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tv   Africa Direct On The White Nile The Bookmaker  Al Jazeera  May 20, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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gas and it would be tying ministers in berlin to fossil fuels for another 20 years at a time when they've been aiming to become carbon neutral. oh, everyone knows that russian gas is way cheaper than l. n. g gas from wherever in the world. so therefore, the price issue will definitely come and this is a minus for politicians to tell. they're probably okay, you need to pay more actually for a year for your energy. but then of course, the, the dependency on fossil plus, the human rights aspect will be a huge burden for, for minister hubig. when the amier of castle meets government leaders here on friday, they will doubtless be expressions of friendship. but behind the scenes, there will be some serious discussion with a few difficult questions to be answered. dominant cane al jazeera berlin. ah,
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this is al jazeera, these at the top stories al jazeera is obtained new footage, showing. there were no clashes at the time. veteran journalist sharina barclay was killed by israeli forces in the occupied west bank. it also shows the firing came from the position for is rarely patrols was stationed. is very mellow to says it's not opening a criminal investigation into sharon's death. it says aids identified a soldier's rifle which may have killed her, but it says it cannot be sure unless the palestinians turn over the bullet for analysis. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski says don bass has become hell as russian forces intensify that offensive their villages and cities across the eastern region are being shelled with at least 12 people being killed in the city of several dom yeske. those are the headlines. more details, of course, on the website out 0 dot com and we'll have more news and on 20 after africa direct,
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shooting abuto to live outside of the conflict from ukraine. how concerned should we be about resolved to build on? we bring the store reason, given as much that are rapidly changing the world. we live in the want become roches new dollar, or is it becoming rushes new door? counting the coast on al jazeera. ah, a ah,
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at the nitro, your little emma, to, to me again, you to be able to what i know about all the pneumonia. i'll tell him about it as a rule. come over doesn't come at the gum unit, the unit, a helium, of that one either. so that means that, you know, we know that you get it because you aguaro nam lee. i'm mister. nun don't let it go away. am indifferent to go in a 2 year or diane at laguna ah, ah, i'm vicious, ah, artis tree adventure. a short documentary,
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spry african filmmakers from beneath kenya and algeria finley, alan minium village throttle point. this is when we get to let our hair down
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and the cane africa direct on al jazeera ah. with mm. hole in each and every one of us is about to responsibility. to change our personal space for a we could do this experiment and if by diversity could increase just a little bit and that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet who is incredibly rest women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly year in getting these people begun to collect a extremely important service they provide to the city.
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i mean, we need to take america to trying to bring people together and trying to deal with people who can left behind. oh for over a century, american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countless young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from in a 3 part series, full plunge investigates, a massive scandal that rock the united states scoutmaster parked one on


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