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tv   AJ Selects Drugs  Al Jazeera  May 20, 2022 11:30pm-12:00am AST

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casa, one of the fastest growing nations in the well need. cars needed to oakland and development, international shipping to become a middle eastern, co trade and money, skillfully not free is up to about filling a prominence connecting the world future wanted cost cutters, gateway to whoa trade. lou hello, i'm marianna mozy in london. our main stories now brushes defense ministry is saying, final ukrainian fight is hold up in the ass off style still works, plant of surrendered, which has ended the weeks long siege around that complex archer is
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a more than 2400 fighters of lay down arms. it's monday, the plot was the last part of the city of marrable, not controlled by russian forces after weeks of heavy bombardment. meanwhile, ukraine's president is re security video of showing a russian missile ating the house of culture and resolve a city near cave. he says that was 7 victims, including an 11 year old child elsewhere. russian troops have been ramping up their assault on the east to la han squeegee, and intense fighting has been reported around the riverside cities of several done yet on this chance. germany assigned an energy partnership, deal with katara, an attempt to reduce its dependency on russia. amir shaft, i mean, been hammered. a funny met german chancellor of schultz in berlin. he says they are aiming to send liquefied natural gas from 20. 24 ha. selects is next with a series of short documentaries examining our complex relationship with drugs,
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leaving out memories of our colleague sharina. no. oh no, no, no, no, i mean with a from, with a, [000:00:00;00] with
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a shooting abuto to the ah, my baggy was my drug. if i have my drug, i do everything. if i don't have my drug, i cannot blame. i think i've
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been using drugs since that before you're the chemist. we're selling drugs or the down to are the biggest benefit with i don't 1516 as i using may jonah after i came onto and called and because one of my friends using brown introduce me to bell, i mean smack icons into my family. lucky i was in a good job and educated us neglect and i want to,
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we brought in this area buying smack. now i want to look at miss where all educated people go for their magazines all day, but people go and it's really c handle with the money and get your job to go with. if you go to the game is and you know, you know, they'll give you the contract. how can you say the game? it doesn't know that you're using it when you're buying it morning, afternoon evening and you're buying it for years and years together. every day it's a struggle. every i'd says brother, especially when you were in front of. okay, mr. newton this morning. you can give me the drug is a very big struggle. you go to fight with 11, b,
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11 are one. when we, when, when you mentally over that say about yourself, like, well me, i'm gonna go like relative medicine that natalie i'm here with. i think if i were alone out of that, do you have a heart problem? i knew i was up there to luxury, but they drank it once again. it's so obsessive. compulsive in just station in staying in lou. ah,
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it is it a blind and i have a bland about not sport and i go to the best guy though. i know i've been on the lake, i think i missed that image to log in. how that goes, i think. yeah. there i yeah, i just got it. that's good. a good this. i knew what i thought i did do end up out or did i did out if my idea of anger, who do i have the my degree and i've also my little but that's a bill in there. so i'm getting
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a bunch of the other people to go down to 30 to like a high being. so my thing is, i'm nick, i'm even a bang. i mean, maybe today or get if i get a feeling i will do little bit in lawrenceville a live in
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a me, madison and me other problems to be madison me was out there. yeah. oh yeah. there are no maintenance guy who know there are a lady that about that i'm looking at a visa or did you see a bad i see that will not be home with particularly for a day of her life. and that is any got it
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need almost her id. hi dante. you started. okay. ms. angleton wanting to hear more about dental hygiene. a facility. me but the the is it last time a with a name? ah,
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a ah. the lowest class of people you will find always on the road so everyone sees them the higher last people go to the idea. so most of the people don't normally and edgar lost his trust. so they didn't have faith in him. they don't trust him. so yeah, i guess i'm with people of my own going their doctors, i will call frontier because executives in right, because all of us stayed together and all of us help each other and make each other avila that look, business happened to me. it's not happening deal ah, madison is supposed to tell people, but you know,
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the medicine is not helping people. it's killing them. and it's a stored begging it over the counter. in fact encourages people to get the drug easily and use it easy. so a lot more is needed from the government site, not to stop the drug, but do regulated just earn some money. you want to limit anyone's life. and the game assembling. ah, like almost a percentage in my money when i go on
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the go more, i think more uti, son with you then? yes, we buddy. so when a friend of military uniform amending. busy ah, a good a fine, i mean some of us and i was, you know, i shouldn't be ordering them in the earlier appointment than you think are seniors or capacity out there proceed owners with us, you know we, when idea videos are using for the room is no hello. know 3 or 4 moving up. what is just to do an out of your many visual molina police? yes. and the guy that was a bio in barrel and so so gimme a bill. yes. yes,
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i can do i see that i was in the middle part of this one though, one of the this i'm lazy in producing to so you know all those us on when i was so busy, no pay on. ah, i mean, nobody will, i will let you know, but you know what? you're offering a internet and if, when we were in the center you were, you would. oh god, no. but i've got a deliverance. he goes, is laquoanda love me to take on new. so ira, notice sooner when i say noticeable, so for me to nominal, you know, sort of a, i'm in
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a need to use that kind of sort of, son for my lord, us the learning gwen. this is a, with the circus in that goes, i want to put it. well, i believe it was delicious. booker, in minnesota, a innocent in that button to complete. but whenever to something something, or what in done you see. so what i should wait till you see that the neil ain't there. can we help us out and production we're going to order, but it's a boy then is elaine daniels is we are gonna throw soggy. she'll go get a
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time then on the way. i mean, deal for so my a been out of the brazil very issue. i and this is a sort of point cheryl, most people and gary saw that's what i got to biggest thing was when i'm out, i guess what am i going to be in 3? i'm on a. this is a little more stable. it is. what am i go to the products on the vehicle? la daniel seals. yeah, i am beside on a dial tone or fringe. oh no. no. they keep her little mind honestly simple. she had
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a c. c o a laser rifle done one of the one i am for sams . oh, baby a. she'd run a triple. i mean, it could have been a loyal internet project to les his, you know, it's not mm . mm money went in the middle, who really knows when the soonest, if i knew. but i'm wondering when or lawyer a something else. oh my most a go dropping goal is if what i what, what exactly, what get him, buddy. so i can get this in one time zone is that is
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a not one but a but i thought was a diagnosis. invoicing though, if they put a new one along with it, i'm on i or what i going on actually, what i'm shopping with my internet explorer is not getting married in order. why? so when i was young, the daughter of a nice,
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a, him become a note on say, no, no. so this my 1st time to uruguay, and i had come to the source of the revolution. no one vos that recently in the of the cannabis movement. and he's done so much open a path that's really reverberating around the world. you know. busy and when you call them, you know, guy it would assume he had to sign with us in the moon. oh, i see, i think, i mean, there's also no way going on. so those me, sorry. so most i thought it was you was a soon, i don't, i'm going to get the name of this really going to say i will send a sima, the samsung assario. and then i also have one bedrooms window for leases. but again,
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i'm wondering what the usa gentleman, i'm danny, are going on. i mean, i was on the on busha on time, on time, yet russian by endorsement in i can say, ah, i mean, you know, this is doing it a with
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a fund atc, stephanie, to see some cases of heroine news. but you didn't the 19 ninety's, and any 2000. yes. the number of people who h at t erin increases in my company. so in 2004, we did another research to find out the ha v magnet church among these people who weighed checked and trucks of at all, for the top percent, they were a chevy. positive this was it. and michael, very high as compared to the general population, 5 went 8 and the west part of it is that women who injecting drugs equivalent to a 62 that's the time when you say we needed to do something for february 20 live in best,
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where we opened up these clinic why don't we talk deanna? neal mitchell care can fornia in vienna. tisha. what do i know? yeah. now can you hear me? hello ma'am, is that during middle initial when? yeah me good morning. i was in the center console show you over and over to you. i mean, they're doing a lot but the challenge is to the main that the number of people who are using drugs destine that a huge. and the biggest challenge that we not, that is that people that,
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that had to inject heading so that they can access with him as pain buses. then the number of drop off to get also increased. so last the disappear, we still can no, let's stop recruiting new plants that looking for those who disappeared and see what is happening, what selling just do they have? where did they leave method and then go back to using or harry did is i do a lot my my what does that via devise a little few hours. one of those. yeah. dave or new ones? yeah. well my know what? yeah. what you only watch, lou. lesson dad. let jim bye. a fight again. as i say when i, when i'm, when. i mean when you reside, i didn't know the doctor again. my younger and i don't eat and,
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and then you know by day and i would will not do when i did come, i play a new one, a urine for a new one, then and then well, when you do your theme, do a new one. i used to get, i mean, when you and yeah i'm is, if you know, sad to do then no school in a room with what we're done
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with that. yeah. will dallas tonight a you a know sure. sure. what to say. yeah. listen. i think i'm way they do with the let the van up that big that now mindy? yeah. do i do wonder? yeah. now it, when a man you got to get in gallindo much. daniel and ladies study with
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a beautiful now not a bad one. on the meeting. we need i need to do it. i need more than not one get with you while we are young with none to when get to land or is it when you raise? yeah, good day. allan is in got you double want to like you to read beyond and
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i say yeah, bunny go when you're funny and goes new life doing the, the i'm gonna lawyer number and i want to say, i'm, we in a skilled loony there. i'm here doing the uh, word yeah, dog and i, yeah. and i look when i hear of and it doesn't go when you're bengal window. no sound or you scale to sound, but i wish i had to go school with a a new nearly anything, a game to vocal as an awareness that own only glenn jenkin and nadia at the gun. yeah. gun. my younger missouri. is that whiskey?
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yeah. whiskey. media, fun media does they? they are glut ah ah with hello, we still have some showers in the fall, cast the se in parts of queen lab, we have got this area or a cloud here, just off the east coast of australia and on shore brace that will bring that wet weather in for a time still possible to use the localized, citing as
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a result of that, you can see they will be heavy, particularly to vote to the north of the sunshine coast in particular. but just around for has been as well, some showers there sliding the way across the eastern side of new south wales. but in western parts in the south wells could see somewhat by the cold enough in melbourne. cool enough in hobart, about 14 or 15 degrees, some where to where the coming into western australia as we go through sas day. and that will continue to drive its way a little further east was one or 2 spotty showers, coming out of south australia. still a little on the on settle side there for that eastern side of us as we go on through sunday. and we'll see some wet weather eventually making its way towards the ceiling, but it should try out for the time be early part of next week. c, r o tropical side cycling that will make a little further southwards as we go through the coming days. further north where we have weather close to. but it shouldn't cause too much of a problem for japan's and went to weather just gliding its way out into the open waters with some showers generally drive for the korean peninsula and from northern
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parts of china. it went to the south. ah, a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera, on counting the cost that we sent meltdown in crypto currency worries investors, can it make it come back? why did app or lose the most valuable company ground to saudi oil for romco? and how will trade protectionism affect global for security and fight? counting the cost on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah,


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