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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 20, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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those the world cut in cutter, and we won't. we are ready to welcome the german or fans in our country, the german fans ass around 600000 or tickets to attend the world cocker. we have the moon bilateral ranks and we have other competition in the field of foreign policies regarding supporting different partners to reach her lasting and comprehensive solutions. we appreciate the germ men in their role in the piece talk sir. sponsored backups are in afghanistan and chad. we discussed the efforts of tougher inner galveston and the evacuation of thousands to so many destination as we agree. there. there are a lot of challenges that we need to face with the international committee in order to pay the way for a good standard of living for the afghan people. we are very proud and happy to
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evac you wait 1000 germans in from campbell and we thank those also who have cooperated with germany. we discussed the international developments to sort out the problems with iran regarding the nuclear program. this is the role of gutter that has been all was played and the richer thank you very much for welcoming and for having me here. nissan will i me a question to his high and this is your highness, following your visit to iran, where you discuss the and nuclear program, what are the latest developments in this connection? but secondly, after the a category mediation and working with the federally country in europe and the states. yes, we spoke to her during the visit about the importance of her having an agreement
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between iran and the repeal countries and the rather states in order to sort out this matter in a peaceful way. we're all was optimistic her normally in this dialogue in this regard. but we are not mediators, we are not official mediators, but we always want to sort out pros, in a very peaceful way. we hope our solution will be reached. this is the policy of cut all was lou believe insulting our, the discipline in a peaceful way. we in the gulf region with iran. we must have dialogue with all other pods and all that to sort out all the problems between countries. we hope an agreement will be reached very soon between all parties and in the us asset pattern . officially, we are ready to help and we are ready to mediate, to put an end to this dispute. and pardon, as an e last am or an got sent to his highness scuttle is
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a small country, but is a very important player on the do political a domain. they're all so when it comes to gas cutter is playing an important role. how did you find such an ambition, panama? from that i did not it. oh, he the 1st part of the question, would you please repeat the 1st part of the question? perfect. m. i is a smart hunting but a big player regarding to your politics as for it's an investment and now with her and gas deal, you will be even more powerful. what is your goal? what drives you? first of all, i am speaking about sport. there's a big passion about sports in my country, whether to a sports, jaws or esteem, or also as organizing big events. this is
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a passion that we have. it's something that we've been doing for many, many years. and we're very proud that we're going to be hosting the world cup in, in november gas with we've been investing for many years in ellen. g said that he got a buck hour though, and national never got a beer ahead. that rate be at the, at those the i at in november gas we've been, we've been investing for many years in ellen g and we're, we're very proud to hopefully the expansion will be there's a gas expansion that will be ready hopefully by 2026, we understand now the energy security is very important and gas fuller is playing a very vital role. and it's going to be very important for the transition period as well. so this is an investment that is very important to us and we're looking forward as well. that especially in the gas sector that term to explore new
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markets. europe is a very interesting market and we discussed this was the chancellors well this morning and how to develop this relationship? or i would say with the, we understand that the, the energy crisis has been there for a while. it was, it's not even deeper after the war in europe, but it was also before the war in europe. so we're very happy that, you know, very proud that we could also contribute, understand unity of the energy market. so ali there will tell masha de la to must charquetta, must stackable allocated, and we said the relations between germany and cutter are very good. their relations are developing and we have a lot of domains to work and to support and do agrees. we spoke about the co operation in order to overcome the problems in the region, the afghani
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a matter. we have talked about it and it's quite important to work together very closely in order to achieve and the future will prove this. we are quite connected when it comes to economy and it's not because of the current situation and because of their a gas impulse, also the inputs and exports from both countries are increasing. and this is an expression about the good relations between our, both hunters. we need to continue this and we need to improve this. when it comes to the energy, it's an important matter for us. so germany wants to improve its infrastructure in order to a have a gas, the pipes and the 2 world import gas that went through ships and casa, is playing this big role in our strategy. also,
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we understood that this matter is not related to germany to canada. there are so many countries that are not on the coastal road. and there are other northern c to sports and they need to be supported and cooper can play a role in this regard. this is what a potent would talk about in, not actually from the us as long as if it's ron tractor with iran. and we hope that that we can have an agreement to be put on the table of negotiations to be accepted by all the parties are concerned in old, their due weight, not to waste this chance, sir. after she was a financier, deborah, an elephant anxiety to enforce. lacking the fits up to season and witnesses and he moved. he kept erect by your highness. is there a certain quantity to export the energy?
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when it comes to the world cup, you said that you wanted to welcome the german fans in cutter. what about the german? a gazer to do think the must i stay in germany, german guests? or do they have to stay home? and i shall certainly a discrepancy that agreement. afghanistan, foreigners get to open katara, motor fish, hulu mentions candy deutsch lunch. let me ask 1st, your 1st porter, your technical question about the quantities of energy. we have said that the quantities will be doubled between 2023 to 2027. what the quantities will be doubled. this is a very technical matter and another expert to give you the full answer you 1st in every 20262027. so these technical issues are, i said they're very technical. i'm of the best expert in answering this question.
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but whatever we can provide for energy security in europe, even during this period, we will make sure that we can provide the other question and person everybody's welcome and off. we do not stop anybody from coming to have with any different backgrounds, any different belief. katara is a very welcoming country. we have millions of people that come and visit our country. and the world cup is a great opportunity for people from different parts of the world to come and experience our culture. and we will not stop anybody from coming visiting, enjoying the football. but i want also everybody to come and understand, enjoy also the contract she different cultures as well. we all live in one planet. but each of us have different cultures. we will come everybody, but also we expect and we want people to respect our culture. so this is my answer
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going to be for you because we're very good and he will go to cut that to celebrate with the teams. and when it comes to human rights, we will discuss these matters. we haven't done this before and today when it comes to the laborers. right, sir. a lot of changes has been entered in this connection. love of a legal relations have been inserted in order to boost the relations between the owners of the businesses and the labors. and i know there is always a good chance to improve is always a good rule to improve. and we can not forget the very great her efforts that have taken me to politics. first of all, my id attitude to defend the rights of the labors. we have a lot of consultations and discussions,
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and this is part of our schedule visit today on mentioned to perform as far as on tire, could play his on dividend under haven't and thus got to cancel. okay, thank you very much with this joining us. so we've been listening to the german chance that we'll have salts who was hosting cousins a near sites mean been hammered out, honey in been in just getting a press conference that to the media. jamie has that heather has, of course, been looking to cast off alternatives tail russian energy and the german chancellor saying that cats are, will play at central role in our strategy of diversifying away from russian gas. we're just looking at the latest pictures there of that press conference. let's go to dominic cane in berlin. you've been listening into that press conference. what stood out for you. what stood out there
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is there is no question that both sides are very keen to carry on discussing with each other. this idea of category liquid, natural gas being part of the solution to germany's problems. remembering that germany wants to get itself off to when itself, off russian fossil fuels as quickly as possible. and so it's pretty clear from the german government that's all they want to do. they see a potential deal with keta as helping them to do that. but there are some serious sticking points where the potential deal with kat are 3 points that stand out. and we didn't hear those points being addressed in what we just heard from both sides. there. expressions of interest of intent, of solidarity friendship, but no really clear detail about what exactly a deal between these 2 countries. for ela and gene delivery would entail. and there it wasn't as entity that they were talking about. they talked about
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a number of other things, including at human rights, or what did you make the, the comments on that one of the things that the viewers needs to have in mind when they consider meetings between the emi or of cutter and the german chancellor. is the geopolitical element. so obviously we heard about gas, the human rights angle here in germany. there is a loud, a vociferous body which looks at the state of qatar and has concerns about human rights, particularly as we heard. and some of the questions quite pointed questions to both speakers there about the situation for particular minorities and society were they to travel to casso. so we heard from the amir of cats are quite clearly that all are welcome in casso, but he hopes that that different cultures would come together,
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but there would be respect for cattery culture from the german perspective. clearly, human rights is a very central plank of policy, as it were, particularly for this chance or a social democrat chancellor. so it is interesting that it may not necessarily be the most clear meeting of minds between these 2 men on that particular angle. but it did stand out as being an interesting element, which the journalists that were quite clear to us pointed questions about. okay, thank you for that dominic cane there for us in berlin. as 20 ukraine, where the president says, russian forces have turned on bass into a living hell any 3 months after invading russia is focusing his campaign and the east and south of the country. this includes dumbass and industrial hot land, where moscow support and separate as for years. law demands lensky says the region is now destroyed. or russian forces have secured
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a significant victory in ukraine in the last week or so. have ordered soldiers defending the stale works and mighty upon the south to stand down or to weeks of bombardment or than 1500 are reported to have surrendered. but a deputy commander of ukraine's, as of regiment has suggested that they're not yet finished, that jojo from on me. and the other commanding officers remain on the territory of the as of stall plants, a certain operation is going on. the details of which i will not disclose. thank you to the whole world and thank you to ukraine for your support. we will see each other. well, dorothy jabari is standing by moscow to tell us what wash is saying about this. let's go 1st to us a bag, who's in chrome, a toss in easton ukraine. a bit of a confusing picture here. maybe you could clarify where things stand at the plant. mm. yes, it is a confusing picture, but before i answer that the rates are going off. so if you have the background noise, that's what that is. but the confusing picture is that the vitalia commanders have
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gone online to say that it is an operation taking place in the process of removing the dead from the applying to fill on going. but the civilians and those are still going to have been evacuated. now, president and you haven't called it a surrender, but he said that the operation at that as of so plans had ended now. and the army has come in to say to tell the as of battalion just done done to stop fighting. so that's a confusing picture. but we have to go back to what the, as a battalion is, this was the far right battalion that was incorporated into the military infrastructure. over the seizure, merrier poll. they have made statements the critical of the politicians in kiev. they say that they fell down and they've appealed to 3rd parties to intervene, to try to secure a safe passage. i for the as a fighter. so that's the disconnect that's taking place between the as of battalion and the politicians and also the army. now telling them just done, done, but there's really no way out for those fighters remaining at the as
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a silent because the russians have them surrounded. they controlled mario polls. and the only thing that's really happening now that we've heard from president lensky is that they are involving negotiators to try to secure the release or the safe passage of those fighters. ok, so that's a bit more clear. what is the pill picture elsewhere in easton, ukraine? but as i mentioned, the start, the rates are in, it's going off and that gives you a sense of some of what's taking place have in the city of cremmit toast. but still people walking around the still people riding their bikes and you'll see children in the parks, and that's the kind of sense that they've become slightly desensitize to what's taking place. the russians are not far from here. we were in the mood yesterday and that some constantly hit and we've just heard the road out of moved to a place called a chance that that is being heavily shelled and there's russian soldiers apparently
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on that road not far from back move. now. now if i can describe where we are and it's like a pocket where you create the ukranian forces control and all around them are russian forces that have been making advances and the situation has deteriorated. most of the places here have been hit by a missile, strikes and strikes, but taste is back, mood unsafe is closer to the front line. they have been constantly shell hit by artillery fire and like presidents and then he has said that the dunbar region has become like hell. and if you speak to the military personnel serving on the front line, that's exactly what we're hearing from them. that the fighting is intense and the isn't understanding from those that remaining, even though people will be going around the daily business that there is an understanding and an acceptance that the russians can hit this place coming towards go anywhere else anytime they could have any place that they like because they have the ability to do that. and some people that we've spoken to believe that in a week's time there are certain places like that. we will not be able to enter
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because either that will be getting shelled heavily or the russians where they control it. thank you for that. as that bag there for us in kind of task. while russia says the sooner all fighters are out of the steel works in mighty pole, the sooner every one that can be safe was like the blockade of the of a stop plant continues. civilians have been evacuated from the plants and they were held thereby. ukrainian nationalists, 177 people have been saved, including 85 women and 47 children. all of them have received qualified medical and psychological help with nationalists, blocked at the plans are actively surrendering so far. 1908 people have laid down their arms, as promised to speak to dorothy jabar in moscow to say, what else have the russians been saying about the steel plants? well, of from the russian defense minister himself,
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he provided an update about what's going on. and as we just heard, he gave us the latest figures about the number of people that have been evacuated. and he did highlight the fact that the blockade of the a as steel planned by the russian forces continues. which means they're not quite done yet. we are waiting for the russian defense minister to basically announce that that process is clear since they began on may 16th with the help of the united nations and the international committee of the red cross. what he also said that was interesting was that their operation in lugens, in the dumbass region, is coming to its final stages. meaning that he hopes to announce a victory in the ganske in the coming days. and he said that this will expand a russia's gains in that dumbass region. of course, this is the focus of the 2nd stage of russia's special military operation that has been ongoing. and it's now $86.00 days into that operation. but the defense
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minister also announcing that the russian military, the western part of the country's military, is also going to be adding 12 new units. add to that as part of the military because they believe that said, the threat from nieto is at an all time high and they are going to expand the western part of their defenses with within their russian territories. and how is it going to do that? how, how is that looking to recruit more people? well, one of the ways is as they a state legislature, that is the duma. there is a bill that they've proposed, and they're discussing that on, on friday, about allowing people russians over the age of 40 to join the military as well as foreigners, over the age of 30, at the moment, or only russians between the age of ages of 18 and 40 and foreigners between the ages of 18 and 30 are allowed to in this, in the russian military. but apparently,
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according to the lawmakers at the moment they are in need of specialists who can assist with this special military operation. specifically, they are looking for skilled people to operate heavy machinery and weaponry and military equipment. so it's really an interesting development at the moment because we were expecting at us, at some point, that the russian president would certainly try and get more people to join this special military operation. but instead of that happening, we now site see this bill that is before the state duma, to discuss further ways that they can assist the russian military. so this conflicts can really end as soon as possible. but with more people joining, one can only assume that is going to drag on much longer. there was a delivery there for us in moscow. thank you. now more than a week off,
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sal calling shaheen black lay was killed by israeli forces in the occupying west bank ne video is supporting eye witness accounts out a 0 has obtained footage showing the last moments before serene was shot in the head. it also shows that there was no fighting at the time and that gunshots came from a position where israeli soldiers was stationed. oh odd people as seen fleeing to the opposite side of the street towards an area where israeli officials originally claimed the shooting came from good. oh yes ma'am. it is. ha ha ha. c ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha. but alagood, dotala good. with that i, my god. or the mobile phone video was taken by
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a journalist who survived the attack, which i had as saudi had accompanied, serene on assignment that day in jeanine. in the old can pod west bank, he went back to the area and we traced best steps. mckesson confirmed the car woman to mother diana. we i took our dog from here. we began to walk towards the location where a college sharon was murdered. as we continued to walk naturally and quietly, we stood here at this spot and myself and my colleagues walk off. no, no, it's m m. i know which i know do do stand in front of them. so the see you the problem, homer? sure, i'll do it. oh yes, of course we did. they originally saw us coming from the beginning of the street and we stopped right here. we wore helmets and bulletproof press special, and we also made sure to we're here to all safety standard. my, my camera was with me and i put it here to record what was happening on the street and was the presence of the occupational forces. after a few seconds, the shooting started today and the 1st bullet hit this building. and i told my
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colleagues that they were shooting at us, being journalists all, but we have to protect herself. i had the thought they've been up, but well, where are you exactly when the 1st winner crossfire are we were in this spot. while the is for ellie military says it's not opening a criminal investigation into the killing of serene a block lay. she was of course, shot on the head by his right. he forces while covering that rate in jeanine, the military says is identified a soldier's rifle that may have been used to kill up, but says a cannot be sure unless palestinians turn over the bullet for analysis. and just a reminder, on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm the procession and beat moon is causing cold virus or miss drop her coffin, members of the international community have condemned her killing and have been calling for investigation. friends and colleagues off the al jazeera journalists have spoken of her legacy on the dangerous face by palestinian reporters. i was not the kind of person that can be forgotten. she's not the
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kind of person that should be forgotten. it's such a heavy burden. that the immunity that the is early on is having no one and they're not being held accountable. no respect for the debt, no respect for the living. nothing did do that with the few months, every year we lose journalists on posters. now they say the daughter of palestine, she was handy, can watch the full program talk to elders there in the field on friday at 14th us eat g and t ah, i bought in is in south korea for his fust asia trip. as you, as president, is seeking to reassure allies about countering china's influence in the region on
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disgust to terrence against north korea. president biden also faces domestic precious. he's been visiting a factory producing microchips, hoping to address a shortage of semiconductors in the u. s. which is part of the reason for height, inflation from so much so much in the future. the world is going to be written here in the endo pacific, over the next several decades, were stranded on an inflection point in history. where the decisions we made today, or a far reaching impact on the world, will you draw children tomorrow? this vibrant democracy has become a powerhouse of global innovation. by investing an educated people in companies like samsung that are driven by responsible development of technology and innovation. will be critical to shape in the future in the direction of our 2 countries, the direction we both want to go. a correspond florence. larry is following the visit in. so while it's significant that his 1st stop in south korea is a visit to
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a thomson computer chip plant, and that really underscore the highlights just how important the semiconductor industry is. now these chips are used in so many things from everyday appliances to emerging technology, such as artificial intelligence. and if you want a technological advantage, you need to have these chips. and a global chip shortage has just highlighted to the us how vulnerable it is, because the u. s. still depends a lot on chip that a manufactured in east asia. and i think for the us, part of part of part of this trip is to win itself off this reliance on supply. it's in supply chain in east asia and to bring some of that production home to insulate the u. s. from further supply chain disruptions. so we're seeing that in president biden's visit to south korea. and of course security is also going to be another important thing,
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especially given that hearing reports that north korea could be preparing for its 7th nuclear test. so d, nuclear is ation of north korea is also going to be on the agenda. his visit comes just a week after he hosted a summit with southeast asian leaders in the u. s. and analysts say that visit really was part of efforts by the u. s. to prevent china's dominance in the india pacific region, and these meetings taken together, send a signal that the biden administration considers the inter pacific region as a top priority. as a ramos horta says he will work to forge close to ties with china to being sworn in . as the east timor was president, the independence figure and nobel laureates has served in the job before, as well as prime minister and foreign minister jessica washington reports entirely as his youngest country welcomes it's new president. 72 year old joseph ramos horta is a familiar, faithful, most in east timor, also known as timor,
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listy. it's the 2nd time he's held the presidency and in the country gained independence 20 years ago. after more than 2 decades of occupation. by indonesia. it's often struggle with with periods of political instability. ramos horta has pledged to help resolve the tensions between rival faction from the overall to all parties, both inside and outside parliament. i will continue to have dialogue with every one of these 3 presidents ramos horta played a major role in east g most fight for independence from indonesia. and has been an important political figure ever since. after securing a landslide winning elections in april, he says he will focus on strengthening regional ties. our relations with public, off indonesia, australia, new zealand law, and the south east asian countries. jo, graphically loan will be more less, it must be at that. oh, what
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a national agenda in east timor is, the only country in southeast asia, that's not part of the association of southeast asian nations or asi on indonesia has pledged to support. ramos horta does goal of becoming a member. we try our best. who can fins at that us yet, members on the board themselves, the more less become part of the process. so we, we look on video to convince of the members that east timor is one of the poorest countries in asia, about 40 percent of its population live below the poverty line. him, right. i mean, everyone has high hopes that with president ramos horta connections. we cannot cooperation with other countries to develop to more less about 70 percent of people in east timor are under 30 years old. it's a young country with a young population. and while people haven't forgotten, it's troubled past many a hoping for a better future. jessica washington out here france, germany,
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belgium and australia among the latest countries to detect cases of monkey pox. they join others like britain, when known infections doubled from 9 to 20. on friday, the virus which is rarely seen outside western central africa has never spread so quickly before. the haunting reports. monkeys able to transmit monkey pox to humans, causing fever, aches and genital lesions. but the virus passing from person to person has been rare, especially outside of west africa. until now, that mason p b mo, cases and more people who are incubating the disease in west africa who traveling. so there's more opportunity to seed into, into european countries. another discovery is who is being infected, all known patients are male and say they're gay or bisexual. the risk factor here
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has been men having sex with men and so that sort of close contact. that makes sense because the way this is spread is through both respiratory droplets with close. very close proximity face to face respiratory drop was, but also direct contact with the lesions that have virus in them. the smallpox vaccine was phased out in the 1980s. but it also protected against monkey pox. and some signed to say the winding down of these vaccination campaigns has led to this jump. in monkey pox cases, there's no need to panic here. this is not going to spread and get into the general population and cause an epidemic like corona virus has while signed to say. it's relatively difficult for this virus to spread. governments in at least 5 countries are trying to figure out just how monkey pox made it to their shores. leah harding al jazeera,
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heavy rain flooding and land slides are affecting the lives of 700000 people in northeast in india. in are some states at least 10 of died in the latest down poles and farmers site most of their crops are gone. more rain is forecast, unexpected to slow rescue efforts have limited has more what you're seeing are essentially fields and many homes that have been completely inundated with water because of heavy rains and flooding that have lash the state of some military boats . like these have been going across a carrying relief material for the last few days. hundreds and thousands of people are still stranded. many of the villagers have been stock without food and supplies for many days. some have been taken to release camp, about 80000 people are now being housed in more than 300 relief camps across the state. they have been given some food and some supplies, but they've told us that that's not been enough. still,
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they are luckier because there are still thousands of people that are still stranded in some district, in some landslides have blocked important roads and railings, and military. our helicopters have been dropping supplies to talk to them of their predictions that heavy rains could continue well into the weekend, all of which could make rescue operations like these more complicated as carry weather check with everton. hello, i think we may well see a more flooding rains in to southern parts of china over the next couple of days. but for the time being it isn't too bad. thick. a cloud, the wet weather that is pulling off. sure. the c as area of low pressure associated with the may you front and that will ease a little further north. what's in these? was this, we go through sat, stay, some showers there, just pushing into where central parts of japan for a time shouldn't be too wise, but shouldn't be too heavy showers do lurk across southern parts of china though as
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you go on through saturday and on into sunday central parts of china generally dry, few showers up towards beijing. crim potential actually try as, as the case into japan by the staging. warming up a touch in tokyo to around 23 degrees on please say the heat has eased off a touch for northwestern parts of india and into world park. is darby still plenty of warmth there? of course. heavy showers are set to continue across sir connecticut. pushing into work parts of corolla, and then we got this mass of cloud and rain. we got them on soon. the trough of course now sharing had just to the south of lanka, pushing up towards myanmar. that's going to be the focus for the heavier showers as we go through the next few days. but i'm afraid there are still some showers in the forecast for some state in north east india. pakistan, former prime minister among con, calling on supporters in march on the capital rejected. removal from power con has been running a supporter since losing office in a parliamentary,
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no confidence fate. last month is refused, accepts it, and the keys, rivals and form allies have been part of the falling plot against them, which they deny as get more with cal. hi dana, some are bad. so are we expecting amounts today? well, for the march, you're not going to happen today. what emron connor's doing is he's winding a series of rally. as you were mentioning, he, of course, had been getting very large numbers of people do don't rallies. today he's going to be addressing a rally in the donna most on the city of was don story and centered on job where tens of thousands of people have already can, was always before emerald con is due to speak. now enron carnage, building the momentum after he was out stead with a no ward of no confidence m. ron fonts, popularity has skyrocketed. and he of course, is going to make a very important announcement today, asking all his supporters from
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a cross budget on to march on this summer, but now he has kept that day close to his chest. but he is going to announce that. and after that he said that there will be millions of people marching on his stomach bug or demand the government to step down and to hold general elections as soon as possible. can a moron con, get back to power with this campaign. well if you look at the number of people that have been coming out and the fact that the government and follow which ousted m ron founded in all sorts of troubles, the buggers tanya groupie had hit the record high against a dollar supporting $200.00 rupees that is hyper inflation, let's not forget that this particular new government had come where day. busy slogan that they would against inflation and the economy ridgewood being manhandled,
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vice prime minister in ron con. but then now find themselves in trouble also because the countries a big score has ruined that any defection from the party which happened in august on making it possible for them. wrong cons government to be ousted inigo to have d. c. date 25, a member of the provincial assembly and upon job waste your box should eve. the prime minister, son is the chief minister of god, showed that for the 1st time the court shows are digging into it, saying that roll crossing or turn gorgeous. it's an illegal thing under the bucket, sunny constitution. so the government also under pressure because if they are not able to control the inflation, then the same people who the opposition says came out against them. ron con will be asking the government to step down it. ready? come on high to that for us in islamabad. thank he. now, a new face is fronting north chris fight against the cove at 19 outbreak. through
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young cho is appearing on television daily and reporting the government's latest figures that it says sounds that more than 2000000 infections. his announcements, so similar to those of infectious disease experts, doctor anthony found she, during the height of the u. s. outbreak bought little is known about ro, including his medical qualifications, and outside experts say there's still plenty of doubt surrounding the size of nor chris outbreak. given his denial since the start of the pandemic, tremendous took reaching in there taking a strategic approach here, trying to overcome this through the active participation of residence. but if the number of confirmed cases or deaths as too high, then it will likely stoke people's fears and sour public sentiment. so they might be under reporting the numbers that's bring in. dr nodded shot back who's been a public health adviser in north greer. he joins us for months or in egypt. thank you so much for your time. what is your understanding of the situation in north
4:41 pm
korea? well, i understand what it was precise by the north korean governing bank and now the cases are more than 2000000 patients. and the, the death thought is about $65.00. but again, i think that they're still in the process of assessment of the situation and we'll take a couple of weeks on to get hold of the whole picture. do you, do you trust the figures that are being released? i don't think that they have any interest in changing that, that is also and in the 1st place, why they declare, if they are going to hide that. so that's very important. but, and remember one thing or so that they don't have enough test kids. so all the cases they are declared are, are labeled fever. and we don't know about other symptoms. okay,
4:42 pm
they are going from place to place. sorry, it's like no, no, you please go ahead they are still going to mobilize, mobilizing all the help, walk cars, people of the army and people are a cross or show to detect any potential cases, making isolation quite on g a or so trying to support the hospital it's in this thing, you say they don't have test kids, so they don't have enough test kits. majority population is also not vaccinated, but so far they've shunned any outside helpful office of vaccines. so do you think they need that, that sort of help? do you think they will reach out at some point for help? well, number one, they have received already about 600000, gets from the w 2 or before, but they are, they are now,
4:43 pm
they don't have any more. this is number one, number 2. when they reject it to help through rejected the vaccines and that was last year when they felt more confident and they are injected the vaccine offered from kovacs. now i don't think that the order number one is a vac. seen the priority now is to have protecting personal, protecting equipment for the doctors and stuff and to have destiny which to confirm these cases and to have medicine to treat the confirmed cases. and after that baby in a couple of weeks, they can ask for something else, but so far i think these are the images. and perhaps they got some from china. and what do you make of their doctor out? she equivalence room, young joe. he comes on television at 9 30 am every day to report the number of
4:44 pm
people with phoebe, the number of deaths to explain any new cove and mesh measures. who is this guy, and why is north korea going down this apparently similar playbook to the rest of the world? what it and north korea is different from the beginning, from, or any other country, and they have their own system. and the problem with them also is that there are some sanctions on some difficulty in reaching the outside world. so that reflect that the way they do with the rest of the world. but these are, you know, these are all political decisions, right? you know, we don't have anything to do with age. okay, well, it's very interesting to talk to you and to get your expertise doctor, not the shuffle. a public health advisor, formerly a public health advisor in north korea. a last minute rule change will
4:45 pm
allow australians with coven 19 to vote by phone in elections on saturday. it follows legal threats on behalf about $100000.00 people who feared that miss out the campaign has been a close race between governing conservative coalition and its labor party challenger. sarah clock explains the story from sidney. oh, to 6 weeks of campaigning, the prime minister phil found this referee on saturday. astronomy will decide if scott morrison is fit to keep the nation's top job. it's a choice between a government that has a strong economic plan that is unsure. the destroyer is coming out of this pandemic, stronger than almost any advanced economy in the world to die with. the latest poll shows labor just ahead of the liberal national coalition. the key issues in this election, a climate change, the cost of living funding for aged care and national security. these are all
4:46 pm
issues that astrology a has the opportunity to go forwarding and create a better future if we say opportunity. i believe a strategy is the greatest country on earth. the biggest challenge for the morrison government is the rise of female independence. there are 22 high profile candidates known as the tales, a mix of political movements seen as blue and green. they funded by climate group and targeting safe seats held by the liberal party amended, i think they'll be very high and it is a high level of disillusionment with major party politics in this country. people are. busy frustrated with one or other parties, various reasons. and these just become this dynamic that we want. individuals who represent our local communities, nearly 6000000 voters of electorate of 17000000, have already cast their ballots through postal or early in person voting. i'm very disappointed how close it is and that it seems there's a lot of similarities between 80 major parties. and i find that quite frustrating.
4:47 pm
not much on offer at all. gone are the days where we had stipend, quite frankly, we just got a big room. bunch of children in politics. if there is no clear majority on saturday after ballots, i counted the outcome of this election will be a hung parliament. that will mean either labor or the coalition must make an agreement with the my parties or independence in order to govern. analysts say that prospect is highly likely. i'd be surprised if on saturday night we know a clear winner from all of the major parties. i think we'll be looking for account the several days afterwards. the polls in australia open on saturday. sarah clark, audi 0, sydney, australia. a court in argentina has found the state responsible for the killing of hundreds of indigenous people. it happened in northern chaco province, nearly
4:48 pm
a 100 years ago in case is seen as milestone in argentina, acknowledging genocide, teresa by reports from one is aris. edi marvellous was brought to one side, is from the northern province of chuckle when she was a child. she's a member of the comb indigenous community. her family was escaping poverty. she says discrimination has been part of her life. we're me on our world and gallery a 19 year for my children. it's difficult to accept because indians are they leave us aside. we are not animals but cannot come and tell us what to do. they cannot kill us when they want the one a last month. in argentina, some survivors and descendants of the com and mccoy people took part in an unprecedented trial of a case that goes back nearly a century ago. in 1924, hundreds of members of the ethnic groups were killed by ranchers and security forces, for protesting for better working conditions in cotton fields in nap,
4:49 pm
i'll be in the province of jackal levin. i don't know brewer on thursday. a judge acknowledged the complicity of the argentine state in the killings and ordered a series of measures to assist the communities today on the trial for the massacre in that by show the serious abuses that indigenous community suffered in this country. only 1000000 of the 45000000 people in argentina considered themselves descendants of the original indigenous groups. most of them live in poverty and continue to fight for survival back while lewd n leaves not far away from nap. i'll be in chuckle, he, sol. so a member of the com indigenous community. he says he's people have to struggle for food and work and remembers when the police beat him and accused him of stealing beef 2 years ago. he's grand daughter, juliana. they are the medical center has any mental abuse. they accuse me of having beef in my house, but i had nothing. it was a lie. the police make mistakes and blame it. but those who do things and never
4:50 pm
detained. i, testimonies of police abuse of frequent among indigenous communities. this video went viral during the condemning forces entered a neighborhood in the province of chuckle and beat the men and women inside the house. goma flutter, nobody's d o b i is a prosecutor in the province. he says a trial of nobel peace important to fight the discrimination that continues to exist to day something more frequent than gasoline. institution violence against indigenous groups is very common. there's races among security forces and not all the cases are investigated and as impunity. one of the objectives the trial has to do it is putting an end to racism in the state and among security forces. i didn't . tina has long prided itself or if you were being heritage one that often neglected and persecuted indigenous groups that trial of nap. i'll be a step to revise history and give indigenous communities the place they have been
4:51 pm
denied for too long. several, cedar went, situs politicians in the u. s. state of oklahoma. happened proved a bell binding abortion in almost all circumstances. and now goes to the states republican governor who recently signed another tough abortion bill into law. there will be few exceptions under the new legislation, including rape or cases of incest. the supreme court could soon overturn a long standing ruling that would lead to more restrictions all across the united states. his andy, thank you so much, marlene will the english football association anew. k police are investigating an incident involving crystal palace manager, patrick vieira, vieira to kick out as of ports. after being verbally provoked, it happened following policies 3 to primly defeated. evetts and home fans had invaded the pitch to celebrate the club avoiding relegation. from austell and in some alarm play was confronted while making his way across the playing area towards
4:52 pm
the dressing room. i feel for patrick because i didn't game at the end because of how old the raps for asked. what is it coming with us? you know, the mom wanted that, but you know, come in with us and i managed to show him. so i didn't get that. and of course he's running across a pitch. if i was across a lot of our fans or not, it was pure relation of funds that want to stay in the premier leave to come on the page. and you know, i can't complain when i'm up on the direction of jumping up and down in front of them. you know, it was especially for the football club. and i think if done in the right, why that him down the pitch and enjoy it for bit well, early this week, a nazi i'm far as fun was jailed at the head butting a player from 2nd tier team, sheffield united. also during a pitch invasion. liverpool manage, it, you can call us the recent rise in the number of pitch invasions is a big concern for the players of the other team, especially massively uncomfortable and it should not be dangerous for them. so
4:53 pm
these are things that people cannot hold themselves back, like the guy. 2 guys are busy in the last 2 games. yeah. they should push will not be there, but i hope it's always like this with things have no, and i really hope you learn from that. the 2nd round of the years, p j. chevy was underway in california overnight leader, roy macro be one of the latest offices on 1st. i even an irish play. it's an opening round of $65.00. like a one shot tournament lee. the last micro 4 major wins came out this tournament. it was back in 2014. can i get in the practice joins earlier this week. so i just, i think when you're games feeling like that, it's just a matter of going out there and really, you know, stick into your game plan executing as well as you possibly can. and just sort of stand in your, in your own little world. and, you know, i did really well today, it was nice to get off till i could start and, and sorta keep it going towards appear to be struggling with injury during his
4:54 pm
opening round. he finished up on 4 of the hall with this playing. and just as a 2nd tournament since a car accident, 15 months ago, left him with multiple like for loading hurts and pressing on said, hurts and locking hurts and twisting arts. so this is cause i don't play that, i don't do that, then i'm all right. the boston celtics were far too good for the miami heat and gain to the eastern conference finals, the celtics winning this 11271 i'd say, best of 7 series, and now the title 11, marcus mars, putting in a big performance for the cell 6 to 24 points and 12 a same amy to win the championship the 1st time since 2008 side of the back of my career. notice when i got a draft here to do and you know, i just waited my turn, you know, and i'm blessed to be in the situation. i am to have the opportunity to go out to
4:55 pm
show what i can do in, you know, i think everybody in the organization in the world is seeing what i can do at that point is this offer i drive a shell, a clerical, quickest in 1st practice at the spanish, for a long grown pre, just ahead of his team might call a science say, the team, hope grady that co ahead of this race color science has home support as the aims to win the 1st f one race of his career. the spanish is 50 in the overall championship race with a class in 1st. raining will champion max to stop and he 2nd in the title standings is a feeling you know, of driving at home. maybe you give that extra 10 that you might have inside yourselves non. that is so special. it's very difficult to transmit in terms of feelings, but you always, you have that better vibes around your you're in a good mood. there's people, one thing you do the while, and i think this gives you an example. well, if you look at the, of course, the last few races, it must be done, right? so they're coming with
4:56 pm
a few upgrades. so is going to be interesting to see how much that's going to give them. but at the end of day, you know, we just have to focus on our package. and i mean, we all know district quite well. so just need to make sure that, you know, we have a clean weekend starting from today. women's tennis, wilma morning's fiance getting ready to put her on beaten record on the line at the french open. the polish player is $28.00 matches on beta. now it's the longest run on the tall since serena williams, $134.00 stripe matches in 2013. so on site at the top, cedar on gary where she won the title 2 years ago. it's one of its thoughts on sunday. i'm just an honestly going to take it match by match and i'm aware that this streak is something that me um becoming there and then soon so i don't wanna be like, you know, heart broken when he's going to happen. and i think bingo, that is pretty healthy inquiry. perry had quite a night for defending spelling of champions. the temp of a lightning. he managed to cut his head in the wall before the last game against the florida panthers. the puck ricocheted off the ball,
4:57 pm
hit him in the face. shooting thankfully was more accurate during the game. is called the open it in a see when, when some for us to up in this beth of 7. ok, but he's tell us forces looking for next sunday and that's it from the money side to this new we leave you with memories. remarkable crafts, serene abruptly the voice of palestine. ah, what was known, this is i don't need to be with you to look at me when you get to me, i can just leave you a message. you open at the home and ya today and we're going to, you will be set up with me
4:58 pm
. i'm a lot of fun at the book if you're the one i know, i mean, i mean i shooting them off the edge of the to me each and every one of us have got a responsibility to change outpatient. explain for the better the i mean we could do this experiment and if by diversity could increase just a little bit that would be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become
4:59 pm
a magnet, louise and credit be rare. species are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly year. in jenny, these people began to collect the segregated send the re saying this is extremely important service that they provide the city i. we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who can love beyond frank assessments. what are the political risks of panic? russian oil, a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports. miss harrison was informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jedi, still resumed the area they're going to be acting from missouri and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth
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analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera? oh, short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short puzzles, stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. ah ah, al jazeera select the more ukrainian soldiers leave the besieged field plant and not a whole but a fall right. regiment says it's fighting on the.


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