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tv   101 East Australias Heart Failure  Al Jazeera  May 20, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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situation in you great or her, but i know i had to noise can those the way that their ship works, but they can use in route to do this because like my son will be here, wait in the in danger. it's not just the festival banning some russian related project. some film companies have pulled titles starting russian actors act as you've clearly spoken out against the war. the question is if culture is about building bridges, said all of them be bud. charlie angela al jazeera. could you move for you any time on our website address for that is al jazeera dot com ah, the top stories on how to 0 more than a week. cultural colleague sharing a berkeley was killed by israeli forces in the occupied westbank. new video is
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a cooperating eye witness accounts out his area has obtained footage showing the last moments before she was killed wise, ready forces. it also shows there were no clashes at the time and that the foreign came from the position where israel patrols was stationed. oh, people are seen fleeing to the other side of the street towards the area where he's really officials originally claimed the shooting came from good. oh wow. it's really military says it's not opening a criminal investigation into the killing of sharina berkeley members of the international community have condemned to killing and continue to call for a transparent investigation. that's it for me, for the moment to one or one east is up next. the 1st will leave you with sharon
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abruptly the voice of pastime. mm. oh, a from with a, [000:00:00;00] with
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a shooting avita. fearlessly outside of the conflict from ukraine. how concerned should we be about this on to build up? we bring the store reason, different ones that are rapidly changing the world we live in the want become roches new dollar, or is it becoming rushes new door? counting the coast on al jazeera ah, in a remote aboriginal community in australia, north young women and die. ah, we stand back and watch children time after time again, year after year,
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decade after decade, having still having the same end result which is dying far too young romantic heart disease isn't easily preventable. health condition that all but disappeared from the rest of the country decades ago. i'm tired of burying my people. i'm a car, a cocky bearing young people. now families are speaking out, revealing how they're seriously loved ones were treated in their final days, turned away from hospitals and given inadequate care. they, they will care. we'd feel like they treat us like animals. one or one east investigates how a deadly heart disease is killing young women in remote australian community and
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ask why they didn't receive the help they desperately needed. lou lou. ready too much each cemetery and remote northwest queensland is full of the graves of children and young people. ah. ready duty is one of many remote aboriginal communities that have been blighted by rheumatic heart disease, which is all but eliminated in the rest of australia. romantic heart disease is the damage to the heart valves or doors, from a condition called rheumatic fever. so rheumatic fever starts with a simple skin or throat infections. so this is what we call school sause,
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or so frights and if left untreated. and if the child has repeated episodes of skin souls or sore throats caused by a germ group a strap, than in bleats and inflammation of the body called rheumatic fever. and if that is left unchecked, then he permanently damages the heart valves. once you m damage to the high wells, then that can lead to heart failure, stroke and premature death. move back in the 19 forties and fifties in australia, hospitals. the main reason a children's hospital bed was occupied was cause of romantic favor. so was that common during the 2nd half of the 20th century, it really started vanishing in most of our population, largely because we had much better economic development. we had better housing. we've been in medical services, what we since discovered us, that there are populations in this country that weren't benefiting from economic
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development and in particular the aboriginal and torres strait islander population . and we unfortunately found in the eighty's and ninety's and continuing to this day world record rights in our aboriginal and torres strait islander population. ah, one of the most disturbing things about romantic favor is that while it's virtually unheard of in white australia, it's actually increasing in the indigenous population from 67 to 81 cases in 800000 people. but that's nothing compared to duma g. a screening of the children here in july 2019 found 4400 cases in 800000 people. dr. bo remain. he is a pediatric cardiologist. she spent her 1st year as
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a doctor at duma g where she was shocked to see young people dine from romantic heart disease that you can see your heart pumping and squeezing all the blood around your body from death moment on. i had this desire to become a pediatric cardiologist, to specifically to stop young children dying from a preventable disease were medical disease. would you like to hear your heart beating? yes. okay. if you put this in your yeah, and you can have a little listen and put that on your heart. good job. i am one of dr. boy's sister patients. when she started out in duma g was a baby called effect booth. every one called her betty b e 2001. i used to see betty almost on weekly basis. she was a young girl who was born slightly prematurely. and because of that,
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she had frequent presentations to the hospital. betty booth was a much loved member of her family and her community. she was really, really happy little girl could to talk till she really loved talking stories, you know, sitting orders. it was dr. bon, who diagnosed beaty with romantic heart disease in 2019 and i hadn't seen her since. she was one year old baby was very unfortunate in a way that i was so excited to see this family. but after doing to hearts can be very quickly realised that betty had very severe romantic heart disease. ah, doctor boys, tame left detailed instructions for betty's care and dirty hospital was advised of
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her diagnosis or betty was supposed to be booked dean for urgent. heartfelt surgery. she was meant to be reviewed weekly. nate of these things happened ah. 4 days after her diagnosis at 11 p. m. betty both came here to do manji hospital with a terrible cough. it was the 1st of her 12 presentations to the emergency department with things like difficulty breathing, an abnormally high heart rate, fever and coughing up blood. she was given panel and on one occasion, antibiotics. but there was no record in her notes at the time that she had a serious and life threatening illness and required urgent hot surgery. how many tom can you present to the clinic with the same symptoms progressing symptoms? coughing up, blood short of breath,
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they take out it. and each time the outcome is not different. ah, on some of these visits in the middle of the night, staff didn't record basic vital signs, observations. and sometimes betty was handed pan at all through a security grade and sent home betty's cousin clinton book and his wife. marilyn was staying with bases family when the teenager became desperately ill in september 2019 she was struggling to break the law. she had a shower and this is to paula. so kept it up clinic hospital. but you know like all this part of her face, it was swollen. m swelling can be a warning sign that it were medic,
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hot disease patient is in serious trouble. this was betty's 11th visit to duma g hospital in under 2 months. oh, so she took her up again to the hospital. what did they do? i came here, a parent all sent home if cellar back home noon a day later on the morning of monday, september 23, winnie and terrence george were out on the veranda when betty came around their daughters. she care was betty's best friend ah, who's fucking a but puffin. the price is she was like, she was breathless talking to me in town. and i told her, you look for well, you better go to the hospital. ah,
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at the hospital that afternoon there was still no alert on its online system to show betty had severe rheumatic heart disease and required urgent surgery several hours after betty arrived, struggling to breathe, staff finally decided she should fly out. but she was categorized low dependency, meaning her case wasn't urgent. a claim was ordered from townsville 850 kilometers away. instead of the closest regional hospital mount isaac. ah, dallas dead. this is like white not sob. i wanted to go in and see you on hold. let me go in even to nurse for dr.
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ah, just over an hour later betty was date. ah, the pine that had been ordered to fly her out, landed almost 2 hours to light. ah! it broke lot about hook still today talking about a little like total, but this is going to help her biggest what they did. did they just gonna keep killing people gonna keep killing them and get away with it the next time dr. bye remain ye visited. do mcgee, was the biddy booth funeral,
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or to see betty, who was a young, enthusiastic, caring, compassionate, young woman with a bright future. to see her in a coffin, devastating. i felt angry. i felt angry at him 20 years. nothing had changed. i became a pediatric cardiologist because i wanted to stop young woman specifically dying from romantic heart disease. and i felt and when i was diagnosed, betty was for medics of how disease i felt really positive or felt like i could change her trajectory of her life. now, singer in a coffin, 3 months later, less than 3 months later,
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and i felt i felt responsible. ah, after betty's death, the community marched to the hospital in anger. i wouldn't want that to happen to the next little i wondered who saw blood duck gonna let him know we are we are you know, we are human range. mm. mm hm. 10 back and watch children. time after time again, year after year, decade after decade, having still having the same end result which is dying far too young. mm hm. queensland health promised another review. it was completed in march 2020, and found clinical risk and poor clinical governance,
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low expectations to aboriginal patients, health and an unwelcoming hospital environment where staff had limited understanding of romantic heart disease. they dental care we'd feel like they treat us like animals. it's racism, it, there is no other words for that and eat, eat is racism, the crates, this division and one group of people thinking potentially that they but better. another lou, the town of timothy, was established as a christian mission in the 19th thirty's. it was run by paternalistic brethren. missionaries and the disciples watched. they wondered what jesus was going to do. these 5 year olds at the table. aborigines ago, i constantly reminded that jeans,
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let them do the job. but jesus was going to wash their plate when the missionaries moved away in the 1980s they left behind a community in extreme poverty. that hasn't changed. we were families all living in 3 bedroom homes which you know, a certainly not adequate to house that many people do have people sleeping outside on the verandas or people are intense. all these people use the same facilities, the same toilet the same, the same wash bowl, the same showers. so therefore, if there's an infection in the house,
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it's kind of spread amongst the family. there are massive issues with what we call health hardware, just the basics of, of a, of a working fridge of a waking shower or flushing toilet off of having access to a washing machine that many evers, no communities, many average, no households don't even have those basics with governments have been promising for years to solve these problems and draw a line in the sand to say to day is a day that we focus on that journey is important in the federal government, has committed to eradicating romantic heart disease in aboriginal australia by 2030 ah, a report commissioned by the government predicted it would cost $4300000000.00,
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mostly to replace poor housing at the money largely hasn't materialized except for $35000000.00 for development of a vaccine. plus $25000000.00 for a register of patience. so frustrating thing is that we have a commitment to doing something serious about remedy, heart disease and all the elements in place to control it. yet the funding has remained absolutely static. ah 17 year old shaqueta george must her best friend betty booth to the disease she kaya had rheumatic heart disease to her. she was really special and she was full of life. she had the smile that could just light up a room or she came,
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it was diagnosed when she was 8. she twice had open heart surgery before she go to sleep, would listen to the ticket hot with no. oh i would tell her him how special she was to have that little tick inside of. so the little tickle of the artificial bell would be to ah, she kaya had become seriously ill while travelling in the northern territory. she was admitted to alice springs hospital where her note shows she k, a was breathless, had fever, chills, a cough, and was vomiting. tastes showed, she had damaged hot valves, and swelling in the lungs. she was bold swollen in her body. her legs were starting to swallow, studying
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a breathless sort of breadth despite having been in hot failure for weeks she kaya was discharged from alice springs hospital to drive to duma g. with a letter saying she needed to see a cardiologist. but on the way she fell ill again and was admitted to tenant creek hospital. once again, she was discharged and i was like okay, should they fly at adelaide straight away? or i can know they are releasing either we can so we can drive her back to norma g m. i was callo, but considered like, but shocked by the time she came, arrived at duke energy, she was gravely ill on the fraud and not to get a phone call from when he saying, you know, she case re sick. she's not, well, we're gone to the hospital and they just sent us home with paneled,
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all noisy history and records at damaging home at the hospital around how she carries what her records are, what she needs. ah, the family gave up on dorothy hospital and dr. 100 kilometers to a clinic at berg town. mm. from there she k, it was flying to mount ais, a hospital, and then on to townsville. at townsville hospital, she waited for 8 days to fly to brisbin, where she could have surgery. ah, who is sexy and megan enough to steal oxy limit time? dustin playing comes in it took maybe a week or 2. yeah. and then we just kept on begging them. they keep on ringing and saying they were saying the plane was sales were applying.
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mm. by the time she got to prison, she had been in almost 6 different hospitals. in alice springs, tenant creek damaging clinic in burke town, melissa counsel, now brisbin and, and this whole time, the whole period she'd been in heart failure. so i got to she care literally the night before she went in for a surgery. ah, it was the last conversation i had with a told her that she was gonna be safe and she is going to be okay. and the spirits would be with the said it was gonna be okay, the doctor, i old homely she's only going in and coming out as well as head, but it wasn't like a aah! after surgery,
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chicago went into multiple organ failure. sandra den. everything has failed at kidneys. oliva lunch was huh. got dish bring was did dental chicago hers was really big. it was is really be hot. she had so much blood to give. oh, on the 12th of september 2020. the family said they could buys the lots to put machine was switched off. she care died 3 months shy of her 18th birthday.
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ah, the system failed system feldwood. and if i don't speak to her now and i don't tell the story is going to fail. somebody else again, really su. ah, the queensland coroner announced an inquest into the depths of the women. ah, queensland health minister, yvette daf said in a statement, the women's deaths were tragic and clearly the patience have been badly laid down. sir. she says she expects any allegations about the standard of care at duma g
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hospital to be investigated. ah biddy booths, sister denise visits the grave yard every day. she was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease the same day as betty. she's 19 slave. we miss her. along with her, while the man soon half smiled, that full live we not asking for something fancy, be not asking for something magic we asking for delivery of the health solutions
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that have been 9 to mainstream australia for over 50 years. and i'm curious, bella, have all fear, jack, fellow, helping us by killing us? dead. okay, read us. a dog extended their deb care of betty would have been still here. she k, a would have been still here. ah ah, from the front lines al jazeera correspondence continue to report every angle of the war grade we've been given access to this special unit, making sure there's no threats behind those front lights, there is almost nic complete destruct said fighting back a russian at full holding background forces, the scale of destruction is just now being it'll be, as we arrive at mc elias,
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there is panic. a russian war played is suspected of being close by. stay with al jazeera, for the latest developments. how and why did it become so obsessed? with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold the corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're gonna rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing? what we're talking about, why american today, your weekly take on us politics and society, that's the bottom line. oh, short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. ah, ah,
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al jazeera selects, the heart wrenching good buys, loved ones, not knowing when they will unite again. women and children heading west to relative safety, often leaving men behind among them. foreigners also trying to give out train rise of a free, but it's on a 1st come, 1st serve basis here at the bus station. there's only a few rides available and that's only to the surrounding villages. so people like for me in rose, now need to find another way to get out of the city. but for now they, like many others, would have to reach in hope, hoping tomorrow is a better day. ah, new video emerges of the moments before al jazeera journalist sharina locklear was


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