros or damages to infrastructure alone. there has been
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a plan floated. it's just an idea at the moment to lead russia partially paid for the reconstruction. it's a very legal, a delicate issue. or they're talking about a 300000000000 euros that has been frozen a russian or research central bank reserves. could they take that money to use for the reconstruction? legal experts are still debating about, and analysts say it's tricky because it would basically overturn the international economic system. other companies like china would be very worried about it, but that's an idea that will be discussed at this meeting in germany as well as is the global impact of the high inflation to high energy costs. a lot on the table certainly is step and members of the european parliament are voting to continue their support of that. i see. see war crimes investigation one more. can you tell us about that? yeah,
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that's interesting. it's basically the largest group of investigative. what i'm 40 investigated by the national criminal court and they have been sent to your crane and this resolution that's basically backed up to be a nation once seated as jurisdiction and fortune. we've just last step bass and they're unfortunately very lab trying in the background to. all right, let's move on plenty more ahead on this new zone including we look at the long term impacts of covered 19 on patients and how they could overwhelm the us health systems. and environmental disaster unfolds in kenya, expanding like supporting tens of thousands from their home. and in for steph curry and the warriors struck past the metric to lambda 1st flow in their playoff theory
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. ah, the number of people in north korea with fever like symptoms has reached nearly 2000000 covered 19 is spreading quickly through the unvaccinated population. they to kim jung own has deployed the military and ordered nationwide lockdown. it's believe the actual number of infections may be higher due to lack of testing, and a reluctance among health workers to report cases. while health officials in the us are wanting that heis is of coven 19, are rising, and could get worse in the coming months. about a 3rd of the population lives in the area is considered at higher risk, with reported cases up 26 percent from last week. people are being owed to wear masks indoors and take more precautions. and us talk to say around one in 10
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covered 19 patients will end up developing the condition known as long covert symptoms are completely understood yet, but it may include fatigue, pain, mental impairment, and heart problems. how do you drink? hester has more from baltimore 5 minutes of play time with a 4 year old son is enough to raise michael clark's heart rate to concerning level . just a little bit. if he decided one day he wants to run away from the a probably can't chase him. what are we going to do? clark is 33 and was an avid runner before he contracted cove it in march 2020. now more than 2 years later, he still feels crippling fatigue and a long list of other symptoms. i'm a fraction of the person that i had hoped to be that i used to be. so we're talking, shortness of breath, rhetoric and chest pains. we're talking chest tightness, we're talking intense, debilitating headaches. this is life with long cove id defined by the world health
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organization as otherwise unexplained post covered symptoms that last for at least 2 months. many people like clark have symptoms that appear to be indefinite. he says he's made lifestyle changes to cope and it's fortunate to have a job that lets him work from home. many others are not as lucky. i've seen personally in my support groups, multiple people that have died by suicide because the symptoms of the long covert experience was just too much to handle. and they couldn't withstand the pain anymore. i think that it's time to shift the focus from cove it as an acute, severe illness that has a mortality rate, which is very important, but also to start paying attention to those millions of people that are living disabled. and that are going to need programs and support from the government from society at large. johns hopkins is among the about 60 hospital in the us with dedicated host covert clinics. medical experts say that is not nearly enough to
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treat the up to 23000000 americans suffering long term symptoms. hello, hello. i have it to clark multiple referrals in months of waiting to be accepted into the johns hopkins clinic. here, he'll get a rehabilitation plan. there's still no cure for long cove id. the novelty of it is something that we have to live with because it is a big known as to what the long term complications are going to be. the u. s. government has launched an effort to study and treat long cove it, but the help can't come soon enough for those who are suffering and wondering if they will ever get better. already. sec, heidi, jo, castro, al jazeera, baltimore, maryland. still in the u. s. and president joe biden has bugged a cold war era low to ease a nation wide shortage of baby formula under the defense production and supplies
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and now require to sandy gradients, used in baby formula to major manufacturers. first by them has also ordered the defense department to use military a craft to import baby note from the face. the shortage stems from a recall by formula mega abbott. in february, after 2 babies died, joint had she's on the board of directors for the mother's milk alliance, the community know, sharing organization. she says women need support and breast feeding and that doesn't work. and other option is donated no. these are short term solutions and short term solutions are necessary to help families that are in crisis right now. i think well for myself and for the organization that i'm a part of mother smoke alliance, which supports facilitated donor milk sharing in our community. and the long term solution also has to be creating sustainable systems for families to be able to have the support they need to establish breastfeeding, to have time to be with their babies, to continue breastfeeding. and then when breastfeeding doesn't work to have safe
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alternatives, including donor milk, and as they supply of baby, our innovation here in madison, wisconsin provides an alternative to formula implementation for some families. so donor milk is an option for families are facing or a shortage of formula for organizations like ours we facilitate sharing in the community. so we can i families to have too much now we're able to donate who are healthy and who's maybe faculty to share their additional milk with families who might not have quite enough to feed their babies. there's also options such as more established formal milk base, which as the human male bay for alliance with north america here in our region. as well as other forms of milk sharing among family and friends who may share breastmilk in order to feed their babies. still, head on al jazeera, we look at some of the political issues facing ukraine as it looks to we build
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a focus on climate why independent candidates east rally in election a place to by the way, with support the moment that caused ranges, breaking the right league final battle coming out with a stream of thunderstorm, went through the british charles, particularly in last night on this cloud. he has been very warm, recently, a good part of western europe. so this cold front has locked attentions back a bit and it was on that line that thunderstorms appeared. attempts i think now if a northern france, low countries in belgium will also come back by about 5 degrees. they're still above normal. it's still quite warmer to say, and the other get showers or thunderstorms is really warm in spain and portugal, and it's going to warm up in much v senior where this cold wind is being displaced
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by increasingly warm sunshine. but it is still cold and rather wet in turkey for the rest of thursday. and the breeze is quite a strong one, answered the jane as well, which will keep temperatures down all the way to the coast of egypt and libya. by friday, the wind is still blowing, but the showers of more less gone away in the sun is doing its work, bringing temperatures back up to either the low twenties or as high as 30 dana that in the side of europe. as i said, although france is cooling, damn spain and portugal are if anything can even be war particularly down and dilute fear where attempts is really are on the high side. and that walks spreads across the plain of europe and said, right down to the balkans and beyond, seville could well hit 40 on friday, not quite a record, but very close. ah, the witness fair, witness? bravery, witness. frida witnessed slavery, witness people, witness power,
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witness and lifetime. witness and our witness. man. witness. bees. witness prejudice. witness. peace, witness. love. witness. ball. witness. the world. witness. next door. witness. life witness. but arduous error. ah. the shake hum. odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e n. ah. oh,
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i tell you what, you know. i'm emily angry. he's a reminder about top stories. reports in israeli media suggests the military doesn't plan to investigate. the fatal shooting of al jazeera journalist, sharina, and the occupied with bankers killing has been widely condemned and cold for an independent investigation. growing. russia says almost 3000 ukrainian fighters had surrendered from me as it was in mary a post. in monday. the red cross says it's registered hundreds of ukrainian fighters from mary a pulse as prisoners of war. and g 7 finance ministers working on a new financial aid package for ukraine. they said to agree to an initial
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$15000000.00 funds to cover immediate expenses. disgusting, the cost of rebuilding the country after the war. let's get more in that rebuilding if it now with to be own becca. he's the director of the stock institute of transition economics. he joins us from stock. com. thanks for being on the program to be on. the damage across to ukraine is widespread with st. images far and wide of that. where do you begin at her foot? the bill? well, i think we will have to consider several sources. so where the money should come from, but the obvious 1st sources into seeing pros and asked us from the russian government and think of war, reparations to, to pay quite the big part of this film. but then of course, this would have to be supplemented by the e. u and bilateral donors, to, to provide quite substantial grants. and then on top of that, we can have some loans from international financial institutions like the i, m, f,
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and world bank, etc. given the level of destruction in some ponds is that potential to completely transform some cities from a blank site? i think that's very much the plan. it's not about 3 building, so get infrastructure or industries, but really to use this as an opportunity to build back better us. we have heard now also in the aftermath of the endemic, and this is certainly going to be an important part of the reconstruction of ukraine. as well, we're putting a cup before the horse though talking about rebuilding and city, which is still fighting a war and crying out for money for weapons and age. well, i mean, it may appear like that, but i think we need towards understand that this is going to be a very long process of rebuilding ukraine. so we better start thinking about that now. so that we are prepared, and we start to move in, in the regions at the time when, when there is an opportunity to do this,
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it will likely require, you know, several stages of rebuilding the country. and again, we need to start talking about it and making the plans now, so we can actually more quickly move in and start the reconstruction of the crane. and if you compare with the marshall plan after the 2nd world war, it took several years before that was put in place. i think now we have an opportunity to be better prepared for helping you train when the fighting is over to be on what are some of the underlying political issues which make the rebuilding of any city difficult. you know, and you've got the life of corruption and relationships of the you and the like. well, i think we all understand that this is going to be enormous amounts of money and infrastructure that needs to be constructed. so in all of these processes, we need to be extremely careful about procurement processes, transparency, accountability, all of the things. and i think this is also
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a very good opportunity for the e. u and ukraine to strengthen its ties. but by linking the rebuilding process to a lot of the reforms that will be needed when, when ukraine wants to join the you. so, i mean with that institutional framework in mind, i think, you know, this process should really be focused on, on linking into the bigger reconstruction about the institution sent society at large. and this you integration process and sort of not just one building at the time at what should ukraine do to attract foreign investment going forward? well, i think exact that this having a good, incredible institutional framework. you know, the regular things like, like rule of law and the good good system to dealing with permits and all sorts of things. tax payments, things that ukraine already had has made good progress on. but i think that in
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a situation like this, we may also need to think about some sort of security guarantee through insurance that is provided by, by external institutions to make it less risky for, for private companies to move into crane at an earlier stage. well, we really appreciate your insights on this issue to be owned becca, the director of the stock institute of transition economics. thanks for your time on this news. our thank you. moving on now. and doctors are concerned by a rare infection being found in people, which is usually spread by wild animals in africa. monkey punks has infected an american man has recently been in canada. the disease has also been discovered in britain, spain, and portugal. the world health organization says it's working with health authorities in europe and north america. okay, let's bring in and bar at yahoo is a senior clinical lecture at university of x,
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the to exeter medical school. he joins us from the english city of bath. thanks for being on this program by rap festival. how can you catch monkey pugs and what are the symptom? so the letter was for monkey folks, we don't know, but we think it is mostly rogan meaning grass, and it may also be monkeys. so there are 2 ways of catching it, one by handling those infected infectious animals. and the 2nd. so that's what we call a notice animals to humans. and the other way of catching it without a doubt. and that's been happening in the united kingdom, is person to person spread. so one person who is infected and infectious boxes, it on to others. and in the united kingdom we found it as a cluster among men who have sex with men. so, so that's a cluster that we've identified in the united kingdom elsewhere. i don't know what
1:40 pm
the pattern these for transmission between human. so it's typically called impacts of africa, which we mentioned at the top of the program. so what do you put these infections being in the us and europe down to well, obviously been a point source from either central west africa where one or 2 infected people have then traveled to other parts of the world. and then the other people in europe and the united states, canada have then been in contact with that infectious per person and then possibly don't to other people. so with the panoramic still fresh in everyone's mind, i guess we all want to know is it likely that monkey folks will spread significantly and cannot be ruled out? know the mode of transmission of monkey box, luckily, is not as widespread, but is aerosol. facade,
1:41 pm
the pandemic that we've just been dealing with. whereas the monkey blocks, the motor transmission is bodily fluids, cross personal contact, contaminated bending, or handling those infected animals. so that mode of transmission is not going to create widespread outbreaks for them all. what we also have in our, our momentum is that the old vaccine vaccine that we use again, small box is very effective against monkey box too. i think what we're seeing is that a infected person has come from west africa, central africa to europe, created a few cases, and i hope that it will die down just as quickly. indeed we all day. thank you very much for breaking down for us. far out on con. yeah, the senior clinical lecture at the university of exeter medical school. thanks for your time. thank you. to be flooding and ne, india has forced half a 1000000 people to flee their homes. hundreds of villages have been effected by
1:42 pm
the unusually heavy rains. at least 7 people were killed in awesome stains. farmers in the region say they've lost most of their crops. and officials, a warning conditions could get worse in the next few days. but bring in putney mitchell who is live for us in go ha, t in east in india. have me. what's the latest on the rescue efforts? and how tough is it for people to get those essentials, such as food and fuel? you know, as you can see, it's rating over here right now and has pretty much been the same for the last few days. and situation has actually become worse recently. and the predictions all that very heavy rains could continue well into the weekend of the state is on what is called red alert. now, as far as the human toll is concerned, you know, the official number, the latest number is 9. there are many people missing housings of people are
1:43 pm
stranded, at least 50000 have been up put in relief. scant that is from of the government and rescue operations are on the air force has been deployed to air drop supplies. what's been really challenging is, as you can see, the wind of the big concern is that the river, the main drive over here, the problem with sort of a, which is one of the longest rivers in the world. in fact, that's why we are standing on the banks of that river is flowing above the danger marked in many of these places. and so the concern is that as the rains become heavier, those that situation could also get out of control. no, what is really challenging, the relief efforts is the fact that key roads and keyed railway lines have been completely blocked off because of landslides. and so it's been difficult to get people out. those areas have been completely cut off. and also these are important links to other parts of the larger northeast region. so housings of people in
1:44 pm
neighboring states have been affected because of that. some states have started rationing fuel to make sure they don't run out because the government says it will take at least $45.00 days to get that re edwin lines restored. but it does expect to get the roads up and running over the next few days. all right, have any we've just run out of time unfortunately, so we'll have to leave it there. have me me to live for us in google hottie in easton, india. thank you. climate change has become a central fame ahead of elections in australia this weekend. the country is experiencing more frequent, extreme weather events, and scientists, one that could be, could become uninsurable by 2037 o'clock reports from sidney. ah, she's one of the new ways of female independence targeting seats held by strategies ruling coalition party, frustrated by the 2 party style life on climate change. the journalist turned
1:45 pm
politician says people voting in the election this weekend was pulsing back by science and immediate action. i think there isn't that many of the independence that focus on climate issues because that's what be trailing paper want. i want faster, more focus, take nomic action on climate policy, and i haven't got it astride who is one of the highest emissions of greenhouse gases in the world per capita. and is the 2nd largest export of coal. it's also one of the nation's most at risk from climate change. a scientific study warns a strategy will become uninsurable by the end of this decade. unless emissions addresses only reduced flooding was the most common rift followed by bush fires. climate change is already hitting many australian communities, very hard. one area we find this is it's becoming harder the people to ensure their homes. some recent research we did showed that by 2031 and 25 strangely and properties could be effectively uninsurable,
1:46 pm
higher than average temperatures have again caused severe bleaching in parts of the great barrier reef. next month, unesco will assess whether the struggling government has done enough to address the threats to the coral with the world heritage committee considering lifting it as in danger. now the great barrier reef has just experienced its 6 mass reaching avenge due to marine. he been exacerbated by climate change. that's disappointing because the current administration is not taking this seriously. the government and the opposition have committed to a 0 net emission target by 2050. both major parties continue to support fossil fuels. with more than $100.00 new coal and gas projects on the government official register. climate scientists say they policies full short of what's needed to limit warming to below 2 degree. the largest vote. a survey in australia found that at least one 3rd of people consider climate change as the most important issue in the
1:47 pm
selection. and what action to reduce emissions by 2030. but some cold towns lie in swing constituencies and it's those electrons that a key to winning a selection. sir clark al jazeera sydney, australia. a rescue crew in indonesia has free to ferry that had been stuck in shallow waters for 2 days. with 800 people on board, the boat had hit a submerged island moraine accidents, a common in indonesia and archipelago of more than 17000 islands. people rely on boats to travel despite poor safety. standard. asian markets have posted losses hours after wall street suffered one of its worst falls in the last 2 years. stocks have been tumbling on fees of arising inflation, the war in ukraine and supply chain problems. your pay markets are also down earlier will straight hat was rational by inflation fees still ahead on al jazeera,
1:48 pm
frank said, fan, celebrates de historic. you wrote the late when jemma will have the best to be actually coming up next ins, folks ah, [000:00:00;00]
1:49 pm
with with mm. whole, hulu. ah, ah, i never thought his tamma. thank you, emily. i tracked frankfurt the new your rifle leak champions off to eating ranges and a penalty shootouts in the final. it was a hot for matches, developed by team sued, waited decades to add another european trophy to that cabinets tronic azure of
1:50 pm
scout reports. and this was one of the greatest nights in my truck. frank boots, 123 year history. and after more than 4 decades, going without european trophy, it came down to one shot to build rafael bora clenching on track. frank puts, when of arranges and with it, he wrote police title every touch. this penalty was on. it was on the hottest day of the year. so paul, in sybil, thousands of scottish and german fans packed the stadium. what many were calling a once in a lifetime match with thousands more having arrived in the spanish city without to ticket ranges, went head to the 2nd hall through jo, a re, bozeman, but 12 minutes later bori equalized silencing the majority. scottish crowned with 2 minutes left an extra time ranges should have won it. frank puts keep a cabin tramp, living up to his name when it came to ryan,
1:51 pm
hence the shot. and so it was on to penalties. welsh international aaron ramsey had been substituted on 3 minutes before rob said. but that may prove decisive. heavy as boys lost at home, the last penalty to secure a fight for shoot out when it also means that the team that finished 11th in the buddhist leeker, $35.00 points behind champions by munich will be playing and next use champions league. if the bonus eager converted over this is also always a bit behind. and now we wanted to show them a little personal. so a lot of law of can be a possible and we did the biggest things to be posted on already. elbow is, was some linda, a finger we shouldered, also that one of the german, tim can come there when something disparage a panel off to coming so close. they would take from ranges, fans with support from ramsey's teammates,
1:52 pm
following that penalty message with robbins and position. but it's been pro rural, rounded. i will, i'll call the neck problems you stretchable to building malicious. this is for voluminous newton. ha, ha ha. at the end of this day, it's frank that who take the trophy back to germany where it will sit alongside the way for cop. they won back in 1982 and it has raska algebra ah, for the 10s of thousands of frankfurt fans that couldn't be in spain for that game . the next best thing was to watch it all unfolded at team stadium in the janice city. the forty's singing songs and lighting flat to celebrate the win faith as former head of women's football says, the usa is agreement on equal pay and equal prize money between the men's and women's teams could have far reaching consequences on other national teams. but tatiana hetty, he's now in charge of women's football in switzerland,
1:53 pm
also told algebra that the sport continues to struggle across the world from lack of finances. it's probably a very nice signal that it's the, the us seen one of the best women, even of all the p, my president. that was the 1st association and nation to do that. i'm very happy to see that the president, by the time announced a doubling price money for, for next year, for it to be no straight. and even actually i don't think that they know women football, lack money in all aspects, not equal pay for the player. not to equal prize money for the stations or, or, or the other players. it's access to infrastructure. it's a professional environment for young talent. it's, you know, the club structure and the team access to medical treatment. so you name it, it's all areas need, need, improvement. and so what it really means if you do that as an application or as you are stuck out, or hopefully find a very new future, you send out the message, you know,
1:54 pm
women's football is struggling worldwide. there's only maybe 5068 year old. why? who take women's football? probably seriously. so if you do that, if you announce equal pay, then that's a message to all the stations or why and then triggers down to the regional association to club and so on. and even for media commercial partner, you send out that message that women's football, syria is professional, it's attractive is for which has a huge growth potential. so that message to change the culture change, the perfection is really what makes the big, big difference. in the n b, a playoff at steph curry and the golden state warriors landed the 1st blow in the western conference finals again. the dallas mavericks. it wasn't just charisse basketball skills that were entertaining the crowd. speaking of skills, his teammates, dray mon green, put off an incredible block, and he looked pretty fight up afterwards. definitely was another look. very
1:55 pm
impressive indeed. curry top scored with 21 point. he was one of 7 warriors place to school in double figures. and he couldn't resist showing off the dance needs again, golden state then with an emphatic 112 to 87 when to remain undefeated at home. in this post season came to the best of 7 series is a friday. the more money to keep maverick stoutly don kitch relatively quiet. he finished with 20 points, his lowest scoring game of the play so far they were doing a good job on me, especially in the 2nd half. but i think i got, i got a bit better on me and there's a little, you know, i gotta, i gotta be better for the whole group. dont' is as difficult to cover as the rigs in this leak. and now we just asked wiggs to, you know, to try to hound them and guard him as best as he could stay in front and try to keep the pressure on him. and he did. he did
1:56 pm
a fantastic job. carolina hurricanes has taken one nothing lead in that n h l file series with the new york rangers in coles coordinate a time for the t one. when while calgary and matthew could truck go to hat trick is the flames. the beat, the edmonton oilers, $96.00 in the battle of alpha jordan speith is showing up a korea grand slam of the pga championship, which tease off in just over an hour. if he's lifting the trophy on sunday, the american would become the sick man in history when each of golf form ages, tiger woods is one of those 5 to have already done it. space will be playing alongside him and roy mccoy for the 1st rounds, and he's going to make the most of it trying to get your eye. and i think you got to embrace it and have fun. and, and, you know, recognize, these are the kind of pairings you get to get to tell my, my kid about some day, you know, so i got to play with tiger and a major and i've done it before and you know,
1:57 pm
last year you weren't sure if that was ever going to happen again. so i know it's obviously great for golf, but selfishly, it's pretty exciting to be able to play these events growing up with the guy that you idolize that. so he has fought for now. i'll have more elizabeth later. emily. thank you very much, jim. and for me, emily anguish for this news. our, this does, the k is that mix i with more of the days they with the what was the know that on the fish, i don't need to be here with you to look at me when you put them to me. i just need you to whom and ya today and we're going to give you what we said as well. they didn't put
1:58 pm
me in. i'm a lot of money out of the book is to see me. yeah. you know you're the one. i don't want me shooting off the edge of the to ah
1:59 pm
frank assessments. what are the political risks of panic? russian oil, a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports. possibly for such an informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jedi, still resumed media. they're going to be acting from leisure and from char critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera african stories of resilience and parish. i get younger the and i right, well enough aware been one of us is one of them. a little boy, them kind of tradition and dedication to them. it was out a little more global buffet of clinical you another short documentary, sty, african filmmakers on the white 9 and the book make it africa direct on al jazeera, weavers,
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drying out greasing. land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife for migration have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this, canyon needs more money for conservation. and with the koran of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake. revenue from torrison isn't enough. here at the i was selling national park and i knew all ceremony has been launched the hall parishioner than individuals pay 5000 years dollars to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. lou israel's military confirms is not opening in a criminal investigation into the killing of sharina oblong


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