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and close on finding salaam. witness on al jazeera. i'm rob reynolds at the us mexico border on may 23rd the by the administration plans to terminate. title 42. that's a pandemic era policy introduced under donald trump. that allows for the immediate deportation of migrants. in mexico will meet migrants seeking a better life. and here from some of the hundreds of thousands deported yet preparing to try again. special coverage on al jazeera. ah, russia says it's now captured the whole of mary, a poll after the last ukranian fight is defending the ass off, so still works, lay down their arms. ah. meanwhile, russian forces ramp up there is sold on the last ukrainian hell parts of the east
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and la hans province. ah, hello, i mary, i'm to mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. a u. s. charged blocks. the biden administration's plan to lift coven restrictions that deny my grants a chance to seek asylum. and polls are opening in australia's election, where a tight contest is expected. will have the latest from sidney. ah! russia says it now controls the whole of the ukrainian port city of murray, a pole after the law. soldiers hold up in these off, so still works, surrendered. ukraine's president rodham is lensky is saying, they'd been ordered to lay down their weapons and stop defending the city. will you
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pursue you today? the defenders received a clear signal from the military command for they can get out and say their lives more than 2400 fighters have been brocaded in the vast, merry po, planned for weeks under heavy bombardment from russian forces that surrender freeze out brushing troops to join the campaign to capture ukrainian held areas of separatist controlled, the hunts and danny ads. it wants to take full control of the industrial don bass region and the south, limiting or removing caves, access to the c. those are by reports now for moscow. these are the last remaining ukrainian fighters in the as of style steel plant. now they are prisoners of war. they survived russia's onslaught for more than 2 months in the steel plant. their future is now unknown. their surrender offerings a much needed victory for russian forces in the strategically important port, city of mary opal. the ministry of defense as reported to president of russia on
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the end of the operation on the complete liberation of south industrial complexes under the city of maria polk, or from ukrainian fights which the kremlin says, those who surrender will be treated in line with international norms some russian lawmakers have demanded they be tried for war crimes, and one said they should face the death penalty. sir gay, chicago announced his forces alongside rushing back separatist will soon claim full control over that elegant screeching easterel ukraine. but on a victory that's long overdue for his forces. forces the defense minister wants to expand. he reveal plans for 12 more military units to be added to the military districts in western russia, in response to finland and sweden applying to join nato. that expansion needs more man power, and the russian law makers may have the solution, the se,
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tomorrow on friday said it's considering a bill that would allow russians over the age of 40 and foreigners, over the age of 30, to sign up for the military. the website of the russian parliament lower house, the state duma said the move would enable the military to utilize the skills of older professionals. familiar with the use of high precision weapons and military equipment as what russia calls its special military operation near the 3 month mark . there is no indication from either side of an end to the conflict. dorset jabari al jazeera moscow or the families of those as all fighters have been in turkey seeking help to ensure their safety. and he say they are worried about the soldiers fate. so no, because so glue has more on this now from istanbul, among the wise of also so fighters in mario poll, i sat down with natalia sca, her husband is among those ukrainian fighters who were evacuated from the sole
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steel plant by russians. natalia and 3 of her friends have been in the turkish capital on car for the last couple of days, seeking support for the safe evacuation of their husbands and sons. let's listen to what natalia told us about the latest on as a fighter. we all together, 3 a and a half. but we had read in on also still planned at distance, were married during the war. have you contacted him so far? we were in the cranium embassy in turkey, in ankara. and my husband started to typed me and i was shocked because as there was no connection during 15 days, he said that they are moving from wal how to and as a how in each centimeter of this way, we have many,
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many risks. he had no chances to save his life, but the only guarantee that our men won't be killed that the attention of the whole world is concentrated around the barriers of others to plant. is it possible for an exchange of prisoners? it will be the most appropriate scenario. how to solve this problem or in russia? yeah. they are also, we men, mothers who are waiting for their psalms the why? so as a fighters have mixed feelings, now they're happy that their husbands are alive, but they're so concerned for how long they will manage to stay alive. and faith in
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russian. presidents in other developments ukraine's present has raised security video showing of russian miss citing the house of culture in las over city near keith. he says there were 7 victims from this, including an 11 year old child and describe this strike because absolute evil. elsewhere, russian troops have been ramping up their assault on the east and hans screech and, and then intense fighting has also been reported around the riverside cities of so better than the ask and less chance the russia wants to see the last ukranian held territory in the hands of province, which it claims on behalf of separatists. we can govern, it says, rushing shalon, kill the east, 13 people or turkey's press leisure type. one says he will have talks with his finish count out on saturday, about sweden and finland bed to join nato. the nordic nations for may apply to join the military alliance on wednesday, citing rushes worn ukraine as
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a security threat, but president owed one reiterated that he maintained his opposition to that location which must be approved by all nato members. turkeys as sweden and finland support what it describes as tara organizations. goodness grants. alicia, po kimball, goodish it. of course, we will continue all these discussions for the sake of not interrupting diplomacy. we are clearly saying that since we have all the information and documents related to those terror organization and we are the victim, we will not support a terror organization to become a nighttime member, as we are aware of the sensitivities related to that. and we acknowledge the fact that nato is a security organization in response to those applications. russia says it will stop it's deliveries of natural gas to finland from today. it provides the majority of the nordic nations gas, but that's only about 5 percent of finished energy consumption. it stops ending electricity last week. rush and stay and energy from gas prom. it already halted
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natural gas deliveries to poland, bulk area after they refuse to pay for it in rubles elsewhere. germany assigned an energy partnership, deal with ta ta and attempt to reduce his dependency on russia. gutters. mercia, i mean, been hammered. a funny has been meeting german chancellor le sholtes in berlin. it says they are aiming to send liquefied natural gas from 2024 to cash her will help contribute to european energy security. ah, your state department is repeated his call for a thorough and transparent investigation and to the killing of an al jazeera journalist in the occupied west bank and says it must include accountability. sharina buckler was shot in the head by israeli forces last week. while on assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral is ready forces storm the procession and beat mourners, causing the pulled barriers to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands
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of people from marching through occupied east jerusalem for a funeral and burial members of the national community of condemned killing. that israel's military says it will not open a criminal investigation. i will actually was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of these railey occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. what on thursday, israel's military said that it's not opening a criminal investigation into death. as you're explaining amnesty international secretary general agnes kalamazoo commented about this on twitter. she says the decision not to investigate a murder is an additional violation of sharon's right to life clear violation of israel's obligation under international law. one amongst many, she says this is what repression and domination look like. some lives simply don't matter. in other developments, at least 6 palisades have been injured. one of them seriously by live rounds, 5 by israeli security forces in the west bank. the confrontation avenue,
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a missouri, a lot of beer in ramallah. the fighting is said to have occurred after israeli troops raided the village. we moved to the us now where the stock market narrowly averted entering a bare market on friday. the ben benchmark s and p 500 index and at 18.6 percent below the record high that was set in early january. a recovery late in the day prevented the index from closing more than 20 percent down from that mark, which would have been considered the beginning of the bear market. analysts see, this is a sign the u. s. could enter a recession in the next 18 to 24 months. rising interest rates, high inflation, warn you quite in a slow down in china's economy, or all causing investors to lose confidence. now a u. s. judge is blocked the biden administration from lifting contentious pandemic border restrictions for migrants known as title 42, they let us agents at the border turn back migrants without giving them
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a chance to seek asylum. these measures put in place in march 2020, under the trump administration, were due to end next week. the centers for disease control prevention, se they are no longer needed, more than a 1000000 people apprehended at the border have been rapidly spelled to mexico or other countries under this order. as get more this from money, wraparound mexico city. tell us about the reaction to this from mexico. what is ruling needs for people who is stuck at the border? mary, and we still haven't heard any official reaction from the mexican government since this is something that was just recently announced in the united states. but this is a topic that had been closely watched by us officials, specifically because of the growing number of migrants that continue to of find their way to the us mexico border. just last month was a record setting number announced by u. s. customs and border patrol that number was 234000 detentions on the border. of
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course, the question here in mexico is what will be the fate of these thousands of people, many of the migrants from central america, others asylum seekers from venezuela, from cuba, from nicaragua, from countries really all over the world. title 42 has been used essentially to suspend the united states traditional asylum process. and we know that the, the political debate playing out in the united states in washington over the future of immigration is very much on the minds of many of these people that have been on the mexican side of the us, mexico border. some of them for weeks, others months or even years since title 42 was implemented. just this week, there were demonstrations outside of the u. s. consulate in t want to buy migrants who were pleading to us officials to lift title 42. and it's a similar sentiment that we're hearing from human rights observers from immigrant
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rights advocates. here in mexico who see the title 42 should be lifted. i heard from one migrant rights advocates advocate who referred to title 42 as the zena phobic policy masquerading as a public health measure. so one thing that is of concern here in mexico is that again, title 42 has been used as a pretext to interrupt the traditional asylum process in the united states. and while that asylum process remains slowed down. well, it remains with these restrictions. well, those numbers of migrants in asylum seekers continue to pile up here in mexico, putting more pressure on the resources available to the mexican government. thank you very much. from mexico city money rapid $14.00 liking out is there a life? am landon still had on the program? you as president joe biden takes off his turn, asia in south korea, the trip to samson, to focus on the global computer chip shortage. i will meet some of the female
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directors shaking up the film festival. ah. hello, we still have some showers in the forecast, the se, in parts of queensland, we have got this area cloud here, just off the east coast of australia and on shore breeze. that will bring that wet weather in for a time. still possibilities to localize flooding as a result of that, you can see they will be heavy, particularly to both to the north of the sunshine coast in particular, but just around brisbin as well. some showers there sliding their way across the eastern side of new south wales. but in western parson, the south wells could see somewhat by the cool enough in melbourne. cool enough in hobart, around 14 or 15 degrees, some where to where the coming in to western australia as we go through saturday. that will continue to drive its way. a little further east was one or 2 spotty showers, coming out of south australia still
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a little on the unsettle side. therefore, that eastern side of us as we go on through sunday. and we'll see some wet weather eventually making its way towards due sailor. but it should dry up for the time be only part of next week, c r o tropical site cycle, and that will make his way a little further southwards as we go through the coming days for the north, where we have whether close to but it should cost too much of a problem for japan's and where to weather just gliding its way out into the open waters with some showers generally drive for the korean peninsula and for northern parts of china. but went to the south, ah, on counting the calls that we said meltdown in crypto currency worries investors get it, make it come back. why did apple lose the most valuable company ground to saudi oil for romco? and how will trade protection is in effect, global full security and fight counting the cough. dawn alger theora
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ah, unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from a london broadcast santa on al jazeera. ah ah, ah, welcome back made stories. now. russia says it controls all of mary. all of the final ukrainian soldiers hold up in the is off style, steel works, plants surrendered, and in a weeks long siege, they are arriving in aline, fca, where they will be held as prisoners of war. meanwhile, ukraine's present as re security flitted, showing a russian missile getting a building and resolve a city now. hi keith. he says that was 7 victims from this, including an 11 year old child elsewhere. russian troops have been ramping up their
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assault on the east and on squeezen and germany assigned an energy partnership. deal with cats are an attempt to reduces dependency on russia. gatos emir says that amy defend liquefied natural gas from 2020 full. well, joe biden is in south korea for his 1st asia trip as us present. he is seeking to reassure allies about counting chide, his influence and disgust north korea's nuclear ambitions amid fears. pyongyang will mock his visit with a missile test, but he began my focusing on computer chips. as barnsley reports, i'm sell us president biden's 1st stop in south korea. a computer chip planned to buy some say that could serve as a model for a multi 1000000000 dollar facility being built in the u. s. that underscores the importance of the semiconductor industry computer chips powered modern technology for vehicles to artificial intelligence, but
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a global chip shortage. since the pandemic has affected the availability of many of these products. 3 quarters of global chip production comes from asia. the biden administration is now looking to shift some of that to the us. how we'll do that in my view is by working with close partners who do share our values like republican career, to secure more of what we need from our allies and partners and bolster our supply chain resilience. the move is also partly driven by china's drive for self sufficiency in ship production with, with the government pouring billions of dollars into the industry for the us to maintain its technological advantage. it has to invest in computer chips for south korea. a focal point of precedent, biden's visit is an opportunity to strengthen existing ties into a more comprehensive partnership. inner imongary because you, i hope that today's visit will serve as an opportunity for the r o k u. s. relationship to be reborn as an economic security alliance. just on advanced
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technology and supply chain cooperation. president biden's visit comes a week after he hosted southeast asian leaders at the summit in the u. s. analysts say these events underscore how the indo pacific region remains a top priority for the biden administration. on saturday, the 2 precedents were hold a summit, but they're expected to discuss regional security, including the d new clarissa zation of the korean peninsula. florence louis alger 0 sol. a new face is fronting off curious fi against its curve, a 19 outbreak. real young charl as appearing on tv every day. pausing the government's latest figures, which now stands at well over 2000000 infections and 66 deaths. he's been compared to top us infectious diseases expert dr. anthony found she who was frequently on tv at the height of outbreaks there, but little is known about roo, including his medical qualifications. with world health organization has held an
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emergency meeting to discuss the recent outbreak of monkey pox. more than a 100 cases of the buyers have been confirmed or suspected in europe, including germany, bruce and in portugal. i've also been cases in canada, the u. s. and australia viruses similar to small parks but milder. it's unusual for it to spread outside of west and central africa. so the polls are just, i've been in australia national election with opinion polls showing the opposition labor party naturally ahead of the ruling. conservative coalition, prime minister scott morrison is held the top job for full years, lay believe to anthony openings is calling on the voters to elect change. campaign has been dominated by rising cost of living, climate change and national security. voting is compulsory and initial results should be known later on saturday. sarah clark joins us live from sydney, polls open it, i suppose. it will be, we have to see where the label be able to maintain its lead. yeah,
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should not the 6000000 people out of 70000000 people in australia have who registered have already voted ahead of election day now, but as you mentioned, we do into election day with live a just ahead of the coalition, the liberal national party. they have been ahead, i'll the coalition throughout the campaign, but that lead has narrowed as we into saturday's election. the polls have been wrong in the past. i should note that, but the prime minister, he's popularity has been whining. he and his this election day are being accused of a bullying allegations. ah, he's also promising to change the way he rules if he is elected. but the really interesting thing about this campaign that the new a point is as a wave of independence. we got 22 high profile women who had targeting these blue ribbon seats, the liberal states, and they tried to unseat out those sitting liberal members. they've been backed by a wealthy climate group. and the key platform for the election campaign has been climate change. and they're looking at trying to one state the likes of
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a high profile treasurer. josh fraud burg, necessarily the ones to watch and, but as do appear very disillusioned as we enter the selection campaign. and therefore, we do expect the independence to pick up a part of this vote, but labor is riding on the unpopularity of scott morrison, and i need 7 seats to win. and we spoke about being a number of issues from climate change, national security, the rising cost of living, which is a and radio problem, everywhere in the world. what to people there in australia most care about the selection. well interestingly, this set campaign is very much been personality driven. the coalition has been campaigning on the fact that they believe anthony albanese, the labor leader is not well known. it has weak reputation, certainly on the economic front. and of course, labor has been running on the, on, on popularity of scott morrison and, and raising these are the bullying allegations that just got morrison faces. but the, there are key issues like says, you mentioned that the cost of living very much. i'm globally, but certainly also in australia,
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not climate change. the biggest survey of voters in australia found that one 3rd of those people believe the election that climate change is a key election issue that national security at aged care, but should not looking at the past of australian politics. it's difficult to get a full term. john, how tried and he filed and i should also know that if we do end up with all of the balance being cost today, and we don't have a clear majority for either side, the coalition or lab, they will have to form an agreement with the likes of the independence or older minor parties and we could end up with the likes of what we call a hung parliament. so it's a long day ahead of us. but we might not have a result this evening and saturday in australia. okay. so it will be very long for you then. thank you very much, sarah. clock in sydney. yes. so child labor will not be eradicated unless governments and businesses accept the need for structural change to economies. south africa's labor minister has set this off for a global conference on the elimination of the practice. the conference in dublin
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adopted a 6 point plan that said decent what needs to be a reality for adults. while children need to be able to access free education, united nation says up to a 160000000 children sent to work often in dangerous conditions. at least 40000 of them are in marley. this is one of africa's biggest go produces nicholas hack reports on the story that along the banks of the fall, amy river and southern molly children search for gold. some are here with their parents. others are alone orphans from the war in this a hell region. they come from all over west africa to the many illegal mines here. jacqueline dodge, warren says she's 15 but appears to be barely 12. in this gold rush, adults hoped to get rich, while the children hope to find just enough to buy a meal and the air gun, no animal. i am the eldest in the family. and so i am in charge of supporting my sisters and brother and helping my mother find food in the morning. i do the chores
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than i come to work to search for gold. if we find something i buy the food, then i make the meal at school is not an option for me or any of the children here . after toiling for 16 hours a day, finding gold is a welcome prospect for the men. but for the children, there is fear, men seeking sex, offer money to desperate girls as young as $12.00 who are left with little choice either except the abuse or go hungry. d u and says 1600000 children worldwide are forced into selling sex to survive. valencia will have him if i'm, if you see those children working, those 2 goes behind me. all of their, with their mom will do, they can make up to $36.00 in a day. and if on with that money it will, they can help their entire family for life. the system of work is essential local by mistake about the economic fall out of the pandemic. and the rising cost of living means poverty for millions of families. the un says almost 10000000 children
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globally will stop school and start working before the end of the year. to kind as mother says, adults depend on their children to work what you must them of them when i am at nally i. ne, be if i had the means of course my daughter would not be working here. of course school is better in the long run. she's not working by choice as i, her dad is old and everything. there are 7, not a relative, and we all depend on her. i laughing to couldn't, i didn't find gold. but she did find a way to make money, how she earned it. she is in saying, but it's enough to buy a meal for her family. the burden of care is given to the young, robbed of their childhood, and forced to earn a living like adults. nicholas hawk al jazeera billing at business men in unmask has met brazil's present terrible scenario, cheering an unannounced visit to south palace date. brazil is seeking a partnership with the world's richest man to improve intern access in schools and preserve the amazon rain forest. under present both scenarios,
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leadership deforestation has reached its highest annual rate in more than a decade. visit is being seen as a political boost football sanara who seeking re election in 5 months. so it is the stars continue to line up at the cannes film festival. many focused on the top price, the palm door, despite promise 4 years ago that the faster would work towards great agenda piracy . only 5 of the 21 films competing for the prize directed by women charlie angela reports from can a pick tale of male friendship against the backdrop of the italian alps. the 8 mountains is a stunning film, co directed by belgian charlotte van dimensions, a spans decades of continents. and is one of the $21.00 films competing for the palm door, cries me approach it as a love story because friendship is love them. and the families important are mother father, your ancestors also can you escape?
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ah, where you come from. can you do it differently? what's your destiny? can you escape her destiny van denise co directed with her husband felix van groan again and spoke about what she learned from the process. be able to say no to people when it's necessary and to invite them in and be generous when there's a time for it. but just to remain really focused because that's the heart of, of what you're doing and, and, and yeah, often filmmaking is just a lot of things at the same time. so and go in the history of can only 2 women have won the palmdo prize, the best director a no protest forced the festival to sign agenda parity. pledge in 2018 is, is the problem not just for the festival, but for the film industry at large. this year only 25 percent of the film submitted for consideration were directed by women. still a record for can rodeo is a french film about a girl breaking into a male dominated world, sat in the suburbs of bordeaux. it follows
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a group of working class kids pursuing that passion for illegal dirt bite. reagan 1st time directed, low liquid role, spent 4 years investigating the motorcross scene. she says she wanted to create a character. we rarely see on screen. she is as to impolite to, to say that that dog. hello, i'm julie. how are you? no, no, no. she is leg by breaking the world in, get into the group her i leg valence her female character. female direct is like quiver all under mish offering fresh voices in cinema. the films were snapped up even before being screened and can proving the audience appetite is already there. charlie angela al jazeera can ah look at the main stories, the sound rushes defense ministry says.


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